Minor Planet Chaos


Minor planet Chaos was discovered on November 19 1998. For it’s meaning the first thing we think of is disruption and the world falling apart. The use of the word Chaos as meaning disorder and anarchy came relatively recently in Elizabethan times.

The ancient Greek meaning for Chaos was “Emptiness, vast void, chasm, abyss” from the verb which meant “gape, be wide open”, Wiki. If anything, I think Chaos is more to do with creation than destruction, Chaos is said to be the first of the primordial Gods and represents air. So it is the very beginning, the very first Greek god.

There are so many myths across the world that depict the concept of Chaoskampf, the German word for “struggle against chaos”. It makes one wonder why you would want to struggle with it and who is the bad guy here. In Chaoskampf there is always a battle between a heroic figure and a dragon. St George and the Dragon, the Archangel Michael fighting Satan or Perseus slaying Medusa. Eastern cultures have similar mythology, which feature a storm god fighting a sea serpent. Eg: Marduk V Tiamat (Babylonian) or Yahweh V Leviathan (Jewish).

Minor Planet Chaos Astrology Chart
Minor Planet Chaos

Chaos represents the time when the heaven was ripped from the earth and we were left with a gap. The struggle could be the fighting of the demons that come through that gap and that are blocking the blissful feeling of oneness. Our endless battle with the serpent keeps us trapped in the illusion of separateness and duality. Chaos is not describing the demon itself, just the process of becoming whole again.

It is interesting that Chaos is also seen as the prima mater, all the elements of the universe clumped together. Material=mater=mother, so this process is like trying to find out where we came from. In modern times it’s like trying to find the god particle. The gaping hole could be a star-gate, the birth canal or even the particle accelerator at Cern.

In the discovery, chart Chaos is at 26º Taurus. Algol! And it’s close too, within 30’. Well that’s Perseus slaying Medusa straight away. We have a totally heroic Yod to Saturn with Mars sextile the Sun. Saturn is about order, so could the slaying be the opposite to what is implied by Christianity?

Instead of order being the hero, it is the destruction of those Saturnian rules that is what is needed. So we are talking anarchy that is liberating then. Sun sextile Mars “ Impatient and excitable they enjoy the adrenalin rush of speed. They loath boredom and combined with a high libido often have spicy love lives as a consequence.” Mars quincunx Saturn is karmic adjustment and this really does show the struggle between the chaos of primal urges and desires V Saturn’s control, willpower and discipline.

We have a very powerful Moon position too which is apt since we are talking about the battle between opposites. Moon conjunct Venus could be pure love, but they are both on Dschubba the dangerous sting of the Scorpion, and they are also close to Pluto opposite Ceres. Wow, talk about tough-love, this has to be the toughest. Dschubba again is the struggle with the temptation of the forbidden fruit, whether it be the demon in the shape of drugs or a illicit love affair.

St George could simply be fighting the snake in his pants… With the Moon, Dschubba brings disgrace and suspicion, with Venus selfishness and jealousy. I guess if these nasty traits are defeated in ones personality then that lovely Moon conjunct Venus can open it’s heart again to love, remember the Greek meaning of Chaos to “Be wide open”

This Hades Moon is cursed by the suspicion of not only Dschubba, but also ruthless Pluto which happens to be on Antares, the heart of the Scorpion. It is opposite Ceres on Aldebaran. Two Archangels battling it out here.  Alderbaran we have already mentioned as Archangel Michael and his battle with the devil. Its pretty uncanny this mythology is so graphically represented in Chao’s discover chart.

Not quite finished yet, there is more juice. The North Node where Chaos’s needs to go for its soul to evolve is on Alphard the watersnake, which can be a really difficult star associated with poisons, wisdom, immorality and strong passions. “On the material plane, nearly always unhelpful, though if the native is able to conceive it in the spiritual sphere, the Saturn-Neptune combination may give enlightenment” [2] This makes total sense in the context of having to fight the devil.

Chaos Astrological Meaning

Asteroid Chaos

Chaos in your chart will show where you have to fight your most difficult battle. It could be your greatest temptation, or addiction and it will be the one thing that gets you every time. You will have to fight this battle again and again until you build enough willpower to see this demon off once and for all.

For some people willpower is not the problem, in fact it might be that they have too much will, making them tough on themselves and too hard hearted. In that case they will have to smash the Saturn wall so that they may be open-hearted and be able to surrender to love. Look to the house position and any close aspects to the personal planets for clues as to whether you are fighting authority above or temptation below. If you have Chaos angular then its themes will be extra pronounced in your life.

Find Minor Planet Chaos in Your Chart

1. Create your chart HERE.
2. Choose “Extended Chart Selection”.
3. In “additional asteroids or hypothetical planets” add 19521.

1. Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.50.

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