Eris ~ 10th Planet?

Dwarf planet Eris* was only discovered in 2005, but her astrology seems like it has been with us forever. Eris is the uber dark goddess in my opinion, and as such shares similar astrological traits as Black Moon Lilith, which I have already studied in depth. But what makes Eris unique in her own right? What makes her more than just a female version of Pluto or an outer planet version of Lilith?

The Eris Myths

In myth Eris is the Greek goddess of discord, but there are two Eris’s. The first Eris is the daughter of Nyx who gave birth to a litter of nasties including Algos (pain & sorrows) and Dysnomia (lawlessness). The second Eris is the sister of bloodthirsty Ares. So first impressions then are melancholia and sorrow mixed with bloody, raging anger.

Eris as daughter of Nyx unleashes her strife-bearing children when anyone lies under oath. Eris is simply doing her job of dishing out fate. As a dark goddess she is only balancing the books and keeping the natural order. This Eris is about tough love and brings rough justice. The side of Eris which is the sister of Ares shows up in the next myth.

Eris was not invited to a wedding so she chucked an apple marked “To the fairest” into party for the vainest goddesses to fight over. Her rage at rejection and the need for vindication is what is blamed for the Trojan war. The side of her that is like Lilith is the fact that she was the uninvited guest, the disowned and exiled, the 13th fairy that cursed sleeping beauty. Finally Eris, like Lilith in the garden of Eden caused a hell of a lot of trouble with just one apple! But we must look further than the myths.

New 10th Planet?

Even the discovery of Eris was controversial. When Uranus was discovered it shattered the perfectly constructed Hellenistic version of the solar system. Uranus showed there was another dimension…It broke the mold. Eris was quite a different story, she was discovered when it was getting quite apparent that there was now just too much out there.

The solar system was getting unruly with new discoveries every week, so with Eris all the new bodies were boxed and categorised. Just before Eris was about to be honoured by the status of being the 10 planet, the astronomers called an end to the madness and decided to demote Pluto and promote Ceres. Along with Eris, the gang of three become known as dwarf plants. Neptune is the end of the line now according to schoolbooks. Because of Eris the expanding solar system has paradoxically shrunk!

Like Uranus then, part of Eris’s character can be gleaned from her discovery story. Eris opened up a big scary can of Centaurs, Plutinos, Cubewanos and TNO’s. A Goddess as an outer planet?! Time to contain and control.. Eris is left out of the party once more. This time though she has taken down mighty Pluto too, infact Eris will take everyone down with her if she feels she has been treated unfairly or disrespected. She exposes hypocrisy and takes and eye for an eye.

Eris PlanetEris is the perfect whistle blower, but there is a touch of the joker in Batman to her. When she eventually dishes out her revenge she does it with such style! Eris is about poetic justice, the scene in the Godfather when the gangster wakes up in bed with the head of his favourite racehorse seems so very Eris to me. The similarities of Eris with Ereshkigal do not go unnoticed, in fact Lilith was Ereshkigal’s handmaiden. Eris a flamboyant militant and activist, but most of all she is the warrior Queen. Think Boudicca crossed with Julian Assange…

Eris was provisionally named Xenia after the famous TV warrior princess, played by Lucy Lawless no less! It was known that Mike Brown the discoverer wanted to call her Persephone, but an asteroid already took that name. Eris retains Persephone characteristics though, being the Queen of the Underworld/Darkness/Night and that fact that her orbit is very Persephone like.

Eris’s orbit is tilted and elliptical, where all the other planets are on a level plane with each other as you can see in the diagram. She appears to spend half of the time above the plane and the half the time below, just like Persephone divided her time equally between the earth and the underworld. Eris is certainly eccentric, her orbit veers way out past the Kuiper belt, but comes in as far as Neptune The orbital period is achingly slow, 557 years around the Sun.

Eris Discovery Chart

ErisEris was discovered at 11.20am in January 5th 2005. The chart makes a bolshy and brash first impression with a T square involving the Sun opposite Black Moon Lilith. This is an aspect shared with Prince William; I wrote “Lilith is the intuitive right-brain thinking, counter to our patriarchal society. So there can be an inner battle, which is then projected onto “Boogie men” in the outside world.”

Well Eris herself is often the Boogie man so it’s interesting she has this described in her own chart. The planet Eris herself in that chart is in the first house Alderamin as the rising star on Cepheus the king. “It gives authority and a sober mind, sometimes making its natives judges or arbitrators, but exposes to cruel and severe trials.” Sun square Jupiter shows taking the law into ones own hands and indeed lawlessness! (Eris’s daughter and Moon is Dysnomia meaning lawlessness).

The next standout feature is the stellium of Venus/Mercury/Pluto in the pioneering, philosophical but most of all judgemental 9th house. Venus conjunct Pluto is often referred to as the Persephone aspect. This Stellium bears down on Saturn lurking in the underworld of the chart along with Lilith. In fact if we put true Lilith (at 29º 47’ Cancer) there also, the Lilith corridor would encapsulate Saturn. The patriarch sandwiched between two Liliths? That’s quite the kinky S & M quincunx there with Saturn and his restraints… The Persephone cluster happens to fall on the stinger in Scorpios tail. If this woman is raped either physically or mentally, we can expect high octane revenge. Eris does not turn the other cheek.

The energy fueling the whole chart comes from the Sun on Vega, the beautiful Sapphire coloured star in the Lyre. You get mixed fortunes with this constellation, it is said to give fame, good living, but also the  debauched life of a bohemian artist because of its strong Venus/Mercury influence. Robson however gives Vega quite a miserable fate when conjunct the Sun..”Critical, abrupt, reserved, unpopular, fleeting honors, influential position, insincere friends. “

We can see she is critical and judgemental from her Sun square Jupiter. Eris’s words can have a devastating effect because of her Mercury on Lesath. This Goddess can issue an potent curse from her blood red lips. Lesath was one of the stars I classed as psychotic in my post about psychopaths. To make things even darker, Mercury conjunct Pluto is a deeply probing and obsessive mind, very much the spy, but also the stalker.

Eris is gifted at relentlessly digging until she unearths the demons, and when she does she won’t rest until they are well and truly exorcised. Vega is not just the Lyre but is often depicted as being a Vulture grasping the Lyre. This adds more associations with death and the underworld. After studying Vega I found that “Science seems to be stronger here perhaps because the Sun combined with the Mercurial nature of the star itself seems to bring out the intellectual, logical side of the Lyre. Music after all is very mathematical and structured. The musician grasping the instrument is rather like the claws of the vulture grabbing it’s prey. “ There is a side to Eris that is very predatory. But the scientific ability here is part of the Eris generation’s challenge to merge science with mysticism, right brain with left.

Eris & The Shadow

Her Moon is on Mimosa in Crux, the crucifix. Again Eris has it tough as the constellation is said to give trails, burdens and heavy responsibilities such as the proverbial cross on ones back. But it sits well with the rest of the chart giving an

“Inventive mind, intuition and wisdom, a grasp for the inner nature of one’s fellow man. The gift of successful investigation of the hidden side of things. A deeply religious nature connected with mystical and theosophical interests.”  Mimosa comes from the Latin “Mimic”, which I think gives Eris more of that court jester quality that is missing from Pluto or Lilith.

Moon conjunct Ceres is interesting, a powerful witch in the occult 8th house of the underworld itself, or the domineering, smothering mother? More Persephone symbolism and karmic parental ties. For Moon conjunct Ceres I wrote she:

is super-mum, the ultimate in matriarchs, the Queen of Pentacles and the Empress archetype. This does not necessarily mean he or she is particularly maternal. Ceres does have a shadow side however, as Ceres/Demeter who mourned her daughter Persephone’s abduction. So there is some sorrow attached to this aspect since the Moon is so sensitive to pain here. One may have experienced absence of the mother through death or through her being focused on earning her “pentacles”. There is a priestess/herbalist side to Ceres, so if she is not a hard core materialist then she could place a lot of her energies into healing the world.”

Mars is on Antares in the heart of the Scorpion. Generally this star is extreme, dramatic, tough, courageous and makes people daredevils. But with Mars it verges on utter foolhardiness (Again shades of the fool/jester) and because of its violent character, can lead to a violent death. Eris’s Mars is unaspected, so it is really like a loose canon, it is nothing but pure, unmitigated Mars energy and on Antares too. Wooo! That’s dynamite. That important 4th house Saturn is on Pollux, the “evil” twin. And again has a Martian nature. With the greater malefic Saturn Pollux gives “Bad temper, bitter, sarcastic, loss of arm or leg, loss of parents or trouble through step-parents, much help from a friend, lack of education.”

