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Sir Thomas More was made a saint as recently as 1935. He died a martyr, beheaded by Henry the 8th for refusing to accept him as Defender of the faith. I wanted to look at the chart of an anti-Lilith, but as you will see, his horoscope could equally be one of a powerful witch. Sir Thomas wore a hairsuit and practiced self-flagellation. This abuse wasn’t just reserved for himself, it was said he treated the heretics he prosecuted as Lord chancellor with even worst violence.

Anti-Catholic commentator at the time John Foxe claimed Saint Thomas, often used torture while interrogating prisoners. Today Sir Thomas More would be classed as a religious fanatic. But it wasn’t always that way, in his twenties young Tom was a complex and highly intelligent man.

He was very much a Lilithian free thinker, in his book “Utopia”, (He coined the term) divorce was permissible and you could follow any religion you liked. The church must have got to him at some stage. 10 years later he was a different man, devoted to the Catholicism. Let’s refresh ourselves at just how insane the beliefs he followed were at this time.

The Inquisitors who wrote the Malleus Maleficarum , explained that women are more likely to become witches than men: Because the female sex is more concerned with things of the flesh than men;‘ because being formed from a man’s rib, they are only ‘imperfect animals’ and ‘crooked’ whereas man belongs to a privileged sex from whose midst Christ emerged.” Helen Ellerbe.

His chart shows Lilith sextile Mars and square Pluto (04!), so he was a passionate man. Bearing the above quote in mind, it’s no wonder he wore the hairshirt. His self flagellation must’ve been an attempt to exorcise his “sinful” Pluto urges. But of course his Mars/Pluto energy went elsewhere, his obsessional condemnation of heretics was a flaming symbol of his buried rage.

He had a minor grand trine to Hekate from Priapus which is trined Medusa. A fierce cocktail there for someone who is denied full expression of sexuality. Priapus is best known for his over-sized dick and permanent erection. To me it is Patriarchal Saturn, lusty Mars and all powerful Solar God wrapped into one.

And we get that Priapus combined with scary Medusa and Hekate the spellcasting witch!?! The castrating Medusa is Priapus’s worse fear. The two are supposed to be reconciled through the midpoint planet. BUT we get Hekate there which also is the apex of a t square from the Nodes….which even more of a nightmare for Thomas because Hekate is on:

Algol It causes misfortune, violence, decapitation, hanging, electrocution and mob violence, and gives a dogged and violent nature that causes death to the native or others. It is the most evil star in the heavens.

Of course Algol isn’t “Evil” it was painted that way by just this sort of belief system. But it IS Medusa, and to have this theme repeated in this aspect pattern with the Asteroid Medusa plus Hekate is pretty funky. And of course he was beheaded. Maybe this is what happens when you suppress your demons. He obviously had to destroy Hekate to defend himself from Medusa’s castrating stare. What good is Priapus without his large member? What good is organized Religion if you already have the God/Goddess within?

Where can he go for salvation? Priapus is trine crusading God of Gods Jupiter. We all know that Jupiter expands…but does he need an EVEN bigger Priapus?

Moon On Fomalhaut

His Moon is opposed Pluto. Moon opposed Pluto doubles the overpowering of the Dark Lunar Goddess again. However his Moon is on the fixed star Fomalhaut on his IC. One of the four key stars of the heavens (said to be Archangel Gabriel) and gives a clue why he made it to sainthood.  The star is said to give one an immortal name. And this is a mystic’s star. It gives high ideals, vision and metaphysical interests.

This was the mind that wrote “Utopia”. Unfortunately it became dominated by his Pluto at the MC, his position as Lord Chancellor. Politics polluting his spirituality. Power and patriarchy (Quincunx from Saturn-32′) oppressing his natural Pagan roots. The danger of Fomalhaut is that this powerful star will destroy you if you do not use it with purity. If the spiritual ideals become corrupted, then downfall is total. This is clearly what happened to Thomas.

