BBC Pedophiles ~ Rolf & Jimmy

TV Celebrity Rolf Harris is the latest in a line of BBC “Light Entertainers” hauled up into the dock by Operation Yewtree. On October 3 2013 a documentary entitled “Exposure –The Other Side Of Jimmy Saville” was broadcast to the British public. The programme shockingly revealed that Jimmy Saville, a massive TV star of the 1970’s, had been sexually abusing teenage girls. The police set up Operation Yewtree just a the day after the show, to deal with the fall out.

As a result, many women found the courage to come forward and reveal that they too had been abused as children by Jimmy Saville. It opened a can of worms at the BBC with many 1970’s celebrities pulled in for questioning by the police. Jimmy Saville was famous for his charity work in children’s hospitals and received an OBE from the queen.

Although a wildly eccentric looking guy (And not in an appealing way I must add!), Jimmy Saville somehow became a darling of the BBC and the establishment. But this latest development is even more shocking. Cuddly Rolf Harris, unlike creepy Jimmy, is the last person you would suspect of indecent assault

“Prosecutors said Harris used his “status and position” to abuse his victims, and he had a dark side to his personality”BBC News.

Persephone’s Nodes

Rolf HarrisI was curious to explore the astrology behind this timeline since we are coming up to an aspect which I have named “Persephone’s Nodes.” This Nodal axis (soul evolution) has Mars and Ceres on the North Node opposite Eris on the South Node. (North Node on Brilliant star Spica)

I originally wrote “Eris on the South Node brings in collective karma relating to the suppression and abuse of the sacred feminine.” I think this is now coming to a head. Jimmy Saville died in 2011 so he was never brought to trail for his sex crimes. Rolf Harris however is now 84 and will probably die in jail.

Operation Yewtree had been criticised for its lack of convictions, but this time the jury were unanimous in finding Rolf Harris guilty on 12 counts of sexual abuse towards young girls, one of which was his daughter’s friend and another was aged just 8 years. I would expect to see Ceres, Lilith and Eris strong in these charts since they all speak of innocence lost, the sorrow of the parent and sexual abuse. They can describe Persephone’s right of passage from virgin to survivor.

2014-horoscopeMars and Pluto are also indicators of sexual abuse and hidden taboo feelings. Lilith conjunct Jupiter happens every 33 years and we had this in tight conjunction on and off throughout 2012 and in wide conjunction throughout 2013. The taboo sex of Lilith and the abuse of Jupiter’s godly status was very obvious when the paedophile scandals surfaced within the Catholic church. Of course the BBC is a huge, powerful and very Jupiterian corporation also. The backdrop of all of this is Uranus square Pluto, which to me is a continuation of the sexual revolution started in the 1960’s with the conjunction. The chickens hatched in the permissive 1970’s have come home to roost.


Let’s start with the chart of the Saville Exposure documentary [1], which opened the Pandora’s box of the whole BBC Pedophilia scandal. It’s a pretty stunning chart as you would expect. A grand trine/ diamond to deceptive Neptune on the MC. Chiron/Neptune can be like an untouchable guru figure. Jimmy worked in hospitals, seemingly charitable, and self- sacrificing. Lilith/South Node opposite Mars/North Node a similar set up to the current Persephone’s Nodes if we take Lilith as a lower octave of transpersonal Eris.

Jimmy Saville ExposureWe have a stunning Venus opposite Neptune (02’) searing through the core of this diamond. The planet of love Venus is warped by notorious Phecda (03’)  “In conjunction with Neptune and provided relevant configurations with Moon, Venus and Mars are present, it is an indication of a pathological sex nature.” I would say this fits, particularly as it Neptune is strong on an angle too. Lilith, Nodes, Ceres, Saturn and Mars complete the diamond. Uranus square Pluto cuts off the root of this flawed stone. Neptune/MC/Chiron = Jimmy. Incidentally, the Moon and South Node are on stars Algol and Capulus (The vampire slayer). Pluto is strong on the DC and on ruthless star Facies. Nymph-chaser Jupiter was stationing retrograde, trying to slip away from his misdemeanours perhaps!

Natal significators between those accused:

Jimmy Saville: No time, but likely Moon conjunct Lilith, Lilith sextile Pluto to Yod pointing at media god Jupiter. Pluto wide conjunct North Node.
Max Clifford: No time but likely Moon conjunct Ceres square Pluto, Mars conjunct South Node.
Dave Lee Travis: No time but likely Moon sextile Jupiter to Yod to pointing at conquering Mars. Lilith conjunct Ceres.

Rolf Harris Horoscope

Moon conjunct Eris. Moon/Eris combinations work powerful magic and much depends on the soul evolution of the individual. (Angelina Jolie and Saddam Hussain have this contact). Moon sextile Lilith makes him a fairytale figure almost, a kindly old Santa Claus. Jupiter is part of an aspect pattern known as a UFO by the Hubers. Rolfs UFO comprises Saturn (Santa) quincunx Jupiter (Claus) sextile Uranus (Law unto self) semi-sextile Mars (Sex) sextile back to Saturn again.

Rolf Harris Birthchart“He finds support everywhere, because he is a helpful and reliable character and he exudes a fascination that makes him unforgettable…The UFO acts like a sphinx in front of a pyramid that attracts inquisitive looks because of the secrets that are hiding within it” [2] A lot more hiding inside than we figured though. His IC is Algol, but even closer to Capulus (14’), Bernadette Brady says that Capulus is raw male sexual energy, the male version of Lilith, and Lilith is square his Nodes! The grown up Persephones spoke up and served him justice in the end. His shadow nature may be the split off part of his chart, which is Ceres semi-sextile Pluto.

