Eris ~ Re-Divining The Feminine

UPDATED. This post re-evaluates my definition of Eris in the light of her awakening conjunction with Uranus back in 2016/17. Eris may question the negative form of the Hindu goddess, Kali the destroyer. The negative dark-goddess aspect could show the misuse of divine feminine energy in the form of the devouring mother. This negative Kali is ‘devouring’ in the sense that in order to feel powerful, she has to destroy the sacred masculine. Uranus was in conjunction Eris exactly in June to September 2016 and again in March 2017. Around this time many anti-feminism videos started appearing on YouTube, and many from women, not just men. It was around this time that I wrote this article and realized that the men who were criticising feminism were not (As my very liberal-leftist education would have me believe) misogynists, but had very valid points.

Eris is categorized as another Plutino and can be seen as Pluto’s spouse (She has many Persephone attributes). Now in the aftermath of Uranus square Pluto, Uranus conjunct Eris awakens us to the uncomfortable reality of the 1960’s counter-cultural revolution ignited by Uranus conjunct Pluto in 1966. This so-called “counter-culture” has now become utterly mainstream.. There is nothing “shocking” (Uranus.) left, we are all now, in the words of Pink Floyd, comfortably numb.

Back in the 1960’s with the Uranus conjunct Pluto, women’s lib exploded into pop culture with women burning their bras for freedom. The contraceptive Pill liberated women from the worry of pregnancy and back-street abortions. The Pill was marketed as giving women power over their bodies, but did it really? The hormones in contraceptives cause all sorts of problems too vast to go into on this post, never mind the fact the pill doesn’t seem to have stopped teenage pregnancy anyway.

Pill Power?

The heavy petting in the 1950’s doesn’t exist anymore as young girls are pressurised to go the whole way earlier and earlier. So I have since changed my views about just how empowering so-called feminism really is. If you examine deeply what the true agenda behind feminism could be, you might think again. For me this last Uranus square Pluto shows us the crisis point of how the feminist ideals of the sixties really work in practice.

Women these days are just as much worker drones as their husbands. Now, in order to pay the mortgage it is often a necessity for both partners to work full time. With children spending more time in childminders and state education, the end result is parents have less control over what programs (TV or otherwise) go into their children minds.

So we have the illusion of equality, but the top jobs and the positions that really matter are still pretty much male-dominated. Most women who do manage to get to the top, have had to turn into men to get there. That means switching off their right brain, empathic side, turning psychopathic and growing even larger “balls” than their male colleagues. Margaret Thatcher and Madonna are great examples.

Dominatrix Agenda

The masculine, left-brain, dominator agenda continues, but in order to correct this imbalance, it will mean that the divine feminine does, in fact, have to start defending itself and learn to say no. “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” ~ Albert Einstein.

Some of us have become unwitting enablers of the system through ignorance. If we researched the origins and ingredients of every single product we bought, our convenience food, cosmetics, clothes etc etc, we might question how ethical is the company? Are its products toxic to ourselves and the environment?

Uranus square PlutoKnowledge is power and we need arm ourselves with wisdom. The information is out there in abundance if we look. However, most of the population are too tired, busy, distracted by the mass media or difficult relationships to sit down and read anything longer than a magazine article. The internet is great but we still need to make a conscious effort not to click, click, click and click onto the next pretty picture.

Which brings us to gender. “The female of the species is more deadly than the male” sang Space. The sacred feminine has been debased, abused and used to control the majority of men by their dicks.. Hence the reason porn is the biggest search term on the internet (Followed by Astrology, which I find hilarious.) This is no criticism of men, in fact, the reason this porn trap is so successful is that the media sorcerers knew damn well that men really do want to connect with this wonderful, liberating, sacred feminine energy, which originates from our empowering, living, goddess earth.

Seasonal Sensuality

Back in pagan times, earthy sexuality was a healthy expression of human aliveness. It connected us to the seasons. Nature, like healthy love-making, makes us feel alive, fertile, potent and vital. It’s like good organic food, it will nurture us for days. Pornography is like overly salty and sweet fast food. So cybersex, like MacDonalds, is a quick fix that later leaves us drained and dehydrated. As with all drugs, one needs a stronger hit after a while, so a sex addict will go onto hardcore porn and.. then what?

In the Muslim world, the divine feminine has been suppressed in a far more obvious way than in the west, with the horror of female circumcision being the worst manifestation. The dark ages witnessed the burning of witches and the enslavement of women to be used as sex slaves in the Middle East. In recent world wars, many women were raped and witnessed the rape of their daughters by invading soldiers. The SlavicUranus Square Plutocountries, being that they are on the front line of the East and the West have suffered the most and where the word ‘slave’ originally comes from.

This major trauma has been carried through genetic memory for 1000s of years. If we believe in reincarnation, then at some point men (as women) may have also been raped and women (as men) may have at one point been the raping and pillaging soldier, so there is really no blame. I much prefer these days to stress the importance of bringing the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine into balance than allying myself with any feminist agenda.

In 2016, Uranus formed a conjunction with Eris (The outer-planet Lilith). The potential here was great for breakthrough thinking and enlightenment regarding true equality of the sexes. Lilith can be seen as the original feminist, and women can all identify with the feeling of being exiled. But to make Lilith a feminist issue really over-simplifies a much deeper and insidious form of suppression, which is the rape of the human psyche by religion.

Victim Culture

Ekhart Tolle in his book “The Power of Now”, maintains that enlightenment for the whole of humanity is in the hands of women. On Page 194 he talks about the collective pain-body where women need to stop identifying themselves as victims, move on from blame and take control. I agree that the feminist blame agenda has got to stop. But I’m not sure how we can take control. I just don’t think we should be looking at this as a male v female thing anymore. It’s really not about gender. All humans have had their right-brain sacred feminine raped! All of us are victims and ALL of us need to take control. Of ourselves! The ironic thing is that Ekhart Tolle, as part of the New Age guru brigade, still comes across as a being too much of a spiritual master.

He is wise and knows best, his disciples bow down and listen. Taking control for me is about setting boundaries, which is Saturn, whereas these Neptune Gurus seem to be all about dissolving boundaries leaving us wide open to abuse.

Integral to the emancipation of women in the Islamic world is how the Qu’ran is translated. How on earth can that society move forward while its “Bible” condones the beating of women. This is the impression we have been given. But if you actually read it, it goes like this: The official Arabic translation of Surah 4:34: “Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because Allah has given the one more (strength) than the other, and because they support them from their means. Therefore the righteous women are devoutly obedient, and guard in (the husband’s) absence what Allah would have them guard. As to those women on whose part ye fear disloyalty and ill-conduct, admonish them (first), (Next), refuse to share their beds, (And last) beat them (lightly); but if they return to obedience, seek not against them Means (of annoyance): For Allah is Most High, great (above you all).” [2]

In classic Arabic, “Beat” and “Go away” are the same word.
Islamic feminists translate this paragraph differently, replacing “Beat” with “Go away”. Meaning one should leave the wife. Feminists also state that there is nothing in the Qur’an that mentions the strict wearing of the burqa or veil. So I don’t want to just pick on the Qu’ran. This is tame stuff compared what is actually written in the Jewish Talmud!

Religious Pedophilia

I’m stunned that any religious text even mentions sex with babies under 3 or anal sex with under-aged girls. Unfortunately, mentioning these acts in a religious text only gives fuel for the anti-semites fire, like in this video made by a Christian. For a Jewish interpretation, see this link The Talmud Dies Not Permit Sex with 3 Year Olds.

The point is, that practically all religions have been used as a way to suppress the divine feminine. Religion is the oldest form of mind control, which harnesses human bliss by trying to repress healthy sexuality. Worse still is how religion can also, in the end, warp sex into pedophilia! Nowadays the systems of control have gone really full-on in that direction, where our children are being constantly bombarded with sexual imagery via the internet and the mass media.

I used to be of the opinion that internet porn in small doses is harmless if used to spice up an otherwise healthy, loving long-term relationship. But that’s kind of like saying you can have the odd shot of heroin every so often and be fine. As I have already discussed in my “Twin Flame or Hell Fire” post, sharing your love with internet porn demons is just opening you right up for possession.

I know I sound like Mary Whitehouse now, but I will come out and say that it’s not like I haven’t dabbled.. Yes, I have been in a relationship where, let’s just say, the guy wanted to “spice things up”. It felt taboo and thrilling initially, but I very quickly felt the sacred side of sex and true intimacy had been polluted by the cyber invasion. The amount of sexuality in the media has reached saturation point now where most of MTV is basically soft porn.

Porn Demons

MTV soft porn has become normalized. How many women feel they have to behave like porn stars or that they are prudes if they don’t dig anal sex? And it has now reached the stage that a furry “cat” is considered abnormal and unclean I find it ironic that while our Muslim sisters are encouraged to cover up, western women are stripping off to painful extremes in an effort to please their men.

Muslim woman’s chains are the Burqa while Western women are chained to the obsession of being “hot”. We may no longer have to wear constricting corsets that made our Victorian great-grandmas faint, but instead, we are corseted by the vision of a size six skeleton on a magazine cover.

You could argue that in contrast, the Burqa is almost liberating, at least you can indulge and not worry about guts hanging out. No question it’s great to be fit, love your body and walk around in summer shorts without being spat on. But the West has gone way over the top with narcissism and objectifying women’s bodies.

‘Sex-Object Culture’

Uranus square PlutoYou can understand why a Muslim father may not want the Western brand of feminism for his daughter. I myself cringe when I see overtly sexual music videos and wonder what Katy Perry is doing to the brain of my 11-year-old daughter.

Some stats from the Object website which challenges “Sex-Object culture” [3]:

  • Over half (54%) of all women around the world say they first became aware of the need to be physically attractive between 6 and 17 years of age.
  • Eating disorders are as common amongst women as autism.
  • 66% of teenage girls would consider plastic surgery and 20% would do it right now.
  • Polls suggest that 63% of young women aspire to be glamour models or lap dancers.
  • One in three people believe a woman is responsible for violence committed against her if she is wearing ‘revealing clothing’.

There is a new brand of feminist. “grounded in Michel Foucault and Judith Butler, they are stunted products of neoliberalism and postmodernism. Feminism, for them, is no longer about the liberation of women who are oppressed; it is defined by a handful of women who are successful, powerful and wealthy—or, as in the case of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” able to snag a rich and powerful man.” ~ Pornography Is What the End of the World Looks Like.

Sacred Feminine V Feminism

So for these so-called ‘feminists’ Western women are liberated (stripped of their clothing) and Muslims are oppressed (smothered by their clothing). Islamic feminists want the right to work and have control of their own finances, (which would allow them to leave an abusive husband.) At the same time, women in the West also need to fight for the right not to work so that they can be a stay-at-home mother if they want to.

Currently, the east and west are polarised in their attitude to sex. Neither is healthy. There are two sides to Uranus square Pluto also. As we have seen, the effects could be mind-control (Pluto) through cybersex (Uranus). But in a positive way, Uranus is the great awakener while Pluto could also be the long hard, deep but thorough detox of all the propaganda that has been waged on humanity in recent times.

I have much more to say about this in 2018. To be continued….

1. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923, p.196.
2. Islamic Feminism – Wikipedia.
Picture Credit: Adam & Eve. Lucas Cranach The Elder 1526.


570 thoughts on “Eris ~ Re-Divining The Feminine

  1. Amazing article!
    I agree with it wholeheartedly, especially with how the apparent Western woman submits to certain social stereotypes and expectations and in a way gets “enslaved” by them.
    Interestingly that topic has been coming up a lot in my conversations recently.
    I`ve always revolted against submitting to these expectations of how a woman should be or should look or should dress; but of course this “rebelling” comes at the price of “not fitting in” in certain ways.

    Actually my last conversation was not so much about me and not fitting in, but a discussion about the Rocky Horror Picture Show, which I had seen as a musical and was telling a female friend about, who, as it turned out, was completely appalled by that film and the fact that men were wearing high heels, fishnets and whatever.
    I hardly could grasp what the fuss was all about. But when it comes down to it, I think it`s just not the way “men should be or dress”.
    A social image that is embedded so deeply in many people`s psyche, that they react very emotionally, if that “social rule” is being broken.

    In a way it does not even matter if it`s about wearing the Burca or trousers or freeing your body of every little hair (if you are a woman)- it all comes down to the same thing.
    Social expectations. If you meet them, you´re “in”, if you don´t, you`re “out”.

    But I wonder where is the space for individual decisions and developments?

    I think it is perfectly okay to do all these things – wear Burca or shaving your legs religiously, as long as this is what the individual really WANTS to do, and not just to not stick out of their social environment like a sore thumb.

    1. I get really narked about people feeling pressurized to do something to conform. The body hair thing is an odd one because its gradually got less and less acceptable. Its like people are now scared of it, like its animalistic or uncivilized.
      I think men are feeling the pressure to wax like crazy also. Some men are even ashamed of their hairy chests! I think a bit of grooming is nice and makes a change. But the pathological fear of hair is a worry. Then again it might just be a cultural thing and what you are used to. I’m italian so I’m used to gorillas!

      What about bleaching bum holes now!! I mean REALLY!!?

    2. How true!

      I didn´t know that about “bleaching bum holes” though. I am just not up to date, when it comes to these things.
      But really? I mean, like you said R E A L L Y?

      *Shaking head* I really am so “out” then. But I guess my Aquarius Liliths couldn`t care less. 😉

    3. I’m not really down with the kids, I actually don’t know how I know that fact.
      But I do know quite a few Gay men!

    4. Don’t laugh there is actually a lady in L.A who does just that (bleaches bum holes.)She makes a fortune.I saw it on the strangest occupations.on cable TV.Now you can laugh!

    5. Found this to be great discussion. My search for answers to such dilemmas was turning to the East and finding yoga. The Divine Feminine is something a lot more than clothing and hairstyle. It is a cosmic principle which seems to be coming to the fore through this Uranus/pluto conjunction. But please dont skip that Pluto is in Capricorn until about 2025. This is real fundamental philisophical/ideological refashioning of the human psyche. This means collaboration instead of competition etc. The rise of the feminine does nothing less than bring balance and wholeness to human relationships. Pluto in purification has to be after the mechanical, technological imbalance brought on by male domination. Uranus says this is now folks. No longer able to put it on the side. This is a spiritual revolution best as I can tell. Male and Female are two aspects of One Spirit… unless I just have had too much of the rabbits tea!

    6. Thanks Jim. Do you mean the coming Pluto square Uranus? I’m sure it will be another epiphany moment and/or crisis point in the sexual revolution. I do love that Uranus does seem to zap some sense into people. It feels like there should be a sexual awakening.
      I must mention also that I think OSHO’s books on sexuality were wonderful, he speaks from a Sufi perspective which of course is Islamic.
      Yes it does seem strange to be looking to the East for sexual enlightenment (Tantra and the kama Sutra) when it’s women seem to be far more oppressed. I don’t get it.

    7. I have spoken with some “Eastern folk” over the last decade and sometimes I couldn’t tell the difference from some of the buffoons I grew-up with in Brooklyn.
      But never mind- what is being pointed to is that the cosmos as in cosmic energy or as some of us believers would say Divine Energy as reflected in the stars is calling for an end to what has been the last 5,000 years or so. You keep saying sexual revolution and then wonder why women are still portrayed as sex symbols?
      Think of the Divine Feminine as 1) the God the Mother (Christianity), or The Holy Spirit. But for me even better is She is the Kundalini- the Divine inside all of us- that needs to be awaken; but that is on another way of understanding reality. But all the major placements that I have read about now until after I will have passed from this carnation; all point to the need for a fundamental paradigm shift in the human psyche.
      We have to see what this is in day-to-day life and work this out. But it has to start with R-E-S-P=ECT!

    8. Hi Jim I think we were in the masculine phase of Uranus up to now rather than the feminine phase for whatever reason. Maybe it’s the new combination that gets us into the “warrior” balancing past and future, to arrive at center to act as pure channels as in “be on earth as it is in heaven” Minerva.

    9. Just thinking about reading “awareness is a wild thing” and a signpost i once saw in my mind saying “self respect”.

  2. fantastic article. When I saw women being interviewed during the Bahrain protests – mothers and sisters of those who had been injured – I thought I was dreaming. And at that point I thought there’s a revolution here of a different kind – women who won’t be kept quiet when something angers or grieves them. I hadn’t immediately connected that with Lilith, but it makes perfect sense, and you’ve done so brilliantly!

    1. I’m so glad Jamie brought this conjunction to my attention, he watches what is going in in the world and transits far more than me which I am thankful for. I was too stuck in the cave of synastry to notice. He kept nagging me to write it and I was even a little resistant at first for some reason. I think I knew that I would have to be careful what I wrote and not make it too much of a rant.
      I also felt like I needed to know alot more about the real situation over in the Middle East and I feel like I really don’t. But I’m so glad have started this discussion now. I am hoping to get some comments from Muslim women as things progress.
      A few men have commented negatively about this aspect on facebook because they associate Lilith with evil and doom which I thought was interesting. I think Lilith is certainly the voice of pmt and the dark side of the moon.

  3. Wow! an excellent article- It makes me wonder about someone I have gotten to know and the times he was born in with Black Moon Lilith conjunct Uranus conjunct Regulus! (0 degree Virgo)

    So here we are with Lilith and Uranus in Aries??? Whooah!
    BTW I’m also thankful you wrote something about Islamic Feminists because for the life of me, so many people do not understand that they exist.. as if the “west” is the only place in the world where women are “equal” or attempt to fight for equality, and even then, look how far back we have fallen… and I’m not really a person considered a “feminist” per say but rather a person who sees some things as being functional, and other things as being oppressive. Its just where you stand.


    1. Thanks, I’m always interested in things that are made taboo of course and for the west Islam is taboo. But I’m sure a religion that is bigger than christianity must have something going for it. Then I wondered well half that population is women so what do THEY make of this religion. I had a holiday in Dahab Egypt one christmas, I went on my own. It was hardly the front line of real egyptian culture as its a tourist town and they are used to western women, but it was a good experience.

      I went shopping on my own and covered up with loose hippie clothing. We got all the warnings from the hotel, but to me the men were very respectful and chivalrous really. I liked the no alcohol culture even though I was a drinker at the time. There was something very serene about the place. One shop I went into the guy went nuts wrapping veils around my head so that it was really kind a kind of turban style. I loved it i must say. It felt kind of regal, its hard to describe. Probably connecting to my quarter Persian blood!

  4. “Much headway has been made by the Muslim nations in this regard in the last 20 years. But it would be wrong to think women in the West are so far ahead with their brand of feminism. In someways I think we have gone backwards.” I agree; the stripping off of clothes and literal un-corseting belie a deeper, more insidious form of sexual enslavement… flesh objectification and the fetishism of female sexual oppression, which women have been forced to internalize in order to adapt to evolving (or devolving) standards of beauty and desirability. posts keep gettin better <3

    1. I’m surprised there has not been more complaints about MTV and the like. I heard that Rhianna was made to tone down her performance at the Brits. Being a feminist is just not cool in the 21st century, you just look like a prude and its assume you are a bitter, ugly hairy old harridan if you DO object.
      Maybe it should be called Lilith-ism. With Moon conjunct Venus am a sucker for glamour and find ugliness disturbing. But then there is VULGARITY. That offends me most of all. I am the new Mary Whitehouse!

    2. i don’t know. i’m so torn b/c half of my best friends are lesbian separatists and i espouse their concerns wholeheartedly but i can’t help but desire men most of the time. my views might be interpreted as extreme but they come from a place of wanting to empower/protect myself and other women/girls from the self-abnegation of offering oneself up like a sacrificial porno lamb… on the other hand, being desired fulfills a need within the individual; so it’s not all a one-way flow into male pleasure. ah, everything comes down to being more self-aware, anyway… that’s what i’d like to preach, if it could be taught.

    3. **Michelle* i do feel inclined to agree, it’s nice to feel glamorous and desired, but we can definitely draw the line at being ‘puppet-porn’ and being seen as little more than ‘desirable’ objects; bodies without faces or even faces without identities…

  5. Wicked article. Really good. I have to reread once again. I will be back.
    Thanks Marina. Actually, I am going to go back to taking belly dance classes.
    Belly dance was never created as a dance by the way to entice men or for sexual purposes. It is the dance of the women and for women.

    1. Belly dancing!! Love it. And I just love Shakira, She has a proper arse.

    2. There’s something really comic about a female shaking her natural fat store. Is she advertising her ability to be a good brood mare? i think so! Once she’s got the offspring the fat store won’t be required to gyrate, it can rest easy!

  6. I’m so glad I came across this site. It is so accurate for me! I’ve been trying to understand what’s come over me. Well now I know – it’s the planets and the Goddess Lilith.

    I feel like I’m going through a ‘sexual revolution’ and my behaviour is concerning me. I’ve starting seeing a guy who is rather domineering both physically/sexually and mentally. Some of his comments, suggestions and behaviour are now starting to concern me, including the fact that he doesn’t like me speaking up and tries to suppress me.

    This is not the type of guy that I am usually attracted to. I was starting to get really confused about our relationship, but now understand what’s going on. Phew! Liberation!

    Forever grateful for this info and site….


    1. Oooh, sounds like a Pluto situation to me. Glad to have you here. Keeping aware is the main thing. Step out and observe and keep objective. You wouldn’t be the first to fall down Pluto’s pit! You have come to the right place 😉

  7. Wow this is fab! I have a whole category for Lilith on my site and i missed this full ON rad conjunction…I think your points are brilliant: I remember asking questions about Arab women when i was a child and being given a sort of vague impression that “they like it this way…it’s their culture…”

    Think also of the woman in Italy telling Silvio Berlusconi and his pervy antics to go shove it. There is a Lilith uprising at the mo, yes? I just posted re Juana Ines De La Cruz, a Scorpio who wrote Goddess/Feminist rants
    during the Spanish Inquisition! Of all the times to be a big-mouthed pagan-nun-female.

    Thanks for re-invigorating my Lilith thang xx

    1. Hey Mystic 🙂 Yes she’s back with a-vengeance!! I had been ignoring the poor lass lately during my crush on Ceres and then my recent obsession with Eris. But Lilith’s the one who started me on this journey.
      Oh yes we are beginning to feel it now that she is approaching Uranus. 2 degrees away.
      But I just checked out True Lilith she moves much faster than the regular Mean Lilith and retrogrades like a mad woman. She was actually conjunct Uranus on February the 5th, then retro-ed back over again on Feb 13th. She is skitting over that whole Stellium in Pisces right now. So she has been a busy bee.

      I must check out your Lilith stuff. Silvio Berlusconi… ha haha. He makes me laugh. I’m sure he wears foundation.

  8. Fantastic article Marina! Really good to hear your strong voice saying what needs to be said and everyone’s comments echoing and building on this,,,,it will happen and we need it – I say “WE’ because I feel that men too have become the puppets of patriarchal indoctrination and misogynistic usury, we’ve all been wounded by it to disasterous ends, look at the state of the planet – and I will be interested to see how many men post comments here too – so, I’m laying down the challenge – ‘cmon guys, time for realism and owning your own role in all this Male-Chauvinist-Pig BS!

    there are a couple of other things that look to be re-inforcing the energy of women’s uprising in the chart – the mid-point of Ceres and Venus is sextile Pluto, and the Sabians for Sun plus Jupiter spotlighting Saturn – it seems Ceres is getting stronger and stronger in astro readings and thats fitting, as Earth Mother with the balancing hand of Life and Death, able to bring the corrective to Pluto as Hades and knock sense into the old bugger – men have too long been hanging on Her apron strings to put the food on the table – teamed up with Venus, a radical call for womens values and true wealth of intrinsic wisdom to be taken very seriously and overhauled in women’s favour; and Saturn?…if you look at the Sabian for 14 Libra its filled with that chauvanistic idealism, and is being shown up for all its worth! Just look at the language used :


    KEYNOTE: The need for recuperation within the social pattern of everyday activity.

    At the emotional-cultural level man today is not able to sustain constant activity. There must be rest periods, siestas or coffee breaks, during which the individual withdraws within his own sphere of selfhood, not only for physical relaxation but for allowing the strange, but evidently necessary play of dream fantasies. Social structuring cannot be maintained healthfully without breaks, in whatever climate man may live. Besides, the body needs quiet and relaxation from nervous tension after what is often the main meal of the day.

    This fourth stage symbol can be seen as emphasizing the need for techniques of RELAXATION, and the need to allow the functions of body and psyche to “digest,” free from external pressures, the complex experiences of social living and particularly of business.”

    can men now really sit around smoking the hooka all day while the women do all the real work? Is pushing imaginary numbers around on the stock market, for the sake of greed fueled profit alone, whats going to heal this awful mess were in – poor dears, it must be so hard….

    and then if you look at the opposite degree in Aries it is SO revealing – its a very long quote to post here so heres the link following, but, the balance speaks for itself – Jupiter will oppose Saturn from this degree just before Lilith conjunct Uranus and open the whole issue up – scroll down to 14 Aries for the Sabian :

    Hot times coming! and Neptune is right on the last minute of Aquarius – signals a big field change. Has Neptune got a feminine side too hoho??

    1. rob, i love your comments. i don’t think we, as women, should be pitied as victims; it denigrates our inherent power. empathy is key… putting oneself in the other’s shoes so to speak. i feel that pity can only go so far and then it becomes toxic. men themselves are really puppets in this grander pedagogical oppression scheme which has much more to do with power and sublimation of the higher power which the symbolic feminine represents in its deepest roots than it actually does with fucking and sexuality… the fucked up misogynistic, internalized fetishizing of female sexual oppression and objectification is a dire symptom of the greater sickness of power/money greed, the cycle of abuse turning in on itself to create the bully/victim polarity and lack of self-awareness. i myself have been aware of this shit since my father who was my root and ceres struck my mother, with whom i have few close important interaspects, on the face in front of me and my younger siblings. i have looked at the world through those-colored glasses ever since. all very leather and lace… and with a microscope: blood, semen, vaginal fluid and tears. i know that’s graphic, but ain’t it the truth.

    2. Oh Rob I just have to put some of the text for that sabian symbol. Its amazing!! Jupiter (Freedom) being on Alperatz in Andromeda the chained woman. The Symbolism just fits so well. And SO Lilith;


      “There must be a polarization before there can be fulfillment. The tragedy of so many contemporary lives is that, having become sharply individualized, the men and women cannot find their truly matching polar-opposite. Because they are not fulfilled at the root level of human emotions and vitalistic forces, they pass their lives seeking the ideal complement, often glamorized as the “soul mate.” This search can find its expression at several levels. At the mystical level we have the examples of the “spiritual marriage” of Saint Francis of Assisi and Santa Clara, or recently of Sri Aurobindo and Mother Mira.

      The Adam and Eve story (in Hebrew, Ish and Isha – much more significant names!) refers to this principle of polarization, although the story has been turned upside down by priestly intellects to serve their purposes. Adam and Eve accepted the Presence, not of the Tempter, but of the Individualizer, who sought to have them born out of the womb of unconscious passivity to Nature’s God. But the result of the experience frightened them. They “hid”; they failed in the great test of individualization, and in this sense the archetype of that failure is deeply imbedded in man’s generic unconscious. It is repeated time after time”

      Great site I will bookmark it also.

      Glad you brought up the “WE”. Jamie was editing it and was going to change it to “Women” as we don’t just have female readers. But I said that’s just the point, I certainly mean both sexes. I do mean “WE” as humanity, not just women.

  9. Seems to me all ‘holy’ books were written by *men*, not God(s). Only when religion is free of their exclusive hands (as is starting to happen in the west, not so much in the east, I think) – or becomes a matter of no importance anywhere – will women truly be free, imo.

    1. A simple but interesting comment. “Imagine” and “no religion too”.Lennon

  10. Hi Marina, I am a big fan but this time I think as much as you hit the mark visavie the burqa vs. Paris Hilton (!)…let me take you back to the 1950’s…because I was born in that decade. I watched my mother, who so loved to be creative and was an actress, dancer, choreographer be told over and over again by my macho,bully father who felt it was hit RIGHT to say and be the Master of the House…tell my talented and creative mother that she was stupid, what she wanted to do outside the house a “waste of time” and it was her job to raise the children, cook, and clean the house! It was his “RIGHT” to demand this. Because of your age, you were not around then, you did not see how abusive this was (and he was one of zillions at the time who behaved this way) for all us women growing up in this time. It all looks like it has all gone so wrong (feminism) YET do not glamourize it, (men in charge of women) because it was just aweful!! I marched as a young teenage girl in Women’s Libs demonstrations in Pittsburgh,Pa. (a true macho sports and steel town in that time) and I was 14 years old then. (1970). I saw women leave the macho,oppresive household prison like existance and go to University, get jobs and demand equal pay, fight for the right to choose what happens to their bodies..back then a husband could know what was wrong but the doctor would be within his rights to NOT tell the woman! And it was her body! Abortions and the right to have them safely was also demanded, as was better birth control. WE have come a long, long way! I grew up in the States,the so called “liberal” United States but in my college years, I wanted to be a film maker, I was 18 and moved to L.A to study film. My college professioner looked at me (actually he stared at my chest!) and said to me, “What are you doing in this class, you’re a girl!” I told him I wanted to study film. This was such an unusual request for him but he “allowed” me to stay..the only female in the class. You can imagine when we were viewing various films for analysis and a sex scene came up..oh yeah, all the “little boys” in there snickered and looked at me! That was 1974! I became a waitress to make money for college. The men thought it their god given right to pinch my bottom, say “dirty talk” to me and stare at my chest when I came to take their order! The word, “Sexual Harassment” had yet to be invented! That was 1976. You have no idea how much women have suffered and wearing a burqa is to me another form of it! The men who are so ignorant, raised to believe they are “God’s Gift”, superior and allowed to get away with and taking full advantage of this bullshit is the real problem! It is NOT religion but TRUE IGNORANCE which allows for Paris Hilton who must have the worst self esteem issues on the planet to act like the stupid femme fatale she is! Meanwhile, I bask in the glory of all I tried to change in my day and that my 14 year old daughter will never have to suffer what I and my mother did just to get to live in an “equal” society! Feminism paved the way, through thousands of years of suppresion and suffering and is not to be dismissed in anyway. To be still fighting for equal pay for the same work means we still have a long way to go! But at least we can be made aware of how very far we have come.

    1. Shawn, I did say in the article I was playing devils advocate.. I am a feminist and I am NOT dismissing feminism in anyway. I am trying to see from both sides. It goes without saying that we have come a long way from the 1950’s in terms of having jobs and being financially independent. But I am trying to look at our western society from a Muslim fathers perspective. Where am I glamorizing it?! Just because I put up a nice picture of a lady in a burqa?!
      I was born in the 60’s so I am not too far behind you. I am not talking from a perspective of ignorance as I have my whole Sicilian family to look at if I want to see rampant sexism, in my fathers village until 10 years ago it WAS like being in the medieval times never mind the 50’s. Now my Dad grew up with that mentality and a father who tied my dad to a bed for stealing a cabbage, then beat my grandmother for trying to smuggle him in some food. I studied sociology and my library was run by lesbians so there was a massive section of feminist books of which I have read most of them I have every reason in the world to be a rampant raging feminist and I have been one. My dad wasn’t too abusive to my own mother, but boy did he cop abuse from his mother in law! I come from a line of fearsome matriarchs.

      I don’t think it is helpful to rage at men about this any longer. You said “The men who are so ignorant, raised to believe they are “God’s Gift”, superior and allowed to get away with and taking full advantage of this bullshit is the real problem!”

      Who is raising these men to think they are gods gift?!?! Mothers? BOTH sexes are responsible for this situation. I cannot accept that men actually enjoy beating their wives. This comes from a place of fear, not hate. We are still in an adjustment period really. Women are sending out mixed messages because they themselves are confused. The roles were clearly defined in the old days, now men don’t know how to behave anymore.

      A lot of people blame feminism for the break up of the family. But I think a lot of it is to do with the demise of first the extended family where a mum had the support of HER Mother in terms of helping to look after the kids. It also took strain of the marriage. Now we have the fragmentation of the nuclear family and the single parent phenomena. In London we have estates full of kids without father figures to discipline them. How ironic! Now they are running around terrorizing the neighborhood in gangs because they have no male role models to look up to.

      What I think I’m saying is that for the world to evolve we can’t just say. “Hurrah we have freedom in the west ,our women are liberated” and pat ourselves on the back. If it is all so wonderful why is half the world so resistant to are brand of feminism? Isn’t it rather arrogant to assume we have everything to teach the muslim world and nothing to learn back?

      “Muslim majority countries have produced several female head of states and prime ministers: Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan, Mame Madior Boye of Senegal, Tansu Çiller of Turkey, Kaqusha Jashari of Kosovo, and Megawati Sukarnoputri of Indonesia. Bangladesh was the first country in the world to have one female head of state follow another, those two being Khaleda Zia and Sheikh Hasina.”

      We’ve had Maggie. What about the rest of the western world? Julia Guillard in Oz and Angela Merkel in Germany.
      America, never mind the freedom you have to wear bikinis and have white teeth, put a lady up there goddamit!!

    2. Marina, I am really glad you replied to this post and I am sure if you are alive and a woman, you would see that the feminism of the western world allowed you more freedom than any generation before you. That is a fact. What you do with it, how you behave with it, carve out your life with it is and always will be up to you. There is no law that tells young women they must dress sexy or they are obligated to bare their skin! They choose this, perhaps out of ignorance or a need to be noticed. Let us then talk about self worth. Have women claimed this for themselves? Let is talk inner archetypes…a woman’s inner male (Animus) and a man’s inner female (Anima) if healthy will built heathy relationships and healthy self worth..if “captured” then not and will be projected all and sundry onto the “other”. So all men are bastards and all women are bitches type thing. Whatever culture you are in this is a psychological truth. Needless to say, take into account the astrology and wham, the whole picture evolves. The inner world always creates the outer experience. So men have been reared as “Gods” and this has allowed for a family where the mother has been at home to rear the children, keeping them firmly in place and yes, that also meant more Grandparents around as no one moved as much. But progress as Uranus will always says brings revolution and with that the good, the bad and the ugly! Awakening to all we can be, is an essential part of why we incarnate in the first place! It is beyond ego games and defies any of the perceptions we see here HOWEVER without more freedom to chose, without the needs of women explored and realized and being seen as an equal partner to the man and one’s own inner male, exactly opposite for the male, him respecting and holding dear his anima, we are going nowhere! No one forces women to dress in any way. They do it perhaps because they can, for the first time in history. I do not defend this, nor do I think it is intelligent BUT it is their choice. The Eastern world does not even have this choice, might even be stoned to death for it! It IS about the choice! We fought for the choice! It may not be my choice but it is a choice. It is not about the Arab father, more about his inability to see that his daughter won’t become a whore if she does this…let’s be honest here. That how one dresses ultimately really has nothing to do with who one is on the does it?? It is a projection from the Arab father about his inability to love and trust his own anima, therefore he must “capture” her and dress her in a garb (burqa) that cloaks her sexuality, her hair, her skin, even her face and hands! How sad is that?? Where is the freedom to choose there for the woman, the daughter?? And all wrapped up (excuse the pun!) in the lie that it is more Holy or religous!! No where in the Koran does it say a woman must do this! This is all about the men’s inability to trust themselves around women, they can not control their urges, so they “darken the urge by disguising it” and if it is not visable, then no urge!! How completely detached from reality is that? The man can not contain his sexual urges so any distraction and he is a rapist! Insane!! I am putting the power where it truely belongs back in choice! I choice to live in a Western society so that I can dress how I want, be in a job that isn’t about my sex, and try and have a life with a healthy animus/ inner male, outer experience. What is happening in the Mid East right now is about how truely fed up these women (and yes some enlightened men!) must be constantly being projected upon and then meant to be some robotic figure of woman out in the world wearing a mask! Take off the mask, let your beauty shine, speak and be your truth, there is nothing unholy or unsacred about your bodies, your hair, your skin and your face!! We want to see you, and we want to interact with you…come out of hiding once and for all! Men need to own their own inner fears about women’s power, sexuality, their divinity and this will truely be women’s liberation! I appreciate all you have written Marina, and I get you are a true feminist, this is just my perspective and opinion, To women everywhere and the men who love them as they freely are!Shawn

    3. Thanks Shawn, I know where you are coming from. If all the women in the middle east are being forced to wear burqas, the veil or whatever extent they are covering up, then of course that is totally awful. But I’m sure these women DO have a choice in how far they go with the coverage. Do we even KNOW any Muslim women to ask them?

      Maybe some of them are doing it just to please their husbands, maybe some DO have the choice to just wear the veil who knows.
      Now as for us in the West having the choice of what to wear, well here I go again. DO we? Some guys love their wives to wear high heals and make up, if they suddenly started letting themselves go, not bothering to dye the grey hairs or waxing their legs the husbands eyes might start wondering. The wife might feel constricted to have to maintain her beauty regime just to keep her husband. She has the choice not too, but she might loose him.

      Even the most staunch feminists among us dress in some way to please and attract men. A woman in a burqa I would argue is doing just the same.

    4. Hi Marina, you Devil’s avocate you! 😉 Where is Uranus in your chart…conjunct Jupiter? Just curious! I would say that the opposite applies..your hubby (not Jamie but an imaginary circumstance) decides he is in his mid 40’s..he has successfully obtained a beer gut, has worked hard and his figure is shot, no time for the gym, on week-ends he can’t be bothered to shave or shower, his feet stink and so does his breath, his gray hair or lack of hair is a former shade of the stud you have the same choice…can stay with him and bare it all with compassion or leave! Women do it everyday. A woman who wears a burqa is an outcast in society is not able to be seen other than her black veil and is not really shown to be a member of society but a member of a religion. She is usually ostrisized from her own society if she does not wear one and if she dares not to wear a head scarf, even more trouble. These are the ways of so many Arab countries, it is not really a “choice”. Here in this Western country, there is a legal law to protect them in the classroom, where as in France this is not allowed. Go into the fact that most of us communicate not just with our mouth but with our eyes, hands and body language and you can see why it is hard to “get to know” someone in a full on burqa, which means they really do have to stick to their own kind…I worked and lived in Israel, taught Arab, Jew and Christian Metaphysics, and at times I could hear the bullets being fired in the background. Not one of my students had an idea that they were better then any other. They were all there to learn and equal was their enthusiam. The Arab women who wore the burqa wore it because of the heat. This was 1987…things have changed alot since then but whose fault is that, I wonder? Religious fanaticism? Let us just say on a 100 degree Plus hot day, a 50 year old Arab women in menopause walking down the hot streets of any city at any time feeling she must for her religion’s sake and to be “Holy in the Eyes of God” enduring the temperature within her body as well, is a prisoner more than any other. Think about it. There is no glamour here whatsoever! She is being sunjugated to the realm of second class matter what the pain to herself! I live in London and I see this everywhere, my daughter goes to a school in Maida Vale with many of the students Muslim. It is crazy to think these young girls prefer to wear this when in fact they are longing to wear jeans like any other kid their age. By the time they hit puberty they are made to wear it. It is not a choice as far as I know. Women in the one puts a gun to their head to dress any way at all! They have a choice, that some dress like prostitutes or fashionistas and all points inbetween is at least, their choice! Following a fashion trend is just that and if a woman is so vacuous inside as to wear things that are inappropriate for herself..well, she suffers embarrassment at best, not being thrown in jail or stoned to death! Choice, Freedom, Expression…bring on the Mid East uprising and may they find the choices of freedom and USE that wisely!

    5. That’s great Shawn. Fair enough, I’m sorry i didn’t realise you had experience living in the Middle East. I just didn’t want to assume anything about Muslim life and really wanted to hear it from the horses mouth so to speak.

      Sorry I can’t help stirring it a bit. Speaks Uranus conjunct Pluto square AC. I also have Lilith conjunct Mars trine Jupiter. All under a degree orb :))

      We SO need this middle east uprising. If that happened it would change the world for the better for all of us. But I want us in the west to sort out this ridiculous sex object culture too. I think one effects the other. The more we swing to the slut the more they swing to suppression.

    6. Well said Shawn. It is also important to remember there is nothing done to women in Islam which has not been done to women in other religions in the past and which is still done to lesser degrees to women in other religions today.
      Orthodox Jewish women are forced to shave their heads and wear hot and uncomfortable wigs, because, like Islam, a woman’s hair is considered to be provocative and erotic; women in some fundamentalist christian religions are forced to wear clothes which covers their (evil) skin and scarves on their head to cover their (evil and erotic hair); women in Hinduism are considered forces for evil (men have forces for good passing through them) and when a husband dies the wife is considered responsible and so she must only wear white (colour of mourning) and she is considered bad luck, all that evil and she is not allowed to attend family events anymore; women in Hindu India who wear western clothes (as opposed to the beautiful but utterly impractical sari) are harassed and often attacked in the street; a menstruating woman in Hinduism and Buddhism is not allowed to enter a temple because she pollutes it; the presence of a woman, dressed any way at all, will pollute an orthodox Buddist priest… and let’s not forget, the Christians, Hindus and others all sequestered their women away and kept them from the sight of other men in the past … I would add here, in India today (and I have lived there) it is still common to be invited home for a business dinner and the host’s wife will not appear but will have to remain in the kitchen and eat her dinner there)… churches demanded women who had been given birth were purified; churches demanded women wear hats or cover their heads in church (that evil, erotic hair again); churches taught that women were inferior to men (fundamentalist christian churches still do) and that the man was master in the house and his wife had to obey him; churches taught that men were more intelligent than women and a woman’s job was in the home, not being educated and not in the workforce (and fundamentalist christian churches still do, as does Hinduism where a male is a god and a female his servant)… and so it has gone and so it still goes in many places.
      I make these points only to say that Islam is no different to all other religions, merely younger… some 800 years younger than christianity. What is perhaps even worse is that this sort of misogyny is still a part of orthodox christianity and judaism in countries which claim they are part of a modern, civilized and enlightened world.

    7. There is a reason why women have become heads of state in these countries and it is the same reason that a woman became head of state in India; patriarchy. They gained the positions that they did not because of themselves but because of their male relatives, usually a father. What matters in such society is the family or the tribe and the daughter of a man will have her sex disregarded if a successor is needed. It really is as simple as that. India has a classic example of this where Rajiv Ghandi’s daughter, Priyanka, is by far the smarter, more political and better suited to lead the party but it is his son, Rahul who gets the job. The goal, above all, is to maintain the power and the influence of the family in nepotistic succession and if you read the history closely you will see that a woman has never taken such a place where there was a male to succeed. Sad but true.

  11. From the “sufferjets” – I don’t know that it was Paris’s idea to be on that boardroom table but it certainly made me realize the bondage it represents. Beautiful body though. I’ve never liked her much but more understanding now.

  12. I like the exploration of Arab sexuality. However with regard to Western
    freedoms -I think we should cherish them.Yes there is a lot exposure but thats part of the freedom of expression. In England no one actually turns their heads at exposed women. The same in Holland. Why? Because its the norm and its available. The Arab world represses that sexuality and it can lead to a lot of perverse aspects-child exploitaton and honour killings. Also the parental pressure on girls to marry needs to be explored.Western society used to emphasise work and look down on play.Paris Hilton like Lady Gaga are no seen as what they really are : attention seekers without substance. The people who should be targetted are the fashion editors who emphasis the size zero figure and totally destroy our appreciation of the full bodied woman/man.Women in Western society are made to feel deeply insecure without Kate Moss type looks.Men are also under pressure to perform sexually in a society that looks for climactic moments.

    1. And there’s a real double standard in the Arab world too! I remember going to Bangkok in 1986 through Kuwait and was amazed to see about 40 youngish Arab men going on a sex holiday. I don’t know what the Korn says about this but i bet it bends the rules for males!
      On balance I’m not sure the total freedom of expression is a good idea. In the early years of sexual emancipation following the wholesale availability of the pill, sex became very recreational and the sanctity of it disappeared.
      A lot of women got screwed up because they didn’t know how to say NO. They also thought they didn’t have to. The result was mild psychosis for many.
      We have forgotten that very powerful energies, not physical, are exchanged during sex and as women are psychically receptive they take it on. A healer/kinesiologist friend explained that ejaculate contains a psychic memory which is absorbed by a woman. Apparently it can take up to 2 years for this imprint to fade once absorbed. Intensified by the bonding hormone also contained in ejaculate and the female capacity to manufacture it, i.e oxytocin, women are at a disadvantage.
      The over sexed west has hijacked the idea of Tantric sex as something in isolation – mostly not understanding that Tantra is an entire school of yoga, philosophy etc and tantric sex is not the grail. It is just included on the path.
      I think the west is over sexed in every respect. Even women past reproductive age are supposed to look and behave “fertile”. Its absurd!
      In 2011 and beyond we need to know this – that we are not JUST REPRODUCTIVE ANIMALS and that the autonomic responses to the sex urge don’t have to be obeyed all the time. The energy can be divinely transmuted into so much more.