I would update Robson’s rather negative interpretation and say that because Pollux is a writers star, the “bitterness” might just be about broadcasting controversial topics that upset people. Nevertheless these unsavoury taboo topics (Ie: Incest or cancer) need to be brought out into the open for healing. Eris is frank and honest, but very often gagged (Saturn quincunx Mercury = restriction). It is interesting Eris’s IC is conjunct Mirzam in Canis major “ The Announcer” a star often found in many radio and TV broadcasters. Eris comes from a linage of whistle blowers it seems.

Eris As Persephone

Eris orbitWe have touched on the trickster/magician archetype on our Eris journey and her DC is on Gienah in the Crow. This was regarded as a magical Behenian star in medieval astrology. (Eris’s Sun on Vega, also a Behenian star.) Now in partnerships this would tend to make her a magical, alchemical influence on her mate. Pluto was a rather ruthless and heartless ruler of the Underworld until he fell in love with Persephone. If you read the original Sumarian version of the very passionate love affair between Nergal and Ereshkigal, you will see how both transform and enlighten each other through sex.

“The idea implied in the myth that the Underworld can also be a place for love and passion side by side to justice and balance constitutes a living legacy still valid for our times..”

I have already written at length about Julian Assange and his Eris configuration. Off the top of my head there are a few celebrities with Eris strong in their chart. The late Steve Jobs had Moon conjunct Eris, as does Gaddafi. Angelina Jolie has Moon conjunct Eris. I think Eris’s discovery chart really does show a blend of the trickster/Magician, a great deal of Marsy stars and 9th house/Jupiter influence.

I also think Eris carries a lot of qualities of the Pluto/Uranus conjunction of the late 1960’s. The activist, the radical feminist, the bohemian artist and joker are all in there. To me Eris has a surreal, psychedelic circus mania about her. Punk crossed with Sgt Pepper, a carnival warrior, spray-can militant, vampire slaying, queen of chaotic fate that is Eris.

*UPDATE 2017. This article was originally written 5 years ago. Since then I have researched Eris a great deal, using her in client readings and seeing her strong connection with Lilith and Persephone themes. Here is also an updated article on Eris “Dark Goddess as Ruler” written back in 2011 where I proposed Eris should be the modern ruler of Libra (I still use the traditional rulers in practice, but modern rulership is important symbolically to help us understand the outer planet more). My updated Black Moon Lilith post and Ceres posts contain more depth of the Eris/Persephone archetype.

Find Eris in Your Chart

1. Create your chart HERE.
2. Choose “Extended Chart Selection”.
3. Select Eris in the “Additional objects” box.

106 thoughts on “Eris ~ 10th Planet?

  1. Wow. I’ve got Eris in 12th at the apex of a yod containing Pluto and Neptune. Sheesh. I was reading your fascinating article and thinking, I’ve heard these things before just recently.</i<

    I need to save up and make an appointment to further discuss this yod of mine, I believe.

  2. Steve Jobs RIP.
    The apple visionary had Moon conjunct Eris by 14′. MC on Capella a magical Behenian Star. AC on Alkes.“This sacred cup is also associated with prophetic ability as various vessels cross-culturally have versions of it. ie: the Holy Grail. Therefore Alkes can be a gift, something precious carried by an individual to past down generations through the genes”

    Is this his Moon conjunct Eris? “As the Apple empire grew, Steve became a tyrant, subject to moody outbursts and gloomy silences.”,_Steve

    1. Both of those versions of Eris still have a mythological proximity to the Golden Apples. I like that considering the synchronicity of “Apple”; was “apple” the apple of immortality? Strife? Discord? Ultimate Knowledge [via Eve]? or is it the poison apple of an immortal sleep [via Snow White/Sleeping Beauty]? This would be an interesting thread to follow.

      I’m sure there are more “Apples” out there as I speculated lightly yesterday.. there are so many apples so little time 🙂 pick a few, but Eris is probably there… which ever Eris you pick 🙂

  3. Taken from the Julian Assange Eris post :
    “The list of famous people with Eris in hard aspect or conjunct the AC or MC is impressive if you are looking for feisty women with balls, political agitators, trouble makers or a few sex scandals.

    At 3 degrees and under we get; John Lennon, Elizabeth Taylor, Reggie Kray, Hermann Goering, Ronald Regan, Milton, Fidel Casto, Tatum O’Neil, Martina Navratalova, Venus Williams, Joan Collins, Rock Hudson, Bill Clinton, Glenda Jackson, General Franco, Cindy Sherman, Timothy Leary, Janet Street-Porter, Nick Clegg, Gordon Brown, Paul Weller, Liv Tyler, Nicolas Cage, Princess Margaret of Great Britain, Princess Anne of Great Britain, Titanic hits Iceberg, The Bali Bombing, Jeffrey Archer, Tracy Emin, Eve Sedgwick, Galileo, Einstein, Joan Baez, Cat Sevens, Barbra Streisand, Camila Parker-Bowles, Christopher Lee, George Washington, Eleanor Roosevelt, Michaelangelo and Cher.”

    1. My MC is 9 aries conjunct Eris at 9 aries…

      I have always been a very ‘bold’ person, speak up for injustice- etc

      GG- one good bitch

  4. pluto was gotten rid of when prediction of a sag/transit came true; dogmatic/religious/color/fire, now in capricorn it’s all material, human life incl. So this Eris will fight. but 557 is a long wait, is she up in arms in aries or is it magnifigation of the natural. I am thinking there is something besides light that transmits messages, something faster…also something else besides gravity that binds us to rocks. They say bactirium react at emergence of sunspots way befor plasma reaches earth…so all the critters roving on our insides respond to the unseen.
    I think it important to play it cool…that is wait for nature to exact revenge, thatway it’s probably justified.
    thanks for the great study, Marina

  5. I like Eris as the one who shakes the apple tree, hoping to plant seeds of awareness that stir people out of their complacency. My 8th house Eris (exactly conjunct Osculating Lilith) is part of my one and only Mystic Rectangle, with Eris exactly opposite 2nd house Ceres, exactly trine my IC (which is exactly conjunct the Fixed Star, Antares), and exactly sextile my MC (which is exactly conjunct the Fixed Star, Aldebaran).

    My Eris/Osculating Lilith also forms a quintile with my 12th house Pluto and is part of a Yod with my 3rd house Jupiter/Asteroid Lilith/Mercury/Neptune at the apex. And (there’s more :)), she sextiles (2+ degrees) my 5th house Moon/Kaali/Pholus/Damocles, which means Eris sits at the midpoint of my Moon/MC.

    With all that, how could I not care? I have to at least *try* to make things better. I also think Eris wants *me* to be better, to grow beyond my restraints and become fully self-aware and mindful, as opposed to war-like. Once the apple was bitten, there was no turning back. 🙂

    Right now, transiting Eris is conjunct my 8th house South Node and about to join my BM Lilith so 8th house matters have taken on even greater importance.

    Thanks for the post, Marina!

    1. In thinking more about that opposition of BM Lilith to the Sun in Eris’ discovery chart (an exact aspect I also have), it occurred to me that maybe Eris is offered an opportunity to learn, through her interactions with others, how to balance intuition with reason – but this opportunity involves making a conscious choice between self-awareness and denial. So Eris can be either the impulsive, self-serving, reckless trouble-maker . . . or the avenging, compassionate advocate. Or maybe even a somewhat contradictory (even hypocritical) combination of both.

      In experiencing brutality, injustice and/or exclusion at the hands of “the other”, she can develop an empathy that drives her to want to root out the hypocrisy, not just in others but in herself as well. And once she begins to tap into that deeper well of understanding (via BM Lilith), her knowing can lead to greater objectivity and depth.

      Or, she can choose the lesser path of rationalization and self-righteousness as she engages in the very same behaviors she claims to despise in others.

      I also noticed Damocles is conjunct Neptune in the Discovery Chart – maybe another of Eris’s challenges is a subconscious fear of knowing (Saturn in the 4th on Pollux, representing disowned aspects of self?) If and when Eris ever does rip off the veil of illusion, she may not be prepared to bear the full burden of what she sees.

      I realize this is all probably just an elaboration of your own insights Marina, but like I said, I’m having a transit.:0 I appreciate how you always put so much thought into analyzing the Discovery Chart – it’s so helpful in understanding these astrological energies.

    2. Your Eris transit is obviously inspiring you LB! Great stuff. I’ll have to check out her transits for me. Remember Eris is so sloooww that if you use precession correction for transits the timing will change by as much a year to exactitude. Jamie has Eris approaching his Yod Apex Saturn so I am watching him for any signs. It wont be exact for a good 2/3 years I think, but I think we are starting to feel the effects now. I see it 🙂

  6. Lots of quotes about the famous 3 apples – Eve’s, Newtons and Steve Jobs
    Looks like Eris’s was overlooked! But that would be suitable for her story of exile.