I am struggling to understand why an intelligent, obviously talented and artistic man would find it so hard to control his animal nature. A stellium in Aries will make him passionate and impulsive, especially with Moon in Aries decan 1, but I think the split off Ceres semi-sextile Pluto, could be hiding some abuse he suffered himself as a child. His Mars square Jupiter, as part of the UFO is pretty much hidden, but now we know the truth about him this powerful aspect describes him frighteningly well. “..daring, courageous, pioneering and busting with red-hot, sexual energy…find it very hard to take no for an answer in all areas of their life, but especially when it comes to sex. Mars square Jupiter adores the chase…. Irrepressible, sometimes vulgar and very saucy, their life can be one romp after another…They get so wrapped up in their passions that they are oblivious to the reactions of those around them.”

‘Guilty’ Verdict

Rolf Found GuiltyThe chart for the time that Rolf Harris was pronounced guilty (as catalogued by the daily Mirror) is pretty stunning if you take it in context with Persephone’s Nodes. When it is exact on July 15 it will fall at 24º Libra right on Spica. Just look at the Ascendant for the moment of his verdict at 25º Libra!

The Vertex is on Capulus, the slaying arm of Perseus. I like to call Capulus the vampire slayer, the vampire being Rolf naturally. Maybe Rolf’s groping was a way of stealing psychic energy. Moon conjunct Lilith in the verdict chart, shows again the wounded sacred feminine. Ceres/ Mars/ North Node gather on the Ascendant, now taking action again the abuse of the goddess.

The guilty verdict transits to Rolf Harris’s chart:

Verdict Pluto conjunct the Saturn leg of his UFO.
Verdict IC conjunct his strong 1st house Lilith (26’)
Verdict Ceres/Mars (Angry Mothers) opposition his Venus (04’)
Rolf found guilty transitsA reminder of his Venus in Aries decan 3 “Of course very ardent lovers also reside in this Venus ruled zone…full steam ahead passion. Aries decan 3, on its way to sensual Taurus may get the vote as the most highly sexed of all the decans, but god help us if this huge libido is bottled up.” 

Venus rules his 9th house of the law and 4th house of home, wreaking his domestic life. His Sun/Uranus conjunction at 8º/11º Aries is close enough to be effected by April’s Cardinal Grand Cross at 13º cardinal signs. Mars has been in his 9th house of the law since December 2013, his arrest was after Mars turned retrograde on March 28th. Undercovers indeed! His arrest was also kept a secret until April 19.

Predator with Jimmy Saville?

Going back to the original Exposure chart it seems Rolf Harris and Jimmy Savile ‘Prowled Broadmoor Hospital Together’. Broadmoor is a famous psychiatric hospital in the UK. Patients would be stripped off completely in front of the staff to show they had not taken anything into their rooms. An ex-inmate of Broadmoor reports that, “The pair reportedly watched vulnerable young inmates after arriving outside visiting hours on a women’s ward where Savile is accused of assaulting a teenage patient.” So we come full circle, joining Rolf Harris with Jimmy Saville. Their synastry is revealing bearing in mind Neptune and the 12th house rule hospitals.

Jimmy Saville & Rolf Harris Synastry:

Rolf Harris JImmy SavilleJimmy’s Neptune conjunct Rolf’s IC (05’) ~ Past-life Victim/Saviour complex.
Jimmy’s South Node on Rolfs 12th house Saturn. (72’) ~ Past-life cellmates?
Jimmy’s Mars conjunct Rolf’s Chiron. (65’) ~ Wounded birds fly together.

Finally let’s tie things up with Operation Yewtree which starts with Saville and ends with Harris. I say finishes with Rolf because I get the feeling that he is the scapegoat for many other celebrities who were involved. I think there is far more rot below the surface of this “respected” institution (A youtube video I watched about their scare tactics speaks volumes.) This way, the public gets to see someone “strung-up” as the face of the BBC and justice will be seen to be done.

Exposure/Saville chart & Verdict/Harris chart:

Both have Ceres conjunct AC ~ Stolen children
Both have Venus in hard aspect with Neptune ~ Glamour and sorcery.
Both have Sun in hard aspect to Pluto ~ Vampires with no shadow.
Both have Mars conjunct the Nodes ~ Sex scandals brought to justice. Both have the Sun around the important Cardinal Grand Cross degrees 11º Libra and 8º Cancer respectively ~ Activating the themes of the Cardinal Cross. (This Cross will be reactivated by the Lunar eclipse on October 8 at Aries 15º)

Evil In Plain Sight

Jimmy SavilleThis is been an interesting study for me as I am researching the importance of Ceres in the natal chart. You can see that along with Lilith, it certainly adds more depth to these sort of unsavoury subjects. Ceres was very prominent in my study of the abduction of Madeleine McCann and seems to show up wherever there has been sorrow, pain and lost with children.

Pedophilia and child abduction are the most heinous crimes that shake the very core of us as human beings. We have to find a balance between letting these abduction stories give us nightmares and allowing our children to live fearless lives with the freedom to roam. What is encouraging to me, is that that times are changing and what these media gods thought they could get away with in the 1970’s could never happen nowadays.*

What I mean by this is that in the past it might’ve been considered “normal” for a dirty old man to grope an attractive woman and that that woman would be laughed at if she made a complaint. Now at least women feel that at least they can report this abuse and that it is considered abuse.