    2. Fascinating information Uber! No wonder it can take a woman 2 years to get over a relationship then. Its funny because when I was younger I must’ve known this subconsciously because I really liked condoms for that reason. I know we were supposed to be using them for safe sex, but for me it’s was more than that.
      “In the early years of sexual emancipation following the wholesale availability of the pill, sex became very recreational and the sanctity of it disappeared.” Hear hear!!!

    3. …I would just add, “not just reproductive animals” that focus entirely on the beginning note of the reproductive process while ignoring the symphony that follows. By that I mean, whether they turn out to be harmonious music or cacophony, the products of our creative acts (children, relationships, and other inspired activity) ask to be nurtured responsibly. Being conscious of an entire cycle of creative effort rather than just the opening note seems like something that was put in place to balance the overwhelming pull of the sensual power of sex. Which is basically what’s being said in this article. Hmmm..nothing new added then…
      I am an odd mix of Aquarius and Capricorn thrown into a sea of Pisces, so I’m not at all saying that being freed from the burdens of premature responsibility is a bad thing, but it has never failed to startle me when a (female) lover dismisses concerns about the after-effects of lovemaking with a casual comment about not needing or wanting children. To me that seems to say something about how we have ceased to think of our bodies and the things we do with them as being part of some sacred process that extends deeper into or lingers beyond the single instance of sex. Hmmm…that’s been said, too…
      I agree with you, Marina, and the others who have said that men are just as trapped by patriarchal bullshit as women. Their wounds are hidden by the compensation they’ve received for being “good” members of the patriarchal world they inhabit. The least radical of feminists would have these “benefits” passed on to women. I’d say both need to get in touch with the deeper truths of Lilith, and it appears we are! Imperfectly, by fits and starts, but yes, gradually, and more deeply now.

    4. Just wanted to acknowledge once again the helpfulness I find here. I have finally evolved my mother daughter relationship in my mind to present time but it was a quick jump which left me wondering how old I thought I was NOW. Then how do I dress NOW.
      To day we’re supposed to look and behave “fertile” put it in a bit more perspective. thanks.

    5. And when we lived in Bombay we saw the hordes of Arab men arrive, every wet season, not sure why then, but -minus wives in burqas, who would take the children off the street, boys as well as girls, and use them for sex.

  13. A most excellent article sister! You are so amazing at what you do, i think i always learn something new in every one of your articles i read… thank you 🙂

  14. I love this article! I love the freedom us women have in the states. But things could improve. That’s messed up that men are still getting paid more for the same sh!t we do. I noticed from history when I was younger: the more time went on, the skimpier women’s clothing got. I would wonder…now that clothes are the skimpiest, what’s gonna happen with clothes now? ANSWER: Dressing up like LadyGaga! LMAO jk maybe… Other celebs are starting to dress crazy like her too now.

    And where is the line between being feeling free, and being a slut or object to please men?

    Yes I feel like there is a ton of pressure for women in the states to please guys, be hot, be sexy, and work our a$$ off on the job, raise kids, cook and clean.

    Are we really free having all these expectations?!

    But I feel bad for women in other countries…that live in fear. It’s about time they get treated better. It’s 2011 for cryin out loud!

    I embraced my sexuality alot when I was 17-19. But me feeling like I have to be a people pleaser/object to the oposite sex IRKS ME!

    I feel like women in general have gone from modest lady people pleasers, to rebel skimpy clothing and jeans fighter/workers, to slutty attention seeking, and I’m really hoping that more and more into the future women will transform into BOSS LADIES!

    And in the future women that feel like they have to be objects will be like the leave it to beaver moms that where still around after the 60’s while there is a new bread of women evolving, BOSS LADIES who are the new kind of fighting/working rebel women. More demending respect and getting it, then rebelling/fighting(ok maybe a tiny bit of that)

    I do like to dress a bit skimpy at times and love it. But that doen’t mean I am a loose woman. I sware so many young guys don’t know how to talk to me and it’s probibly cause they are use to talking to women/teens that are easy. I refuse to be easy and talked to like I am.

    These are just my crazy thoughts and perspectives I have. (and I apoligize for my crappy spelling no spell check on this computer…I can barely spell with out it)

    1. Ha ha! “I would wonder…now that clothes are the skimpiest, what’s gonna happen with clothes now? ANSWER: Dressing up like LadyGaga!”
      It’s just going to go surreal isnt it? We will be dressing up like domestic items next. Irons, tea pots….

  15. Awesome article! Thank you for telling your truth so well. All of the comments have been honest also. I had to rack my brain for what I could add that would be meaningful that hasn’t already been said. And it is this: For the feminine to be healed and balanced, women *must* support each other better.

    I have experienced and observed so many times a strange jealousy from many women. It’s a jealousy that declares: you cannot talk to my man, or you cannot have a better talent, or you cannot look younger, or have more education, and so on…without them wanting to bring you down to “your place.”

    Men see this going on. Why should they respect us when we don’t respect each other?? I think much of this behavior is subconscious because society’s brainwashing runs so deep. But I believe that unless Women support each other better, the desire/need we all have to experience the freedom to be ourselves will not be realized.

    I would love to hear comments from other readers about this issue. Have you experienced this “strange jealousy” also?

    1. “For the feminine to be healed and balanced, women *must* support each other better.I have experienced and observed so many times a strange jealousy from many women. It’s a jealousy that declares: you cannot talk to my man, or you cannot have a better talent, or you cannot look younger, or have more education, and so on…without them wanting to bring you down to “your place.”…I believe that unless Women support each other better, the desire/need we all have to experience the freedom to be ourselves will not be realized. ”


    2. Great point. Yes I have been very puzzled with a few of my female friends. Giving feminist lectures yet still always having affairs with married men. I thought that was rather unsisterly. I have had really intense close relationships with women that almost go like a divorce when they end. We have supported and then there’s been the jealousy, it happens with your opposite sex partner too though, with sisters and I have had it with Gay men, competitive… The only time it doesn’t happen I think is with platonic male friends, which is interesting.

    3. Personally I don’t call all women my sisters yet, just the ones that act in an elevated spiritually aware way towards Me. Bite Size pieces. Even then we had years of not nice moments. Eck’s book has a nice bit about the growth to a stage you will totally accept the other that before, you criticized and had all these other reactions towards. A real soul sister or brother might be one who has arrived there where there is no longer a question of moods dictating there response or not towards you. Vague I know but it’s in his book and I’ve been overdoing and tired of late.

  16. This is an excellent article and so many brilliant responses! I noticed a few days ago a Muslim man in the USA had been convicted of an “honour” killing of daughter. So called honour killing within the Muslim community is too common in the UK and needs to be rooted out of all societies.
    In SOuth Africa where I live most of the time, there is a sexual assault against a female somewhere between every SEVEN and TWENTY SECONDS. – depending on the source of the stats.
    Where in the west we can analyse with a toothpick, our relationships, its worth remembering that in some places there is something seriously wrong with the male of the species.
    The wider effects of these assaults are devastating. Teenage pregnancy is rife, robbing girls of education and the chance of work and creating a life of dependency on charity or poverty for mothers and children. A vicious cycle repeats over and again.
    One of the saddest things I have seen are the Baby Drops – these are wooden sheds on the roadside with a hatch. An unwanted baby can be deposited through the hatch and charitable hands receive it on the other side. It is better than abandonment or murder. I know of two such drops in Kommetjie, CApe Town. There are plenty more.
    Alas what I have never seen in Cape Town or anywhere else i have travelled in SOuth Africa is a poster or advert to remind men to be civil to women or to use birth control. I have never seen this aimed at men or women.
    So what’s the deal? I know SA has many problems but this is SO FUNDAMENTAL and with the idiot polygamus president Zuma fathering at least 25 I have to question what is the entitlement of the African Male to treat his female counterpart so badly.
    This is not a racist point, it is a cultural observation. This same attitude spreads through rap culture and infects budding understanding of young men to young women. Its incredibly sad.
    MAybe under this conjunction its time for females to put their feet down. ANd I mean feet, not stilletoes.
    How can we create heaven on earth when so many women are in a living hell?

    1. Oh my god that is completely awful about South Africa. I had no idea. The rap culture thing is kind of where all this booty, porn bitch came from. And it does annoy me that I think a lot of people are afraid to criticism it for fear of being called called racist. The estates in london overrun with gangs of fatherless boys are a direct result of this mentality. Then the single mums get the blame each time..

      Talking stilettos, I saw a programe about how deformed womens feet get as a result of wearing high heals at an early age. The X rays where scary. It’s almost barbaric like foot binding, but we just don’t think of it that way. It’s freedom!!! Not free to run very far hey…?

    2. The western media is terrified to tell it like it is in SA – murder and rape centre of the world. But I notice in one of the grids in David Hatcher Childress’s excellent book Anti Gravity and the World grid that where the Kabbalah is paced over Africa (I can’t recall why this is done though!) the base chakra falls in Zimbabwe… so maybe this region is processing the deepest base chakra issues.
      I have to say that so many of the women in SA bear their fate with such enduring dignity. I employ a lady in her early forties, a grandmother and mother and she is the sole breadwinner. Of course the men are largely absent. There is a culture here amongst young men which says the gang rape of girls/women is part of a boy’s initiation… They don’t ever consider what it does for the victim. Hopefully Uranus (electric media) might very soon highlight what PLuto gets up to in the Rainbow Nation. Up in the eastern Cape, Muti – the use of body parts for medicine is not uncommon, This is well worth a look Marina if you have time. I know it will touch your noble Aquarian sensitivity for justice.
      I suddenly realise here is in fact a small expression of Uranus and Pluto – the exposing of this dreadful activity via the internet!
      Hopefully Uranus is going to drag the seamier side of PLuto out into the glaring light and action will take place.
      Re stilettos – absurd! About the same as bound feet. Sigh! Human nature….

  17. Wow, let me say here in Canada it’s still rape for many women. It’s still control of our behaviors.(women in parks being beaten or murdered.) It’s still a horror scene putting women on welfare or charity. There is still a housing problem. There is still a police protection or social protection problem. There is still an elite of educated, advantaged women and the lack of for the rest of us of the understanding and knowledge that could improve the quality of life for us. That education is marketed at a $$$ price. So unlike my mentor’s attitude and care for the women’s world. Her work for it.Our dependable role models are few and far between.
    Sara of Ravenwood I agree and yes have experienced what you talk of with women – recently. Our generation fought hard for the advantages which women have today and the passing generation doesn’t pull us up behind them/advantage us in return but ignores us. I see the sadness in many lonely senior women asked to babysit but otherwise ignored.
    Yes, what is freedom. To me it’s growth towards understanding our cosmic potentials far beyond what we were lead to believe we are.

    1. Feminism is like a dirty word now. And yes there are women at the top that then become like the saturnian elite and collude with them in maintaining this sick status quo. When I was saying things have gone backwards I didn’t mean women’s rights had, what I meant was the mass media has a far bigger grip on our psyche than it did even 20 years ago. So the propaganda is so much more sophisticated. I used to work in the graphics/advertising biz and I know how dangerous subliminal messages from visuals are. It’s that drip, drip, drip that is messing with both sexes minds and fuelling the sex war.
      That is why I keep questioning things, because although we are technically way more free than our Islamic sisters, I do think we may be bombarded with more junk culture than them. Maybe the only difference between us is that we in the west THINK we are free (relatively) and thats actually far more insidious.

    2. A few notes after watching the feminist show on CBC Friday.
      1918 we got the vote due to the suffer jets..
      1929 Nettie got women declared as Persons and into public office.
      Out of 308 68 are women even now
      the 50’s brought in modern appliances – “Pleasantville” DVD.
      the 60’s Germaine Greer an outspoken academic was made media target. The birth prevention pill was born in the USA. The fight on Abortion began. Role reversals began. Women in power began again. There were nervous breakdowns. Pot came in.
      Greer, now 70, says the definition of womanhood is in a muddle. She says to the 20+ not to ask her but to redefine themselves.
      The second wave was the 70’s and the backlash. Reagen was in. Naomi Wolfe spoke out on the myths about chasity, passivity and beauty. Women didn’t feel they had the right to criticize. The 70’s make policy not coffee, independence and education.
      The 90’s was the third wave. Race, gender, youth oriented, gay rights fight for acceptance. Opportunities and possibilities.
      Success outside the home interpreted as wanting to leave the home. Men were not integrated in the home in the same numbers.
      Equal pay for equal work. Sexist media. The Spice Girls and Zena, were strong sexy role models. Sexual power. Lady GaGa. There was a general consensus that with todays anti feminists that too many women forfeited their beauty for liberation. They didn’t want to look as haggard as Hiliary. Elle from Braveheartwomen felt that the last feminists used force and this web call for a international platform will be based on “love”, on collaboration, not competition. As far as I can see it’s very elite still with a heavy emphasis on marketing. So I prefer to think that there will be a generational rise granted by the cosmos to a higher level of awareness begun within.

  18. Ok, this is an astrology thread so bringing it back to that…I have always supported women and their needs. I am an Aries with Moon in Aquarius in the first house. I have run women’s workshops and taught them to love themselves and honour who they are, on a soul level…the rest comes from that. WE can support each other without the need for jealousy. What is jealousy anyway? It comes from insecurity and lack mentality. As if there isn’t enough love, men, nice clothes, youthful skin to go around! Ridiculous! You can only compete with yourself, at the end of life, when you see your whole life played out in front of you, it won’t be about someone else’s man or job or house but YOURS! These attitudes are all deemed from ignorance and lies. If one can see just how the mid east and in fact all the world is waking up from the many, many illusions and lies we are all spoon fed from the womb on, then we do have a great chance to make this world truely Paridise on Earth but it can never happen if we do not take on our own personal responsibility for chosing to be here, and within that context choosing to grow, develop and love…especially ourselves (as women) and then others as self. This is the great truth, the rest is how the drama of ego unfolds and it is not a nice picture. Look at Pluto for indepth experiences played out in drama, look at Uranus the rebel who awakens consciousness and Neptune for inner vision and true spiritual connection. They are all there affecting us all, so be a part of the experience and help one another to be free to choose within this dimension. Women are here to be loved, bringers of the the Divine Feminine, not just to reproduce, the energy of Aphrodite, Demeter and Persephony all have their Divine roles to play within the psyche of ourselves and men for thier own inner growth…how they love the 49% of themselves internally which is female is exactly how they love the women in their own lives externally!

    1. Right except maybe I love myself through the other and then myself as god or the divine. I catch glimpse of the oneness.

  19. Yes, I think it is false to represent the West as having achieved much more in terms of true respect for the feminine. Here in Canada women still only earn about 73 cents on the dollar to men. Rape and child abuse are as rampant as ever, as is teen pregnancy, and heterosexual AIDS is on the rise again. Teenage girls articulate an inability to say no to hookup culture and daterape drugs are widely used.
    Yes, I believe women have a major role to play in perpetuating some of this, including continuing to favour male children, and socialize girls and boys in differing yet not always positive ways. However, my study of feminism and history leads me to conclude that the role of the female was most negatively affected by the end of agrarian culture, as the move to urbanity reduced the economic valuation of female activity. (This continues today as we see women expected to work full-time as they care for both their children and their elderly parents with no compensation – or acknowledgement – nor even tax breaks for the latter activities.) Ergo, women’s value devolved to that of breeding stock and, because of class-based societal structures, only women of the upper classes at first were desirable mates. Marriage itself seems to have evolved mainly as a means of ensuring the offspring of a male were indeed his own and therefore worthy of inheritance of his real estate. We all know about women and children continuing to have legal status as mere chattels well into recent history. So it is quite natural to see that women, relying solely on making a ‘good’ marriage in order to have any reasonable standard of living, should be socialized to compete with one another. This behaviour has been ingrained for millennia. And despite cutesy current notions about cougars and MILFS – how degrading these terms are in and of themselves – men of any and all ages and physical or psychological dimensions are still free of any opprobrium attaching to their choice of ‘playmates’. A mere glance at any dictionary to compare the number of negative expressions of male and female nature will suffice to underscore all I have stated here.
    As I have said elsewhere online, I do not believe women can, nor can be expected to, make a ‘spiritual leap of faith’ from such a low rung on the human ladder as to simply ‘forgive’ the male of this species for his knowing suppression and repression of them, and just get on with it. This revolution of gender relations must be informed by an evolution and acknowledgement of male supremacist thought and belief. As Bishop Tutu has said, ‘There can be no peace without justice’, and I, personally, believe an apology might make a good beginning to such a quest.

    1. What an excellent post. I’m going to take this back to the Cardinal cross and the occult/esoteric astrological significance. Cancer represents the herd – all human (an animal) life must pass through this filter to become incarnate here. PLuto in opposition of this sign now is a huge challenge to the herd. We have succeeded in reproducing and surviving extremely well. We are ow challenged in Aries – the initiating creative urge with Uranus crashing through it – to make choice – in Libra.
      The generation with outer planets in Libra (Uranus and PLuto) who are in their thirties now are probably the ones going to be hardest hit because they have become adults in a style over content society. And look at the style – internet relationships, (Uranus in Libra) facebook friendships,(uranus i Libra) designer labels for social status equating with power (PLuto in Libra) etc etc – obsession with looks (PLuto in Libra) and so on.
      There’s a stark choice of where do you want to go?
      The whole notion of facile forgiveness is a big ask because over and again it plays into the hands of “mommy forgives the toddler king” and lets face it, the sexual revolution, so called, with the liberation of women through the pill (Uranus/PLuto in Virgo? sexual liberation through pharmaceutical means??) has largely benefitted men – who want to remain boys… until they feel out on a limb and decide its time to get someone (hello Mummy figure) to save them. Time to join the herd.
      As the third cross of initiation, The Cardinal Cross offers a choice to be made. Join the herd or ascend it. Ascension is not easy either – because it means transcending the animal aspect of the form – and in a society so obsessed with the body this is a tricky choice to make.
      But who knows!!! Weird things might happen under Uranus in Aries.. could we see Paris Hilton put on her dungarees and start growing pumpkins?
      If we want a transformation then both men and women have to step away from the bondage of sexuality. It needs to reclaim its sanctity and get out of the gutter. Men maybe more so because it keeps them forever stunted in the stage of physical gratification which I think even Freud was quite damning about. We must all access our Buddhahood – or at least try.

    2. THANK YOU SABINA!! Sorry I had to shout that one out. You have just made so many excellent points. I know so many women who were (And some still are sadly) utterly oppressed in their marriages to alcoholic men. They would beat them for going out looking “too much like a slut”, which more than often just involved wearing make up and showing too much cleavage for their liking.
      I know one woman that was so frightened to wear anything that was deemed too provocative that she deliberately wore no make up and baggy jumpers when she used to be so glam. No burqa needed, just the threat of him “going in to one” and scaring the kids. The whole house had a terrifying aura of fear of what state will the husband be when he got home, it was like walking on eggshells the whole time.

      In my area there is a whole gang of cocaine/alcoholic fathers with abused wives. The social service and the police loose their patience when very often it gets to court and the wife backs out and forgives the husband when he says he will give up drinking. Again and again and again……

  20. I just want to acknowledge that this is one of the most interesting and intelligent blog threads I’ve ever read! For we who are more awake than some of our sisters and brothers, perhaps we can consciously visualize a more compassionate world–for everyone.

    1. Yes I was supposed to write a new moon blog today, but I have so enjoyed reading and commenting here. I have been distracted, but it was worth it. I bet some of this trickles into my post…
      Fantastic intelligent and illuminating contributions from everyone. Thanks so much!

  21. I haven’t got time to read through everything again – but first of all yes – its a brilliant thread with some amazing insights. Just a quick point – Sufi was mentioned in one post. As far as I know its not an adjunct to Islam, it predates Islam. In her incredible journal Chasm of Fire – a woman’s Experience of Liberation Through the teachings of a Sufi Master, Irena Tweedie takes us through her amazing transformation. This is a quote from the master.

    “… we do not teach but quicken. I am stronger than you so your currents adjust themselves to mine” thus causing “the stronger magnetic field to affect, quicken the weaker”.

    Personally I believe planets and stars affect via electromagnetic fields. It may well be that Uranus in Aries so operative now with PLuto is going to effect a quickening and under this aspect we are going to see a lot of extremely rapid change on many levels.

    The Sufi point really caught my attention because after reading this book some years ago – twice – there is this amazing tradition in the Middle east which has been buried or suppressed. As I said, according to Ms Tweedie’s master who was a Moslem it wasn’t part of Islam, it just originated in the region. The essence of it needs to be reawakened in the Middle east for the benefit of everyone.

    1. Yes it was me that brought up Sufism. I wondered wether it was connected with Islam in anyway. Like Paganism predated Christianity but then some of it’s mysteries were hijacked by the Christians.

      “… we do not teach but quicken. I am stronger than you so your currents adjust themselves to mine” thus causing “the stronger magnetic field to affect, quicken the weaker”. I LOVE that.

      It does make me think of the effects of the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction we had last year, that we called “The Quickening”. I think that was just a precursor to the Pluto square Uranus. I think that conjunction last year maybe promised much but really hasnt delivered yet. It just scratched the surface.

      A heavy duty square is what we need and you can’t get better than Uranus in hard aspect to Pluto for standing up to the oppressor.

  22. Oh! Further to my post on Sufi – according to Barbara G walker’s excellent Women’s Encyclopaedia of Mythology (my old version does not have secrets in the title) the origin of the word fuck – often assumed to be old English, was a Sufi code for transcendence which when translated to Arabic made a word which in English was written FUQ – this was the closest approximation!

  23. “I do not believe women can, nor can be expected to, make a ‘spiritual leap of faith’ from such a low rung on the human ladder as to simply ‘forgive’ the male of this species for” (unquote)
    I do appreciate your point of view immensely. Speaking for myself my leap of faith was towards the one who seemed to have cared throughout my life enough to have tried to warn me repeatedly on inner levels of evils. A sister. My next experience was also with a sister. However, I do have a son and it would sadden me for him not to be there in awareness with us.
    Resting in that pre manifest state. Knowing. I think I am just questioning whether there has to be a battle of the sexes necessarily beforehand. Does it take much before the herds’ heads come up in curiosity as to what’s going on they might be missing out on? Cancer, the herd, also the Source, just so we’re all on the same page. ?

    1. I don’t see Cancer as the source. Just the filter through which the monad passes to take form. I wold recommend Alice Bailey’s Esoteric Astrology for insights on the Cardinal Cross of Initiation which is so rlevant now.

    2. Interesting what you say about Cancer being the herd, also the source. I don’t know about that but Praesaepe in Constellation Cancer is know as The Hive. Its a cluster of 40 small stars. “According to Robson the “Beehive Cluster”, makes “founders of large businesses”, that might reflect the buzzing, ‘busy’ bees of a beehive going about their business.”

      The chinese called it “the spirit of the Ancestors”


      This from the awesome Esoteric Astrology with a ref to Cancer being the gate (which interpret as different form source). Amazing of course that we associate Cancer with the mother – who is always the gate… and Capricorn the gate for those who know not death! (I am married to one who is having a Pluto transit and it refuses to lie down!!!)
      So brilliant too about the three Crosses on Mount Golgotha being symbols of the three fixed crosses of initiation.
      Se what she says about fighting for spiritual life – perhaps this is the underlying motive in the quest for freedom across the middle east right now? As someone who caught the tail end of the 60s, I’d have to say that the real liberation was the chance to explore spirituality. AB refers to Leo as the most human sign in because of its self consciousness – and many people who became aware in the 60s had Pluto in Leo. Explosive self awareness??? Born of Pluto in Cancer perhaps – certainly to parents who had it anyway.
      Its going to be amazing to see how this CArdinal Cross revolution unfolds since it represents the cross of the Spirit. Referring back to your original statement Marina – this could well be the time in which the Mother/gate takes on a whole new meaning and that in the middle east the Creator can have its feminine aspect at last.
      It occurs to me too that i this time, the oldest people on the Earth will have PLuto in Cancer and grew up with I think two world wars in some cases – they’s have to b verrrry old for that – but definitely WW2 – the next generation will have PLuto in Leo and will have experienced a very intense fixed cross experience back in their 30s roughly, (1990ish – PLuto in Scorpio, Saturn in Aquarius) The next one with Uranus and PLuto in Virgo are just on the end of a Mutable cross experience and will have this stellium in Pisces as a challenge now – and the current generation of 30 somethings with PLuto and Uranus in Libra will get the full brunt of this Cardinal cross – I’m looking at the outer planets as significant of course because its where things are tested/integrated and affect whole generations. We’re all in this together!

    4. I see, well I’m no big authority on the details. hey I wore a Beehive hairdo as a young woman in my 20’s. I wonder if it was a carry over from the pluto in cancer generation.
      The pluto in Leo generation was explosive at times I agree, and for me it was as well the setting my sites on climbing that mountain to have the heart’s warmth I wanted and saw in the “Other”. Madaline D’Engle wrote that book too “A wrinkle in time”. about three kids traveling through the skies adapting to the planetary atmospheres trying to find the scientist father, captured by the rhythms of the Heart and the most timid child becoming the savior. “The Marriges between Zones 3, 4 and 5” also written from astrological perspective right to her finding the next dimension after much suffering. Happy memories of the 70’s.

  24. I just noticed Admetros hovering around my sun sign and my son’s. It is the one about death, rebirth into new circumstances, knowledge of the world beyond. My sun is 23, my son’s 25.11 and admetros is 25.38. We are both 12th house sun people. It looks like it will be only a couple months in duration from now. I hope you will all send Rod your best well wishes. He has the ability now to transcend. thanks.

    1. What other Uranian system applications do you make? do you find them effective? With the current intesnity of Uranus perhaps the Uranian system needs a close look at.??

  25. I’ve only recently discovered your insightful blog Marina and to echo other comments – this is one of the most intelligent and insightful threads i’ve read – awesome astro and input!

  26. Forgive me for offering my opposing view?

    It’s certainly a very interesting post. However it reminds me of a post I saw about a rather complicated set of html for a very simple widget!

    It’s inevitable that repressed countries, women, and all life will eventually lash out & fight. It’s also inevitable that misery and sadness will come when people misinterpret the (fixed universal rules of the) world they live in, and misinterpret a statement that women are subordinate, when the One’s world shows all women are equal.

    People are the ones who account for the causes and effects that the planets cannot, except as symbols that convey the workings, not the influences, of the world. The world is an imbalanced place because of a blindness to the obvious observation that the lions heart must be stand between mercy and severity, for the world and it’s people to be at peace.

    The One did not bless us with the Aries brain to be blind to the rules of the world It created. It’s like trying to blame the One for tripping over a log, because we we’re too busy looking up at the sky!

    1. I’m not sure I understand. Are you saying I am blaming God for women being oppressed? Well I’m not doing that.
      I’m blaming mankind for using religion as a weapon to control and subordinate is what I am doing. In the West we have the Mass media instead. As John Lennon once said “The Beatles are more popular than God”

      I’m really not very good at boiling things down to a widget. Jupiter quincunx Mercury. 😉

    2. Personally I wouldn’t assume to know the mind of God. As for the Aries brain…???
      WHat exactly is that?

    3. Is Aries not related to the head and face, sight and seeing? As above, so below, some say that man is a mini version of God, so God’s brain might be closer that you think! 🙂

    4. Have to agree with you there. Only an Aries can give benediction to the head in full appreciation. It reminds me of Noel Tyler? where is my book come to think of it. He had a most illuminating description of Aries initations.

    5. Aries is the sign of initiation and action with a downside of over inflation and self importance so I hope God has more than just an Aries brain or all we will have is competition and mania…
      SOme do indeed say man is a mini version of God. But if man were complete why would he discuss God in terms of “the Aries Brain” ?? If man were god why would he discuss God at all?

    6. “Is Aries not related to the head and face, sight and seeing? ”

      Since the head and face are covered in skin you could say Virgo was just as significant.

  27. I’m not saying you are blaming God. I am saying that your very detailed post suggests that planets are influencing woman’s uprising against ignorance when (God’s) simple (un-bloated), fixed law of complementary opposites shows that repression breeds liberation.

    I disagree that religion in responsible, it’s ignorance and misinterpretation of the operations of nature. (I agree with you that this is used as a weapon to control). The One’s world shows all women are equal but men have come up with a very different interpretation! If we all look around us, we would all know this and those who seek to dominate would lose control.

    I believe that ignorance is exacerbated by looking at the planets (in a predictive sense) for information, rather than looking at the world to see God’s face and why things are happening as they are. When we all look at whats going on in front of us, rather than looking to the sky, all ignorance (including ignorance of the operations of nature/God) would be obliterated.

    It ain’t God, it’s man’s (deliberate?) failure to see God reflected in the fixed laws of nature.

    1. Ah well, chacun a son gout!…

      There are many schools of thought which believe we are here to learn and transcend our nature. Some of us use the planetary bodies to help us on our way. We do actually reside on a planetary body and we actually LIVE IN THE SKY – so when we look up, we are looking around. Like looking at road signs.

      “I believe that ignorance is exacerbated by looking at the planets (in a predictive sense) for information, rather than looking at the world to see God’s face and why things are happening as they are. When we all look at whats going on in front of us, rather than looking to the sky, all ignorance (including ignorance of the operations of nature/God) would be obliterated.”

      Yes, its all the face of God – including the looking to the planets, there is no duality. All the face of the creator knowing itself.

    2. I agree, and yet, I know that I ought to remind myself more often to put down the charts and engage in the world of people around me – my Gemini North Node perhaps, but does it really matter? I went to a workshop a couple years ago where the presenter required us to do just that. We found that we could learn a great deal about each other from intuition alone. By using this knowledge which has been trained out of us, we learned things we thought we all needed astrological charts to provide. I’m not giving up my charts, because it’s fun and powerful and insightful, but it is good to remind ourselves that it is simpler than we often think.

    3. I think many of us know that about astrology but almost every astrology person I know is absolutely enchanted by it’s relection of our natures and actions and happenings.

      Even transcending beyond belief I am still awed. But isn’t it the tree of knowledge? I wonder recently, am I on the wrong tree? I’m a monkey sign. Is this my lesson.
      “I think Eck and I have the same laugh.”

    4. Jamie just did a chart for the last cigarette he smoked! THAT’S how bad it is 😉

      (But it was fascinating because the AC was on his Saturn Yod apex…bla bla.)

    5. Looking at the planets gives me hints and reminders of things I might otherwise miss in my selfish nature. A head’s up. Helps see beyond some of the obstacles and validates. It’s not the best way of reaching out to someone but sometimes it’s the only way like when people approach with a bible in hand in concern. On the other hand, tossing the ball around about it all is kind of outdated once you know non duality you think? I mean my first reaction was “what happened to all the systems”? the belief systems, the any kind of systems. Not there anymore in infinity.
      What now?

    6. yes, it certainly does give one something solid to point to when someone else is asserting their belief system extra strongly.

    7. Oh I see how you took me. No I meant it just struck me how similiar it is to the concern of those who want to help you understand or talk to you in their language. I meant that’s the only way they know and this is the only way I know. I prefer not to butt heads as as a young woman in hippy company, casual, I could see expressing beliefs only esculated into violence too often…

    8. I have no wish to start a debate. I was just stating my comment, inspired by the post. It was not an attack.

      I love astrology, it is very effective. It just that sometimes things are made a little complicated by it. Many of my Tarot sitter are people who depend on ‘cosmic forces’, when the cosmic force, in action, is in them!

      It seems that the planets are favored over real life engagement and it makes me sad to see it! Especially when it’s hinted that planetary movements are responsible for a peoples uprising and not the repressed circumstances they’ve been living with. It implies the same ignorance that the post investigates.

      I think Paul Kelly expressed what I was trying to say very well.

      Charyl, I think Astrology is great in that mode! I love Darkstar Astrology. I just felt to add a comment about one aspect of the post. Thanks for letting me express it 🙂

    9. “Especially when it’s hinted that planetary movements are responsible for a peoples uprising and not the repressed circumstances they’ve been living with.”

      Well surely the planets are a trigger? It’s common knowledge that a Full Moon keeps ambulances busy and makes the psychiatric wards a lot more noisy. Mars or Uranus will aggravate an already inflammatory situation. That’s not the same as saying they caused it. Its obvious this has been brewing for a long time.
      A wife may be in an abusive relationship for years, but it might not be until her Sun gets a transit from Uranus that she suddenly gets the urge to break free. Predicting when she may leave her husband is what Astrology is all about, otherwise I wouldn’t be an Astrologer!

    10. Something I havn’t shared yet is my experience and suspicions that as some yogi’s think, we are just the mouthpiece for some greater patterns. As the yogi said, I do not speak the thoughts, the thoughts come through me and I observe them, that’s all. My skeptical Leo ex once picked up a daily rag on the skytrain and he said it said almost word for word what I had said to him. I replied, NO, let me see. It did. Between that and the other experience in the 70’s of feeling like an amebia while each and every word fell like raindrops around me. Also when I first came down from the far North I never took credit for things – but other influenced rubbed off. . .
      I don’t know how that would work on a mass influenced movement. But that’s what we need to keep open about is inquiry. Puzzlement.

    11. The cosmic force can only be effective when the cosmos supports it. Chances are when people go for tarot readings the cosmic force has sent them there for a gentle reminder.
      Personally I have always found that the planets exactly reflect my “real life engagement” and it helps to know this.
      e.g I have had Neptune in opposition to six planets for some time now and the transit is not over for years to come. In this time I have deepened my spiritual practice but felt my physical energy erode as Neptune opposed my Sun MArs PLuto conjunction.
      WOuld there have been any use in beating myself up for not being able to engage that dynamic physical energy the way I used to? No. Using Neptune I changed the pattern, became more intuitive and often lie around staring at the sky for no reason.
      This too is REAL ENGAGEMENT.

    12. Sometimes it seems that no one else understands an opposition as a necessity to look within and attempt to grow in awareness of the truth found at the center of the polarities. The spark flowing from pole to pole. Especially now as it’s saturn.

  28. Intuition is one thing, astrology is another. If I had used my astrology more, instead of always following my intuition (6 planets in Leo, twelfth house) I might not have got into some of the scrapes I did! Intuition in not always right – it can be very very wrong at times! especially under a Neptune transit.

    1. I guess it all depends on how accurate an interpretation one can make. With a twelfth house Mercury…well, it has been a challenge.

    2. I guess the point I was trying to make is that it is important to practice developing our intuition – as well as our analytical skills, since the former is seldom focused on openly. In a workshop type setting, we can check on the accuracy of our intuition without involving risks that come from using it to make major life decisions. This helps us learn how to use it. If we never avail ourselves of these opportunities, we’ll never get past the beginning stages. Good point, though. Everyone has their own path.

  29. Marina said “Well surely the planets are a trigger no? It’s common knowledge that a “Full Moon keeps ambulances busy and makes the psychiatric wards a lot more noisy. Mars or Uranus will aggravate an already inflammatory situation. That’s not the same as saying they caused it. Its obvious this has been brewing for a long time.
    A wife may be in an abusive relationship for years, but it might not be until her Sun gets a transit from Uranus that she suddenly gets the urge to break free. Predicting when she may leave her husband is what Astrology is all about, otherwise I wouldn’t be an Astrologer!”

    Yes of course triggers! Insight yes! Relinquishing control of life and withstanding abuse until a certain, planetary transit or prediction, no!

    If your suggesting that someone stay in an abusive relationship because the planets aren’t giving the kick to leave, instead of saying to her, “goodness girl, get yourself outta there” I am most disturbed!

    The planets affect/trigger subconscious, instinctive, behavior. Man’s conscious, reasoning mind is strongest and controls the subconscious. Predictive astrology contributes to subconscious behavior. If I believed I was going to have the planetary backup to leave an abusive relationship, it would be the suggestion not the transit. However I would never let myself or anybody else get in, or stay in, that kind of situation. Planets or not.

    Planetary triggers may account for an uprising yes, but I also suggest that physical triggers/cause and effects, consciously and deliberately applied by people to repress others, make up the greater and most important part of any new revolution.

    1. Dea: In Marina’s defence you do come on a little strong. If you’ve been on the site a little while you would know Marina’s nature at heart would never have any woman experience abuse. It’s one line blown out of proportion. Some people would say it’s not Marina’s responsibility to tell the woman what to do. She can however, share her knowledge of the planets like we’re doing here. I have a daughter in law with sun/Uranus conjunct. It’s been wonderful surprises of a skilled player so far but often I wonder when she’ll bolt. Hopefully our own playing will keep it interesting for her. Disney had sun/Uranus conjunct. I think that coming on a blog is rather like coming into someone’s home and being hosted.

    2. WHy not wait until THE TIME IS RIGHT – this is the trigger point or transit Marina talks about. When the time is right you have help on your side.
      Have you not noticed how some people wal out of say, an abusive relationship, only to walk into another and repeat the pattern? Alas the period of “abuse” may be karmic, have lessons attached etc etc. In this life, timing is critical. One can seize the right time or spend years wasting energy until the right time arrives.

      Man’s conscious reasoning mind” is often not very well developed. Hence it so often makes bad judgement. YOu would only believe yo have a planetary advantage if there actualy was one.

      What do you think creates the physical triggers for revolution? Ultimately it is a collaboration of planetary influence in a framework of time.

      Can you otherwise explain why the middle east is suddenly erupting? There are massive celestial significators which are taking effect in this time. The people in the middle east are now supported by forces to make their uprising effective.

  30. Dea Animi“If your suggesting that someone stay in an abusive relationship because the planets aren’t giving the kick to leave, instead of saying to her, “goodness girl, get yourself outta there” I am most disturbed!”

    Of COURSE I’m not suggesting that. That’s just MAD!!? Or maybe I’m not explaining myself very well tonight. I meant if I had the friend of the abused girl asking me why doesn’t she leave her abusive husband even though she had been encouraging her to do so, I might say, it’s most likely to happened when Uranus is conjunct her Sun or something like that. Would NOT advise her to tell her friend to wait until Uranus is conjunct her Sun!

    I don’t understand the misunderstandings. You read Tarot, I read the Planets. This is an Astrology blog. We discuss world events in the context of the planetary weather.
    Nothing in the world happens in a vacuum. Meaningful coincidences, synchronicity and all that…;)

    1. The planets represent energies that are active within us and within our societies and within the environment. We read the charts like maps of energy. If the energy is not available at the moment and at that place, empirical analysis will likely show that the act does not take place. People go along with energies more than they act on free will. The subconscious behavior patterns we establish to cope with the vast amounts of information we take in every day are stronger than the desire to act consciously, though we are continually developing that capacity. Things work out when the time is right.

    2. MArina, you explain yourself very well at all times. There’s an obstinate refusal somewhere of others to accept your explanations!

      Lets move on now… !!

  31. Says who? the queenofwands? common. Maybe saturn is giving us a reality check here and there.

  32. Charyl on February 28, 2011 at 6:41 pm
    I think there’s a crossed wire here somewhere.
    WHich reality are we checking?

  33. Well, that would be the question wouldn’t it. I was just referring to saturn opposing all those planets. Saturn being the reality check.
    I notice I’m getting too much out there anyways uberqueen, and you are far more serious about it all then I feel like right now. Don’t even have Vancouver’s chart up there. London? So while I do things here, could you hold down the fort for me? thnaks.

    1. Saturn gets a lot of bad press. It’s a blocker but it also brings things into form. I love the fact there is a polar hexagonal storm raging on it. The carbon atom, basic building block of life has a hexagonal structure. It does give a reality check on the basic levels of life like ageing, responsibility etc but accepting limitation on those levels can free you up to ex
      And into others.
      I’m in Cape Town Charyl! I don’t know what Saturn is up to locally. But maybe in Vancouver you’ve got a handle on him and you can hang out with Neptune now since there’s a stellium in Pisces? Go with the flow….!,

    2. Typos – it should read expand into others…

    3. “I believe that ignorance is exacerbated by looking at the planets (in a predictive sense) for information, rather than looking at the world to see God’s face and why things are happening as they are. When we all look at whats going on in front of us, rather than looking to the sky, all ignorance (including ignorance of the operations of nature/God) would be obliterated.”

      Yes, its all the face of God – including the looking to the planets, there is no duality unquote

      Just back to this thought of yours. I suppose I have a bit of a handle on it cause I’m dealing within with the extravagance issue which is coming up again with saturn opposing jupiter at the end of this month’s moon. Saturns’s been opposing my Jupiter via Solar return this year. I am acting as a parent. First accepting resp. and thereby able to update one of my kids(come into the NOW)(saturn opposite Uranus) and become aware of the power of the mind(how we cling to our creations).Progressed saturn in Cancer (mother/kids). Second the extravagance issue with the REALITY OF the downturn in jobs and the economy. That’s one reality check and one level. I don’t know if projecting the issue will help me become aware that it is ultimately MY issue, MY responsibility, MY fault. Saturn/Uranus/Jupiter.That is yet to be clear after awareness changes within to see what next transpires. If I deal with no duality, no belief systems, that’s another level a little newer to me. Wouldn’t that mean going beyond thunderous jupiter to Uranus? the next outer planet discovered? If one did make that leap of faith and got beyond the 9th house belief systems then what? which I’ve already mentioned to you before as you seemed so knowledgeable about non duality at least intellectually. ? Is it a wait and see. Then I noted just now this week,that Admetos had crossed my sun actually in 2006 and that that is about that ability to go beyond or death which greatly validated me although my first experience was 2003. 2006 was a mess of another woman and loss of many kinds. Admetos can bring a standstill. I’ve said now I see at this moment my son is facing Admetos, unemployment and “extravagence issues” with me and as well my woman friend is going in for an operation with all the acompanying weight loss etc so I have some reason for compassion to have it’s moments if it will. Death does seem to lurk uncomfortably near. It does seem a bit edgy not only across the sea’s but in my own backyard.
      But I doubt the best thing is for me to hang out wondering what is going to happen elsewhere although I have and eye on it, it does seem like that Middle Eastern Uprising the Bible talks about. Then I started a Pilates class today so saturn will like that.

    4. That’s an incredible commentary. This Saturn Jupiter reining in of extravagance is in the collective. My own daughter declared herself bankrupt after eight months out of work. Somedays she couldn’t afford to take the train to work so she walked. She got healthy again.
      Regards the duality issues, I had to keep Reminding myself I was in it all and not at the same time. This is hardest when the spectre of lack and unpaid bills hovers over you.
      With a stellium of six planets in the 12 th house my life is all or nothing. So when I got a hammering from Saturn and pluto opposition and square which lasted years back in the nineties I was in a dark space, and totally skint. Some days I lived in a ski suit because I couldn’t heat my house! I couldn’t find work either, it was part of the deal. So I immersed myself in the study of alchemy and realised I was in the nigredo, where everything is in the alembic flask, the top sealed and the heat turned up. I was being burned alive with no escape and only my patience and tenacity to survival, Saturn, kept me aware in Hades. I was suicidal and immobilised with depression. I lost faith in everything and became deeply depressed for a long time.
      Then the quickening came and the next teacher was Uranus. Uranus physically showed me stuff which took me out of Hades. Some times to a different kind of hell but ultimate,lately to a much bigger understanding.
      The funny thing is, Saturn let’s you know when it’s time to get what you get! I got a transit of Saturn, Neptune and Uranus… More erosion with jolts of lightning! Stuff I couldn’t control which mesmerised me, dangerous people I let myself be seduced by who wrecked me over again leeches who vampired my energy and so on…..
      So how. Do I get duality or lack of it? Meditation. I learned a trick to focus on I am then to go “back” before I am. And there I am not. Nothing is. And it is beautiful.
      As we are here however, doing the do, we can’t spout non duality to the bank manager. But we can stop being subjective to the drama.
      In the darkest times, I would lie awake at night in the grip of fear. Then I realised that even the bank was closed at night, in that moment the only option was sleep. And dreaming.
      Of course Saturn was turn ing the wheel, and it felt like the rack.
      I have Saturn square my stellium which is in Leo. I hated him, Lead Boy… Now I know the use of a pencil… Lead pencil work can be rubbed out and done again until one gets it right.
      Go easy Charyl and enjoy the pilates! The power of Uranus is electricity and that is a force one thousand trillion trillion trillion times stronger than gravity, Saturn’s domain. Dont forget that!
      The Reaper is just a mechanism in a revolving door. I was lucky enough that when my little sister died she came back four times to enlighten me about the process and I believe the fundamental issue humans have with death is actually a fear of what next, if anything and a curiosity about the actual event.
      You had a child and I hope the amazing feeling of love and expansion as you first met him. Imagine that is the other side of the door, the same feeling. We are as fearful of birth as death in a way…
      As Uranus scotches into Aries we might all find our beliefs shot to heights we never dreamed of… Neptune in Pisces too… What an amazing time to be galvanised into appreciating it!