    Eris is a strong theme for me now as she is transiting conjunct with Lilith right on my Lilith yod point TODAY, exiled from my home without my children and also from where I worked. EXILE EXILE Trying to work through without being vengeful. Home was like a Greek tragedy the other day, all the characters were there, I was seriously looking for the Greek Chorus in the corner…it was SO surreal it was funny (mother begging father not to abandon already exiled daughter, children “abducted”, mother exiled)

    1. I forgot about Newton! I must check out his Eris. Lilith/Eris on a LILITH Yod, Wooo that’s something else, I just looked at the Ephemeris, Jeeze she goes retrograde constantly then I have to figure in precession, hard to know how/when she effects us exactly.

    1. i was born on feb 26,1973 @ 1:26 am in parma ohio … I have been learning how to read my own chart but these signs are strange and new to me how would i go about finding them in my chart as well. thank you very much for your assistance if you can

    2. Go to you may need to sign up for a free account and go the the Extended Chart Selections, at the very bottom on the chart options page type in the number 136199 in the aditional objects tab, this is Eris. Goes without speaking the interpretation doesn’t stand alone but in full view of the whole chart

    3. Sorry just realised she is listed on the dropdown menu in the additional objects list so no ned to type in that number just select her on the list

    4. thank you very much i am very intrigued. I thought this full moon was going to be good for me however, after reading this i am a tad concerned i read it all wrong 🙂 thanks again and have a spectacular day 🙂

  7. Great insights…particularly like Boudica crossed with Julian Assange –
    poetic justice?….and damn the consequences? Does it backfire or does the truth out eventually.
    I’m wondering if Eris has anything of Maat about her…
    also, whats an evolved Eris like… charts I’ve seen her prominent in by transit she can also help in exposing ones own inner demons, will invent a situation in which they come out with unconscious power, bypassing the any kind of social mores or inner valence of restraint….and in natals has a hair-trigger nature, that, if learned from, can redirect inflamed anger into positive action and self awareness of extreme volatile shadow aspects, especially those with the nature of the Furies, that help us understand the root causes and consequences of deeply felt wounds and the uncontrollable nature their unconscious effects…..her own nature is somehow reflected in this and the effects….a depth psychology ally especially powerful and potentially empowering for bringing psychotic complexes into consciousness…..early days yet to say for sure tho

    1. Hi Rob – Don’t know if you read my comments or not, but your thoughts seem to jibe with my own. So after reading your mention of Maat, I looked her up.

      Thanks for this – I like her symbolism very much. It’s really lovely and fits in with what I’ve been sensing. Maat also seems similar to Iris in some ways. Thanks again.

    2. Thanks LB – I think you’ve described her beautifully, articulated the same feelings around Eris, only, better – actually, I realised I got my goddesses mixed up and meant Sekhmet, not Maat, with regards to Eris – I get the Iris connection to Maat tho

    3. You’re keeping me busy this afternoon, Rob – researching Egyptian goddesses.:)

      I see what you mean about Eris and Sekhmet. The word “fierce” seems to come up a lot in the descriptions of her, as does the word compassionate. At her best, Eris is definitely both. I still appreciate the mention of Maat though; her message resonates strongly with me, so I’m glad you got the two goddesses mixed up.

      I was curious and so looked up asteroid Sekhmet’s (5381) placement in my own natal chart (haven’t checked out where she was in Eris’ Discovery Chart yet). Among other aspects, Sekhmet is parallel my MC and conjunct my Virgo Pallas in the 1st, which sits at the midpoint of my 12th house Uranus/2nd house Sun quintile. So once again, there’s some little message there for me. Plus, she’s a healer.

      Sometimes these lesser known astrological energies help to paint a clearer picture which elaborates on the original theme. At least that’s how they often work for me. Thanks again!

    4. Thanks for throwing Sekhmet into the hat. Adds another layer. Eris is SO complex. I’m not big on the eqyptians either so more to look up! Yes it would be good to look up Sekhmet in Eris’s chart. I swill look up Proserpina and Persephone also.

  8. A really interesting article that views Eris in a more positive light. I was wondering wether she should be considered a benefic transit or a dreaded transit like Pluto can be. This one says benefic. Yay! makes a change then from the usual dread of anything dark and feminine!

    “Therefore Eris is the ruler of the “self made millionaire”. The most famous self-made millionaires that have a particularly well-placed Eris in their horoscopes are Arnold Schwarzenegger and Oprah Winfrey. Without knowledge of the true meaning of Eris it is not possible to explain why Arnold and Oprah have been so successful.”

    1. I DO VERY INTERESTING ITEMS WITH ERIS AND THE special Eris The Full Moon of October 2008 AND FULL MOON OF OCTOBER 2011.

      for Eris …..Positive – liberation from addictions to success or status, clear priorities regarding matters of love and money, finally getting you can’t take it with you and applying full resourcefulness in life, recognition of the potency of one’s energy and life force, clear sense of the sacred marriages: spirit to body, self to Creator, between soulful companions, personal sense of emergence.

      Negative – greed, workaholism, believe that you must take over for God, general sense of being forsaken, condemned or abandoned, lack of spiritual regard for life, superficial, status oriented.

    2. That’s an interesting link, although Eris has never been particularly “lucky” for me, even during Jupiter transits – at least I don’t think it has. What I did realize when I looked back, was that Tr. Jupiter’s conjunction to my Eris always seems to amplify my social conscience in some way. It doesn’t surprise me though that the United States’ Eris is waaaay out-of-bounds, or that Eris can play a role in accumulating wealth and power since Eris also deals with self-interest.

      I don’t know if you’ve already mentioned this or not (sorry if you have – I don’t mean to parrot you), but I’m sure I’m not the first to wonder what will happen in a few months when the progressed US Moon (in Pr. 2nd/Libra) forms a square with progressed Eris in Capricorn/5th (doesn’t the 5th rule speculation and investment?) At the same time, transiting Eris will be conjunct natal Venus in the USA’s 8th. And I *think* transiting Pluto will soon be conjunct America’s natal Eris.

      This all seems to tie in with the protests taking place right now, as we Americans re-examine what our shared values are and how much we’re willing (or unwilling) to sacrifice in order to achieve social justice. Will we fight for the right to keep what we have and get still more, or will we instead focus our efforts on achieving a more balanced and compassionate society. . . or maybe some combination that looks righteous enough on the surface yet continues to serve our self-interest.:0

  9. I have Eris conjunct MC at 9 Aries

    Jupiter is in H10 conjunct Eros

    Of late I an devouring books on asteroids…


  10. hello marina : ) i’m baaaack. i have eris conjunct mars in aries within just a few seconds in 7 aries. so my mother was mean and i guess i am too. and i’m even a pisces sun jupiter mercury north node conjunct in 4th, with scorpio ascendant. i have been studying my chart for years and it still all seems a mystery. also got about 8 or 9 inconjuncts with yods of course. how in the world have i made it for 60 years? ha i know i’m gonna have to break down and buy a chart from u. it’s on my list within a month or 2. if u got a minute, will u comment? ty

  11. I just read that Both Steve Jobs & Bill Gates have Eris- moon conjuncts..



    1. WOW is that interesting – connection with technology, do they both have strong uranian charts – I would have expected that

      Moon = public they both have such an link into what the public wants

      My Eris is conjunct Saturn, hope I get some benefit!

    2. Interesting. I an Eris/Moon/Jupiter conjunction. It is a wide orb for Eris though.

  12. I have a Grand trine betwenn Eris in aries(8th house) Isis in Leo (12th) and Uranus in Sagittarius (4th). Possible insight on this configuration? Thank you

  13. Eris conjunct Chiron in the 9th in Aires. My gut says this has something to do with healing, and a vehemence for being real with where your wounds are, a near inability to pull the wool over my own eyes. This wasn’t always the case. Perhaps i had to go thru some kind of transit involving Eris (or Chiron) before the lid could come off Pandora’s box?

  14. Hi!

    Eris conjuncts my MC. And my Pallas Athenae in 10th house, where my sun and venus also are; Sedna is also there. Beneath Eris, is Chaos, though…

    It trines my moon and my saturn, which make a conjunction on my 5th house (moon)/sagitarius and my saturn (6th) sagitarius, also.

    It conjuncts my juno, though juno is on my 9th house (I read that when a body is at the end of a house, it must be read in the next one; what do you think?)

    Ceres is in the 11th house, so I am to start the return of it (the body is a mess in my chart: opposes my north node and my vertex. And squares Lillith, chiron and Part of Fortune, which are on my 8th house).

