Unukalhai in Serpens ~ November 13 to 15

Unukalhai, is the brightest star in constellation Serpens the Snake and located at 22º Scorpio. The sun passes through these degrees around Nov 13 to 15 each year. Sometimes, it is called Cor Serpentis, meaning the Serpent’s Heart. It’s a 2nd magnitude, pale yellow star found in the snake’s neck. According to Ptolemy, the stars of constellation Serpens are of a Saturn Mars nature which, of course, in traditional terms means an arch-villain.

Robson suggests that they give “wisdom, craft, deceit, malice, a feeble will and danger of poison.”[2] The main problem is the risk of poisoning, or intoxication through drugs or alcohol. It doesn’t necessarily mean the subject will be a drug addict, rather these people are unusually sensitive to toxins and suffer more than most when exposed to smoke, heavy metals, chemicals and alcohol. However, some people do crave the very thing that they are allergic to, thus giving them a fatal attraction.

This star seems to have an extremely hypnotic effect, which then draws you in with its undulating vibration. Robson has an extremely negative view of it. He associates it primarily with violence and poisoning with a crafty, criminal, and immoral subtext. 1930’s gentleman Vivian Robson used the term “evil environment” to politely imply a gay lifestyle. But for modern use, I would suggest he means any lifestyle choices that are basically anti-family values. So, that could include having multiple-marriages, being a radical feminist, bohemian, a non-conformist or a renegade.

Serpens OphuichiusOphuichus the medicine man holds this snake, the 13th sign on the ecliptic that got left out. Serpens is considered a separate constellation in its own right and even more dangerous than the snake charmer – and he got a bad enough rap. The snake, like Lilith, will be the forbidden fruit of wisdom. The serpent revealed to Ophuichus how to bring the dead back to life, which a mere mortal was just not supposed to do. This is the real meaning of occult knowledge. What I find really fascinating is the location of the serpent’s heart being in the neck. I noticed as I was researching, so many singers! Particularly those with very hypnotic, ethereal type voices too.

The vocal chords and throat chakra are located in the neck, so if the serpent’s heart is there these singers are indeed singing straight from there. The two Abba girls are a great example, Frida’s Sun on Agnetha’s Moon, both on Unukalhai. They did sound like one amazing voice.

Unukalhai Keywords

Rich, successful, thieving, cunning, lying, scheming, glamorous, criminal tendencies, rule breakers, duckers and divers, forgers, fraudsters, cheeky, lovable rogues, bohemians, controversy, activists, feminists, protesters, vehemently pro or against, anti-drugs vs. drug addicts, teetotalers vs. alcoholics, eccentrics, mad hatters, shocking deaths, mysterious illnesses, recluses, co-dependant relationships, haunting voices, exquisite vocal chords, throat chakra, hypnotizing, entrancing, undulating, rhythmic, kundalini, Christian vs. Agnostic, forbidden fruit, temptation, fatal attraction, poison, fumes, intoxicating, toxic love, crimes of passion, AIDS, provocative, black humour, satire, forked tongue, drunken outbursts, speeches, spin doctors, advertising, selling yourself, prostitution, adoption, abduction, domestic violence, wife beaters, pacifists, masochists, narcissists, hissy-fits, bitch-fights, divas, acrimony, bitter after-taste, healing crisis, cold turkey, reinvention, regeneration.

Maybe some of the fear of Serpens is it’s association with sex and the Kundalini, “Kundalini power, the symbol of raising energy coiled at the base of the spine upward through the spine… Repressed or coiled in a circle, she can be poisonous both to the body and the psyche, but once risen and standing upright she is beneficent.……Bonhiem in an article on Kundalini, sees this as the primordial wave, which “developing into consciousness,…appears in the form of a snake. For what is a snake other than a single, undulating, pulsating wave motion” [1] We can see how it can hypnotise then, like trance music. When a talented vocalist sings, they produce harmonious, healing wave-forms. When repressed, Unukalhai will show its festering, poisonous side, the drug addictions and destructive, toxic relationships.

Unukalhai & Planet Combinations

Ascendant Unukalhai

There is no interpretation for the Ascendant specifically, but Robson gives Unukalhai generally “wisdom, craft, deceit, malice, a feeble will and danger of poison. “ [2] Also immorality, accidents, violence… Wisdom or deceit rather depends on the soul’s vibration and/or afflictions from difficult planets. I see evidence of wisdom, controversy, and a fascination with sexuality. Violence and deceit play out, as well. The Vatican is very interesting addition below, since quite a few Popes have allegedly been poisoned.

Singer-songwriter Lisa Scott Lee (02’), Dictator Benito Mussolini (05’), Reclusive poet Emily Dickenson (24’), Explorer and naturalist Roy Chapman Andrews (37’); Collected snakes. The inspiration for Indiana Jones. Painter Frederick Walker (34’) died of TB. Madeleine McCanns Abduction (41’); Was she drugged? West Side Story composer Leonard Bernstein (47’); Social activist was blacklisted. Johann Wolfgang Goethe (55’); Writer of “Faust”, Explores sexuality, metaphysics, good and evil. Artist Henri Toulouse-Lautrec; drew prostitutes. Musician Keith Richards; Has a platinum nasal septum due to his cocaine use. Singer Diana Ross, Tarzan actor Johnny Weissmuller; Five marriages, took up swimming to combat childhood polio. The Vatican.