    5. “As we are here however, doing the do, we can’t spout non duality to the bank manager.”

      Just following up on the things that float into my inbox on this thread. Thought I’d chime back in for a moment because that quote spoke to me so well – and humorously – of the lessons of Saturn. With Neptune heading into Pisces, there probably will be a lot of people who think they can ‘spout non duality to the bank manager,’ and it will be Saturn’s role to remind them that no, they still live in bodies on the earth and have practical needs to attend to. And hopefully there will be a bit more social justice by the time Lead Belly works its way through Libra, where it can be relied upon to be strong and supportive of important work in society.

      Can’t say Saturn has been easy for me, but being a double Cap, it’s pretty darn important. As Saturn is in my second house, it is all about the bank balance, and since it is in Pisces conjunct Chiron, I feel that balance and know deeply when I’m getting myself into trouble – even if I choose not to stop it from happening.

      The only way to learn is to have experiences. I’m learning how to enjoy the feeling of living within reasonable means rather than denying myself things that I want. I’m becoming more skilled at finding ways to get something of what I want rather than feeling like I have to have something unobtainable. The trick is recognizing the feelings, what they mean, and valuing the progress that I am making toward a goal that I know is in line with my deeper values.

      I think it might be true that Saturn doesn’t restrict people so much as show them what they actually have to do to get what they want and have it stick. If they choose not to listen, then they, not Saturn, are restricting themselves. When things start to feel too restrictive, then you switch to Jupiter or Uranus to have some fun and get some relief.

    6. And the beat goes on, and the beat goes on.

      I feel so much happier to have us, left on this site, really kind of meet each other. That living within the means and enjoying what one can have is my law. Your thinking exactly. I think the sign shows what we value or ultimately will have value or where justice will be done. I have read that saturn done well/or not but the intention, IS that lift to a higher spiritual place. I’m reading Osho. That pilates did me in – ouch. Plus we have Hurricane force winds on our far west coast today and rain. Not often we get that. umberqueen: I and my son are both 12th house tauras suns. Two days apart. So ya collective issues and perhaps more suffering than some but perhaps more selfish than others. Hearing your story too makes you so much more human to me so I so thank you but I must go now as the stress is hurting despite the attempts to have an easy day. The beat goes on because there are more things we will experience like I heard getting beyond the drama or reacting to it. I had mars progress to Leo shortly upon my 14th birthday and boy did the drama start there in my teens and kept on til I was 60. NO MORE DRAMA I shouted out desparately. Talk to you both and all later. Nemeste.

    7. Osho is excellent!
      gong back to what this thread started out as and your lovely line – the beat goes on, and the beat goes on, I think the middle east needs a shot of the wave we experienced in the 60s – herewith the quote again from the sufi master –
      “… we do not teach but quicken. I am stronger than you so your currents adjust themselves to mine” thus causing “the stronger magnetic field to affect, quicken the weaker”.

      Perhaps they need to get those Burkhas off and get dancing in the streets.
      Uranus reminds me that electricity is an amzing force esepcially when it carried music!

  34. “The only way to learn is to have experiences. ”

    Yes indeed! and this world is one big experience with lots of smaller ones in every shade! In another of my many dark episodes with zilch cash, a very sick child and no work/helo etc and a MORTGAGE – YIKES, with the weight of saturn conjunct my entire stellium I learned how to stretch time! i would allow myself ten minutes a day with a perfect cup of tea and just focus my entire being into the tea whle I enjoyed it and didn’t allow anything else not even the sick child to invade those ten minutes… another little Lead Meister trick!!!
    Hopefully Neptunein Pisces will make Buddhas of us all! Even the bank manager!

    1. I like that very much – finding ways to stretch time. It is so easy to simply want to buy things when we get bored, restless, or stressed. Let us all become fat, happy, and enlightened buddhas!

    2. The buying of STUFF and phrases like MUST HAVE – is this Pluto in Libra thing as its connected to style? We now have desire out of control… we are being consumed by our own consumption.

      Some clever swami said life is this – you arrive, you eat, you grow, you stay and produce bi products then you die. Well I can add to that, you buy products and then you die..

      Personally I hope to make more of it. Less buying at least!

  35. As I understand it we are going back to the 60’s in a cycle of protests such as then. Don’t remember what cycle was repeating.
    I think that quote about the “quickening” is really good. I’m reading Osho’s commentary about we’ve been taught not to be happy. It’s a crime to laugh or smile etc.
    As for the women, I’m cautious. Too often we don’t really understand the culture just like the original settlers did not understand the native indians and were frightened and looked down on and forced change on them.
    Their way was best. There is so much to do with oneself and then we can “quicken” the other.

    1. I think the cycles are the Uranus-Pluto cycle and the Saturn-Uranus cycle. Saturn and Uranus opposed each other again for the first time since the 60s on election day in the US, 2008. They were in signs exactly opposite from the ones they were in, in the 60s, and I think we have seen how far we’ve come in balancing the competing energies – learning how to integrate change more responsibly. Now that the Saturn-Uranus oppositions have passed (except of course for those of us who have it natally and in our progressed charts), the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the 60s is heading for the first square, with Uranus soon to be in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn beginning in June 2012.

    2. Yes, that’s right. I remembered after. However, that’s an interesting comment about learning to integrate change more responsibly and balancing the competing energies.

      I don’t know who said something about stretching time but I can tell you that doing yoga really helped to keep flexible enough to keep the straightjacket off enough to be able to live life which is what I feel rightly or wrongly many other religions do.
      I imagine it’s that straightjacket effect that makes us rush to buy and tour the malls. I saw this young guy who is in a bit of an economic crunch flinch when the guy asked him if he wanted a blue ray dvd and he had to reply he didn’t have a blue ray. Geez your not happening if your not in a monster truck with blue ray.

    3. True, though I have noticed there are few Hummers on the road these days. Even priapic wannabees are having to yield to the realities of today’s world. Just don’t take away my starbucks!

    4. About the reversal of signs. Uranus once in Virgo, saturn once in pisces. My pisces husband’s next wife was a triple virgo away from me the tauras. Later I saw him within as the “Harvest Man”. Isn’t that so fitting. All dressed in wheat coloured clothes and wheat colored car and cane. Thats integrating the polarities isn’t it. But while Uranus was in Virgo we dropped our son with Uranus and Pluto at exactly 15 degrees sitting atop each other now progressed one degree apart.
      That generation/collective/mass I see as going through the gates (mom can you open the gates),talked about by David Stone’s book. Jupiter now moving into Pisces I hear is the end of materialism. So we need to “get used to it”?
      It’s an incredible time, incredible insights and seemingly dreary sufferings.

    5. Yes this is the Uranus Pluto square that I have been waiting for. I’m hoping it will re-ignite that 1960’s spirit. We didn’t have the internet then so who know what is possible this time. Uranus is so internet and Pluto is certainly about exposing the truth and exorcising our demons. I’m glad OSHO has been brought up a few times, he fell out of vogue for a while, I think he fell victim to some very unscrupulous people, dodgy doctors drugging him up to the eyeballs, but I think the guy was a genius. Now there’s a chart I should look into.

    6. Isn’t there somewhere in there a square from Aquarius to Tauras. Is that the one we’re talking about. Kind of like the old material values versus the new coming age. Isn’t a square about inner tensions causing the necessity to create in order to absorb these tensions. Isn’t it about what’s going on within that appears to be surface but really stems from our old worn out habits. Maybe we just need to sort out what to keep and what to throw away. In my mind, Paul, Starbucks, Hortons and McDonalds all need to go unless they can offer something healthier too.
      Yes, Marina do Osho’s chart. I hope when it’s my time to go that I can see how it’s necessary for me to do so in order for the evolution to keep on keeping on.

  36. Channel 3 BC Canada has a show on feminism tonight. Sara Pallin face was shown as they talked about non feminists posing as and the “f” word.
    Also at 8 pm David Suzuki has gone to Peru to see what is going on tribally.

  37. I wanted to post this under Uberqueenofwands post about Uranus being connected to music and electricity, but we ran out of space. Great point. It is one of the most amazing thing about electric guitars, the strings and the vibes. How liberating music is. My 7yr daughter has a tight Sun square Saturn only 07′. She adores music, when she gets all melancholy its the one thing that cheers her up. I taught her, her first two chords on the guitar this morning! Her face was a picture when she got the hang of it. Enlightened! :)) I’m hoping it will help cure her Saturn blues.

    1. My daughter went through a vile pluto transit over her asc while it was n Scorpio. She was only eight when it started but she got into Hendrix about age 11 – of her own volition – and was transported! it was so adorable to watch. She was devastated when she found out he was dead! But his music remains a binding force for parent and child (child now 30…) and we enjoyed many a road trip singing our heads off, shattering our eardrums and striking the famous Hendrix chords in the air…
      Saturn is required for structure – where would music be without it… even Jimi’s chords can be written on a stave. Uranus however is another beast!

      I just remembered my late and very sad lived grandmother who had Turette’s before it was even named. In the early 60s she was given ECT – probably too strong. Maybe she just needed electric music.

    2. It’s great that we are astrologers and can forsee our kids nasty transits. My daughter is about to get Neptune hit her Mars/Moon/Uranus stellium (All with a degree). I had Neptune on my Mars 2/3 years ago, but the time it left I had made AStrologer my full time career. I have no idea how this will play out for a 7 year old never mind for such a tightly packed stellium, but Neptune is music too. Just before I the Astro I wrote 8 songs and recorded them. I had never done that before.
      Neptune is an odd transit, you sort of know where you are with Pluto even if it can be vile.

    3. please share your songs…. i had noticed on your facebook that in your photos half of your house was pistachio for the kitchen, and then purple for music/recording space with a wonderful badtz maru guitar and your gorgeous face. also, your picture were so beautiful… really especially the one where you were lying against a background and the quote said something like “in the olden days i was miserable…” you looked sooo gorgeous in that photo. : ) can one not link to all of these parts of oneself in the name of his/her vocation? (perhaps i am bending one way or the other, as tonite i was watching and enjoying, with many opposing and circular views, Fetishes… the documentary by nick broomfield. he was the man who did the piece on courtney love and kurt cobain. i loved that documentary and found a definite boundary between the man who made it and the stuff that created it. anyways, i respect those whose sexuality worms and powers itself thru S and M situations, machinations. i, however, cannot fund it… emotionally or psychologically, even though i have live thru circumstances that might create a bend that leans one way or the other…. i lived thru s & m in my own mind and within my body and i have come to the conclusion that it is within me to dissolve such polarities thru experience, initiation and acceptance…. my attention span is hard-won, but it has all been worthy.

    4. also, natally i have venus/mean lilith conjunction opposed pluto and trine neptune… and i am seeing so much of the personal and once-displaced personal in congruence with neptune especially… my moon is 3 orb 48 conjunction with neptune in cap… it is not not an extemely close conjunction but already having a sun/mercury/chiron/midheaven conjunction so close in gemini makes me look elsewhere for the distinct social functions of a moon that is often eclipsed by this stellium opposed uranus on the IC, which i definitely agree and believe is Father. my father is my IC, i know that for sure. my mother has always been that loaded conjunction in relation to MC, because my relationship has pushed-pulled me to be so relative and non-conservatively relating, as she has tried to bend me to tradition and woman-hate. my father, my root, the expression of my natal mars-ceres… was the more feminine or lovingly mothering archetype in my life. how crazy, how making-so-much sense that my gemini stellium unto the tenth opposes my uranus in the fourth. i have always felt like a neptune/uranus conduit, because that is where my energies have best expressed themselves. the tenth house stellium is coming to the fore now for me, as i have annexed and individuated myself from my very patriarchal mother…. i don’t know the distinct peramiters of what this involves, but i am excited and delighted to involved myself in this personal and, what i see as a, communal evolution. yay!

  38. i have been reading ‘the great cosmic mother’ by monica sjoo and barbara mor lately and have been feeling a sense of electricity and becoming thru myself for ALL WOMEN. my friend, who is a non-identified psychic, told me she felt extreme cultural/spiritual change for humanity as imminent. she didn’t specify. i agreed with her, though, only that i really believe the uprising of goddess-consciousness, in particular, is imminent. “we are stardust…. we are golden, and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.” …not the biblical garden, but the garden of the soul, where everything instinctual and cooperative is part of the cycle of life, everything into the whole and the whole blessing everything branching out of itself. it might take mass nuclear war for peoples to discover that the only thing that will really keep humanity going is empathy/the desire to understand each other… and a willingness to surrender to the natural process of birth/death. INANNA/ERESHKIGAL:MAYA/GAIA.

    1. Oh thanks michelle, “the garden of the soul where instinctual and cooperative” is the word. That fits a recent reunion I had. My male friend entered the “temple of understanding”. A Leo. I don’t know that empathy is for everybody. Lovely anyhow. Nicely put.

    2. Thank you for appreciating my words, because i always put them out there in order to connect with people… and bridge internal and external gaps in feeling/being. i never knew i had it in me to love myself and women so much until recently; i can’t attribute it all to my moon/pluto transit, but i know it has triggered something epic and long-coming within me. i love to give and to be a part of and to co-operate with women who want to be wholly themselves and fearless in a transitory world. i empathize with hesitance, but i have become all about action lately, nothing left on the way-side, nothing wasted… and, really, i am not the writer/poet i was in high school or college, but i feel so much more authentic and awe-some now, that the movement to write and to experience is no longer an exercise in performance and what-could-be… it is the IS… I am It. i am grateful for not feeling diminutive and ashamed of my soul anymore; on the other hand, i am overwhelmed by the power i feel, having been handed over to the patriarchy so early in my life, put into catholic school for ten years. it is butter for the bread, and an illegitimate bite out of the bread… at the same time. And nothing short of revelatory!!!

  39. A few facts for perspective which are missing from this article are:
    Any ‘teaching’ religious or otherwise which makes men protectors (patronising) and maintainers (disempowering) of women are sexist, discriminatory, repressive, backward and to be completely dismissed.
    This sort of primitive misogyny has been with us for a few thousand years and it completely overlooks the reality that a lot of women are physically stronger than a lot of men; that in terms of physiological strength women are stronger than men and that in most primitive societies, then, as now, it is the women who actually do most if not all of the hard work and who maintain their families.
    In terms of the burqa, this garment of subjugation and repression is utterly indefensible. If Moslem men wore it as well one could accept that some manifestations of the Islamic religion were individual but at least it did not discriminate against one sex. However, this is not the case, women in burgas walk behind men coolly, comfortably and fashionably dressed in light, short-sleeved shirts and trousers regardless of the heat or humidity.
    Even more sobering is the reality that beneath the burga the women are expected to dress like ‘whores’ in clothing that would equal if not rival anything a Paris Hilton might wear in the outside world. This sort of clothing, which most in the West would equate with a ‘hooker’ plying for trade, is to stimulate and entice their husbands…. so women in burgas, are prostituted even more than those who take it up professionally because they have absolute no choice.
    The burga and the hijab, particularly when forced onto young girls, represent some of the worst forms of female oppression and child abuse remaining in the world today. Anyone who seeks to find something positive in these backward and limiting forms of dress should find themselves a very hot climate, preferably humid and wear them for 12 months and then come back and tell people why they are acceptable. More to the point, there is a reason why Muslim men do not wear such things (and in fact they are not a part of Islamic teaching, merely misogynistic, backward, patriarchal repression, because they are appallingly uncomfortable and they represent inferiority and subjugation. On a final note, Vitamin D deficiency is a major health problem for women who are forced to dress this way. Burqa, hijab, any such clothing should be banned in any civilized country.

    1. I am totally in agreement with you R Ross. My intention here is NOT to defend the Burqa. I just do not understand why we still have it ANYWHERE, especially in the west. I think France has the right idea.
      What I am saying is there MUST be something we are missing here. Otherwise the Burqa wouldn’t still be so prevalent in the west. I’m just being a journalist and trying to present two sides of the story that’s all. As a western feminist the feedback I am getting is what I want, but I still would like to hear some voices of Muslim women themselves. THAT’S what is missing from the comments as far as I’m concerned. How can we presume to speak for them?
      Good point about Vitamin D deficiency, but what about Skin Cancer in the west hey?

    2. Hi Marina, Yes, I know you were being a devil’s advocate but my comment was really in the general. We cannot presume to speak for them but we can speak for the status and treatment of women in our own societies. It may sound harsh but modern, democratic, enlightened Western societies should ban the burqa and the hajib in the same way that we ban female circumcision(genital mutilation; marriages of children and forced marriages of women and all of the other ‘traditional practices’ which discriminate against a person because of gender, physical ability (or rather the lack of it), religion or race.
      Having lived a long time in India and various African countries where women are still considered to be inferior (despite doing most of the hard work) the reason the burqua, and the ridiculous hijab for that matter, exists is because the women who wear them live in societies which are still patriarchal, religiously fear-ridden; violently tribalistic; cruelly mysoginistic and where women are often poorly educated.
      Living in this soup of ignorance, arrogance, fear and superstition it would take a very, very, very brave woman to risk being killed at worst or beaten and ostracised at best, to challenge the system.
      I also feel/think that within these societies many women ‘suffer’ from variations of the Stockholm Syndrome where they connect with and become dependent upon their ‘captors,’ perhaps even more so because these captors are fathers, husbands, brothers and sons.
      I don’t call myself a feminist, just a women who believes in gender equality for the sake of women and men alike, but I do believe one of the reasons why it took so long for women to fight for their freedom in the developed world (and why they still do not in the less developed) is because for so long they were limited by a lack of education and the choice they had to make was to fight their fathers, husbands, brothers and sons. No man has ever had to fight an enemy like this.
      As to skin cancer in the West, the increase in this disease arises from the free choice (and stupidity) of people to spend hours (if not days) lying in the sun in ways which people of previous generations would never have considered. Most skin cancers by the way are not caused by sun damage and it is a question I suspect, as to whether the combination of the chemical cocktail of sunscreen and hours (or days) in the sun, do not actually contribute to the high incidence of the disease.
      But, whatever the cause those who choose to risk skin cancer according to the current view, do so out of free choice; the women who risk their health (and that of their babies) and their female children, do so out of no choice.

    3. @R Ross. Thank you so much for your input! If you have lived in Indian and some african countries that is near enough to the horses mouth we can get. Stockholm sydrom is interesting to me because it seems to be a Persephone myth type thing and must be related to Ceres.
      Yes education is the key. I grew up in a very sexist Sicilian family and it wasn’t until I went to college and starting reading feminist books that i realized how brainwashed I had become from my own upbringing. I am very much the black sheep now and feel very much exiled from my Sicilian clan.
      Its so ingrained that even tho most enlightened of us women still have to keep checking ourselves. I think thats why I wanted to question our own oppression. Sometimes we can spend so much time looking at the more blatant form of it that we ignore whats under our noses.
      Uberqueenofwands put it very well with her quotes about “Quickening”, yes we must be concerned about what happening in the middle East but I think there should be more of a campaign in the west about it too. We kind of need an all encompassing compromise i think between too much stripping off and too much covering up.
      What catchy slogan could describe both?

      O yes I do believe chemicals in the high suncreens are actually very toxic. I used to buy a really expensive natural Dr hausucksa one for my daughter, but in Oz you use so much I ended up using the cheap stuff really I should just get her to cover up.

    4. I agree it is ingrained and that is why I feel sorry for the men. My father’s grandfather was Greek and it was only as an adult that I realised how Greek my father was in his attitudes and approach to women.
      The men are as trapped by it as women, perhaps more so because they are emotionally imprisoned while women are physically imprisoned. I remember in India, watching a dear friend grieve every time a grand-daughter was born. He was intelligent, educated, well travelled, wealthy, kind, sensible, lovely but for him, the birth of a female was to be mourned.
      As to how we dress, I think it should be a personal decision. Most religious and social dress codes are sourced in a belief that men are mindless bodies on the end of penises who cannot control themselves at the sight of female flesh or figure. Ridiculous of course and it was never a truth in reality, but a religious belief sourced in fear and hatred of the feminine.
      I am also Australian, although currently living in Malawi, and I only came across this site the other day. It is very good. I am an amateur astrologer and find the articles and discussions fascinating.
      I did not use sunscreens on my kids who grew up in the 70’s but these days it seems daycare centres and schools insist on it which I think is ironic, given the paranoia in this day and age about pregnancy: you can’t eat cheese but you can cover your small children with chemicals!
      I was born in 1949 and we always simply covered up and limited the time we spent out in the sun. we always went to the beach after 4p.m. or before 9a.m. and always wore a T-shirt, even in the water, and had a bit of zinc cream on our noses. I did the same with my kids but these days the use of sunscreen has given people the idea that you can bare as much skin as you like for as long as you like. However, like all things I am sure there is a learning curve and the lessons will come to us as the cosmos dictates, or rather, directs.
      And the trouble with catchy slogans is that they are catchy slogans; they are sound-bytes which can never be multi-dimensional. Moderation in all things is a good mantra and guide.

    5. I so agree with you – Marina on hearing from the women themselves.

  40. May I just post a few of Osho’s comments I find clarifying.
    Capitalism is the businessman/woman interested in $ and the Neighbour. The IN crowd. The concern is always the “other”. Keeping up with the Jones.
    They know only the body. Speed and meaningless.
    Communism was the labourer.
    Europe the aristrocrats, more subtle, arts and crafts to understate it.
    India, the seekers of God.
    The chase keeps us bound, relaxing into the pool of our own energy and celebrating dissolving, rather than goal setting. Easier said than done.
    The time of the 70’s and mind expanding drugs/lifestyles/choices was the necessary pre requisite to the East bringing yoga etc to the West. Makes sense. There is an order to it all. Doris Lessing “Marriages between the zones” belief too.

  41. Osho’s comments are generalisations but as interesting as any perception.
    Many businessmen and women love what they do and create things of value and also love making money. The two are not mutually incompatible. There is only a problem when money is all.
    Capitalism has in fact dragged much of the world out of poverty and with all its faults, created what we call the developed world. It has also allowed China and India with their billions, to pull themselves some way out of poverty.
    Like religion and communism, capitalism is an ideal which is distorted by human nature frequently, but which has many positive aspects when it functions well.
    Having spent a bit of time in Russia, I can say communism, had the working person as an ideal but the reality of communism was a power structure with the elite milking the system at the top and the worker at the bottom. However, even saying that, like capitalism it brought positives while creating inequality.
    Europe had no more aristocrats than India or Africa. The difference is that the aristocrats of the latter, Brahmins in India and Chiefs and Kings and Queens in Africa, still retain a power over the people which the European aristocrats lost long ago.
    Having lived for many years in India I did not see Indians seeking God: I saw them seeking power. It is a very religious country but not a spiritual one from my perspective. The religion and culture, immersed in a system of caste and misogyny, is unkind at best and cruel at worst to those beyond family, community and caste and all of them discriminate appallingly against females: killed in the womb now; still killed at birth; malnourished because food will go to sons first and wives are burned to death every day, if not every hour, so the husband can take another wife and get another dowry. There is in India a great deal of religion and ritual but so little of any God one would wish to have that it is hard to see Indians as seekers of God. Like all those in the undeveloped world they want exactly what we have, however, unlike those in the West, they do not want to share with those who are of different caste or religion. And there seems little godly about a culture which believes the blacker your skin the more evil you were in a last life and ditto for being born female.
    But, no doubt, all serves a purpose and all is a part of learning in this life.

    1. p.s. These are also perceptions, just like Osho’s or anyone’s.

    2. I have to add a story that people will not believe anymore than I do but it did happen.
      Where I live is Heron country. A whole estate named “Blue Heron Estate”. I was talking to a subway staff about remembering my father standing on one leg in the ocean, tall viking, like a Heron. Shortly thereafter I was walking up the bipass to feed the ducks and across the flooded expanse flew a blue Heron. It landed on the bank 3ft below the sidewalk as I was approaching, sitting there until I was parallel and we were eyeballing each other. A beady little eye turned to me, 3 ft. away. Silly me, I asked it if it wanted some duck food and it lifted wings silently, gracefully and flew back to the other end of the flooded area from whence it came. Never in a million years did I ever dream of coming that close to a Heron. Is that natures intelligence or what was that.

    3. I love stories like that. Birds and synchronicity. I always remember my one with the 3 crows. I even did a chart for the time they crashed into my window.

    4. Charyl, what a wonderful story. Of course such things happen. It is called synchronicity. I am sure the energy of your father brought that experience to you. How lovely.

    5. Thank you for that sharing, I value it. The differences I quoted from Osho were helpful to me in that my father was pro labourer, anti Cap. and that created so many problems and so much rejection and so much unhappinesses and sufferings. He had mars chiron conj. in pisces, kicked by religion during the depression, Jupiter conj. South Node. His experience on another level was of a black friend. My experience was of odd man out in the family of four and later yoga instead of/or after party politics and protests and caravans across canada. I am so glad I don’t have to sort through it all now (what to believe) as I am so much more aware. Now it’s more about trying to put all the pieces into perspective. Are the wifes really burned to death?? literally? serious? I just now looked to see dad’s jupiter conj. South node/Scorpio so this seems to be the direction this is taking. Father has been such a sorrow since his tragic passing at 64 of a heart attack. Perhaps thats saturn in todays chart over there all by itself opposing pisces which is my mom by the by. Yes, yr right. However, I say that if he was alive today he would be dancing the jib with his cane to see change and Obama elect.

    6. Yes, sadly women are burned to death. When I lived there in the early 90’s it was a woman a day in Delhi and a woman an hour in Gujarat the state north of Bombay. It may have improved but it still remains a major problem. Dowries are banned but they are still a reality. An accident with kerosense, with which they cook, soon ignites a nylon sari. The burned wives rarely say who did it unless they know they are going to die and then the finger is usually pointed at husband and mother in law. If the woman lives she will have to return to her husband because her own family cannot take her back or they will be shamed. Sadly it is part and parcel of the terrible misogyny at work in Indian culture.
      Thanks for explaining the relevance of Osho. I have not read much of his work but I know some of it is insightful.

    7. Jesus!! A woman every HOUR!!!. I thought the witch burning was bad but this has totally choked me. I had no idea. I find it amazing that so many people go to India to “find themselves”, there are all these retreats there, and its upposed to be such a “spiritual” country and this is/was going on at the same time. I mean…I cannot express how angry that makes me…Where is the chart for India?….Jamie?

    8. These were the figures I read in the Times of India in the early 90’s when we lived there. I just checked latest figures and 12 women are burned to death every hour in India (2009) double that of men so if you divide that by half to take into account accidents which also impact men, you still have six women an hour being burned to death in what are probably dowry murders. One of the things which frustrated me greatly, Virgo with Aquarian Moon and Ascendant, was the ‘fantasy’ of India as a spiritual place where in fact, in the four years I lived there, I found it a religious culture capable of some of the greatest inhumanity to man (woman and child) I had ever seen. Having since lived for more than ten years in four African countries I would still hold to that view.

    9. This is truly awful. I currently live in South Africa and I am aghast at the level of cruelty directed towards women and children. i think I already posted the stats for sexual assault in this thread.

      Something emerges. There is cruelty and shameful behaviour everywhere in the world. It seems to be nothing to do with the location, it seems to be part of human life and it is not changing much regardless of politics.

      I’m not sure i would have described modern India as a spiritual place. per se. I think it is a Taurus ruled country? There is a very strong spiritual tradition there which goes back thousands of years. The nature of that spirituality is not invasive. I cite the Vedic tradition which is what most people seek when they seek themselves. So it doesn’t permeate by force the average person.

      One could equally seek gnosis in other traditions in other countries and equally find that it does not filter where people do not seek it. You won’t fid much Christian gnosis in Italy, or Ireland which have very religious traditions or lack of sexism and cruelty in Japan, despite it being the home of zen. It probably just presents differently.

      In my years as an analysand in the Jungian way, the fundamental steps to self knowing – and astrology helped enormously here – was to know what constituted the shadow in the effort to integrate it.
      Mostly we project it outwards. The less self awareness, the more projection and the less compassion. Self awareness in our style over content world has been reduced to physical awareness and awareness of selfish needs. Not the same at all.

      What reveals through this thread is that the same polarity of masculine v feminine is still going strong. Well maybe this is the basic nature of the beast – remember, the beast is full of animal traits as well as human.

      I often wonder if the ideals we set are so against what is realistic to accomplish, they are part of the problem. The history of marriage shows it was largely a 7th house contractual, saturnine agreement. But we have confused it with the 5th house playground of love. I’m sure both sexes feel duped. When we love, we put The Other in loco parentis of God because love gives us a numinous experience. Then basic archetypes start to act out mostly because neither party is very aware of what his/her own nature really is and then are subscribed to an institution which demands roles. The roles vary slightly between cultures, but not that much as they are based in biology.

      The biology of male and female brains are of course different. The corpus calosum in females is said to be up to 30x bigger allowing the two brain hemispheres much faster connecting – this appears to facilitate more diverse thinking and problem solving as more areas of the brain activate when presented with a problem. To the male, this is foggy thinking… By comparison he is a rigid thinker.

      I have noticed as people age, each sex is happier with its own counsel but men become more needy of women in the way 2 yr olds need mothers with patience who can work out in advance if they are going to trip over a step… and prevent it. Women need company and good conversation. We both need freedoms marriage doesn’t foster. Both sexes get trapped. Trapped animals lash out.

      Currently I think the world is reaching a crescendo of unconsciousness which is screaming out loud because it cannot think. If it really could think it would think a bit harder and realise the answers are in the higher mind, the one which the seeker seeks when she/he goes to India etc
      Osho, the Vedas, Patanjali et al encourage the seeker to transcend the lower mind and its attachments, the strongest of which is desire itself. Not easy. This is not to negate it but to realise what it is – an aspect of the universal mind which is required for incarnation.
      And it needs to be honed. And honed. And honed.
      Not easy, not easy, not easy.
      it is so much easier to live with desires, in the short term, satisfy them and then seek out the next one then realise one is controlled by desires, driven by them and suffers by them.
      I believe that at the base of the current mayhem is the desire for release form bondage – this could be one aspect of Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn. The irony of course is that revolution does not guarantee success. if you jump off the cliff and spread your wings you might find you plummet to your death anyway.
      The very basic frustrations of life are born out against the thing closest to one which is generally another human being. Over time this becomes a convention and an institution and a rotten one at that in which no one wins.

    10. Ancient Bible scholars “framed” Eve as the architect of “Original Sin” out of sexism, according to a leading academic. Far from being responsible for the “Fall of Man”, she was actually the wife of God himself.
      Dr Francesca Stavrakopoulou, senior lecturer in the Hebrew Bible at the University of Exeter and herself an atheist, says in a new BBC series on the Bible that Eve could have been “Asherah”, the fertility goddess who was wife of the “high god” Ugarit.
      In an interview in today’s Radio Times, she defends her interpretation of the Genesis creation story and argues that the true nature of Eve has been suppressed by the male-dominated world of biblical scholarship.
      “Most biblical scholars are middle-aged bearded men,” she says. “It’s fair to say there’s been an amount of sexism in the discipline and, as a young woman in the field, I’ve had to develop my own ways of coping with that.”
      She said: “Texts in the Bible refer to ‘asherah’ but until recently scholars didn’t know what ‘asherah’ was, other than it was something associated with Yahweh (the ancient name for the god of the Israelites) and that it was disapproved of by biblical writers.
      “In the early 20th century, some texts were dug up in Ugarit in Syria, which gave us much more information. These told us that Asherah was a fertility goddess and that she was the wife of ‘the high god’ of Ugarit. With that information, we read the biblical texts quite differently — we knew that the ‘asherah’ mentioned in the Bible was a reference to the goddess Asherah.
      “And then in the 1970s, inscriptions were found in the territories that we now associate with modern Israel and with Sinai, which explicitly linked Yahweh with Asherah. So scholars now believe this is evidence that just as Asherah was ‘the wife of god’ in Ugarit, she was also the wife of God in Israel.”
      Further scholarship links Asherah directly with Eve and the Garden of Eden, and Dr Stavrakopoulou says she wants to redress the traditional idea of Eve as the Bible’s first fallen woman.
      “There are hints in the Genesis story about the Garden of Eden that Jahweh was Eve’s husband. The symbols we associate with Eve — particularly the trees and the serpent — are ancient symbols of fertility and regeneration associated with goddess worship. But Eve, particularly in the Christian tradition, has been very unfairly maligned as the troublesome wife who brought about the Fall.”
      She also argues that the story of the Garden of Eden did not originally belong in the first book of the Bible and that Eve cannot therefore reasonably be blamed for the fall of mankind. She repositions Eve as just one of a series of “troublesome wives” sprinkled throughout the Hebrew Bible, which she says was written at a time of general nervousness about women.
      “And the academic debate around ‘God’s wife’ is important, given the kind of debates that have been going on in our own time, socially and politically, as well as within a religious context, about the role of women.”
      The first episode of Bible’s Buried Secrets will be screened on BBC Two at 9pm on March 15.

      I found this in The Times (UK) today. How very appropriate. Belief systems have to change.

  42. Just want to say thanks to people on this blog. I’m not receiving any more posts on my email for awhile. Got too many things to deal with but I sure feel like I have a place I can come if I need to.

    1. @charyl, thanks for your ideas and sharing. It’s been like my knitting group on here sharing ideas seemingly forever..I’ve been at least reading things and hoping I can keep up. So many interests, trying to manage the scattering herds of ideas and activities that I am learning, is my life.
      @uberwands, I relished your insights on eve. In the past months, my desire has finally reached a point where I am actually spending some productive time in solitude with stories that breathe life into tired old memories of sitting in church on Sundays and yearning for but finding little meaning in the words read dutifully out loud. Having the courage to allowing oneself to be called on their inner demons, thereby bringing them into the light (rather than casting them into hell) is the take I developed after pondering the story of Michael and Lucifer described on the Smithonsian Channel’s series on Christianity. This post offers an opportunity for a new take on eve by adding more information that just feels like it belongs to the story. Personally, I’ve become interested in Eve from reading about Lilith. My general conclusion about the Garden of Eden story has for several years been that “the fall” is not a bad thing – it is simply a necessary step in the process of individuation – we leave the bliss of dependent oneness with God and find our way to making our own gardens of Eden in our own way, by the kinds of experiences we have in life and what we choose to do with them. They may not be perfect, our gardens, but they are human, which is ultimately more satisfying and paradoxically more spiritual than getting everything done for us by someone more “divine” or “powerful.” Its a bit of a shock leaving the garden, but God isn’t punishing us, just giving us a push out of the nest so we can grow. At least that’s what feels right for me and my life. Lilith asteroid opposite Sun trine Neptune on the MC, perhaps? and others…We wouldn’t want to not have the experience of being seen for who we truly are, sins, nakedness, and all, and made to find our own way, because that’s what sets us on our life’s path. Now, I find myself becoming aware of attitudes that say the world doesn’t support us finding our own way, and fueling my path forward by investing faith in the idea that once we support our own knowledge of who we are and move forward into the world with that knowledge in some way – anything from posting on a blog perhaps or finding a career or starting a garden – others appear who do support our path and become stronger elements of our lives once we accept their companionship.

  43. @uberqueenofwands,

    You said:Something emerges. There is cruelty and shameful behaviour everywhere in the world.

    Yes, there is, but there is less of it in the developed world.

    You said: It seems to be nothing to do with the location, it seems to be part of human life and it is not changing much regardless of politics.

    No, it has to do with development, education, democracy, freedom to think and be other and it is changing. It has changed dramatically. There is nothing happening in the Third World, or the Indias and Africas that did not happen in Europe, England etc., 100 and more years ago.

    The key factor is the education of women and a society which accepts gender equality even if it does not pursue it as much as it should.

    You said:There is a very strong spiritual tradition there which goes back thousands of years.

    Yes, there is, as there is in all countries or continents. Europe, Asia, Arabia, the Americas… all have this tradition. It is the human desire to become.

    You said:The nature of that spirituality is not invasive. I cite the Vedic tradition which is what most people seek when they seek themselves. So it doesn’t permeate by force the average person.

    yes and no. They may not prosetylise but they certainly permeate by force those within the religion and culture, particularly women. Within Hinduism a woman who rebels against dress or place is ostracised if not killed. Those who marry, or seek to marry beyond caste are often killed even today. I call that force.

    You said: In my years as an analysand in the Jungian way, the fundamental steps to self knowing – and astrology helped enormously here – was to know what constituted the shadow in the effort to integrate it.

    Absolutely but no religion has a place for such enlightened thinking.

    You said:Mostly we project it outwards. The less self awareness, the more projection and the less compassion.

    Absolutely and all sourced in a fear of being rejected by the greater community.

    You said:What reveals through this thread is that the same polarity of masculine v feminine is still going strong. Well maybe this is the basic nature of the beast – remember, the beast is full of animal traits as well as human.

    No, but it is the lesson. The major conflict is within, the seeking of the hieros gamos, the sacred marriage within the Self. The outer events merely reflect the inner, unresolved conflict.

    You said:I’m sure both sexes feel duped. When we love, we put The Other in loco parentis of God because love gives us a numinous experience.

    I venture to suggest they are two different things. We are physical creatures as well as psychological, emotional and spiritual. The physical relationship is an important part of being human.

    You said:Then basic archetypes start to act out mostly because neither party is very aware of what his/her own nature really is and then are subscribed to an institution which demands roles. The roles vary slightly between cultures, but not that much as they are based in biology.

    Yes and no. They are not based in biology but an expression of a general biological makeup. Most represent the average but some do not so there is no absolute way of being male or of being female and we all have both energies at work within us.

    You said:The biology of male and female brains are of course different.

    Only to the degree that women have the ability to more easily communicate with both sides. The actual biology of the brains is same, it is the structure of the corpus callosum, as you say, which differs. This merely impact communication between the two sides.

    You said: To the male, this is foggy thinking… By comparison he is a rigid thinker.

    This is of course a generalisation. Men can think through feminine energies and women can think through the masculine. Some women are more masculine energy oriented as astrological charts clearly show and some mean more feminine, but both have access to the same energies in varying forms.

    You said:I have noticed as people age, each sex is happier with its own counsel

    I disagree but this is not my experience.

    You said:but men become more needy of women

    To some degree with some men but this has more to do with the fact that their focus has been on their career and they feel uncertain and unable to cope with other realities of life.

    You said:in the way 2 yr olds need mothers with patience who can work out in advance if they are going to trip over a step… and prevent it.

    This is an extreme view. I don’t think it is fair, reasonable or right. A man who feels vulnerable on retirement is not mentally or emotionally two years old…. adolescent maybe, but two year old are not able to relate rationally in the main and are emotional, organic beings who have yet to become truly conscious. A two year old lives in a very Neptunian world. Consciousness comes slowly between birth and the age of five or seven in some cases.

    You said:Women need company and good conversation.

    So do men.

    You said: We both need freedoms marriage doesn’t foster. Both sexes get trapped. Trapped animals lash out.

    Can get trapped. There are good marriages out there which last 40, 50, 60 or 70 years.

    You said:Currently I think the world is reaching a crescendo of unconsciousness which is screaming out loud because it cannot think.

    I agree in the main but would have said forgotten how to think rather than cannot.

    You said:If it really could think it would think a bit harder and realise the answers are in the higher mind, the one which the seeker seeks when she/he goes to India etc

    The answers are in all aspects of the mind. We have to learn to live well in this life and to work with all aspects of mind. The idea that India offers some access to the higher mind is a fantasy developed in the West which looked for an easy way to do the work.

    You said:Osho, the Vedas, Patanjali et al encourage the seeker to transcend the lower mind and its attachments,

    Yes, they do and if it actually worked India would not be one of the cruellest, most unjust, filthiest, most unkind places on earth. While saying that I have great appreciation for Indian culture, the good bits anyway. If Indians are transcending the lower mind then it is not a place I want to go.

    You said: the strongest of which is desire itself.

    The problem is not desire, it is demand. Desire is a vital part of being human. We wake up and desire to move our bowels, drink water, eat breakfast, hug those we love, attend to our family and children or job and life…. desire is good. What is not good is demanding an outcome and needing a particular outcome. Having lived in India I have no doubt, despite thousands of years of teaching, Indians desire and demand as much, if not more because they have so much less, as anyone.

    Hold lightly to life is the key. That is easier to do in the West than in the Third World where one wrong move you end up in the gutter if not dead.

    You said:I believe that at the base of the current mayhem is the desire for release form bondage

    I think it is because, in a modern world of communication where people know how others live it is because those who live under oppression and tyranny and with terrible poverty want what the developed world has… they want to live as those in the so-called First World live.

    This is an Aquarian ideal, not a Neptunian/Piscean one. this is about principles, humanity and a striving for justice, freedom and the best that humanity can be.

    You said:The irony of course is that revolution does not guarantee success.

    Your definition of success may not be theirs. Perhaps for those who have lived under the jackboot success amounts to no more than standing up and risking one’s life for change. The tyrants may win but that does not mean the revolution is a failure.

    p.s. I found your post interesting which is why I replied in detail. I hope youdo not mind.

  44. Uberqueen – I agree that Eve was “framed” as the architect of “Original Sin” out of sexism, but, you know I think its much worse than that – within the Eden story is the meaning of, as well as the workings of, the Kabbalah and the Flower of Life, and that includes the sacred geometry – this relates how the Tetragrammaton’s gift of primal creative power was revealed through the symbol of the Tree to the original inhabitants of Earth (the tree embodies double vortex/Taurus whose geometry contains the Flower of Life, the Star of David and the fractal potential for infinite expansion and infinite concentration, which are the electromagnetic and the gravitational vectors) and its fruits being knowledge of its workings (apples, symbolically embodying and encoding both the geometry and the seed that express wave/point functions of the creative dynamic), was understood and taken up BY EVE ALONE – heh, there you are, the result of the corpus collosum providing a wider range of integration in consciousness! In human form only the woman could get it – Earth had no problem either! That is the essense the story contains. Adam failed, just as he continues to fail now, only humans have two sides and now he believes he’s got it sussed, duped by his own shadow – its everywhere to see! – huh, when it came to record the stories in written form, as an instrument of political power by the forming Church State, this was beneath and undermining the reaction of a patriarchy that had been shown to be left wanting in being dependant on the feminine principle, while having to subjugate themselves to “God” and claiming that God was male alone; Eve was relegated to the Bride, which later became the Church itself, a further step away from the truth; such deep subterfuge, it can make my blood boil to this day to enter a church built from the stones of the old Earth temples and remember how many millions of wise women and men were burned outside its walls in the name of a religion that is made rotten to its core, when its essense is so beautiful – when it comes to the story in the Bible, at the first level there was a primary psychological reflex of denial, that prompted them to make of Eve being responsible for the “Fall of Man”, as an avoidance of the truth – it should read “The Ascension of Woman”, but, when the church patriarchs came to re-write the Testaments they took the opportunity to turn the tables and this was the source of original sin – its a patriarchal invention, a cover-up job, and a real stitch-up for woman-kind – as with so much else that springs from the primary patriarchs of Christianity after Christ (and I should add that while I am no Christian, I do respect the inner doctrines very deeply) it is the mirror, the flip-side of the truth that is presented as truth, and its much worse than projection, as there is such a strong political element, invective conscious contrivance to it – vicious and very deeply misogynistic – this remains in the background of religion and world government today, driving us to pursue systems that are inherently corrupt because they are based upon false power structures dressed up as ideals, just like the Burkah clad Muslim women have their sexuality falsified in order to hide their true power, and just as the sacred cow of “democracy” is bandied about as the saviour of the free world – bullshit – the people rising in the Middle East, and at this stage its men and women alike, are showing the true face of democracy which literally, as I am sure you know, means “People Power” – Yes, she was actually the wife of God himself, but, only in so far as she was the equal and necessary half of creation that was integral to its completion – the original sin was in the patriarchs making her the scapegoat for their own shortcomings and claiming the power for themselves – lets say it again – so we can see the ‘the Fall of Man” of man for what it is – “The Ascension of Woman” is the true right of every woman and now is the time to reclaim it

    1. Rob, you deserve an Oscar for that, if not a Nobel prize! Excellent work and thank you for illuminating me. I have a feeling that there is a plasma instability which resembles the tree of life, a column with branches coming off it and wonder if it might be at the core of some of that belief, i.e the fear element. Did you see Thunderbolts Symbols of an Alien sky and Remembering the End of the World? Patriarchy seems to me, to stem from the presence of Saturn and this is in both sexes! But maybe when the comet Venus arrived with streaming “hair” it was ascribed feminine gender and because of what it engendered on the earth, according to Velikovsky, total mayhem, this might have been the origin of contempt towers the feminine.
      Of course if we extend our search further East we find the wondrous multifaceted Kali who is both a source of fear, death but renewal and immortality through the cessation of time. She seems to be speaking to us now!
      Thanks so much for your brilliant post. Mine was from an article in The Times but I am glad the BBC see fit to televise this. Uranus, new radical story, is challenging old stuff, Pluto in Capricorn, through electronic government institution, The BBC! Don’t you just love astrology!