It seems that Rolf and the like didn’t think they did anything wrong! In fact Rolf Harris even produced an educational child protection video in the 1980’s entitled “Kids Can Say No!” Alongside a chorus of children and a policeman (!), Rolf sings “My body’s, nobody’s body but mine, you run your own body, let me run mine.” It is astounding to me that the some of humanities worst crimes are committed in plain sight, like the perpetrators are just rubbing our noses in it! Just look at those who claim to be “holier than thou,” who are decorated with honours, who come across as super saintly and virtuous, for they are the very people you have to be the most careful of. These people shine so bright that they seem to have no shadow, like vampires….

1. Aspect Pattern Astrology. Bruno & Louise Huber. Pg 248
2. Time given on Wiki Exposure Tv Series. “Exposure –The Other Side Of Jimmy Saville” broadcasted on October 3rd 2012
* As I write this, the day before Rolf Harris’s sentence, I notice the Pluto Boomerang Yod is pointing at Rolf Harris’s 12th house Saturn. He faces a possible sentence of 24 years, meaning he could die behind bars.  Saturn (Death) in the 12th (Prisons).

52 thoughts on “BBC Pedophiles ~ Rolf & Jimmy

  1. Don’t know if you mentioned it, but add to Saviles list of ills corpse-fucking. His face is that of a very privileged, well-connected madman very satisfied and, by the looks of him, ecstatic about what he’s getting away with. I’m going to take a leap here, in terms of revealing where I stand on everything, but there is something wrong with and missing in men… And it’s contagious.

    1. “I’m going to take a leap here, in terms of revealing where I stand on everything, but there is something wrong with and missing in men… And it’s contagious.”

      What an absolutely ridiculous and disgusting statement. Not by any stretch of the imagination do a group of paedophiles in the top echelons of society represent the 30 million boys and men in this country. In any of these cases there are sons, brothers, husbands and fathers who are also hurt and outraged and will be helping their female relatives heal. Spewing such hateful and illogical bile doesn’t help anyone.

      You might as well say: you know what? I am starting to suspect that all men in the UK are actually millionaire prime-time children’s TV presenters.

      Your mind is warped and you obviously aren’t thinking clearly.

    2. Yes, I don’t think M thought that last line through. The root of feminist theory says that it’s the SYSTEM, not men as a whole that is the problem with inequality. There are plenty of compassionate, self aware men that do not perpetrate the systematic injustices against women and children.

    3. the problem started w/ men who are STAGGERINGLY more likely to commit rape, murder, torture, genocide, ecocide, etc. than women. it’s a fact you can’t argue with. no one is making men (from the top of society to the very bottom) commit genocide and ecocide. males created society and still control it, so the onus is on them to stop it. that being said, there are a number of theories as to why males AS A WHOLE (that is a fact) have a propensity for violent behavior, including sexual violence, some of them ranging from the esoteric to the biological. trust your gut.

  2. dr jekyll & Mr. hyde, dorian gray and these characters plus catholic church pedophile priests…slimy underside of the Piscean age, Aquarius in time will produce a different flavor creeps, ( hiding in plain sight of science/government) these guys boogy men from a past age, can’t stand the spot light .

  3. Um, you don’t think this is still going on, Marina? You said “What is encouraging to me, is that that times are changing and what these media gods thought they could get away with in the 1970’s could never happen nowadays.”

    Unfortunately, I don’t believe this to be true at all. Nor do I think that the ‘permissive 70’s that you referenced is the origination of this type of abuse. Perhaps within the BBC, but not worldwide. I believe this is an epidemic and global problem, and has been for thousands of years. Also, it’s true that these types often have ‘no conscience, like vampires’, b/c that is a common trait of sociopaths. Disconnect from remorse, human empathy/sympathy, moral norms, etc. Pedophiles often feel they are being persecuted and victimized b/c ‘society just doesn’t understand them or their love’.

    I wish I shared your optimism about this subject as far as not getting away with it anymore. It’s deeply entrenched in the current psyche of the world and throughout a number of cultures, if not all. I was just reading about tibetan monastic abuse towards the boys/young monks in recent weeks, actually. Thi s is also endemic and often suppressed. And people say it’s just b/c the men are not allowed to have relations with women. Same excuse as the catholic church. Makes no sense to me. I do know that it is passed on from one victim to the next; where it began is anyone’s guess, I suppose.

    Thanks for the Ceres info and post.

    1. I totally agree with you. I’m sure this is still going on and has nothing to do with the permissive 70’s.
      Personally I think that Rolf Harris is probably a bit of a fall guy for Jimmy Saville (not that Harris is at all innocent). Saville’s crimes were so hideous and widespread that the authorities had to be seen to put someone from that industry in jail. They are probably hoping that now that Harris has been found guilty public pressure will abate.
      Note how Saville’s direct links to the British monarchy and numerous governments is really brushed over. Why was he such good buddies with Charles and Thatcher?
      I also think that there is an even greater pressure for today’s youth to be sexual at a younger age. Whilst teenagers have probably always been sexual, there is a baseness that is completely accepted in the media today. I feel that we are all being groomed to think that overt sexuality in children is the new norm. Just look at Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke, all those Bratz dolls that were huge a few years ago, plus a million other examples. Also look at how many younger people are deeply confused about what their gender is, and the lack of differentiation between gay / straight. Somehow we’ve all been taught to think that any kind of questioning over sexual orientation is right-wing reactionary and that you are some kind of Christian fundamentalist / bigot if you go there. I honestly believe that everybody’s sexuality is there own business and right. However the constant emphasis on gay rights and transgender is beginning to seem like a psy-op to me.
      Sorry for the rant. Wound up in a totally different direction!

