Sagittarius Horoscope 2021


In 2021 Sagittarius will learn to…… Manifest!

Your Sagittarius horoscope 2021 will have you playing trickster with communications. This is because two opposite energies are competing for supremacy in your 3rd house of learning and locality. How you express yourself to those around your neighbourhood becomes important for better or for worst. Locals will either love you or hate you. Sagittarius is not known for its tact at the best of times, but it is at least refreshingly honest.

You will find that the connections made in your immediate environment will seem fated and quite magical at times. Lose those feeble, shallow friends and make new ones who are more like a sibling to you. But do try to be tactful because anything you say will come back to haunt you in years to come. Your words will have high impact and you could make a great teacher once you learn avoid extremes. Maybe it would be best to put all your verbal nuggets into a book so that you can edit it before unleashing. In 2021 Sagittarius, get a good proofreader!

Saturn Challenges & Opportunities

Saturn in your communication house can make you cautious about speaking your mind. This is because your brain is going through a period of restructuring. While your mind is rebooting itself, links between synapses may feel as zapped as when a telegraph pole gets struck by lightning.

One minute you have an enlightening insight and then, bam, short circuit, you are lost for words. What is going on internally can also bleed into the outside world. While in your neighbourhood, you may find yourself feeling increasingly awkward and even shy because you are a little afraid of what words might leap out of your mouth.

Connections between A to B might be fraught with obstacles and road works, again as if to reflect what is happening in your cerebrum. Saturn here merely wants to slow down your thinking process to rewire your brain. Negative childhood thinking patterns are scrambled so that they can be re-set. Memories from your infancy can flare up during this period. If it wasn’t a happy time, and/or there were painful incidents of sibling rivalry then Saturn here allows you to reprogram your mind more positively and healthily.

Jupiter Growth & Luck

Frankness, honesty and very open communications are the themes for your Sagittarius horoscope 2021. Even if you are brutally honest, the ‘bullshit-free’ attitude will be much appreciated and not seen as insulting. You can talk about the edgiest, taboo and politically incorrect subjects and be admired for your bravery.

Your audiences will be impressed with this uncensored information and risque presentations. Your powers of persuasion are at their utter peak, so if any stubborn clients need swaying, do it this year.


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Sagittarius 2021 horoscope

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If there is something that you always wanted to say to a loved one, but felt like you were treading on eggshells, then broach the touchy subject while you can! Your mind is just so hungry for new information and finds it so easy to process it all and retain it too.

You will also be able to be very fair-minded about problem-solving, as prejudiced attitudes you might have had before, get thrown out of the window. While Jupiter is here you will want to be empirical with your queries and not make assumptions unless you have directly experienced them yourself.

You are not likely to take the word of a teacher but form your own thesis about the subject at hand. Your strong opinions are admired because it is obvious you have put a lot of passion and hard work into your unique conclusions.

Mars Action Periods

MARCH 4 to APRIL 23 2021 This could be a time when pens are drawn at dawn! Communication between yourself and others seem like they come laced with petrol, as any micro-aggression gets turns into WWIII. Ok, maybe I’m being a bit too dramatic here, but tensions are high in the house of open enemies. You will at least feel quite triggered by your partner’s words, whether they be in business or pleasure.

It will be quite hard to mix socialising and business at this time, since a few drinks after work loosen the ability to keep things professional… Maybe it would be best to avoid alcohol-fuelled brainstorming with any collaborators at this time because someone is bound to take something the wrong way. Avoid touchy subjects with people you know are difficult and you should be fine.

JULY 30 to SEPTEMBER 14 2021 This can be a great period for advancement in your career, but only if you bear in mind that there are others involved in the equation. It will be hard, but you really must at least try and look like you are considering others interests. Conflicts can easily arise, just because you are generating a lot of passion around you. The sizzling working vibe can easily turn tetchy if you rub some people up the wrong way.

It would be a shame to generate rivalry and resentment just because you were just one degree too pushy. You will learn to modulate! Any ruffling of rivals feathers will have them blocking your advancement. Use your verve to inspire others about the worth of their efforts. That way, they will see you a role model they can work towards, not a ruthless competitor they must obliterate.

sagittarius 2021

DECEMBER 14 to END 2021 You are super-ambitious and have a no holds bars approach to life right now. Mainly it is about looking after number one and being quite selfish, or even ruthless at this time. Be careful your ego doesn’t get so out of control that you run roughshod over everyone in your path. Consideration and teamwork are not your strong points at the moment, but at least strong leadership is. Even if you do come across as quite bossy, if you take control in a confident, capable manner you can be quite impressive and will win many admirers.

Ceres Magic & Healing

FEBRUARY 21 TO MAY 7 2021 Since this is the house of children, an immature Ceres here would prefer to act the child than be the parent. Here she is the innocent, naive Persephone before she was rudely abducted from the spring meadows. Mature Ceres might deserve a break and could be offered babysitting help from relatives so that she can let your hair down without feeling guilty.

MAY 8 TO JULY 30 2021 Innocent Ceres as Persephone could manifest as one being seduced into a sadomasochistic relationship that involves role-playing and bondage. This can be figuratively or literally depending on your proclivity! Ceres in the house of service and slavery could mean that you attract a partner who is hell-bent on turning you into their innocent sex slave. Of course, this is all very fine if you both are consenting adults, but the unequal bias of this sector will mean that it will be very hard for you to stand your ground.

JULY 31 TO DECEMBER 25 2021 Ceres can become the Dark Goddess Persephone in the house of open enemies. But this is primarily a relationship zone and that of counsellors. Therefore you could also seek guidance from a witch, in the form of a psychic, astrologer or spiritual healer. Sex addiction and becoming obsessed with a lover may be another reason to seek counselling. Two films come to mind here ‘9 and a half weeks’ and ‘ Fatal Attraction’. Stay away from that bunny now!

Sagittarius Horoscope 2021 artwork: Mixed media collage by Marina using archive photo of  Sagittarius woman Jane Fonda.

Sagittarius 2021 Love Horoscope

January & February

2021 starts with Venus in your own sign. The year goes off with a bang for you, for that first week so make the most of it. You probably have been partying hard over the last Christmas. But Venus in your sign puts you in a very optimistic hopeful mood for the year ahead, and pretty loved up as well. Venus has doesn’t make any aspects when she’s in your first house. So let’s move on to when she does, she will meet Pluto in your second house of money on January 28th. That’s self esteem as well as money for you. Here we are talking love. So let’s not talk about money, even though Pluto is about wealth! Instead Venus could be having an encounter with a dark cupid Pluto potential relationship. So you will have to stand up to it and say no. Set boundaries down to these toxic relationships. It will be a good test see how far you’ve come if you’ve been working on your self esteem.

February 3rd Venus enters your third house. I wouldn’t really talk about Venus in there, in terms of love but because there’s so many other planets in there we’ll just talk about it briefly. So Venus meets up with Saturn in there and Saturn and Venus when they’re together make relationships more committed. If you have got your eye on someone in your local environment, maybe a neighbour, maybe that’s where this long term commitment might come from. Especially Venus with Jupiter in that house as well. February 11th is when Venus and Jupiter come together. This happens usually once a year and seen as very benefic. It is the most romantic when it’s in one of the love houses and sadly for you it’s not. BUT it is good for relationships that are more like a brother and sister type relationship. Someone who you feels more like a friend and very fraternal, because good friends belong in the third house. So it doesn’t mean anything dodgy!

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