    2. Kali is part of a long tradition of Creator, Protector, Destroyer Goddess energy. The Morrigan of the Celts; Hecate of the Greeks and the Sumerian Inanna, to name just three.

    3. The basis of female deities, kali etc is in the arrival of a comet to our solar system and how it actually appeared in the sky plus the havoc it wreaked. This comet was Venus – or Inana, Kali, Hekate etc etc – see the work of Anthony Perratt and Velikovsky and particularly the work of Thunderbolts Project – Symbols of An Alien Sky.
      They are not just traditions, they had very interesting source realities. Myths have a basis in reality.

  45. Time Magazine released this today:

    16 of History’s Most Rebellious Women

    Tawakul Karman, Yemen
    Aung San Suu Kyi, Burma
    Corazon Aquino, the Philippines
    Phoolan Devi, India
    Angela Davis, the U.S.
    Golda Meir, Israel
    Vilma Lucila Espín, Cuba
    Janet Jagan, Guyana
    Jiang Qing, China
    Nadezhda Krupskaya, Russia
    Susan B. Anthony, the U.S.
    Emmeline Pankhurst, Britain
    Harriet Tubman, the U.S.
    Mary Wollstonecraft, Britain
    Joan of Arc, France
    Queen Boudica, Britain,29307,2057714_2251980,00.html?hpt=C2

    1. sorry Jamie, but, the link did not work and I cannot find the article yet- but, there we appear to have it, still at work – and on International Women’s Day of all days, rebellious?!

    2. Just copy and paste the link to the address bar on your browser. I’ve had to make most of the links inactive because we’ve had a couple of websites copying all our posts and somehow coming up higher than us on Google searches. Something to do with Pagerank and linking I think.

    3. Just realized that Mercury is conjunct Lilith and Uranus today.

    4. Please add me to that list! I have been in trouble and the source of it all my life! Hooooraaaaaayyyy!!!!!

    5. I do always wonder how they come up with these lists. Then again, Time has not been a credible source for a long time. Thieves, corrupt politicians, suffragettes and world leaders with a bloody reputation.

    6. you know, I like your comments, they’re balanced and informed, but, this one is very revealing….care to elucidate on them, be a little more specific about those “thieves, corrupt politicians……and world leaders with a bloody reputation”? And where exactly do you stand re sufferagettes?

    7. There it is. Clearly a delay in my part of the world.

    8. There it is. Just a delay in my part of the world. By the way, I love your ironic touch.

    9. The list is for “History’s Most Rebellious Women” so it looks pretty good to me. They don’t have to be fair or honest, only rebellious, and they all seen to fit the bill.

      Lilith conjunct Uranus = rebellious women, again this fits the list so well, and the timing is wonderful with Mercury conjunct Lilith and Uranus. Lilith Uranus makes for rebellious, independent women, not necessarily law abiding church goers.

      Aung San Suu Kyi, Lilith conjunct Ceres (36′). Sun conjunct Betelgeuse, Lilith conjunct Arcturus.

      Corazon Aquino, Moon square Uranus (31′), Lilith conjunct Alcyone.

      Phoolan Devi, Lilith conjunct Neptune (26′), square Venus @ 1 degree.
      Angela Davis, Venus trine Lilith (52′) Sun trine Uranus (17′). Saturn conjunct Bellatrix (female warrior star)

      Golda Meir, Venus opposite Uranus @ 1 degree, Lilith trine Chiron @ 30′. Lilith conjunct Betelgeuse.

      Vilma Lucila Espín, Moon opposite Lilith @ 2 degrees, Saturn square Uranus 1 degree. Ceres conjunct Bellatrix.

      Janet Jagan, Lilith opposite Ceres @ 2 degrees, Ceres conjunct Pluto @ 10′, Mars sextile Uranus about 30′

      Nadezhda Krupskaya, Moon opposite Lilith @ 3 degrees, Sun conjunct Lilith @ 1 degree, Ceres cionjunct Chiron @ 2 degrees

      Susan B. Anthony, Sun opposite Lilith @ 1 degree, Venus square Uranus @ 1 degree, Venus conjunct Chiron @1 degree, Mars conjunct Castor.

      Emmeline Pankhurst, Lilith trine Venus (45′), Moon quincunx Chiron (11′), Moon conjunct Vertex ( 33′) Ceres opposite Jupiter (46′), Ceres square Nodes (49′), Sun conjunct Pollux.

      Mary Wollstonecraft, Lilith square Nodes @ 10′, Lilith trine Chiron @ 2 degrees, Lilith conjunct Algorab.

      Joan of Arc, Lilith opposite Mars @ 2 degrees, Lilith conjunct Regulus.

      Queen Boudica must have had something on Bellatrix.

    10. @Jamie, you have been working hard. I have no doubts that they would have an astro fit, along with hundreds if not thousands of other women, I just felt the ‘list’ was not really appropriate in light of International Women’s Day. One would have thought they could find some more admirable rebels. But, fascinating astro facts all the same.

    11. Ha ha! Are you saying that list is the equivalent of putting up Rambo, Attila the Hun, Hitler, Peter Sutcliffe, Gaddafi etc etc for International Man’s day? (The very thought of their being such a day!)

      I havent heard of half the names on that list.

      Yes weird they choose rebellious, rather than outstanding. Then you could have Ellen Brockavitch, Marie Curie, Helen Keller… some of my favorites.

    12. Interesting that they chose rebellious Marina… a patriarchal category. You would not see a list of rebellious men. I would have thought a category of notable women leaders (not just political of course) would have been appropriate. Call me picky but a bandit queen; a corrupt politician; a racist warring politician etc. etc. hardly seem appropriate and are they rebellious or just lawbreakers. A man-made list with man-made bias. I hadn’t heard of half of them either but knew of the exploits of Devi from when I lived in India.

    13. I just realised this still worked but replied below.

    14. I like your list, Marina. 🙂 Another person who came to mind was Pearl S. Buck, Author of “The Good Earth”. She was an outspoken humanitarian who advocated for minority and women’s rights and at one time was as a member of the NAACP. She was deeply concerned about and involved in improving conditions for poor and oppressed Chinese women (and girl babies), and while living in China, volunteered at a shelter for Chinese slave girls and prostitutes; she also founded the first international, interracial adoption agency in the world. She was the first American woman to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, but stood up for her beliefs by refusing to set foot in Nazi Germany while visiting Europe to accept the award.

      Her BM Lilith (in Libra) was conjunct Uranus (in Scorpio), quintile Chiron, and square her Moon and Venus (in Cancer). Not related to Lilith but still interesting – her Neptune/Pluto conjunction was on the Fixed Star Aldebaran.

  46. @Rob,
    Your comment again appeared in my email but not here. Oh well.

    You said:you know, I like your comments, they’re balanced and informed, but, this one is very revealing….care to elucidate on them, be a little more specific about those “thieves, corrupt politicians……and world leaders with a bloody reputation”? And where exactly do you stand re sufferagettes?

    I was bemused by the list. It seemed an odd bunch even though I did not know all of them. Phoolan Devi was a bandit queen; Corazon Aquino came to power to remove one of the most corrupt Filipino leaders and then presided over one of the most corrupt governments herself; Golda Meir was instrumental in entrenching the lie in Israeli society that the Palestinians had no history and no rights, thereby laying the groundwork for decades of bloody suppression of the Palestinian people… she also said, and I paraphrase, that the only blood she cared about was the blood of Jews… in other words…. shed as much blood of non-Jews as you like.
    As to suffragettes – I value their contribution to womanhood. But it remains an odd list all the same.

    1. sorry I can’t reply further than to say I must to work but will happily rejoin later…

    2. Me too! Wonderful, wonderful contributions. Been reading them all. Have much to comment on, but very busy trying to cram in as many readings as possible before I go to Australia again! Yippee :)))

  47. @Marina, we have run out of space in the thread above but as I clicked reply I had the thought, rebellious men would be called heroes!!!!!! Why not have a list of heroic women for International Women’s Day. Aquino, Meir and most of them would not make it but some would, certainly the suffragettes who, given the attitudes of the time were seriously heroic… as was Boudicca for that matter.

    1. Aren’t rebellious men called rebels? As in the movie Rebel Without a Cause? etc etc

      Marie Curie was heroic in that she did amazing work at the cost of her life.

    2. My point was that you would never get a list of male rebels.

    3. Not so sure! I used to teach 16-18 year old boys and they always had a very comprehensive list!

    1. Ah you noticed! Thanks. I got sick of the astrology ranking sites for various reasons, and also a few sites just posting there own favourite sites as “the best”, so I made my own based on Alexa ranking: Best Astrology Sites.

  48. Jamie – great info on the ‘women’s list’ astrology, big thanks – we certainly are getting that mirror of Mercury Lilith Uranus

    R.Ross – trying to tie in comments from various threads here – good to see your comments following the ‘list’ – I’m all for the celebration of Sheroes and, given the Times’ emphasis on rebellion, I agree this seems misplaced on IWD, especially as it looks so token, contrived and provocative, and implies disapproval – what a missed opportunity on their part for a serious redressal – too much editorial control I suspect, so, no real surprises there – here, as elsewhere, it is easy to be misled by semantics, so discussion helps – I did see your comment about the individual charts re : Saturn, so, I guess we are in agreement there – without discussion we would probably remain just as deeply embedded within our personal POVs and would have missed that opportunity as well

  49. Charyl said from the feminist documentary “Equal pay for equal work. Sexist media. The Spice Girls and Zena, were strong sexy role models. Sexual power. Lady GaGa. There was a general consensus that with todays anti feminists that too many women forfeited their beauty for liberation.”

    Thats so Pallas Athena isnt it? I guess thats why Lilith has become more of an Icon than poor old Pallas with her lobbed off boobie. Then I went all Mary Whitehouse on the sexy girls. Its a fine line to tread isnt it? As soon as you use your sexiness as power, the media, patriarchy, religion, other feminists will turn it round also, then there is the risk of being called a bimbo. I remember being in awe of Madonna for being so sexually confident, powerful and obviously enjoying her own sexuality in the 80’s. It was so refreshing in the early days….and now we just have overkill. I guess thats the same with every movement isnt it? Have you seen that “Do it like a Dude” Video?… I say…!

    1. Marina, getting back to re reading some of these earlier postings.
      What happened to poor old Pallas Icon with her lobbed off boobie?

  50. Uberqueen

    Yes I do love astrology, and have a hunch we will soon get the collective ‘nudge’ we need to review how we use it more in line with astro-physics, as well as our understandings of the archetypal correlations with the planets – have not seen the Alien Skies vid yet but, enough thought provoking material is available from the Thunderbolts team and many others to aid some serious revisioning and, with cross referencing and percieving our own dance, prepare for a new cosmology, which I too feel will unfold (perhaps very rapidly within our lifetime) and is symbolised in the current Uranus Pluto aspect, at least to some extent, as well as the Uranus ingress

    I had thought about going into this in more detail here, but, decided it would take a huge amount of space for a comment, so aim to put this up on my blog v.soon (shameless self-promotion!)

    one other thing; we view the universe in its ‘radiant’ form, from a perspective that is relativistically in balance between the electromagnetic and gravitational, multiplicity and singularity, field and point – the event horizon is implicit, in fractal scaling at all levels, within this universe – we and our perception are on the electromagnetic side of the event horizon, which is why gravity appears as a weak force, and why we experience an expanding universe – were we viewing from the other side or nearer to the event horizon, gravity would appear more powerful, but, reality as we percieve it would be very different – however, EM fields within the Solar system are now fluctuating more towards the event horizon, ie getting weaker – when this happens it triggers a release of energy – and we are seeing more plasma flares, not only on the Sun, but, here too, especially around teluric hotspots and above storms – the current Mid-East uprisings coincide with this, the 19.4º latitudes being especially important as along this are the points on earth that have the most potential for geodesic resonance within the inner EM field, and this is true for the Sun too, as sunpsots occur most frequently at this lat. on the Sun – it is sacred tetrahedral geometry which is implicit within the taurus – the horizontal bars of the Star of David – the pyramids are capacitors for primal creative energy! When these are triggered terrestrialy the goddess awakens, ascends…..and the god comes down to meet her…..providing he’s got his own shit out of the way LOL…time to watch the skies, for women to claim their power and for men to get their act together accordingly

    1. Another Oscar winning performance from Rob!
      I’ve been watching the 19.5 (19.4??) degree for some time and notice Haiti and Queensland on the money. I noticed the total solar eclipse of July 11 2010 had its zenith at Lat. = 19°44.9’S. Suffice to say the planetary merkabah is activated! There have been some magnificent crop circles full of this geometry too, giving us clues for years. Needless to say there has ben some scurrilous cover ups and efforts to discredit not least of all by the Discovery Channel. But this is another story!
      In the wake of the unleashed arrow from SGR 1806-20 resulting in the tsunami of 2004 (see Paul La Violette’s incredible book Earth Under Fire) I am watching Ophiucus, similarly close to the Galactic centre and wondering if the next kick start will come from there. Maybe Zeus didn’t think we were ready for immortality way back which is why Aesclepius is holding the two snakes or twin Birkeland currents back. But when we are ready they get to tango!
      D.K/Alice Bailey refer to Sagittarius as a key filter for humanity – i.e brings out/forges human trait as oppose to just form (Cancer) … so when Ophiucus activates and thse two currents are let free – Kali and Shiva, Time Untime unfolds!
      Personally I am bored to tears with the man/woman antagonism. Women do patriarchy too… Chronos becomes the Crone… It was both sad and telling that the Million Women march in Egypt only attracted about 1,000 on to the street and went out with a whimper, not a bang.
      Why? WOmen produce cortisol in times of crisis which is geared up to protection of self/young etc Men produce testosterone and in crisis even MORE testosterone. Call me old fashioned but I don’t want my head stoving infor the sisterhood… I’ve just spent a fortune at the hairdresser!
      Sex as currency is part of the deal. Perhaps we need to examine our attitude to sex more in the wake of Lilith. Are we over valuing it or are we making the evaluation in the wrong context?
      Context is everything. e.g performing the mating act while taking temperatures and ticking off calendars is not the same context as a man of fifty seducing a twelve year old boy or a female teacher enlightening her make pupil into tantra… I could go on and on and on…
      So my point? Stellar bodies in context both smaller and bigger pictures and quality not quantity – Lilith is a point not an actual body and it is a point of the moon. Which brings us to Esoteric Cancer – The herd, and not so esoteric, the personal. Maybe its jus time to integrate the mad woman, let Berthe Masson out of the attic and not give her too much credence – like naming Rumplestiltskin. Maybe its collectively time to transform the energy of muladhara into the lotus at the crown. Ida and pingala have to unite to transcend.
      If Paris wants to stick her bum in someone’s face for the camera poor thing, lets remember she’s just doing what females baboons do but with a little Gucci stuck on her somewhere in an attempt to try and elevate which is a simple act of fertility. Paris is saying, someone PLEASE notice my ovaries, because right now my brains are in my ovaries… its actually no more sinister than that!

      In a previous post I think I said something was emerging in this thread and as I see it it was becoming the old male v female bashing thing… I’m sure I was guilty too!!! But as we herald the arrival of the 7th ray, this polarity will also go. Currently according to some esoteric astrology and Ray experts 80% of humans are manifesting ray 6 and this is the mass exodus of the ray which will not return as a moulding influence. Its synonymous with the passing out of the age of Pisces too. There is a lot of excellent commentary regards Rays.

      I have a feeling tuning into the Merkabah now is more important than politics and that Lillith conjunct Uranus may be an indicator of neutralising sexual polarity and challenging the context. Interestingly those women in CAiro who took to the streets in number to speak up politically (more Uranus) were not so keen to take to the streets purely for feminine rights (more Lilith). Personally I’m content to accept we ladies do things differently. Now hand me that purple lipstick, I have to wield my hormones!!!

    2. You make some good points uberqueen and in that 100th monkey way of things, I was sitting here this morning, having read some more posts on this site and thinking it was important to remember that patriarchy imprisons men as well and perhaps in more destructive ways than it has women. The feminine may have been physically imprisoned but the masculine has been emotionally imprisoned. More to the point, as you say, there are plenty of women expressing the patriarchal masculine and plenty of men expressing the opposite. So yes, I agree, it is too easy for it to degenerate into man-bashing. I look at the patriarchal age as a necessary follow-on from the matriarchal age: the goal is energy balance and having had the matriarchal first, which makes sense, the mother, we then experience the patriarchal. This division allows us to see more clearly so that we can bring about the heiros gamos and find unity.
      I also feel, astrologically speaking, it is important not to genderise because both Sun and Moon have, at varying times, been seen as either masculine or feminine and this makes me think we need to remember that both energies are at work in them. At least I believe they are but then I believe that both energies are at work in everything and everyone to greater and lesser degrees. In truth, there are no masculine or feminine energies, merely qualities which we ascribe to the masculine or the feminine; or more correctly, to the male and the female.
      And the divisions diminish with age. Perhaps Saturn is more balanced than some might think.

    3. absolutely, on all points – it interests me, this genderising of the planets – I hope we do not ‘throw out the baby with the’….have been wondering about the feminine side of the traditionally masculine planets – what would the feminine side of Saturn look like (tempted to say Margaret Thatcher? but won’t – oops), are some planets already more ‘bi’, Uranus for example, or even neutral – Neptune intrigues at the moment, have a feeling that ingress into Pisces will reveal the feminine side of this one more fully….I too hope the divisions diminish with age

    4. You have triggered a thought. Perhaps the task for the future is to look beyond the categorisations for more ‘fully fleshed forms.’ In the same way that Saturn and others were considered malefic in centuries past and caused all sorts of nasty things, and we have moved to a more balanced view, perhaps the message is that we are not yet balanced enough.
      As to Margaret Thatcher, she was like a lot of women trying to survive in a man’s world, she ‘became’ more male than the men! She became a caraciture because, consciously or unconsciously, and no doubt fuelled through her animus side, she tried to be what she thought a man was. And to be fair to her, the only way men in the past, and still to some degree, allowed a woman to enter their ‘world’ was if she could pretend to be a man and they could forget she was a woman, or rather, what they expected a woman to be. I think in such circumstances one is ‘captured’ by the energy and it uses the individual to express itself rather than the other way around.
      Perhaps the feminine energy of Saturn is expressed in an Athena!

    5. Jung referred to enantiodromia – when something turns into the opposite of what it is. Would apply this to women in business who have to mentally at least behave/become men. Although I read an article some years back about female baldness suffered by young women in high pressure jobs – city/finance etc

      We all missed something here which is that different aspects of each planet will act out at different times of life. Paris Hilton’s expression of Uranus Lilith would be different from Hilary Clintons right now. So perhaps as Saturn is lord of time in that he/she marks cycles in life where saturn is will affect the context of a particular aspect.

      I notice that the saturn quarter return in the mid thirties often coincides with a desire for a child and the inability to conceive. Lilith Uranus would be very different visited on a woman in her mid thirties in that scenario than one of 56 on her roughly second saturn return. Then she’s more liekly to be Mary Whitehouse!

    6. I agree, the fleshing out is a balancing process and yes, the world is still in process, even though individually there are some highly developed beings at work on this planet already – I wonder about the critical mass necessary to bring the shift; are we seeing the first signs of it emerging? And, the hundredth monkey could be you, Uberqueen, Marina, Jamie or anyone here tuning into the frequencies at work – guess thats the ongoing mandate for us all….

      Thats a good point re being subject to or using, being articulate with the energy of the archetype, as it is most prevelantly being expressed – Athena would fit as a balance to Saturn.

      Saturn’s dark side, the ‘shadow’ of his energies, has held sway very much through patriarchal dominance, and, as you said earlier, men have suffered just as much, but, once it becomes embedded, it can also become an active component in consciousness, a neurotic element – culturally, this article exposes a strong aspect of this and asks invaluable questions – for many men the neurosis is barely conscious, activates primal drives, chains around Paris’s neck that distort and subvert her sexuality through projected repressive unconscious fantasy – very dangerous and insidious.

      Marion Woodman, a fave Jungian sage, has been very clear about all this – she is also very clear that darkness is not commensurate with ‘shadow’ and does not necessarily indicate repressed energy – ‘matter’ is alive with consciousness within, no divisions – with Saturn, the dark side becomes more prevelant as a repressive dynamic when it is lacking consciousness, so, perhaps the ‘fleshing out’ process also requires a revisioning of this aspect of the archetypes, within which we can heal our associations with dark dynamics of the psyche. The ‘dark goddess’ archetypes are very much at the heart of this process, although, as Marina has clearly shown, with Lilith she has multiplicity….which makes me think that an insistance upon a Monad does little to help the healing process, especially when the godhead is associated with the Light alone. Saturn has a singularity component that could benefit greatly if his partnering feminine energy could infuse it with light and Athena has the light of wisdom in equally pragmatic form.

    7. Re enantiodromia the buddhists have a similar theory. I missed a copy of jung’s man and his symbols at the 2nd hand bookshop by half an hour yesterday, you’ve inspired me to go and see if the library has a copy.

    8. I haven’t read all the comments–there are so many, and this continues to be a great thread.

      I’d like to interject an interesting note here. Do you see how most of the planets and angels have been labeled as male? Yet, many of us have learned recently that there are feminine counterparts to all the male archangels.

      And, interestingly, per an amazing book called “The Pleiadian Agenda,” Jupiter is actually a feminine planet, and our own moon, Luna, came from Jupiter. This is based on channeled information, and it makes perfect sense to me.

      Most likely, every other planet is actually a feminine planet–because the Universe seeks Balance.

    9. Barbara Hand Clow deserves paying good attention to, though she’s right out there, in here, so will turn some people off with her woo woo….

      I’d say that, from the human perspective, all the planets have the female/male balance within, some with it at 80/20 some at 50/50 – and we are basing our understandings on the view that arises from having a two strand DNA – I’m going to join Barbara here and say that we will discover that there are plenty of beings out there who have three or more strands, so, some of the stellar bodies might remain mis-understood until we can find out what kind of critter is related to them and accept that we are working with a limited POV….

    10. Yes I think the whole thing about people bringing the asteroid goddesses into common usage is an attempt to rebalance it all out. But I still think it is a little feeble.
      I think we are ok with the inners, but when we go outside it starts getting odd.
      Jupiter as female I can defo see, yet Jupiter the god was pretty much a rampant male wasnt he? Though he was such a master of disguise who’s to say he actually wasnt a woman. If he/she could change into an animal, then why not change sex?
      The Huber school consider Uranus female. Well I see him as like Mercury really, defo neutered!
      Eris is equal to Pluto now as is Ceres, so the balance is being redressed there.

      Now I’m all for replacing Chiron with Ceres. Its funny this halfman/half beast became so popular, yet Ceres discovered earlier just didn’t. I think this is because poor Ceres was just seen as some frumpy mumsey inferior Moon, while Chiron is this shamanic sexy comet and hung like a horse.

      As you all get by now, I’m mad keen to raise Cere’s profile. This girls needs reinventing big time. She is the new “yummy mummy” and way more shamanic than Chiron anyway. She IS plant/herbal wisdom.

      Here is an old rant of mine about “rulerships”

    11. i agree that Ceres needs to be raised further – with the Neptune conjunct coming up we may see why – could be Nept will loosen the planetary matrix further and Ceres will begin to show her real power…

    12. “Sun and Moon have, at varying times, been seen as either masculine or feminine and this makes me think we need to remember that both energies are at work in them. At least I believe they are but then I believe that both energies are at work in everything and everyone to greater and lesser degrees. In truth, there are no masculine or feminine energies, merely qualities which we ascribe to the masculine or the feminine; or more correctly, to the male and the female.”

      Just thinking, maybe we should have Condoleeza Rice’s profile here, Madeleine Albright’s and Jane Austen’s too. I think where a successful Saturn is concerned, Venus is not far behind. Having had this strong Venus/Mercury/Saturn in my chart, I see the feminine in the masculine and vice versa. Also, I see a youthful element in the old order of things and the sage in a child. Even before I can explain it astrologically speaking, I have ‘bridged’ the gap through counseling work for delinquent youths with their parents and tackled issues of abuse, homosexuality, spiritual poverty and lack of motivation.

      “Perhaps Saturn is more balanced than some might think.”

      So agree with this! It is the real personality of the chart. Before I fully understand an individual on a personal level, I have to understand that individual’s Saturn first and how it relates to mine. Very patriarchal to some people but for me it’s more like grandma talking. It’s no wonder my first two bestfriends in life and one still is (the other one passed away) are my paternal and maternal grandmothers. They both shared with me their own Lilith stories.

      “Here we have the subliminal suggestion of bondage with the chains around her neck. What is this image saying to us? Is she chained to her desires? Does she feel empowered there on that table on her knees? Is this sexy and if it is why? It suggests executive desk-toy to me.”

      A man who perceives ‘Paris’ this way has the potential to be up-ended. ‘Paris’ on top of that executive table is very strategic-minded. Being feminine (Venus) in the corporate boardroom (Saturn) would bind all the others in their seats. There’s nothing like being a dragonslayer wearing red spike heels and frilly, brightly coloured tops, with your hair all over the place when you’re a woman out to seal a multi-million dollar contract. You don’t even need to talk much, you just sit there and remind them of their wildest fantasies and how they would give anything to live it. Feminity with its guile of softness is a very lethal armor. This is where our goddess Lilith truly thrives – winning the negotiation before it even begins. In this context, I think Lilith is the feminine side of Saturn. She plots her way to winning any war she goes into. Margaret Thatcher? Probably. But the red Louboutins? Will leave that to Paris. Either way, these women are winners.

    13. Hey, where’d you get all those Oscars from?! Here, thanks for the gesture, let me return it, big appreciation to you…..Yes – the polarity excites the opposite if we are on one side or the other already, and if we are entrenched within our own polarisation then the imperative tends, in a competative society at least, to be to enter the opposite rather than exclude it because it does not fit with how we see things from our side of the balance, but, that is also the challenge, to evolve the entrenched POV – your examples are great – if we are able, as you demonstrate, to hold both, the intrinsic ‘truth’ which is an expression of the whole becomes available to awareness – co-operation and inclusivity brings the balance point out, the kind of awareness that is able to hold more than one point of view simultaneously – a great deal of our learning in the present process may be about entering the opposite through awareness so that we can restore the balance, and ideally, access the integral creative energy of the dance at the still point – we are likely to know we have gotten there when we are expressing unpolarised POVs ie without judgement, and are more engaged with the process, of evolving from the involved dynamic place within – sorry, just disappeared up my Uranus ingress- now, where’s my electric blue gloss lippy?! 🙂

    14. Small point Rob, rgds mag fields – they basically “shape” stuff – see how in an accelerator bent magnets are used to direct flow of particles (synchrotron etc). Our mag field currently has big holes in it to allow rays in which will effect further evolution. Sheldrake calls these morphogenic fields. Bailey/DK refer to cosmic fire= electricity which we do not have the full grasp of yet . So I’d see it not so much as a release of energy but as bodies being more receptive to energy (funny – masc v fem!!) I any case, so called “global warming” is more likely global radiance as it is happening throughout the solar system.

      The Vedas make ref to there being over 100,000 different types of ray coming off the sun – alas I can’t find more detail on this but I think the QUALITY of electric force/radiance influencing the gravitational field of is now visible – as you say, teluric hotspots.

      R.Ross makes a good point that the Sun/Moon have been interchanged as masc/fem in different cultures – and again I think we need to know more about the qualities of the rays and how they effect. This is of course a big and very scientific ask – but –

      returning to Symbols of An Alien Sky – this is a MUST SEE for anyone interested in the effect of celestial bodies on the human/animal races. Look at the actual form of symbols such as the Djed Pillar, The Squatter Man petroglyph (especially this!!!) The Eye idols of Inana, Aboriginal Wandijna, native American She Who Watches etc etc and see the toroidal fallout of synchron radiation… Squatter Man is a perfect cross section of a plasma column with toroidal rings – see any atomic bomb explosion too!! – Ouch!

      of course gamma rays cause mutation in cells – enough will alter them, a bit more will kill off cancer and a lot more will kill of everything.

      AB says the first levels of alteration by electric force is on the mineral kingdom – I wonder if there’s any connection to the recent wash up of dead shell fish in Karachi (millions of them – see youtube) and the other fish/bird deaths. Internal sensors of fish, otoliths, to gravitational fields also composed of mineral calc carb???
      Oddly, Finfish have three pairs called sagittae!!!

      Oh… this was going to be a small point!

    15. yep, I’m no scientist, have to work hard at understanding it, but, when theres an expression there also has to be something to recieve, so the two are intrinsic, implicit – our generalised view, which is now morphing, is heavily influenced by the radiant side, so the tendency is to look at flares for example as expressions, while they of course make impressions until they are integrated

      the glyphs are fascinating as they show a clear understanding, perhaps we should say ‘apprehension’, of the dynamics which we are so besotted with in astro-physics – our DNA is entraining (like it or not) and the mineral forms hold the geometry at a very clear level of manifestation, so, yes, they will show the process at the first level – could be that we are about to become carbon/silicon based in balance…..

    16. Indeed.. there are quite a lot of women who are already silicone based!

  51. Rob, Sheroes is a good term. I usually use S/He when referring to god but had not thought of Sheroes. Then again, I don’t actually believe in heroes or sheroes. I think all people at different times, in different circumstances act heroically it is just that we select and project certain figures to ‘carry’ the heroic energy. Sometimes it takes more heroism to run away than stand and fight…. tactical retreat as the generals called it.
    I think remaining courteous and open minded through a discussion either leads one to a point of agreeing to disagreeing or, the more common result, of finding common ground. Nice to chat.

    1. completely agree – and for the S/Hero the view is often very different – the appelation is external…..great thread, thanks

  52. Herewith a list of 6th Ray “glamours” – meaning how the badge of honour is worn and ultimately distracts form the single point of truth. Its worth scrutiny i these current times where 80% of us a re operting collcetively on this outgoing ray.

    RAY VI

    The glamour of devotion.
    The glamour of adherence to forms and persons.
    The glamour of idealism.
    The glamour of loyalties, of creeds.
    The glamour of emotional response.
    The glamour of sentimentality.
    The glamour of interference.
    The glamour of the lower pairs of opposites.
    The glamour of World Saviours and Teachers.
    The glamour of the narrow vision.
    The glamour of fanaticism.

    Does it rings bells??

    This is Ray 7 by comparison

    The glamour of magical work.
    The glamour of the relation of the opposites.
    The glamour of the subterranean powers.
    The glamour of that which brings together.
    The glamour of the physical body.
    The glamour of the mysterious and the secret.
    The glamour of sex magic.
    The glamour of the emerging manifested forces.

    These are dual expressions of the two rays 6 and 7

    Ray 6 – Devotion or Abstract Idealism. Persistence.
    Type A: Receptive. Pasive. Loyal. Tranquil. Worshipful. Gentle influence.
    Type B: Fiery zeal. Devoted striving toward ideals. Strong aspirations. Aggressive.

    Ray 7 – Ceremonial Order. Group magic. Organisation.
    Type A: Highly organised. Plays by the rules. Meticulous in action.
    Type B: Emphasis on creative process. Manifests ideas into forms. Creative.

    Can we see the one passing into the other at this time?

    1. More 100th Monkey syndrome. My “Astrology and the 7 rays” by the Hubers came through the door yesterday. The reason I haven’t been commenting as much as usual is because I’m loving their work. Linking to the Moon post. I found my Saturn! He’s not just Patriarchy. And Lilith isnt just for women.

      Uberqueen you make a good point about Paris Hilton and her oviaries. But I still wonder about the chain and the boardroom table. But maybe thats my Pluto square AC talking.. I don’t think misogyny could exist if it wasn’t for the collusion of women. There is something inside us that doesn’t trust our own sex. It is because we are just inclined to being more Neptunian/Slippery/Serpentlike/Wise?
      I wanted to make a point about the Time list also. Whether we agree with its contents or not, I think the point was, that it has come out under this Lilith/Uranus influence and it certainly reflects that in its choice of women. Lilith does have her bloodthirsty, baby-eating side after all. Much like Saturn! hmmmm…

      I want to read more about this 7th ray and the polarity thing going. Thanks for the link.

    2. I have Saturn square my six planet stellium and have learned he is now the benign headmaster who helps and encourages me to formulate the flood of creativity which that Leo 12th house stellium facilitates. Saturn is the builder too. I’ve made most of my income from property which meant I wasn’t trapped in a 9 – 5 so I could be both a home mum and pursue my art, writing, drama, study, teach yoga etc. Without Saturn to contain the flood, the water might have just trickled away! Everything I have built helps me now to assimilate the slings and arrows which do not cease!
      The Rays are so important to understand now, especially their hierarchy of influence and how they influence and colour planets.
      Saturn’s hexagonal storm fascinates me as do the dragon storms on Jupiter. The actual nature of both these planets has to be different from what it was say 15,000 or even fifty years ago?..
      I’m now going to check out the Hubers seven rays too! I have ordered Ponder on This, collection of ABs work as I have read a lot but I think a précis would really help!

    3. “And Lilith isnt just for women.”

      Lottery triple smash!!! The man who knows how to unleash his own Lilith is the one to watch out for. Very delightfully dangerous. In all sense.

    4. The rays are very interesting. I think they work well with astrology. Solafire software include them in their readings along with Sabian symbols. I also find using the Tarot and I Ching in tandem with astrology provides insights.

  53. this article has brought over two hundred comments – is that an alltime high at Darkstar?

    I have wondered about the prominence of women answering the call here – there are men commenting, but, I wonder – just exactly where is the men’s voice in all this – and, yes Marina, I agree, the Islamic women’s voice needs to be heard more….

    1. There are so many muslim women in my area, but you don’t see any wearing the full burqa, just the veil. Today I saw a somali woman wearing a really large veil which was quite tent like. I really wanted to question her about it, but she was walking with her scary looking husband. I just want to KNOW!! Maybe I need to hang around mosques with a tape recorder and act more like an official reporter.

      I think 200 might be an all time high you know. Not sure. I know we had a huge amount on the eclipses.

  54. The Middle East feminist revolution

    “The role of women in the great upheaval in the Middle East has been woefully under-analysed. Women in Egypt did not just “join” the protests – they were a leading force behind the cultural evolution that made the protests inevitable…When women change, everything changes – and women in the Muslim world are changing radically.”

  55. hey everyone (who can)- check out BBC 2 at 9pm tonight ‘the Bible’s buried secrets’. Bible scholar discusses Asherah, who, from archaeological evidence, seems to have been none other than the wife of God in early Judaic religion but was later banned from being worshipped as such and erased. A silenced Goddess manifesting in the media…looks like you’re on the money Marina.

    1. Whoopie! I havent watched tele in ages, but I will tonight. Thanks for that.

    2. the word went out on Woman’s hour this morning!
      Also, I’ve just had an epiphany (just the one, mind) was re reading january Star Wars because that moon was so stunning ( i nearly caused an accident trying to watch it come up while driving) and it led me to this site. I have a Neptune/Juno/Moon Yod too but the moon is the apex at 15 Aries and it’s tight – all at 15 degrees, Neptune and Juno both 15’17” Scorpio Virgo. Would that explain why that moon seemed to bore into my soul, in a nice way?

  56. I totally agree on a sexual revolution.. but that type of revolution will go both ways – you cannot just leave just one side, elevating to the other – Lilith, is a goddess of feminine sexuality.. just think about for a moment, feminine sexuality is power, women seduce men and men one way or the other wind up wanting it more – this is exactly what the islamic patriarch are trying to prevent.. – women who reveal themselves more, weaken men, because it introduces “temptation”.. that in turn can evolve into a sexual “addiction” in which a man will categorize – men or the masculine energies in general aim for intelligence, they aim for the mind, that equals maturity, connect it that opresses emotions, which explains their weak psychic and astral evolution – men.. or the masculine energies dont like to be naked, exposed or emotional.. women and the feminine energies do – its completely natural for a woman that is barenaked or half naked to expose theirselves, that means they are emotional, they are more open.. thus the more open you are, the more elevated any form of energy you have becomes –

    so in this analogy, the feminine has always represented liberation, the masculine has always represented oppression – Lilith actually introduced sexuality to Adam, but since Adam represented the mind, its no reason he wanted to be on top.. think!!! – Lilith represents the heart, love and sex is the same thing, therefore the energy of sexuality is more connected to the feminine – What is causing and feeding the fire for the sexual revolution is that women have been oppressed to think with the mind too much, i dont find it surprising that the intense relations Ive had with women.. want to liberate themselves more –

    What is going to happen is that after the conjunction.. you will see the theme of sexuality rising, you will see scandals, whistleblowers if you will, of porn connections with high powers.. and I wont be surprised that these whistleblowers, will be pornstars themselves – this in turn will create a powerful ripple effect, where pornstars represented a oppressed voice – this is what will be percieved of though… – what is really going on, is that the feminine energy is powerfully rising… they will use sexuality, which is their nature.. as pure power – you will see a unusual rise of powerful feminine politicians, that will create a bond with pornography… remember uranus is also the unexpected and the unusual – this Iron of Lilith, if you will, main priorities will be:
    1. Go after those who have corrupted sexuality, that includes rapists and sex offenders, and the like * * * recently there was a nationwide sting operation, that was very successful * * *
    2. The ultimate goal is represent liberation, thus you will see women have militay control * * * Hillary Clintion, initiated the first wave of attacks on Libya * * *

    These two are examples of what is to come, from the beautiful powerful energy of the feminine – I myself have all 3 forms of Lilith extremely powerful in my natal chart.. and I am acutely hyper sensitive to this sexual revolution that is to come – I have Dark Moon in Scorpio, Black Moon in Aries and the Asteroid lying at the same degree of my True Node Aquarius – all 3 aspect one another.. –

    As for the islamic women and western women, there is deep symbology – islam is connected with the moon.. the moon represents women – western women are in no way enslaved by sexuality, they are subconsciously taught by men to create themselves victims of it.. just how men put themselves in it – islamic women seek this sexual liberation.. – the eastern women will seek to know physical pleasure and they will accomplish it, the western women will seek to know spiritual pleasure and they will accomplish it – this is the double meaning of venus.. she never meant war – the feminine desire to know the spirit drives her crazy, it coincides with her emotional nature.. and since the masculine will categorize this as madness, of course this will make them think that the morning venus was a warcry.. –

    in the end.. the mars energy, points to a unexecpected twist that a much higher accelerated kind of men will rise to protect this Lilith Movement -I believe the men that were born during Pluto in Scorpio.. are these men – These type of men were born with sexuality as their power, they wont misuse it as high men have.. or the ones that cause the dark side of sexuality, so to speak –

    This ultimately ties in with the comet Elenin, that is to be close on late october and some part of November – notice that this is when Scorpio is active!!! I believe the comet is deeply tied in with the Lilith Revolution.. and that one person that will be a great reformer, will walk with women and lead men with a new way of thinking.. – He will destroy the misconceptions and the darkness of sexuality so much, that sexuality will no longer be a negavtive force.. but a positive force –

    Many will confuse him as him being as the antichrist, but he isnt.. the antichrist is a tool of the old – Comets come to destroy the old.. – Sexuality is the key to give birth to a new world, that every eschatology of every religion has.. – It makes perfect sense that a sexual revolution will be the precursor of a new world… how did the newborn world came to be… through sex!!!!!!! Sex is fire.. and is prophesized that when he comes at the second time.. ” he has fire in his eyes and red armor covers him, he rides upon a white horse and in righteousness he unleashes the wrath of God” – that red armor is symbol of the menstrual blood, for he will come protected by women and the white horse means that he has tamed his own masculinity.. white compared that to winter, the symbol of the feminine – another whammy.. ” he will have a flaming sword…” this is from the Indian Prophecies of Kalki.. which has extremely strong parallels of the second coming.. – the sword is symbolic of the phallus.. and flaming.. all makes sense!!!!!!!!

    1. Lilith Moon thank you so much for this! Totally agree with you on all counts. Very inspired. Obviously from last nights full Moon. Yes I agree with you about Elenin. I have been getting so annoyed about there being no female priestesses/gurus. Maybe her time has come. I’m looking forward to October!

      Also ” women who reveal themselves more, weaken men, because it introduces “temptation”.. that in turn can evolve into a sexual “addiction” Yep! So then yes its interesting about the whole sex object culture, maybe the that whole movement could’ve been brought about by MEN!. I mean imagine it…trying to get on with your work or talking seriously in a meeting if you have a great big boner from being overstimulated by too much semi pornographic advertising on the way to work….

      There was I being Miss Mary White house, saying to cover up, but you have turned it right round for me. I do think however, that the power still lies in not revealing all. Teasing is far more of a wind-up and don’t some women know it!

    2. um…the programme about Asherah/God’s obliterated wife really is on bbc 2 tonight…was misled by woman’s hour last week!

  57. I have taken a look at the conjunction,in my own chart.Its not going to make for a conventional day.Its like an earthy Uranus.Vesta is active as is Quaoar.Primal roar,or psychic revelation?

  58. Its priestess.In the original sense.The return of the healer,shaman,dancer,
    truly free feminine.Uninhibited by custom or class.Its probably what’s hitting the the Middle East and Africa,through the men.

  59. This thread takes a bit of commitment to read through 🙂 but the conversation is an excellent one.

    In a webcast I listened to yesterday (unplanned), Nina Simons, author of a book called “Moonrise: Women Leading a Shift from the Heart to Heal How We Live on Earth and With Each Other” (just to give credit where it is due) cited the documentary film “The Burning Times” as having been incredibly catalytic and transformative in her own journey. The moment she said the words I knew that was why I was listening. I had watched “The Burning Times” back in the early 90s (actually the second in a three-part series: “Goddess Remembered”, “The Burning Times”, and “Full Circle”). Only now looking back did I realize how powerful had been the impact of these films on my consciousness, and I was amazed at how completely I had forgotten. Last night I watched “Goddess Remembered” online and plan to watch the other two. Here is the link (National Film Board of Canada) for any who find interest:

    Marina (and Jamie) kudos again on your excellent site and work and the very interesting and informative audience/discussion that it engenders.

    1. Hey I watched it just now Goddess Remembered and it was very good. thanks.

    2. Do you know how I can link up to Full Circle that last series?
      I signed in with the National Film etc but couldn’t find it.

  60. From CNN –

    “How one voice can tell the story of an entire movement: When Eman al-Obeidy approached journalists last week at Tripoli’s Rixos Hotel, she did more than accuse Moammar Gadhafi’s men of rape. She also became the face of the anti-Gadhafi movement.”

  61. uberqueenofwands: In SOuth Africa where I live most of the time, there is a sexual assault against a female somewhere between every SEVENand TWENTY SECONDS. – depending on the source of the stats. Where in the west we can analyse with a toothpick, our relationships, its worth remembering that in some places there is something seriously wrong with the male of the species……. Alas what I have never seen in Cape Town or anywhere else i have travelled in SOuth Africa is a poster or advert to remind men to be civil to women or to use birth control.

    A South african doctor has invented an anti- Rape condom. (She sold her house and car to finance it. Kudos!)

    The anti-rape condom, called “Rape-aXe,” features rows of jagged hooks designed to attach to a man’s penis during penetration. Once attached, the condom can only be removed by a doctor – hopefully when authorities can arrest him, Dr. Sonnet Ehlers, the condom’s designer, told CNN.