    2. I totally agree we are being groomed and yes I also think sexuality in children is the new norm. I remember a few years ago trying to get shorts my daughter liked, she was about 7 at the time. She really wanted a sort of mid thigh, but ALL that was on offer were ones just bellow the bum which she hated because she really didn’t want to show that much leg. I couldn’t believe it and really ranted about it on facebook at the time. In the end we had to get boys ones, which she didn’t like either because, they were knee length and looked too “boyish”.

      They seem to have got to a reasonable length now she is 10/11. But hot pants for 7 year olds is just sick!

    3. Wow, re the shorts. Gross.
      I do some tutoring at Uni — lots of 20-23year olds. I started to notice a couple of years ago that the gen y’ers were both extremely passive and extremely permissive. (Maybe I’m getting old, but as a gen x’er I certainly don’t feel that old!) I find the passivity really weird. There have been huge cuts in education over the last decade and they all just sit there and accept it. They are completely uninterested in changes that directly impact on them. The level of education we give them is worse every year, but they never even remotely complain — I’m the one that tries to rile them up every so often by saying ‘hey you guys are paying for this!’ but they never get the motivation to do or say anything. But it’s not just that, it’s everything. They just sit there quietly and expect everything to be handed to them. Maybe it’s all the drugs in food and water, all the vaccines, I really don’t know.
      The other thing I noticed is that a couple of years ago it became more and more common for quite a few of the young women to be seriously contemplating sex change surgery. And some of them indeed go out and get ‘top surgery’. As a whole they are also extremely sexually permissive — not that I ever what to know about such things! but little things give it away.
      Anyway, sorry again for the rant, I just find it weird. And I do think it is tied to the Saville thing.
      I also find some of the new age reports of indigos/crystals hard to reconcile with the reality of the 20year olds I have taught. But maybe that is why they have had so much social engineering thrown at them. Well, unfortunately it has worked from what I have seen. 🙁

    4. Am I right in thinking generation X’ers tend to have Neptune in Scorpio? If so, they’re very ambiguous regards sex – and confused. Hence a rise in gender issues, sexual neuroses etc

    5. Born in 1965 here – I have Neptune in Scorpio, Pluto/Uranus conjunct (tightly) in Virgo opposing Saturn in Pisces. My fellow 65’ers and ’66’ers (who have these giant planets in these signs) I’m noticing how spiritual and “old school” we are. We were teens during the AIDS epidemic and that had a profound effect on our sexual awakening. I think the Saturn in Pisces and the Neptune in Scorpio energy brought out a deep spiritual drives more than the sexual ones. Metaphysics, reincarnation and eastern spirituality and contemplative practices are big with us.

    6. Hi- as a survivor of horrific abuses al allowed by my mother- I have found this to make sense. My mothers chart has similar features. My abusive mothers chart says she is mentally ill and has a chart similar to many dictators. There is something that I believe can be tied into abusers-and wondered if it would show up in the charts as well.I am finding the people who are the most covert and successful abusers are narcissists!Oh and a narcissist is incapable of empathy,preys on pple and just never think they are wrong…nor will they ever apologize. I am a Nurse so I know there are varying degrees to every illness. However these are really sick child abusers and misogynists if their chart can help save even one child I think you are onto a great discovery! Just curious also if you think malignant narcissism would show up somewhere as well in the chart. I know Narcissists feel no empathy and are incapable of love-they are robots and their only mission is for their own pleasures. Sadly-that comes at a severe price. I had so much trouble overcoming the abuse I suffered- I even had surgery from it-I see that it is indeed still going on,esp in my line of work. As a society we need reforms and to protect the most vulnerable amongst us! Thank you for all this info!
      blessed be

    7. Wonderful post, but I have to agree with Irm, pedophilia and abuse is very much going on in global institutions. I believe you find the same type of things happening in childrens shows today, just 5 mins of watching programs my niece had on it was disgusting the sheer amount of innuendo. On a toddlers show… Dragging old men through the media and saying it was in the distant past just lulls us into thinking it’s eradicated. Not even close.

    8. I have added this* into the post because I do know that abuse continues. I just think young women today are more savvy about what is acceptable behaviour and what is not, therefore these men will be less likely to continue with the groping. Sexual harassment at work was something unheard of 20 years ago.

      * What I mean by this is that in the past it might’ve been considered “normal” for a dirty old man to grope an attractive woman and that that woman would be laughed at if she made a complaint. Now at least women feel that at least they can report this abuse and that it is even considered abuse.

  4. duality, duplicity is Piscean, pedophiles made use of, now there’s ‘zero tolerance’ while forcing gay outing questions on kids, 3rd grade sex-ed , teenage boys seducing teachers and vice-versa, freedom comes with strings, restraint in camera ready America…..we emptied institutions, now… group homes…I don’t think the individual predator, Sandusky or the 2 brits , in the Aquarian age, can be so cloak and dagger, Aquarius is 2 newsy, ripe for expose’, information age, no privacy, secrets, ready to topple evil or fake, especially when the pose is church robes, philanthropic, funny man…

  5. It’s horrifying. How did Scotland Yard and the Queen miss this issue so consistently? It has to be an issue of people seeing only what they want to see. Maya/delusion.

