LIBRA Horoscope May

How are we feeling Libra in the aftermath of the Cardinal Grand Cross? Like Aries you are enjoying the mutual reception of your ruler with that of your sworn enemy! Are you enjoying marching around in their gladiator costume? I think it has rather gone to your head by now. Libra is another cardinal with leadership qualities, but they usually pretend that their partner or their best friend wears the… Read More »

VIRGO Horoscope May

Virgo is another sign not feeling much of the Cardinal Cross action, but your finances are feeling the effect of Mars Retrograde in your second house of cash. Mars continues to completely rebuild, from the bottom up ,how you conduct your spending and how you generate income. This months Venus opposite Mars on May 11 will bring matters to a head and you may have to make an executive decision… Read More »

LEO Horoscope May

The Cardinal grand cross has been a source of amusement for Leo, as you are getting the benefit from the exciting Uranus trine to your sign without the stressy soul growth of the square. Leo decan 2 are particularly electrified by this, but will get a square from Saturn counteracting the speed of Uranus’s crusade of change. I wouldn’t worry about it too much though. Saturn’s brake will help you… Read More »

CANCER Horoscope May

Jupiter has been protecting Cancer from much of the harshness of the Cardinal Grand Cross but Cancer decan 2 can’t really escape the full force of this unprecedented cosmic assault. Maybe these are strong words, but “assault” could be just how it feels for our sensitive crabs. Jupiter in your sign could be working positively or even negatively for you however, depending how Jupiter works for you in your natal… Read More »

GEMINI Horoscope May

Gemini has been working pretty hard for quite some time now and been reaping the financial rewards too. You might not have had that much time to splash the cash though, since Saturn in your 6th house has either raised some health issues or it has been burdening you with extra daily duties. Gemini decan 1 has had the square from Neptune to contend with making them feel extra spaced-out… Read More »

TAURUS Horoscope May

A nice, quiet and serene May for Taurus, but it wont be too boring! There is a lot going on under the surface with Venus, your ruler, working your 12th house in the udders of your psyche. Not only that, Venus moves into Aries, its detriment. Generally this is not seen as much of a good thing, but in this case we have a nice mutual reception going on. Venus… Read More »