Amy Winehouse ~ Dark Angel

Amy Winehouse was found dead on July 23, 2011 at 3.54 pm, in her London flat. It was confirmed that the cause of death was alcohol poisoning. She was 5 times over the legal limit, which can be fatal. Amy was most well known for her critically acclaimed album “Black To Black” album which was inspired by her rocky and toxic relationship with her ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil. I have revisited and re-wrote this Amy post, as I have done with the Amy/Blake Synastry article, since researching the subject of “Dark Cupid/Twin flame” relationships.

Certain couples can attract a third hyper-dimensional entity, one that latches onto and sometimes succeeds in destroying a genuine love match. Most commonly though, this  entity can set up a very toxic and dramatic relationship, just so it can feed off  the stress and emotional trauma it creates. Drug use can be a perfect gateway by which the demon to enter. Blake admits “ he was responsible for first introducing Amy to heroin, and said he believes the drug was the main factor in causing the singer’s destructive path.” Blake’s Mum claims Blake was Amy’s drug mule. But apart from the drugs, what were the factors in Amy’s chart that made her such a target for this kind of possession?

We all loved Amy so much, mourned her loss and miss the wonderful music she had yet to write. It’s so very easy to blame surviving Blake as being the evil demon who brought our beloved Amy down. But there is more to it than that… Amy’s rising star is Rigel in Orion. This bright blue/white star is majestic in the night sky. Rigel is considered extremely fortunate. “It gives benevolence, honor, riches, happiness, glory, renown and inventive or mechanical ability.” This star can propel someone to a great height very quickly. However this star is also on the foot of Orion, which was stung by a vengeful scorpion.

amy winehouseThis revenge attack happened because Orion the hunter boasted he could bring down any creature on earth, so Gaia sent the humble Scorpion off to teach him a lesson. But all accounts Amy wasn’t really a diva, so I think we can interpret this as an attack on her precocious talent.  Blake could’ve been the vehicle for the Scorpion in Amy’s life. Not only that, Amy’s vulnerable 8th house Moon (conjunct Neptune) was on Acumen, the stinger star in the Scorpion. Acumen “shows up a negative Mars-Moon quality in people who have them poorly aspected (conjunct Neptune IMO), with a tendency towards a morbid outlook, seeing the worst rather than the best in everything. .. well aspected, they can have very sharp minds and a perception well above average as though, they see what we do not, at levels where eyesight does not reach.” Acumen’s venomous sting of course can represent heroin’s syringe, which contributed to Amy’s fall.

Amy WineHouse Horoscope

Amy Winehouse HoroscopeAmy’s natal chart has a good few “Angel/Demon” stars, in her case it’s very obviously an attraction to them. Sabik in Ophuichus on the DC and Neptune in the 7th house of partners/open enemies confirm this. Sabik “causes wastefulness, lost energy, perverted morals, and success in evil deeds.” This could describe her partners. Her Moon conjunct Neptune was sextile the Saturn/Pluto conjunction. Are sextiles so good here? Neptune sextile Pluto has been going on for decades and the base of many a Yod. To me Neptune/Pluto can be propaganda, magic or sorcery, but much depends of the consciousness of the subject. I believe this sextile is active in many “Dark Cupid” relationships and explains the fascination with hyper-dimensions and conspiracy in the age of the internet. This sextile might also be responsible for the New Age movement also.

Amy’s North Node on Bellatrix, the female Warrior star in Orion. Unfortunately she never got the chance, dying to young, to get there. Instead she remained stuck in her Ophuichus South Node on Ras Alhague, tellingly conjunct her DC (the partner.) “making the native especially prone to infectious contamination caused by toxins. People thus influenced are easy going in the use of medical drugs, hallucinatory drugs stimulating foodstuffs, too much good living and overindulgence in tobacco and alcohol.”. Amy’s square to the North Node/AC from her Sun combust Mercury Retrograde shows her struggle to become the strong warrior queen Bellatrix of her North Node destiny.

That Sun/Mercury is obsessive and a perfectionist in Virgo decan 3 who “are prime workers since they are dutiful, self-sacrificial, have fantastic brains. Just what the power elite prey on. You can bet that successful IT companies are stuffed full of Virgo decan 3 drones working their magic, while their Pluto bosses take all the credit and lap up the profit. These sensitive folk anticipate peoples needs so well, like Persephone could not ignore the pleas for help from the dying souls.” Amy was swallowed up and used by the music industry beast also. Amy’s perfectionist Sun conjunction Mercury is on Alkes in Crater the holy grail and yes, like it sounds, it is associated with alcohol and Dionysus..

Sun on Alkes “A person who is a vessel, one who carries something for others. To hold something for others, be it story telling, art, music, insights or visions” [1] But Amy’s stand-out aspect pattern is the extremely Persephone conjunction of Black Moon Lilith and Ceres opposite Venus and Mars. What a magic wand! Lilith opposite Mars is great sexual power too. Black Moon Lilith seems to turn up again and again in hyper-dimensional possession cases. If Amy had come through and resurrected herself from her 8th house Lunar underworld, she could’ve set a great example for young girls caught in similar toxic relationship traps. Lilith/Ceres could’ve been an empowering witch figure, creative, healthy and in touch with the resonance of the earth. Her music could’ve have provided deeper healing, rather than simple catharsis. Still, maybe in a way that’s how it has ended. Her music lives on, it’s just a great shame she lost her life for it.

1. “Star & Planet Combinations” Bernadette Brady. Pg 104.

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  1. Mmmm….you have given Amy the same rising star as me. Well she is good looking. That’s also a very sexy Mars Lilith opposition she has.

    1. How strange that my rectified chart gave her your AC and then this new time gives her my AC. hmmmmm….Something strange going on.

  2. BML didn’t do that to Amy, but the chainsmoking,and the consuming of copious amount of booze and drugs just might’ve!

    Come back Amy and make some more Music, but why oh why the boob job?!

    Here’s to “inappropriate clothing” tho 😉 And I just realized this thing does winks.

  3. I’m happy to see I’m not the only person who dreams these things that alert me to information that may prove to be interesting. I love how you put these things together, especially the fantastic illustrations!

    I’ve just got to wonder though about having BML on my ASC myself (from the 12th house conjunct my ASC ruler) do I wear things that may be, well, “inappropriate” without realising it? I have to wonder!

    In all the time I would look at Amy Winehouse, the only thing which hit my mind was.. “she is only how old?” seeing that she looked so much older and worldly than my over 40 self.. you have to wonder about the youth these days 😉 I don’t think BML in the first house can do that to someone, but then again, who can say?

  4. Fits her very well indeed.
    While I was reading the part about your dream I was thinking: She is too dark and bitter and prone to self destruction to be described through fire signs. So Scorpio and Capricorn fit just perfect and also this loaded 12 house (and 8 house also). But then the Aries part as the woman warrior also.

    You know once I watched several HIM videos in a row on TV and I thought Ville Valo must be Scorpio. Turns out he is Sagittarius but the birth time I found on the Internet gives him Scorpio ASC.

  5. wow what a 12th house. I too like the Capricorn/Scorpio dynamic for her – perfect for someone who called her album “Back to Black”. Think you’ve got her spot on Marina!

    I’ve looked at Chiron – the wound that doesn’t heal – it’s in Gemini, so about communication, believing that what you have to say isn’t worth hearing. Singing, and the constant outbursts, do fit that – singing is a very healing way for her to communicate and the outbursts seem to show over-compensation – you WILL hear what I have to say. The Sabian pairing for Chiron is “The Garden of the Tuilieries” and “Two Men Playing Chess”. This is about “social ideals outside of the law, feeling hemmed in by imposed constraints” (Blain Bovee). The Tuileries Gardens are perfectly manicured and neat – one of the few reminders of the French aristocracy which was wiped out in the revolution. Underlying the beauty, there’s a violent and bloody history.

    The Midheaven symbol is “A Military Band on the March” – perfect for a musician. This speaks of either being in step – perfectly in tune – or being totally out of step, marching to the beat of your own drummer. There can be a horror of having to march in step – to fit in with others’ expectations.

  6. This really works and highlights just how much of a difference rectification makes – dramatic and gorgeous as Amy is, loved reading this post Marina, great riddle solving – had to put her on the sound system while reading and looking at the chart! Got curious about her music…..

    Struck by the Sun+Mercury squ Nodes – how much of a driven self sacrifice on the altar of her creativity in search of her soul’s path, and how public – no wonder she mesmerises with this Scorpio MC (wonder if she drives herself mad!)

    Very much like that shift with Algol on her IC – makes her embody the Lilithian icon, with fiery radical heat in a blue vein (Lilith/Mars+Venus) – she smoulders in the music (love her timing and beats, bursting with edgy quirks, 12th ho Ju/Ur)

    The oppositions of Pluto/Pars Fortuna and Saturn/Chiron suggest the depth and structure of self healing available through her gifts – to me this looks like a soul searcher’s chart – how fitting for such a soulful singer

    It is tragic that, as with so many singers of her calibre and kind (Janis Joplin, Billie Holiday for example), the driving force of Amy’s journey brings such mixed blessings – she touches a raw nerve – just hope she doesn’t burn out…..your dream looks hopeful for her

    1. I looked at her chart again because someone on FAcebook asked if she will pull through and not go the way of Janis et all. Well something I didn’t mention (because I was mainly looking at the stars for rectification) was that she has a Moon/Neptune (which is her drug addiction) in a Yod with Pluto (Obsession) pointing down to her IC which is on Algol.

      I’m sorry to say it really doesnt look good for her if we go by the traditional meaning of Algol with is a violent death.
      Its also of course a very witchy mystic chart so if she does pull through she would be an incredibly powerful human being.