    1. Maybe I’m too cynical, but I think that the Queen and Scotland Yard knew full well. That is the horrifying bit.
      I think that is the bit people aren’t ready to see, that they are up to their necks in it.

    2. Asd unfortunately I have been thinking the same thing lately. Last week I read the story about the 660 pedophiles being caught and became super depressed. All of the Taurean folk I know keep their houses in order and don’t miss a thing. If they do is something you can bet it will be fixed posthaste.
      The Queen’s behavior in this however makes me wonder much more often about Diana. Diana genuinely loved kids. If she’d found out anything unfortunate and took it to Charles he’d have definitely run to mommy. She’s April 21st. I wonder how much Aries/Taurus cusp issues rule her dark sides. Charles being a scorpio and Camilla being a cancer means full-on lies and secret-keeping. Camilla would have had to been insanely jealous of Diana and backed whatever nightmarish things the Queen did.
      Obama and Michelle are no better though.This is justthe third page of the U.S. priest abuse database:

    3. *Sorry if Taureans do”miss”something important they will correct it posthaste.

    4. I never met Diana but I do know one of her hfs and another who rejected her advances – she was a flake by all accounts.

      “Charles being a scorpio and Camilla being a cancer means full-on lies and secret-keeping. Camilla would have had to been insanely jealous of Diana and backed whatever nightmarish things the Queen did.” – isn’t this a bit of a generalisation astrologically?

    5. FYI – Scotland Yard is the HQ of police for the greater London area but local police stations deal with reports of criminal activity in their own areas – in Savill’s case these were all over the country. So because the assaults were not actually reported or taken seriously when they happened, Scotland Yard had nothing to “miss.” Some took place at the BBC which then would have been in Shepherd’s Bush (west London with its own police station) others took place at various hospitals across the country – e.g Stoke Mandeville which is in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire which is a county north west of London.
      The Queen has absolutely nothing to do with Scotland Yard’s operations – Scotland Yard is just the HQ of the Metropolitan Police, i.e the police HQ for Greater London. She has absolutely no powers of interest or interference with the police. She actually has very little contact with most people and her court is famously largely run by gay men.

      Saville likely slipped through the net because of his extraordinary charity work. He raised millions for charity. Left wing broadsheet newspaper, The Guardian described him as a “prodigious philanthropist”and he was honoured for his charity work.
      You have to remember that this was a man with a huge public face who at the time, did a lot of good work. But of course sexual abusers can be extremely devious. Saville’s scorpio planets were disguised by his Moon conj Lilith on Zosma – his public cause had a dark shadow. His Uranus in Pisces trine Saturn and Mercury would enable him to disguise his intentions, certainly he had a very odd speech pattern full of catch phrases – as if he was dislocated from what he really wanted to say.

      Rolf Harris had a very different chart in that he was ego out of control – multiple Aries contacts, Venus, Sun, Mercury, Moon, Uranus to Pluto and Saturn suggests a bizarre mix of child/father – and certainly he abused his daughter’s best friend. He must have been both a playful figure (we know this from seeing him on TV) and a father figure.

      Of the tow, I find Saville totally menacing. Harris is just revolting.

  6. Something else to add. I really should look into the the death of Peaches Geldof because I thought that was suspicious from the start. Then a FB friend sent me this youtube link.

    “Peaches Geldof faces police investigation after naming moms who allegedly offered babies to Lostprophets pedophile rocker Ian Watkins ”

    Very interesting. Apparently Jill Dando in the UK was killed because she knew about Saville too:

    1. Dear Marina,
      Thanks for your courage to write and speak out loud about these subjects !

  7. I think Pisces, like Gemini, brings duplicity to a chart. Both Rolf and Peaches have strong Pisces in their charts. Peaches portrayed herself as “earth mother” which she clearly wasn’t.
    I also think that the sexual abuse (Saville, Harris, Clifford) is coming to light as a result of Saturn transiting Scorpio.

  8. I don’t think people can believe that someone who seems so apparently trustworthy could be otherwise, because then who can we trust? This is the dilemma as I see it and I know first hand because my daughter was abused by a neighbor who was like a second father to her. This man lied to us for years and even though he was blatantly unfaithful to his wife and was extremely self centered all the kids in the neighborhood liked him because he was like a big kid AND he spent a lot of money on them. People like this have no compunctions lying and deceiving because they operate in their own sense of reality which is at base amoral and beyond social or any other law. I would not be surprised if the majority of pedophiles are clinical narcissists. As a side note – another chart worth examining might be Edward St. Aubyn, author of the largely auto biographical Patrick Melrose novels. St. Aubyn was horrifically abused and I believe assumes his own abuser father had experienced similar. Now that is one heck of a family legacy.

    1. Jen, I think you nailed it with the narcissistic comment.

      Looking at Rolf’s chart, the stellium in Aries seems an indicator of that. An aspect of Aries is being in perpetual childhood – driven by the entitlements of the ego. Sun, Mercury and Uranus basically combust, he only knows his own thoughts, needs and desires. They don’t seem to have a filter as they come out of his Mars in Pisces rudderless drive. The impulse to sex is unconscious and infantile.