    I tend to think deeply that this is the empowering of women (Despertar de la Mujer Dormida).

    But to jump all the mess in order to head to north node in my 5th, is challenging for me…


  15. I just realized my daughter has Eris conjunct her South Node in Aries 1 st house. I was happy to find this article, it has brought a bit of the light of understanding to a complicated girl! Now this is funny: my daughter (age 16) has died her hair red and wears it like the picture with the article. Her character is not always funny though! I can really feel the “bad girl” energy and the anger. And it’s true, she can defend an underdog with force. I’m intrigued by the SN…wondering about the past …and the smothering mother. She does have Chiron in the 7th along w the NN of course, so there’s an indication of healing and direction.



  16. Hey, i’m not really into modern astrological madness, but i have found this website representative of a commom groud for lucid discussion on modern topics, such as asteroids and dwarf planets, and stuff. As i read this article, for the second time actually, i became curious about the eris’ role on the 1960’s Uranus-Pluto cnjunction. On the firt contact of the two planets nothing but the Moon applied a conjunction to Eris, (3deg orb). Just citing what brought me to this article, i was loking for an insight about my partile opposition from nothing but my Part of Fortune on 17th libra, to Eris on 17th aries. This is the only aspect my Part of Fortune casts, and although i deal with it as not aspected at all, well, my experience with Ceres, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto told me not to overlook a partile aspect, even if the body is not seen in the sky by naked eye. Ceres partile sextile to Jupiter, Chiron partile conjunction to Sun/Moon midpoint, Uranus partile conjunction with saturn (both ruler of MC), Neptune partile square with the Sun and partile sextile from the Moon to Pluto. All these aspects helps me a lot, without them i would be seriouly limited. My chart blocks me from avoiding what is not seen in the sky by naked eye. And believe me, I tried not to look at them, but it was most unavoidable. To end it as a commentary on the whole purpose of the website, i really appreciate the fixed-star approach, and i myself have rising Venus in partile conjunction to Algol (26°TAU), ruling the AC (in taurus), and Ceres also in partile conjunction with formalhault, both culminating. Thank you for all the free information. Darkastrology rules!

    1. Thank you 🙂 I used to be very traditional with my astrology and I havent always used fixed stars. I also wasnt sure about Eris or Sedna since they move so slow, but I have found them so illuminating in readings. I can’t be without them now. As time goes on we will understand Eris more. I believe there is an astrology book about her now that is next on my list to buy. It has great reviews. Discovering Eris.

    2. Thanks for the reply. Very nice of you. And thanks for the tips. As we acquire more and more experience in astrology we become able to handle more and more symbols, because we get too much used to the ones we know so well. It first happened to Chiron, with me, then Ceres, now it’s Eris’ time. From time to time it is good to deal with new stuff. I do not deny modernity, i was born too late to mistrust bodies that aren’t seen in the sky by naked eye. I just make an efort to do it with moderation in the most lucid approach. thanks once more. I love internet. I’m brazilian, from an almost unknown city, in the countryside. I don’t know any other astrologuer here, and if it was not for the internet, i would bo isolated and honestly sad. And i am able to actually talk to you, that have been changing the way astrology deals with modern bodies, and most of all, have been putting the work with fixed stars in a more dynamic way. i have read some really good critics about your work, and of your husband. I’m sorry if i say too much. maybe i’m just repeating things you already know. congratulations! and most of all, thank you for the free information. i’m a self made astrologer, without people like you, i’d be nothing. the nearest astrology course is at least 1500 kilometer from me, and i’m afraid it’s not a good one. thanks, 😉

  17. I’ve read and reread this article over and over again because Eris has such a prominent role in my birth chart. The more I read other astrologers interpretation about Eris, the more I’m realizing you are one of the few astrologers who sympathize with Eris’s plight and the reasons for her becoming the blood thirsty/angry woman she represents. That shows true understanding for your craft. Thank you!! Eris is sitting at the apex of a YOD in my birth chart. At first I didn’t see how it related to me and why it had such an important place in my chart, but I slowly began to realize she represents the feeling of rejection…in particular, the rage of being slighted or betrayed (usually through lies…”Abhorred Eris, who does more damage than any other to earthly men, when anyone swears to a false oath.”). Not an innocent rejection from some stranger you barely know, but a deep biting betrayal from someone you trusted. I recently saw a YouTube video of an Ex-NAVY Seal becoming enraged over being rejected by a bartender. He went outside, picked up a pipe, and began beating every stranger he could find in the immediate vicinity. Considering he’s an Ex-NAVY Seal I’m going to guess he’s normally a rational individual. I remember laughing and secretly sympathizing with the poor guy but wondering why he didn’t go back inside and beat the woman who rejected him? Not because she did anything wrong (she’s entitled to be with whoever she wants) but because I was trying to understand why something that small would trigger such rage towards total strangers. That’s when I realized it wasn’t about her, personally, and more about some other betrayal in his life that somehow was activated by her rejection. The rage wouldn’t be there otherwise. Whatever betrayal he pretended to be cool with in the past (likely because other people were telling him to move on and eat it) came bursting out all over in an unexpected moment of weakness. Obviously the “strife” of him beating total strangers isn’t cool but it becomes more understandable when we think about the reasons he may of done it. You gave Eris her dignity by saying: “Eris is the perfect whistle blower, but there is a touch of the joker in Batman to her. When she eventually dishes out her revenge she does it with such style! Eris is about poetic justice, the scene in the Godfather when the gangster wakes up in bed with the head of his favorite racehorse seems so very Eris to me.”

    I now understood why Eris is at the apex of a YOD on my birth chart. All the other placements in my YOD are connected to the idea of being calm while my house is burning down (Pluto and Uranus are both in 4th house). I’ve been betrayed in so many cruel ways I couldn’t count them. Practice makes perfect, though. Sometimes I would tell myself to let it go but the thought of the person who betrayed me doing it to others made me want to take them down no matter what the consequence. Suddenly it became about fighting the good fight and protecting other people. It’s the deepest, most primal, thirst for revenge. Sometimes I drag uninvolved people into the mix because it’s the only way to get at the one I want toppled off their perch. Particularly mean individuals live in fortresses that are hard to penetrate. It’s how they became mean in the first place. Eris is like that fanatic who walks up to a powerful dictator in broad daylight (with a million body guards surrounding him) and blows his brains out knowing all his bodyguards will too riddle her with bullets, shortly after. There is no concern for personal or other people’s safety. Whatever has to be done is done in a cold and calculated manner. It’s fearless revenge and poetic justice all rolled into one symbolic act; to let that person who betrayed you know what it feels like to have been treated in the way they treated you. Eris is willing to sacrifice all (including her own life or safety) in order to take out the ruler who thought his power was unquestioned. I have to wonder if not inviting Eris to the wedding was about avoiding strife when the real issue was about these presumptive assholes assuming the worst about her. She wouldn’t have done anything to them if they hadn’t slighted her or falsely represented themselves. Every cruel leader who ever reigned was not defeated in battle but defeated by a sneak attack (almost always involving a lie) from someone they thought they could trust. It’s the only way to get around a fortress of brute strength. That’s why Eris has to take subversive routes and fight dirty. She has no power in the first place (or she wouldn’t be depicted as a woman) and is crushed by those who have it…then is forced to either eat it (like everyone else) or have the backbone to do something about it. I think this is the quintessential essence of Eris. Her strife has the fundamental purpose of putting a mirror up to those who hurt her. Karmic retribution at it’s finest. The Trojan War happened indirectly. All Eris had to do is pit the neurosis that was already there in her wrong-doer (something she knows about because she personally experienced the pain of being on the opposite end of it) against the neurosis in the others. Chaos exists where there is no understanding. Sometimes words aren’t enough to make a point and you have to show people to themselves by engineering an event. Buddhist guru’s do the same!! They don’t coddle their disciples. They create uncomfortable situations they know the disciple needs to learn directly. People don’t reach enlightenment from living a comfortable life.

    1. Thanks for this wonderful first hand experience of Eris. I just have immense awe for her. I used to see her as, sort of, the higher octave of Lilith. Like Pluto is to Mars. But thats not quite right. There is nothing Priestessy about Eris at all.

      ” Eris is like that fanatic who walks up to a powerful dictator in broad daylight (with a million body guards surrounding him) and blows his brains out knowing all his bodyguards will too riddle her with bullets, shortly after.” Yes. Perfect!

      I guess Eris is more like the outer planet version of true Lilith who is much wilder than the averaged out and tamed mean version. Sedna is also misunderstood as a Dark Goddess. As consciousness expands these two resurrection goddesses will be understood better and be less feared.