      As you say here “The oppositions of Pluto/Pars Fortuna and Saturn/Chiron suggest the depth and structure of self healing available through her gifts – to me this looks like a soul searcher’s chart – how fitting for such a soulful singer”

      And yes if we go by my dream things do look more hopeful. Come on AMY!! I love her because she is one of the few genuine artists out there in the music world. Its all from the heart and not written by some record executive.
      She had (Before she got scary skinny)her own brand of sex appeal that was so different from the pulp “sexy” that we see on MTV theses days like the Pussycat dolls (Vomit!)

      If she does pull through she will be a great example of overcoming addiction to love (Blake) and drugs.

    2. Marina – Amy’s chart sure draws us in, and, its her birthday today!


      Venus and Mars have been transiting her Saturn Pluto this last little while (just don’t get too wrecked with your man today Amy!) and, of course, the Sun is exact on her Sun today – Moon will transit her SNode early hours this morning, so, go to bed early Amy and get those healing dreams! But, on her birthday? Good ‘eavens, I sound like her Dad…….

      Can’t help wondering if she consults astrologers – you would be a great choice Marina! Would you be up for it??!!…….be a good birthday gift

      Glad that you went back to Amy’s chart and brought out the yod and keys – I too have a sense of uneasiness, keep looking for the upsides in her chart – relationships look so important, so long as she can access/emphasise the ‘high’ side through them (always the elixir) and not be distracted by the devolutionary aspects of her souls path (there is a second yod – Lilith sextile SNode to DS, so with AS at reaction point!) – ironically, I feel Algol may hold a vital key…..

      Algol can be turned for the good, but, only if one confronts its most powerful and challenging lesson, INDIRECTLY, and this is why I think her intimate relationships are paramount. A healing myth…..Algol is on the head of the Medussa in constellation Perseus – Perseus overcame the Medussa by using a reflection of her in his shield to avoid looking directly into her eyes (Medussa’s curse) – he gave the head to Pallas who put it on her shield as a talisman against evil

      In Amy’s chart Pallas is trine Juno which itself is opp Saturn (Chiron is quincux Saturn, which asks the question) – so she naturally has an strong and idealised romanticism that she seeks to see reflected in her partners – they have to be Perseus like, in a protective way; she needs to be behind rather than in-front of their shield – which also means she needs to be able to differentiate herself from her partners, which is the challenge in all close relationships – only then can they avoid reflecting and bringing out her downside (Perseus was also called the ‘corrector of sin’) and avoid pulling her down into her depths (Pluto/IC) and having to look directly into the eyes of her own inner demons – if she can find her Pallas, in herself (to be championed by her Perseus) and her relationships, then the upside of those tricky oppositions (involving the Nodes etc) could be resolved – is her geezer up to it – is she? There is such strong karma playing itself out in her chart. Perhaps, if she can also find Jupiter through Chiron, then Juno (quincunx Jupiter) will respond and Pallas will come in…….

    3. Great interp there. Yes Pallas Athena in connection with the Perseus with Algol. Themes repeating. God! I’d love to know if this time is right though. This chart seems SO right.
      That second Yod is contained in her Mystic rectangle also.

      What a great chart and I had no idea it was her birthday even. I never know what day it is!

      I always wonder if stars look up their “stars”. It must be rather unnerving to be reading such personal psychological discussions from perfect strangers.

    1. I just had someone send me this on facebook:
      Frank C Clifford posted toThe Mountain Astrologer magazine
      Amy Jade Winehouse, R.I.P. Born 14 September 1983, 22:25 GDT, Enfield, London, England. Source: Frank Clifford quotes Winehouse’s mother to a mutual friend of astrologer Margaret Zelinski.

      But she is not listed in astrodatabank and I can’t find this anywhere on the web. The only spooky thing is though that if this is true her AC is conjunct mine by only 23′!! So I think it might well explain my weirdo connection with her. Not checked the transits to it yet though.

  7. it may be AC/27/scorpio with the cluster in 1st. She was under the pressure of nodes reversal, so her usual methods of dealing w/ self, 1st/hs/M/neptune/conq/SN, so trying for the stars, full of intrigue, interest for her audience, could not find it in herself to do a south node reversal of fortunes cause her MO, the great seductive basket of painkillers destroyed her, took her from us, (11/hs/libra/pluto/sextile/to 1st/hs/conq) But Amy with her/ intense drawing in of emotion did something else for us, her last gift, or competition in death, was to knock Norway off the front page.

  8. Well this is just too weird. Your initial rectified time gave Amy the same AC as me. Now this actual birth time from TMA gives Amy the same AC as you!

  9. I have now seen the birth time for Amy Winehouse as being 22.25pm. This was from two sources. One from the London School of Astrology (Facebook) and the other from a person who knows supposedly knows an astrologer who knows her family.

    1. Hi Viki
      Yes, it’s the same source and was checked a few times by me: Amy Jade Winehouse, 14 September 1983, 22:25 GDT, Enfield, London, England. Source: Winehouse’s mother to a mutual friend of astrologer Margaret Zelinski. RR: A.

    2. Thank you SO, SO much Frank. This has been bugging me for a whole year! Much appreciated that you took the time to confirm the time for me.

  10. Amy’s death transits indicate that her death even if it is mourned by her fans and family is actually a sign of release and relief to her. She just had a north node total lunar eclipse in Sag (24 degrees), conjunct (within orb) to her natal Neptune last month. With the natal Neptune eclipsed, the substance abuse and all the emotional pain that she endured with her natal Neptune-Moon, are finally released and finished, allowing her to move on. Also, transiting Mars is conjunct her natal north node, again a symbolism of moving on in her journey, perhaps to a better place.

  11. I think of Amy Winehouse as a Lilith archetype,
    and thus associate her with Marina,
    my Lilith mentor. I wonder what in the chart
    indicates a soul will become an icon..or die young.
    The 8th house comes to mind; but if we put
    the houses aside, what of dying young?
    What a talent, what a voice; Lilith weeps.

  12. Poor Amy had Saturn PLuto conj. Vile. The alchemical image for this is the body of a man stripped naked inside the alembic with the top sealed, the heat turned up under it and a raven pecking away at his guts. No escape. The Nigredo.

    Albedo is one of the four major stages of alchemy; along with nigredo, citrinitas and rubedo. It is a Latinicized term meaning “whiteness” and follows the nigredo stage. Following the harrowing, chaotic nigredo, it is necessary for purification provided by the albedo which is literally referred to as ablutio; the washing away of impurities by aqua vitae.

    Psychologist Carl Jung equated the albedo with unconscious contrasexual soul images; the anima in men and animus in women. It is a phase where insight into shadow projections are realized, and inflated ego and unneeded conceptualizations are removed from the psyche. Amy erroneously looked to her spouse as her saviour form this internal hell when in fact he was the agent of hell.

    She also would have had Neptune by transit opposing her natal Venus and Mars. Having experienced this I can vouch for the highly seductive, toxic soul mate with no upside at all. But you can’t get out. That kind of poison gets so deep into your system, it is other worldly, hence the addiction.

    Amy’s Albedo comes in the form of death which hopefully releases her spirit from this bondage.

  13. Just a small point. The seventh house is really the house of open enemies, those who have confronted or openly opposed you. The twelfth house is the house of secret enemies. Neptune at work…? Still, a very interesting analysis!
    Her chart shows she is having her counter-nodal return, with Mars close by and conjunct Vesta in her Gemini first house, square her ruling Mercury and opposing Neptune. Interestingly Mercury is soon to turn retrograde in tight conjunction with her natal Saturn, the ruler of her eighth house. There are a lot of other horrors at work, too. Look at Ceres, for example.

    1. The house of open enemies – well! That sums up marriage! You find an enemy and marry it, you take it to law and get bound to it, legal bondage! And that’s why we have divorce!
      For pure love and drama we have the fifth and sex in the 8 and I would definitely say the 12th! Its not tradidiotnal but if you think of sex and the mechanic by which karmas can be unleashed, boundaries blurred, old souls reconnected, then the 12th and 8th are the places!
      Going back to the 7th and marriage, as its saturn’s house this maybe explains how everyday we are reading helpful tips on how to keep the magic alive in a marriage! The 7th is also contracts and business partnerships… grooooooaaaaaaaannnnn…. which is what marriages end up as and why so many of us seek out lovers. Sigh.

    2. Thanks Rob, duly noted and corrected. My brain’s scrambled by Mercury right now! (Fillings been removed)
      That Nodal return is real interesting, I wasn’t sure about transiting Nodes but they do indeed seem to be significant. Her South Node on Ras Alhague the snake charmer though, isn’t that just so appropriate for her? The snakey Lilith constellation.

    3. Ras Alhague has some very problematic connotations, especially when afflicted by the south node. Trouble with women, perverted tastes, drugs, poisoning, hallucination, medicines, infections, mystical healing etc.
      BTW the Nodes are VERY IMPORTANT. Don’t be deceived on this. They are the only factor in the chart more powerful than the Sun and the Moon (which they swallow during eclipses). Transiting nodes also have massive effects, especially by conjunction. For example, Nodes crossing the angles of a chart always signify powerful, inexorable changes. They stand for Fate (i.e. events beyond our personal control).

  14. Doomed.
    And how weird her Moon is conj Neptune and her Mum is a pharmacist.
    I did a chart for someone who had Moon conj Neptune who’s mum was a nurse who became addicted to painkillers. She falsified prescriptions and eventually committed suicide.
    I did a chart for someone with Neptune Moon conj who’s mother ran a rehab clinic. My client was an addict.
    I wonder if there’s a toxic “miasm” in this conj which permeates the child?

    1. Sorry – I mean a pharmaceutical miasm rather than toxic… but sort of both.

  15. uberqueenofwands: Amy erroneously looked to her spouse as her saviour form this internal hell when in fact he was the agent of hell.