      I think sex is one area where Freud may still have some truths. As physical phenomena, sexual feelings are apparent from the beginning of life, given we are born with nerve endings. Our attitudes and studies of sex are now intellectually based but really, sex should be examined more as an anthropological issue. Until we cease to have physical bodies which only just stand upright and are covered in hair, sex is going to be a thorn in the side of our morality.

      Mercury is the ruler of the nervous system. We set up behavioural loops in our nervous systems – e.g the limbic brain and hypothalamus (the outlet for the limbic brain).

      “One way in which the limbic system has been conceptualized is as the “feeling and reacting brain” that is interposed between the “thinking brain” and the output mechanisms of the nervous system. In this construct, the limbic system is usually under control of the “thinking brain” but obviously can react on its own. Additionally, the limbic system has its input and processing side (the limbic cortex, amygdala and hippocampus) and an output side (the septal nuclei and hypothalamus). Most of these regions are connected by pathways… The hypothalamus has centers involved in sexual function, endocrine function, behavioral function and autonomic control.”

      A lesser publicised fact regards sexual abuse of children is that there is physical pleasure involved and in the case of a female or male who has not known brutality or pain as part of the abuse, a loop of sensory pleasure is also established which ore than likely leads to massive guilt and shame as the child becomes adult.

      Back to Mercury and the nervous systems – Mercury has a chameleon-like quality and easily takes on the color of any planet it aspects. The messages Mercury conveys can easily be distorted by its contacts, leading the brain to process inaccurate information and transmit inappropriate commands. Rolf’s Mercury is combust his Sun – so his ego is the only reference his mind has. He is infatuated with his own kingdom, compounded in Aries – and Uranus alongside which Wanda Sellars, (expert in medical astrology) describes as a planet of distortion, completes the picture.

      No one is more happy playing with children than a multiple Aries but at the same time, Rolf, with his Piscean Mars, just wouldn’t get the boundary lines in the sand pit.

      I’m old enough to remember his first forays into television when he was a very clever artist who painted with buckets full of black and white paint on huge backdrops on live black and white TV. He would tell a story and make daubs which were not identifiable as much but would eventually become the story. The whole of Britain was mesmerised.

      I’d like to see the chart of the girl who he groomed and had a relationship with as a young woman to see how her complicity unfolded and eventually led them to court, with the relevant transits. I’d like to see how Pluto and Orcus contributed to a soul oath centred in desire from unconsciousness.

      In both their cases, a symbiotic pattern must have been established unconsciously – the autonomic nervous system is involuntary and needs to be trained via the somatic system to gain control.

      I don’t hold that these complex relationships are merely the construct of the brain – but that what is present n the subtle bodies is converted via the brain and nervous systems and then into physical behaviour.

      I’m also wondering if old fashioned aversion therapy – maybe using electric shocks (Uranus) would work in the case of pedophiles to break the loops of their sexual behaviour. Radical I know but then so is pedophilia…. and yet another question arises, does this cauterise a strand of karma or just push the impulse elsewhere?

    2. Hi UBQ, so much to respond to in your thought provoking comment. I think one would have to be a psychologist/astrologer to fully put this together – to understand all the nuances and relate them to the astrology from a sociological and clinical perspective. As a lay person, I will take a stab since this is an issue close to me. Your words: “Our attitudes and studies of sex are now intellectually based but really, sex should be examined more as an anthropological issue. ” I do agree with this – sex really does get in the way of our higher mind and even moral conscience as it is so powerful and primitively motivated, and it is culturally influenced as well for better or worse. And when you add a complicated and/or imbalanced psychological profile into the mix sexuality can become predatory and uncontrolled and therefore damaging. We have all made bad decisions based on sexual attraction etc. Some pay for many years based on these impractical and questionable choices. Having said this, I still believe that regardless of the primitive and largely unconscious nature of the sexual drive, there are social taboos that exist for a reason that must not be trespassed . Certain behavior is not healthy for the common good AND survival, and no one can be excused from this. Rolf belongs to society so knows the rules. Are we really so subject to our charts that they control us to the point that they would be an excuse for behavior and exoneration from consequence? I believe there is a choice. Is a diagnosis of narcissism and poor boundaries a courtroom defense for a pedophile? I do not think the “set-up” so to speak in a birth chart can excuse anything. Too bad the perpetrator may have been sexually abused him or herself – there must be self control regardless. Astrologically, you have answered a question I had which is, what would be the indicator of narcissism be in a chart. Maybe there is more than one. After all, Uranus (Aquarius) can be extremely self centered as well as Leo, and as you pointed out, too much Aries is disastrous. For Rolf, the Mars in Pisces is the clincher to me regarding the pedophilia. Sexual drive with no boundaries, not to mention fueled ability to deceive. In my personal (daughter’s ) case, the man in question is a Leo gone bad and I happen to know his mother was clinically psychotic. This guy had absolutely no sense of boundaries – most especially sexual, and was repeatedly disrespectful even with his own sons when it came to sexuality. He only saw women as whores or mothers. Period. God only knows what the rest of his chart looks like.

