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Your Taurus 2022 horoscope brings to an end the massive emphasis on your career resulting from both Saturn and Jupiter lighting up your 10th house of ambition. They have left Pluto behind in your zone of higher learning and travel. Frustration is not the word with all the travel restrictions over the last few years. 

Taurus 2022 Year Ahead

It’s impressive that you have managed to do any international business at all. But of course, it has been possible because of Uranus in Taurus and the internet! You have become super tech-savvy with so many outer planets in your angular houses.

Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 and will enter Aquarius and your 10th house in January 2024. So you are coming to the end of a significant renovation in your career zone. 

It will hopefully bring to an end any Pluto weirdness with foreign relationships. At times you have felt entirely ‘abducted’ by teachers or gurus in places of higher education.

Venus in Capricorn

Venus will Retrograde your 9th House fromDecember 19 2021 to January 29 2022. Venus will be in Capricorn until March 5th. We have a very Dark Cupid type of Venus Retrograde where she slows down and switches direction while in the grips of lecherous Pluto. Shades of Persephone here, I think.  So this Venus retrograde will be stained by Pluto right from the very start. 

SEED MOMENT! Sun Conjunct Venus at 18º Capricorn (January 8 2022.)

It is also unusual because Venus will meet Mars twice. The first conjunction will happen in your house of foreigners, travel and higher education. It is in these areas where the romantic Venus conjunction Mars can weave its magic. 

So meeting a long lost love in a faraway land is the most fairytale manifestation of Venus retrograde in your travel zone. Most of all, this transit can transport you back into ancient times, but whether you meet a tall, dark, handsome foreigner is debatable.

TAURUS at Red Bubble

However, you will feel a strong pull towards places where you might have had a romantic connection in the past. You could even stumble across an exotic old flame if other astrological factors support this. Less fantastical options would be taking a trip with a suitcase full of crayons.

A drawing holiday to a past life location would be incredibly inspiring; you might even find yourself sketch out an olden day persona. 

During the first half of this period, from December 18 2021, to January 7, Venus is more harmonious, making travel pleasant and easy-going. Lucifer Venus becomes more daring from January 8 to 29, 2022, so you might feel more adventurous and go off the beaten track. Impulsivity may bring about an unexpected and illuminating peak experience.

SEED MOMENT! Venus Conjunct Mars at 16º Capricorn (February 16 2022)

You might get a late Valentine from someone you met on your travels, or the relationship now becomes more serious!


Wow, this stellium could have you wishing you could move abroad to be with a long-distance lover. It’s a power-packed stellium and more likely to affect you if you have personal planets around 27º Capricorn (Or cardinal signs.) When Venus and Mars hit Pluto, you both could address this long-distance issue. Make or break?

Saturn Challenges In 2022

Unfortunately, Jupiter cannot join with Saturn and bear gifts as he did last year in your career zone. With Jupiter, you were loaded with praise and probably got a pay rise. However now with Saturn solo in your 10th house, that salary hike brings more responsibility. You have shown what you are capable of, so now lets up the game to the next level! You have kids, so how about grandchildren? You have managed one house for rental, so what about a portfolio of properties?

SEED MOMENT! Venus Conjunct Saturn 21º Aquarius (March 28 2022)

Venus conjunct Saturn often triggers a commitment to a long term relationship, so you will have to put some extra hours into the romance if you want it to go the distance. Sometimes there is a danger of getting too involved in your career, though, and going mad with ambition. You can afford to rest on your laurels a little while surely? If you are already married, it would be nice to treat your family if they have been a great support through the hard times. You all deserve a reward.

SEED MOMENT! Mars conjunct Saturn 22º Aquarius (April 5 2022)

There is, of course, the possibility of massive disappointment if this seed does not bear fruit. In that case, what follows could be a series of ‘told you so’s and not very pleasant karmic paybacks. Take it on the chin, dear one, for the worst you can do here is carry on in denial. It will only degrade matters further as every fault you make is amplified, so you will simply come across as dishonest and untrustworthy. People will respect your honesty and are more likely to give you a second chance if you are willing to learn from your mistakes.

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