    Scary…I just looked at her transits for August 2009 when she divorced Blake with this new chart. I’m going to have to rewrite the synastry post now because using precession she had Pluto on her Moon on August the 24th exact. (Divorce was final 20th August) That Neptune you spoke of was opposed her Venus, but even more important Chiron by only 17′. I called it the Triple Guru conjunction (Nep/Chiron/Jup). Maybe that gave her the guts to divorce her fallen “Saviour”.

    Oh god more spooky, her Mean Lilith is only a degree off mine too, mine is conjunct Mars, hers opposite Mars. *Gulp*
    Yes nodding in recognitions of “Highly seductive, toxic soul mate”. Bloody Mars Lilith… But I have Jupiter rising to protect me. Poor Any had her Jupiter on Acrab (Scorpions forehead and psycho star) conjunct volatile Uranus both stuck in the 6th.

  16. Its been a mess.. the news is going nuts as people are on holiday, and the BBC news last night seemed to paint Amy Winehouse up like some kind of saint where as only 3 years earlier they and other media agencies had painted her up like a “talentless junkie”..

    The more things that happen and the more they are reported makes me think, there is in any given case a sort of angle the media must always have.. whether its calling up their old school mates or just making it smoke and mirrors (the BBC for example sited some concert footage where she is not getting any applause) perhaps trying to set her up for suicide? Even if not there is never a letting the information be and letting it show where its going..

    then there is the old 27 thing, Possible Saturn return/Nodal half return thing which we in Astrology always see patterns for.. the media plays games of superstitions and curses..the “sell your soul” thing on occasion, which could work in there two on many grounds.

    Yet she is a close archetypical “Lilith” type (and Gemini asc?) There is stuff about her that reminds me of myself, and it bothers me….. stuff that bothers me when they say things about a person, (the media) who they didn’t even know, but had already made up their minds about long ago..

    Wish she was even stronger than the seductive world that uses people and makes them believe that they are washed up in their 20s… Makes me also think of what I read recently about Sinade O’Conner, about her career is failed, due to being based upon a beauty of her past (only 10 years ago) before she was placed on meds for her so called “manic depression”. (perhaps its the media’s hopeful projection that she is washed up? after all those stories do sell)

    My understanding of the industry is, it uses the media, and the media gets paid either way… and no one within the “industry” likes something to contradict their created image of the artist.. and perhaps this is why so many times when someone wants to change, they are shut out and always on the relapse.

    I will wonder what will come to light, but I will always respect the artist when they are making stances at trying to be themselves and clean up their lives– the industry for me is sinister in practically causing the deaths of many artists-

    This is sadly always a winning game for them… not for the rest of the world who needs more examples of people who are really themselves, the artists who are young and broken seem to continue to be the image of woman (and men) who continue to shine..when someone tries to heal, they are too often forgotten or just die from the alienation, but certainly no one walks away the same.

    Hope she is at some kind of peace in any case.. regardless of what that roller coaster of media has done to her or her image…

  17. re aetrip’s comment ‘and no one within the “industry” likes something to contradict their created image of the artist.. and perhaps this is why so many times when someone wants to change, they are shut out and always on the relapse.’ my 2 cents :D, not just the media, but family, friends, all the people that think about a person in a certain way, box someone up so to speak, make it difficult for a person to be other than what they’ve decided that person is. it’s an energetic truth. this can be especially difficult if you have to carry labels (or live in the box) into adulthood that were given you before maturity. we non-celebrities have the advantage of being able to move, to cut ties with people who won’t let us grow. amy’s neptune conj moon indicates to me a high degree of empathy, perhaps even mistaking other people’s thoughts for her own feelings. you gotta live in a cave if you’re that empathic. however, noticing north node conj asc- she is (was) what she came to be– her birth fulfilled its purpose, everything after that is gravy– so i would suggest along with uberqueen that something’s up with the mother. and i go along with gauri and uberqueen- a successful sojourn. now she really boogies with the best!

    1. Hej Gina!

      You’re right, on a smaller scale its bad enough when people don’t allow people to grow, change and or clean up their lives, and find that place where they find joy, even if its not a very “productive” endeavor to just move on into other areas and find one’s “self”. I believe if one is a cash cow for a number of people, there will be resistance to them changing their style and walking away.. certainly it would be the magnitude of en entire family multiplied by the weight of the world. Bless her and hope that she found that fulfillment in some aspect in her life.

      And I also believe Uberqueen is right about something up with the mother, and the Neptunian influence of drugs.. but because I don’t know the family history, its very difficult for me to comment on that, but if the mother is within the pharmacological industry, it gives more reason of why one would turn that way, the industry and media are ripe with a trust in the pharmacological solution to problems. Its counter action is drugs, drink, and other forms of self medication… two sides to the same coin.

    2. Yes Gina, “something was up with the mother” when she had the big Pluto transit in 2009 on her Moon. She divorced Blake but something else was up. The Moon is food, eating habits. I forgot that you used to be well rounded and buxom on her first album Frank, to change her appearance so drastically. Also I don’t know how she could drink on an empty stomach like that. I think as Lucy says below, it was more about not eating I think.

      Divine Harmony on Facebook made a point about her Neptune being on Galactic center, a black hole, which is isn’t supposed to be very good if your Moons close by. God knows how that would work in a chart, but I guess Amy is an example of how it can work. Maybe you become a living vortex for everyones toxic relationships.

  18. I have one point I found very interesting – and that is that Amy was born with Venus stationing about to go direct, the very next DAY after her birth. Of course, there were tons of chart indicators that show all this other pathology – but Venus Rx, about to go direct – that point in her chart would have likely drawn energy from the rest of her horoscope. An amazing concentration of Venus, both positive and negative. There seems to be some very unusual things happen when you get a planet stationing in a chart. Its something I’m starting to study – and might write about. Eileen

    1. Hi Eileen, I totally agree about stationing planets, they have a really weird power, I haven’t looked at Venus, but I have certainly noticed it with Mercury retro. Great site you have btw, the Titanic is another one of my obsessions. I did come across your site when I was researching it.

    2. Hi Marina,

      I dont see Amy with Gemini rising and seems much more like Sag rising. Do you have confirmation for this at all? Regards, Hassan

      p.s. I find it incredible that you were born on the same date as Amy or was it someone else?

    3. Hej Hassan!

      I take notice that within Astrological situations how sometimes the opposite sign on the ASC can take on the qualities of the sign on the DSC..especially if there is a connection with the ruling planets from ASC to DSC.. but this is my own perception, and probably nothing to do with anything documented within astrology.

      My theory is that sometimes people show aspects of themselves to make themselves more endearing to the “other” so for my understanding is that perhaps that Sagittarius style and outrageousness is not too far removed from the Gemini style.. as opposites in many ways have much of the same energies within them.

      My shallow studying of some people with extremely charming Virgo Ascendants have allot of the Pisces projection of vulnerability.. and when others even speak of them, they speak of someone very romantic and soft. I have always found this interesting knowing certain people in the public eye personally who have this.

      I guess in this observation, we see the ASC as the mask that is projected upon the individual by the public. Its often very different from what the individual is like to those who know them privately.


    4. Yes, I agree. With Sag DC, people think I’m sag rising. I dress pretty flamboyantly and appear fiery, but that could be my Jupiter rising. My sister is a mirror of me with Sag rising/ Gemini DC, but with strangers she is the most chatty. I would say she is more conservative as a dresser than me. I was always the more boho and “punky”.

    5. Exactly besides the qualities of Sag and Gemini being similar (although opposites and different) both are Mutable signs, both are perceived as “Yang” like in energies (being Air/Fire)and in theory, every opposite carries the seed of the other.. a quality it can either admire and utilize or completely deny existence of.

      The example of your sister is interesting- very concrete evidence!

      I also get the impression that our DSC represents also what we believe others may expect from us.. as though its collective anticipation.

      For me with Priapus residing in Sag, it may even be a stronger form of conformity- to project myself as more outgoing than I really am, (Gemini/Mercury 12th house)(although people who have an earlier ASC in Gemini may get a much more interesting impression of me from the back stage, so to speak..)

      As a sun sign Cancerian, most people never even thought of me as one, even in the early days, everyone would always say “Aquarius” first off.. (is it my Uranus square ASC?) the next one would be Sag and the final one would be Scorpio.

      One with Jupiter on the ASC ruler of the DSC has an interesting dynamic about anticipating what the public would want.. and trying to provide it… image wise, as a performer or as you present yourself. Its a possible painful awareness about how others see you.. but being its Jupiter, it is obviously philosophical and playful..

      That director friend from Milan who has an Aquarius ASC has the ASC ruler in his 7th house conjunct BML and Regulus.. he is intensely very aware of how the public perceives his work..and seems to think at light speed (and then becomes bored with) how others may see things.. he has an uncanny ability to really know what people are thinking and what they may want, but its like lightening speed he does it, so much he doesn’t even know.

      ah but his DSC ruler in the 10th…conjunct Mercury…

  19. it may not be she drank so much but ate so little and died alone, least we forget sun virgo, mercury

  20. I was not that much into astrology until I knew about Amy who was born the same day the same year as me, just in different continents & different hours. We have bit different natal charts which mean different final destinies, of course. Nevertheless I have many same planetary positions as her, just a little bit twisted in the chart. I have Neptune square Sun just as her which I hate. But I don’t get lost in fantasies or stuff like that. I think that was part of what got her into heavy drinking/substance abuse. Hope that never happens to me =0

    1. “Neptune square Sun just as her which I hate”
      Patti, when you look at an aspect, see the ruling planet e.g. a Sun sq Neptune is like Sun in Pisces! This is something to cherish as it makes one so much more creative and humanitarian except they may be a bit confused about their goals unless they are in a creative or saving profession.

      I would suggest taking up salsa dancing as a hobby as the man has to take the lead as you like strong personalities. You must have gone through a very stressful period also with Saturn, Uranus and Pluto adversely touching off your Mercury. You do have a very good chart for an astrologer except that you might justify things too much.