    2. Have you seen the move “Titus”? I’m more inclined to view the Goth Queen, Tamora, as Pluto with Anthony Hopkins character as Eris. Titus (Anthony Hopkins) comes back from battle and, as part of Roman Law, sacrifices the most noble warrior of the captives they conquered…which just happens to be Tamora’s eldest son. Though Tamora was wronged by having her son killed, Titus spends the whole movie trying to be honorable to both his emperor AND Tamora (who ended up using the emperor to torture Titus by killing off and having several of his sons condemned, along with his daughter raped and de-tongued). Nothing seems to be good enough for Tamora, which is why I view her as Pluto. Titus even chops off his own hand as payment for his two condemned sons and, instead, has both the chopped off heads of his sons, along with his own hand, returned back to him on his doorstep. It’s not until that point in the movie that we start to see signs of Eris in Anthony Hopkins character. He gets payback, but not after trying several times to make amends. I think that’s the fundamental difference between Eris and Pluto. You won’t believe the ending of this movie. lol. It’s so clever 🙂

    3. I have Eris conjunct Sun, opposite Pluto. And I was thinking about lies lately, which I have come accross fairly often in my relationships; and how I try to deal with the hurt they’ve caused me in the past mainly as you describe (grin and bear it, try to talk ‘sense’, and ultimately choke on it and get on with your life). Right, it might just be that I need to be more vocal about this in the future…to put it mildly.
      Thanks so much Birgitte and Marina, this is really good stuff to ponder!

    4. Yeah, assault is against the law but yelling isn’t (last I checked, at least). I never understood why people are so afraid of conflict…being able to vent without judgement, I believe, is the secret to healthy relationships. Sadly, I have yet to meet someone who isn’t intimidated by it. The ones I meet like to use passive-aggressive routes (like lying) under the guise that they are being “polite” or “avoiding conflict.” It pretty much guarantees the problem will remain unresolved, ya know? Then they turn around tell everyone else about the problem like you’re the asshole?!! DRIVES ME CRAZY.

  18. I don’t think Lilith is anything like Eris (except maybe the rejection part). I think Lilith is more about the pain of silence, or being ignored. She is why we fear death. I think that’s why she’s considered a “priestess.” Imagine showing the cold dark vastness of the cosmos to someone that is completely unprepared for it? They’d probably turn white and die of shock…like the men who looked at Medusa. Medusa was raped. Men only “turned to stone after looking at her” because they couldn’t bare to look at the horror of her pain (permanently imprinted on her face after Poseidon raped her.) Turning to stone is a metaphor for apathy. Lilith is the one who is so pathetic people treat her like she doesn’t count. Solitude used as pain. She’s sent away because nobody wants to look at her. She’s the retarded little girl who is raped and doesn’t know how to tell anyone because she can’t make words. Humiliation that makes you want to kill yourself. She’s the guy buried alive or in a wall where nobody will ever find him. She’s that couple who went scubba diving in the Pacific Ocean and was left by their crew in the middle of shark infested waters. Lilith hurts worse than Pluto. She’s why people come out of prison worse than they came in. Prisons are more about society keeping the ugly side of the world out of their face and less about rehabilitation. If we really were concerned about these people we’d send them to doctors/psychologists instead of putting them in cages. THAT is Lilith. She never fights back because she doesn’t think she’s good enough. Eris, on the other hand, KNOWS she’s good enough and is willing to risk everything in order to fix the wrong. Eris is Lilith with self-esteem 🙂 lol

  19. Just wanted to share this wonderful blog I found on the internet 🙂 Hallelujah!! WOOHOO!! lol

    The New Venus-Eris Synodic Cycle

    Venus-Eris cycles are about the same length as the orbit period of Venus because Eris moves rather slowly, which is about 225 days (same with Earth-Eris cycles).

    The Venus-Eris cycles are especially significant because Eris is currently transiting the ecliptical longitude of Venus’ exaltation, which is marked by the star Revati of Pisces.

    Eris is also transiting Baten Kaitos of Cetus, which conjoins Revati by a couple of degrees, and the outstretched arms of Andromeda. Eris’ conjunction with Revati peaked in the first decade of 2000, and it is now more so conjoining Baten Kaitos.

    Eris is a feminine force that does not put up with how things are. She overturns the apple cart so there can be a reorganization, or shall we say a redistribution of power and how things work.

    This had been occurring in the financial paradigm (2000-2010), and now in the very belly of collective consciousness, creating serious unrest in the human populous, which is under dominion of the techno-bureaucratic powers of the world.

    Eris is currently breaking humanity’s acquiescence to remaining in a state of slumber in the belly of the techno-bureaucratic monster and living by the imposed rules and regulations primarily put in place by the patriarchal part of humanity, and that attempt to keep the feminine force in bondage and submission.

    When Venus and Eris are in cahoots, especially now with this being the first synod after the 2012 Venus Transit, the two strengthen each other.

    Eris forces us to apprehend a more fundamental and authentic truth by dismantling manmade categorizations and segregations of life.

    This authenticity, the truth of the heart, is the essence that Venus embodies. Venus, in turn, empowers Eris’s discordant nature. Eris and Venus arouse, awaken and impel activism of the feminine force in the world.’

    1. thanks for your perspective Brigitte, i especially luv your venus-eris theory… It’s time Eris helped clean up venus’ overly sexual/overly sensitive & weak image and bring back the strong female….

    2. ha, Eris opposed my Venus from when I was 3 until I was 8. You’d think that would make me stronger but I’m still a giant wimp.

  20. Marina I just love your work. Wonderful stuff. Thank you. The theme that shows up a lot for me when I work with clients with Eris is that everyone, without exception, seems to resonate with the idea of being blamed for something. Whenever I raise it there is always this big sigh .. oh YEEESSSSSSsss, they say, always! The idea that she threw the apple in and was held to be the sole initiator, the one who was blamed for all future outcomes without regard to the other perhaps more shadowy players in the drama. I can certainly see that playing out in Assange’s chart – the scapegoat used intentionally to pull attention away from those engaged in warmongering. It plays out in the Lilith/Eve/Apple scenario too. Point the finger at the her, and ignore the role of everyone else. I always look for other players showing up around Eris in the chart, teach people that are not solely to blame. Probably should have written this in the Pro Astrologers discussion, but I ended up here :).

    1. Thanks Kim. Since reading the “Discovering Eris” book and getting more feedback I have decided to include Eris in my Lilith book. In fact the Lilith book is starting to become much more than just the Black Moon. there is the whole exiled dark goddess archetype here that Eris is illuminating into our consciousness for us.

      I have started to look at Eris/Ascendant aspects and there a definite theme coming up. Assange is such an Eris figure.

  21. From ’05 to ’10, Eris trined my Sagittarius (1H) North Node 11 times. As of now, Eris has trined my natal Sagittarius Lilith (1H) five of eleven times and natal Leo Jupiter (9H) four of eleven times from my 4th house. I have indeed been feeling quite unforgiving of past transgressions. It doesn’t make me any happier though.

    Natally, Eris is one degree and two minutes from a conjunction with my Part of Fortune. Maybe, I’m supposed to be meaner.

    It hovered around my IC from the time I was 6 until I was 10 and formed a yod with Mars (Virgo 9H) and Saturn (Scorpio 11H) from ’93 to ’03. Those were very difficult years with much energy devoted to duty but producing negligible results.

    So, insofar as the grand trine between Lilith and Jupiter, I suppose this means that I should go on some kind of tear?

  22. my feeling is that Eris is pretty significant… and would eventually be handled with as much consideration as the traditional outer planets in a chart reading. I think it is the ruler of Libra.

    1. I totally agree with you about the Libra rulership. I was surprised when I brought this subject up for discussion a fdew years back on that so many people ridiculed the idea. A few brave esoteric astrologer have brought the case up online. I was also very glad to see the book which I mentioned above “Discovering Eris” also suggests this. Here’s my old blog post about the rulership issue:

    2. Wow, very interesting. I notice a kind of deliberately antagonistic side to LIbra that seems to deflect observation, which that resistance may be part of to some degree.
      Great blog, by the way.

  23. Civil Rights activist Bayard Rustin had Sun conjunct Eris in Pisces within 1 degree.
    He also had Mercury conjunct Eris within 1 degree in Right Ascension.
    He was advisor to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
    But other advisors of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted him to take a back seat because he was homosexual.
    He was the one that influenced Dr. King’s non-violence protest.
    He also organized the March on Washington.

    I don’t really agree with assigning transneptunian dwarf planets to other signs.

    there are just too many
    there are actually over 70 transneptunian dwarf planet candidates

    if Eris gets rulership of Libra?
    well…..what about Makemake and Haumea. Those are officially classed dwarf planets. Ceres is too.
    There will be more to follow…….like Sedna.