    “It hurts, he cannot pee and walk when it’s on,” she said. “If he tries to remove it, it will clasp even tighter… however, it doesn’t break the skin, and there’s no danger of fluid exposure.”

    The Lilith in me likes this!! but the problem is it wont stop the penetration in the first place. I think it should be more high tech though with a stinger that flies out of it which injects dynamite into the balls which then explode. Nice….;)

  62. Vagina dentata. The tunnel with teeth! A primal male fear…
    I’m confused. Who wears it? It reminds me of a chastity belt. Maybe the barbs should emit a slow acting corrosive poison too…! Incidentally, was Lilith ever considered to be of the succubus/incubus genre who sat on men in the night and robbed them of their vital juices? I think there’s a very deep archetype at work where the fear of the power of women is so great that it has to be subjugated before it can ever rear it’s head.
    Ironically in South Africa the grandmothers have the power as it is mostly women who work and raise their kids, African men are not good at being coherent fathers and many young men rely on the money older women have in pensions or savings when they are in need. There is also a culture of ancestor worship and funerals are a really big thing often consuming money which could be better spent on the living.
    There’s much about African culture which is very non pc and gets denied by western liberals which helps no one to advance. The stoicism of the African women I know from the townships is remarkable and the efforts they make to create decent lives for their kids are extraordinary.
    In time I hope the violence towards females can be eradicated. But a thought. If we “castrate” the males do we castrate Lilith too? How does she perform when there is no enemy?

  63. Thought I’d post this letter from a friend:
    The veil over the face has nothing to do with islam, it is cultural and nowhere in the koran does it say to cover ur face. In that news bit an islamic woman said it is in the koran to cover ur face….well she is too ignorant of the koran and never read it.

    When you see the women with their face covered they are extremist and most likely wahibish muslims, whcih are the extremist ….bin laden is wahabish muslim. They should all be outlawed. the wahabish and sunnah muslims are the ones that u seen in this clip, i know this because they cross their arms as they pray. Salah and i are Shia muslims and shia has never bombed and killed innocent people.

  64. Bin Laden is not Wahabi, but he is extremist. There is a big difference between them. Some Sunni Muslims wear burga and some other sunni do not.

    To Charyl, there are some Shia Muslims who wear Burga and they feel proude to wear it. It seems that you do not know well your ppl and also other ppl’s actions. Can I say about them that they are extremist and should be outlawed? Sure no! So do not be an extremist yourself!
    What I see as a Muslim woman is that women want to fight against man domineering control in their lives. Some manipulation in (interpreting) the koran by men have been done in order to suit the Culture and not the Islam.
    Women want the freedom and rights that is in Koran to be applied in the actual life, alas this is not true to most Muslim countries. We are chained to men desires as women in western countries chained to men desires but in different way!

    1. Dina, thanks for commenting. I think you must be the only Muslim who has commented here. I wish there were more. And I must agree with your last sentence, that’s really what spurred me to write this.

  65. Uberqueenofwands:
    But a thought. If we “castrate” the males do we castrate Lilith too? How does she perform when there is no enemy?

    Good question. I don’t just see Lilith as the succubus. So if there were no enemy she could just get on with being Lilith, owning her sovereignty and finding magic in nature. There is a problem with Lilith because some people get too caught up with the biblical myth and forget the Black Moon side of her.
    Others worship her as a feminist, see her as misunderstood and gloss over her demonic side. I have come round to seeing she does indeed have a very, very nasty side. Just like Pluto (Eg, when in hard aspect to Mars.) You have to look at how she is aspected in the chart.

  66. Bumping this up again. Originally written for Lilith conjunct Uranus. Have rewritten this in honour of todays moon activating the revolutionary Uranus square Pluto while Eris is still conjunct Lilith.

    It will be interesting to see what happens in 2016 when Eris is conjunct Uranus, the year david Icke believes is the true change date. Eris carries far more generational weigh than Lilith ever could so I believe what I wrote back in April 2011 is far more likely to have an effect when Eris shakes it down in 2016.

    1. Howdy from SA…
      Well my reminder to this Uranus PLuto combo is this –
      My maid texts me to say she won’t be in on Monday… her little boy has gone missing.
      Thank god the police found him. He had strayed and stayed with new friends. My maid was hysterical. Why?
      Muti. This is magic using the body parts of children. Particularly sex organs.
      There is a case waiting to be tried in Gugulethu – where a three year old boy was recently murdered for Muti.

      Uranus PLuto in Virgo also speaks of sexual fetish. It is sexual revulsion as well as revolution…
      Sorry to remind us all of this but its something we forget and when its visited in this way it makes my mutiple lioness roar very very loud indeed…
      In other news, love to all.

    2. oh, btw the Little soul murdered in Gugulethu was called Lovely. A three year old boy.

    3. Hiya Queeny ;), Oh god nasty, nasty. Thank god her boy was safe. I had 10 mins of terror last week when my child minder rang up saying she couldn’t find my daughter at the school and all those horrid thoughts race by too….

      I’ve not heard of Muti. At the moment there is all this “Occupy” stuff going on and we all get excited because we think its a wonderful sign of the paradigm shift. But when I hear about something like this I feel sick. We have a long way to go….I guess Pluto square Uranus will not leave any stone unturned. Exposing all the human races nasties..

    4. it’s beyond comprehension isn’t it? you may remember the case of a mutilated African child’s body found in the Thames in 2002 – close to the supposed site of the Roman temple of Isis – that was thought to be a victim of muti.
      Btw – how is today’s moon activating the square?
      A couple of nights ago i saw her right between the horns of Taurus, a bit like your dream, like Hathor – beautiful

    5. Hi Rachel. Early this morning in Europe the moon was squaring Uranus and then went on to make a mystic rectangle and oppose Pluto. It was just making a lot of aspects and made me think of this post so I dragged it out of the archives again. Here’s todays groovy chart. Ceres tightly quincunx Mars too.

    6. Thanks! see what you mean. I had a lovely Ceres-y day, kitchen full of my quince and apple crop and cut price pomegranates, she’s conjunct Jupiter for me.

  67. “I would like to compare two forms of imprisonment. The woman in the Burqa earlier and this one of Paris Hilton that I objected to so strongly when Jamie did her chart. Here we have the subliminal suggestion of bondage with the chains around her neck. What is this image saying to us? Is she chained to her desires? Does she feel empowered there on that table on her knees? Is this sexy and if it is why? It suggests executive desk-toy to me. I find it really disturbing.”

    it may have been MEANT to.
    in the years before corporate greed utterly co-opted creativity to the level of now
    people understood that art could disturb frozen prejudices and as such do what it does.
    ms. hilton is modeling to tell a few different things at once…yeah,
    there are disturbing elements in it. i call that art –

    1. It might be art with a capital F.
      Quantify “disturb”. If this means to provoke a response then in this case perhaps it’s just an antinomic response to reproduction… Naked or sexually fetish dressed female in receptive position?
      Regardless of whether she is on a boardroom table, a bed, an altar, she is still bums up kneeling.
      Is something so basic disturbing? Not really. Can art be disturbing? Yes. And so can a kick in the nuts. So that’s art too.

    2. Typo courtesy of iPad. Antinomic should read AUTONOMIC

    3. I had the dubious pleasure of going to art college and one of the favourite slogans was ‘its all art’ – an excuse to avoid dealing with the ‘art’ in art that got a lot of bad art made with no point or value other than a kind of therapeutic ‘keep the bastards at bay and give em the finger in the process’ form of self satisfaction – bit like delivering a kick in the nuts

    4. I like shay Jung said of modern art in the sixties.
      “is it art or is it disease.”

    5. Yes I’m an artist who also when to art school. I like provocative art like Tracy Emin and Stella Vine. So please tell me what message you get from the Paris Hilton Photo. What am I missing here?

      Also do we think the photographer was male, female or a gay male? Would that make a difference?

    6. I don’t think who took the pic makes much of a difference. It’s a very cliched picture. I think the value is in Paris herself. She’s a bit of a nitwit. The joke is on her as a bit of tat art! Or is it tart art? Or is it just a photo of anyone who ever had sex.. Which is er… Lots of us… Being reminded that we have to make what is ultimately quite mundane appear new and different… Or even shocking! Or disturbing… For all the adolescents out there!
      Did you ever see any historic porn? There is something really heart warming about dirty wood carvings and then of course all the stuff the Romans had going on… Not to mention Karnak temples… I suppose since whenever it was we evolved to have two sexes and sexual reproduction, eachngeneration comes along and tries to reinvent sex, as they discover it.

    7. If it is the right date and time so this aspect her your species like Tracy Emin.

  68. Marina, as always, outstanding social/celestial commentary. The interesting thing is that western women have a real Choice as to whether or not they want to live and breathe by the hot-o-meter. And they don’t choose. Most just strike their own match and follow along.

    1. I’ll stick my neck out on this and suggest that as long as you’re ovulating or making reproductive hormones, the match gets struck one way or another and the tunnel is alight!
      The liberation from oestrogen is an amazing thing! Testosterone seems to be another matter which both sexes have problem with!

  69. Aw now Uber, I know what you mean…but that’s an equation that cuts the other way. Hormones don’t hold us hostage. And estrogen is not the only thing that makes a woman desirable (says the woman without it 😉

  70. marina- sexuality has been ‘normalized’, hasn’t it? despite the degrading (albeit fun?)image of paris hilton and the stupid hot trend we’re in now– another aspect of consumerism run rampant.
    dressing modestly does afford some protection from unwanted attentions. here in texas i am uncomfortable if my long shorts slide up my legs and men look at my thighs instead of my face– assholes! i want to relate person to person and that is impossible when you become the object of desire (goes both ways, that one!)in arab society male horniness is an integral part of manliness. (bah! they limit themselves!) arab women are not as sexually inexperienced as westerners believe, they engage in as much pre-marital sexual play as they are comfortable with (if they have the opportunity), the real stricture being the protection of vaginal virginity. most arab men are amenable to that stricture. sexuality is already ‘normal’ in the arab world (pervasive!).
    and so, yes, uberqueen, victoria, i do think hormones (the biological expression of gender) hold whole civilizations hostage. it isn’t estrogen that makes a woman desirable, it’s testosterone that makes a man horny. ;D
    note on arabic translation- ‘idrab’ is the arabic verb in the quoted verse that translates as beat– it is missing the preposition for it to mean ‘go away’ (turn away, forsake). it could however mean ‘reject’.
    what is it these days? i spend time writing something and when i re-read it i just want to delete it! oh, well. shrug! 😀

    1. Here’s a totally different take on Uranus PLuto.
      Since the original conj was in Virgo – we have seen quantum physics enter the mainstream of understanding.
      Virgo representing scientific understanding and small things, PLuto that which is hidden and Uranus which is radical and electric. So we all now have heard of electrons and subatomic particles.
      Its amazing how Paris Hilton’s ovaries dished up on a table and sprinkled with leather got in the way of mystery and imagination!
      The feminine is not just sex. The feminine is that which is concealed and mysterious and takes us into other realms, to formlessness. OK, for a little while that’s sex… but not for long, not without screwing ourselves(!).

      Herewith some nice quotes from Nils Bohr – famous quantum physicist.

      “How wonderful that we have met with a paradox. Now we have some hope of making progress. ”

      “Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real. ”

      “When it comes to atoms, language can be used only as in poetry. The poet, too, is not nearly so concerned with describing facts as with creating images. ”

      Now that’s what I cal revolutionary feminine… and it comes form the mouth of a man!!

    2. 😀 nice one uber! good quote from bohr– but is it really a paradox? i have been thinking a lot lately about traditional vs sidereal astrology. the conjunction in the late 60s was on the cusp of leo-virgo sidereal– position which is more credible re sexual revolution. the square now is widely perceived as being cap-aries, when in actuality it is sag-pis. it isn’t a paradox, it’s a discrepancy due to tradition. and isn’t that what we’ve got in the world today? it certainly looks like a cap-aries problem and the media is playing it that way, both signs being prone to looking after self-interests– but it isn’t so in actuality– sag-pis is more accurate. i am still trying to see myself through my sidereal chart after having spent most of my life seeing myself through the traditional. i have a gf that insists she will always be a libra, tho actual planetary positions make her a virgo. and she is a virgo! civilization was built on the banks of denial. ;D

    3. Good stuff Gina! The wheel has as many spokes as are required for the chariot to turn I suppose!
      I find another element in esoteric astrology as per Alice Bailey. Looking at where the fixed crosses are activated gives clues to the soul’s journey, both individual and collective. They are initiations.
      Much is talked about re the 60s and the Virgo Uranus conj but the people who acted under it rather than who were born with it also had Pluto in Leo. The explosive creativity of this generation and fierce quest for individuation was evident. A lot of them had Uranus in Cancer squaring Neptune in Libra and were able to change the nuclear family, co habit outside marriage etc so I think all three crosses were part of that revolution which is why it was so momentous.
      I don’t know about civilisation being built on the banks of denial… I know Cairo is on de banks of de Nile! And I know Librans like to create themselves in the best possible light… Which is as Librans! Is your friend enjoying the charnel house of the cardinal cross?

    4. hehehe 😀 cairo is known in arabic as om al donya- mother of (the civilized) world. re the late 60s- nice to have you think that one out for us! 😀 i have quite a few friends born then, their personalities are as lopsided as their charts. the few people i know who lived it are among the most successful people i know, yet they have problems maintaining relationships with partners and children. as for the crosses, i am just getting into those having only recently pulled a chart for someone in which they puzzling-ly figure– especially in synastry with the draconic. (if you’d like to have a look: brighton uk 5am 30 june 1977 female.) thanks for the bailey referral! and love your remark about librans- my dob 23-9-56- it convinces me i’m a virgo! ;D now if i could just get convinced i’ve got sag rising instead of cap!

    5. Gina, I too have struggled with the Sidereal V Tropical. With precession transits are experienced later also with the slower planets. You make good points. But I still find it simpler and more accurate to lessen the importance of the signs and focus on the aspects and stars instead. Signs generalise far too much.

    6. hi marina- yes. when i look at a chart i look for the dynamics. it is interesting that some charts have only one while others have 3, 4, even 5, separate planetary dynamics. it strikes me that then consideration should be given to signs and houses in order to figure out how the different dynamics work and play together. 😀 i’ve only just begun putting stars into the equation and have not yet figured out how to weight them– unless the star is in the zodiac and there are exact conjunctions. that IS helpful! 😀

  71. Uranus PLuto in Virgo… The forgotten feminine.
    Here’s the other side of Paris. Except this is in China where the masculine ideal of success spirals out of control. So as a reminder in a country which has forgotten what vulnerability is, 18 people ignored two year old Wang Yue who was run over twice by two different vehicles and died of her injuries two days later.

    Her parents who work in the market where this happens were busy working and she wandered off.

    So what’s the link with Paris?
    As she kneels on the altar of a boardroom table for her own kudos, she forgets her vulnerability. In the furore for women to be equal to and just like men, an aspect of the feminine goes begging. Power dressed and spike heeled, honed to a size zero and earning top dollar is now the grail.

    So thankyou to the soul of little Wang Yue, a sacrifice to the forgotten feminine, the outcast vulnerability which needs to be cherished and looked after, thanks for the reminder.

    1. Further to this – the chart for the Cultural revolution drawn from 6.5.1966 has Uranus and PLuto in exact conj, Lilith is in Pisces. The feminine cast adrift, washed up, dissolved.

      Sedna, the outcast feminine is drawing up to the natal Algol. No surprise this has provoked an outcry and an outrage across the globe. IN the natal chart, Varuna is conj Algol. TR Venus is conj Neptune opp Sun and Mars in the 10th – sacrificial female opposes the public image of the tiger economy, the might of China’s material output in object and dogma driven Taurus.

      Sedna reminds us to keep an open heart even in the darkest hours of torment.

      Tr Uranus is conj Venus in the 8th – sudden death, squaring Jupiter in the 11th. A trigger for the group consciousness to expand. Neptune and Chiron as conj the natal Lilith. So time to heal the forgotten feminine as a vulnerable entity which needs care not brutality.

      UQW’s lioness head roars very loudly again.

    2. I mentioned above about Sedna drawing close to Algol in the chart of the Chinese Maoist Cultural revolution – I know we dont apply large orbs to asteroids but the evidence of outcry against the little girl’s death seems to say the orb is close enough???

      Anyway – herewith some REAl facts about Sedna, not what standard gravity/thermodynamic astronomy says. Sedna has a rotational pattern, it might be 5 days it might be 20 and her magnitude changes. So perhaps there are other elements to consider other than just orb. Does size actually matter??!! Its relative…

    3. For a contrast to Paris H – remember berthe Mason, the mad woman trapped in the attic in Jane Eyre…

    4. Sedna synchro! I was just thinking about including her in my weekly transits today. I rather think she is important, her weird orbit. I just need to research her abit more. She’s not a tiny asteroid either. She rates as a TNO! So I reckon her orb can be as much as I would give Pluto or Eris. Ok she is next on my list to look at, especially considering the Algol connection.

      I just checked and Sedna is 1 deg 30 off Capulus. The male Lilith. This is aggressive, male phallic, sexual energy. Its in the hand that chopped off Medusas head. Interesting. I count that orb certainly. Sedna is retro right now so it will be backing off, very slowly though.
      Jamie wrote about her a while back:

    5. Goody good!
      Check her out in the chart for 20.12 too. Verrry close to Algol. The POF is conj the IC and Vertex conj the dsc. I read Jamie’s bit about earth change and Sedna. I’m building my ark and putting some little girls and boys in it, a few kittens and puppies and a lot of TNT for anyone who lays a finger on them!!!

    6. uber- excellent point! an aspect of the feminine goes begging. desperation is sooooo unattractive!

  72. thanks for the great post, i hope that cycle has peaked and is evolving thanks to the wonderful success of Beyonce and Adele, plus the emergence in the west of Girls on HBO, its written by a very brave and honest woman, so enlightenment has struck a match and lit a few candles here

  73. Talk about pain body, if i were Paris Hilton up on that table, my knees would be killing me.

  74. Is there any possibility of a sexual revolution like in the 60’s: free love etc. and open sexuality?

    I feel like our culture is actually sexually repressed in many ways-Woman have been made to act more like men and men have been turned into weak idiots, and disempowered and turned against women.

    1. What is left to revolutionise? Sex has its limit! Apart from bestiality and pedophilia, anything goes, right? In Virgo I would think celibacy would be the new revolution.
      Remember, in the 60s, it was adults who were already born and grown up who acted out the revolution. Many of those had Pluto in Leo which uses sex for an expression of individuality.
      The people Ben then were born with auranus Pluto in Virgo but I think their collective expression has more to do with ecology, diet and technology.
      As for free love, well there’s no such thing as a free lunch! There’s always a cost. A lot of women who embraced the anything goes sexual culture back then opened a can of worms.
      Sex opens boundaries but psychically leaves the woman porous. Then there was the newly legalised abortion, side effects of the pill etc etc.
      No, I can’t see another sexual revolution. Not like then.

    2. Sorry for typos, I meant the people born then had Uranus etc

    3. basically it seems people have gone back to monogamy, uptightness, or just look at porn, but who actually lives a freely sexual lifestyle?

    4. Also my generation is Pluto in Libra,
      the Pluto in Virgo generation I don’t think will be very revolutionary

    5. Well I saw a program on extreme lives made by Nat Geo last week. It featured a triad – a woman who lived with two men who were also lovers. They are described as polyamorous, meaning lots of lovers.
      Libra loves a triangle because it needs a pivot or fulcrum for it to keep swinging/balancing against. So perhaps a sexual revolution for your generation is in the idea of triad?
      The people on TV explained that they all loved each other and if you came from the premise that you can love more than one at a time and no one needs to be jealous (a base chakra driven emotion born out of possession and territory??) if they are all loved, then maybe this is the way forwards.

      These people also allowed others into their situation but the rules were the goodies were shared. Now this lack of boundaries seems a very Piscean notion. And lo! Neptune in PIsces will square your Libran Uranus and PLuto at some point. It will be a template for a whole generation.

      I have known of two triads. One set were people I met 35 years ago when I was 20 and thought I was at the vanguard of sexual revolution! I read a biography at the time by the late John Mortimer, a British barrister, screenwriter, author, dramatist. He included details of his newly discovered sex life at Oxford in the 1930s and made the point that his generation thought they had discovered sex in the 1930’s… but that so dod people in the roaring ’20s, the 1850s, the good old 1420s and so on!

      its an old trick and each generation as defined astrologically perhaps by Neptune (trends, fashions,religion, areas of illusion, disillusion etc) wants to experience it via their particular filter.

      My generation had Neptune in Libra – so relationship, with all its complexities became a fashion accessory and a way to see the self reflected for better or worse. of course Uranus in Cancer squared it so there was the struggle for emotional independence against the need for relationship. it resulted in the divorce culture.

      I can see marriage, so intensely required by Libra becoming a real challenge while Uranus and PLuto in Libra are crossed by themselves in Aries and Capricorn. It now becomes a burning ground perhaps for accelerated karma.

      Algorab in the crow, Corvus, sits at 13 degrees libra. By June of 2013 both Uranus and PLuto will be in close approach to Algorab and if you were born around 1972 ish.. then you’d have Uranus very close to Algorab too.

      So your generation could be getting some martial/relationship warfare to deal with. Since Libra is very concerned with appearances, it might be a warts and all realisation that marriage to one person and the outward appearances of fidelity don’t work and that a triad is a more honest and easy way of life??

      re Algorab –
      Of the nature of Mars and Saturn. It gives destructiveness, malevolence, fiendishness, repulsiveness and lying, and is connected with scavenging. [Robson*].

      A Mars-Saturn star that can show up the more troublesome side of Libra, a variation on the truth when an excuse looks to be safer. [The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, p.175.]

      Delays and restraint are indicated to come about by fiascoes, losses, wrong handling of matters and enmity in general. Accidents or injuries difficult to avoid. [Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.60.]

    6. I was born in 75 and my Uranus is in Scorpio,also my ascendant is Scorpio

  75. … Some, consider Chiron as the social conscience. And will be retrograde, soon…


  76. Great post! I totally agree about the repression of women in both cultures in opposite ways. What I see in the picture is Paris is a parody of herself. She is the heiress of a International Hotel “Chain”, probably never had to work a day in her life, yet her she is on her knees, polishing a marble dining room table. She is half naked because sex sells. She is “selling herself” her image. She is “maid” to work and is “chained” to her reputation as a sex kitten. Maybe I am looking too deeply but that is what I see.

    1. Good points. I’d take it a step further and say that for a large portion of our lives, men and women are at the mercy of the reproductive urge. It’s oversupplied and our numbers are too great now. Women of course get to know life beyond reproduction but for men it’s not so clear cut. What about the Viagra generation! The body is saying.. Enough.. Start to get your house in Ryder before you pass on. But no! There are old boys out there trying to screw like twenty year olds! So it’s not just the gals who are in chains!

    2. God almighty! I’m typing outside and I can’t see a thing!
      It should mean get your house in order!

  77. And Pholus is also in transit, in Saggit., right in the middle of romance.

    In my case, having Pholus in 8th house, in Aquarius -also… as if were not enuf with Ll. Ch and P. of Disgrace- I do tiny little things, taht end up in HUGE messes…



  78. YES YES YES – thank you for talking about liberation and our illusions around it. In my work with women, I’ve certainly been privy to the backside of Western society and it’s obsession with sexuality. Sexy is the new black, and fuck-able the new success criteria and despite women’s freedom and “rising” (economic?) power, media, commerce, fashion, beauty, farma + to some extent self-help industry are all keeping us right where we once were, subdued, lacking self-steem and worse, self-determination. Doing what religion so successfully did in the not so old day. So happy to find another critical or discerning thinking in our midst, helping to illuminate the dark. xoxo

  79. women in the West also need to fight for the right NOT to work? Really? where you get that information? that is not true.

  80. A very good article, and yes I already posted about it on facebook lol. However I dont think a little beating of any kind is acceptable. I’d rather be left than have to defend myself against a man I love and trusted to be on my side. As for the lookism, I am already free of it. I was very lucky. My mother taught me all my life 2 important things. One is you have to take good care of yourself body mind and spirit. You, in the end, are all you have, so keep you healthy, strong and natural. Second, being pretty is fun. Wearing make up and certain clothes, all of it will always be fun even when your an old woman. However, never give all of you away. Mystery is one of woman’s best qualities. Men already seem to have a hard time understanding us, even though we are really very much alike, so, keep all of you to you. Dress pretty but dont show them what everything looks like. Thats a gift for the man you like who is brave enough to get close to all of you, not just your body. Don’t stare at any part of a man, because you wont like being stared at piece by piece. Eyes are an acception. You can tell a lot from someones eyes, including how they feel about you; but sometimes eye shape hinders that as you know, ( we have “bedroom” eyes, so a lot of people make the mistake of thinking we want them just from a glance)so it’s always worth the time it takes tor really know someone before you love them or even make them a friend.
    She told me these things often, and when a man was rude or ugly to her she would look right at me and say, this is what a man looks like when he is being rude, or mean etc.I think men really dont know how valuable they are to girls. I watched my dad. He never really taught me lessons, but was hard, mean and quick tempered. He also taught me through observation, that he may not really like being around us kids, but we had more than enough of what was needed, and even plenty of what was not. (toys, trips etc)I saw him get so mad he didn’t hit, but would just undo a person. I heard his tactics. I watched his methods. I remember them. So, maybe he wasn’t a hands on dad, but I learned from him still. Ok, Ive gone on a lot here, but I’m just saying, women aren’t so different from men we need to accept being thrust into certain cliches and expectations anymore than a man. I especially wish I could ask all women in the US, since there are currently more of us, to go out voting day and vote not by party or some other expected loyalty, but for the best person available who dosn’t currently have an office especially president and congress. Why? So we can clean a bigger house of problems bigger than dust bunnies and ring around the collar; and to see if our vote really counts. If there really is to be a revolution, it’s going to have to be by us, our way.

  81. I like it that you are discussing these subjects, Marina. I would feel as you do, raising a young daughter in this sexualized society…where singers dress like porn stars. I don’t agree with your view of the Paris Hilton picture, however. I see it as being sexy, not demeaning. I didn’t even notice the chain necklace, but when you pointed it out to me, I didn’t associate it with bondage play! I see her teasing, using her sexuality to seduce men. I didn’t read anything into the office setting, either. I see a juxtaposition of cold, hard wood (the desk) with her alluring curves. I think she is quite attractive. What can I say?

  82. What about homosexual revolution … does this also have to do with that or just women?

  83. One thing I’ve learned about all revolutions whether sexual, racial, religous or national; if ya want to get something done, you gotta do it yourself. For six thousand years ever since patriarchal religion suppressed matriarchal religion, beginning with Abraham, men have ruled the world. That’s a long time to be “chained” up and yet, women allowed it because of fear. Then Roe vs. Wade and birth control pills liberated women so they no longer had to fear becoming pregnant when their husbands or others raped them or because men refused to use birth control. Then one morning, the leader of the pro-life movement must have woken and decided he couldn’t handle his wife no longer being under his thumb, so he creates a brochure with a third trimester ugly bloody body of a fetus/baby on it and claimed all abortions were done this late in pregnancy when in fact, less then 5% were, the rest between 8-12 weeks when the mass of cells isn’t an inch yet. Now we have this huge rift between the two parties but where did it start if not with the pro-life vs. the right to choose social and political movement of the 70s? It started with a lie and hatred of a woman having the right to own body, a right she and others like her got back after 6000 years of being denied that God-given right. But who is fighting for the right to our bodies; is it just a few compared to the many? Are the babies boomer women fighting it out where we’re going to leave it? Of course, men don’t like it but that’s because it takes time to adjust to the new way relationship is being done–really intimacy replaces codependency. Of course they hate the identity crisis especially when women are justifiably angry as hornets after holding on to all that anger and rage inside over decades–what they’ve been through no matter what generation. The younger generation of women rightfully stand on our boomer shoulders but the battle is not over; in fact, for LASTING liberation to happen, overcoming fear and taking responsibility for our individual part in freeing ourselves day in and day out at home, at work, and at play is where change is going to happen collectively as well as individually. Being willing to suffer rather than give in (i.e., taking the easy out) and being willing to be called a bitch when you stand up for yourself, and your sisters, is the road less traveled and the only one that will get you where you truly want to go. And it is going to take more than one generation to create a new institution of marriage that is not based on codependency. I’m an astrologer ( who has had abortions, a Democrat who’s been spiritually disowned by her Evangelical Christian sisters and brothers. I had to live outside of family love all my adult life and I’m 63. I paid the price of utter loneliness as I was raised in a family of eight. They didn’t WANT to know me. Unless I towed the line. So I chose being true to ALL of myself because I have to live with me, not them. I broke through the glass ceiling in my immediate family; this was the example I set for my single parented daughter who is now 38 and free. She stands on my shoulders first. Every woman needs to do her share of the work to change things for the better. After six thousand years, one generation isn’t going to be enough. Not by a long shot!

  84. Despite the fact that women’s sexual revolution began in the 1960’s, I think women are confused about what this mean. Perhaps this is partly due to getting mixed messages from feminist activists. Paris Hilton’s picture which can be viewed as representing women’s oppression or their agency/empowerment depends on one’s interpretation or ideology.

    In simplistic terms, there is currently a “sex war” paradigm within western feminism which involves (second wave) radical feminists and (third wave/contemporary) sex-radical feminists. The radical feminists believe that fundamentally at issue in relations between men and women is not sex but power over women and this is located in men’s ability to control women sexually. Some people call these second wavers such as Andrea Dworkin anti-sex feminists. They believe that heterosexuality involves danger and perpetuates violence against women.

    Contemporary third wave feminists are against this view and take a radical pro-sex stance. They were behind the popular Slutwalk marches last year that began in Canada and spread around the world. There is a concern that this third wave is promoting the rise of “raunch culture”. In Ariel Levy’s book “Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture”, she writes:

    Women’s liberation and empowerment are terms feminists started using to talk about casting off the limitations imposed upon women and demanding equality. We have perverted these words. The freedoms to be sexually provocative or promiscuous is not enough freedom; it is not the only “women’s issue” worth paying attention to. And we are not even free in the sexual arena. We have simply adopted a new norm, a new role to play: lusty, busty exhibitionist. There are other choices. If we are really going to be sexually liberated, we need to make room for a range of options as wide as the variety of human desire. We need to allow ourselves the freedom to figure out what we internally want from sex instead of mimicking whatever popular culture holds up to us as sexy. That would be sexual liberation (Levy 200).

    Another issue that is controversial is that despite the feminist mantra about women’s objectification being exploitive, they fail to tell us about women’s complicity to this end. There are a large number of women who work and make money in fields that objectify women such as advertising, modeling, television, magazines, visual media, etc. etc. Not many people know that Hugh Hefner’s daughter Christie was the CEO of Playboy for 20 yrs and she turned the company around when it was struggling financially. When I see Paris Hilton’s picture above, I see a privileged woman who chose to assert her sexual power and ultimately her decision to do so was based on some perceived gain (possibly to feed her narcissism).

    I find it sad that so many women are fixated with their victimization and scapegoat men for all that is wrong in their lives. I don’t think this is empowering. Women rarely consider the male perspective and realize that they too endure many difficulties and exploitation. In context to internet porn, there has never before in history been so much accessibility of sexual stimulation and most males have received little to no support, guidance or understanding about their sexuality in their lives. Men are wired so that they react to sexual stimulation and this is a fact of life which is often exploited in order to make money (such as companies like Playboy). At the same time, their sexuality is often demonized and this must be confusing with all the mixed messages they get in the media. It is time for Men to have s Sexual Revolution.
    In regards to the statistics quoted in this post, Christina Hoff Sommers book “Who Stole Feminism: How Women have Betrayed Women” is a must read for anyone interested in Feminist propaganda. My special interest is domestic abuse because of the impact it had on me and my mother and my research into this field was where I first discovered the propaganda and how low powerful feminists will stoop because of blind obsession with gender politics. …Never mind that it is so damaging and harmful to the women they are supposed to help and protect.

    1. helen- yes yes. 😀 i would like to add that not near enough attention is given to the true nature of over-50 sexuality.

  85. I do not believe that a Uranus/Pluto square in Aries/Capricorn has much to do with sexuality. Uranus do have a reputation for fringe sexuality as also Pluto has as the modern ruler of the 8th sign Scorpio. However seeing these planets through the lens of their current signs do not encourage this thinking any further – at least not for me. Aries is war and new beginnings, Capricorn is rulership – this explains the turmoil in the Middle East and the many violent actions of individuals towards groups. Uranus/Pluto in Aries/Capricorn is revolution – or perhaps contra-revolution. Jihad and anti-jihad. Uranus is a right-wing planet, no empathy in this fella, and coupled with Pluto it is time for the ultra conservatives to state their resentment against the prevailing marxist-feminist world-view in western societies.

  86. Some interesting posts; lots of tasty morsels!! Where to begin? I just saw “HOPE SPRINGS” with Meryl Streep and encourage all of you to see it as it goes right to the heart of the liberation of both sexes or I should say, that’s one way to look at it in terms of this discussion. Let’s face it. Men won’t be liberated until their women are, right? (And I venture to say “vicce versa” but more about that in a minute.) I walked out of that movie bound and determined to find out what I’ve been missing in the bedroom no matter how scary that may be. That’s one thing I wanted to mention.

    Another was a revelation I had not too long ago that seems pretty stupid on my part not to know this but then when I see everything all of you are talking about, on the media, “in your face” graphic explicit selling of products using scantilly dressed females or even males to accomplish that, I wonder why more of us didn’t “get” it along with myself before I turned 60. It’s really very simple, very elemental, no big deal and yet it is an EXTREMELY big deal when you stop yourself long enough to SERIOUSLY plummet the depths of it. Here it is: Unlike women, whose genitals are practically 100% inside their bodies via cavities, just the opposite is true for men. This explains the reason why scientists report that men think about sex on the average of once every ten minutes. Could it be because their genitals are being stimulated every time they get up or sit or lay down, cross their legs, uncross their legs, walk, get in the car, get out of the car, walk up and down the stairs, turn over in bed, play sports, run, you name it, their penis’ and their balls are getting ‘massaged,’ so to speak, whether they like it or not. Somebody brought this to my attention, and after I had given it enough thought, my view of the opposite sex began to develop a new aspect–compassion. Understanding. I thought of such things as women wearing thongs, or Osama Bin Laden and other Muslims “over there” having called America a nation of Godless people, men putting themselves down thinking they are bad human beings for straying in their thoughts, etc. I just don’t know how I never “got” this fact about men in well over half a century. But think about it long and hard, no pun intended. Really THINK about how, in all my life, I only met one woman who said she can climax just walking down the street because her clitoris gets stimulated. I think she’s the exception to the rule because women’s genitals are not on the outside of their bodies, their genitals don’t get stimulated every ten minutes on average so they don’t think about sex every ten minutes, etc. However, women are also self-absorbed in thinking men are nasty, lower than women spiritually, etc., when in fact, men desperately need our understanding and our respect especially if we want theirs considering that love, like hate, is a two way street. If we could bring this fact of life up from the unconsious into the conscious mind of the female gender, it would certainly get men’s attention that we might really be serious about liberating our men as well as ourselves. They may stop beating us up so much since we aren’t beating them us so much with our blatant disregard for their daily biological misery. Love all ways, as my big sister used to say.–Mary

    1. Reducing a mans sexuality to being nothing more than an uncontrollable, jiggling penis in pants is sexist and demeaning.

    2. I’m not reducing a man’s sexuality to just his physical apparatus’ make up; having said that, it’s a scientific FACT and ONE very important aspect of what males have to contend with that women have been spared. This one aspect is part of the whole entire picture of a man’s sexuality. Body, mind, and soul is what makes up a human, right? Not just mind and soul or spirit. All three. I was addressing one aspect of one of the three that I think isn’t addressed enough but that if it were, might help us all be better human beings to both ourselves and each other.

  87. So true! It is dismal that we have created an environment for ourselves where we must have careers, raise the perfect family, look eternally young and sexy, plus swing from the bedposts with our husbands, or latest conquests. Really? Not in my household thank goodness.

    Most of the generalised media is directed towards selling to women and our own image is something we are certainly responsible for and do need to change. I am not so sure that there is a lacking focus on men’s sexual concerns, as there are certainly enough laws in place these days, and enough knowledge to know right from wrong regards sexual activity. When you consider the porn fields, sex trades and human trafficking, men do have to take responsibility for their own actions. Why ? Because they are 98% of the clientèle!!! People, male and female, will always aim to earn a buck. But they can’t earn a dime without the ‘want’ factor. Basically, sex sells and whilst there is a demand, there will always be an industry, except the female side of it shifts with trends. So,whilst I can see your point regards the sympathy towards male sexuality where there have grown in an environment where sex is an expectation and a right, I believe that the media industry and sex trade laws really need the revolution, and education adjustment. More focus on human trafficking, and less focus on the financial bottom line and let the parents keep on raising the new generations to be more equality focused.

    1. “I am not so sure that there is a lacking focus on men’s sexual concerns, as there are certainly enough laws in place these days, and enough knowledge to know right from wrong regards sexual activity. When you consider the porn fields, sex trades and human trafficking, men do have to take responsibility for their own actions.”
      Dear Darkmoon, with all due respect, I think your comment that I’ve quoted reflects the successful demonization of male sexuality through misleading information about the sex trade, human trafficking, pornography and violence against women that radical second wave feminists have worked hard to propagate. They are a very powerful group in North America.

      In regards to sexual assault, radical feminists believe that patriarchy/male power and privilege is the reason for ALL sexual violence towards females. What they will not accept or understand is that many of these men may be mentally disordered. It is interesting to note that criminal psychopaths are a small percentage of the population but represent a high rate in prison. Some factors in diagnosing psychopaths include lying, conning, lack of empathy and antisocial tendencies such as poor self-regulation. This means that they are not able to understand right and wrong according to what society dictates.

      Furthermore, the prevalence of victimization is often misleading because of feminist research methodology used to make it seem higher than it really is (Sommers). For example, in Canada where I live, Statistics Canada compiles statistics on victimization and according to the 2004 Self-Reported Victim Data Survey, there were about 512,000 incidents of sexual assault, representing a rate of 1,977 incidents per 100,000 population aged 15 and older. This is a rate of 1.97%. However what is important to note are the questions that were asked. To assess whether the respondent had been a victim of a sexual attack, the survey asked respondents aged 15 years and older if anyone had forced or attempted to force them into any unwanted sexual activity by threatening them, holding them down or hurting them within the 12 months preceding the survey. To assess the prevalence of unwanted sexual touching, respondents were asked if anyone had ever touched them in a sexual way against their will, including acts of grabbing, kissing or fondling, using the following questions:
      Sexual attack:

      During the past 12 months, has anyone forced you or attempted to force you into any unwanted sexual activity, by threatening you, holding you down or hurting you in some way?

      Unwanted sexual touching: During the past 12 months, has anyone ever touched you against your will in any sexual way? By this I mean anything from unwanted touching or grabbing, to kissing or fondling.

      This means that if my boyfriend kissed me when I didn’t feel like it, it would be considered sexual assault even though I may not consider it to be. Hence the large number of incidents reported in the survey which is misleading. Such numbers are routinely disseminated to the public via various means by feminist organizations.

      What is usually not disseminated are details such as the fact that according to the results of the survey, the majority of the sexual offences reported (81%) involved unwanted sexual touching rather than more severe sexual attacks (19%). When asked why they did not tell the police about the sexual assault, a majority of victims (58%) said that they did not report the incident because it was not important enough (Brennon, 6).

      Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics Profile Series “Sexual Assault in Canada 2004 and 2007” by Shannon Brennan and Andrea Taylor-Butts

      Sommers, Christine Hoff Sommers, “Researching the Rape Culture of America”

    2. An important point that I forgot to mention was that the definition of sexual assault in the Stats Canada survey that I referenced was, “A term used to refer to all incidents of unwanted sexual activity, including sexual attacks and sexual touching”(Brennan, p7).

  88. So, now men are mentally disordered? And the human trafficking/sex trade/porn industry statistics are propaganda? Phew, thank goodness, I thought we had real problems to address regards child and female sexual abuse

    1. I’m not saying that we don’t have real problems to address regards to child abuse and female sexual abuse and that all the stats are propaganda (but the misinformation is pretty significant). We need to know the truth in order to work towards making women and children safer and gender politics hinders this.

      There has been great advancement in recent years in understanding deviant criminal behaviour by studying the brain. Here is an interesting interview with Dr Amen about ADHD and brain scans . I’m interested in knowing about the connection between people who have ADHD and the influence of Chiron.

    2. We need to know the truth in order to work towards making women and children safer and gender politics hinders this.

      This is a valid point, but I do think human greed, and in some countries sadly, desperation and depression, does have a huge part in these industries.

      Thanks for the article link, I will check it out when I get the chance.

      Chiron could possibly go out of orb and become an asteroid eventually. Perhaps that will be a time of understanding and cure?

    3. You might find the last chapters of the late Christopher Hyatt’s book “To Lie is HUman, not getting caught is divine”
      Its basically about the autonomic nervous system which has become over stimulated and over reacts.
      The ANS is a non cognitive system so cognitive intervention (therapy) has little or no effect. There are cultural pathologies for the ANS and in many cultures (not specifically western either) any stimulus to an already high level of “readiness” i.e to react can cause a basic anxiety reaction. It is not the actual stimulus which is the problem but more the readiness to react, the readiness to create anxiety.
      High levels of arousal create more anxiety. This becomes increasingly difficult to extinguish without drugs/alcohol.
      The ANS has to be “taught” – i.e the system of resonse is set up in childhood. It can become hyperactive or dulled. So then there is over reaction or insensitivity.
      A child who does not grow up with a balanced way of reacting can grow into an adult who over reacts at the slightest stimulus. Little things become big issues. A child’s whorl is full of internally created assumptions, figures of good or bad etc etc and in the adult, a trigger can unleash archaic figures or patterns loaded with dangers.
      To quote HYatt, ” The interaction of an over active fantasy life, repressed fears and desires makes a debilitating combination.” A loop, a sort of programme is set up in the ANS. Stimulus into brain, then the loop is activated.
      Where the baseline ANS or BANS is high we get destructive behaviour. High baseline autonomic response or HAR – the over readiness to respond is circular and self perpetuating creating ” ultra sensitive, highly anxious, emotionally flat, depressed, socially incompetent, dull, hostile, unmotivated, fearful, shy, dishonest or manipulative…. nothing is enough, does this sound like the EMO or self harmer? The addict?
      As a society we are sexually over stimulated. Over stimulated to desire, to want more, more perfection, more money etc etc and we create drugs to sedate the overwhelming desire for more which created the anxiety… loop completed! Start again…
      Looking at astrological significators for anxiety, saturn conj Pisces pop Uranus/PLuto conj was a “good” pauses… Saturn in the 12th house is possible, Moon conj Uranus and or PLuto, Moon pop the same, MArs saturn conj in Virgo esp for a male.. haven’t looked at fixed star yet as significators – that’s Marina’s forte!

      One last thing… a friend of mine is a psychotherapist in central London. A recent patient was a cage fighter from Chechnya. His father dies in his childhood, he was rounded up and thrown in jail by Russian soldiers aged 14, he escaped from a cell which was over crowded with bodies dead and alive, the Russians used to come in without warning and shoot randomly… he was shot she he escaped during a raid, taken back and operated on without pain lollers, then returned to prison. His mother raised the money to buy him out and he came as an illegal to the UK. He cannot work – no qualifications and is an illegal but works as a cage fighter. He has put several people in hospital just for looking at him in the street or accidentally bumping into him… therapy has not helps and now he’s back on the street. My friend is pretty certain he has killed someone.
      England has a lot of refugees in this state – they come from Somalia, Chechnya, other parts of the world. There is no protocol to treat them.
      We can see this pathology in the militant islamic world too and I see it in Africa.
      Ultimately self awareness and the desire to change is necessary or there is no upside.

    4. There are numerous theories formulated to explain criminal behaviour. Criminology involves the interdisciplinary collection of knowledge that includes psychology, sociology, psychiatry, biology, neurology, political science, and economics. “Psychophysiology is the study of the dynamic interaction between behavior and the autonomic nervous system. Autonomic arousal theory of crime hypothesizes that persistent, chronic offenders compared with those with little to no offending history will exhibit low levels of autonomic arousal across a wide variety of situations and conditions. Low levels of arousal are presumed to predispose a person to crime because this produces a degree of fearlessness and encourages antisocial stimulation (excitement) seeking. Persistent offenders experience little anxiety and fear and are not troubled about getting caught and punished and find certain aspects of crime exciting and challenging” (61).

