Aquarius 2022 Horoscope


Your Aquarius 2022 horoscope has you asking “Has the age of Aquarius started yet?” Seems like it. You are on the cutting edge of this techno reset. However, you are now beginning to feel like, “Hey, it wasn’t meant to be this way!” Evolved Aquarians remember what happened in Atlantis and are trying to warn people.

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The Aquarians who have already embraced cyberlife are raking in all the profit from their online businesses. Who needs the high street and face-to-face contact anyway? People, smells, bodily secretions, yuk…

Aquarius 2022 Year Ahead

Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 and will enter Aquarius and your 1st house of the physical body in January 2024. That could signal the reset is complete and you are 100% Cyberman. You won’t want to be reading horoscopes anymore as you’ll be creating the future digitally.

Frightening and dystopian, it may seem, but it is a possibility. Elon Musk is not a Sun Aquarian, but he looks like a poster boy for negative Aquarius*. (Mars in Aquarius. Sun square Uranus.)

Seriously folks, of course, you have a choice. This Aquarian will try and stay 100% organic! So prepare for the super-empowerment that Pluto can bring; he will also help you detox from heavy metals and the heavy people Pluto in the murky 12th brought out of the woodwork. Battling with the shadow is what you have probably been up to for the last sixteen years. Now you are coming to the end of that cycle. Hurrah!

Venus in Capricorn

Venus will Retrograde your 4th House fromDecember 19 2021 to January 29 2022. Venus will be in Capricorn until March 5th.  But we have a very Dark Cupid Venus retrograde where she slows down and switches direction while in the grips of that shady boy Pluto. It is also unusual because Venus will meet Mars twice. This will help you finish off the Pluto hydra I mentioned earlier.

SEED MOMENT! Sun Conjunct Venus at 18º Capricorn (January 8 2022.)

The first conjunction will happen in your 12th house, so a perfect moment to test your resolve. Get out the metaphorical sword, now! The toxic ex is no more. It will be easy to become hopelessly devoted to any stray cat that comes into your life. If the ‘cat’ is a furry one, then all is well and good.

This four-legged friend may act as your spiritual healing animal, come as your guardian to ward away any negative energy. But the human variety stray carries a health warning! So Venus Retrograde in the house of self-sacrifice and mysticism can end up being a period of self-undoing unless you keep yourself well grounded.

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You could easily become a martyr to this hopeless cause. Not only that, but you could be encouraging a victim mindset in this person, that they won’t thank you for once the crutch falls away.

You don’t want to make a rod for your own back, as the saying goes. During the first half of this period, from December 20 2021 to January 7, Venus, in her harmonious phase, will probably produce some beautiful, ethereal art if you are so inclined. 

Otherwise, you will naturally gravitate towards beautiful healing environments. During the second half, from January 8 to 30, 2022., Venus could easily con you into playing martyr to some wretched soul in her Lucifer phase. The 12th house can show up as the Neptunian/victim ‘Dark Cupid’. Don’t let that vampire suck you bone dry! 

SEED MOMENT! Venus Conjunct Mars at 16º Capricorn (February 16 2022)

You might get a very creepy Valentine this year. Burn baby burn..


So do you need any more ammunition for the vampire-slaying? Venus and Mars hitting Pluto are perfect for the job. It is more likely to benefit you if you have personal planets or your descendant around 27º Capricorn (Or cardinal signs.) The Venus/Mars conjunction is a gift for Aquarians!

Saturn Challenges In 2022

With Saturn, the ultimate goal is to prepare the ground so that new growth can follow. He is the rubbish collector, so try not to despair! Trying to push against this reclusive stage will only bring on depression as you bump into the walls of fate continually.

SEED MOMENT! Venus Conjunct Saturn 21º Aquarius (March 28 2022)

2022 will be a time of introversion, but it is meant to be. If you take solitude very seriously and do the self-work, you will have a rock-solid foundation to build on in the future. It does not mean that you will become isolated; one does have to work and still interact with people (Unless you are a basement dweller.) It’s just that you might not have the usual enthusiasm about social engagements, feel too tired to go to them or invites are less forthcoming this year.

SEED MOMENT! Mars conjunct Saturn 22º Aquarius (April 5 2022)

If you have a very positive Saturn in your chart and instead relish hermit time, then this period will be one you enjoy. You will be happy with deferred gratification and will be grateful for time out in the slow lane. Ultimately you are patient enough to know that the best things come to those that wait.

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*I have been ‘told off’ about being too negative about Aquarius as a sign. Please note; I am a Sun, Moon, MC, Mars & Venus stellium in Aquarius and very well qualified to comment on the dangers of negative Aquarian energy. We need to make sure the ‘Age Of Aquarius’ does NOT go down the trans-humanist path. The utopian side of Aquarius and its modern ruler Uranus can go horribly wrong. Hitler had Uranus rising. Eugenics and experiments on humans are a warning from history. Never forget!

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