Midheaven Unukalhai

“If with the MC and in conjunction also with ‘malefics’ it is damaging to the social position, often there will be many difficulties in the professional life.” [3]
Maybe damaging to reputation, or I think may make someone controversial. Derek Jarman had Saturn opposed the MC, but even the homoeroticism in Caravaggio did not stop him receiving public acclaim. None of the subjects below had malefics on the MC though, but there are less celebrities here than in the other sections.
Actress Jane Fonda (27’), Singer Tammy Wynette (30’), Elizabeth Taylor/Burton Davison. Gay activist and Film maker Derek Jarman died of AIDs related illness, Barry “Dame Edna” Humphries, Actress Susan Sarandon, Talk show host Jack Paar.

Sun Unukalhai

“Many quarrels and disappointments, unfortunate life, seriously affected by death of family or friends.” [2] The list below seems to show people who have had very dramatic lives often accompanied with controversial and outspoken views. A number of their deaths have been violent or shocking, true to Unukalhai’s nature and a couple were “seriously affected by a death”. We even have toxic smoke inhalation as a cause of one. Heiress Barbara Hutton must have had the most unfortunate life ever, despite inheriting a huge fortune. She died with only a few thousand to her name.

Serpens OphuichusI know two people with Sun Stelliums on Unukalhai. Sun/Venus/Neptune is a very rich and successful art Director, who likes a drink and has just gone through a very bitter divorce. Sun/Mercury/Neptune is a violent alcoholic and cocaine addict who beat his wife while pregnant and rammed her with a car. His children (Mercury) have been on the child protection register. I still think you can be very successful with the creative Sun here, but you will always be courting controversy. Lots of daring firsts below too, but even Whoopi Goldberg admits to have been a “high functioning drug addict” CNN and married three times.

One of the first black art directors, Georg Olden (03’); Sued his ad firm for discrimination. Shot dead by girlfriend. Virginia Mae Brown (16’); first female to head an independent federal agency. Heart attack at 67. Edward Higgins White (18’); First US Astronaut to walk in space. Killed by smoke inhalation in training. “Thinker” sculptor August Rodin (18’); Raw, expressive work controversial at the time. Hunky soap actor Dack Rambo (20’); Admitted bi-sexuality when diagnosed HIV positive. Died of AIDS.

Barbara Hutton; Woolworth Heiress, lavished her money on seven husbands who never loved her. Alcoholic, only son died in plane crash. Grace Kelly; Died in car crash age 52. Albert I Prince Of Monaco; Oceanographer, Palaeontologist and pacifist. Charles Manson; Incited people to murder on his behalf. Singer songwriter. Macabre pop bands have covered his songs. Joseph McCarthy; notorious for spreading the fear of communism. Neil Young; Singer-songwriter, outspoken environmentalist. Prince Charles; unpopular after death of Diana. ABBA singer Frida Lyngstad, Mega personality Whoopi Goldberg.

Moon Unukalhai

“Clever, evil environment, hatred of authority, involved in intrigues and plots, banished, imprisoned or hanged for crime probably by poisoning.” [2] The evil environment is literal here with child-killer, Myra Hyndley and child murder victim, James Bulger. Otherwise controversy again and successful singers. Intrigues with reclusive Abba singer Agnetha and satirist Chris Morris, who also stays enigmatically out of the public eye.

Singer superstar Beyonce Knowles (04’), Two year old James Bulger (18’); Abducted, tortured and murdered by two ten year olds. Singer Agnetha Faltskog (33’); Married her stalker. Child killer Myra HindleyChris Morris; Creator of spoof current affairs Brass Eye special “Paedogeddon!”. The most complained about TV show in British history. Singer Robbie Williams, Singer Katy Perry, Spoon bender and self-branded “mystifier”, Uri Geller.

Mercury Unukalhai

“Dishonorable, accused of forgery or theft of papers, ill-health, narrow escapes” [2] Yes, there is the potential for lying and the snake’s forked tongue is here. Possibly brings some misfortune with siblings or children, but equally can be about helping unfortunate kids. Comedy and singing featured with Mercury, having the ability to charm through the vocal chords.

Actor Kevin Kline (02’); Anti-Hollywood, dubbed Kevin “De Kline”. Gay fashion designer Gianni Versace (03’); Shot and killed his doorstep. “Weird Al” Yankovic (22’); parody singer. Kahlia Chamberlain (43’); born in jail, mother accused of the murder of her sister in the outback. Cowboy actor Roy Rogers (45’); adopted kids and founded children’s charities. Astronomer Edwin Hubble (46’); Christian turned agnostic. Opera Opera singer Jose Carreras, Australian Pro-life Politician Tony Abbott, Surreal comic John Cleese, Singer-songwriter Jeff Buckley; distinctive tenor voice, died accidental drowning. Psychedelic psychologist Timothy Leary “the most dangerous man in America”. Child-killer couple Fred/Rose West Davison.

