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Your Virgo 2022 horoscope should be enjoying lucky Jupiter in its marriage house currently. But don’t get distracted by the luscious forbidden fruit congregating in your lover’s zone, which is Capricorn for you.

Virgo 2022 Year Ahead

Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 and will enter Aquarius and your 6th house in January 2024. So Pluto in your funhouse has been working in the background.

Not sure how much fun he can have there, though! The taboo of Pluto and the house of sex are an interesting mix, to say the least.

It’s more likely that  Pluto in your 5th house has felt like a yearning for a deep soul connection with someone. If you have that deep love with your long term partner, all well and good. However, this extended period with Pluto may feel like a lover from the past is haunting you at times. You will feel it even more with Venus Retrograde coming up!

Venus In Capricorn

Venus will Retrograde your 5th House fromDecember 19 2021 to January 29 2022. Venus will be in Capricorn until March 5th. But we have a very Dark Cupid Venus retrograde where she slows down and switches direction while in the grips of this very haunting Pluto for you. But it will be a mix of fun and games too, and Venus is flirty and playful here.

SEED MOMENT! Sun Conjunct Venus at 18º Capricorn (January 8 2022.)

It is also unusual because Venus will meet Mars twice. The first conjunction will happen in that saucy 5th house. You will enjoy returning to the places of your misspent youth with this conjunction in your children’s zone. During this enjoyable period, you can be utterly hedonistic. The only significant danger here is having a silly accident while over-indulging. So get a responsible person to be your eyes and ears for the next few weeks.

You will be acting like a teenager, so don’t operate any heavy machinery or drive while under the influence. Most days, you will feel like cotton candy has invaded your brain and are seeing life through rose-tinted spectacles.

Even if you don’t like pink, everything seems to have fluffy edging.. Yes, this is the most sensual position for Venus and just perfect for falling in love.

Darkstar at Red Bubble

However, you may easily fall quite heavily for a fantasy person. Hopefully, this unrequited love will only last until Venus is direct on January 30, so until then, use this person as a muse to create art, music or poetry. If you are not creative yourself, then you will enjoy the artistic works of others at the theatre, cinema or in art galleries. 

During the first half of this period, December 20 2021, to January 7, Venus is in her prudent phase will be more likely to gain pleasure watching others playing around, while during the second half, January 8 to 30, 2022, Lucifer Venus will want to play the fool herself. A silly sexual faux-pas could happen, as I have already warned, Dark Cupid alert!

SEED MOMENT! Venus Conjunct Mars at 16º Capricorn (February 16 2022)

You might get a very mysterious Valentine this year. Who is it from? You might never know. Is it that enigmatic Ex again? Try not to let it spook you.


This stellium is VERY hot in such a sexual position, although the actual Venus-Mars conjunction does happen in your *ahem* slave zone. (Say no more..) This combo is more likely to affect you if you have personal planets or your descendant around 27º Capricorn (Or cardinal signs.)

When Venus and Mars hit Pluto, it may be very hard to resist some temptation from a lover. But it will also really spice up a long term relationship. On a less cheeky note, that Venus conjunction with Mars would be very healing sexually. Stick some Marvin Gaye on your playlist and move with the rhythm.

Saturn Challenges In 2022

The worst thing you can do in 2022 is run yourself ragged, trying to be everything to everyone. Focus on the ground below your feet and plant as many seeds as possible while the soil is fertile. That way, you can reap as much harvest as possible when Saturn crosses above the horizon of your chart into the next sign.

SEED MOMENT! Venus Conjunct Saturn 21º Aquarius (March 28 2022)

Conserve energy as much as you can, work slowly, thoroughly and with care. This seed moment should help with work/life balance. Respect nature and its cycles during this time of deferred gratification.

Your work ethic will feel entirely meaningful at this time like you are part of a set of cogs running the wheels of your community. Saturn asks that you do not work primarily for yourself but because you want to serve your family or a broader family/folk network.

SEED MOMENT! Mars conjunct Saturn 22º Aquarius (April 5 2022)

Learning to organize yourself is vital at this conjunction; time management and keeping to a schedule will help you feel less stressed. When things get overwhelmingly busy, sticking to your timetable will help avoid the temptation of working extra hours. You are vulnerable to losing more time to sick days in the long run, so it’s not worth pushing yourself that hard.

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