      I am born with a double grand trine in Fire linking Pluto and Mercury and Pluto and Moon which I feel allows me to understand the divine truth both at a conscious level and the subconscious level. My Mercury sextile Neptune helps me outsmart the crooks without being one!

      I would be interested in how you were able to offset and sublimate your stressful time.

      I was wondering if you would like to do a show on Radio or TV where we talk about your chart and how you were able to sublimate it in different ways.

      Regards HJ

    2. “My Mercury sextile Neptune helps me outsmart the crooks without being one!”
      Useful, good to know. Thanks Hassan. I have it as part of a Yod.

    1. Hi, Here is my article on Amy Winehouse”
      I find it really interesting that you are an astrological twin of Amy Winehouse. You seem to look like here as well if that is your pic with your little pet? I would be very much interested in getting some milestones from you as I am doing a lot of research in twins. Amazing that you went through some very difficult transits the last four years yet were able to keep away from escapist tendencies.

    2. sorry didnt realize the pic would turn up so big but couldnt edit it after once it was posted. You can delete it if you want (the pic not the comment!).

      I would be most interested in finding out the time of birth of Patti to see how the major planets transits affected her. It is all a matter of how you offset your themes. I think Patti may have Moon in Sag with will make it in the same sign as Jupiter and a very different interpretation that Mon in Cap conj Neptune. Regards to you all, HJ

    3. Hi Hassan, I’m not sure I would really qualify as her twin though, I did someones chart the other day who had the same ascendant and the same year as me, so she had the same Pluto/Uranus squ AC. Quite strange to do.

      With Amy we do share some interesting synastry. As well as the AC our Liliths are conjunct, my Mars opp her Venus. Her Chiron on my North Node…. I wasn’t quite a saint in those years, I did some escaping, but more Lighthouse, than Winehouse!

      I read your article with interest, liked the transit part particularly, but don’t you mean Tr Pluto CONJUNCT Moon? I think we all share a certain Middle Eastern ancestry. My grandfather was from Persia. I like your Arabian themed site!

      Now here’s someone who really looks like Miss Winehouse. My Mother circa 1960.

    4. Quite incredible and your mom is beautiful. I am also Persian from my mothers’ side but she passed away when I was born that is why I got into astrology! I am also an engineer by profession.

      What time were you born and which city? This is very important as I am writing about this that how it is important to understand one’s themes and how to offset them properly. My chart is like a drug addict and yet I have never taken a drop of alcohol or drugs or anything in my life. However, every thing I do is in obsession! My art, my music, astrology etc.

      I don’t believe in progressions at all and have never found any event which I cannot justify using only transits. However, I do recommend wider orbs rather then going to progressions etc. You will never find exact aspects and two identical people can have the aspect but use their free choice differently.

      Send me your contact info at my email if you can as I would like to send you my latest report and see how it works out. You can get the info from my website. Regards, Hassan

    5. Hi Hassan,
      I thought your article on Amy was brilliant. It made me weep as I know what she went through in many respects.
      I have Jupiter, Moon,Venus, Sun, Mars! Pluto in a stellium within 13-26 degrees of Leo in the 12 th. I have Mercury in Virgo conj my Virgo asc. Saturn is in Scorpio square the stellium and Neptune in Libra is sextile. Uranus in Cancer is sextile Neptune.
      The transit of Neptune opp the stellium brought me an addictive love affair which practically destroyed me on every level. I can completely understand the level of heartbreak and the depression of Amy, the self criticism, the insecurity, not wanting to be seen out when you feel so scarred, the plunge into the black moods of Saturn (in my case square everything) and in fact all the things you describe.
      Back in the 80s I had the transit of Saturn opp and Pluto square to my entire stellium. I survived it. Then came the opposition of Uranus to the stellium while Neptune followed, or I should say, crept up behind.
      My anchor came via Jungian analysis, alchemy, astrology, writing, meditation and solitude. I have a deep empathy of people going through what I now call initiations. I.e the big transits of the outer planets.
      Poor Amy got what I had in a sequence all at once, more or less.
      I too have noticed many people with the three stages of the big transits giving up the ghost. But in the alchemical sense, the Nigredo or dark night of the soul, is followed by the Albedo or whitening or enlightening. Now enlightenment can come as a shock and a shock to the body and soul. The shock may be to volt you and jolt you out of the tunnel and into the light of the next life. The light arrives and the vessel shatters.
      I totally agree with your method of wider orbs as I have both experienced and seen it working. I see the wide orb starting with the planting of the seed or the first waves of the influence in an outer layer of the person. So perhaps taking effect in the astral first then amplifying into the etheric then finally the physical when the orb is tight. This bears out in the dreams people have as a major transit begins.
      Of course transits of Pluto bring dark dreams, Neptune dreamy dreams and so on as the archetypes start to impress. Marie Louise Von Franz wrote a wonderful book on Dreams of Death and the Dying.
      Regards progressions, what I noticed with my own is that it seemed to manifest in interacting with a lot of people who had the sign where the progressions were/are in my own chart. This works for me because of the stellium.
      I am finding now, through Marina and Jamie’s work that the fixed stars increase my understanding of my own chart. They fine tune it. Thus I have more ingredients to throw into my alembic in the pursuit of gold!

      Finally, with poor, lovely talented Amy I think the three initiations or crosses are too much tontake on in such a young person, a deeply sensitive person, and in the public eye. I watched her last performance where she was drunk and disorientated and what showed was the heartbreak. I can really get it because it happened to me and it is soul destroying to the point you cannot comprehend why god would create such a state to inhabit. And there is the challenge.

  21. Marina it’s so poignant that you didn’t think she would make it when you first posted this in September because of her possible IC on Algol at apex of that moon/Pluto yod.And here we are, it’s such a tragedy. Now you have the right time of birth there’s still a yod to Chiron and, as you say, Algol is in there…how significant do you think this is?

    1. Ah, When i say “Algol is in there”, I meant that I was feeling the Medusa archetype strong in her which is why I thought Algol could be on the IC, but knowing the time exactly we can now consider the Sun/Moon midpoint and it is conjunct Medusa (49′). That’s what I meant by the same theme repeating.

  22. Marina, I posted this message to an incorrect subject so will repeat it here. It is my understanding that when natal Saturn completes its first circuit of one’s chart, arriving at birth position at age 27, it means that there will be a major life change. I noticed that Amy’s Saturn on her 27th birthday September 14, 2010 was approaching its natal position, and when she died July 23, 2011 it was only ten months later. Her death chart shows Saturn only 20 degrees away from conjunction with birth position. If you don’t mind, I would really appreciate your comments on this. Thank you.

    1. Hi Pattylu, The Saturn cycle is 29.4 years, but with retrogrades and all it can be felt between age 28-30. It is a life threshold. Amy would’ve had her’s in Oct 2012, so yes the drugs and drink probably brought it on early. I still don’t understand the 27 club, because really , that is not a true Saturn return. Maybe the dangerzone is a year leading up to it. Maybe once you make it through the door you are safe!I do think that with Saturn transits, they are worst before they are exact, like a wall infront of you, you need climb over, once over you can lean on it for support.
      Maybe at 27, the wall seems huge and insurmountable, but as you get closer you can start to peak over the top.

  23. Amy’s Progressed Moon was BLACK (yeah!) in February 2006 around 12deg’s Libra when ‘B-to-B’ would be in its final production stages. When I moved to Atlanta in 2007 that album was part of the atmosphere (the featured local Dap Band helped). I was under a dark cloud of credit debt, separated/divorced from a long-time partner, mis-understood by my family (that will never change), and very lonely. I truly identify with Amy (and she reminds me of my “outerborough”-feisty Brooklyn-ite ex-wife–why men love bitches!). I’m debt-clear now (back to black), but I’m crushed at the karmic cost. I know I’ll be channeling her.
    You are mourned
    You are missed
    You are Forever Loved

    1. Hi Vallin,
      I find progressions are very distracting and you will find much more meaning if you spend the same time using transits with slightly wider orbs if you have to. Instead of looking at the 27th day of a person’s birth to see what will happen when she is 27, I would rather look at the actual transits when she is 27!

      The theory is very shaky ad is based on one year in the womb minus the period of gestation being approx 84 days which corresponds to the approx years of human life outside the womb! They use the Biblical quote We have given thee a day for a year, to form this theory!

      Amy was getting some very difficult aspects from Saturn, Uranus and Pluto to her Sun and Mercury/Neptune square while simultaneously having Neptune oppose her Venus and Mars (sorrow in love and addictions). She also went through a Saturn sq Moon last year till this April which triggers a lot of depression. Uranus touched off her Moon this year so it became like a manic depressive aspect. Pluto also touched off her Moon making her want to completely re-evaluate her habits etc. Not to mention, Uranus and Pluto touching off her Moon in Capricorn right now indicates the upheavals her family is going through right now and will for some time still.

      Basic transits are so revealing and if anything, I would use a bit of asteroids also.

    2. yeah, vallin love is expensive, it seems w/ her leo/mars/venus/conq to be the case….one wonders who gets the house…any channeling on the inheritance front?

      I felt things start to go sour around 04, security etc and went somewhat healthy and was until a dental emergency I recover from. (a couple of stiches where a painful tooth was, anti-biotics etc) I ‘forwarded’ a special request for help and it came true in detail, (the office, appearence and location, the dentist age and behavior. funny how the good faries set things up! referral from my regular dentist who must be 70 by now, haven’t seen him in12 years.

      Very nice comment BTW.

    3. what virgo isn’t an accountant at heart, a nodes reversal does strain the books, virgo wants to balance, libra does

  24. very sad for Amy’s death – such precious talent that carries strong soul undertones, so clearly felt in her music, her voice, expressing a quality that we all perhaps know, belonging to the darker layers of our own soul’s strivings, a kind of melancholy, a blues vibe, magnetic, slow pulsing yet electric and intoxicating, it is no wonder we miss her and feel the ripples she is sending out as her soul departs…..ours is a great loss, no doubt, but, hers?

