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Amy & Blake Synastry

amy blake synastry

Amy Winehouse and her ex-husband Blake made the headlines with their stormy, toxic relationship. We now have an A rated birth time for Amy, so I can look at the synastry again. Her chart is in this post: Amy Winehouse ~ Dark Angel. I originally wrote this synastry article way back in 2011. I thought it would be a good idea to revisit this post again in the light of knew information I have acquired with regard to so called “Twin Flames” relationship. The most tragic romances seem to fall under the banner of the “twin flame”, “soul mates” or “star-crossed” title. The sub text is true love is supposed to make us suffer! It is quite liberating to find that love really doesn’t have to be the rollercoaster of abuse some couples find themselves trapped in. So looking at this afresh you can see the Angel/Demon dynamics were certainly at play here with transits from Pluto activating Amy’s Moon/Neptune connections. Black Moon Lilith and Chiron were very active through the relationship too.

First a quick look at the important synastry aspects effected by these transits.
Blake’s Black Moon Lilith conjunct Amy’s South Node in her 7th house. So he was her forbidden fruit or possibly even an enemy from a past life. Blakes Chiron square Amy’s Mars/Lilith opposition is a really nasty one, which shows domestic violence, love/hate and also the drug abuse, Chiron is poisons, Lilith forbidden fruit. I now think Lilith here shows demonic possession finding an access point through Chiron childhood wounds. I also found Blake’s birthday so can add the Davison (Relationship) chart now (No time unfortunately).

The Davison Chart

Amy & Blake davison
Davison Chart

Amy & Blake’s Davison chart reveals a Sun conjunct Ceres conjunction on Facies, the ruthless star in the penetrated stare of the archer. Sun conjunct Ceres is just so Persephone! Amy, the middle class, perhaps over-protected Jewish girl, sent to stage school by her doting parents abducted and brought down by the poison arrow (Facies) of the centaur. Ceres also rules opium. Arrows could be heroin’s syringes. Lilith conjunct Venus. Forbidden fruit and triangular relationships, these will be Blake’s ex wife, Amy’s parents, the demon alcohol, drugs, possession… Saturn conjunct Pluto shows self-destruction but the need to break out of being chained to ones desires. This transpersonal aspect is made personal because it is square the Davison Mercury. Amy being the singer, became the voice for the collective’s trauma.

Marriage ~ 18th May 2007

Amy & Blake SynastryAt the time of Amy’s & Blake’s marriage, Pluto was conjunct Amy’s Moon, it would retrograde between her Moon and Neptune for most of their relationship, finally crossing it at their divorce. Pluto in hard aspect to the Moon is probably the most difficult transit one can have in a lifetime. Amy’s Moon is trine Blake’s Sun. So while she was getting this difficult square Blake was experiencing Pluto trine his Sun, which was empowering for him. In a healthy relationship he could’ve helped Amy through this difficult transit. Unfortunately since he was also embedded in the drugs underworld, it is most likely that the demon between them was vamping off Amy through Blake. While Blake was getting strong and feeding off Amy’s fame and adoration, Amy instead was just getting weakened by it.

At the time of Amy’s & Blakes’ Marriage, Pluto is blood-sucking Amy’s very sensitive, surrendering and self-sacrificing Neptune Moon. Amy lost so much weight over this time too. Blake became her Plutonic muse for the mournful, soulful love songs that made her the biggest selling female artist of the 21st century so far. The song writing was probably cathartic for her initially, but in the end, if we believe in such things as energy vampires. Just think how much juice it would get out of that album! How many of her fans were also going through the same “Dark Cupid” relationships singing along to “Black To Black” with a joint in one hand and a large glass of Pinot Noir in the other?… Transits to the Davison: Venus conjunct Davison Moon (18’) Cupid strikes, Chiron conjunct Davison Mars (37’) Wounding! Pluto conjunct Davison Neptune (44’). Demon merges with Angel.

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  • Boff Jozes

    Marina, nice article! Sounds very spot-on for that toxic relationship which, as we know by now, has resulted in Amy Winehouse losing her life. You were suggesting Blake might have been an enemy in a former life – this looks entirely possible. I looks like karma was playing out itself and two human beings miserably failed. You can’t even really say it was Blake’s fault. They simply should never have gotten into this close a relationship, ever.

    Could you please add those new birthdata for Blake? It would be very helpful. Or you might think of leaving them at astro.com. Thank you!

  • Boff Jozes

    Transits on the day of the ‘bloody fight’:

    “Neptune opposite Mars can indicate addictive behavior, conjunct Amy’s Black Moon Lilith just makes it worse. (…). Venus on Amy’s difficult Mars, a lovers tiff that went horribly wrong.”

    She already had Neptune square Mars in her natal chart, and Venus conjunct Mars, which make this all the more significant…