      Research conducted by Robert Hare, a world renowned expert on Psychopathy indicates that psychopaths suffer from hypoemotionality (failure to experience the full impact of any kind of emotion -– positive or negative) which would account for their lack of remorse throughout their lifetimes (199). Although I used the technically incorrect term, ‘mentally disordered’ in my previous posts, I wanted to show that there are psychiatric, psychological and biological explanations for criminal behaviour. I also wanted to show that there is complexity in understanding why some men engage in sex/violent crimes against women beyond the radical feminist monolithic view that it is a by-product of patriarchy. This view dominates in intervention and support programs in North America.

      It was only when I discovered that my father who was abusive towards my mother had a personality disorder, that I was able to heal and take steps to help my mother. I learned that cognitive therapy would not help my father understand that he did anything wrong and could serve to make him more manipulative. We are now estranged from him and enjoy peace and understanding in our lives.

      Reference: Bartol, C. R., & Bartol, A. M. (2011). Criminal behavior: A psychological approach . Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education/Prentice Hall.

  89. I also want to address being called a feminist as if it is a dirty word; I hear this is what the younger generation females consider to be a negative term beneath them. If the pro-lifers via the Supreme Court, are able to throw out Roe vs. Wade, and you or a friend have to go to Tiajuana, Mexico, to get an abortion that ends up there with a bloody coat hanger on the floor or a vacuum suction machine that isn’t properly steralized so she becomes sterilized for life, or worse, I bet you’ll think twice about what it means to be a feminist. Personally, I am very disappointed in the so-called “Third Wave” feminists because they have been too busy cocooning on their I-Pods, later, ‘talking’ on Facebook, and now, texting on their I-Phones, AND taking their birth control pills (standing on our shoulders in the process), to really care about much of anything but themselves. I wish you were right about us baby boomer females being nothing but a bunch of good for nothing lying propaganist women who had nothing better to do with our time than distort the truth in every sort of media we could get our hands on so that the next generation of females could bash us as you seem so intent on doing without doing ENOUGH research to know what you’re talking about. You have shown by your words that you lack self-respect much less respect for those who have gone before you. Rant and rave all you want; just know there was a time when you couldn’t do that, that I played some tiny part in.

    1. Dear Mary, the amount of reform and equality that N.American women have gained in the last 40 years is mind boggling and there’s no doubt that the work of feminists such as yourself has resulted in future generations of females enjoying the fruits of your labour. Thank you for this and you should be proud of your accomplishments!! From reading some of your recent posts, you seem to be a liberal feminist, but unfortunately, this is a dying breed. Women’s studies are being phased out across N. America and being replaced with Gender Studies which includes Gay/Lesbian/Bi-Sexual and Trans Women issues and is more in tune with Third Wave Feminism.

      Feminism has indeed become a dirty word for many people because of the radicalism, hypocrisy and misandry that has engulfed the movement and I don’t blame you for being upset and concerned about the legacy of this sacred institution. I am upset too. I don’t mean you any disrespect but at the same time I believe that it is important for me to speak up and voice my concerns.

  90. Geez lady, show some more respect and a lot less abuse for a differing opinion, of which, I am educated and entitled.

    1. Yes, entitled! Which according the dictionary definition means:-

      1. To give a name or title to.
      2. To furnish with a right or claim to something

      Due to my personal real life, and work experiences, I have formulated an opinion regards this subject, of which, I am entitled.

      Thank you!

    2. WHat made you think I don’t know what entitled means?
      You have formulated an opinion. What a wonderful world.

    3. That actually was not directed at you, but the little smartass with the unnecessary wink.

  91. Without taking sides, I’d just like to add that it is very easy now for younger women to spout sexual politics. There may be a history of birth control just as there is a history of hamster wheels and socks… and everything.
    However, the reality and context of birth control was very different 50 years ago.
    Consider that every time a woman had sex outside marriage she was judged negatively by those who knew about it. Turn the clock back a bit more and young women were often put into mental institutions for having sex or feeling sexual.
    For many it was difficult to enjoy sex because of the risk of pregnancy and the misery this could engender. For many who had babies, the child was taken away for adoption regardless.
    I grew up at thé cross over time. The contraceptive pill became legal for unmarried females over the age of 16 in the UK but while this happened, a few of my friends had babies which were just confiscated and given to strangers. The heart break which followed was wretched.
    Now turn the clock forwards. LAst week I shared a drink with a m to f transexual who gallantly changed the oil in my car in the dark for me while giving me a lecture on pistons and engine oil and taking the trouble to show me she never went out without a torch and a compass. She lives in a sordid underworld of sex clubs, wants sex with women despite her operations, cannot hold down her previously good job because she is living mostly on ketamine and even hallucinates she is pregnant… However, her delivery of speech, mode of communication etc is strongly male.
    Sexual liberation turned into gender politics turned into confusion. No one gains really.

  92. At no point have I degraded, or attempted to downgrade the feminist achievements thus far. However, it is a many generational project that has a long way to go and no one generation alone can blow the party whistles of celebration. Back to my main point, before I leave you ladies to your discussion and assumptions, which is that men need to take responsibility for their own negative part in the sexuality game. I see a lot of reasons and excuse, but not a lot of responsibility being taken. That is all.

  93. Hello Helen. I am being enlightened by most including your information you have been extremely generous in sharing. One part of it makes me wonder if Mohammed had a personality disorder; as well, St. Paul, who seemed to be homophobic and a womanizer. The latter or some pope also spoke against mediumship and channeling and Astrology even though Jesus himself never did that we know of; in fact, Jesus said that The Father spoke through him. If that’s not channeling and mediumship, I’d like to know what is. Regarding your info about men and personality disorders, hypoemotionality, if I believe all that you say here, what does that say for the majority of Muslim men or all males who are Muslims? How does Psychopathy relate to the Muslim male; in fact, to the Arabic Muslim world? For example, it’s been roughly 500 years since Europe replaced the male advisor to the King with the Queen, the first female on the chess board; and yet, to this day, the Muslim chess game still has the male advisor. Is there such a thing as a collective psychopath, a nation of pscyopaths? For another example, only the rich women get to wear the cooler silk cloth burkas so that their skin can breathe better whereas women who cann’t afford silk wear the polyester burka made from petroleum oil, that doesn’t allow the skin to breathe at all. The main color worn in Saudi Arabia is also black so the heat is absorbed, ccompared to the white gowns the men get to wear. What is it with a collective consciousness of a gender that has little if any remorse for the opposite sex’s daily suffering? For another example, the men get to go out to hookah bars and coffee houses with other males but the women have to stay home. How can a nation of men not put themselves in their women’s shoes and feel bad; yet, memorize the Koran that says to do good for other and to give to charity? Does charity only count if you’re in need of money?

    On NPR radio recently, they had an hour long show on the incest that happens to roughly a third of the children in the muslim country of Afganistan. Is is possible that the masses can have a collective personality disorder? It would seem so however difficult to fathom because this is the 21st Century and these Muslim countries are still acting like they did 500 years ago in many respects. Why is it necessary for women to cover themselves up like they do so that men don’t have to exhibit self-control as other culture’s male populations have been doing for centuries, on the whole???

    1. Mary, I’m not saying that personality disorders and psychiatric conditions are the only reason for violence against women but from my research on domestic violence, the extreme and chronic cases usually are. Just because many Muslim countries are deeply patriarchal doesn’t mean that all men are abusive or have personality disorders. I blame religious fundamentalism in these countries for the terrible injustices towards women. I think it’s interesting that since the Pluto/Uranus conjunction in the 1960?s there has been a rise in radicalism around the world which has manifested in different ways. While here in the West, radical militant feminists were the fuel for the movement that gained rights and freedoms for females and transformed society, in the Middle East, the rise of religious radicalism put women in the other direction where they became brutally oppressed. For ex. in Iran, women’s rights were quite progressive up to the Iranian Revolution when the Shaw was overthrown and Ayatollah Khomeini came to power. I hope that these next few Uranus square Pluto years will see a correction to the different forms of radicalism we are seeing around the world but from what I’ve seen so far, it’s just getting more intense. In regards to Western feminism in 2012, I see it as being more harmful than helpful at this point. I think your question about countries having a collective personality disorder is interesting and I think that astrology may be helpful in providing insight.

    2. some comments– it is easy to confuse culture/tradition with religion. to use saudi arabia (or afghanistan) as a prime example of a moslem society is like using alabama as a prime example of a christian society– they may say they are, but…!

      one of the most serious problems in the developing world is rapid modernization. feudal and/or tribal societies were not given the same 100s of years to modernize that most europeans and north americans had, so they hang on desperately to their traditions, their cultural identity, as the last familiar thing. women wear black overdress because they tend the fires and do the laundry. they wear polyester because it repels dirt, dries quickly and needs no ironing. it is practical. they cover their hair to keep the sand and dirt out of it. generally, water is scarce and has to be hauled and heated.

      you wonder if muhammed had a personality disorder? based on islam today? not a relevant question. he was a visionary for his particular time and place. according to earliest sources (if you are interested i recommend, muhammed said near the end of his life that he forsaw islam being perverted/divided, and it was– immediately upon his death– with the appointment of abu bakr instead of aly as the first caliph. this gave rise to the split between sunni and shi’ite.

      it was the behaviour of aisha, the so-called childwife of muhammed, that brought about the hijab and also she who opposed aly in favor of abu bakr, her father– it was she of all his close family and whom he pampered most, who screwed up his ‘legacy’. (i’d love to have her birth data, the nasty lilith definitely in play.)

      po-tweet. so it goes.

      i lived in egypt for 30 years, i never saw a chessboard without a queen. also, generally speaking, mothers (even obviously foreign women) are rarely subjected to sexual harassment and are held in the highest regard by their sons and by society. it is mainly peasant/tribal or newly urbanized women who raise their sons to be dominant and their girls to be submissive– it is also these women that you will see beating a traffic cop over the head with their shoe if he has been rude. 😀 a major problem for men is that they can’t marry until they own a house/apartment, which in the cities especially is often on into their 30s– during their peak years of sexuality they ain’t gettin’ any. the problem is economic in origin, not social. yes, sexual harassment is common, but violent crime wasn’t until 2011.

      saying ‘these muslim countries’ is simply too generalistic. do we say ‘these christian countries’? please note that afghanis and pakistanis are not arabs, neither are egyptians, sudanese, or iranis. shrug.

      regarding incest- check this out, it’s astonishing.

      re problems affecting particular societies, i recommend highly the seth book by jane roberts, the individual and the nature of mass events.

      cheers! happy feast!

    3. Why I clicked on the above link… I have no reasonable excuse. I can’t even say why I felt compelled to follow this thread.
      Does anyone else hope that this Uranus square Pluto transit will finally shed some light on the Western obsession with taboo sexual practices and the compulsion to project them on Asian societies?

    4. i read with great interest ann rivers’ book the pluto probe- exploring why the gods are angry. she develops and supports the theory that pluto exposes that which is hidden– i expect many (unsavory) things will to come to light.

  94. The effect on the women over there, by the way, if you ask me, is that they are just as warped as the men, only in a different way along the order, say, of a masochist. When I see the photo of the woman with that thing over her face, up at the top of this web page, I am immediately reminded of “B & D” (Bondage and Discipline) photos I’ve seen. I am also reminded of the photo of that psychopathic killer psychiatrist in Silence of the Lambs, the thing they made him wear before they’d let him out of his cage. Is it possible to be a mirror of our torturer, a reflection of the real thing? I was so angered when I saw this photo up top but then I always am when I see a Muslim woman burka-ed up; how she has been systematically, since early childhood, been made to feel less than her male siblings, etc. God/dess only knows how prevalent incest is in all of the Arabic Muslim countries because if a woman who is a mother cannot rise up against her husband or leave him for incesting her child; if she can be beaten just because he thinks she deserves it, then what does that say for her mental health and the mental health of an entire culture and how did it get that way to begin with?

    1. note bene- in bedouin society when a dispute is being settled in tribal court a woman’s evidence is never questioned whereas a man may be asked to submit to a trial by fire. weird, huh? i lived with the bedouin for 10 years. it seems to us that bedouin women are oppressed, but really it is that rights and responsibilities are strictly apportioned according to gender (and age). most bedouin women do not want to assume the burdens that are men’s in their society. this has to do with honor. women’s honor is different than men’s.

      “Ird is the Bedouin honour code for women. A woman is born with her ird intact, but sexual transgression could take her ird away. Ird is different from virginity, as it is emotional/conceptual. Once lost, ird cannot be regained. Sharaf is the general Bedouin honor code for men. They are not born with it. It can be acquired, augmented, lost and regained. Sharaf involves protection of the ird of the women of the family, protection of property, maintenance of the honor of the tribe and protection of the village (if the tribe has settled down). Hospitality (diyafa) is a virtue closely linked to Sharaf. If required, even an enemy must be given shelter and fed for some days…”

      can you see how they look at it? it’s tied up in linguistics. ‘ird’ is a kinda like superlative of the word meaning to comfort, another form is the word for breastfeeding. ‘sharaf’ is a lowly noun-verb with the root meaning of to elevate, fortify, ennoble. so what is implied is that men must do good works in order to acquire honor, whereas women are born with it.

      personally, i resent more the ‘hot’ shit in the western world. where’s the honor in that, for either gender?

      funny no-one has brought up russia and parts of eastern europe where women achieved social equality earlier, and have now regressed to hot babe and marry a rich man mentalities. could it be that girls just wanna have fun? 😀

    2. Gina, you contradicted yourself by saying ‘also, generally speaking, mothers (even obviously foreign women) are rarely subjected to sexual harassment and are held in the highest regard by their sons and by society.’ And then at the end of the pp “yes, sexual harassment is common, but violent crime wasn’t until 2011.”

      I traveled to Egypt over a decade ago and sexual harassment was constant during my stay. Sometimes it was towards myself and sometimes it was towards other foreign women. I recall going out in in the evening in Cairo during Ramadan with the large tourist group that I was traveling with and having to constantly keep men’s hands off me. I must have been pinched in the butt about a dozen times in a single evening but that’s nothing compared to what the blonde women in our group had to deal with… Sorry, but I don’t buy ‘the problem is economic not social’ claim.

    3. Sorry, I posted the above comment in the wrong section. It was supposed to be a reply to Gina’s comments posted August 20, 2012 at 8:37 pm

    4. :S i imagine you were in khan el khalili that ramadan evening. egyptian women don’t go there at that time without a group of men they know surrounding them. it isn’t considered safe. by mothers i meant obvious mothers, women with children in tow. it is true a woman will get touched in crowds of men. many egyptian women carry hatpins on buses and the metro. wearing the higab doesn’t help much. i do think it has more to do with mob psychology than personal, it happens in metro stations and football stadiums around the world. the problem in egypt has become social, its roots are economic. guys in their 20s are not getting laid because they can’t afford to get married and single egyptian women don’t put out.

    5. Hmmm this is reminding me now. As a 13 year old in Rome I got the same. On buses and in a crowd waiting to see the Pope of all places! We were WITH my mother. Even my 10 year old sister got it there too. It made a real impression on me, I thought Rome was full of perverts and vowed never to return. In Sicily I have had the tit grope while just walking down a street with my husband of the time. So it’s Christians too.
      I’m not sure it’s economic. How is pinching someones arse a substitute for not getting laid? There is internet porn now.
      And I think its strange that obvious mother’s don’t get molested either. Sounds very Pluto power-tripping to me. The invasion of personal boundaries of the young and innocent.

    6. When I was in Egypt and the pinching was brought up with our tour guide, the same explanation was given about young unmarried males and females being separated and having limited contact before marriage. However, I think the reasons for this type of behaviour in a society are complex and culturally diverse and usually Patriarchy (rooted in religious beliefs) as well as issues of masculinity are important factors. I’ve also been to Italy and what really struck me is how different it is back home in Canada where such cases are rare in comparison. Inappropriate touching is certainly wrong, but I think we are conditioned to think of it as always Pluto type power-tripping. Another possibility is that an insecure person thinks he is asserting his masculinity because of peer pressure that values machismo. I think that this masculinity is better described as “mask-of-insecurity” for many males.

      We live in a world that demonizes male sexuality and tries to control it through various repressive means. For example, Feminists have relentlessly tried to criminalize fantasy which pornography essentially is. Repression can lead to emotional and sexual dysfunction and demonization can lead to low self esteem and when combined, it can manifest in troubling ways for men. What we should be aiming for are healthy, happy and secure males because everyone benefits from this.

      As a woman, I can easily talk about issues like hormones and sexual problems and I get constructive support and understanding from other women. The same is not true for men because of rigid, self-defeating aspects of masculinity that society fosters in various ways and which undermines males. Although the concept of feminity has vastly evolved in the west, the concept of masculinity has remained relatively stagnant and men need to be emancipated from its destructive aspects. That’s why I think there’s a need for a sexual revolution for men. I hope that these Uranus square Pluto years will trigger the necessary spark to get males motivated for revolution because they are very passive creatures when it comes to standing up for themselves.

      Back home in Canada, the definition of sexual harassment in many organizations is vague and ambiguous and when an allegation is made it can end up as fodder for the media even if the allegations are not proven. Here is an ex of a highly troubling case that was ruled by a feminist judge and is a big reason why I have been inspired to advocate to protect men from injustice I think it’s also a reflection of the contemporary political power of women and is one indication that countries like Canada are moving away from being a patriarchal society . Unfortunately, the professor in this case is a world renowned expert on domestic violence whose life and career was devastated as a result. Ironically, he has brilliant insights about Pluto type power-tripping abusers who harm women but they are based in psychology which runs counter to feminist theories.

  95. Yes! Changes come in a very microsociological way, to specific groups and within individuals -persons, subjects- also. Generalizing just takes us back to academics, which tend to be… also mini, micro and nano. That´s why it is better to speak -if good for each one of us- from own changes. Otherwise, gordian knot!



  96. Uranus and Pluto rule Astrology, whose keynote is knowledge so it’s not just about sexuality, what “happened” in the sixties; it’s also about Astrology making a resurgence. It’s about Self-Knowledge in general and all the many ways it can occur because the horoscope deals with all 12 areas of our lives, not just the fifth house of children, gambling, entertainment love affairs and sex.

    Much was liberated in the sixties that included the arts (aesthetic self-expression), sexual freedoms and Metaphysics. Writers were able to express themselves in more ways than ever before, for example. The Information Highway includes more than the Internet or Sexuality.

    Uranus and Pluto are in square aspect making the energy dynamic to put it mildly as you all know. But they are considered two of the malific planets, along with Saturn and Mars(vs. the benefics, Venus and Jupiter that are considered just the opposite). These difficult or challenging planets, to again, put it mildly, make for some rough times ahead. You can’t have the good without the bad, you know.

    I know some of you are going to challenge that very passionately just the same as I would have years ago. But I am in my sixties now and I’ve had enough life experiences and progressions to see how, for example, Saturn conjuncting one of the benefics will neutralize the “benefic” effect of the benefic planet. So will Mars. So will Pluto. So will Uranus. We live long enough, we learn things aren’t what we thought they were back when. Sexuality, like our hobbies, our children, and what we consider entertainment changes the older we get. So does what we discover about the art of knowledge itself.

    As for the Asian question in regards to these two planets, white people used to call Asians heathen; now, we admire them or are jealous of them. Imagine my surprise, for example, when I discovered that therapeutic massage’s origin goes back to 3000 BC China. Meditation, something I value more than most things, originates in the Orient. Holistic “alternative” medicine that has withstood the test of time has its origins in China. I took Asian American history in college. I was one of only two white people in the class. I learned so many things thanks to another information highway called college; there are so many these days. A square aspect denotes a change of direction but what kind? Will Astologers and Astrology, put almost back underground thanks to religious fundamentalism, come back stronger than ever or will they put us to death as they used to? I see a grab for power unlike anything we’ve seen in modern history.

    1. Yes this can be Astrology, there are some new ideas out there.
      Like I don’t agree about Uranus and Pluto being malefic planets or even the square being “bad” either. I am totally not going to sugar coat them either. YES they are certainly challenging, and it never feels very pleasant when you are going through “The Change” of Uranus or the detoxing/withdrawal of Pluto. But they are necessary. I recently had a tough Saturn square my Mercury. Later in the year it will square my stellium. Saturn square Mercury felt like an intensive mental workout. But I think my brain is stronger now. I hope it will do the same strengthening thing to my Sun, Venus, Moon, MC and then later on my Mars.

  97. Hello everyone. Thanks for an interesting debate. I have been meaning to sit down and have a good read of all these comments, but I have been going through a bit of a Uranus square Pluto change myself. At 46 I have had Uranus on my Ceres and experiencing an early menopause. I am reading some revolutionary books on hormones which has made me think of how it all relates to this 2nd wave of sexual revolution.

    In what I have been reading it has struck me how as women we really have been at the mercy of pharmaceuticals when it comes to birth control and then again when we go through the menopause. It is It is claimed synthetic hormones cause hormonal imbalance later on in life, but at the same time the Pill has saved a lot of women from the awful scenario of back street abortions and unwanted pregnancy. Fertility, it’s a problem having it and then its a problem when it stops. *Sigh*.

    Suzanne Somers claims that when we go through the menopause, our brain then tells us we are no longer of use as we cannot reproduce anymore so out body starts to degenerate. leading to thinning skin, cancers, osteoporosis etc etc. That rather puts the female sex at a disadvantage doesn’t it? I’m not sure wether I really believe that, we’ll I certainly don’t WANT to believe that.
    It feels a bit like scare tactics when I read her book. She’s not a doctor either. I like Dr Christian Northrups book which covers herbs too and doesn’t treat the menopausal female as being deficient.

    It’s a minefield out their as I’m fast learning. I’m suffering so badly with the mood swings symptoms and sleeplessness right now I would just about take anything if it would make me feel normal again. So us 45/50’s are easy prey. Hormonal health is a BIG issue. Us women are at the mercy of ours. On a brighter note. Super, super witchy and wise after the menopause is over.

    1. Hi Marina, thanks for sharing. Have you read Dr John Lee’s book, “What your Doctor May Not be Telling You About Menopause”? He is a Harvard trained physician and the pioneer in the use of natural hormones, diet and exercise to treat menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats and osteoporosis.

      He also gives info on other hormonal conditions. A few years ago I had a large ovarian cyst and many severe hormonal symptoms. My hormonal blood test results showed that every thing was in range. I had a saliva test done which indicated that I had estrogen dominance. I started taking natural progesterone cream with the guidance of a nurse and the results were dramatic – most of my symptoms quickly disappeared.

    2. Thanks for that. I had booked into a very expensive private Doctor who dealth with bio-identical hormones. I then found a website with all sorts of horror stories of how once you start taking ANY hormones your body finds it hard to make its own and then you have to be on expensive prepared hormones for the rest of your life. I’m not sure I can trust it now. It all seems a bit “Eternal Youth” thing to me.

      I decided to find a good acupuncturist and wait for my blood test results first! I did order some progesterone cream, but then natural doctor guy (I wish I could find the link) scared me off that too, saying its easy to overdose on creams. I’ll do a bit more research before I jump into hormones out of desperation. I think they might have their place, especially in your case because of the cyst. But like all things I would hate my body to become dependent.

    3. Hi Marina, from personal experience I agree with the doctor about not taking the cream without consultation first! The cream that I use costs about $50CAD and lasts 3-4 months but the consultations and lab testing can be expensive and adds up. I recommend reading Dr Lee’s book, (available at a library near you) first. Here is a link to the website of the amazing nurse whom I consulted Best Wishes.

    4. Hi M,
      I just got back from acupuncture and was discussing menopause with my lovely Chinese lady doctor. There are all sorts of things you can do to alleviate symptoms depending on what stage of the menopause you’re at. And men don’t get off that lightly! Apparently there is shrinkage in the pant department ,then there is much more brain deterioration than women… up to 30 percent where as most women will only loose about 3% of their neural network if they are in good health.
      There are lots of things you can do to help mood swings and hot flushes such as cut out alcohol, black tea and coffee and sugar. Dairy too as its high in histamine. Take loads of omegas – evening primrose etc
      Its not a happy experience on the whole – but afterwards is pretty cool!

    5. Susun Weed’s Menopausal Years is another amazing resource.

  98. All these books (Bible, Quaran…) were written in times when life was not easy, the man had to use his physical force to protect his family and bring food on table and the woman had to bring kids to help the working the field and cook and take care of family to be fed and clean…NOW we created a society a world were for all these needs to survive there are specialized services u can buy food no need to cook, u can buy clothes no need to make ones, u can send kids to daycare no need to take care of them …and so on …the ideea is men can survive without women and women can survive without men. The arabic world, their youngsters went abroad and saw how life can be outside whet they were thaught and came back wanting those things too, i mean u can use ur brain and make ur life easier instead of working the field with bare hands.
    The fact that in Quaran men are adviced to beat they women if they don’t listen to them it is barbarian and unfair. To give men such rights u need to consider them superior beeings, superior to women which is a nonesense….it is clear to me that those books were written by men only, by those who have more stronger muscles, by those who apply the law of jungle, the strongest survives and the weaker has to submit.
    I don’t agree that woman are chain to their desires and obssesed with beeing slim and young…not only women…men too are chain to their obssesions…in the end we are just human beeings not GOD.

    1. You hafta to disappear a whole lot of peole in order to make your comment sound. What of the workers, the people who cook the food, the people who make the clothes, the people who work in the daycare and those who still work in fields with their bare hands. Have you considered the trade off? The Monsantos, the GMO’s, the sweat shops, the disgusting child abuse and neglect that comes from the disconnect between child and parent as strangers bring up their children, the plight of the farm worker, migrant and domestic alike, the pesticide riddle diseases… much of Western so called liberation and privilege comes with the boot of freedom on some one elses neck.

      The new feminism which includes this warped idea of sex positivism, is a psychic battle! I’m not being extreme. It is a psychic battle to not want to conform to the attacks of media on the body image of woman, no matter how good a woman looks, there is still an obsession of sexual perfection. It is a psychological feat to bypass the sexual objecification of women in the West. For girls and women who are not up to par, it is psychologically programmed that we don’t deserve good treatment, that men (no matter how they look [unless they are in the running themselves for the attention of MEN] its always less important how they look) and that men have the reigning authority on the significance of women (and thats usually based on outward appearance). There are even studies on how LOOKISM can even determine a persons hire-ability… (higher ability?)

      Particularly, taking a look at pop and hip-hop culture, its just absolutely psychially damaging to be imploded with image after image, verse after verse of total disrespect and disregard for wombyns health (mental, physical, sexual and emotional). Not to mention that the West hates mothers and motherhood, which is clear in the language, and very reminiscent of (cough, cough) BRAVE NEW WORLD.

      I have played with the idea of covering up as liberation. I sometimes do so to explore reactions and you will find, that women are still turned into sexual objects whether or not they are wearing clothes or not. Men think its acceptable to beat women from Arkansas to Afghanistan. I think the most feminist modern media production of our time (which is very Uranus square Pluto) is the network tv program SNAPPED.

      And lastly, we being SOCIAL creatures, Wombyn will always need men, and men will always need wombyn. Don’t fool yourself, your self hatred is not natural, its a program. Wake up. Rewire. You are right, this will take the partcipation of both men and wombyn breaking chains and we are only be-ing human, but we have God power, when we remember to recognize our divinity and the magnificent fragility of our Whirl’d we can become radical transformers of our society, again we have God power, to “create” and “destroy”– or rather to “transfer and sway energy”. Its up to each of us to pick a side in these psychic battles, to triumph over our humanly weakness activating new resources of our mind, bodies, and spirit to eliminate the negativity that permeates.

      Peace & balance in the chaos

      Oya L Sherrills

    2. Oh I forgot the smiley face after “SNAPPED”– 🙂 … I’m being particularly sadistically dramatic as I’m want to do… Lilith in Leo mind you… hehehe

  99. Dear Marina, I couldn’t agree with you more.

    Melbourne recently staged the brutal rape and murder of a young and beautiful Irish woman. She was newly married and was taken on her way home, after going out to dinner with her friends. The psychopath that committed this cruel and vicious act was known to police and is now back in custody. A few days after finding her body, 30,000 people responded by congregating in a peace march to mourn her death and to protest against the ongoing violence against women in general.

    I know what happened to this girl touched the hearts so many people throughout Australia. As a woman, I cried for her, for myself and for all of us. Part of the blame must be aimed at the myriad of twisted images of women being demoralised in pornographic media. It is time all women (and men)stand united and take responsibility towards cleaning up this filth. Young men must know that women find these images degrading and vulgar. Also, the ideas pornography plants in their minds about women are absolutely false and potentially dangerous.

    I would like to finish with a quote from Gloria Steinem,
    “A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men.”


  100. I think it would be helpful to read something written by Middle Eastern women to get a real understanding of the culture and whether or not there is a feeling of oppression experienced by these women. One such book I’ve had the opportunity to read is “Infidel” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She’s a woman from Somalia who escaped from an arranged marriage and eventually ended up in Holland’s parliament. An amazing read which was very eye opening for me.

  101. I very much enjoyed how Tolle explains the collective in the feminine form and throughout the spectrum of human.

    There is misunderstanding for sure between these collectives.

    Real quick: The Sex & The City 2 movie has been loved by some woman for it being “empowering”. The main characters go to another country and find out that the women in their burka are actually wearing flashy designer dresses and shoes. Of course this has been interpreted, also, as being a movie “without class”.

    Where I live in the US there’s been many refugees fleeing from Africa especially Somalia and the contrast of women in burka to the women exposing it all is pretty extreme.

    Very well written! You have a good writing voice 😀

  102. saudi moneyed islamic Families live in walled compounds, inside women lounge poolside bikini, martini, the whole decedent enchilenda..each family suspicious of the other as they look up walls to the sky. Bootlegging wiskey is big….like victorian england poor are burdened with wealth’s hyrocrisy

  103. Every since I read this, its been making sense/I’ve been seeing this play out. Women I know with early cardinal sun/moon have been restless in relationships, restless with putting up with roles, injuries of youth and/or patterns/relationships they’ve tolerated. And yet, since its uranus/pluto, there is a destructive side to this, something of an “freedom at all costs” that has worried me. A while ago when I tried to get a handle on Pluto/Uranus conjunction in Virgo, I looked for celebrities born close to the late Aug 1965 (I think it was) center of that system and came up with Shania Twain and Diane Lane (interesting Virgo/power stuff). So it may be about sex, but it might also be that women are having to face/explore what it means to wield power in what remains psycho-sexual structures we have.

    1. That’s an interesting observation. I’m an early Arian and this played out a couple of years ago when I just sort of woke up to how crap my job/ on-off relationship/home life were, even though I loved them. I ‘accepted what you can’t change’ as they say and walked out on the whole lot to look after my elderly mother. This has meant squaring up to and wielding power in some entrenched family patterns that I walked out on 30 years ago but Pluto just doesn’t let you get away with that!

    2. what house is your sun in? (am early Aries too by the way, sun in Nadir)

    3. 12th, along with most of the other inner planets. Have found it hard to get any grip on my identity or confront situations where I’ve been taken advantage of ever since Pluto opp sun, until this transit which stripped me right back and a good thing too!

    4. I wondered if it was in the 12th! interesting that the move you made (to care for your mother) embraces that 12th house call (I guess that means Pluto is now in your eighth or ninth)… a long time since, what, 1972 when Pluto was in early libra… what was 1980-1 like when saturn/jupiter were conjunct in early libra… I remember it was so visible in the autumn sky over Boston… well peace to you.

    5. I remember John Lennon being shot that December. I was still at school, fighting an art teacher, developed a slight eating disorder alongside trying to adopt my mother’s new religious beliefs in a pathetic attempt to fit in, went down to under 100 pounds. Very Saturn/Jupiter, all that discipline round food/religion. Never looked at that conjunction before, makes sense, another bit of the puzzle. Thanks for asking, how did you experience it? Peace to you also!

  104. Keep watch on the new movement for women’s reproductive rights:
    Texas, NC and Ohio passing legal limitations on choices
    Lilith-inspired representatives creating a web of resistance or protest to these laws
    Vasalgel, first viable male contraception, going into clinical trials 2013, perhaps for sale during Uranus conjunction Eris in 2016?

    Methinks Marina is spot-on in calling Uranus Square Pluto a sexual revolution. As others have noted, until true equality between men and women, this fight will go on.

    How can our societies believe in limiting women’s choices while n simultaneously promoting men’s ? The challenge for the new generation.

    1. the Guardian reports 80 incidents of sexual violence in one night in Cairo July 3rd in the square where recent anti-Government protests many here get excited by were happening… much like problems in Occupy camps…

  105. I dont understand why we call the power hungry, money laundering egomaniacs the “elite” of the world..
    We have forgotten the true meaning of the word elite,
    and as TerrenceMcKenna said, the true elite are the kind and blod, those who have suffered adversity and come out stronger, the artists, musicians etc etc..
    Why do we keep referring to the politicians and those with piles of money elite?
    Did elite become synonymous with money, greed and power-maniacs?
    I pity the elite we refer to in this time and age. I am ambivalent when it comes to karma, seeing as it often can be misused and exploited when refering to others,
    but imagine how much bad karma these people have garnished throughout their lives, and how much atonement they have to do for influencing millions of lives in a detrimental way..

    We keep banging eachother in the head for the slightest hick-up (but even monkeys fall from trees)
    While those who make decisions involving lives of millions, and basing these decisions on disdain and corruption never have to look themselves in the mirror.
    If you have read near death experience, a lot of people say they have a life-review, imagine how the politicians and banksters life-review will be like? Feeling all the suffering and injustice they have caused in an instant,
    it sounds dreadful.

    It is not the politicians who keep the people in check, it is the people who must keep the politicians in check constantly reminding them not to abuse the influence they can exert on others.
    A few dont make the world go around (although they probably have this mindset) it is the individuals who make the world go around,
    and when the fuck will we stop refering to these people as elite?!?!!?
    For crying out loud ;-P

  106. Gary Brand of and I ( are both long-time astrologers. Gary has a fantastic article on the Uranus square Pluto transit you will find extremely useful in the coming days as this planetary configuration is about far more than sexual revolution; there’s also a financial aspect to it you’re feeling the effects of far more and will continue to do so in greater and greater degree. As far as relationships go, if you’re involved in a relationship right now, I have an article on my blog about compatibility and natal horoscopes you might also find useful. If you’re interested in what the “White Light” is, a la higher intelligence, I have an article about that as well. Whatever you do, be sure to read Gary’s article! Let me know what you think at [email protected]

  107. Excellent post Marina!
    I have often pondered exactly the same questions and drawn exactly the same conclusions. This is why I quit a very lucrative career as a model. I was being paid vast sums of money to jet around the world and look hot. All I had to do was show up but the fact that I was part of, actually representing this grotesque machine which bludgeons the self esteem of young girls horrified me. I’ve often wished I could wear a burka. I’ve tried to buy one too, they aren’t that easy to come by! I guess I don’t move in the right circles 🙂 lol. Anyway, that’s why I’m all about “strong is the new skinny” now and mentoring other women who can’t afford to pay me for PT and nutrition coaching. The idea that women shouldn’t lift weights is perpetuated by men who fear strong women. Don’t take shit from any guy. There is no reason why a woman can’t be powerful AND sexy. Women tell me they are afraid of “getting big”. I’m not big, I just have muscle.
    I’m tiny and yet I can easily pick up a guy and carry him across the road, whether he wants me to or not:-)
    Hey I’m digressing here but screw the Madonna/whore complex. As long as women are split, men will be split. This doesn’t bode well for our future, does it? Why should women and girls have to choose between being wives or whores, between being sexual or fitting in and having a peer group? It’s as bogus as the idea that Charlie’s Angels is girl power. Looking hot in hot pants is a side effect of doing squats and lunges but I do it so that if any guy messes with me I can kick his ass. And I love endorphins. Lol
    Your blog is awesome.
    I love it. X

  108. I read this article a year ago or so and it didn’t ring a bell…. but now I can see how you’ve hit this theme out of the park. Home run!

    A few years ago, I saw an interview on the tube with an Afghan man (50s or 60s) who was asked about the (illegal) occupation. He said they were being force-fed ‘SEX’ all day long so as not to think much about what was really going on. Whoa!

    Interesting to me! So us in the West have been force-fed ‘SEX’ day or night and think it’s NORMAL. I have yet to see a Cosmo cover not mentioning an article about how to have “HOT KINKY SEX” all day long.

    Recent NYTimes article “Sex on Campus: She Can Play That Game Too.” In it a girl explained why her encounters in her first two years of college “usually ended with fellatio.” Early in the evening, she’d get very drunk.

    “By the time she got back to a guy’s room, she was starting to sober up and didn’t want to be there anymore, and giving the guy oral sex was an easy way to wrap things up and leave.”

    Someone else noted “it takes a lot of spin to call that liberation.” Awesome Sexual Revolution we have!

    We’ve got a long way to go to dig ourselves out of this hole and happily Uranus is going to force us to do just that!

    The Happy Hippy style FREE-LOVE is and always was a LIE, time to grow up. Stop NOW with the 50 BS Shades of Grey all ready!

    Thanks Marina for your insight.

  109. Has anyone looked at Miley Cyrus’ chart? To me, she definitely embodies this dichotomy.

    1. Here’s a link

      She’s going to have some very intense sexual dilemmas over her life! Venus Uranus Neptune conj – sq Jupiter – sex as an idealised abstraction and some lessons she doesn’t expect?
      She’s disconnected to it but she has Moon PLuto Mercury and Sun conjunct on her descendant. So she has a deep driving motivation which will present itself as hard emotional truths – when Saturn conjuncts over the next year and a bit more from late Scorpio to early Sag. This might coincide with an older man in her life? A teacher Business partner? Husband? FAther figure? Either way, she’s got a real dichotomy between the “libertine” disconnected Uranus/Venus/Neptune and the Moon PLuto Mercury Sun.
      Don’t be surprised if in time to come she has a backlash against herself!! – and blames the industry she is in for making her twerk etc – I’d say that Uranus influence makes her sexual antics robotic! But that’s fine… the big test on all of us is that we have to eventually raise our kundalini form the lower three centres to the upper ones and maybe she will do that, also in the public eye.

  110. So right you are again, Marina, and power to you for being brave enough to initiate this discussion. This is a BIG important field affecting our entire world and our future. But we’re still a LONG way from a real sexual revolution.
    Females the world over are still in chains, and have been forced backwards further now, enslaved by the brain-psyche-society-changing effects of pornography, and the sexualization of fashion and of young girls/women – (and a large number of female porn stars are actually real-life slaves of human trafficking). To a large and growing degree, females have been insidiously stripped of the (degree of) equality that generations of females suffered to achieve, so that outwardly females live the illusion of equality and freedom, but in reality are now (freely-displaying, freely-giving) sex objects.
    The males of the world are now largely addicted and mentally corrupted by all this and no longer understand how to have healthy devoted intimate relationships, if they ever did. Females are not likely to find a healthy relationship with a male who is devoted to her and free of addiction to porn, lust and fantasy for every female body. And what will present-day boys/young men create for the future, with this insidiously-pervasive belief system in control?
    So many younger females are brainwashed, and no longer search for personal identity or develop inner qualities as their source of power, despite education, but struggle to find their self-value and power in the size of their boobs, the shape of body parts, and in sexual self-exploitation. In the process they compete with and damage other females, individually and collectively – this factor divides females against each other and reduces the chance of females ever cooperating together to create change and find real power in the world.
    Many successful wars have been won by dividing the opponent against each other – divide and conquer – is this a war against the true power of the feminine?
    In fact, this division, dis-empowerment and enslaving of females worldwide is working SO well, with such power for sweeping destructive change to society (which IS unfolding right now), it almost seems like there is a secret evil world plan or something, as bizarre as that sounds.
    At the very least, the chaining of females by sexualization supports the biggest money-making industries in the world – pornography, human trafficking, medical-cosmetic & medical-device industries, fashion & makeup, etc.

    Lets all get involved before it’s gone far too far! Start by each person educating themselves and seeing the big picture. Then join together to consciously shape our world, instead of allowing destructive forces to have control.

    1. I should clarify that I disagree with women being forced to wear burquas, and with that entire mind-set of females being subordinate to males, being owned objects (however well-protected), or having to submit to any form of punishment.
      I also disagree with the other extreme, which includes females being sexually exploited, degraded & objectified so they forget/never-learn who they are & find their main power in their sexual parts & behaviour as we have now in most “democratic civilizations” (LoL), which is just as damaging or worse. The future of this mind-set will put us into a dark age worse than ever, unless females rise up to stop it.
      In both of these extremes, the males are free, in control, and exploit females as sex-objects for their own warped ideals of self-pleasure & self-indulgence & power, while the females are in chains in their sexuality, as well as psychologically, emotionally, and to varying degrees materially. Come on women – wake up & do something to create positive change and healthy empowerment!!
      It was Marina’s concept of the real need for a healthy sexual revolution that I favor. My key word being “healthy”, meaning supportive of all beings, and not one gender using, abusing and exploiting the other gender for any reason – not one extreme or another. Refer to my main comment for more about this last point.

    2. Or, each and every individual can be celibate for a while.
      Think carefully about what their sexuality truly means to them,
      Just take the time to write down thoughts, and try to grasp what it means to be a sexually/love happy state..
      It takes work,
      But there is no one answer for everyone as to how to express and live in the most true resonance of the sexuality within.

    3. Good stuff S. Celibacy used to be a dirty word but now its out of the closet. It does take work but it is an incredible way to get perspective on life. I was just reading some of the commentary on the Indian law to make gay sex illegal and it occurred to me how sex has become the definition or marker of love and how misguided that is!

    4. My personal sexual philosophy, I know it will sound preachy, but I can live with that.
      Is that in order for a sexual union to be “magical”,
      The two partners involved need to respect eachother, have trust, be fond of one another, and be kind to eachother..
      If there is kindness and understanding between the lovers, the sex will feel natural and beautiful.. And thats When the sexual “guilt” goes out the Window, because the union has strong foundations of mutual trust,
      And thus it feels as natural as taking a walk..
      So I am not Wildly enthusiastic about one night stands, but if the union is built on strong spiritual foundations,
      Thats what it takes, I think.. Because sex is deeply personal

  111. I think you’re way off the rails here. A burqua is hot, steamy, heavy and difficult to walk in, requiring a brother or son to escort the female everywhere so she doesn’t trip on the hem or not see a step or uneven ground and fall down. What is so enchanting or romantic about this? The message of the burqua is that women are “invisible” in the male world of freedoms; women are the living dead.

    You only offer two choices: Completely covered or mostly nude. I reject both extremes; and extremes are what they are bc they both expect and demand something from women; she just can’t be herself and accepted for herself and whatever special things there are about her.

    As for: “I find it ironic that while our Muslim sisters are encouraged to cover up, western women are stripping off to painful extremes in an effort to please their men.” [quote]

    This statement implies that women somehow “own” “their men.” Ha! Since when do the women own the men? This is pure fantasy; a man sticks around as long as he is interested in having sex with any individual female, but as soon as she doesn’t excite him any more, he trades up and gets another one. This totally disempowers and disenfranchises women altogether in this arena. If things were so good with the men, women wouldn’t be out looking for jobs and moving up in politics.

    And, finally: “It’s not SO barbaric. You get a chance to repent at least. A telling-off and having to forsake a shag first. Only then you get some light beating. For some couples this is foreplay…” [quote]

    Are you kidding??? Any man that beats a woman, lightly or otherwise, needs to be cremated alive!!! NO GD MALE HAS THE RIGHT TO HARM ANY FEMALE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!! Let him keep his hands to himself or lose them completely.

    1. I know this isn’t the topic at hand, but generalizations bother me lol I just want it to be known, humans come in a variety of flavors. We are both similar and different in many ways at the same time. That said, the statement about men and sex rings true for only a fraction of the male popuation, as well as a fraction of the female population. Statements like that aren’t fair to the whole group because there are usually exceptions.

    2. And, finally: “It’s not SO barbaric. You get a chance to repent at least. A telling-off and having to forsake a shag first. Only then you get some light beating. For some couples this is foreplay…” [quote]

      That quote does not work out of context. It was supposed to be ironic! I was trying to stress how ridiculous the quote from the Qu’ran was. Just because I said “it’s not SO barbaric”, does not mean I condone it either. Far from it.