    ….as she was at the crucial point of decision, the nodal push, yes, but, also the critical juncture of her progressed lunar return, the soul’s choice of whether to deal with the inner consciousness, the problematic undercurrents, very lunar/neptunian in her case, and to reform through this at the deeper level, and push outwards again in a new form…guess she couldn’t make it that far, very difficult with Algol at Sun/Moon midpoint with the nodes threatening eclipse resonance….and maybe got sucked into Neptunes maelstrom…so, many yods at work, not least transiting Sun quinx tr Neptune sext natal Moon at moment of death – Sun the action point, Neptune asking and vibing her Moon/psyche….

    thanks too for the amazing comments here…

    Algol at the Sun/Moon midpoint is conj my DC – I always felt the fatal attraction – much love Amy, go well

  25. I find progressions very illuminating in studying people I know well and my own chart. My Progressed Moon was new in 2007 a week before I moved from NYC to Atlanta and headlong into the Amy tsunami. Actually we played it all the time at the Barnes&Noble where I work, and they were playing it the first time I stopped in at the indie gay bookstore in Midtown.

    That photo from 1960 looks like my ex-mother-in-law who died in March 2006. My ex-wife looked like a large Amy Winehouse (she liked her, too, as we are Anglophiles), and had tons of attitude to match. That’s why I call Amy “outerborough”.

  26. @Hassan. The reason Amy didn’t get make it past 27 with the chart that she had was because of the amount of difficult fixed stars AND aspects AND a Pluto conjunction transit hitting her dangerous moon. That’s a once in a lifetime transit. If she had got that my age she might’ve made it through. We can deal with these better with age.

    Even though we have Ascendants 22 minutes apart, her’s is closer to Rigel in Orion who was brought down by the scorpions sting. my rising star is Hoedus II which is a little easier to deal with plus i am protected by jupiter rising. Instead she gets a testing North Node on Bellatrix the female warrior.
    We both have Sabik on the DC, her is closer, only 3 mins. Treacherous partners.

    You are like Jamie, he doesn’t use progressions either. Precession is not the same as progressions. We use precession with transits, which is because we use fixed stars. you have to precess fixed stars. i like using the progressed moon, but don’t like to complicate things by using progressions for the rest of the planets unless that are making some crazy aspect patterns with the progressed moon.

    Like I found when studying psychopaths, some people have psycho aspects but obviously don’t end up that way, but like you said about Mercury sextile neptune, (being able to outsmart crooks) first you end up attracting psycho’s, and then later you develop the talent for sniffing them out, finally you are able to outsmart them also.

    1. Yes of course I understand the difference between Progressions and precession! I develop my own astrology software actually! Here is an article I wrote about the two zodiacs and I would love to make a software based on the original Indian method with zero Aries being zero Ashwini on 21st March. Here is my article on it:

      I didnt know Amy till a few day sago actually that is why I was asking as she looked stronger than a Gemini Asc. Cancer also in the first house does make one close to home which she seemed to be actually. I find the reflex of the signs dont work with Asc at all and there is a huge diff between Aquarius or Leo rising! First house is what you project to the world and 7th is how your personality is reflected through your partner.

      I like your Mercury Jupiter and Mercury Neptune aspects but I am not sure if you realize that you also have a Mercury trine Pluto? I take wider orbs than most astrologers especially when I know we can push it and use that aspect. Mercury trine Pluto (I am also born with it along with a Moon trine Pluto) is the most powerful aspect for understanding the divine truth and also influencing the masses. Unfortunately, some people misuse it e.g. Rupert Murdoch has Mercury in Pisces trined to Pluto and had tremendous influence over the masses. However, he also has a Mercury opp Neptune where he justified his uncreditable acts. Luckily, you and I are both born with a positive aspect between Mercury and Neptune so no excuses for us as we are able to separate truth from fantasy. I would imagine your Mercury in Capricorn with these aspects would be great for corporate advice as well.

    2. Sorry about the progression/precession confusion! I only saw your comment in my email and wondered why you brought up progressions after I had mentioned precession. I didn’t see your response to someone else talking about the progressed moon.

      Read you article, the Tropical V Sidereal debate drove me crazy a few years back! Yes, for a while I wondered about going sidereal, since then I was only just getting into using the fixed stars and it made sense to use a star-based system. Then I realized that even siderealists cannot agree on the starting points for the nakshatras and the constellations are not even anyway. The tropical zodiac is a fantastic framework, I use it geographically, I think it gives the degrees of the ecliptic a flavour, like where you are born does, but I love the fixed stars because they are so very good for fine tuning.

      Yes I wondered about my trine to Pluto. Pluto is something I feel very strong in my chart, but I assumed that to be because of the tight square to the AC. I like to use very tight orbs, but that’s because I use more Planets (Ceres, Eris, Black Moon etc)

      The software idea is great, I think if the best of the tropical and the sidereal were put together, Astrology would really kick arse! I would like to look at the effect of the fixed stars on each of the zodiac signs they fall into. The lunar mansions seems to have an effect of on certain decans of the zodiac too.

    3. Ooh, one other thing. Gemini AC. Lungs? Nerves? Amy had early stages of emphysema. If the AC rules the body, she was a fragile tiny little thing. Petite. Childlike frame. But with a massive voice (Mercury). I had weak lungs (hooping cough as a child) too which is why I decided to give up smoking.

    4. Makes sense with Gemini as part of the 12th as well. Taurus/Gemini in 12th for sure yes. Did you see my article on her

      “the constellations are not even anyway”

      You said the key thing and many Sidereal astrologers don’t even realize it.

      I knew Dr. Tucker who was one of the best when it comes to the fixed stars and how I myself got interested in them.

      I am developing a software for genetic astrology where you will be able to put 100 parents and one child, and in less than 30 seconds my software will tell you not only that the child belongs to which parent but also what specific traits has the child inherited from which parent!

      We wont need to prove anything for scientists anymore. Developing all the alograthms for it. Mercury Pluto – Mercury in Scorpio or Mercury in 8th or Mercury/Pluto aspect etc.

      Keep up the good work.

    5. alograthims I mean.

      Forgot to ask you how do I find a subscriber here as I wanted to reply to her but cant find it although it showed up in my email. Her username is Uberqueenofwands. Amazing chart I think she is born on 17th Aug with Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto in Leo in 12th and Mercury in Virgo. Excellent writing ability and capacity for analysis. Would life to respond to her but couldnt find her post.

      Hurricane Diane happened when she was born!

    6. Hi Marina,

      Had forgotten if I was registered or not. Tried all names didn’t work so registered as stargaze which is also part of my email. How can I delete the other name as WP didnt recognize it as username. Also how can we modify the picture? Thx

    7. Hiya,
      If you register an email address with then you can add a picture to go with it.
      I go in a delete your other account if I can find it. You will find uberqueenofwands a page back in the comments. But I know her personally so I’ll give her your email also. Yes I love her writing. She is a true Regulus! Her stellium opposes my stellium, we have had a few battles , but we are friends now:))

    8. Ah, my sister was Gemini with Sag rising, she died of lung cancer when Pluto and Saturn came to stay… She never smoked in her life. Only when she was ill did I discover a secret grief she had harboured all her life, a man she fell in love with aged 17 who she couldn’t marry since his parents were strict old school Indian Hindus and we are Anglo Indian…
      She grieved all her life in secret, grief being processed in the lungs she eventually suffocated. Very sad.

    9. I’m sorry for the loss of your sister, just reading it makes me very sad.

      Its interesting once again with the lungs being a focal point for grief, as my doctor who was trying the best he could with what information he didn’t have but also attempted to explain that maybe there was allot of sadness in our family due to the loss of our pet cat (19 years of cat which died AFTER I got pneumonia)but still, the asthma thing he did attempt to assign to the grief I was dealing with for not just myself but everyone else.

      There are other things, but I think just addressing issues, because I have no room to bury them has been something liberating for my lungs. It was dealing with the toxic nature of taking on other people’s problems, not just my own… but sometimes we just don’t learn until we are at “death’s door” literally.

      I too never smoked a day in my life..but realized a number of years ago that my own life was born out of the grieving process of my father… when his father died, I was conceived.

    10. Very interesting AET.
      Makes me realise grief is just not allowed in the modern designer techno style over susbstance world.
      But its like a miasm which creeps from one generation or person to another and it leaves an imprint. There has to be what in modern physics is called an energy signature.
      Talking about the loss of your cat, I was out last week with my husband and we both thought we saw my old cat who died about 5 years ago. It made us both kind of quiet. I never underestimated the relationship I had with that animal.

      It seems a lot of people are conceived under the weight of grief and I don’t know of any specific studies in any world which address this really. I do know that it will affect the child in utero. Perhaps this is the start of asthma?
      Do we lok to Neptune for the keys of grief?
      I am reminded of the story of the Little Mermaid who suffered intense pain just so she could walk in the world of the human she loved… A totally Neptunian story fro what I think is a wholly Neptunian affair.

      Now what about Amy’s mum, the pharmacist? When I see pictures of her I find it hard to believe she is Amy’s mother. Maybe she had repressed stuff around her Jewish roots, ancestral grief (almost certainly) and so on?
      My own Mum is very Neptunian – having Mercury, saturn and Venus in Pisces opp Neptune in Virgo. She came to the UK as a teenager, had to go and work in a factory – straight form leaving a boarding school in Lucknow – huge culture shock! And was denied the career of her choice etc etc due to economics and family. it wasn’t until my sister died she took the reins and started singing in public! Lovely voice even at her age! I thought she would cave when my sister died (she was only 42, left 2 girls) but she turned her grief into song. Remarkable.