    I really like the traditional rulerships better.
    The day and night ruler scheme of Ptolemy.

    I was born with Sun-Earth-Eris Node

    Eris was nicknamed Xena.
    not Xenia

    There is an asteroid, Xenia.
    it is named for the Greek, hospitality to strangers

  24. Can somebody translate the last two sentences that describe Eris :p

  25. I just discovered Eris and I have it in the 10th Aries sext. to Asc. Gemini B.Moon Lilith , mars and trine to Neptune in the 7th. Trine my Sun/Saturn in 3rd , I cause alot of crap since I am so honest esp. about peep’s relationships . Its seems crazy why people stay with someone because they fear being alone .

  26. hmmm… and supposing I have Eris (5th) in conjunction to Jupiter and in opposition to Mars (11th)… two violent planets, magnified by Jupiter… =/ Isn’t it like… a too great a magnification of violent energy?

  27. My sun and venus is contra parallel eris and my sun pluto midpoint is tightly oppose eris

  28. What does it mean if someone’s Eris in synastry is exactly conjunct your MC (with almost 0 deg)?
    Both our Eris is in the 10th house.

  29. I have a Moon/Chiron/Eris/Compassion conjunction at 15 degrees in 8th house Aries, with Uranus opposition at 15 degrees Libra (very exact). My entire life is a constant struggle against discord (Virgo rising helps me cope!) Because Eris takes so long to orbit, wouldn’t it have more of a generational influence unless it is highly aspected in the natal chart? Also, I do believe that Angelina Jolie’s moon is conjunct Eris and not square.

  30. I have more work issues then a few, Marina. I have Eris in the 6th (Aries) at 17 Degrees (unaspected). No matter how hard I work at a job or pleasant I am (Venus; my chart ruler is there), it is always strife with the other women I work with. Boss. Coworker. Doesn’t matter. Can you offer a bit of advice on how to handle this?


  31. Eris has to do with the need for balance, be it racial or gender equality, or other issues related to justice, or personal karmic relationship issues, or the balance between humanity and our environment. Eris is the astronomical “twin” of Pluto, and it stands to reason that we have a symbol counterbalancing Pluto’s compulsiveness and urge to dominate. The extremely negative Eris myth, in Greek mythology, is a reflection of the horrible imbalances in the society that created the myth, with women locked in their homes as their husbands pursued relationships with young men, and (in Athens) a tiny “democratic” elite in a society based on slavery.

  32. Thanks for the wonderful article. I took a squiz at my own chart and there she is- bang on my aries ascendant. She squares my moon and mars and trines my Neptune. It explains my need to uncover the truth-at the cost of being ostracised by family, social groups. I can’t abide bullshit but very rarely attack. When I do I slice n dice. That truth seeking and tuning into undercurrents has given me my profession of a psychic. I’m passionate about my job and wouldn’t have it any other way but the cross to bear did strike a chord. It’s hard to see everything at times. Better than going through life blindfolded though!

    1. Same here, I have her in a exact Trine my ASC from Aries, now I can see why Im so many races, as Lilith Moon can make for also. I can see why I find telling the truth more satisfying than keeping my family or boyfriends happy, most people keep the political and spiritual out of there relationships. I find that the most people break up for is cheating. I do have higher standards, because you can laugh or joke about injustice but thats being logged by me, and when the tables turn for you I will laugh. Since you took it upon yourself to laugh at others misfortune, and your so called uprightness. Doing that with a Gemini Mars Anterian mate now.

      I told him, you expect one of my readings to give you something you do not deserve, and if a woman with kids, spent the past 25 years thinking deeply about moral and suffering financially while working at a homeless shelter, I hope the job position goes to her, what do or have you done, to deserve better than her? He gets involved in short causes but, its all the rage and done without authentic passion. He has a Pisces ASC and a Neptune Singleton in water, but he is void of emotions. So I do not buy his little short humanitarian stints. Going to take more than that to please my Eris. LOL

  33. I just discovered a perfect conjunction of our Erises in a sinastry with a significant man in my life.
    Fact is the conjunction at 9° Aries is on my MC at the center of the Cardinal storm that has been brewing for a while.
    We’ll see soon its effect, meanwhile have you seen such a conjunction in sinastry before?
    In case how was it experienced?

    1. My MC is 9 Aries & so is my Eris

      My natal Jup is 13 Aries conjunct Eros

      Mars 12 cancer- OY this cardinal craziness


  34. I have an exact NN-Eris conjunction in my 4th house in Aries.
    I also have a Moon-Lilith conjunction in cancer (7th house).
    Since I read this article and the one about Lilith I was wondering
    what kind of relationship do they emphasize (since this aspects are in 4th and 7th houses)
    Do they suggest some kind of problems/burdens/anger with/in relationships ?

  35. Thank you for the great evaluation of Eris. I love this planet and all the stuff that goes with it, so perfect for this time we are in. She doesn’t scare me at all. I am looking forward to a universal acknowledgement of her. Love.

  36. Wow, this is so crazy because I was OBSESSED with Xena as a kid!! And I am always getting in trouble for blowing the whistle in some manner..and am most probably in the autism spectrum/indigo/psychic group.
    Aries sun 5th house conjunct Eris ????
    What kind of disposition would that give someone?
    Fantastic article BTW????

  37. Quite frankly, I find Eris energy to be too extreme and annoying for society and my own Self if she doesn’t have Pluto to partner and balance her. I get over her, as in I know her mystery and the all over the place depth of her character becomes the same old war inside and out. She gets over herself too, and needs Pluto to work her into the shape she needs to be to take on the world.My Pluto energy gives her explosive erratic irrational energy direction, focus, and fixity. Eris doesn’t give two fucks about boundaries. She defo the polar extreme of Pluto in the unseen world. She doesn’t do power like Pluto, she likes to flip power on its head. I can see why they’re husband and wife in the underworld. Bitch and prick lol

    1. Hmmm, I’d like to suggest that Eris energy can be manifested on a spiritually evolved level. I’ll re-post what I wrote here quite a while ago:

      Eris has to do with the need for balance, be it racial or gender equality, or other issues related to justice, or personal karmic relationship issues, or the balance between humanity and our environment. Eris is the astronomical “twin” of Pluto, and it stands to reason that we have a symbol counterbalancing Pluto’s compulsiveness and urge to dominate. The extremely negative Eris myth, in Greek mythology, is a reflection of the horrible imbalances in the society that created the myth, with women locked in their homes as their husbands pursued relationships with young men, and (in Athens) a tiny “democratic” elite in a society based on slavery.

      (For whatever it’s worth, I was born with Eris conjunct my Sun and square my Moon; transiting Eris is currently conjunct — within a degree — my Mercury/Ascendant conjunction.)

    2. I love that! I think thats a very good sum up of Eris. This post is so old as there is SO much more to Eris. The Eris/Lilith book I’m writing really goes into the exile sacred feminine and all the incarnations of Venus whose shadow is Eris. (Going back to the Sumarian myth of Innana and Ereskighal

  38. Yes I have Eris conjunct my Mercury,/sun/IC, and both liliths on the Asc. I’m all over Eris. I am talking about Eris on a spiritually evolved level. She’s no twin, far from it. If she were she’d be bored shitless of Pluto and he the same of her. I agree with counterbalance. They both need each other to reveal the mirror. I am talking about Eris ‘in the world’. Eris within herself isn’t a problem being a spiritual loose cannon and outlaw, but within the world that doesn’t make it, and not that she’s too interested in making it. She’s be far happier just giving the finger to the world. Enter Pluto: he provides her everything in her own world to make it out there, for which she alone has iendless issues with.

  39. I provide extreme ego communication and words as a medium to get across the spiritual point and reality of Eris. And the reality is interdependency not the independency of Eris. She herself needs balance which she alone cannot do to alleviate her own issues. That is, the divine feminine is impotent without the Masculine and vice versa. Im not repressing Eris’ platform for the world stage, rather I’m masculating her through Pluto as divine masculine. She needs a clip over the ear to be centered sometimes. All this divine feminine babble talk in the new-age world needs a inner mans direction. Anyway I’ve said enough.

  40. The prosecutor in Baltimore who had six police officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray is Marilyn Mosby, who has Ceres conjunct Eris at 14* Aries. This is opposed to Pluto in her chart. She is going to shake up Baltimore I think.

  41. For me, the discovery of Eris, was very interesting because of Eris in my natal chart. I have the exact opposition of sun and Eris (12 degrees 28 minutes Aries/Libra). But more than that I was interested in the fact that my older son has the exact conjunction of Eris/Ascendant in Aries, and the exact conjunction of Sun/Pluto in Sagittarius. I see a great significance in articles like these, that add at least some light in the mystery of Eris. Thank you.