    3. Jen – great points and this one is bigger than all of them – “We have all made bad decisions based on sexual attraction etc. ”
      Sexual attraction is a weird thing – it has become the distorted grail of meaning for so many now.
      It is the “magnet” of attraction in its most primitive form, and the ensuing relationship – whatever that may be – is a bridge into a complexity akin to the chaos of an alchemic laboratory.
      As Marina says – it comes down to choice but a person can’t make those choices until they have an objective handle on their personality – and most don’t. I’m sure this only comes with a crisis of isolation – which is what Rolf will have now. From the soul’s point of view, better late than never.
      I think Mars in Pisces is so key in his chart because his drives are uncensored, even subtle but definitely toxic… and perhaps an area for forces outside the conscious to invade.
      MArs in Pisces deserves a page to itself on DS – hello Marina!!! – because to me it must be the met contradictory of all positions for any planet.
      Mars in Pisces natives are – Marilyn Monroe, Paris Hilton, Che Guevara, Elizabeth Taylor, Heath Ledger, Tom Hanks, Vincent Van Gogh, Bono, Tina Turner, David Beckham, Cindy Crawford, Bob Dylan, Elton John, Anthony Hopkins, Steve McQueen, Michaelangelo… Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Giacomo Cassanova (the great seducer of women…) Eric Clapton, Anton Le Vay (founder of church of satan)
      MAhmoud Ahmadinejad, MArc Dutroux – Belgian kidnapper and pedophile/murderer
      and many more…
      It seems to manifest across the board – from femme fatale, spiritual and creative drive, revolutionary, sexual louche/predator etc
      In the case of Glen Close (Mars in Pisces) and Anthony Hopkins, the worst is Acted Out (as film characters) rather than being acted out… thus Mars in Pisces becomes archetypal.
      I find the case of Rolf even more bewildering as he was so brilliant in Animal Hospital (ran for 10 years with viewing figure of over 10m at its peak). This program inspired a lot of children to become interested in veterinary studies – and an increase in vets!
      The sign of Aries has a blur with Pisces – I have never found Arians to be as clearly cut as the sign is presented. It presets to me, a curious mix of pure drive for the perceived and deep cruelty.
      ON a soul level, I would have to wonder if the soul residing in the personality Rolf Harris is that long out of the animal kingdom and hence it is both excellent with animals but behaves like one too…
      (no offence to animals but their sexual predilections are different!!!)

    4. Sorry – that “a curious mix of pure drive for the perceived and deep cruelty.” should read – for the “perceived good”

    5. Ha! that is quite the list. I always associate Neptune with musicians, glamor and film so not surprising to see all of that represented here along with the nasties. My daughter is a musician who studied theatre as well. She has a Mars Mercury conjunction in the 5th opposing Neptune with a Pisces ASC. Hmmm.

    6. This seems to boil down to nature vs nurture (nature in this case being astrological influences) and I for one am on the side of nurture. Pedophiles learn their behavior because they themselves have been victims of abuse which starts a vicous cycle continuing to adulthood if not properly dealt with (therapy and the like). I don’t agree with astrological factors being the deciding issue (or even a factor at all maybe) because it can affect all signs all across the board. Now certain transits may aggrevate the issue but I’m not sure about natal signposts for pedophilia.

    7. This is where Evolutionary and Hellenistic astrologers differ because I get the impression that hardcore Traditional astrologers do not take into account the state of consciousness of the individual while reading a chart. I have yet to listen to this but found it on facebook and thought it might be relevant.

      I DO think astrological factors have a bearing. Otherwise why use Astrology at all? The question is to what degree and in what way. There are pointers that suggest abuse, but not wether one is the the abuser or the abused, whether it is this life time or in a past life or what type of abuse it is, sexual, self, verbal or violent.
      As an astrologer you have to be sensitive enough to look at the whole picture. A chart that has a lot of tension, Lilith squares to the outers, Ceres/Pluto/Mars, difficult stars (see Psychopath Astrology), Sun combust personal planets etc etc, but nowhere to channel it or in an individual who has not been nurtured well may be problematic. But as the saying goes, the stars incline but they do not compel.

      I was listening to a podcast the other day that suggested the less-evolved will manifest their chart more literally through the houses and signs whereas those more enlightened souls will take the aspects as energy tools and really make them work for them. Therefore they could use a Sun square Pluto as a powerful transformer for change in the collective. A Phoenix from the flames. I see this all the time with clients. Really successful people with really challenging charts.

    8. Thanks for the link, will listen tonight when I get a chance. I do agree that the less evolved unconsciously manifest their chart, they are at the mercy of their whims so that could translate to pedophile tendancies. I’m just not convinced of a specific marker in ones chart that is the universal sign for this sort of thing. Seems to be a combination of astrological and environmental (nurture) factors (still leaning heavily towards environmental, the way that person was raised which also puts them at the mercy of hard transits to said natal factors). But it is interesting to investigate

    9. This is fascinating to me – the levels of expression based on the evolutionary progress. I once had a tape of a workshop that evolutionary astrologer Jeffrey Wolf Green did on the importance of reading for the client based on their level of spiritual awareness. Unfortunately I do not remember what the indicators of spiritual awareness would be in the chart (probably Pluto since that was his planet of choice). Years ago when I was young and Green was practicing in Seattle he gave me a reading, which in retrospect I believe was pretty much off the cuff and heavily dependent on his psychic ability. Other than letting me know that with a Pluto 12th house I was just trusting my soul and pretty much operating in a void (I can believe that), I do not remember much else from the reading. I wonder years later what level of awareness he was reading for ! I have the utmost respect for talented astrologers as yourself Marina, as I believe it is a gift. There has to be some intuitive or psychic ability involved to my mind since the factors, as you mentioned, can manifest in so many ways and are often surprising. So maybe here is where the environmental (nurture) factor comes into combination with the soul’s evolutionary progress. Now for a listen to the link…

    10. I agree.I had an abusive narcissist mother. She covered for all the abuses I suffered. I believe narcissists are a epidemic of wolves in sheeps clothing. As a nurse I have seen narcissistic parents abuse and cover pretending all is perfect. The worst abuse a child can go thru is to be born to a narcissist. I am thinking there must be natal projections. Mh mother is a severe narcissist and it shows in her chart. I am an empath and seem to draw these npd people I nto my world. I heal a bit every dayy! Great posts! Awesome article!

