Darkstar Meets Phoenix

I had a great interview with fellow astrologer and matrix-masher Robert Phoenix on his life stream. We talked about my journey into astrology and waking up to the plutocrats. Then we get into the charts of Italy, Salvini, talk generational astrology and much more. We talking about making this a regular thing every three months or so, either live or pre-recorded. It was a little too late for me so let me know if pre-recorded would be of interest or not. May be some suggestions of what we should look at.  Cheers, Marina.

5 thoughts on “Darkstar Meets Phoenix

  1. Marina,
    I really enjoyed watching this video – and the website, which I found a while ago. I came to astrology via childhood Catholicism, then wider theology and politics, and while so much of astrology resonates, I often struggle with the more new age end of it and, more widely, popular expectations on what can and can’t be considered. Thank you so much for your openness and courage of expression – it’s inspiring.

  2. One more thing. The picture of you on RP’s website – you look like Madonna!

    1. Ha ha! But goodness, that is such an old photo. I haven’t been brunette since 2013!

  3. Marina,

    I’m so happy that you branched out and decided to do the interview with RP. I wanted to tune in live but completely forgot about it – watched it this morning, however. Loved it! You seemed a little self-conscious but so proud of you for doing this.

    1. Yes I’m very self conscious doing interviews and part of my narcissistic abuse wound is actually being heard and anyone actually being interested in what I have to say! So for me coming out and making YouTube videos was my first move to finding my voice. I’ve done a few interviews before with lesser known astrologers but kept it quiet, just using them as a practice run. But this one I finally relaxed into later in the hour so I felt it was worthy of linking to on my website.

      Plus Robert was a great host and easy to talk to which made it much easier. We will be doing more. Probably won’t be live because it was lay too late for me. We will focus on a couple of charts or one topic next time and really get our teeth into it. Its good because it forces me to do all the mundane astrology that I say I’m going to get into but never do.

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