Venus Unukalhai

“Enmity, jealousy of own sex, bad for domestic matters, favorable for gain, secret death probably by poison.” [2] Can make one rich through the arts, singing, drama, journalism and speaking out about women’s matters. Not sure about “jealous of own sex”, seems more like feminism to me. However when warped, the powerful mothering/feminine instinct becomes treacherous, both Rose West and her Davison with Fred have Unukalhai here. Can be co-dependant relationships if drugs are involved.

Joan Ganz Cooney (09’); Sesame street creator. Childless. Paid alimony to her alcoholic ex-husband until his death. Suffragette Edith Rigby (12’); founded a women’s school. Jailed for arson several times. Singer Annie Lennox (13’), Child killer couple Rose/Fred West Davison (20’) see Mercury. Actress Winona Ryder (24’); Shop lifting, Depression, accused of using oxycodone without prescription. Journalist Dan Rather (32’), Mesmerizing serial killer and rapist Ted Bundy (41’), Child serial killer Rose West (48’), Beach boys singer Carl Wilson (52’), Singer Dionne Warwick, Journalist presenter Janet Street-Porter, Actors Demi Moore, Leonardo DiCaprio and Denzel Washington, Richest man in the world Bill Gates, Spoon-bending Uri Geller.

Mars Unukalhai

“Violence, quarrels, lying, crime, violent death probably by poison”. [2] Mars makes these people racy and again there seems to be a great deal of alcohol abuse. Although Gandhi was non-aggressive, Mars ensured violence followed him. Toxic sexual relationships here too.

Lesbian singer K.D Lang (15’); sublime voice, Soldier Roy Kyle (18’); Diary of his war experiences in Galipoli, Vocalist Milton Brown (23’); founded western swing. 1990’s Photographer Herb Ritts (37’); HIV positive died of pneumonia. Feminist first lady Eleanor Roosevelt (38’); health declined rapidly after been hit by a car. Actress Sean Young (41’); alcohol problems. Actor Mel Gibson; Accused of sexism, homophobia and racism. Battling alcohol addiction. Singer John Philips; accused by his daughter Mackenzie having a drug fuelled,10 year incestuous relationship. Singer Bobby Brown; Ex husband of Whitney. Drug addiction. Poet Dylan Thomas; alcoholic. Mohandas Gandhi; The non-violent activist. Assassinated. Politician Jay Rockefeller, Grand Prix Motorcyclist Barry Sheene; Rich from endorsements. Cheeky cockney accent used to full effect. Astrologer Robert Hand.

Jupiter Unukalhai

“Hypocrisy, deceit, banishment, imprisonment or exile.” [2] In low vibration, criminals. In high vibration, we get talent with the voice again, successful actors and musicians. The snake power of re-invention and regeneration is shown in Bowie, Andrews and Parker Bowles.

Nazi leader Ernst Roehm (02’); executed by rival Hitler. Actress Jackie Weaver (02’): Matriarch in Australian gangster film “Animal Kingdom”, Australian “Thornbirds” actor Bryan Brown (09’), Disco drag-queen singer Sylvester (12’); Died of AIDS. Kahlia Chamberlain (13’); See Mercury. Vicious/Spungen Davison (14’); Toxic punks and heroin addicts. Singer David Bowie (18’); Master of reinvention. Bi-sexuality. “Mary Poppins” Singer Julie Andrews; Alcoholic step-dad, has “absolute pitch.” Singers Jim Kerr and Sonny Bono, Composer Richard Straus, Erik Menendez; Murdered his wealthy parents with his brother. In prison. Camilla Parker-Bowles; hated for her affair with Charles, now respectable. Roy Rogers; See Mercury. Madonna/Penn Davison; Dubbed Poisons Penns for hitting out at paparazzi.

Saturn Unukalhai

Serpens Ophuichus

“Secret insanity, drug taker, secret crime and poisoning often for no reason, shrewd, cunning, intelligent, studious, often physician or nurse, usually unmarried, may commit suicide or be confined in an asylum or prison.” [2] Intelligent and studious, yes as Gates and Ginsburg proove. But the drug taker is rife here, probably because of Saturns tendency to melancholia combined with Unukalhai’s acute sensitivity to toxins and…Jazz. There is willpower to beat the addiction however.

Millionaire Bill Gates (08’); See Venus. Brigadier Rich Klumpp (16’), Beat poet Allen Ginsburg (17’); Political activist, Buddhist, casual sex and sexual swearing in his work. Lesbian feminist artist Cath Philips (18’); fined for unveiling obscene art. Charles/Diana Davison (20’), Marilyn Monroe (23’); Dependant on alcohol and addicted to a cocktail of prescription drugs. Died of barbiturates overdose. Actor Bruce Willis (33’); pro-gun and action hero. Jazz innovator Miles Davis; successfully conquered heroin addiction, sombre, mysterious whispering voice. Jazz singer George Melly; Went from gay to straight. Reefer Smoker. Jazz Saxophonist John Coltrane; Heroin addict then quit. Died of liver cancer age 40.

