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Uranus Square Pluto 2012 – 2015

Uranus square Pluto

Uranus square Pluto started its series of seven squares back in June 2012. By now we have a good idea of its energy and it is certainly making itself felt. It does feel like a paradigm shift is happening, but in the great scheme of things we are only at the beginning. The cycles of Uranus and Pluto are extremely long if we consider their whole cycle, which means a period of approximately 100 years from conjunction to conjunction. It will work like a generational lunar cycle. The seeding moment for this current cycle then was the Uranus conjunction Pluto of 1965/66.

It is actually much more useful to look back at what was started in 1965/66 as opposed to comparing this current waxing square to the waning Uranus square Pluto of 1932/34. (Though I grant you that they are not totally unrelated). Of course both squares are points of crisis, but there is a difference between the two. This this waxing square; “Here the courage to meet crises of action and encounters with the tyranny of the old, leads to an active and decisive break with the past. Yet one often does not realize the full magnitude and implication of such moments until their time has passed.” ~ Cyber World Khaldea. 

Dominators & Dictators

The rise of dictators and the great depression that occurred at the waning square of 1932 –1934 came about as a result of seeds sown in 1850 -1851. As the cycle progresses we see great famines in the east, while the industrial age is booming in the west. The contrast is quite stunning by the time of the waxing square in 1876 -1878. So we are at this waxing square point again right now. There may be financial collapse and job losses, but this is NOTHING compared with millions of people who starved to death in India and China in the late 1800’s.

We are talking 40 million deaths here!!! This really puts it in perspective doesn’t it? I think this current waxing square phase is crucial in preventing a devastating nuclear World War III later on. This war would probably occur (If we follow the same cycle) just after the waning square of 2073 – 2074. My thoughts are that what was started in the 1960’s will not take us to the same gruesome end of the last cycle. But we have to be careful that we don’t get complacent either. There may not be the need for physical war, if the war for our minds is already won. Some of us were physically enslaved in the last cycle, now we have to free ourselves from the chains we put on ourselves.

Previous Uranus-Pluto Cycle

Uranus Square Pluto 2014Uranus conjunction Pluto 1850/51 ~ Aries 3
Ireland Famine (1 million die). Australian Gold Rush. Taiping Rebellion China. (20 million die.) Fugitive Slave Act (US). The British Empire’s Great Exhibition in London.

Uranus square Pluto Waxing 1876/78 ~ Leo 2/Taurus 2
Indian Famine, 26 million die. Queen Victoria becomes Empress Of India.
Chinese Famine, 13 million die. United States Gilded Age starts. Thomas Edison invents the phonograph. First commercial telephone exchange.

Uranus opposite Pluto 1901/02 ~ Sagittarius 2/Gemini 2
Commonwealth Of Australia formed. 1st air flight. Queen Victoria dies. First public telephones. Women’s right to vote petition delivered to the British parliament. Marconi receives 1st trans-atlantic radio signal. First movie theatre opens in California, USA. 1st Borstal opens in Kent UK. Nathan Stubblefield experiments with wireless telephony. (1st Mobile phone..Yes really!)

Uranus square Pluto Waning 1932/34 ~ Aries 3/Cancer 3
Soviet famine (Millions die), Great Depression. 14 Million unemployed in the US. FBI created. Rise of dictatorship in Europe, Hitler comes to power. “Brave New World” published. Jailed Gandhi begins hunger strike. 1st motorway. 1st Mars bar. 1st oral antibiotic. 1st TV demonstrated. Neutron discovered.

At the end of the last Uranus/Pluto cycle we get the ultimate in dominator Pluto shadow energy in the shape of the Nazi party. Hitler himself also had Uranus rising, making him an ideal projection. At the end of a cycle you can often see the seeds of the next. In the list you can see more insidious ways of domination emerging, TV, sugar, fear…(Neutron bomb). Some of “Brave New World” could be happening now. Everyone in the book takes “Soma”, the;

“State-produced drug, as a self-medicating comfort mechanism in the face of stress or discomfort, thereby eliminates the need for religion or other personal allegiances outside or beyond the World State…..Spending time alone is considered an outrageous waste of time and money, and wanting to be an individual is horrifying. Conditioning trains people to consume and never to enjoy being alone”  ~ Wiki

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  1. So I’m posting this on Facebook today:
    “Last week NASA exposed camera shy Pluto!! As a collective this is nice synchro for shining a light on our demons. There is even a time! According to the New York Times “A SUCCESSFUL FLYBY. New Horizons phoned home at 8:52 p.m. Eastern time on Tuesday.”

    Here is the chart. Pluto in the 1st house of course opposed by Mars/Mercury/Moon. Mars on Sirius, a bright spotlight. Sun between Castor and Pollux. The twins of dark and light. Venus on Regulus, in the shadow zone of the coming retrograde where we will confront the shadow in relationships.”

    • Wow! Al that Cancer in the flyby chart! Pluto transit involve experience and owning very uncomfortable emotions! The Vertex is on Regulus ( i know in fixed star lore this isn’t supposed to be relevant but I keep seeing stars on points which actually do translate!) With Jupiter and Venus conjunct in Leo is Pluto about to be reinstated as a planet? King of the underworld? Many astronomers think it should! Long reign his chthonic majesty! Lilith is conj Alkaid. Isil anyone? Demote Pluto at your peril!!

  2. I was born at the time of the Uranus conjunction Pluto of 1965/66. Life has been pretty tough for me and very frustrating over the years. The last 3/4 years I have had the guts to confront my fears, through spirit guides and mediums. It’s been a pretty scary ride and staying focussed has been hard. I’ve made tremendous progress within myself, and still continue to confront my demons. The last 4 years have been enlightening, to say the least. I am now pursuing my purpose for being here, which is to serve others. I actively listen to the universe for guidance.


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