      The more I think of it, I am touched by the collective grief of the people who lived through two world wars in such hardship.
      Chanel 4 (or was it BBC2??) did an amazing documentary on the people in the UK who were still indentured workers just before the war – the kids of poor people they were sold at work fairs as their parents couldn’t keep them – many aged 13, 14, 15 and were paid nothing for hard labour, abused etc etc
      It seems there was so much everyday suffering and grief was al there in the fabric of life.
      Now we get brash comments like – Get over it – and are expected to move on, smile and strive to have a perfect life.
      There was a report in the US today about the huge spike in suicides in middle aged women /
      I think the issue of grief needs a really close look.
      I htink I mentioned it earlier but watching Amy’s last gig, drunk and shuffling, there was just incredible hurt in her eyes, ireperable (sp?) damage and perhpaps more than one generation of broken hearts.

    11. I had noticed that some people who probably wouldn’t even be in this world today have arrived by the result of some kind of grief or traumatic experience.

      The strange world of my mother and father, and their brief time together and what had happened under the time they were together, (the death of both of their fathers) not only to mention that my father had been a year younger than my mother, and he had only one lung at the time, the other taken from him at a very young age due to TB.

      I was lucky to have been born without breathing problems given that mess.. I developed this gradually but have also come to release it gradually, after all, we can’t fix all the problems in simply one fair swoop, sometimes things take time to decompress.. as with me, no difficulties and much less “health issues”, and my awareness of the possibility of them and how to avoid them has been part of my “Virgo Moon” control issues.. about attempting to control my environment and such.. but also my concern for the wider world, which I have always had.

      Its not enough to say I deserve to breathe, but its also important to say, EVERYONE deserves life and deserves to live and breathe free air, untainted, good water, good food and the right to pursue a true happiness. We often suffer and grieve because of something we did or didn’t do, but we must strive to give a better standard and give the time and life to address issues, even if others are willing to take on some of that pain upon themselves.. people need to pursue that bad feeling and sadness to understand the wholeness of life. We have a generation that has been insulated in many ways, while other parts of the world have taken on the shadow and the pain.

      I think some of my personal grief that I really have broken through recently was about the right that I had to even live, since my mother could have aborted me, being single and encouraged to do so. And this was also part of the grief that I discovered AFTER the entire “healing”.. and trying to activate my “talent”. Still discovering it, and for me as well as obviously many other people, its never too late to find where your joy is.

      As in the case for your mother– to give that loss a place, and to celebrate it with beauty.. that is probably the best tribute to your sister she could give. The pain never goes away, but to give it respect, is what is necessary.

    12. She didn’t smoke even. Very sad. My dad did, quite heavily too and died of lung cancer as did his father. Tough Sicilian macho men who never showed emotion. I didn’t know lungs were grief… My grandfather was a very violent and scary man, my father inherited the temper, but not the violence, he would bottle things up for ages and then storm out of the house.
      This prompted me to look at dads transits on his death chart. Pluto sextile Moon (applying 15′). When he was diagnosed it looks like Saturn was crossing his AC and squaring that Moon. It happened very quickly. He had Mars on Algol.
      Pluto can be ruthless even in sextile.

    13. It was definitely the Saturn Moon aspect. Makes people feel very weak and also lack of iron. Women become very susceptible to stress related illnesses right after this depleting transit and I have found many of them who developed breast cancer right after it. Gardening and anything to do with earth seems to offset its negative effects.

      Pluto sextiling his Mercury was the realization of truth which often happens when we are faced with such situations.

      I am even more convinced now Marina that your Mercury trine Pluto aspect is valid. To have this wisdom aspect, something precious always has to be denied in life.

      Wish you would all write something positive about your fathers also! After all you must have inherited some of his qualities! Which parent had Mercury/Pluto or Mercury in Scorpio or Mercury in 8th? Someone must have been very deeply spiritual in your family and maybe even some high up priest or pope in your heritage.

    14. oh Marina, Astrolabe presents your aquarius moon on the N axis; M/M/V/S 9th/hs; cap.merc 10. great perch for observation and passing out gifts of reason! The father/sorrow is the 4th/hs/virgo/pluto opp/10/hs/saturn/pisces. You were pretty afraid of your dad and felt at times stifled, (air) devoured also felt he held your life in his hands or a least back, a strong will on your part, and some issolation, physical removal set you free. You also felt not good daughter to him. he had sadness heaviness as well. Is there some cause he liked that you may champion or place you may visit bring flowers…never too late to be a good daughter…

  27. beehive hair-do, black tresses, emblematic spider, ‘hard to get to know’ not scorpio rising? The emotional drawing in of the masses in recriprocal love, (11/hs/pluto/libra sextile 1st/hs/sag/neptune/conq) her scorpio fascination, she moves a finger, invites us to see her core. Now pluto/capricorn (2nd/hs for amy) is trans trine her natal 12/hs/00saturn/scorpio, inhertance factor.

    the 00 capricorn placement is incapacitating!, retiring and frightened, no seeking the stars, but hiding under the covers!

    1. neptune in first; uncertin AC…. we can’t grasp her but she’s everywhere, had waking image, just regaining conciousness this morning and saw her walking towards me, the only communication was of emmense power, she had soaked it up and wanted to give it out.

      last night a T-storm stationed itself over our house, most intense, gigantic bolts/percussion, shook the heart, this morning I looked for damage, a lot a rain we needed but no damage.. one son stayed blogging in his fancy chair… neptune/pluto

  28. In reply to Stargaze. We ran out of room!

    Mum and Dad were born a few days a part the same year and time. They both had Sun square Pluto and Pluto in the 1st. No 8th house Mercury, Scorpio or in aspect to Pluto.. Mum had Moon on Antares though 00′!! (In the heart of the Scorpion) Both North Node in Scorpio but nothing else.

    With my Dad it was transit Pluto sextile his Moon not Mercury. This Pluto/Mercury thing may come from my grandmother (Mum’s mum). Her Mercury is in the 8th. Her Mercury sextile Pluto (6 degrees). IC is Scorpio.
    Let’s go to my daughter. South Node Scorpio. Mercury just touching the cusp of the 8th house if you use Koch.

    My dad was a loveable rogue and a bit of a ladies man… He was wise enough to know his temper and get out the house before it could do any harm. I loved him very much so I didn’t mean to be negative about him at all! He ran away from home at 14 to get away from grandfather and work in the french mines. I inherited his inventive mind, his pioneering spirit and refusal to conform to the stereotypical Sicilian parent.

    Nice to think I was Papal stock, lol, more likely a Maltese knight though. My Maltese grandmother came from a pretty posh family, she married a Baron, but alas I can’t claim to be a Baroness. My real grandfather was some “Persian Prince” (Yeah right Nan!) she had a fling with. He looked like Omar sharif and produced my mum!

    1. Interesting I am actually Persian (my mother was from Shiraz same place as the poet Hafiz).

      Would like your comment on Your Mission which has my music and words.
      It is also on youtube

      You indicated “No 8th house Mercury” for your parents. How do you know this? I am curious as most Italian parents dont have their birth time. Your Mercury Pluto coming from your grandmother makes sense though. For my genetic astrology program, this is really important and I might add a second layer to it where you can see the fixed stars as well.
      By the way, did you know that many great poets were born with Mercury in Capricorn? Milton (Paradise Lost, he was a Sag with Mer in Cap) and many others. We would not consider Mercury in Cap to be very creative normally but it is their ability to say a lot in few words which is essential in poetry of course.

      Would love to see the charts of your parents, grandparents and yours which you can maybe email to me. I can send you a pdf form for genetic astrology I have made so we can analyze which aspects and variation of theme you have inherited from which side.

    2. “Your Mission” is a beautiful way of putting it.. Very poetic, you can see your Mercury sextile Neptune! I have Paradise Lost, well I would wouldn’t I?
      Yes do send me the pdf form, I am very interested. I’ll email you. You made me think of my family and dear dad today. They are an interesting lot…

      The times for my Mum and Dad will not be exact to he minute but I think cannot be more than an hour out. I asked my Dads father and she specified 10am, she said would never forget, he was the first (of 6) and he was her favourite. (She told me!). That puts Mercury at the end of his 10th. Same with Mum (First born too), she was really into astrology and had her chart done a few times so she would’ve certainly tried to get the right time. Also puts her Mercury in the 10th.

  29. those who dabble in the dark forces have got a vested interest in ‘AMY’..her death wasnt a chance happening,just like michael jackson’s it was a contrived event to coincide with the massacre in ‘AMY’ and ‘saturn’

  30. likewise research ‘rik clay’s’ death and his brilliant work exposing the occult agenda…Rik died approaching twenty seven..he was a threat and was thus taken out before his ‘time’

  31. AFter reading a couple of articles written by her ex managers, something occurs.

    The Saturn Pluto conj is a prison. And a prison of the father. Her father was very pro her jazz singing etc – but she was the custodian of a remarkable voice – a voice like that is full of prana, kundalini and so on. It needs a mentor, a guide and a master. No disrespect but I knew her first manager very well, and he was/is a gorgeous person and very caring and sensitive but not up to a tour de force ;like that.

    The voice is something which comes through the singer – Anyone here familiar with the astounding voice of the late Jeff Buckley – and his father Tim Buckley? tim died young of a heroin overdose and Jeff picked up the baton with the voice which improved. But one day he couldn’t handle the pressure and mysteriously walked into the Mississippi and drowned.

    Many opera singers establish remarkable voices very young. They are tutored at academies by master teachers and so on. Most of them have long careers. Whether you like opera or not, the power of a beautiful voice is extraordinary. But it has to be trained, nurtured and mastered. It needs a guru.

    Someone with PLuto Saturn conj natally needs to rebel and get out of the prison. if your father is right behind you at every twist and turn what do you rebel against as a kid? Yourself. Self sabotage. YOu wreck yourself. Its the only way to cut the umbilical.

