Asteroid Europa


Asteroid Europa 52 is the 7th largest of the main belt asteroids and takes approximately 5 and a half years to orbit the Sun. Europa is of low density and hugely porous which as you will see goes quite well with her waterside mythology. The continent of Europe takes its name from her myth, there are sculptures of her outside the EU Parliament building in Strasbourg and the European Council building. Europa is also depicted on the Euro. In mythology, Europa was gathering flowers by the sea where she was spied upon by Zeus who instantly feel in love with her.

Zeus (Jupiter) transformed himself into a magnificent white Bull. This gentle creature delighted Europa, he bowed down to her while she decorated him with flowers. Intoxicated by the scent of the blooms and hypnotized by the lapping of the sea she felt compelled to jump on his back.

Zeus had his prize, he did not use force like Pluto did with his abduction of Persephone, instead, he used a very feminine way to woo the object of his desire. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the mistress of seduction, all the bull had to do was lie down, fey submission and look pretty. The victorious Zeus leaped back over the water with a smitten Europa in tow, revealed his true identity and then made her Queen of Crete.

Asteroid Europa Discovery Chart

Hermann Goldschmidt in Paris discovered asteroid Europa on February 4, 1858. [1] I love how Jupiter and his brother (another abductor) are both in tropical Taurus tying in nicely with the myth. The Sun square Mars suggests needing to fight against obstacles placed in her life, but she has a problem expressing anger with Saturn opposing Mercury.

The Sun is on the placid star in the crane “A retiring, active, proud, watchful, kind, idealistic and devoted nature, with a liking for astronomy.” [2] while Mars is on Zuben Elgenubi in the unlucky southern scale of Libra “ Bitter quarrels, entailing bloodshed or death.” [3]

So far I think Europa seems to be about passive aggression and the inability to be pro-active in her life. Europa would much rather be swept off her feet, that way if things go wrong she does not have to take responsibility for it. Mars is square Chiron also which suggests more suppressing of anger resulting in depression, lethargy and lack of motivation, again this show’s Europa’s lack of self-motivation and pro-activity.

Europa Astrology,

Moon opposite Pluto is a volcanic sexuality brewing under a sensitive and emotional full Moon. A hotbed of passion, this girl longed to be abducted, but maybe has difficulty owning up to her strong libido. Ashamed of raw sex she prefers for it to be wrapped up in romance and candyfloss.

Europe is easily seduced because she has a poetic, dreamy imagination with Mercury sextile Neptune. Mercury on the peacock has beautiful thoughts and impressed by Zeus’s promises, with a high flying Neptune on Markab in Pegasus, is just too damn easy for her to be swept away to some Utopia.

Europa’s myth is just so Venusian, so what of Venus in the chart? Heavily aspected of course. First Venus is square Jupiter her abductor and also square Mars, so she is not comfortable with the masculine, conquering principle one bit. No wonder Jupiter had to become a great big girlie bull for her. Europa is much happier with the ladies. Venus is sextile a Lilith/Ceres conjunction. Powerful lunar/priestess energy.

Venus sextile Lilith gives Europa that special star quality that demands she is worshipped. There will be the feeling though that world owes her a living. Ceres sextile Venus will bring the need for love to be shown in the form of a tangible gifts, which could give her the reputation of a gold digger. She has a powerful witch energy too though under all the flowers and glitz. Lilith is on Antares, which is very apt since it means Anti-Aries. Which of course Venus ruled Taurus would be. In the chart the Asteroid Europa is at 8º Virgo 34’ her closest aspect is a trine to Jupiter. Aaah!

Asteroid Europa Astrology

Asteroid Europa Astrology,

Europa in the birth chart shows were we easily fall for seduction, beauty, glitter and glamour. It’s where were are most likely to be couch potatoes in our life and expect people to come to us. The house it falls in will be where we cannot bear conflict and will avoid rocking the boat if we possibly can. It is where we have a need to view everything in rose-tinted glasses.

It’s not all so indolent and indulgent, however. In our birth chart, Europa shows us where things come easily. She represents the style of artistic expression, which comes naturally to us. Eg: If Europa is conjunct Pluto in the 8th, then it will be obviously a very gothic style with lots of hidden meanings. In synastry, it will show where you are vulnerable to your partner whisking you away without question and conversely where their soppy weak spot is with you!

2 & 3. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923. p 46, p 205

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