      You used the expression “cremated alive”. Now that’s barbaric. No one has the right to harm anyone, male or female, unless of course they are doing it in defence. But then we come to what degree of defence. If someone attacks you verbally, you don’t have the right to blow their head off.

    3. It all can be avoided if males will develop respect for females and remember that their mothers were females.

      As for cremating alive: If women can be stoned to death or gang raped for returning a book (actual happenings in Yemen, I think it was,) then males can be cremated alive. They burned women at the stake as regular fare in Old Salem town. NO male should be hitting any female under ANY circumstances. Period!

    4. Lisa: Actually the Salem trials mostly didn’t end in condemned deaths (plus the young girl, i think that she was 11 from memory, who caused the whole fracas there in the first place later admitted to lying about the whole thing) ~ most of the deaths were by hanging.

    5. every one is equal, we are all a cell in the body of humanity.
      actually,no man, should be hitting any man.
      the fact society is run on the desensitised, rough and tumble of male interaction, has unbalanced the equa-librian ,of peace ,that is necessary for spiritual evolution.
      Its the power of love-not the love of power.

    6. I saw a woman in a bur qua once in a hotel Dubai. Her entire face was covered and she had to negotiate an escalator. Nothing of her body was visible. She had to be escorted by her husband? brother? and her hand held so nothing got caught on the escalator. The thing was, everyone was staring at her. Clearly (how? despite her coverage, you could still tell,) she was very young – about 17, and beautiful. A weird combination of her invisibility and total inability to negotiate her own pathway made her magnetically attractive. EVERYONE was staring at her! Surely counterproductive?!

  112. Isnt uranus square pluto mostly about the internet?
    Uranus (technology) internet and communications through elektronic devices.. Pluto (subconcious, “darker truths” and transformation.
    People have no filter online, and so can face the shadow of others and ourselves, as it is also exposed in how we interact online (uranus) and pluto shows what lies in the heart of many, because we dont have to be accountable for what we say online, and so the shadow (pluto) is exposed, through the flow of information on the internet (uranus)

    1. “…because we dont have to be accountable for what we say online,”

      — Is this really accurate? If I post something that others don’t agree with it can bring on an avalanche of attacks. If I post to a blog, particularly a MSM blog, I can be blocked from ever posting again. So, I think there can be repercussions, maybe just not the usual kind.

  113. As for Uranus square Pluto: Political change and a sexual revolution I think that began with the Aquarian enharmonics and more fuel being placed in the engine that is ushering in the matriarchy as we bid farewell to two thousand years of male warfaring and greet female rule for the next thousand years. Hopefully, the women will be far less prone to war in this age of drone strikes; talk about no accountability.

    1. Lisa,
      When one’s Mother is the perpetrator,enabler,or just plain absent,men struggle to find what you demand.My mother,LILY,was Eve & Lilith in one.I can love her for that now in spite of……but it takes patience,intent and heart.I’m 64,you dont have to take the goat route to the top.

      You are far too polarized to offer any gender (physical or essence),conciliatory healing or new Aquarian paradigm unity.If you were less quick to attack from an emotionally charged perception/intention and more versed in myth/origins/history/astrology,you would know the age of the “Matriarchy”/”Goddess” has been….and….gone…..with it’s lessons,rise & falls,now….the close of the age of the “Patriarchy”/”God”…,to respectfully disagree with your future perspectives,i contend we,as a collective,are faced with creating a sustainable future and evolution of separate spiritual qualities,and this the initiatory evolving phase-Pluto in Capricorn,that demands co-creative principles working in harmony through not only the physical mundane aspects of gender,but in the separate qualities and aspects of creative principles of geometry & music of the spheres that is inclusive of the circle/square,that can manifest beyond our present limitations-Uranus in Aries.That’s a Sun/Pluto – Moon/Uranus transit contemplation.


  114. Thank you for the tell it like it is post…and Happy Holidays and Happiest of New Years…

  115. Marina,
    I did thoroughly enjoy your juxtaposed perspectives and Lilith’s intro.I continue to believe of her relevance,if not central,to the affairs of humankind since the age Atlantis if not before.

    This Pluto/Uranus square has EVERYTHING to do with sexuality and it’s Patriarchal dichotomies embraced by the Matrix in it’s attempts to present an..equal opportunity ‘New Age’,but not equalizing/unifying from my perspective.One of the foundations of equality in the US is embraced as the rights of women to fight on the battlefields(?)….to kill other women & children…..and i hear women supporting that.I’m confused…not really!

  116. Well said Marina, and yes women could do with some Uranus-Pluto revolution in societal norms. If we don’t conform to these pressures, we can create a new, far healthier set of norms.

    Whilst I don’t agree with burkas as they are enforced and not chosen, but I do agree that modern Western women are equally chained to societal expectations.

    Time to women to stand up for their right to be naturally shaped, happy, fulfilled and loved without being having to be sex objects.

  117. YOU are so awesome & so thought provoking I felt like I was right there with you . I am so sick of the “hot” stories of the red carpet stars and so looked so “hot’ and so and so is so thin or so and so is so heavy …get real all of this fake stuff. The plastic surgery is a joke because at my age (about to be 64 ) I learned when I was in my 20s , that it does not remain or stay that way when you have plastic surgery. I was in a position of marrying someone older than me ( now we are divorced ) and he was the younger of the group ..and so I was much younger and the women and men and this group were financialy affluent and educated so they could spend their money as they pleased. They were mentors to me & really took me under their wings (the women ) and I was like a child , to them. They were still smoking cigarettes and had plastic surgery facelifts, tummy tucks & they were not eating well , and still drinking nor were they exercising so I could see what was happening ..they were going to look older even at a younger age than expected becasue heallth and wellness must be maintained overall exercise mediation eating healthy and being joyful from inside. These women were still doing the vices no exercise drinking smoking cigarettes and having plastic surgery so I watched and observed & realized that I was in a position to learn . I did. I dont drink (so rarely when was it ) I gave up cigarettes years ago I exercise do yoga dance walk hike weight train and eat healthy most times on occassion I do like some Ben & Jerrys lol but overall it has been helpful. Mostly what is sometihing I am proud of NO plastic surgery. I will tell you I have lots of gfs who have had this as I said i am about to be 64 and guess what they dont look any better than me . You see if you have a tummy tuck you still have to do it again it doesnt stay that way & there are restrictions for their exercise & the liposuction doesnt remain they have to keep doing it again & the face lifts & the botex you have to keep repeating in the long run you are out of money and out of time because things dont remain. What is improtant is to realize you can still look good & healthy & still young looking without all of that its also; a mindset of being ageless. Showing the skin & being hotter than the next is becuase of the insecurity of the females there is so much competition that I at this age have a problem with new female friends my childhood high school & college friends are ok but new friends (women ) who are so frigtenened of being alone & never having a guy are so desperate ( I am single ) and they will do anything to look good & get in bed with the men in one second and go to their homes & be & do whateve rthey want NOT me ..I will not lower myself .. if a guy wants me he still has to date me and show me respect & treat me well not like a piece of trash ..and I think I am hot without all of that .. so yes the changes are coming ..arent they as usual you are on top of all of this that is why I love your work and your site

    1. Barnett Newton said,
      A person gives an impression as you meet, a sort of merging of two souls..
      But When you start to focus on the eyebrows, it becomes cosmetic..
      Very true 🙂

  118. You’ve really only talked about the sexual revolution part of Uranus square Pluto. Now do an in depth of the political; this is what I’m interested in.

  119. Interesting perspectives regards freedom and femininity and restrictions and burqas. I feel more strongly about freedom , more of the mind than the body.Our freedom in the western world, although, on the surface, may appear to be limited to physical perspectives of facial proportions and small body sizes, is vastly deeper than that limited folly would have one believe. Whilst I am a working mother, wife and my own person , I happily commit to all of those titles. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than going to work and utilizing my brain and offering life saving time and skills in my hospital lab job, then coming home to offer emotional support and inner wisdom to my children, then being able to assist my husband to offer friendship and a listening ear to his busy business day, in turn, I receive help and support from my family and work colleagues. I have complete freedom to choose to utilize my educational capacity at work, and then be a mum or wife at home. My life is full of modern day liberations.. I embrace my freedom that enables me to search and learn via the world wide web, I engage in spiritual activity with my female pals, we spend hours together talking and embracing our freedom and inner turmoil’s… No, my life is not locked into fashion sizes or faces…nor should any law abiding western females life be.. If one is stuck in the physical paradigm of worrying if you are a size 2 or 6, or that you look good enough… just to please some one else ( other than your OWN SELF) then you are in a place where you need to deal with your own inner demons. There are still personal mental/personality/relationship issues that any person has to deal with in their own life regardless of whether they are in the west or east..However, we need only look to Malala Yousafzai to understand how oppressed , undervalued, under considerd, and abused , physically, mentally and emotionally a huge amount of eastern women are. To be denied the access of individual education for females ( or males ) is a crime in and of itself. To be denied the freedom to choose what to wear, how to dress, what religious or non religious belief system to follow, to be disabled from voting, from working , from being in public, from being able to shop in public, eat certain foods, drink alcohol if one wishes… now , that is abuse, and lack of freedom… Why, goodness…it sounds just like being a black person in the USA in the 40’s and 50’s….peace, light and freedom to all.

    1. There is lack of freedom, not necessarily from each other. But from other delties in the spiritual hierarchy as well..
      When you exhibit your freedom with kindness, humility, wisdom and strive to spread good around you’
      More freedom will be granted. But When you intentionally or unintentionally use the freedom with disdain and lack if respect for others, your expression of freedom will be limited..

      Also when you respect others, and accept them within putting chains around them, your own chains will loosen, and the path will open up more clearly allowing you to focus on that which is good for you, friends and lovers, and others

  120. Let me share as a recent “revert” to Islam. In the movie “Ali” with Will Smith, there was an event when Mohammed Ali told his fiance that how you dress says something about who you are.
    In real life this incident concerned his daughters, and you have to admit that what he said is true. No matter how unbiased we believe we are, one always knows that first impressions count heavily if a relationship is even considered to pursue.
    I have personally never heard one Muslima complain about “covering up.” It is normal in this culture as wearing flipflops everywhere, even in winter for some.
    Hope this is not too off-base concerning the square which imho will lead to positive change and new vigor.

  121. As another mom of a girl child, I share your concerns. And I like the focus of this article on the sexual/gender angle (as opposed to political as one commenter noted above). Your goddess focus and sense of humor are why I visit your site more than any other! Happy 2014, Marina!

  122. What immortal span, could lend such magnetic charge to human hips, if not karma, that unquenchable human face, whose entrance is the uterine gate, is this why the Goddess weeps in rage, cause we all resent our own, slow progress, when we should love her moment, to breath her air and stroke her hair, and grow.

  123. Uranus will conjunct my natal Eris at 10’Aries33, its in my 6th house so also hoping for a breakthrough in my area, which includes healing and sacred feminine service, will let you know…

    1. ps its currently conjuncting my friends at 9, however she has been going through tough transits plus pluto is transiting her 8th house and Saturn is in her 6th, she has suddenly burst out commanding respect at work, although she is a bit more like the 13th fairy just now and woe betide anyone who crosses her…

  124. Hey, that is a well written article. I see what you see and this is why I am proud to be a good looking female homosexual!!! I don’t wear make up nor do I wear dresses because I am confidant in this body and soul. I know I am “good looking” because I look just like my late mother. Hey, thanks for the article.

  125. Hi,
    Well this Uranus Square Pluto was a real eye opener. This would explain a lot of what has been going on. I’m an Aquarians so I think outside of the box by nature. My husband passed away a year and a half ago. I did not change my long hair to something that would be “appropriate” for a widow, nor did I change my regular clothing to drab, gray clothing. The weird thing is that Pluto rules my 12th house (enemies), and Uranus rules my 3rd house (neighbors). One of my neighbors just lost it and thought that I was going to start stealing everybody’s husbands. Pluto is now transiting my 1st house (appearance) and Uranus is transiting my 4th house (real estate/home) In order to avoid problems with this crazy woman I started wearing jeans, t-shirts most of the time. I hear a revolution coming on. I felt for some time to rebel and dress nice again, now I know that it was the Uranus-Pluto square. No where is it written that a woman in her late 40’s can’t wear sexy heels.

  126. “there are some signs that the sexual revolution of Uranus square Pluto is coming in a different manner than that of the free love conjunction of the 1960’s.”
    Max Clifford… JImmy Savile, Cyril SMith… etc etc all the seedy sex offenders now coming to light… burkhas on the rise, girls kidnapped and sold as sex slaves in Nigeria etc
    “Boko Haram translates as “Western education is a sin” and is part of a web of jihadist movements flaring up across the world to terrorise and divide communities. And a principal tactic is to enslave girls, to close their schools, render them illiterate and imprisoned at home….
    “Western education” in the minds of extreme Islam doesn’t just mean secular teaching, it means any education at all. As Malala Yousafzai, a girl who knows the price of defying fundamentalism, said: “If I am learning to be a doctor would there be an eastern stethoscope or a western stethoscope? Education is education.”
    How far Malala’s native Pakistan has come from the declaration of its founding father Muhammad Ali Jinnah that: “No nation can ever be worthy of its existence that cannot take its women along with the men.” According to Unesco, its literacy rate is a shameful 46 per cent; worse still, just 26 per cent of women can read. Only a quarter of Pakistan’s schools admit female pupils.
    Ordering the closure of girls’ schools was the Taliban’s way of announcing its arrival in the Swat Valley where Malala lived. Female ignorance and dependence is its core principle: squandering the brainpower of little girls is how radical Islam flexes its muscles. And for those who defy its medievalism and strive to be educated, there is daily mortal risk…
    Meanwhile, across the border in Afghanistan, the Taliban is busy closing as many girls’ schools as it can before coalition forces pull out later this year: 600 in the two eastern provinces alone. Elsewhere it pursues unspeakable barbarism: poisoning girls by tampering with their school’s drinking well or spraying them in their classrooms with toxic chemicals. At a mixed school in southern Afghanistan,
    two teachers were executed for refusing to stop educating girls. Their pupils were forced to watch…
    …the inquiry continues into the alleged “Trojan Horse” takeover by radical Islamists in Birmingham’s schools, we hear of girls being made to sit at the back of classrooms, refusal to teach female reproduction, although it was on the GCSE biology curriculum. The idea that “Western education is a sin” is insinuating itself too into some British schools.
    Those who seek to restrict or deny female education have one underlying fear: loss of control”
    from Janice Turner , The Times, London. April 26.2014

    This is a product of Uranus Pluto in Virgo come to fruition. Virgo is very strongly about education – and hygiene rather than sex – which is how we came to have sex education in schools, etc. This is the conjunction in maturity.
    I still hold that Pluto in Leo was the seeding for “free love” which matured in the 60s – although the original free love movement has been around for centuries –
    The Pluto in Leo people of the 60s, then old enough to be sexually active etc were marching to the tune of FREE LOVE – as in All you need is love – but this was also tied up with a culture of Eastern Philosophy and meditation. Those not tuned in on the more elevated levels got stuck with the sex and drugs in a pretty base way… which is now resultant in the seedy scandals of Savile, Clifford etc! (for those of you not in the UK – Clifford is a highly successful but low rent PR man with a very grubby history! He was found guilty of a string of sexual assaults in the 60s – 70s and given 8 years.

    While the phrase free love is often associated with promiscuity in the popular imagination, especially in reference to the counterculture of the 1960s and 1970s, historically the free-love movement has not advocated multiple sexual partners or short-term sexual relationships. Rather, it has argued that love relations that are freely entered into should not be regulated by law.

    For those who have it regulated by the law of religion, the idea of free or unregulated love or worse, sex, has them foaming at the mouth… Virgo loves a rule and hates a rule to be broken! Perhaps the end game of this cycle is to show that there has to be discernment in all things – and the creator of course has the final say! … but in whose voice???

    SO here we are – those who misconstrued free love for free sex.. in the dock. “Take them down..” has a new meaning to Max Clifford this morning!!!

    Max Clifford interestingly has Sun Mercury conj 15/17 Aries sq Jupiter 16 Cancer – so he is now impaled on the Cardnal Cross… He has Pluto in Leo, Chiron conjunct n node in Leo opposite Mars conj s node in Aquarius – square Venus. His concept of free love is free sex when the Virgo Uranus conjunction occurs in the 60s – he is clearly not the transcendent type!!! But the right age to be sexually active in the newly seeded Uranus Pluto in Virgo years! He also has Neptune just about on Alkaid/Benetnash – Uranus was in exact conjunction with Benetnash at the end of July 1969. His style of luring young women into sexual assaults was to pretend (Neptune) to be working on films with such luminaries as Cubby Broccoli, Aaron Spelling, Charles Bronson etc etc (Neptune) then subject them to debasing sexual assaults by way of ensuring them this was how to get ahead in the movies!!!
    it has come to light in the evidence against him that he has a very small penis!!!

    In my wicked way – I can see this as the revenge of the economically sized member (Virgo!) against a make-believe culture of pure Macho sexuality – James Bond movies, Death Wish etc etc.

    Incidentally – Max Clifford tried his little yarn on me too! I was about 18 at the time – but feisty even then! He got a verbal kick in the cajones and that was that!

  127. It’s naive to think that there was ever a time where sex was sacred, women were respected, or that there wasn’t an emphasis on physical appearance. Men are equally as forced to be vain as women, look at the wigs and ruffles of the 18th Century! There has always been prostitution and porn, think of the old style saloons, and there has always been sex crimes against children, think of all of the ancient cultures, and as for war – all bets are off. Women have always had to work, accept these days, by law, we have to be paid for it, and whilst there is still a way to go, it’s getting there. The 50’s weren’t as domestically blissful as this generation seems to think it was. When you look at the happenings behind the Vietnam war, that whole generation was a farce. Forget the sex, love and rock ‘n roll element of the 60’s and 70’s, that age of feminism started the legal system process, and we should be forever thankful to them. Whilst there is still rape, domestic violence and discrimination in the work place, there are laws and they are implemented. It is definitely a shame that respect for women seems ridiculously low at the moment, but that is simply because the men that are still alive are midst the process of growing up with one generation of women who had a certain set of ideals, then they married a woman, or women, who had half those ideals and half the new ideals, and then they started raising daughters and sons during an age where there is more legal opportunity. Men may be still in power, but those who are still alive and in positions of authority have also been forced to evolve with all sorts of shifts. Religion does have a strong influence on the roles of women, but the law, when practiced properly in the western world, overrides religious dogma. As many Islamics are immigrating to the West, they will also need to abide the legal systems. So really, for this generation, the title of certain themes in this article should have been, East meets West, who will win the right to dictate to women and what will the legal system do about it? Unless extreme Islamics who want to completely overturn all Western laws to women by being the governing power in politics – it will only improve, as the following generations of young, Western men grow up expecting equality.

    Back to sex in the media and what not, and the impact that music videos and magazines have on eating disorders.Probably nothing. As a generation we are more overweight than ever, and continuing to grow in size. There have also always been expectations on how to look, and there has always been a desire to appeal to the sexual side of your partner, for both men and women. Personally, I am over watching sex scenes throughout my tv shows. I find it boring and sometimes they are so long, I feel uncomfortable. There’s no thrill or turn on element at all, just a hurry up, or an oh good, I have time to check my social media whilst it’s on.

  128. Feminism is not women vs men. Feminism is women and men vs Patriarchy. I recommend “The Chalice and the Blade” by Reine Eisler.

    1. Yes that book is on my “to read” list. Feminism should be women and men against Patriarchy, I would like to think it is. But I’m afraid most men really don’t see it that way. If you go out into the regular world outside the “new age/astrological” bubble the word feminism means FEMIN-ism. If we want it to mean anti-patriarchy then we need to get the language right because language causes all sorts of misunderstandings. Even anti-patriarchy is wrong because then it implies we want a matriarchy. They both have the word ARCH in them which suggests a hierarchy. Really we should all be anarchists!

  129. Quote: “Back to sex in the media and what not, and the impact that music videos and magazines have on eating disorders.Probably nothing. As a generation we are more overweight than ever, and continuing to grow in size.”

    >>> With all due respect, overweight through overeating is ALSO an eating disorder and equally driven by the media (creating deep feelings of inadequacy, failure and hopelessness in many people) in conjunction with mass produced, food additive saturated prepackaged / fast / convenience foods and drinks…. the food pyramid being one of the biggest public health problems created by the “scientists” of the 50’s era.

    1. Great point about overeating. It’s because food is just not nutritional anymore so we just keep eating. Convenience foods.. ggrrr.. maybe I’m biased being of Sicilian descent, but again they came about as a result of women going out to work. I’m not blaming women here. As a single mum I have frozen pizzas and fish fingers in my freezer too! But mainly for me food is a religion, mostly organic and like mamma used to make every night. Our generation grew up with food cooked from scratch and sunday lunch, we had more time then strangely. I want my daughter to have the same. Her Dad is a great cook too. (saying all that I do remember the odd “boil-in-the-bag” fish in the 1970’s..)

      My grand mothers dresses were tiny. There is now too much of a discrepancy between what we see on the TV and reality. In the 50’s we get an idea women were really curvy and atleast a size 14, but actually they just had tiny waists. I think most people in the films and in real life were a healthy size 8 to 14. Now it’s more like 6 on screen 16+ in real life. there something way out of wack there.

  130. Emma Goldman was a great anarchist and feminist who was critical of (though not in opposition to) Feminism.

    She predicted that elites and academics would exploit and then abandon the cause; leaving working class and low-income women to be preyed on. Quite prescient.

    But who should should give women their rights? Women are 51% of the population in many countries and (thanks to the Suffragettes) most of us have had the vote for 100 years. Why haven’t we just taken what is ours?
    The inescapable truth is that, apparently, these days –most women fear equality more than they fear humiliation. That’s why they flock to 50 Shades of Grey but generally can’t be bothered to cast a ballot or watch the news, nevermind getting out in-front for equal rights.

    The inescapable conclusion is that women get exactly what we want and deserve. We complain and don’t cooperate. We are our own –and eachother’s — worst enemy. What other group attacks their own civil rights movement? Who ever heard of an oppressed majority? We are a laughing stock.

  131. Marina,
    Thank you – your voice and insight is the first I have seen online to call it as it is; Feminism has not delivered the panacea of freedom that it promised. I love the way you have shown the polarity between the East and West extremes and religions part in it. I’d write more, but I’m off to work this morning and need to run. Thank you! “Chalice and the Blade” : Yes! I’ve read it many times, it is an amazing book. Should be required reading for every young woman and man. Thanks again, Cosmic Soul Sistah!!

  132. I’m an artist. I used to call myself a feminist. I don’t call myself that anymore. I believe the feminist movement was a necessary, especially in the art world in the 60s and 70s… But nothing has changed as far as equality. I’ve learned this through having a daughter and being a single mom and watching my male artist peers carry on with their art career while some woman cares for their children. Meanwhile, my career as an artist came to a screeching halt for a good ten years. Worth it though, my daughter is amazing. Now I play catch up on being an artist, feel like I have five jobs and get payed little to nothing for all of them. In short, I have told people for a long time – the feminist movement back fired. Women can no longer choose to be just mother- one of the most important jobs on the planet. As mentioned in this article, our children are being raised by strangers because both parents in a nuclear family have to work- people can’t afford otherwise. The government saw the opportunity to have a new work force with the feminist movement, they took advantage of it to our detriment. I also witnessed the many faces of Madonna while claiming to be in control of her body- the control she claimed was the same as it ever was. She had the power to change things for women but she didn’t. I still have a love and a hate for her… Such is life I suppose

  133. Your musings on the astrological are certainly interesting.

    However, Feminism is not a monolithic entity. You make claim that feminism was responsible for sexualization of women. I find this bizarre given the positions of 2nd wave feminist thought which often involved diatribes against the pornographication of society.

    You also put forth feminist arguments against objectifying women’s bodies, while claiming that your argument is anti-feminist. I find this maddening.

    Your thoughts in this article are only possible courtesy of feminist philosophers. You are arguing for 2nd wave feminist thought and against some strains of 3rd wave feminist thought, but claiming that your ideas are anti-feminist.

    A previous commenter says “nothing has changed as far as equality [as a result of feminism],” ignoring all the progress the women’s movement and feminist movements have made, which includes but is certainly not limited to suffrage (the right to vote), women’s greatly expanded opportunity in the workforce, anti-rape laws, women’s shelters, Roe v Wade, women teaching at universities, reduction in domestic violence, and so on and so forth. And yes, there is still a lot left to go to create a just world for all, regardless of sex or gender.

    The women’s/feminist movement has been one of the most successful social movements of all time, second only perhaps to the abolition of slavery. It is only due to the success of the women’s movement that contemporary women of privilege (white, middle-to-upper-class women) can question whether we still need feminism. Meanwhile feminism has expanded on to consider “intersectional” issues of class, race, sexuality, and gender and where they intersect with feminist concerns.

    I highly urge you to read some contemporary feminist literature, perhaps beginning with the excellent bell hooks if you wish to update your perspective to a more accurate one concerning feminist thought.

    1. No you have miss-understood me. I said the Pill brought all sorts of problems with it. Not feminism. The Pill and feminism are not the same thing. And I have read quite a few feminist books actually. The local library where I used to live was run by some very “right-on” women and it had a HUGE gender-studies section.

    2. This is a big post/comments section to digest, but seeing as Mercury will Conjunct mine in Pisces soon, for all the ladies in the house.. I came back to try and giver er another go. I think a Capricorn Mercury such as Marina’s would be one of the best in astrology at practicing what they preach./ Teaching others when there not doing so.

      But I wish my Mercury was in this guys position! I can understand, but I cant understand why I understand why he wrote what he wrote, But I agree with both. In Marina’s defense as an Aquarian, if I put this in terms of being duped by corrupt Government, I would do the same to people who call themselves revolutionary’s and kneel at there every demand.

      I really liked the Magazine article and pretty picture clicks. Right I have to start sending my information when People have Mercury Uranus Pluto Transits. Lol

  134. For man and woman to cease gender issues with regard to sexuality requires understanding not compromise. It seems deep seeded that there is something within the feminine sexuality (of a man or woman) that needs to explore loving sex with one partner. And deep within the masculine sexuality (of a woman or man) there feels a need to explore loving sex with more than one partner. The traditional terms for this is monogamous and polygamous. But to me these two terms outdated and derogatory in that they both promote extremism and not the harmonic balance between inner man and woman that we are so intently searching for. As Marina says, femininity needs to start saying NO. And for me masculinity needs to start saying YES. Not because we’re fulfilling just an urge, but a truth so profoundly us, but so profoundly repressed because we’re afraid to look the feminine in the face and tell her the truth about our masculine sexual truths for fear of the heavy gender conditioning. I’ve binned that fear some time ago now, and absorbed the rage of the superficial female/male within and without. I’m still not completely on the other side with my power in this, but at least a little further down the road than before in my attempt at avoiding the bombardment of environmental sexuality. And that’s a nice start. X

  135. Very interesting perspectives here. I am a woman in full charge of her powerful sexuality. Libra with Scorpio rising, Venus in Scorpio, Moon in Aries all topped of by an unaspected Sun. I get the power of Sex and Feminine power. Sex is the most beautiful expression if done with love. I really don’t believe in sex without love. Porn is sex without love and that’s why its like junk food, no subsidence to sustain and promote well being. Religious writings are very male influenced and I would imagine the power of the female sexuality is viewed as a threat therefore being represented as a negative. I believe its a no brainer that a woman totally in touch and in tune with her sexuality has supreme power over her captives. Feminine love is even more powerful. Who doesn’t want a beautiful woman with a heart full of compassion and empathy by his or her side? Having observed the power of the female I have come to the conclusion that simple negative human emotions muddy up the true representation of woman. When our society becomes more evolved and can deal better with immature emotions than this debate will surly end. Nature is nature, and a sexy woman is very powerful. end of story

  136. With all due respect, I was discussing my point in the context of the article, with the assumption that the body images in question, that were being affected by music videos, would result in anorexia or bulimia.

    I also do not blame the media for the ever growing waistlines that are happening around the globe. Now to avoid conflict, I will say that there are always those who are outside of this example. Whilst over-eating may eventually become a disorder that involves low self-esteem, the starting out of the gaining of weight begins with a lack of knowledge about foods that are posited in supermarkets, lack of awareness about take-away foods, ease and time constraints. For some it can be also be plain laziness, or even the fact that what’s not good for you, actually tastes better. There is also more emphasis on child safety these days, which finds many kids not playing outside from dusk until dawn, and the the preference to playing video games, than riding a bike or kicking a ball. But even then, with an increase of cars on the roads these days, it isn’t as easy to ride around the road that you live in.

    All of this has little to do with the article.

  137. Just because there is a struggle for women to choose to be a mother within this generation, does not mean that the feminist movement failed. It simply means that you, and I, and every other woman has to set the wheels in motion to change that – just like the feminist movement did regarding scoring us the ability to vote, ensuring that we had the choice to have a career, and bring in laws regarding rape and domestic violence.

  138. “It is only due to the success of the women’s movement that contemporary women of privilege (white, middle-to-upper-class women) can question whether we still need feminism.”

    That’s right.

    And what is with the petulence, entitlement, and ingratitude? “Men don’t give us our rights! Feminism didn’t keep it’s promises!”

    Good grief. Grow up.

  139. Kinda makes sense, Maddona is a Satanist. I remember her Ray Of Light CD, I thought she was that CD. But she like many Satanists, stole it from Indian Culture then marketed it as a watered down New Age version. Got someone who composes ambient music, then acted like it was all her own. You can tell after her other CD’s she was/is nothing like that. Satanists are the only people that can go from spirt to whore, in about 3 seconds or one album. & There paid not to uplift anyone or make a movement, there to grab u with a little stolen light, then lead you to a Neptunian trance like state of repetitive Pop Garbage.

  140. Marina,

    I respectfully ask you to modify your ill-informed comments about pedophilia being permitted in the Talmud. It is absolutely untrue and is an unfortunate departure from your generally well-informed writing. Please see this source:

    Many injurious tales have abounded against Jews. This one is as bad as the blood libel.

    Given the volatile and dangerous atmosphere in France and Europe, I ask you to refute your statement that it was ever permissible for an adult to commit pedophilia in Judaism. This has never been the case. These untrue and careless words could cause harm and be used to justify terrible acts against innocent people.

    Also, why would you use such a dubious source as an imbalanced, anti-Semite to back your claim? It is hugely irresponsible.

    I ask you as a reasonable, intelligent scholar to reconsider the harm you have done and correct the error.


    A Concerned Reader

    1. Thanks for your reference. I fact I will use it to back up just what I said in the article. Religions are a mine field for this kind of stuff. I have a problem with all religions. All these laws and then get-out clauses. Dowries and virginity. Jeeezzz. Too complex. I’m just trying to find the truth. My problem is the rules about sex in all religions. Why do we need rules about sex!!??? If you LOVE each other and you are both consenting adults you can have sex, end of.

  141. Does anyone else think it’s strange to read a man correcting this article and the author on her opinions and insight on feminism, it’s promises, the work that remains to be made, the insight that brings to light the distance between where we are globally and where we might envision greater wholeness for our planet? That she does so as a woman on her own website and blog where obviously, there is a following of strong intelligent women who appreciate her writing and musings, blending it beautifully and thoughtfully with an art and science, traditionally imbued with Feminine Wisdom, only to have a young man verbally correct her and tell her that she is incorrect? Further, listing all of the layers of Feminism that obviously comes straight out of a text book or college women’s study class? Rather than living it, day and in day out?

    Is that not “hubris”? And equal to the very thing that the Feminist movement is still laboring to get out from under the heavy boot of Patriarchy? Wow…..Just Wow. I think I’ll go troll a men’s site and tell them I think they’re work is done and they should all stop complaining. And then I might tell the moderator that he is “wrong”. As I am a woman and am an expert on those things “male”.

    1. Yes it should be and if it was I would be proud to call myself a feminist. But what I am very shocked to see how attached people are to these labels! part of the reason I wrote this because I was sick to death seeing women in abusive relationships spouting about being feminist while setting terrible examples to their children. All it is teaching is the children to grow up as saying one thing while doing another. Just like religion, who really practises what they preach?

      It just seems many of those women who call themselves feminists, are only feminist in label. Take their precious badge away and does their life really look feminist? As an astrologer I also see mostly female clients, so many asking about really awful relationships, it’s really sad.. I’ve been there too, you can read as many feminist books as you like, but we’d do better just doing what we love, and being creative. In fact I reckon the most empowering development for women has been the internet. It’s a level playing field now, the pen is mightier than the sword.

  142. Great thoughts and vision Marina!! Thanks for your courage to speak about this vast, all-pervasive and destructive issue.

    To LLL – if you don’t like it, don’t read it!! You’re essentially echoing Mick.

    I agree with both Sherryl and Marina, and then wayyyy beyond that. It’s hard to know where to begin and end, it has invaded and controls everything!! We can’t even hope for healthy relationships in our own lifetime or our children’s lifetime, unless we do something.

  143. I don’t know that feminism was ever really about ‘free love’, but if that is what it was called in sixties I’m sure many enjoyed that aspect of translation until the onset of
    AIDS while ignoring other devastating sexually transmitted diseases. Feminism in my book has always been about men and women taking equal responsibility and being treated equally in accordance.

  144. Lovely post Marina! I could not agree more. I am 55 years old and have been wondering many of your same thoughts these past few years during the Cardinal Cross. The seeding of the conjunction in the Sixties brought forth so many things. But I loved your ending and it reminded me of a line in Lady Chatterley’s Lover, by D.H. Lawrence. After the sexual awakening of the heroine, the narrator speaks for Mellors. “And he had to come in to her at once, to enter the peace on earth of her soft, quiescent body. It was the moment of pure peace for him, the entry into the body of the woman.” Perhaps the seeding of sexual awakening in the Sixties will one day soon bring men and women together to finally find “peace on earth” in their bodies and the minds. Only through regaining a connection to Nature will we be able to connect to each other in our bodies and find that peace.

  145. The misrepresentation of Islamic law and its co-opting by misogynists just goes to show how much of religious teaching amounts to nothing more than commentary by unenlightened humans. Religion is the greatest source of sin, being (wittingly or not) social experiments in extremism. Even Paul in the Bible admits as such: “the Law was brought in so that trespass might increase.” His argument is that with greater sin, there is greater opportunity for grace and forgiveness. Not sure where his wisdom turns from sublime to psychopathic. Also interesting that the Koran seems to espouse astrology, not explicitly but it is always talking about how people who do not believe in the heavenly signs should be put to death.

  146. does this thing work when u hit reply? :I am a feminist, without it my college probably would not have gone coed in the mid eighties. No one particularly liked those darned suffragists either. If your reference to feminism is Madonna, that part of ur problem, y would u bother loving or hating her. Feminism in the workplace is progressing toward more equal pay for equal responsibility based on non=gender qualifications, such as maternity leave for both men and women. Nothing in feminism is about denying u a right to be a stay at home mother, I don’t give a flyin f*ck. I do care how you try to discredit based on ur misunderstandings. Women generally give up easier than men in most things except looking for a man, then they ‘give ‘it; up too easy” and think getting impregnated is some sacred Madonna thing, it’s not, there is billions of women getting c*m in their p*ssy everyday. So get ur facts straight before u dis the women that are here to help u be heard as an artist and a mother.

    1. You don’t sound like a feminist. You sound like someone who likes porn who is feeling defensive. Or like a person with very little life experience (did you even listen to Madonna or follow her career?). I am a feminist and a lawyer who has represented women who have experienced gender discrimination and harassment. Nothing about Marina’s post attacks me or any other genuine feminist. I disagree that things are getting better in the workplace. Things are getting worse, regardless of race or gender or any other protected characteristic. And we will see a worsening of negative trends in the workplace during this decade unless better legislation is passed.

  147. The Sixties (an 70’s)- let’s face it – men were not changing very much – it was women who were having to sort out this cultural shift. Men desired women then as much as they always had. Women now had to decide to change their relationship with their body, defy the social and moral code of their upbringing, and ironically, free themselves from the very constraints that did in fact protect them in many ways. All this while still living in a man’s world for all practical purposes.With this new sexual freedom, the same previous consequence of pregnancy out of wedlock still prevailed. Joni Mitchell describes this poignantly in an interview (youtube) when telling her own story about those times. She was shunned by her family for becoming pregnant while a student at art school and had to give her child up for adoption. The fellow art student/father bailed on her and It was the first time she had ever had sex! This was a very dangerous shift for women, this sexual revolution – they had more at stake – more to lose for other gains. I wonder where that shows up astrologically. Men were having a hey day – more available sex with less responsibility…I think it is interesting that there were a lot of gains in psychology during this time and a lot more pop psychology.

  148. “Women generally give up easier than men in most things except looking for a man”
    Who says? this is an outrageous statement and very sexist, I might add. I do agree though – Feminism was about Choice – plain and simple – and Parity – and we still do not have that.


    I so totally agree with everything you wrote. I find the sex on television astonishing, violating, and horrifically traumatizing in general.

    We need to discuss to more often.

  150. SoulTime – Right on! Feminism in essence is Humanism – liberation and equality for all. Women having a voice, finally freed men up to have one too – as you say. I think we need to hear more from men – about their Truth that goes beyond gender conditioning. It is bad enough to be controlled by our biology…

  151. Sherryl – no, I do not think it strange that a man would participate in this discussion. How great it is that any man care enough to understand and be well read about the topic of feminism. Blogs are for everyone – regardless of host’s gender. I write on blogs written by men all the time and would never hesitate to correct their opinion about a social movement and its social consequences for all. Take a deep breath – all men are not the enemy.

  152. Maybe, we women, or all of us cursed with this karma, maybe it’s time we ALL just stopped playing the game. Just stop. Just take of all our whatevers and take a skinny dip together, and say FUCK IT. Let them fuckers kill eachother over “who and what’s right” and “how to do it” while we have a lovely swim with sisters and a bonfire with shared food after! Who’s in??

  153. Brava, Marina. This article is sacred truth. I’m excited about the Uranus conjunction with Eris.

  154. A year or two (?) back the Dalai Lama made a statement that I can’t quote exactly—but what he said was something very close to:
    The women of the western world hold the power to save Humanity.
    —-not, of course as a judgement or criticism, but a reminder that they are infinitely more powerful than they realize.

  155. And you have turned in a post that is all about heterosexual sex. How like Madonna in the beginning, and all based on sex. I find that sad and ironic at the same time. Isn’t the point about more than sex? How about some agape (the Greek word for a more spiritual love, platonic, non-sexual, non-aggressive, recognition of the holy in each being and prizing that). No, feminism in the 1960s was NOT just about sexual freedom. It was about opening up the possibilities to fulfill each and everyone’s potential, These days, everything is so reductionist – as the article states but only partially – women are three orifices and only good for sex but what’s unspoken is so many men’s refusal to grow beyond penis as all holy, all powerful, the signal importance of maleness – as well as their growing identification as predators, with all the testosterone available now even in under arm form. And lastly, I do not find feminism to be the root of all the evil now. I find the failure to grow in spirit by anyone and everyone to be the root as well as the fall back into mindless, thoughtless religious fundamentalism that denies the intellect the Deity gave us, the opportunity to make choice and the Deity’s undying (and forgiving our failures) faith that humanity will exercise the choice to favor the valuing of all the sacred chakras, not just the most base.

    1. This post isn’t just about physical sex. It’s about sacred sex. It’s a really long post and people can’t see past the title!? Disappointing.
      Also the alchemical sacred marriage that all men and women have to make within themselves is between the divine masculine and the divine feminine. It’s not about gender!!!

  156. I enjoyed the observations of our changing understanding of a sexual revolution occuring where we understand we all have a male/female brain/aspect so that the feminist revolution has been co-opted as any info that points to truth must be to serve the established psycho control external authority order.

    I would appreciate seeing a picture that shows how the astronomy and astrology overlap like seeing the astrology symbols and lines of relation laid over a Google Space image.

    I’m going to check the claim that astrology is the number 2 most looked up keyword on the net – very interesting.

    Relief comes to me to see people who identify as scientific, new age, religious and humanist start to share their awareness that we are all digging out of dogma to find the chewy nougat of truth in the center between us and all that is source/love that binds us.

    I saw the film, Strange Magic, with my 5 year old son I don’t see as often as I’d like thanks to a divorce. I have made alot more headway in accepting that his mother and other family want to be willfully ignorant about food and media pollution and mis-education to a certain degree and that they will be open to change if I offer positive solutions provided closer to the media sources they trust.

    If Dr. Oz talks about the dangers of sugar and gluten, they’ll listen to that. Ok.
    If I take Parker to see Marvel films then encourage him to write, draw his own super heroes and play and not just be a tranced entertained coach potato he responds.

    I watch shows and watch him play ABC for learning over the Google Hangout when I can’t be with him physically.

    I know that anywhere we can harvest love through relationships with people we can be the change we want to see change the way we live toward love; so, as much as I’d like to get re-married to my soul mate I thin we all need to be self-sufficient more before we build those foundations and really we’re all a family with other people, animals, plants, minerals, water, air, spirit, aliens, etc. so that is the sexual revolution of communications that I am seeing where we are bringing our spirit life to the techgnosis of the electrical control grid.

    Thanks for showing change occuring in your post.

    1. Chad I feel the same way. Re you said” as much as I’d like to get re-married to my soul mate I think we all need to be self-sufficient more before we build those foundations and really we’re all a family with other people, animals, plants, minerals, water, air, spirit, aliens, etc.” Though I might have to draw the line at them aliens… 😉

      I’m kinda having a love affair with mother earth right now, it certainly makes one self sufficient. It might be a biological thing too though since I have laid the egg so to speak. My daughter is at an age now where she is just wonderful company and I am looking at the world through her relatively un-jaded and excited eyes. The younger generation are wonderful teachers.

  157. I see all religion as fallen. Oneness has no place for its ways. I see the marriage of Eris and Pluto through each indivisible individual as the end of the new-age, and all ages. We then live in no age. Ageless! I see all true gods and goddesses living for the Lord Jesus alone. I see the death of all guru’s, of all teachers, of all masters. I see You and Who. I see What and what’s not.

  158. Regarding your assessment of feminism in general, the oppressed always yearns for the status, freedom and possessions of their oppressor. This is what revolutions and movements focus on. It is societies inequalities that causes such political movements. The political agendas of 60s and 70s were tremendous, particularly because it challenged our thoughts regarding gender, sexuality, race, marriage, and politics. The political feminism was needed because it caused all, both men and women to contemplate the structure and make changes, but now in 2015 we need to broaden our awareness and our vision. Removing institutionalized inequalities is in fact a aspect of divine femininity energy because it seeks to heal that which is out of balance or broken whether, mental, emotional, or physical. The political feminism movement cleared the way for the essence of femininity to take shape in the new era. People really need to awaken to the fact that the divine femininity is not about “women” or “females” perse. It is about the energy that within all, however it remains blocks and repressed. The call is for humanity to stop repressing and subjugating the energy and embrace it, nurture it and free it from the structure of oppression. I have been contemplating starting a new feminist movement to focus on the deeper levels of the divine femininity for both men and women. Men are suffering as well from the linear driven world. Just because it isn’t “seen” does not mean it doesn’t exist. The power that comes from the patriarchic structure blinds most from this realization because power is an ego trip and it is a hard drug to quit.

    “In this article I propose that Uranus square Pluto might be a sexual revolution, rather than a political one”
    As my poly sci teacher once said, everything is political. This is includes sex and sexuality because our legal system is governed by a political process which dictates what sexual expressions is legitimate and which are illegitimate, but is it not just about legislation it is about perception. My take on Uranus square Pluto is: Typically, Pluto is associated with sex since it rules Scorpio and the 8th house. But if we take each of these positions and examine them in the own essence we see Pluto being a higher octave of Mars is the planet of power. In a beneficial placement it is about personal power and autonomy, but in maleficent position it is about domination and control. The 8th house is about sex, death, other peoples resources and Scorpio represent all things hidden, repressed and the underworld and bring them to the visible world to be dealt with. Uranus rules Aquarius and the 11th house. Uranus is forward looking, dislikes like traditions, love originality and individuality and is progressive in nature. The 11th house represent represents the power of collective groups include political associations and grassroots organizations. The squaring between these two planets creates friction and friction creates action intense action. This placement shows us personal power vs. the collective good. The feminist movement was part of many political groups during the 60s and 70s which is represented Uranus and it progressive ideology challenging tradition which is squared by Pluto the need for power and control. Shaking up Pluto means unearthing what has been repressed which includes sex and sexuality for thousands of years.