    The music business background which fostered Amy as a product was indeed highly toxic. There was someone a lot higher up the food chain than her manager who I knew and – well its a horror story.
    A little girl with a Neptune home, a Saturn PLuto prison, a lot of money and an addict husband…
    Threads of poison, toxicity, walls and gaolers. All too much for a small body to take.

    1. it’s interesting what you’re saying about the saturn/pluto prison. I’ve got saturn transitting my pluto at the moment (square venus in 2nd house) and I completely relate to that feeling. There’s no where to go but inward, and even there it seems as though there’s no release.

    2. Hang in there. That’s a tough one. I had that when I was going through a divorce. The prison, yes but also coming into your own power and becoming your own rock.

      “Self sabotage. YOu wreck yourself. Its the only way to cut the umbilical.”


      Uber only a Plutonian could’ve written that! Great stuff and very Persephone.

      I’m reading the Pluto/Saturn section of Cosmos and Psyche right now which is really interesting as Amy is such a product of Thatcher Britain isn’t she? Born in ’83. She definitely carries the vibe of that time when you think of the music that came from then, although her music was not electionic at all. The gothic, new wave, nihilistic vibe carries through.

    3. My daughter went through it – very painful to watch and not interfere. But she had to strike out on her own… fairy tale stuff… enchanted into the dark forest, caught up with the goblins… she’s good now though!

      She was born in 1980 so defo a Thatcher baby.
      Some of those kids have Mars Pluto conj in Scorpio… wonder how many of them got involved in gangs and street stabbings? The urge for primal violence backfires and makes them prisoners of the state they want to rebel against…
      Jung’s idea of enantiodromia.

      I also think the Uranus/Pluto in Libra generation are very connected into Thatcher and her ethos. Wasn’t she a Libra rising?

      BAck to sweet Amy – I think some heavy karma with Dad.

    4. Interesting that Uranus in Libra (freedom in love) was the time when common law relationship started!

      Apparently her father loved her as lot and her talents were of course inherited from him. She seemed to have a very controlling mother actually. Cap on her 4th (Sag-Cap) and Cancer on her 10th (Gem-Can) indicates a role reversal where the mother was more of the domineering influence. Strange that the mother spoke to her the day before and felt everything was fine!

    5. I had this in spades years ago – Saturn and PLuto both in T square to my entire stellium. Total breakdown, debilitations, loss of home, everything.
      Think of the mystery of the caterpillar which goes into the chrysallis. Its a mystery because we know it goes in but no one knows what happens in the chrysallis. Its one of nature’s real unrevealed mysteries. The entire body liquifies then reforms. At the right time it emerges.

      I know that feeling, no where to go but inwards… and even then, no release. i lost faith in everything, and began to think Freud had it right, that there were very simple drives to everything and it was all based in survival.

      Each day was just an existential exercise… but somehow, a light emerged.
      a wonderful human being, the late Father Bede Griffith, a Christian/Hindu mystic pointed out that in a Hindu temple you went into the darkest inner sanctum and that is where the light shines. So you’re in the temple. The light will shine.

  32. yeah, ubq, the generation, libia/pluto/conq is entering prime..and it’s all about dad! fatherless households grow uncertian males blaming women….(norway shooter) and women choosing sperm banks over the real thing. Some males reject liberalism in all forms, a nephew thinks all pop music is degenerate, the last great dance is the minuite, sufferage, women voting destroyed the US, and for himself he want’s a AI child!

    self-sacrificing, self-destroying, destroy what you hold dear about them. exactly. Amy’s out-of-sign conq has her slipping chains but not the shadow.

    A fear of being like dad, absent, dead or in dangerious occupation, gives an air of superiority …alive to contradict…

    1. Anders Behring Breivik, norway shooter, doesn’t have libra/pluto/saturn/conq, predates it, what he has is massive aggreement to murder, 4th/hs/aquarius/mars/sun..mercury, cerc..square/1st/hs/uranius/scorpio…the lone crusader at war with? 11/hs/virgo/moon/conq as him blaming his mothers & sisters immorality, female health, on society and trine/venus/capricorn was a use of friends, social influence, to futher secret goals… uncomfortable unless in his own mind, where he probably relives the shooting.

      inmates in amercan prison make, serve food, wish anders was here tasting American fare!

  33. I was just reading the comments and would like to comment about lungs, Gemini, Cancer and Mars. My AC being O.35 of cancer Mars being at 26.35 of Gemini. Yes I definitely swear too much as well as use swearing as a form of affection. I also notice that when I’m worried stressed or have any negative emotion I tend to feel a ball just behind my heart pressing in to my lungs. I’m a bit sketchy on my birth time. PS if your curious my time is 3am hyderbad india 4/aug/79.

    1. “Yes I definitely swear too much as well as use swearing as a form of affection. I also notice that when I’m worried stressed or have any negative emotion I tend to feel a ball just behind my heart pressing in to my lungs.”

      This is exactly what I have been experiencing the last week or two as Mercury stationed retrograde on my Mars. Chest feels very heavy, I gave up smoking just over 6 weeks ago. Feel like dark evil ball of energy just below sternum. Now more frequently feeling the urge to vomit it up, actually dry reaching in the shower a few times the last 2 days.

    2. Yes we have been venting it out on each other lately. It’s been very hard hasn’t it? This is when long distance relationships suffer the most. When you cannot just hug each other. We depend so much on good communications, our Mercury’s are squared, but my mercury is on your AC thank god.

      But we are both still detoxing. Did a heavy metal test this morning that shows high levels of Mercury still, but atleast I’m not at the “Very high” levels. Have made that doctors appointment for a professional test.

      I keep sighing, and heres a feeling around the place you have described, the heart chakra, I just feel the ned to breath very deeply all the time. But it’s not a ball, more like a heavy heart feeling.

    3. Between both of you, I feel that there is a genuine change for the better that has taken place.. a clearer feeling in spite of this Retrograde– both of you having so much effected by Mercury (not unlike myself!) So there is a need to get it out and clean and address the stagnant energies but on the whole my feeling is that the both of you are friends down to the soul and this is sometimes even more precious than that “romantic” love, especially when it happens between two people who have similar interests and are invested in a partnership.

      Obviously for your partnership the two of you are in a serious “detox”, this is probably very important that there is a gentleness with each other while this is going on because it feels like a part of the learning process.

      I’m realizing I too am in the middle of a learning process, coming closer to my partner but closer to my karma which seems to be at odds with each other. I don’t see this in your relationship, I see you are both karmicly going in the same direction.. but I think I can only see this because I have discovered the nature of my own reality.

      The heavy heart is shared, you both feel it, and I hope that you get your hugs soon.

    4. yes, the heavy feeling is there for sure and I completely concur with you AET, my own karmic path has become clearer and this goes back through family lines where a massive clear-up is going on-this has actually brought me closer to those I have a soul connection with – me and my ex are on the same wavelength again and the comms are good, supportive – this Mercury time has impacted big on comms and connections that are real, stand the test of time are being exposed – the ethos is ‘love it, use it or lose it’ – but, I also equate this with the extra energisng of Cancer – Mars is right on my moon at this time and with Pluto opp the heaviness feels deep rather like an undertow but it needs that shake up – Mars is burning bridges as well as burning off the stuble of the old crop – strange metaphor at this time? Not really, the disconnect is between Natural Law and Human Law and yet the same old energies are at work – this will affect us all, but, the kids out looting are reflecting back to us the harvest gone wrong…..

      Jamie and Marina – if you have the ability to withstand seperation and communicate your unrest and still show the powerful connection is there, in heart and soul, then you can survive anything…I have no doubts that we are all being challenged to seek deeper connections, that stand the tests

      Mars is approaching the UK MC now, so watch the debates and tensions escalate – here in the UK we are all feeling this too, the heavy feeling, also a feeling of being wired mixed with a gut feeling of discomfort – Mercury is playing with my natal Pluto too, conjunct, square AC and lo! my phone has been cut off and the landline broadband with it – thankfully, I also have mobile broadband, but, connections change with the weather, including the space weather, so, forgive me if my moderating has become sporadic…but, that disconnect is also helping make those deeper connections

      bookmagic – remember to breath deeply, Mars is blood and carries oxygen, prana, life force around the body – Mars is a great gift giver of vitality and can swearing is the bloody truth!

    5. Thanks for that advice Rob. I kinda skipped read your comments about Mars and burning bridges. I generally am not a vicious person. However I found myself being quite intolerant of overly watery people. And i do believe that when someone tells you something personal you shouldn’t throw it back at them in an arugement. However, all those rules have gone out the window. I definately don’t like who i’ve become at this point in time. And am finding it hard to let go. I also blame all this on the MARS Pluto opposition close to my Decendant. Also i’m facing transiting saturn coming to conjunction on native pluto. So i belive i’m feeling more restrictive my atitudes with others. Anyone else going thru this at the moment. I was also looking at my solar chart, and noticed these aspect are here for the year. So i’m going to use them to my benefit. I studyind a course of netwroking at tafe. This finishes in December. So I will be looking for work so by then i should theoretically be use to this solar chart energy. And thus be able to use it in a more positive way

    6. bookmagic – guess that means your pluto is near opp my sun at 17 aries – even making a comment can sometimes be a risky business, but, that aries sun can also appear to be too thoughtless towards others, self important and self righteous (as I’m no doubt about to demonstrate), and with a scorp asc squared by pluto can up the anti in very devious ways, snide and sweary behind peoples backs – ffs, how many times has my 7th house mars sextile sun found me out! – all the more reason (for me) to respect your upcoming saturn pluto conjunction and listen to what you are mirroring back – respect

      saturn too can be the transformer, in very tangible and pragmatic ways, and following through on the transpersonal underground energies is difficult without it, otherwise the changes can be overwhelming, we can become emotional soup and hate others who reflect this back to us, esp with that mars pluto opp – saturn can focus the pluto fires of transformation and, I hold, should ideally be used as such, rather than quelling them (which he won’t anyway when pluto is involved)

      for me saturn’s bringing out real big ingrained problems of family and home, who is really important and how we are or are not getting along around home issues into focus, as my sun is 4th house – with him you can tell when, if it hasn’t already, the shit is certainly going to hit the fan – having said that…..