    11. Completely clear; there are therapists who even don’t want to treat these people because a (full blown) narcissistic disorder can’t be cured. I have also an abusive narcissist mother (90) and it’s a real tragedy. As a teacher I have seen many teenagers suffer by their narcissistic parents who are totally unable to understand and respect the individuality and boundaries of their children (read: Dr. Karyl McBride; Will I ever be good enough ? ) Worst case solution is to stay away from these narcissistic people.

  9. guilty! verdict, cap/Pluto hits R’s natal sat. square sun/Uranus… gem/Jupiter sextile can’t help, huge topple, no more feeding huge appetites, wallet full of easy money, laws revenge is sweet.

  10. natal pluto/sun square constantly remakes self, casting off the old means people, associations, things so they appear harsh, rejecting, adjusting, burning bridges in attempt to reconcile inner conflict. wonderful clarity that you have…
    Marina is your donate software only for UKers? US has states not provinces, you might increase donations….

  11. Transit Ceres and Mars are conjunct my Mercury and NN in Libra. Always vigilant re: children and creepers, lately I’ve been more uneasy as these revelations burgeon. My daughter’s friends were photographed and followed at the mall by a guy with his cellphone. He was very brazen. I don’t leave the mall when the girls shop but discreetly shadow them.

    Too much objectifying on social media of humans as objects to covet, abuse and use. Then the victims are blamed for looking older, how they dress, etc.

    Nuanced, sobering article!!!! Thank you!!!

  12. You have a wonderful insight yes how ironick pluto with a boomerang yod. Delightful reading about terrible things. Can you look at nice people like Mother Theresa and Dali lama. Just to look at something nice pleas.

  13. a pig pushes it’s way out of a pen and days later becomes lean, ornery, bristly, the snout narrows, tusks grow, witness the metamorphous of hormone driven switched on gene. The pedophile continues, worsens, switched on, being human he presents the domesticated male, werewolf hidden. the duplicity believes his self superhuman, Spiderman, clown…it’s easy to feel this transformation…dress up etc, there’s normal, then narcissistic, the only difference is normal doesn’t use guise to hurt. my xhusband mars/sun/conq 2nd dec. pisces, needed societal controls and his battle ax me, parents, boss….left alone he turned into a jelly fish, surrounded by ice-cream and beer containers

    1. That sounds like my father…exactly! Narcissistic people are vampires always needing to feed their narcissistic supply! I was raised in a nest of narcissistic abusers. If not for my wonderful loving grandparents…id be dead today. I have realized I am an empath and attract npd pple. Its a hard road! My dad was also same sign as ur ex! Wow! What a road we travel! Blessed be!

  14. ‘Normal’ narcissism has to start somewhere, feeds like addiction, getting away w/ it fuels superiority, the real self , unnourished worm , hides behind a growing artifice , expose the worm and the narcissist becomes furious, says; “I’m dying, you’re killing me!” to recover self, the mask has to go, they’ll recover if they want to.
    Pedophilia gives off a Sandusky, crusty the clown vibe, they can’t tell the world how great it is, the audience likes their BS. They revel privately, hence the photo plastered walls of the obsessive… the real self becomes increasingly diseased, can’t recover and learned behavior switches off while in prison, dreaming of past and future hunts.

  15. I agree with you so very much. I had an extreme malignant narcissistic mother who allowed such abuses to happen to me and my brother…never her preciouss golden child though. I confronted my mother about the abuse and as you say she suffered great narcissistic injury. I have had the wrath of a severe malignant narcissitic(scorpio) mother. She is always on and always ready. I feel that she was very creepy too. She knew I was being sexually abused and she knew when my brother was raped. Of course…we weren’t allowed to speak of it…since npd pple have to seem perfect. I was just amazed reading my mothers chart. It mentioned incest of my brother…and I almost fell over. I have never seen a chart like abuse mom. I find it fascinating that these abusers and co abusers can be assesed through the natal charts! How amazing..too bad the psychology prof. Will never catch on! Blessed be! We have survived! 🙂

    1. My phone buttons stick-sorry bout the typeos! Lol capricorns…ugggh!

  16. doesn’t this suggest that some people are born with tendencies toward pedophilia whether they like it or not? as much as it is scary i wonder how its like for someone suffering with these tendencies. i mean those who dont abuse anyone. those who just freak out when they see a child because of the way they feel towards them that they feel like they cannot change. often pedophiles have been abused themselves. they might be monsters but they might just be humans who need help.

  17. “Ceres was very prominent in my study of the abduction of Madeleine McCann and seems to show up wherever there has been sorrow, pain and lost with children.”

    Why did you delete your study of Madeleine? Fear of the McCanns and their PR machine?

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