    1. Thank you for your great response. Philosophia-Me wrote “The political feminism was needed because it caused all, both men and women to contemplate the structure and make changes, but now in 2015 we need to broaden our awareness and our vision….The political feminism movement cleared the way for the essence of femininity to take shape in the new era. People really need to awaken to the fact that the divine femininity is not about “women” or “females” perse”

      This is really the essence of what I was trying to get across in the article. I think I was addressing a lot of issues at once and maybe my point got lost in the religious argument. But the sacred feminine is something that I feel very strongly about. To me it is religious beliefs that are the root of maltreatment of women yet I don’t think I remember reading much about that when I was reading feminist literature. I’ve always liked Naomi Wolf and I read her book “Vagina” recently, which is more on the lines of what I think needs to be addressed.

    1. That’s a great link thanks. You see there are feminist and feminists. I don’t have a problem with the ones that stress the sacred feminine and mother earth, including her fierce dark goddess side like your article. It’s these “new, new wave” of so called feminists, that are not really feminist at all! I have added the 50 Shades Of Grey phenomena to this post as someone else made a point that it was released this week also. Someone kindly posted this link of facebook. So I have added it to the article “There is a new brand of feminist. “grounded in Michel Foucault and Judith Butler, they are stunted products of neoliberalism and postmodernism. Feminism, for them, is no longer about the liberation of women who are oppressed; it is defined by a handful of women who are successful, powerful and wealthy—or, as in the case of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” able to snag a rich and powerful man.” ~ Pornography Is What the End of the World Looks Like.

  159. Your welcome Marina and I commend you for bringing these issues to the fore. Women and men need to be educated rather than influenced by mainstream propaganda (sexually exploiting women and girls in films, advertising, fashion and toy dolls etc.,)which is vastly created by men for men who are mother-complexed. Young boys are also vulnerable, but in a different way.

    I believe the women who relish in being objectified or try to imitate or attach themselves to rich and powerful men (who are just compensating for being insecure) are usually soulless creatures who don’t understand the true gift and the power of being a REAL woman. My love to you and all the men and women that do.

  160. Please don’t forget that being overly aggressive is legitimately part of the ‘sacred feminine’, everything is. Kali. I would feel better if women didn’t jump ship or become scared of the word feminism b/c they fear being or being perceived as too aggressive. The more women embrace the term, the more it can holistically evolve. If I want equal pay I’m not going to go into a board room and talk about the sacred feminine, just the way it is, wouldn’t get far.

    1. I don’t think it’s fair to say women are jumping ship or scared of the word feminism. I really don’t think it’s that at all. Why can’t we choose NOT to be labelled? This site celebrates the divine feminine, to me thats obvious enough. Persephone’s journey is stamped all over Darkstar. Or.. would it be better if I lived with a rich husband, did this job for pin money and called myself a “feminist”. I’m a single mother that supports herself entirely from this site. I have no boss, so therefore the dominator system cannot sack me. I set my own wages. I am living proof that it can be done. If we don’t like the chauvinism in the work place, we can get out. There are other options! Like I keep saying, the internet has given women a voice. The Eris generation are really going for it. I am really pleased that the younger women, like Julie Borowski are not afraid to define themselves as themselves. Bravo!

  161. I would go so far as saying a lot of women are simultaneously fooling themselves and selling themselves short by not embracing the term. Every woman I know can be a real f*kn b*tch so u may as well get a fair shake and stand up for it whether you choose to be at home or be in the work place. doth thou protest too much not embracing it?

  162. JJ, If you went into a board room and asked for equal pay, chances are your boss would only want to ignore you, fuck you or destroy you period. This is not the domain of the sacred feminine, rather it is the realm of chauvinism. This is not ok by any means, but unfortunately society has changed very little since the dark ages. Aggressiveness in females is a magnificent force to witness or behold in sport or life and death situations, but assertiveness is a far more professional option in the board room.

    Personally, I don’t like the word “feminism” because the word is so commonly misinterpreted. For example, I don’t want to be “equal” to a man, because I am not a man. I would prefer to be respected as an individual, within my own right. However, I do love FEMEN.

  163. angel, I don’t go to the workplace to appropriate male roles, but with the intention of hopefully redefining the nature of a workplace so it isn’t a realm of chauvinism. ur mincing words. Assertiveness can just as easily be misinterpreted as too aggressive. Nor did I ever say getting a fair shake is somehow making a woman a man. The word feminism is misinterpreted b/c men and women chose to misinterpret it and make it a bad word, instead of collectively defining it as movement that benefits men, women, and individuals. What exactly is the ‘domain of the sacred feminine’ particularly if feminism can’t be that, or is that a domain just for women?

  164. JJ, I am not criticising you. I just think that you don’t understand what I was getting at. The u-tube video Marina posted was a good example of how this whole “sexism” man-woman dichotomy is passé. Each and every one of us should have the freedom to make informed choices and the ability to pursue our life choice. The problem arises when we venture out in the real world and realise how prejudice and unfair it can be.

    Part of the sacred feminine is to come together and get over (and celebrate) our differences, otherwise humanity will not make it to next stage of evolution. Also, well done on trying to redefine your workplace. It is up to each and everyone of us to change the world into a better place, in any way we can.

  165. angel I don’t think you are understanding what I am saying and I don’t think you were criticizing me, why would I and y would I care. the word feminism has both the male and female word in it and perfectly possible to utter the word and it transcends the dichotomy of which u speak. Everything you said is exactly what I said can be part of ‘feminism’ and has been what feminism is too many women. instead of helping these women, many women are scared of being misinterpreted (good luck to anyone not being misinterpreted) and want to relegate that nasty aggressive bitch/cunt word to the realm of the nebulous aka the ‘realm of the sacred feminine’. If we can even commandeer a word, evolution doesn’t seem likely.

  166. Or.. would it be better if I lived with a rich husband, did this job for pin money and called myself a “feminist”.

    And what is actually wrong with the woman who chooses to do that? She could be a feminist and have ideals of equality, just like anyone else.

    Whilst I commend your efforts, and appreciate the sole parent journey, having been one myself for near a decade with zero help from the paternal, or either side’s extended family, it is these sort of judgemental female comments that desperately need to to stop within our own camps. Working mothers are not superior to stay-at-home mothers, and both sides need to stop telling the other what is in their childrens best interests!

    We are our own worse enemies in more ways than one at times.

    1. Feminist said “and both sides need to stop telling the other what is in their childrens best interests!”.

      So can Feminists then please stop telling me to label myself a feminist then!? I lead by example to my daughter. She sees it working in real life. I personally think that is more effective than giving her feminist books to read.

  167. Ad hominem. All of “this” has everything to do with the article and to take it another step further childhood obesity levels in Western countries are finally starting to drop thanks to decades of “breast is best” campaigning after generations of the “scientific” approach to feeding human babies. I wonder exactly what goes on in a young teen’s mind when they have been formula fed as a baby (which lays down a completely different type of fat cell in babies’ bodies to what human milk does thereby increasing the likelihood of weight problems in childhood) and then inundated with fast food ads combined with a lack of knowledge about healthy eating combined with the daily grind of the family trying to survive in a world where super thin models parade down catwalks some of which said models are not even actually female but are in fact effeminate looking young males dressed to display clothing intended for females…. How messed up is that going to make an impressionable young person who desperately wants to be the model on screen – and I’m not just referring to girl teens; boy teens get messed up by the imagery too. Soooooo, I posit that low-self esteem / self-worth are at the very core of overeating regardless of whether or not the food has any nutritional content or not.
    I think that the young people of today are the generation that will claw back real food and usher in a return to healthful eating among other things…the sooner the better.

  168. Errrr, numerous children here, all bottle fed, none overweight, and all have a healthy self-esteem.

    Another point, breast feeding may well be natural, but it is not always possible for all women, and this is another area where we like to act superior to each other. Stop being so judgmental. None of us know it all and should be so much more supportive and less intensely critical.

  169. Hi Feminist, I don’t think Marina was inferring that stay ay home mothers were any more or less superior to single mothers. It is a fact (as you would know) that being a single mother is more difficult and therefore experience more discrimination and difficulties than a stay at home mother, who is financially dependent.
    I am not a mother (my own choice) and suffer discrimination for being so. For example, married women in my street (who I know and have pleasant conversations with from time to time) do not invite me to gatherings any longer, not since I broke up with my partner. I am perceived as a threat to their marriage. I have never, nor would I go about destroying another persons family for the hell of it. I met another woman who experienced this strange behaviour towards her at work.

    As an independent, mature aged woman I find the general attitudes of people in society towards me are not the same as if I was a man, or just a person?.
    This is the point. Unfortunately, women do find it harder (ie. discrimination and prejudice)to survive if they choose to live independently (with or without children). Not that one’s woman’s choice is superior to another’s.

  170. “stop being so judgemental” …. Wow. Where’s the mirror? What part of my post said that every woman must breast feed under all circumstances???? Again ad hominem.

  171. Wow Marina, this all rings so true to me.
    I have always been interested in what we call “feminine studies” but I have become uncomfortable with the word “feminism”, which I now find divisive and outdated.
    Freedom from millenias of oppression is about freeing the oppressed AND the oppressor -both of which are found in each and all of us!
    And you are right to talk about the “sacred feminine” AND “sacred masculine”. One cannot be without the other. We need to ask ourselves what kind of sex we want in our lives. Sex itself isn’t the issue, as some people think -it’s the way we express our sexual energy that needs to be looked at. As often, it’s not WHAT but HOW. And pornography does seem to be a byproduct of all these centuries of guilt-ridden sexuality…

  172. Also Marina -and anyone interested in the subject- I recommend peeping through the book “Sex at Dawn” (if you haven’t already).
    It talks about the sexuality of our ancestors in prehistorical times -before the advent of agriculture which, it is argued, kickstarted patriarchal systems accross the Earth.
    It is a fascinating read.

  173. Meanwhile, I am starving, hahaha, I saw a dozen people yesterday who were definitely starving….i am so glad that 5 months is not too brusque for certain yogurts…ahem…my mind is on economics these days particularly…where it actually looks like things are more pornographic, idolatrous, fictional, delusional and abortive than, say, porn…sex is simple or it can be…but economics? Where is the pristine basilica of economics to be found? I’ve hardly heard or seen any worthwhile economic theory in my life. How long has it been since economic integrity and fertility actually ruled, ever??????????? We are part of a larger body where many of the same ‘rules’ or functions of ‘sanctity’ probably apply all too well…in this current instNce, maybe the recently decimated empires of the Americas can provide more than adequate model? The mindset that invented the streetlamp…you know..from organic principles , living dendritic organisms that produced what we would call LED light….that europeans could only imitate by torches and gas…See we are more off the boat than you I or anyone really knows about, sadly, and I think Marina you are on this Diatribe from the sacred feminine ‘knowledge’ sorry not my favorite word but you get what I mean…i am a moderately educated native American I have been wondering my whole life if how and when anyone is going to ‘get it’ hahaha yes even the mothers and grandmothers for a very long time have been abused, twisted, murdered, and molded away from the authority of ‘feminine reason’ the synthesis of male/female love hope feel free to email me thanks for the article marina

    Red Moon

  174. Angel – could not agree with you more – feminism is a very big topic that needs to be clearly defined in discussion. I think part of the confusion in these posts is that there are assumptions about and an undefined use of the word. For me and moat I believe, feminism is simply about social equality for women. Pretty simple but so hard to attain. And to walk this wish while having been raised in a patriarchal set up was extremely courageous for the early feminists. Unfortunately, we in the Western world still do not have parity and confusion still prevails regarding the role of women and the values of the feminine. And there are of course still women whose only social status and sense of self depends on their husband’s net worth etc. I hate this. We have got to get these women on board and out of the slumber of not protesting since it is working for them (at the time anyway). Wait until divorce or death and no experience in the out of the home world and these same women are very vulnerable unless left with money. Many are not. Once it is recognized that women must have parity then the whole of society will be honoring the feminine. We are getting there. There are many women in leadership positions who lead differently. But how to get the whole world to let go of the masculine gone bad? Could take centuries I think. I wonder if the Age of Aquarius will really bring us there. There will be change but what kind? and will it advance the feminine? Fixed Air with positive polarity (masculine). As has been said before – we are fighting the Patriarchy not the masculine principal. We need both. Let us not forget that Pisces is a feminine sign as is Capricorn.

  175. So can Feminists then please stop telling me to label myself a feminist then!? I lead by example to my daughter. She sees it working in real life. I personally think that is more effective than giving her feminist books to read.

    I don’t know what you mean by the first sentence, so I cannot comment.

    You didn’t answer my question, but I am assuming you are following on by saying that you are leading by example by not being married to a rich man and working for pin money and calling yourself a feminist.

    You see, how I understand feminism, if this fictitious woman is married to that fictitious rich man by choice, and is choosing to work for pin money, and both parties are happy about that, that’s feminism. If she is one who feels that true equality is important, and she expects, no, commands that she is respected as an equal, and she treats her husband and others the same way, that’s feminism. Feminism is about choice. Feminism is about having the choice to follow your career passions and be paid the same amount as your peers. It is about having the choice to wear what you want, and not being told that you can’t wear pants to work, and have to wear a skirt. It’s about it being illegal to have a male boss fondle you in the work place and having that as perfectly acceptable behaviour. It’s about domestic violence and abuse not being OK, and having laws in place that can protect women and children. Obviously, there is still such a long way to go, but when you compare it to what was, we have come such a long way in 100 years.

    If this fictitious woman’s husband was expecting her, or demanding that she not work, then that’s sexism. If she is just with him for the money, well, that’s a grey area and one that is in moral choice, not sexism so much. As for the working for pin money, can’t the same be said for those who overcharge because of their life position? I don’t see how that ranks in the war of sexuality equality, or porn and sacred sex for that matter.

    1. Feminist said “You see, how I understand feminism, if this fictitious woman is married to that fictitious rich man by choice, and is choosing to work for pin money, and both parties are happy about that, that’s feminism.” Yes I don’t have a problem with that. But I choose not to label myself as feminist because there are too many negative associations with the word these days.
      So it is my choice to label myself as I choose as a woman is it not? I’m getting very annoyed at people telling me how I should label myself!! (Not so much here, but really aggressively on Facebook). It does feels like bullying and yes also quite ironic that one critical comment here was from a man. I’m not telling anyone they shouldn’t be a feminist. I’m just putting my opinion on my own blog for others to think about.

      Then you say “If she is just with him for the money, well, that’s a grey area and one that is in moral choice” I would say if she labels herself as a feminist while doing so that is totally hypocritical and gives feminists a bad name. I think feminism has now strayed quite far from the ideal. I find that it actually goes as far as victimising women with scare tactics and fudging figures. I used to be a feminist. I have read all the literature. I have been there. I learnt from it, but find like some religions, “feminism” has been co-opted and poisoned by certain groups and that is a real shame. One example is this appalling advert!

      Look at the amount of dislikes!!

      And here’s the very clever reply.

      Movements and ideologies evolve. IMO feminism has become a dinosaur. Women, in the western world at least, no longer need that crutch. Yes there is still sexism, but feminism hasn’t been successful in eradicating that and in some cases it just makes it worse. Sexism for both genders will go by itself once we evolve out of this victim/saviour mentality. We need to stop looking outside for feminism, religion, messiahs, gurus and the nanny state to save us. Stop it with the “ideals” and start living it!

  176. Hi Angel, I agree with you completely! I am also sorry that that happens to you, and I also remember women holding their husbands close when I would collect my children from school. It’s a funny twist as I also noticed that it was the married mothers who seemed far more flirtatious with the father’s than the single mothers. As I said above, we are our own worse enemies at times, and hopefully, one day we will be at peace.

  177. Feminist – not sure, but if you are addressing your comment to me I think we are agreeing here – feminism is about choice and I did not mean to say that a woman should not be able to have the choice to be dependent. However, if this is true than the table should be able to be turned, meaning, men should also be allowed the choice to stay at home and take care of the kids, knowing that their spouse will call an equal salary for equal work with the men in her field. I take issue with working for pin money or not working and consequently being dependent not because I think that cannot work between respectful partners. The part about dependency that I am not comfortable about (and one can be dependent on a man with a school teacher’s salary – not just a rich man), is that there is a psychology that says – “I am to be protected and cared for and regardless of my strength I need a man” and this is believed. This can lead to not leaving a bad situation. After years of not working a woman can be left very vulnerable if she need to work outside the home. I also think that women in a position of economic dependency must support women as a whole, and not become complacent with women’s issues of equality. I have never insisted anyone call themselves a feminist or any thing else. Who cares? I think it it more important as you say to lead by example. I will stop now since this is an astrology site. How this related to Porn? Well – to me, the objectification of women is pornographic. There is instinct and lust and all that primal stuff and then there is debasement – and rarely are men debased in the way women are. How many women rapists and pedophiles are there? Men are more aggressive with their sexuality. Uranus conjunct Pluto was the seed to much but as concerns sexuality – it healed as well as harmed. Now, with the Aquarian ruled internet, the web may be exposing the true orientation of the populus, all that which was previously shoved way down and not talked about. I am not sure the internet feeds pornography as much as it facilitated the already existing inclination.There is a slight difference there.

  178. Feminist – I see now you were responding to Marina (oops). I don’t think the reply button is working or there would be indented reply comments. Oh well. “Working mothers are not superior to stay-at-home mothers, and both sides need to stop telling the other what is in their childrens best interests!” Now I am quoting you. This is kind of funny to me b/c I really do see a kind of war here but the other way around. I worked raising my daughter and it was very hard. The stay at home moms treated me like I was not a real mom – could not have been further from the truth. Also – lots of social network posts about how hard it is to be a stay at home mom and I finally had it with that b/c I truly believe the most un-sung heroes are the moms who are trying to hold both ends together – a demanding job and probably boss while being torn about all the issues motheriing entails, UNLESS there is that stay at home dad that is reliable. There wasn’t.
    Why are women so competitive with each other? Men are but in a different way. This is the real issue.. Sad

  179. Hi Jen, it IS sad, and I have been on both sides of the fence, judged for working when mine were little, and judged for being at home, even though I actually work from home. Apparently, I am not contributing enough for my age. Or I am not academically accomplished enough, or who knows what bias that motivates that engine. I don’t know if we as a sex are competitive, or just opinionated, but we do need to be so much more supportive of each other. Women who work or stay at home, both want what is best for their families, so the argument is pretty empty really. The porn element is something I am indecisive about. I feel at times, that whilst ever the clothes keep coming off a a gender, we let the gender down, but then, some people are genuinely interested in that way of living, so who am I to judge? I do believe that nudity has nothing to do with feminism, or equality, as modesty is personal choice, so I just stay out of the argument, and do not have a partner that is into porn. On the topic of teens being influenced, my daughter was always allowed to make her own choices about clothing and loved to watch MTV, and she is actually very modest in her style, no short skirts, no low cut tops, and she formulated that opinion on her own, so through her example, I can’t correlate the media having any sway on her in a negative way.

  180. Fem – Ha ha ha! I am glad that you do not work for “pin money”. And good for your daughter not buying into the whole “I must be sexy to get over in life”. What is it about fashion exposing women? I confess to following the BBC Edwardian soap Downton Abbey and wss shocked to see how uncovered the women were in the early 19th c for dinner dress. They had to be freezing in those drafty homes while the men had on pants of course, plus vest plus jacket. But I digress.

  181. Woops – early 20th c. Now that is a time with some serious astrology going on. Not to mention the 50 year complete demise of the landed gentry. Wowsers.

  182. To all you wonderful women out there that have contributed to this amazing post I thankyou from the bottom of my heart. It has been so good to read all of our stories and opinions. The common thread I see here is that women have to support each other and be compassionate towards others, because otherwise we will not change the patriarchal values of our society. We have come along way since our Grandmothers’ time and still have a way to go, for our own sake and for future Generations. We all have within us the image of the Great Mother Goddess (Sacred Feminine), who offers us a promise of power and vision. Keep connected and show the world in whatever way possible what unconditional love is….

  183. I rather like the “feminist” advert, although my Mercury Is in Pisces, I can’t tell about the facts and figures of the CDC, a military spin off organization caught in many lies it’s self. All I can go off of is what I have seen here in the States, and women don’t stand up for themselves. Almost as much as men now, since there are feminizing hormones in the water like Atrazine and BPA’s I think the advert riles people up and they need to get riled about way more. If they only knew, but Its about authentically trying, I love the advert/things that come from that Woman. And the way she puts kids in the spotlight in a cute way to do it. My Pisces Mercury says fuck the stats. I can feel them getting the very short end the stick. And what ever you want to label or non identify with is fine. I just like to see them sticking up for themselves.

  184. Yes there is still sexism, but feminism hasn’t been successful in eradicating that and in some cases it just makes it worse. Sexism for both genders will go by itself once we evolve out of this victim/saviour mentality. We need to stop looking outside for feminism, religion, messiahs, gurus and the nanny state to save us. Stop it with the “ideals” and start living it!

    I am sorry Marina, but I am going to have to disagree completely with this statement, and leave this discussion. Feminism has been successful and will continue to be successful, as long as it inspires society to treat each other as equals. A label is just a word that saves twenty hours of explaining what you believe in as a person, it doesn’t hurt anyone unless you allow it. I am proud to say that I am a feminist and that I will stand tall to defend the rights of women, children, and men too if they are placed in a sexist situation. I am by no means a radical feminist, but I am proud of every victory the women before my time have gained, and I live in hope of the future victories to come.

    I don’t see anyone but myself as my savior, and that is something that I have actually lived beyond talk, since I was a child. From what I see from the women in these comments, neither do they, and there is no expectation that men, or the church, or anyone, or anything else will make it better. I have ideals because they inspire me and give me my own personal structure and moral ethics. I am not religious, but I have a very deep faith, which is also another set of ideals that I ‘live’ by.

    Anyway, a topic that is sensitive to many will always attract strong opinions that aren’t always in agreement, and I guess this is article is something I just don’t agree with. It came across to me as a very negative comment against something that has brought so much. Without feminism, you wouldn’t even have the freedom to have made this post, sad, but true, and I would not have the freedom to have posted my opinion.

    1. Feminist said: “Without feminism, you wouldn’t even have the freedom to have made this post, sad, but true, and I would not have the freedom to have posted my opinion.”

      Yes without 1st wave feminism that statement would be true. I am not arguing against 1st wave feminism! So I perhaps I should make that clearer in the article. My problem is with what feminism has become:

      “Third-wave feminism
      In the early 1990s in the USA, third-wave feminism began as a response to perceived failures of the second wave and to the backlash against initiatives and movements created by the second wave. Third-wave feminism distinguished itself from the second wave around issues of sexuality, challenging female heterosexuality and celebrating sexuality as a means of female empowerment.” ~ Wiki

      3rd wave feminism seems to have succeeded in dividing women from women AND women from men. Now that IS sad 🙁

      One more thing to add. There were women in powerful positions before feminism. Hypatia? Murdered by Christians. I would like to see feminism addressing religious oppression of women more than it does. That’s the root of everything.

  185. To add to what Marina said about the pill bringing problems – I am of the first generation of unmarried young women who got the pill back in 1970. One of the problems was that a lot of women didn’t know how to say no. This was born from an innate sense of not disappointing someone by turning them down. I remember Cosmopolitan did an article on it. A lot of women were dealing with the psychic imprint of a male they didn’t necessarily want but were just too polite. This sounds odd now but its true. Once men and women were liberated from unwanted pregnancy, a lot of men thought they were entitled and a lot of women thought it was their female duty not to let a little boy down.

    1. Hi Uber – As a contemporary (bd 1956)I was right in there being raised by the old patriarchy but having to contend with the new liberalism. Before the Pill there was an easy way to say no – it was OK to say no – understood. No marriage, no sex. Of course there were exceptions/violations etc. This is why I commented earlier that the sexual revolution was so much harder for women. Men didn’t have to change much at all. Not to over exalt our friend Mr.Amis, but I thought he very adroitly summed this up at the end of his book The Pregnant Widow which is a novel that is obviously somewhat at least biographical remembering a holiday school break in Italy at the end of the sixties. He acknowledged that the girls were the ones having to dramatically change. Sometimes it seems women were liberated just to have two jobs instead of one…and the male still had/has the upper hand.

  186. Regarding the history of women in power and religion – this comment (from Marina) is another prompt to dust off the cover of The Chalice and the Blade by Riane Eisler, which depicts the evolution of Women in Power and the eventual flip over to patriarchy. There were historical reasons and I would say that those reasons allowed religion to suppress women as religion is a reflection of the current social norm – and ordering and a dogma to keep systems in place that benefit the authors of that ordering. No historian here but that is my guess. I am no fan of religion for many reasons. But there is hope – I just reveiwed the agenda and the speaker list for NORWAC (astrologers conference) held in Seattle (again) in 2015. There is a pretty even split male/female and the owner developer is a woman – her mother Maggie Nalbandian established the conference in the early eighties. I would imagine there is an equal split of female/male psychotherapist as well.

    1. Hi Jen – brilliant observations! Women were liberated to have two jobs, run a home and have to play hard like men. Men just remained men but with the benefits of bing in a bigger sweetie shop with more choice and the ease of discarding an sweets you sucked and didn’t like!!!
      Back in the 80s I was the client of one of the torch bearers of clinical kinesiology and he told me the psychic imprint of a sexual partner took two years to clear from a woman’s auric and etheric fields. No wonder all those women who were “liberated” began to feel nuts after a while.
      I’m not sure about the equal split of psycho therapists – a male friend of mine trained about 10 years ago in London and he said he was only one of three males on the course, the rest in his group (over 20) were females and about half of those were gay females. So maybe in that way the male/female balance is addressed? Perhaps the gay women are carrying more of the male energy in the absence of bio males??

    2. Well now, that is interesting – the predominance of women to men in the field of psychotherapy. And gay women, Hmmmm. Kind of a Chironic profession, the wounded healer. I am chuckling here because for many years I worked with an historic preservationist (architect) who was a very hetero male(Leo) and was often a presentation speaker at conferences – no surprise there. He told me almost all the men in historic preservation were gay. There were the gay men, a good amount of women and him. He worked well with all of them.

  187. I loved this article. So nice to finally hear someone with a similar opinion on Feminism. I’m a very strong, independent female and people are always surprised when I’m not only not a feminist but against feminism, or at least its consequences. It has put everyone into the work force and made women act more like men. Which leaves everyone unfulfilled because we’ve removed the evolutionary dance between masculine and feminine. A true feminist movement would not have us over-cultivate our masculine side but have us be confident in our divine femininity and the individual balance of both the yin and yang. A daughter (maiden), mother and grandmother (crone) are all beautiful beings and necessary parts of life. We can’t all be keys and locks trying to be keys. We need to individually address the masculine and feminine within ourselves, decide which is stronger, find comfort in who you are and then work to cultivate the other energy so we are whole as individuals.

  188. I like the article and the commentary of Dena….there is everything said…..peace, Kathrin

  189. wow, you are a great writer. I have been studying poetry and visual arts and always have been writing towards this article but you’ve finished this for me, thank you for verbalizing it so clean and balanced and powerful. bless you! great human!

  190. Hi Marina, i sincerely believe i’m offering NEW information about female spirituality/sexuality: Creation is a dreamy womb within a dreamy Womb within a Dreamy Womb …and we contain a fractal replica to dream another dream into being… another being into dreaming… Our sweetest Dreams and most refined Wishes are nestled Safely inside the vortex of our wombs…
    If we draw up our aroused Kundalini into our wombs with implosive orgasms, the core in the vortex of our wombs is infused with Bliss… Our Kore is our centrifugal point of Intention and Attraction and Perception and Creation. The Universal Law of Attraction responds to our Kore Intentions. please take a look at my webpage for more info. FYI Uranus is conjunct my MC at the moment.

  191. Completely agree with your reading of feminism. Wonderfully insightful. Thank you.

  192. thank God! Hallelujah! Amen! Damn, you just said everything I’ve been thinking/feeling/saying for the past year. Is it too soon to say I love you? I don’t even want to keep typing because everything you wrote is perfect.

    1. Talk about collective consciousness. As I read your words it seems like I wrote them. Everything you write about had been bubbling inside me for the past three years. I’m at the point in my life where happily I am becoming more balanced – my male and feminine side. I look forward to learning more, growing more and accepting all aspects of me w/o judgement.

  193. Totally agree with you about western women being slaves to magazine images and the dangers of internet porn. I don’t , however, agree with what you said about spiritual masters. I think it is something you with your incisive and insightful mind should investigate for another essay. Why are so many gurus succumbing to being the perpetrators of sexual abuse. I think that westerners are extremely arrogant to discount the ancient tradition of finding spiritual enlightenment and liberation through a Genuine spiritual master. And why are the media automatically crucifying anyone who is purported to be a genuinely enlightened master. In my long and comprehensive experience they are only salvation in this dark age. My master is a miracle and I found him when I had long stopped searching.

    1. i feel balance approach, which u mean,in the relationship of men and women is very much necessary. Moreover, intellectual development which is called by Allan Oken as Conscious awareness. In other words, ethical values may be promoted which are basis of all religion and faith. Otherwise world will be wandering in choas. After every 84 years Uranus completes cycle and world take new turn Last Aries Uranus square Cancer Pluto which resulted into destructive wars for families. While this time Pluto Uranus square Aries-Capricorn there are three major themes of this Square. Extremism, struggle between status quo and anti status quo and climate change.

  194. The men’s revolt against 3rd wave feminism is at root, the male realization that women do not love us. Instead of seeing the self sacrifice any power a vanishingly small percentage of men gained, you see it as all men. You do not love us as we are and you are unwilling to pay the true cost of power. So, the world will continue as it is. Men aren’t losing anything by turning to porn. For nothing real is being offered to us anyway.

  195. Thanks Marina, I am in total agreement with you. Porn is an insidious dumbed down ghoulish drug to command the males and fool the unthinking females. 50 shades of grey is amongst the worst propaganda, the mentality getting lower and lower. For shame on women buying into that masochist torture. I think it is for women who were tortured by the Inquisition and never fully felt it so they are attempting to recreate the pain in order to experience it and then hopefully release it and forgive. Certainly not think it is fun or cool or hip or love.
    Yes almost nowhere on earth is there sexual identity balance. Yes all organized religions were created to control women, so obvious. I believe in reincarnation too. I remember being burned at the stake more than once, and I remember being a man too. We hopefully can start anew but we would have to wipe all organized religion out of people’s minds. Spirituality that is earth centered. nature worshipping, goddess centered,and equal is the only way we can survive. Each must be balanced within. Women dont know what being authentically feminine means. Men dont know what it means to be real men either. I pray that this will be for the children. GAys becoming recognized is an inkling of the inner masculine and feminine marriage archetype rising. I hope this 7th square initiates that higher level of awareness. Each is sacred in its own way and function and really we are much more than just our sexual identities.

  196. Your articles are great. Good to find an astrologer who isn’t a new age fart and really gets some of the issues in the world. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    1. This stream of consciousness is dead on, and I flow best with your particular is balanced, loving, holistic and open minded. Your insights are so astute aND in tune and time with these shifts in consciousNess I have experienced as well. Bravo. We are in this together and I support your opinions literally 100%. You give me hope for humanity. Thank you so much

    2. A concise summary of the history and issues related to women’s oppression. i believe that the bible (in the translation furnished us by the male-constructed “church”) is a cultural treatise whose purpose is to enslave, oppress, and instill shame and guilt.

  197. Marina, I think this is one of the most thoughtful pieces of writing I’ve seen on this topic. I no longer watch films or tv shows with sex scenes because I feel we are degenerating into a society that views women purely as sex objects. I’m not sure if things will change until more women, and men, start boycotting blatantly sexual media.

  198. So-o-o…if someone started a site like–say– that combined the best–or worst–of each, he could make a FORTUNE. I’ll have to mention this to the tech geeks I work with.

  199. Nice piece Marina – I just reread it. Re the pill – as I remember, it was there not to give women power over their bodies but to give them a choice of preventing pregnancy which is different. over over the body IMO involves much more than a contraceptive pill! It was only available to married women in the beginning and relieved a lot of women and their men of being burdened by large families.
    Its hard to separate Uranus/Pluto in Virgo from the pharmaceutical industry – IMO Virgo rules pharmaceuticals/chemistry/even homeopathy via hygiene and health – thus very hard to separate Virgo from the body. I do remember that a few years after the pill was made available to any woman that another phenomena arose – and this was documented with advice – in Cosmopolitan. This was the “confusion” women were suffering over not being able to say NO. Many felt obliged to have sex in situations where they didn’t necessarily want to – because there was no risk. But the upshot was a psychological issue. And then of course a psychic issue since there is a lot more to sex than just the physical.
    I agree that the end product of freedom from unwanted pregnancy and better family planning has meant more women can work – and indeed are now compelled to work outside the home and WANT to work in pursuit of consumer goods for their kids etc This means children brought up in creches, a massive rise in bullying, dyslexia, ADD and so on. And sadly – children on medication for stress.
    If there is anything sacred here it is for both sexes. It is about the connection to life over the connection to material goods. IMO the worst aspect of Virgo is obsession with material items – I have a pet theory that the must have designer handbag is a symbol of the non creative womb… (I don’t mean exclusively procreative but the 2nd chakra “womb” being the channel of creative/shakti energy.) There is a choice to make – how we use that energy and at what stage of life and at what cost (Virgo again!!) Fashion is porn for women.
    I think underlying the porn thing is a very simple search- the search for the Source. But in an unevolved vehicle – say a man with no spiritual awareness, a teenage boy whatever – this will be incessant searching for the next vagina to peer into. What he is looking for is The Light at the end of the tunnel – but he doesn’t even know it yet. So as you say – it becomes the search for even more salty flavours etc…At the other end of the scale is the man who has recognised it for was it is – he might have a female as a muse (a pathway) and beyond that he might be a very erudite swami, yogi whatever.
    Tracy Emin’s chart is worth a look – she has Uranus Pluto Mars in Virgo and her Cancer Sun trines her Neptune in Scorpio. She poisons herself… one of her exhibitions was called “She Lay Down Deep Beneath The Sea”. among other statements there is a body painted statement – I SAID NO…. Another exhibition, her tent work, “Everyone I have ever slept with” was destroyed by fire in 2004 when Pluto in Sag transited her Virgo planets. There was a marked lack of sympathy for this both by critics and the public. Her reaction was – “The majority of the British public have no regard or no respect to what me and my peers do, to the point that they laugh… — and to lack of compassion — “It is just not fair and it’s not funny and it’s not polite and it’s bad manners…”
    Perhaps the public were reacting to her lack of respect for the privacy of sex, the specialness of it? And she was being overly precious in the way only Virgo can! (- Not polite and bad manners…!!!I I know she’s Sun in Cancer but her Mars in Virgo probably drives her art.)
    The biggest issue in Tracey’s life now is her childlessness. This interview with her is well worth a read – I won’t quote it because there is too much of note but its a great testimony of sex, the feminine and being childless. I think it describes very eloquently her tradition from porn to sacred but the sacred no longer involves bodily sex!
    Anyway – take look at her chart, its in the Astro database. Definitely one for your analysis of the feminine/sex etc

  200. I have my natal eris exactly conjunct my true node in 2nd house at 15°Aries. I understand it is somehow a part of my lifepath but I feel I don’t really have a good understanding of it. I also have this conjunction trine my natal saturn in 11th (sag), and sextile chiron in 5th (gemini, both by one degree. Saturn and chiron forming an exact opposition also. I have to say I do feel it has to do something with this sacred feminine energy, but haven’t really realized it fully yet. I’ve been reading your posts for some time now, the ones with lilith too. And what I find interesting is I also have lilith exactly conjunct my natal moon in cancer in 6th. It seems like some sort of major feminine theme in my chart I believe. I hope i will be able to realize and use it to find the true meaning of it, and to help me understand myself and my purpose in life better. Thanks for great articles.

  201. Wow!

    What a reading!
    Thank you so much for this

    Look at situation in Brazil: Brazilian congress – which is leaded by a Christian party – is about to approve a law which makes even more difficult that women who were raped have medical assistance,like they need to prove that the rape really happened. Day after pill will be forbbiden as well (abortion is illegal there).Then at the same week a 12 years old girl Masterchef Junior competitor was victim of desgusting pedophile comments in Twitter which made many women there join forces and strike back like sisters sharing the first time they have ever been seduced, abused and mostly it happen when they were less than 13 (including me).

    Then you publish this! Wow!
    We all are sisters indeed – Alcyone feelings <3

  202. You quoted Chris Hedges: “…a new brand of feminist, grounded in Michel Foucault and Judith Butler.” Neither of these authors provide the theoretical or philosophical grounding for the argument you quote from Hedges. Both Foucault and Butler, at base, insisted that morality is what we create, and then forget we create it, NOT that feminism holds that all sex, all the time, is somehow freeing for women.

    By the way, “new” feminism as you portray here is not feminism, if we define the term in its original — an analysis of our individual and social value systems in terms of gendered power differentials. Instead, as you show here it is an appropriation of the term by those with an opposing agenda, and not feminism as historically defined.

    1. “an analysis of our individual and social value systems in terms of gendered power differentials.”
      Whaaaatt??!! Double-plus speak. I’m a woman, that’s all I need to know.

    2. The reason why feminism doesn’t appeal to many – they don’t understand the intellectual abstractions. It has largely been a masturbatory theatre for academics. Most women actually want an OK life with choices. Not to be fucked by isms.

    3. I agree with your post. Feminism is a broad church, it certainly isn’t supposed to be used as a lazy ‘man-hater’ label, although that’s what it’s turned into, it seems.
      The ability to vote, equal pay for equal work, the ability to own property, equal inheritance rights, rape within marriage to be a criminal offence (only came about 1982, I think, in England), the ability for married women to hold their own bank account, or if it’s a joint account, to be able to take money out without the husband’s signature, the right to be called by your own name and not e.g. Mrs. John Smith, the opportunity to have a university education, (or any education), if you wanted it etc.
      Also, for men, the opportunity to stay at home and look after the children, the right to be a Nanny, or a primary or kinder school teacher if you wanted to and not to be thought less of a man for doing that. All of these points of view can come under the feminist umbrella.

      Gender stereotypes it’s argued, are made up, if a man wants to stay at home and look after the children, who’s to say he can’t be better than his wife/partner, who may not be that great with the kids? If a woman has skill and talent, why can’t she be a jockey and win the Melbourne Cup? That’s what’s meant by gender being in-part or whole, a social set of rules set by that particular culture about what you as an individual, and/or you as a woman or man, can and can’t do. When you’re steeped in that culture though, maybe sometimes you can’t see that some of those roles are social roles, and not ‘natural’ roles.

      Sex vs. gender: Can’t resist it – what do you think of men who still retain their penis and testicles identifying as women because that’s truly what they believe they are?

  203. In my experience, the 6th house is house of sexuality, and South Node is sign of violence… I have South Node in 6th house … every man nearly kill me when surrender myself to him… Also father a bit predatory in small ways … So all my life I had to learn how to understand men/ women… Add to that I am Celtic and working to restore our language (Gaidhlig) so I tend to be a kind of outsider religiously and culturally and racially… My Mercury is probably the most difficult planet of my chart (definitely by Indian astrology standards)… But on feminism topic, I learned after nearly dying from uterine hemorrhage after a bout of anger toward a man that menstruation is not natural… Raw food and less stress (and in my opinion freedom) can get rid of it… But that not always in our control… Still that didn’t give me enough understanding… (I believe the 7th house shows our scientific side and I have sun, venus, mercury there … as well as conjunct Jupiter Saturn in 5th house where hard lessons shown – in my opinion)… I was determined to understand to the greatest depth about men women… eventually my opinion formed that we should follow fertility cycles… it seems all creatures on earth (except maybe rabbits who I think ovulate when sex occurs) have SEXUAL CYCLES… and I believe that for positive thinking to work, we should do things (like sex and relating) with full intention NOT WITH OPPOSITE INTENTION… example of opposite intention wd b eating a lot and taking supplements that prevent absorption of the food in digestion… having sex but taking birth control or contriving to thwart conception, the purpose of pleasure… nature provided pleasure to help ensure procreation / reproduction… so I tried to live the cycle (but my understanding of the actual cycle may have bn a little inaccurate)…. I thought people cdn’t accept such austere living so I hardly said anything abt it…. lately (before and after the Sept 23 scary predictions date) a drama unfolded when I respectfully told a nephew that I disapprove of homosexuality (which has become a major political correctness weapon)… bringing witch accusation from his father my bro and threat of not attending reunion…. I THINK THE THEME OF HOMOSEXUALITY IS BIG FOCUS OF PLUTO-URANUS… the man I love I met in 2012, the year when most of the Pluto-Uranus squares occurred, and his brother was a homosexual prostitute to support the family and he got put into jail and my man ended up taking over the responsibility, heartbreaking (but he already breaking my heart, that was karma)… the situation built and built till climaxed in last Pl-Ur sq of the year…

  204. The man-mentality has had us on a slow silent, miserable death march for far too long. I see and feel this deep rooted pain everyday, everywhere. Eris does not have to become a man to be heard. She doesn’t care what people think of her, and her impact on people is far more powerful than any man’s. She is simmering in the undercurrent. If females unite with Eris we can take back our identities that so many men have tried to destroy. And start wiping out male programming.

  205. I understand that it is not Islam but rather traditional African misevolution that led to female circumcision in areas of Africa, and the lesser known abuse of breast ironing… I want to say that there are 2 main human origins, the Australopithecus of Africa and the earlier apes especially the Oreopithecus who may be first origin of humans in Europe… Europe has rich heritage of human evolution, and the main one of Europe that AFrica missed out on was the Neandertal, his genes go to only Northern Africa, not below the Sahara, all other human populations have some specific Neandertal DNA… I believe the Neandertal is first to bring peace to the human condition thru evolution of language, using gendered language… WHICH GAVE EACH NOUN A MALE OR FEMALE GENDER… because right before Neandertal, cannibalism had started in the 3 corners of the Old World (Spain, China, and giants in South Africa whom it seemed became too large to survive not enough skin surface to cool body, went north searching cool climate to survive ended up as Scandinavian/ Germanic race promoting rape… )… now in Africa the history of rape by soldiers is especially pronounced… why I think we become backward when we hate racism, cos racial awareness is lost in the political correctness, and we need it desperately… I think what the Africans gave us is physical power of runners, long distance running empowered humanity to be erect in posture and beautiful… but the mental power remained with the gendered language of Eurasia (I discovered there is secretly gender in Chinese too, in the tones)… How come people like Cosby let to run on with their rape and other crime cos of reverse racism?… Isn’t it the same with Michael Jackson??? … so if we idol worship Africans (and by extension Germanic and Scandinavians of Scythian descent)… then we are worshipping like human race narcissists….. and the one-god worship of the male or of the human as ONLY ONE… also come out of African continent in Middle East Arabia/ Israel… also I think Neandertal seem stupid cos hated agriculture cos hated controlling other species… I think they escaped to the Americas via Beringia cos that is where the mammoths they ate went to, grasslands there, the timeframe fits, 35,000yrs ago roughly both occur… Beringia appear and Neandertal disappear… again the culture of austere hunting life without minimal agriculture appears in some Native American cultures… even where there is agriculture but the equality of species is general belief… I am finding various cultures in the fixed stars, also… some stars just fit certain cultures…

    1. That’s great post Sally Anne. I personally think the out of Africa theory is total crap and it has been bent into a politically correct dogma. You’re right about the neanderthal gene not reaching subsaharan Africa. The out of Africa theory is based on such a small amount of evidence and the origins of who we are now will to be fully revealed unless we can get under the polar ice caps IMO. In The Secret Doctrine, Blavatsky spoke of different species of the human family and that we are NOT descended from apes but that apes are a by product of some humans crossing with animals in the distant past.
      Our planet has also ben subject to some radical upheavals whilst there were humans on it. Blavatsky described early non physical humans being present but not in bodies as we know them while dinosaurs were on the planet – the template for the human body was not ready for the gravitational field on Earth at that time. it is different now. You’re dead right about certain stars and different cultures. I live in both England and South Africa and the skies are of course different. So different stars feature in different cultures with differing myths.