      I think saturn is seriously under-estimated as an agent of significant change, gets dissed to often for being restrictive and depressing – yours sounds like a prime opportunity to cut the crap, burn off the aggregates of habitual ego, swearing plenty and speaking truth as an assist, no pussyfooting, and getting to the bottom of things once and for all – saturn, I believe can also help us find our own true principles and do all this in a conscientious way – so, thanks for getting back, and g’luck with your journey

    7. The funny thing Rob is that every yaps on about their Saturn return. And how its supposed to be this huge life changing period. For me its was nada, zip, zilch. I should have looked ahead seen what was to come. Namely that just cause i got off easy on the return was no reason to rest on my laurels. I will be facing Saturn conjoining Uranus in approx 2-3 years and then Neptune in 2-3 years. So yes the studies help. But keeping active and brooding on things for 2-3 weeks i found helps most of all. It stops me being idiotic. Also lose the phone when angry so you can’t txt anyone.

      Also to answer your oh so subtle (tongue in cheek) Yes my Pluto is at 16.49 of libra Uranus at 16.57 Scorpio and Neptune at 17.57 of Sagittarius

    8. Good I’m not crazy. A friend of mine went for a run and reckons that every 500 mts of the run it was spitting up phlegm and started feeling better after it was all done. I can’t see myself doing that.

      Definitely agree with the dark evil ball of energy imagery.

    9. When I first gave up smoking I was coughing up phlegm for months. It drove me insane. It seemed never ending. I also go running, I think exercise probably speeds it up. I still had the odd cigarette everytime I had a social drink, which was stupid because it was undoing all the good work. I think it takes about 6 months before you can really feel like a non-smoker and think the taste of tobacco tastes foul. Think I’m nearly there.

      I totally get the negative emotion and fear. It’s like the heart is frozen and solidifies. Deep breathing seems to break it up abit. Petrify is a good word for it, petra=stone. Very Saturn. Neptune dissolves. Are you detoxifying in any way? Do you smoke?

    10. Yes I am. As you probably noticed that neptune and the moon are in saggie and one of them is very close to the dsc. I do smoke ciggys. Gave up the green stuff in 2007 and now I am giving up the harder stuff. Slow and surely. Back in Nov 09 I was given the wrong amount of regular maintenance dose.(For people in the know, will understand what I’m on about.) I be on this give the hard stuff since 07. I just seemed like the right time. I have not gone back to my bad habits and yo-yoed between giving up and not wanting to give up. If you want to know more pls email me.

    11. Bookmagic – I have been reading your posts with deep fascination.

      I’m sure someone will shoot me down in flames for this BUT – PLuto in Libra is a very difficult pivot for a huge initiation.
      As a generational thing it is contradictory. It is the deep need for relationship and relating but the need to control it too and destroy it.

      Libra can be shallow and superficial. But with PLuto there – Where’s the passion of PLuto in balance? For the style over content aspect of Libra and the strategist of Libra, PLuto is going to throw up huge challenge when it is activated on the cardinal cross – i.e now.

      This is a massive initiation for all of us – and will be particularly difficult for those with Uranus and Pluto in Libra because their background is to expect to experience life with control, strategy and equanimity. And not get the hands dirty. But the paradox is presented by the natures of Uranus and PLuto. expect the unexpected. And then expect the unexpected again.

      re your pending Saturn/Neptune transit,

      I had a huge Neptune /Saturn (similar but different of course) transit a few years back. I was drowning, depressed, miserable and conned big time. I did however, produce a small picture diary, little paintings of how I felt and I’m glad I did because they are excellent reminders and small works of art. Your saturn neptune transit – you could/should make concrete – write in stone – what Neptune presents in your chart.
      Saturn may contain the flow, create a dam, make the water powerful, harness the dream, build the belief, construct the temple. Carve the soul.

      You have three outer planets triggering three crosses of initiation – PLuto in CArdinal Cross, Uranus in Fixed, Neptune in Mutable. So transits of Saturn to these planets perhaps a lot more potent than your saturn return?

    12. I must admit uberqueenofwands, i am vain enough to hope someone is fascinated with my as you so generously put it post (i call it rambling). But i do have a little humility to feel guilty (i’m sure hijackers feel the same way).
      “BUT – PLuto in Libra is a very difficult pivot for a huge initiation.
      As a generational thing it is contradictory. It is the deep need for relationship and relating ”
      For me this means seeing both sides to the divided, and vacillating between the two. Today i might be pro and march with you, tomorrow i might be against and march against you and also expect you to understand the why’s how’s etc. of my mind and get upset when you don’t and also understand and forgive you for not understanding.
      Now that’s contradictiory.

      For me and I’m lucky my Neptune is in Sagittarius it gives me a love/thirst for knowledge. I pursue this thru reading. And feel quite panicked when I’ve got to get rid off any of my babies (sorry I mean books) (could also be because of the Moon conjunct Neptune to.

      As for those crosses you were talking about i’m well aware of it. They do not exist I tell you. They don’t. Just going to take it one day at a time and do what i do best tune out. This is a very automatic response. Much to the chagrin of my partner. Who can’t get me to focus on anything for more then 2 minutes. That includes watching t.v.

      I just like to correct myself i’ve been on the hard stuff since ’03 not 07. What i meant to say was i’ve been weaned since 2007.

  34. leo rules the heart…mars into cancer had mothers ankles swell, water retention, 8/20-27 square saturn/libra in virgo should have everyone feeling crummy.
    stone-on-the-heart, thank-you marina for the definition, is lonliness like a constriction or hole, knew a lot of saturn return leo’s had heart surgery, (including x-president clinton), and other problems of the heart.
    The terrible secret about necotine is how great it is, opening pathways in the brain,aiding digestion, reducing appetite, oh why dear lady nicotine must you kill the host?
    so why quit? I had 3 months of walking pnemonia all to bury it and looked like a drowned rat. now a wiff of second hand smoke blisters me, (angry that is). Smoking something to look forward to…when I’m 90.

    I think there’s a gift w/ this full moon. classic picture here. Love august, leo, aquarius moon…so world can we talk it over? Why cling..

  35. Wow her chart was an eye opener I have aries rising sag moon and alot of mars .I got a divorce I could understand that sadness because I sure was experiencing some bad thoughts lately.I’am going to have to look at my chart a little more to be fully aware of why I have been feeling this way.

  36. This is fascinating!Also How right were your charts,on the Pedophile Creepers!It is being exposed now,underway with # operationdeatheaters -Exposure also through Lori Handrahan! I now review charts of all people in my life!Charts don’t lie!I actually have healed a bit from sseeing my abusers chart!May all spirits be free!Amy left us too soon,she was a brilliant artist!????Very Informative!Thank You so much!????

  37. Ok,that was supposed to be hearts not question marks! so sorry!<3 (&Capricorn tendency to fix;)lol!)

  38. My natal Pluto opposing natal Lillith, is something to consider, Marina. When you did my reading, you stated that on this configuration one is taken as a saint or as a whore, which matches very well men who approach me.

    This is pure black cupido!



  39. Hi,what are your thoughts on entity’s from other dimensions and/or ghosts bothering/attacking people in this dimension who mostly cannot see them.Some people say that a negative or evil energy has to be iinvited somehow,but my experience has been,they are already there. What gives an entity the right to bother another? We all have problems from time to time but it does not give anyone a right to attack someone unseen. Aren’t we here for lessons,why else would we want to keep coming back here? Also,why do we suffer the influences of those before us,such as Ceres,Lilth,ect.? Or are we the influence living a mortal life?
    Thank you, many blessings

  40. see I don’t think anyone has to be frightened,that everything is a projection of various frequencies, on the screen of life,see the quantum field,if we raise our light quota,and get higher consciousness, that all is just certain co ordinates, we can understand and activate understanding and compassion ,about how certain entities, have chosen to express them selves, in this or other dimensions/states of consciousness. raise your octaves from fear to love. no thing is literal.

  41. Amy also had Chiron in her first house of Gemini. Apart from drugs, she was only able to soothe her pain of wounded self through words and music. I’ll never forget the first time I heard “I cheated myself, just like I knew I would”. Her voice was haunting and captivating. She wasn’t just singing it, she was living it. Like so many other great artists (and friends) that died far too young, if only they gotten past a bad moment (like we all do from time to time)and realised how precious life is. RIP Amy.

  42. I don’t think she was a good musician, but I once watched her in Never Mind the Buzzcocks and it was surprising how a nice person she was. She was funny, she didn’t make fun of people, she even felt sorry for those people on the identity parade (was that the name of the section?). Anyway, I thought I would love a friend like her. She seemed fun to be around.

    I think she had a shit family. That’s why things went downhill for her. Do we see anything family-related in her chart?

    1. I have the same impression regarding her Father and Mother. The father especially.

    2. If you take a look at the Youtube video about the ”racist’ song she sang while edged on by Blake at her home, you’ll notice the really awful comments full of hatrd, even glee about her death, from many commenters. It seems clear there were many people who did not like her at all – because she was Jewish, because she was white, because some had said she was as good as Ella Fitzgerald, because she had “appropriated” black music… whatever. There was much jealousy, of this I am certain.

      I just think she has felt the existence of that sort of feelings from a certain part of the public, and I believe she was very sensitive to it, and she was very much hurt by it. This may even have contributed to destroy her emotionally. There might even have been some malicious intent in her death.

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