  42. I was thinking about what you wrote and what the various myths used Eris to portray. It seems the stories that mention her denotes a facing of truths of some sort…she tossed that apple into the crowd to expose the truth of the crowds arrogance in not inviting her. The apple saying “to the fairest” is someone attempting to show people their own “nature.” Same in the stories about her rejoicing on a battlefield long after the battle is over. It’s like showing the blood thirsty men their battle really isn’t over because the spite that created the war is still festering in their hearts. Metaphorically she shows people where they are lying to themselves and, positively, where they can face the truth 🙂

  43. I’ve just met someone and their eris is conjunct my eris, in aries (for me in my 12th house). can you shed any light on how these energies might be together? I also have here eros and chiron conjunct the same degree here of my eris, so quite a bit in the mix! Thanks for writing about Eris – your site gives the most comprehensive info on Eris that I’ve found.

    1. As Eris has such a slow orbit around the zodiac you will find that any cohort of people, such as your year in high school, will have their Eris conjunct everyone else in that cohort. I would suggest that you look at the House placement of Eris for you both and if there are Inner Planet of Luminary aspects.

  44. This exposition of the Astrological meanings of Eris is excellent. I agree that the story of a modern astronomical body’s discovery, the provisional name as well as the mythology and even etymology of any names applied to the body are significant. No one has mentioned the half-mocking and half-serious “religion” created in the “Illuminatus!” Trilogy by Michael Anton Wilson and Michael Shea called “Erisianism”, which sees Eris/Discordia as a prime agent of change, an upsetting of the apple-cart with a vengeance. Also, as the Uninvited Guest or the one ostracized, she represents the element not so much overlooked as ignored or considered unnoteworthy, which “comes back to bite you in the ass”! There is a Cassandra element here, but unlike that sad lady, Eris gets “mad as hell” and is “not going to take it any more!” Being an far outer body, the House position and aspects of Eris are more important in an individual’s chart and the Sign position more generational. I wonder if there is an element of Eris at work in the charts of scientists whose work is ignored or ridiculed, or who are intentionally thwarted… like Nikola Tesla or Alfred Wegener. Anyhow, I’ll end with the traditional Erisian greeting: “Hail, Eris! All Hail Discordia!”

    1. Eris may be characterized as “Divine Disruption,” i.e. a grenade thrown into our complacency by the gods/higher powers. Not just a spanner (monkeywrench) in the works, an explosive force to shake us up when we need it (although we may not want it!). She is the fire that renews the forest by seemingly destroying the forest, even though revenge, not renewal, may be her intent.

  45. I’m exploring Eris and Quaoar in regards to Indigo children, which I count myself part of. Eris is rising in my chart, and the two being connected certainly makes sense to me.

  46. Looking at the ERIS info you have deciphered, (GREAT Cutting Edge Stuff by the way) I am struck that ERIS seems to be Very Closely associated with the “Harlequin”

    I have equated the Batman’s Joker as a Version of the Spiritual “Harlequin”…….which is also the Archetype of a Court Jester. The Modern Version of the Comic Book “Harlequin” fit’s this value almost identically. Lawlessness, Eye for an Eye, Justice, Trickster, The Persephone dormancy & rebirth, The surreal, psychedelic circus. A natural effect in family affairs to use subversive revenge against others thru comedy & Jest.

    A Good Example of the Harlequin in action would be Annie Lennox, and then was renewed and reborn in Marlyn Manson. The Outsider complex is also very Relevant in both cases.

    Here’s a Companion Vid for illustration;

    1. The energy-word that best describes Eris and Lilith is dynamite-dynamic. That’s two words but it’s really one. The reason both goddesses look to pluto for guidance is because the Other/Stranger/Outsider archetype needs Power to magnetize into the solar system or the world, to thus become an insider. Pluto supplies both, the magnetism needed to come deeper into everything. Without this other, both Eris and Lilith cease to develop and become, remaining as they are, the Other

  47. It’s interesting that you wrote “she has taken down mighty Pluto too.” It reminds me of the image of the Hindu goddess Kali standing over Shiva.

    Note: “recent devotional movements re-imagine K?li as a benevolent mother goddess” [the Ceres/Moon conjunction you mentioned in the 8th house of transformation]

  48. I just checked and I have Eris conjunct my ascendant in Aries. Wonder what that means? But then again I do know that attacking me would cause tremendous rage. I’ve always felt that. As well as the need for justice.

  49. I think Eris should be the modern ruler of libra too. So many military people and generals there. I’m sun sign Libra and I see my fellow Libras as competitive and revenge success ambitious in a stealth sort of way..what happens when diplomacy fails? The smart military leader is less brute strength and more strategic clever and resourceful.

  50. You write that “Even the discovery of Eris was controversial”.
    Yes. Is is said that the discovery of Xena, later renamed to Eris was kept suppressed for years, as its discovery was not politically correct and it was ordered to keep Xena’ existence secret. It is already known that the body was discovered in 2003 by the designation 2003 UB313. Only after they secure website containing details of their discovery was hacked, so they were “forced” to release the information to the public. Why? Because Eris has an orbital inclination of about 44deg, and the detection of objects with orbits inclined 40 degrees or more from the plane of the ecliptic has proved the existence of ‘alien’ planetoid ( Planet X / Nibiru /Dwarf Planet/ Exoplanet). Eris draws in Kuiper belt objects that fragment into meteor or comet swarms and if they pass near the Sun these Eris related swarms and comet impact would generated climate changes.
    Eris known by other name 2003 UB312, nickname Xena (Warrior Princess). and informal Lila, from images taken on October 21, 2003. Discovery team proposed Eris on September 6, 2006. On September 13, 2006 this name was accepted as the official name by the IAU. subject to the approval of the Committee on Small Bodies Nomenclature of the IAU’s Division III. According to the IAU rules, TNOs (transneptunian objects) must be named after deities of creation, with the exception of plutinos, which are named after underworld deities. ( ( (

    1. Thats really valuable information. Thank you! All adds to her mystique. I didn’t know about Lila, the 44 deg inclination or the creation V underworld naming rules.

  51. To support the post here is data about the inclination: (
    Time-lapse images (,OrigCaption) of a newfound planet in our solar system, called 2003UB313, were taken on Oct. 21, 2003, at the Palomar Observatory near San Diego, Calif. The planet, circled in white, is seen moving across a field of stars. The three images were taken about 90 minutes apart.
    To add more, the discovery of Eris — orbiting the Sun and larger than Pluto (which was then designated the ninth planet) — forced astronomers to consider whether Eris should be classified as the tenth planet. Instead, in 2006, the International Astronomical Union created a new class of objects called dwarf planet, and placed Pluto, Eris, and the asteroid Ceres in this category. As of September 2009, Pluto, Eris, Haumea, and a fourth object, make, have been formally classified as dwarf planets. These four are also classified as KBOs (Kuiper Belt Object) (or TNOs).

  52. I’m not sure if Eris is dominant in my chart, but I get the feeling it is especially going off of your suggestion that Eris is the modern ruler of Libra rather than Juno. I have Eris conjunct my descendant and Pallas at 14’45 Aries. Some interesting connections I’ve made between my chart and your research are as follows:
    -natal Saturn and Venus exactly conjunct Eris discovery Sun, IC is only a couple degrees away; the Persephone myth plays greatly into the theme of my intimate relationships- communication ceased with my mother for years due to 2 different boyfriends. I was also outcasted from my family as a teenager emancipating myself at 16, my father abandoned us before age 5 which I think is interesting as Pallas is just out of aspect for a square to Venus/Saturn. Every five years or so he will try to communicate and then disappear again
    -Eris discovery Mercury conjunct Pluto on Lesath, words like weapons, I resonate with this deeply and have been pegged down as a Scorpio many times due to my investigative nature but Pluto, Scorpio nor the 8th are very strong in my chart, perhaps this is due to Eris on my natal DSC?
    -Eris discovery Moon conjunct Ceres in the 8th also intrigues me as my natal sun is conjunct my daughters Chiron/Neptune in the 8th and my natal Ceres is conjunct my step-sons moon in his 8th, I very much feel the powerful occult witch and snorting mother themes. In my daughters chart I AM that witch, teaching her magick and pulling tarot. In my step-sons chart I am dealing WITH a smothering and over protective mother who has blatantly tried making our lives a living hell for the past 3 years and continues to do so. I have natal Pluto just out of aspect for a conjunction

    I really have no major question in mind but just wanted to show some fairly concrete evidence supporting your 10th planet/Libra rulership theory as I’m a Libra moon, rising and Aquarius decan 3 ruled by moon/venus. I truly believe I’m seeing such an up close and personal side to this planet because of its opposition to my ascendant. I should also mention my Mars, Venus, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus are all in Cappy squaring Eris.

