Unukalhai in Serpens ~ Nov 13 to 15


Unukalhai, is the brightest star in constellation Serpens the Snake and located at 22º Scorpio. The sun passes through these degrees around Nov 13 to 15 each year. Sometimes, it is called Cor Serpentis, meaning the Serpent’s Heart. It’s a 2nd magnitude, pale yellow star found in the snake’s neck. According to Ptolemy, the stars of constellation Serpens are of a Saturn Mars nature which, of course, in traditional terms means an arch-villain.

Serpens The Constellation Meaning

Robson suggests that the stars in Serpens give “wisdom, craft, deceit, malice, a feeble will and danger of poison.”[2] The main problem is the risk of poisoning, or intoxication through drugs or alcohol. It doesn’t necessarily mean the subject will be a drug addict, rather these people are unusually sensitive to toxins and suffer more than most when exposed to smoke, heavy metals, chemicals and alcohol. However, some people do crave the very thing that they are allergic to, thus giving them a fatal attraction.

This star seems to have an extremely hypnotic effect, which then draws you in with its undulating vibration. Robson has an extremely negative view of it. He associates it primarily with violence and poisoning with a crafty, criminal, and immoral subtext. 1930’s gentleman Vivian Robson used the term “evil environment” to politely imply a gay lifestyle. But for modern use, I would suggest he means any lifestyle choices that are basically anti-family values. So, that could include having multiple-marriages, being a radical feminist, bohemian, a non-conformist or a renegade.

Ophuichus the medicine man holds this snake, the 13th sign on the ecliptic that got left out. Serpens is considered a separate constellation in its own right and even more dangerous than the snake charmer – and he got a bad enough rap. The snake, like Lilith, will be the forbidden fruit of wisdom.

Ophuichus Medicine Man

The serpent revealed to Ophuichus how to bring the dead back to life, which a mere mortal was just not supposed to do. This is the real meaning of occult knowledge.

What I find really fascinating is the location of the serpent’s heart being in the neck. I noticed as I was researching, so many singers! Particularly those with very hypnotic, ethereal type voices too.

The vocal chords and throat chakra are located in the neck, so if the serpent’s heart is there these singers are indeed singing straight from there. The two Abba girls are a great example, Frida’s Sun on Agnetha’s Moon, both on Unukalhai. They did sound like one amazing voice.

Maybe some of the fear of Serpens is it’s association with sex and the Kundalini, “Kundalini power, the symbol of raising energy coiled at the base of the spine upward through the spine… Repressed or coiled in a circle, she can be poisonous both to the body and the psyche, but once risen and standing upright she is beneficent.……

Bonhiem in an article on Kundalini, sees this as the primordial wave, which “developing into consciousness,…appears in the form of a snake. For what is a snake other than a single, undulating, pulsating wave motion” [1] We can see how it can hypnotise then, like trance music. When a talented vocalist sings, they produce harmonious, healing wave-forms. When repressed, Unukalhai will show its festering, poisonous side, the drug addictions and destructive, toxic relationships.

Unukalhai Keywords

Rich, successful, thieving, cunning, lying, scheming, glamorous, criminal tendencies, rule breakers, duckers and divers, forgers, fraudsters, cheeky, lovable rogues, bohemians, controversy, activists, feminists, protesters, vehemently pro or against, anti-drugs vs. drug addicts, teetotallers vs. alcoholics, eccentrics, mad hatters, shocking deaths, mysterious illnesses, recluses, co-dependant relationships, haunting voices, exquisite vocal chords, throat chakra, hypnotising, entrancing, undulating, rhythmic, kundalini, Christian vs. Agnostic, forbidden fruit, temptation, fatal attraction, poison, fumes, intoxicating, toxic love, crimes of passion, AIDS, provocative, black humour, satire, forked tongue, drunken outbursts, speeches, spin doctors, advertising, selling yourself, prostitution, adoption, abduction, domestic violence, wife beaters, pacifists, masochists, narcissists, hissy-fits, bitch-fights, divas, acrimony, bitter after-taste, healing crisis, cold turkey, reinvention, regeneration.

Unukalhai & Planet Combinations

Ascendant Unukalhai

There is no interpretation for the Ascendant specifically, but Robson gives Unukalhai generally “wisdom, craft, deceit, malice, a feeble will and danger of poison. “ [2] Also immorality, accidents, violence… Wisdom or deceit rather depends on the soul’s vibration and/or afflictions from difficult planets. I see evidence of wisdom, controversy, and a fascination with sexuality. Violence and deceit play out, as well. The Vatican is very interesting addition below, since quite a few Popes have allegedly been poisoned.

Singer-songwriter Lisa Scott Lee (02’), Dictator Benito Mussolini (05’), Reclusive poet Emily Dickenson (24’), Explorer and naturalist Roy Chapman Andrews (37’); Collected snakes. The inspiration for Indiana Jones. Painter Frederick Walker (34’) died of TB. Madeleine McCanns Abduction (41’); Was she drugged? West Side Story composer Leonard Bernstein (47’); Social activist was blacklisted. Johann Wolfgang Goethe (55’); Writer of “Faust”, Explores sexuality, metaphysics, good and evil. Artist Henri Toulouse-Lautrec; drew prostitutes. Musician Keith Richards; Has a platinum nasal septum due to his cocaine use. Singer Diana Ross, Tarzan actor Johnny Weissmuller; Five marriages, took up swimming to combat childhood polio. The Vatican.

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