Uranus Unukalhai

“Spasmodic insanity, wealthy and luxurious environment, often fails to obtain inheritance, bad for marriage, may commit crime, sudden death often by suicide.”[2] Said to cause accidents here, or I’d say shocking happenings like Azaria. “Spasmodic insanity?”  and “Bad for Marriage” for F Scott Fitzgerald, but otherwise Uranus adds inventive and original talents and wealth.

Australia’s first test tube baby Candice Reed (16’), Tennis ace Venus Williams (25’), Rock heir Jack Osbourne (36’), Azaria Chamberlain (38’); Baby stolen and killed by Dingo in the Australian outback. American author F Scott Fitzgerald; Co-dependant alcoholic marriage with schizophrenic wife Zelda. Astrologer Dane Rudhyar, Psychologist Anna Freud, Footballer Michael Owen, Sculptor Michelangelo.

Neptune Unukalhai

“Shrewd, ingenious, courageous, persistent, intuitive, evil environment, often criminal, trouble through opposite sex and marriage, violent death.” [2] Said to cause susceptibility to infectious diseases and poisoning. Since Neptune makes one so sensitive to drugs, then here one can be either extremely for or totally against them. Success and glamour, mixing music with visuals. Presentation and spin are strong. “Evil environment” here could be a sexually licentious, decadent or bohemian lifestyle. Or all three!

Australian politician Christopher Pyne (00’); Anti-drugs. Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss (11’); Substance abuse, empathy dysfunction, developed attachments to her 25 Macaws. Pamela Anderson Lee (14’); Pin-up girl, You Tube home-sex video star and animal activist. Actress Singer Nicole Kidman (26’), Singer-songwriter Jeff Buckley (26’); See Mercury. Bobby Brown/Houston Davison (42’); Co-dependant relationship, Marijuana and cocaine abuse. Gothic, kooky actress Helena Bonham-Carter. Eccentric singers Bjork and Alison Goldfrapp. UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

1. “Dancing In The Flames. ” Marion Woodman & Elinor Dickson. Pg 71
2. “Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology”, Vivian E. Robson, 1923. p.62 p 214.
3. “Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation,” Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.67, under the name Unuk.

49 thoughts on “Unukalhai in Serpens ~ November 13 to 15

  1. Great article Marina, thanks.
    At 19 degrees my daughter’s Pluto is a bit out of Unulkahai’s orb, but it is the apex of a Venus/Mercury yod and she had a stunning voice before she got chronic tonsillitis and discovered drink and boys, all of which have poisoned and damaged her. It’s rich and deep and spine tingling for such a slight and skinny girl. Must encourage her to find it again.
    obviously it’s a generational Pluto placement and serious binge drinking seems to have affected them more than most?

    1. This is why I’m glad Jamie takes the trouble to map out all the other stars in Serpens because its very important to find what star is at the apex of a Yod. At 19º looks like she will have Chow there Beta Serpens. Robson didn’t do a write up for Pluto with Unukalai as it probably only just discovered then and no one knew what it was really about. Thanks for sharing and this binge drinking thing for the generation with Pluto here is worth looking into.

  2. Thankyou for this article, Marina, which is stunning for me. My NN sits right there.

    I´ve been dreaming that I was taken my brain out and they changed it. The replacement was a model with lights, very pretty, smaller in size and more fresh (if you know what I mean, fresh feelings in a dream). I was happy.

    Then, I was with my daughter in the living room and in my room, in front of a big (existing) chest, where I put what is not on an every day use, but is used sometimes (sawing, sweaters, scarfs…). I was bringing order and found some paper sheets (better communication) that were above a small box filled with dust (gray, like the one comming from a vacuum cleaner. I looked, and an insect -healty, strong and shiny- came out of there, as saying: “Hey, I am alive and want to live!”. Went running to live. I was going to catch it but then I said that it had the right to survive and that I would not take it to the park next door, because that would also mean an ecological disaster (I did not know if it was endemic). Looked for “insect” and know they are very old ways of surviving, good enough not to need any evolution processes.

    I have a way of communicating that sometimes -in spite of been right- ends up being rightgeous. And persons may get mad at me (and how!). I have an seemingly unending problem with onw of my brothers, because he keeps saying that he mantains us all (he kept our heritage and I belive that he feels guilty; thus tells him self some tales, so that culprit will diminish).

    My part is that he makes me so much mad. So really and profoundly angry, that I only see red! I do not take the time while speaking to him to calm down and to talk. I react instantly. He always feels profoundly hurt because of my words. I can be a thin and shap sword with my mouth.

    He gets hurt, and then always betrays me and keeps my things. Thus, hurts me.

    This IS karma, really! And I know that ball going down has to be stopped somehow by someone. And I think this is going to be me. I need the money he stills keep from my mother´s dept. (he already lives there, or obtains a rent… I don´t really know now). Last week, I had to speak with him because I have to do some investments in a plataform I´m going to conform, invited by a gook colleague of mine (to expand my ways of earning money with educational materials).