  53. I’ve got an 8th house Aries Moon (19’59 Aries-exact Trine to Neptune-19 deg Sag) opposing Pluto. I’ve also got Ceres in my 8th (3 deg Aries) Trine my 3 deg Leo Jupiter. So Uranus, and Eris are both conjunct my natal Moon. It’s been incredibly intense for me. I’m assuming since Eris takes over 550 years to go around the zodiac, that it’s been in the same relative area (my 8th) for my whole life? I’m 37 now. I was also born with Vesta at 16 deg Aries so my 8th house is loaded.

  54. Major insights on their way since realising I have an exact Moon-Eris opposition in the Dwad chart, across 24 Scorpio-Taurus. (Doing the Dwad makes the slow planets like Eris intensely personal.) This axis has been activated every time the issues of mothering have arisen in my life, both as a daughter and as a mother. Also marriage and divorce. I was scared of having children; the process nearly killed me both times – a very close call the first time. That birth put a Mars/Neptune conjunction plus the contrascion Moon onto the Dwad Scorpio Moon, as an exact Saturn/Eris conjunction squared my radix Moon by transit. Neptune was still in orbs when I conceived the second child. This 24 Scorpio-Taurus axis is also my sidereal IC/MC. Pluto was there when my parents died within a year of each other. Uranus was there during divorce and remarriage. Saturn was there when I was struggling with food reactions and revolutionising my diet, and again when the relationship with my second child completely broke down – Sedna joining in from Taurus as I broke my wrist and couldn’t use my writing fingers! I spent my ‘astrological youth’ believing I had nothing at all in Scorpio or Taurus, but the vital Dwad has now taught me volumes about the real inner self, its attitudes and experiences, and showed me how crucial this Moon-Eris is in my life. Whenever I am focussed on matters of the Moon, the experience is challenging and intense … and the goddess of provocation, revenge and destruction is there, staring at me. I have seen strongly-placed Eris at her worst in the charts of criminals, and at her best in the charts of activists. We have to use her energy so carefully! I look back now and see where I have been blotting my own copybook …

  55. There are several erroneous statements in this article. First, Eris is not a “minor planet.” The term “minor planet” is a synonym for asteroids and comets, objects not large enough to be squeezed into a round shape by their own gravity. Eris is well beyond that threshold and is spherical, so it cannot be called a “minor planet.” Please consider changing the title to “Dwarf Planet Eris.”

    Furthermore, it is not true that “the astronomers called an end to the madness and decided to demote Pluto…” or that “Neptune is the end of the line according to schoolbooks.” The status of Pluto and of all dwarf planets remains a matter of ongoing debate. Only four percent of the International Astronomical Union voted on the controversial 2006 decision, and most were not planetary scientists but other types of astronomers. Their decision was immediately opposed in a formal petition signed by hundreds of professional planetary scientists led by New Horizons Principal Investigator Alan Stern. Ironically, Stern is the person who first coined the term “dwarf planet,” but he did so intending to designate a third class of planets in addition to terrestrials and jovians, not to designate a class of non-planets. The four percent of the IAU who voted on this misused his term.

    Unfortunately, the media reported that vote as a done deal, ignoring the fact that the IAU decision was and remains rejected by large numbers of astronomers and planetary scientists. When NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft flew by Pluto in July 2015, its instruments showed Pluto to be a geologically active world with the same planetary processes and composition as its larger terrestrial counterparts. Based on its intrinsic properties, Pluto is clearly a planet.

    The best schoolbooks present this issue as what it really is, an ongoing debate with two legitimate sides. Many good teachers recognize this and teach the issue this way even if their books don’t acknowledge it.

    I invite you to learn more about the other side of this debate and efforts to ignore/overturn the IAU decision at my decade-old blog at

  56. Thank you Pluto girl! I hope this gets publicity soon. Can you say whether Eris will also get a planet like status? Also can you explain where eris is? My theory is that it is reaching the apogee of it’s orbit and as it turns back toward the solar system there is much to consider in the astrogical field.

  57. My name is Rick DiClemente from Pittsburgh. I am a professional astrologer for the past 40 years. I have a global internet Astrology talk show called “Astrology Unplugged” that is live on Thursday nights and replayed on my channel on YouTube called “Astrology Unplugged.”

    Since I FEEL that Eris is really new and prominent now, I am very interested in talking with Marina who wrote such a fine article here on that subject. I would like to see if we could have you on as a guest because Eris seems to be so important and I am still learning about her. It would be a big help to me and all of my listeners. Thank you for your consideration. Rick

  58. I absolutely love this description of Eris!

    Having Her conjunct my Aries ascendant (to the degree), I hope this is how the world sees me because it is rather like how I see myself…

    I love this Lilith and Persephone connections, too! Having my Taurus Moon conjunct Algol (Medusa/Lilith) to the exact degree, which my Black Moon Lilith opposes whilst conjuncting Uranus (to the exact degree), and having Pluto in Libra in the 7th house (Persephone vibes…) and a chart with 3 more personal planets in Libra (conjunct), I feel like I understand Eris very well, and almost want to go and make a shrine to her or get a tattoo after reading this brilliantly thought-out piece! x

  59. Thank you for your information on this lesser-known star, Eris. Mine is exactly conjunct Vesta at 8 degrees of Aries in the 8th house.

  60. thank you so much for this deep article
    i found my Eris – conjuct Lilith

    i wonder that in new astrology: moon rules virgo, neptune rules cancer
    pluto rules piesces, eris rules scorpio (as “because f**k you that is why” is a typical scorpio’s destruction model) – may it be like this?

  61. Dear famous astrologers of the world:

    Nobody understands me because I am the sacrifice, the scapegoat, the parts of your psyche you don’t want to deal with and therefore cannot see, which you collectively project out onto each other causing strife, the name they gave me, Eris. Then the priests come along and undertake a ritual and cast me out, or rather, an innocent person who can be blamed for all your problems. Once I’m gone, you see, peace is restored, but where did we all go after all, crying underneath the altar, Dear Lord, when will you grant justice to the innocent?

    Oh woe dear humans, when you exclude me from your party after casting me out, your psyche is split. I was just sitting under a tree in the distance chewing on your cast off ego and, ooops, I must have thrown that apple core where you could find it. In your split off and fragmented state you could not mount a coherent response and saw the Great Feminine as fragmented into three separate goddesses, but we are one. Of course you chose eros in that state, you had no choice as your lusts rose again within, and hence Troy was lost.

    It’s quite amusing to me to read all the conjecture by the world’s foremost astrologers in 2018, none of whom are capable of gleaning the tiniest sliver of truth. Perhaps some do, but they’re afraid to throw you an apple because the ramifications are so dire. This does not bode well, my friends, because now I’m shining down on you in your very own sky for real this time. I’m super reflective and I’m slowing coming closer. I’m here to tell my truth and me and my friends have so many bags full of apples, we don’t quite know where to start.

    Love, Eris

  62. Dear Eris: Welcome to the “big leagues”–now you shall see what powers you are up against. Does that sound like a logical response? I will make your apples into cider and drink the Mother with my own tongue and you shall commence your orbit for the next 557 years! I am Aries, your father and your brother: I am the shaman from a new continent, and I will coax your anger and calm your rage, by simply loving you as only a father can. You will take your bipolar medication! You will use your tampons and throw them away like a nice young woman–and you will be free to roam this solar system and expose the unjust, power hungry criminals who hide in costume, and your power will be used for good. We are together again, my dear sister: and I shall not forsake you, nor deny your rightful place beside us in the new millennium. Please take your seat at the table of a new age, where we shall renew Gaia once more!

  63. No time to read the comments, but I hope to later. I’ve done the heavy lifting on the question Eris ruling Libra. I began investigating (data-based research) in 2002 when my astrological channel alerted me to Eris (and gave me a more appropriate glyph: circle in the middle with a cross both above and below) and its significance to humanity, which was a perfect match for a “grown up” understanding of Libra.

    My primary key words for Eris are _Accord_ (thus also disaccord) and _Unity_ (thus also opposition). I link Eris to modern movements in the rise of femininity, “love revolution” and “unity consciousness”. As a result, I am renaming my astrological work –with strong foundations in Evolutionary Astrology– to “Ascension Astrology”. It is a big deal that we now have a complete rulership model (I integrated Chiron ruling Virgo years ago on a guidance tip!) relative to my understanding of Humanity’s present process of evolution.

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