Amy Winehouse ~ Dark Angel


Amy Winehouse was found dead on July 23, 2011 at 3.54 pm, in her London flat. It was confirmed that the cause of death was alcohol poisoning. She was 5 times over the legal limit, which can be fatal. Amy was most well known for her critically acclaimed album “Black To Black” album which was inspired by her rocky and toxic relationship with her ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil. I have revisited and re-wrote this Amy post, as I have done with the Amy/Blake Synastry article, since researching the subject of “Dark Cupid/Twin flame” relationships.

Certain couples can attract a third hyper-dimensional entity, one that latches onto and sometimes succeeds in destroying a genuine love match. Most commonly though, this  entity can set up a very toxic and dramatic relationship, just so it can feed off  the stress and emotional trauma it creates. Drug use can be a perfect gateway by which the demon to enter. Blake admits “ he was responsible for first introducing Amy to heroin, and said he believes the drug was the main factor in causing the singer’s destructive path.” Blake’s Mum claims Blake was Amy’s drug mule. But apart from the drugs, what were the factors in Amy’s chart that made her such a target for this kind of possession?

We all loved Amy so much, mourned her loss and miss the wonderful music she had yet to write. It’s so very easy to blame surviving Blake as being the evil demon who brought our beloved Amy down. But there is more to it than that… Amy’s rising star is Rigel in Orion. This bright blue/white star is majestic in the night sky. Rigel is considered extremely fortunate. “It gives benevolence, honor, riches, happiness, glory, renown and inventive or mechanical ability.” This star can propel someone to a great height very quickly. However this star is also on the foot of Orion, which was stung by a vengeful scorpion.

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This revenge attack happened because Orion the hunter boasted he could bring down any creature on earth, so Gaia sent the humble Scorpion off to teach him a lesson. But all accounts Amy wasn’t really a diva, so I think we can interpret this as an attack on her precocious talent.  Blake could’ve been the vehicle for the Scorpion in Amy’s life. Not only that, Amy’s vulnerable 8th house Moon (conjunct Neptune) was on Acumen, the stinger star in the Scorpion. Acumen “shows up a negative Mars-Moon quality in people who have them poorly aspected (conjunct Neptune IMO), with a tendency towards a morbid outlook, seeing the worst rather than the best in everything. .. well aspected, they can have very sharp minds and a perception well above average as though, they see what we do not, at levels where eyesight does not reach.” Acumen’s venomous sting of course can represent heroin’s syringe, which contributed to Amy’s fall.

Amy WineHouse Horoscope

Amy Winehouse Horoscope

Amy’s natal chart has a good few “Angel/Demon” stars, in her case it’s very obviously an attraction to them. Sabik in Ophuichus on the DC and Neptune in the 7th house of partners/open enemies confirm this. Sabik “causes wastefulness, lost energy, perverted morals, and success in evil deeds.” This could describe her partners. Her Moon conjunct Neptune was sextile the Saturn/Pluto conjunction. Are sextiles so good here? Neptune sextile Pluto has been going on for decades and the base of many a Yod. To me Neptune/Pluto can be propaganda, magic or sorcery, but much depends of the consciousness of the subject. I believe this sextile is active in many “Dark Cupid” relationships and explains the fascination with hyper-dimensions and conspiracy in the age of the internet. This sextile might also be responsible for the New Age movement also.

Amy’s North Node on Bellatrix, the female Warrior star in Orion. Unfortunately she never got the chance, dying to young, to get there. Instead she remained stuck in her Ophuichus South Node on Ras Alhague, tellingly conjunct her DC (the partner.) “making the native especially prone to infectious contamination caused by toxins. People thus influenced are easy going in the use of medical drugs, hallucinatory drugs stimulating foodstuffs, too much good living and overindulgence in tobacco and alcohol.”. Amy’s square to the North Node/AC from her Sun combust Mercury Retrograde shows her struggle to become the strong warrior queen Bellatrix of her North Node destiny.

That Sun/Mercury is obsessive and a perfectionist in Virgo decan 3 who “are prime workers since they are dutiful, self-sacrificial, have fantastic brains. Just what the power elite prey on. You can bet that successful IT companies are stuffed full of Virgo decan 3 drones working their magic, while their Pluto bosses take all the credit and lap up the profit. These sensitive folk anticipate peoples needs so well, like Persephone could not ignore the pleas for help from the dying souls.” Amy was swallowed up and used by the music industry beast also. Amy’s perfectionist Sun conjunction Mercury is on Alkes in Crater the holy grail and yes, like it sounds, it is associated with alcohol and Dionysus..

Sun on Alkes “A person who is a vessel, one who carries something for others. To hold something for others, be it story telling, art, music, insights or visions” [1] But Amy’s stand-out aspect pattern is the extremely Persephone conjunction of Black Moon Lilith and Ceres opposite Venus and Mars. What a magic wand! Lilith opposite Mars is great sexual power too. Black Moon Lilith seems to turn up again and again in hyper-dimensional possession cases. If Amy had come through and resurrected herself from her 8th house Lunar underworld, she could’ve set a great example for young girls caught in similar toxic relationship traps. Lilith/Ceres could’ve been an empowering witch figure, creative, healthy and in touch with the resonance of the earth. Her music could’ve have provided deeper healing, rather than simple catharsis. Still, maybe in a way that’s how it has ended. Her music lives on, it’s just a great shame she lost her life for it.

1. “Star & Planet Combinations” Bernadette Brady. Pg 104.