The midpoint of his passionate Lilith sextile Mars is Neptune the Martyr, conjunct Uranus (sudden endings, severing, beheading) in the 12th house of self undoing.

I was pretty indignant that the Catholic church decided he was worthy of sainthood. But really it’s no surprise is it? He was the perfectly loyal slave to his church and was rewarded by a saintly place in heaven. His name immortalized for all time. After seeing his chart I actually felt quite sorry for him, for it is not the “Evil” chart I was expecting to see. He was obviously not a happy man, just a severely disturbed one, having sold his sensitive and truly magical soul to the church.


8 thoughts on “Sir Thomas More – Anti Lilith

  1. My Lilith in Scorpio (2nd) has trine with Mars in 10th and opposition with Venus in 8th (ruler of 8th).
    When I look Chart from Sir Thomas Moore (he is mentioned in one of many books about Henry VIII), I think that my Chart has some similarity with his Chart. Hope, I wont be beheaded like he was.

  2. Hi Jan, I love the sabian symbols on this. Thanks. And God yes Henry is rampant Priapus!

  3. That’s it, isn’t it? He met Priapus as Henry – a personification of what he most feared.

  4. Another fascinating analysis! If you haven’t watched the classic British film “A Man for All Seasons”, I’d really recommend it..

    I could write reams on the Sabian symbols for this chart but I’ll stick with just two, his Ascendant and North Node. I’m astonished there’s a time available – I’d definitely concur with a Sagittarius rising, with religion and deep philosophical questions dominating his life. Just a couple of minutes earlier than 2.30 am gives a rising degree symbol of 5 Sagittarius, “An Owl up in a Tree”, which is paired with 5 Gemini “A radical magazine”. There’s a distinct impression of this man watching events from a distance with a wise old eye and of needing to have sharp vision in times of trouble. There’s also a determination to be radical – that Aquarius Sun – and to be seen to die for beliefs that didn’t “fit” with the prevailing wind. Blain Bovee says of this degree pairing that it signifies “consider difficulties getting ones head round new ideas, neck problems, a wise-owl ease with the responsibilities of liberty, the hierarchies of equality and the dissent of fraternity”.

    North Node is on 19 Leo, “A Houseboat Party” paired with 19 Aquarius (A Forest Fire Quenched”). Sun is closely conjunct the South Node indicating that the sense of self was very strong from past lives. No wonder he was prepared to hang rather than compromise. Blain Bovee’s interpretation of this includes “quick thinking in a potentially dangerous situation, suppressing ones words, passions or beliefs”. “Perhaps one is in a foreign territory with strange gods to whom one feels cool”.

    A devout and apparently ascetic Catholic coming up against the rampant Priapus of Protestant King Henry VIII!

    Thanks for getting me thinking, as always!

  5. @Ann Hiya! Good to meet another Tudor nut:)) Yes I was pretty much obsessed by Anne Boleyn as a child. But I’m gutted there is nothing near a chart for her. They don’t even know the year never mind the day. The synastry of her & Henry would be fantastic to do and how her chart effected the UK and even the Vatican.

    I just found Anne Boleyns time of death! 8am May 19th 1536. I might find a use for that. And of course we do have her most famous daughters chart. Queen Liz 1st.

    There is only a birthday for Catherine of Aragon & Anne of Cleves unfortunately. I really wanted tragic Jane Seymours and naughty girl Catherine Howards!

  6. Yes!! They are the ones that soo appeal to me as well!!! Yeah..I never seemed to come across a birthday for Anne all the books read e tc! And me too since a kid!! lol…marvellous!! 😀

  7. This is so interesting! Have always had a huge interest in these times,Tudors,Henry’s wives(Anne Boleyn bein my fav)and who Henry surrounded himself with in the day…awesome read Marina.Have you ever found charts for said Queens especially Anne Boleyn at all?

  8. Fascinating interpretation Marina, I can’t wait to visit the Tower of London!

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