Jupiter in Scorpio ~ Revelations


Jupiter travels through the sign of Scorpio from October 11 2017 to November 8 2018. The great benefic is usually resident in a sign for a year and during that time will also go retrograde.

Generally Jupiter expands and amplifies the energies of the house it occupies or the planet it aspects, usually this is in a positive manner. We get especially excited when Jupiter is in our Sun or rising Sign as it is supposed to confer fortune, health and happiness for that year. Jupiter can sometimes signify meeting a long-term, romantic partner or job promotion if it falls in H7 or H10 respectively. For this post I will look at how Jupiter will effect the collective through the lens of Scorpio and its decans. My 2018 Horoscopes show how Jupiter in Scorpio will effect you personally.

Jupiter Scorpio Decan 1

Oct 11 to Nov 25 (2017)

There are no specific meanings for Jupiter on any of the stars, but the constellation of the crucifix falls mainly in this decan. This is a double spiritual influence then as Jupiter is associated with religions and gods. Jupiter scoots through this decan quite fast since it does not go retrograde here. Teen idol River Phoenix had Jupiter in Scorpio decan 1 in his first house so he embodies this energy very well. He died of a drug overdose in the middle of filming ‘Dark Blood’. Interestingly like Megan McGowan parents, Phoenix’s parents were also missionaries for the Children of God. River has stated that he had lost his virginity at the age of 4 while in this vile cult.

No doubt we shall see even more revelations of child abuse within religious institutions or new age cults while Jupiter is in Scorpio, particularly while it touches any of the stars in Crux. (There are some crucifix stars in early decan 2 also.). You can see there are some pretty dark characters in the list below. Austin Coppock calls this decan ‘A Jaw Bone’ and says this is a hungry position for Jupiter. The gas giant has little power here but possesses a “ravenous appetite not only for pleasure, but for wisdom and learning as well” [1] So there is potential for spiritual growth here, but probably as a consequence of facing the dark truth of those we put up on pedestals.

JUPITER IN SCORPIO 1 NATIVES: Charles Manson, Aleister Crowley, Al Capone, Alfred Hitchcock, Prince William, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, Melania Trump, Uma Thurman, Matt Damon, Sharon Stone, Rachel Weisz, Kirsten Dunst, Susan Saradon, Ellen DeGeneres, Andrea Bocceli, Jay Kay, Billie Piper, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Ernest Hemingway, Deepak Chopra, Carl Sagan, Helen Fielding, Charlotte Bronte, Vladimir Nabokov, Georges Pompidou, France.


Jupiter Scorpio Decan 2

Nov 26 (2017) to Jan 20 (2018) ~ Retrograde Apr 26 to Jul 10 ~ Jul 11 to Sep 18

Alphecca 12º “Honor and dignity, artistic ability, benefit through ecclesiastical matters, favorable for material gain.”
Zuben Elgenubi 15º “Hypocrisy, deceit, dishonesty, pretended religious zeal for business purposes, danger of imprisonment.”
Zubenelschemali 19º “Philosophical mind, ecclesiastical or legal preferment, able writer or speaker, influential friends.”

Jupiter In ScorpioIn Scorpio decan 2 resides the Zodiac’s James Bonds. This is the zone of spies, femme fatales, spellbinders, game players, depth psychologists and occultists. The scales of sidereal Libra fall in this section so Jupiter will have to make sure it does not get too greedy as there will always be a payback. Think of the Egyptian goddess Maat who weighed the hearts of the dead. Those who act with integrity and don’t sell out their art will do well here. Beware of anyone who acts too holy! You can see the potential of New Age snake-oil salesmen to make a lot of money while there is so much fear in the collective.

Cult leaders and Gurus will be out in force during Jupiter’s longer stay in this decan. There will be genuine visionaries too though, so don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. It’s easy to dismiss all mystics if you have been badly deceived and ripped off by one dark angel. Austin Coppock says of Scorpio Decan 2 that it “Enables great partnerships for spiritual learning and mutual enrichment.” [2] If Jupiter touches personal points or angles while here, you could meet a genuine teacher/mystic from whom you gain great wisdom. You could also meet your spiritual love-match too and use that balanced yin/yang synergy to heal others.

