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Asteroid Hekate In Astrology

Asteroid HekateWhat could asteroid Hekate signify astrologically? Our first thoughts would tend to associate it with witchcraft, but looking deeper into Hekates’ mythology, we find much more than just the stereotypical warty witch. As we will see, this metamorphosis occurred over thousands of years. Hekate may even have originating from Egyptian times from the midwife goddess Heket. Heka means “magical speech” in Egyptian. Otherwise, modern day Hekate rules crossroads, torchlight, portals, passages, the night, the use of herbs and poisonous plants, necromancy and divination.

First some astronomical information; Asteroid Hekate 100 is a large main belt asteroid, it is located in the same area of space as the Hygiea family, a group of dark, carbonaceous asteroids which also includes Artemis. Hekate rather appropriately is actually too light to be of this family and is classed as an interloper. J C Watson discovered Hekate on July 11 1868. She takes 5.4 years to orbit the sun. Hekate was the 100th asteroid to be discovered and named thus as Hekaton is Greek for hundred.

Hekate in Myth

Hekate’s magic seems to have got more tarnished over time. Originally she was the daughter of Nyx and a primordial goddess. Later she becomes the daughter of Aster and lit the way out of the dark with her sparkling crown of stars. Here we see no trace of the shadowy, bent, old torch-bearer creeping around dark footpaths with her demonic yelping dogs “Hecate whom Zeus honored above all….For to this day, whenever any one of men on earth offers rich sacrifices and prays for favor according to custom, he calls upon Hecate…she bestows wealth upon him; for the power surely is with her.” [1]

Later Hekates three heads morphed that of a dog, lion and a snake. We can see her light beginning to wane and the beastly side taking over. Much like Medusa. The evolution of Hekate from triple goddess to witch over time is interesting. It seems that she grew ever more fearsome with the realisation that if a woman can give life, then she can also take it away. The triple goddess clearly shows the process of flowering (Virgin), impregnation (Mother) and dissemination (Crone). It seems the first two stages have been forgotten.

Hekate served as a guide to Ceres in helping her find her lost child Persephone. With Persephone as the Virgin, Ceres as the Mother and Hekate as the crone she was fragmented and placed forever in the underworld. But there she cannot do her magic! The purpose of Hekate is to stand at the crossroads, at life’s thresholds. From there she is all-seeing and all-knowing, she can see all paths and possible outcomes, she is triple goddess, past, present and future. This is why she is the oracle, she shifts between dimensions and receives messages from all three.

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  1. I have Hekate conjunct my vertex and juno in 7th house, squaring moon in 4th. No husband, no family or home so far.

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