    Always, when I think of my brother, I always thought of the very picture you are using, Mowgli and the Serpent. I use to say to my brothers that I did not really want to talk to him (and I still don´t) because I feel like Mowgli. He always tells me things. I end up asleep. I have the feeling that he really sleeps me.

    When I wake up, I feel furious. And all I can say are words full of rage (with a sweet tone, as he says). And then, he comes and hurts me even more.

    And this is the way we have acted our entire life.

    Maybe, I may pray God and healing from Regulus, so that I may hear, not take decitions, say that later I will answer. Don´t act! As far as I can see, it´s the begining. This is how it all starts.

    And, funny enough, being a communicator myself, I don´t feel strong to communicate with him and -by feeling like a heroin- I end up saying yes, yes, yes to all his proposals.

    Maybe, all this steps against or has to be supassed, in order to reach my NN.

    When he does all that, at the end, I feel a large betrayal, like a sword in my back, and even my arm hurts deeply.



  3. Another Pluto Conj. this pretty star. My son Alonso also has it on the 10th house. Ane, my daughter has it

    Me, as the usual ensalada, conj. Vertex and opposes Mercury and Ceres. Quadrates the whole included in the 8th house (Lillith, Chiron and PF). It sextiles Saturn.


  4. This works for me. I have both Saturn and Neptune influences here and I am sensitive to everything. Even though I tried drugs, they affected me so badly, addiction wasn’t a problem. Alcohol, I can hardly touch as it makes me so ill, like seriously ill, but I did struggle with an addiction to it whilst young. That addiction also stems from the same reasons you mention here, melancholia, but once I roll my eyes at that whole woe is me, I stop being addicted. Interesting, thanks for the article

  5. For once, I had the strength to tell my brother: “Well, I do know every one has a part. Mine, is this tongue that hurts you. And I can promise right now that I will not speak like this again”

    What I really hope is that I don´t see red and speak my redness. I hope to hear, reflect and answer when I want. Not when he makes me to. I always end up falling and feeling horrible. And he victimizes him self and blames me!

    But I wish and pray Regulus that this will be over.

    Thanks again, Marina!


  6. Neptune pretty close here and yes the sensitivity to chemicals is ridiculous to the point where I almost can’t take any prescription medications and even headache preparations sometimes make me ill ~ household cleaning products….. forget it.

  7. in first house squaring uranus at 22 leo in 10th opposing vertex in 8th, trining pallas juno conjunction in 5th …hmm sounds useful, just not sure how yet

    1. I think we should have coffee! Or, maybe that’s a bad thing with the addiction star ? !

      Conjunct Jupiter in 1st square the Leos at MC (Uranus/Mars/Venus). Then Lilith/Medusa opposing with Chiron squared gets into the pole dance.

      Really folks, I’ve always been a singer and dancer and have never over-dosed on anything, but have rescued a few friends who did. Jupiter in Scorpio … water runs deep. I think this star blesses me, truth be told.

    2. Coffee it is, at least its legal lol!

      Im a musician and dancer too but career opps happened when too young and folks stopped it,( nth node 29 leo quincunx saturn in cap) so must be a strong link to that area for sure.

    1. Tengo entendido, Xiomara, que las conjunciones funcionan hacia la sombra y hacia la luz, cn base en las decisiones que tomamos; y siempre y cuando no dejemos las pasiones o sentimientos como caballos desbocados. Quizá si primero respiramos y luego actuamos, igual y lo hacemos desde la luz y no desde las sombras. O, en todo caso, de un modo más integrado. Eso es lo que he entendido (no que lo lleve a la práctica, pues muchas veces reacciono… pero creo que por ahí va, al menos!).

      Suerte! 🙂


  8. Hi all,

    i have this conjunction with Unukalhai: Lilith, Obsc. Lilith an Lilith (i), acording to Astro. com.
    What do you think? A dark revengefull Lilith?…..
    Thank you in advance 🙂

    1. I, that share some of this, would think so! I read somewhere that my inner core is made out of I don´t know which not-noble metal; and that I should polish it (I might know why, looking at this star). Change and purify!

      (And I keep blaming history, patriarchs usw).



  9. Marina, great article. I have this as my Part of Fortune, 22degrees Scorpio, it sits in my 10th house, Midheaven 11 degrees Scorpio. I shutter to think what the Part of Fortune would mean here?? I am a Psychic Medium, (not rising the dead but yes,connecting to and sharing their messages, lost two beloveds myself). Could this be the meaning or is there more here? Squares my Jupiter in Leo in the 7th at 21 Leo. No other aspects. Any ideas here? Thanks as always!! Shawn 🙂

  10. very nice article, Marina , that break obviously did you good ! blessings and happy equinox (the day/night being = is today here in bristol latitude) xxx

  11. Today, I was afraid of going out, really. But then, I seriously asked I-Ching, and the answer was a complicated -you know I-Ching and its metaphoras- “go ahead”. So I went. And it was fun! (sci-tech in Zócalo). At the most, voids and insecurities. Though, the Owl Noctua, seems like one of a kind!