JUPITER IN SCORPIO 2 NATIVES: Nero, Ronald Reagan, Henry Kissinger, Arnold Schwarzenegger, O.J Simpson, Steven Speilberg, Marina Abramovic, Josef Mengele,Terence McKenna, Pakistan, India, 14th Dalai Lama, Salman Rushdie, Ron Lafayette Hubbard, Uri Gellar, Bettie Page, Justin Bieber, Elvis Presley, Harry Styles, Brian May, Carlos Santana, Marianne Faithfull, Ethan Hawke, Jamie Lee Curtis, Charlton Heston, Jean Harlow, Donald Sutherland, Judy Dench, Megyn Kelly, Maggie Smith, Leo Tolstoy, Tchaikovsky, Gianni Versace, Antonio Gaudi, Edvard Munch, Rocky Marciano.

Jupiter Scorpio Decan 3

Jan 21 to Mar 8 ~ Retrograde Mar 9 to Apr 25 ~ Sep 19 to Nov 7

Unukalhai 22º “Hypocrisy, deceit, banishment, imprisonment or exile.”
Agena 24º “Intellectual success, legal and Church authority, professional honor.”
Toliman 29º “Great ecclesiastical or legal honor and preferment, ritualistic tendencies, success in foreign countries, favorable for gain.”

This decan of Scorpio functions at the most primal level and has very strong survival instincts. I called this decan Forest Lurkers & Karma Chameleons. This is a pack animal so it is motivated to protect the future of their breed. Jupiter here will amplify devoted parents and proud tribe leaders. Nature is not all pretty flowers and can be savage. A herd may have to sacrifice one of its weakest in order to appease a predator. A few scapegoats will be figuratively thrown under the bus while Jupiter is in this decan. We may have to be cruel to be kind too. This is a period of whistle blowers and revelations. Julian Assange has his Jupiter return during this time, so it will be interesting to see what happens to him. Jupiter is the law, so maybe he finds a way to be free without facing arrest.

Jupiter In ScorpioJupiter has some power in this decan so has some element of protection. Austin Coppock calls this decan ‘The Crow’ which adds a scavenger and opportunist side. It is interesting the amount of songbirds in the list below, though the Crow can hardly be thought of as having a pleasant voice! Instead maybe this is about vocalizing the shadowy sides of human nature. Austin Coppock says of Jupiter here that it grants bravery “to its natives, who romp through the debauched halls and filthy sewers with nary a strain….the natives are often capable of accepting truths about themselves and others that most shrink from.” [3] It is interesting that Kevin Spacey has this aspect as he is currently in the news (Nov 1) for debauchery in his past and having grown up with a very toxic father. Spacey’s Jupiter is on poisonous Unukalhai in the snake.

Jupiter will be at its most scandalous during this last phase of its passage through Scorpio. Sexual revelations will peak and the most gruesome secrets of the ‘gods’ shall be exposed. There could be an avalanche of whistle blowers at this time. This apparent ‘outing’ may be a cynical survival reaction however, where people stab each other in the back to make a quick buck, before their cash cow sinks!

JUPITER SCORPIO 3 NATIVES: Julian Assange (Conjunct Ascendant.), Mata Hari, David Bowie, Elton John, Marc Bolan, Morrissey, Luciano Pavarotti, Julie Andrews, Sade, Iggy Pop, Pete Burns, Suzanne Vega, Missy Elliott, Mary J Blige, Nicki Minaj, Tupac, Patti Smith, Anne Hathaway, Glenn Close, Stephen King, Kevin Spacey, Hugh Laurie, Farrah Fawcett, David Letterman, Humphrey Bogart, Claude Monet, Auguste Rodin, Magic Johnson, Pete Sampras, Los Angeles, Turkey, Mitt Romney, Mike Pence.

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Image Reference. Pandora by John William Waterhouse. 1896

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