Queen Elizabeth Death horoscope


What are ‘they’ are trying to tell us with Queen Elizabeth death horoscope announcement chart at 6.32pm September 8 2022. It had Neptune rising which meant the time was wrong. (Which it turns out it was because Solar fire had not adjusted it for British Summer Time) The rest of the video looks at Queen Elizabeth II’s natal chart compared to King Charles III natal chart. What sort of monarch with Charles be?

Harry & Meghan Synastry & Destiny

I recorded Harry & Meghan’s relationship astrology originally back in January 2020 when they first announced they were leaving the royal family. I removed it in late 2020 when I did a huge purge of all my politically sensitive material, but this is so relevant now I think in hindsight. There is STILL the Ceres theme! Harry & Meghan’s Relationship Astrology (Plus weird similarities to Edward 8th & Wallis. I think that Prince Harry’s mission could be to bring down the monarchy in the United Kingdom?

Will Harry Slay The Monarchy?

This video looks at the “Updated Real Queen’s Death Time Chart.” 2.37pm (September 8th 2022) According To Lady Colin Campbell, a royal insider. Also a correction to announcement death chart and Prince Harry’s Yod points at Algol (The beheading star) AND Queen Elizabeth’s IC! What is the future for the monarchy in the UK?