    Thankyou Marina!


  12. Fascinating article indeed. Sure does explain one hell of a lot in my life given that this serpent is in my third house, trine my 7th house Juno, contraparallel Pallas, Chiron and vertex, and sextile my sixth house Saturn, as well as in a wide square to my ascendant, pre-natal Solar eclipse, and North Node … and boy! Does that tell a story.

    No addictions per say… Not that I didn’t try in my twenties. But my one and only experience with cocaine almost killed me, so I learned my lesson first time round. I am also very sensitive to alcohol,and should I drink over my very low limit, the miserable hangover that is sure to follows is enough to make me think twice about over drinking. Not the case with cigarettes though, which I started smoking as a teen in high school. Did manage to quit cold turkey a few times. But just one smoke even after five years of not smoking was enough to get me started again. It took a brush with cancer and the resulting hysterectomy to finally get me to quit for good.

    Given a third house Unukalhai position, and just as with Rocio, l too have had issues with all my siblings. In the case of my sisters, I have had to deal with some very blatant money rip offs. As for my only brother, he was born with aplastic anemia resulting from my step father’s exposure to agent orange while fighting the war in Vietnam, which made him necessitate regular blood transfusions. Alas, as with so many others … he got a bad batch, and died of full blown AIDS days before his 21st birthday.

    As for my father, represented by my Sun/Saturn square which is also sextile to the serpent… His natal Sun/Unukalhai conjunction although a little wide (almost 5 degrees)is none the less very telling, given that he also had a Saturn/Unukalhai parallel in the declinations as well as a wide Saturn/Unukalhai inconjunct, all of which made him one of the most depraved individuals to walk this plane. In and out of mental institutions all his life, a chronic alcoholic as well as a chain smoker, he delighted in subjecting the entire family to his gross personal filth (wouldn’t bathe for months at a time), as well as shock everyone with his overly crass black humor outburst. A total sociopath, with a grandiose sense of self, very shrewd and highly cunning, as well as an absolute pathological liar, he spent much of him time scheming revenge for all kinds of “perceived” slights. That said, he at times could be surprisingly kind, even heroically so, having no qualms about risking life and limb to rescue a kitty from a fire, or dropping a large sum of money into the lap of a street vagrant.

    No surprise that he was also sexually deviant to the extreme, and thought nothing of incest, going as far as prostituting one of my sisters and even my stepmother. No surprise either, that he was extremely violent, making beatings and domestic abuse a regular occurrences in our home. And yes! He decidedly was a criminal, and even murdered a young man by running him over with his car. Not withstanding that, he was incredibly intelligent, ingeniously so, and was able to beat all prosecution on that case.

    A Moon/Unukalhai contraparallel clearly delineates the pathologically narcissistic nature of his mother, as well as the dysfunctionality of his relationship with her. Not sure how to interpret his Chiron/Unukalhai trine, other than because of the Cancer influence on Chiron, the whole family was surprisingly tolerant of him, seeing him as his mother’s victim, (he was horrifically abused by her as a child)and understanding him as such.

    And yes! He was an awesome musician, and had one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard. Alas, in spite of inheriting a fortune of well over $1,000,000 he died as a pitiful and deranged street vagrant.

    As for me… Can’t say I’ve had an easy life. But it has been an amazing and extraordinary life so far. True, it’s a little scary to read the interpretations. Then again I do have “The Magician” as the Sabian Symbol for my ascendant, which has given me an uncanny ability to survive and transcend, as well as a soul saving capacity for forgiveness. And yes! No doubt that squares can be very challenging, but they sure do produce growth, and are ultimately incredibly rewarding…

    Oh! And I do love music. I also worked seven and a half years as a burlesque strip tease artist, and was very successful at it. I later evolved into a bellydancer, and currently enjoy the reputation of being known for my sensuality and emotional depth. And no… in spite of being quite proficient in the Art of Seduction… I have never … ever … missused my energy in that way. A saving grace no doubt… :))


    1. Hi Margarita. Thanks for sharing . With fixed stars one only considers the conjunctions, tho I think some might go for the oppositions. I have used parallels in the past. But now I think they just complicate matters unless they are an occultation (But a parallel AND conjunction).

      Anyway even with a wide orb I would consider your fathers conjunction to his Sun the most important. Any synastry you have to that then would be important as to why you have such an adversion to toxins. Maybe you have other star conjunctions that support this, other minor stars inSerpens or Ophuichus or maybe Alfard, the water snake? Gosh your father though. You must have a very strong chart to come through that sort of upbringing. Hats off to you Persephone!

  13. And one last thing… I do aspire to be wise one day. I also consider myself a pacifist, and do spend much time and effort rallying advocacy and awareness about women’s issues. In particular those relating to domestic and sexual abuse. Even been to Albany NY to get politicians involved in signing bills to bring about change and funding for various programs.

  14. Dear Marina and Jamie,

    Thank you Marina for your encouraging words in your article regarding the aspect Sun Unukalhai:

    “I still think you can be very successful with the creative Sun here, but you will always be courting controversy.”


    I realize that because of a clearer understanding of the coming total solar eclipse on November 13 at 21º Scorpio and on Fixed star Unukalhai in the heart of the serpent, I finally have come to terms with the spiritual nature of ALL my life experiences.

    Thank you both for sharing your valuable insights.

    In Gratitude,


    Natal Sun 21°23 Scorpio
    Natal Unukalhai 21°41 Scorpio

  15. Hi,

    Interesting article, I have a Moon (19), Mercury (21), and Uranus (19) conjunctions to this star. In relation to my Moon. My mother suffers form borderline personality disorder. She has experimented with religion the way most people experiment with drugs. Even now it is difficult to have any perspective on my experiences. I believe that to a degree she is a visionary and she also struggles with pyschosis. She has a beautiful speaking voice, loves reading aloud and reading poetry, yet I have been exposed to the dark side to her imagination. The connection to this star has made me very sensitive to peoples struggle with insanity and dark emotions.

    As for Mercury, I have been a musician my whole life(neptune conjunct mc); I have toured, traveled, collabrated original music and for many years lived a purely bohemian life. These days I am singing and writing songs. I have always felt very lucky that “doors” to a musical life were always open to me and I have been able to have many special opportunities. (Venus is 15 Scorpio)

    This brings me to my Uranus connection. The most recognized band I played with received the spotlight for being gay and was fronted by a trans-gendered person. Being identified as gay was intimidating because I always felt my sexual identity was fluid and I never had to speak out about it. In my early 20’s I began experimenting with my sexual identity; anything went in my bohemian community and I felt protected amongst them. When the time came to be identified to others outside my community, I was able to take a stand. It was strange being in the spotlight.

    Pluto moved into my 10th house and the band dissolved. The timing couldn’t have been better because I was living a very unhealthy life and I would go as far to say I was abusing alcohol. It felt like I had stared into the abyss and slowly backed away from the edge. In the throws of change I decided to move across the country in search of a healthier life and new identity.

    Not soon after I moved did Uranus cross my ascendent and at the same time Saturn made its first return. My identity radically changed.

    The last few years I have cloaked my identity in a relationship and tried living up to an ideal rather than with myself (the first steps out of my existential crisis). Uranus is still doing its work in my first house and Saturn just finished 7th house conjunction with Pluto and then my Sun; nonetheless, the relationship ended and out seeped my Unukalhai tendencies.

    Now with the November 13th Solar Eclipse and Saturn in Scorpio entering my 8th house (both inline to make a conjunctions with my Venus, Moon, Uranus and Mercury), I expect to face a deep unmasking of my Unukalhai energy and hopefully learn to transform or harness it into a positive force in my life. I find the energy here is displayed in extremes and is difficult to keep balanced because it is so easily tipped. It is seductive and there is a very fine line to cross before you lose control and it controls you.


    1. My daughter born on my birthday, Nov. 20th, 1954, has her Venus R Conjunct Saturn on the 19-21 degree of Scorpio. It all fits her, and she is hatefull cruel. She now has let me know I am going to hell due to my knowledge of astrology and can predict the future. She has joined the Baptist church, which has a scorpio Minster, who is brain washing the brains of his members. I have Aquarus on my third, and Mercury rising above my Sun 24-27degrees of Scorpio and it just seems that answers come to me from somewhere out in space. She told me I was going to hell because I would not join the Baptist church, so my immediate reply was I will be there to open the gate for you. I saw in her chart that she was going to lose her job. So I am cursed according to her Precher.

      I have lilth in my chart, which I have to deal with all my life. The influence do hold true for me. If anyone is interested let me know will send my experence with the little devil. I am best with medical charts. CM

  16. My parental relationships have been strange, my father insists on calling us freaks. (there are 6 of us kids w/same parents) He also suffers from a narcissistic personality; he has a powerful position with high earnings, yet thinks people are a waste of oxygen. My Moon-Uranus conjunction (19 Scorpio) is exactly conjunct both their North Nodes Scorpio. Together they are a 2 bulls in a pen (both Taurus); borderline meets narcissist match made in hell…

  17. Pluto on Unukalhai? Jupiter/Pluto midpoint on Unukalhai? These belong to daughter’ s boyfriend and my daughter, respectively. Not to mention his vertex=her moon/Jupiter, and her sun= his Venus/Pluto. Lots of energy centered around the upcoming eclipse axes.

  18. my ascendant sits directly on this star and i have had so many accidents in which i have broken bones and/or dislocated limbs. two broken arms, a broken leg, a dislocated knee, a dislocated shoulder that has re-dislocated over a dozen times, and so many sprained ankles (both) that i have no more attached tendons, ligaments, etc that when i do twist it, the foot gets turned sideways and i have to slide the foot back into correct position. ouch!!!

  19. Thanks so much for your fabulous website. Very informative and in depth.

    Unukalhai is on my venus-Neptune midpoint. How does this stsr affect the midpoint between 2 planets?


  20. The once talented and much blighted English footballer, Paul Gascoigne has Neptune on this star. Neptune is also opposite a conjunction of Varun and Algol. Gascoigne suffers from OCD, is bipolar, has severe alcoholism and has just been admitted to a recovery clinic in the US. Transiting Sedna is 2 degrees off Algol. Gascoigne developed OCD in his childhood after seeing a friend killed by a car – which he blamed himself for. He then witnessed his father have several life threatening seizures and developed a nervous tick alongside the OCD. Other deaths impacted on him in his teens. He has been in therapy of some sort or another since he was 10. He’s also clever, very funny and perhaps inured to his ability to self decieve.
    At age 45 he is now a shambling wreck, a shadow of the talented sportsman he once was several commentators are saying he won’t last very long.

  21. My DSC lays there. Well, my family was not a bohemian one. But there were a lot of secrets running in the collective subconscious and our inconscious issues seemed heavy. Politics runned under the vivacious aspect we all gave to the world.

    Yes! I don´t know, Marina, if you would be kind enough to review that transiting Sedna through Algol. In my Reading , by july, there would be something big happening, and I don´t know if there is when Sedna will be transiting through Algol (I will check!).

    Maybe of use…



  22. so, I have pluto in 22 degrees scorpio, would this be considered an influence or not seeing as there are no descriptions of the hypothetical pluto placement?
    I really hope it doesn’t count, cause this star seems so terrible to have.
    Although my pluto was 22,5 degrees, and unukalhai was 21,2 degrees.
    but what is your opinion on pluto under this star, if it were to be consider :-P?

  23. Conjunct my
    Moon, Uranus, and Ascendant,
    which are all three – in Scorpio as well.

  24. Wow fascinating as always. I have mercury there on the 6th. I can sing anything and imitate nearly any type of voice. Also have poor health related to throat-thyroid!

  25. I have Lilith there, 22º Scorpio conjunt Kaali 24º
    What could mean these 2 dark feminine forces conjunct Unukalhai?

  26. My vertex sits at exactly 22 degrees of Scorpio … And I could relate to most of this post… What role does the vertex play in someone’s chart? What can this 22 degree Scorpio vertex mean ?

  27. My ac at 20 degrees/solar eclispe conjunct my jupiter/north node & then neptune. Fortunately I have taken the high road & have been experiencing some amazing shifts in consciousness/ exorcising some very old karmic debts & feeling it fully/ economic luck/ interesting to note Grand Square on birthdate this year 4.23-/solar eclipse opp sun and that square-what does it all mean?

  28. “Not sure about “jealous of own sex”, seems more like feminism to me.”

    Did you write this before you saw Feminism for what it is?

  29. I have Unukalhai on the ascendant and I love it – soooooo damn sexy! It’s like tuning in to the power of ones spiritual femininity, loving being a woman (think like the hypnotic energy of belly dancing) , sensual but not slutty.

  30. Venus on Serpentis here, exactly opposite Black Moon Lilith in Taurus. Savage, raw, wild, untamed, free, connected to earth, moon and universal feminine. Proud to be a woman.

  31. I have mars, mercury and pluto conjunct on unukalhai (something like 21 to 24 degrees, with mars on 22 degrees) and people say that i do have a sort of bizarre singing voice, a lot more feminine than my speaking voice, which is lower, also considering that i’m male and i can reach to female range easily without using my head voice. I sing in some bands and by myself too actually, i’m a musician (maybe being a pisces asc makes for that too) … Anyway enough about music, this was a very interesting correlation. I’m already a scorpio sun, so i don’t feel like a stranger to a lot what is said in this article, i swing in between extremes a lot in my personal and love life. Needless to say handling my emotions, which i seem to be foolishly led all the time for good and bad leading again to extreme situations.
    Oh yeah, and ironically enough Jeff Buckley is like a music god to me of sorts, like… really, so it feels good to have at least something in common to him. Not to say that i’m that good at singing as he was, but anyway, i feel amused by that right now.

  32. Maria I suggest you add two other celebrities are Jean Seberg (very tragic life) and Linda Christian,they are both femme fatales born on 13th November with deadly beautiful appearance and both had at least around 20 affairs.It’s also my old sweetheart’s birthday. She is very attractive and sensual, captivate everyone’s souls at the first sight Lol. For a long time I have just thought about her as the typical scorpio now I know she is even so much more than the typical. She has 5 Scorpios in natal with supreme feminine number as 13, 33, 55 and an interesting gematria codes. As a Leo I hope she is still ignorant with your work because she has been always dangerous enough. We had good memories but long time talkless . I always feel curious to see what happen in her adventures.

  33. How does one find this information? Stars in our chart. Only had natal done. Is this asteroid astrology?

  34. For the first time in a long time, Pluto was at Unukalhai in about January 2004. Can we hope for an interpretation for that one day, Marina? Or would it be too salty for 14-year-olds?

  35. My Pluto is also within these degrees. Could you add your interpretation of this planet aa well please? I feel like the music I create is much like that of the snake charmer, as I was born at the tail end of 1989. I am also the year of the snake in the Chinese Zodiac, and my Sun, Mars, Pluto, and Black Moon Lilith are all in Scorpio.

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