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Your Leo 2022 horoscope continues the serious love examination theme with Saturn in your marriage sector. Unfortunately, Jupiter is no longer around to soften the blow of any challenges. However, that may be a good thing as sometimes Jupiter can inflate difficulties depending on your chart configuration.

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Leo 2022 Year Ahead

On the plus side, Saturn also brings a commitment to those relationships and the stamina to see things through. What about the other dark lord?

Well, Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 and will enter Aquarius and your 7th house in January 2024. So Pluto will pick up any scum that Saturn left behind. Pluto is the deep cleaner.

Yes, Pluto then will really matter for you in a few years, so it will be best to prepare now for the life-changing effect it will have on all areas of your life. You are having a practice run now with Saturn. Venus retrograde will also help and highlight Pluto’s final sweep through your health and slavery house! Fun, fun, fun..

Venus in Capricorn

Venus will Retrograde your 6th House from December 19 2021 to January 29 2022. Venus will be in Capricorn until March 5th.  But we have a very Dark Cupid Venus retrograde where she slows down and switches direction while in the grips of lecherous Pluto. So some of the themes of imminent Pluto in your 7th house will be tested on you, albeit in a way more concentrated form. So don’t be too alarmed. Maybe it will build up an immunity?

SEED MOMENT! Sun Conjunct Venus at 18º Capricorn (January 8 2022.)

The Venus retrograde will force you to deal with the practicalities of the real world and not romantic fluff. I’m afraid you will have to set aside your more frivolous urges for the time being and concentrate on making relationships work with co-workers and business partners. 

It is also unusual because Venus will meet Mars twice. The first conjunction will happen in your 6th house. Venus here is just incompatible with indulgence and pleasure, so this will be a test of how well you can resist temptations away from your daily duties.

Darkstar at Red Bubble

If you do not have a steady job, you must stick to your routines. You could easily fall into lazy habits, which will be hard to knock later on. 

Venus retrograde in the 6th house is the transit of slacking off and trying to cut corners; again, this is not recommended. You will still have to make up for time lost when Venus goes direct, and then you will feel even less like doing the work twice over.

During the first half of this period,  December 20 2021, to January 7, Venus is in her harmonious phase, which brings ease to work relationships, while during the second half, from January 8 to 30, 2022, Lucifer Venus will want to play the office clown, try not to take advantage of your popularity. It could cause resentment later on. 

SEED MOMENT! Venus Conjunct Mars at 16º Capricorn (February 16 2022)

This post-Valentines day conjunction suggests you could find romance in the doctor’s surgery. So don’t go there looking like a scruff.


As I have said before, I think this Venus retrograde will give you a rehearsal to test how well you will cope with Pluto in the 7th house. This combo is more likely to affect you if you have personal planets or your descendant around 26º Capricorn (Or cardinal signs.) If that is the case, watch what happens when Venus and Mars both hit Pluto, you will reach peak Pluto testing then. 

You will get an idea of what to expect when Pluto hits your descendant after 2024 (depending on the degree). Pluto conjunct your descendant a potent, once-in-a-lifetime transit. So at least you will have time to prepare if it does yield something dramatic. Don’t panic because everyone is different; it depends on what fixed star you have placed there and your descendant’s aspects. It will most likely affect your partner if you have one or the theme of relationships in general, not you physically.

The Venus-Mars conjunction in Aquarius should be mega fabulous as it falls on the cusp of your marriage house. Wedding bells? Or maybe you just attend someone else wedding.

Saturn Challenges In 2022

Saturn has entered your house of relationships. And this is a significant transition house. Saturn ascends from the inner zone of your chart and out over the horizon. It’s time to test how well you hold yourself when confronted with the needs of others. 

Your capabilities will be tested, too, so give projects and people your best, and you will get the best. If you find people do desert you, it simply shows that you are not in the same league as them…yet! 

SEED MOMENT! Venus Conjunct Saturn 21º Aquarius (March 28 2022)

Here is where Saturn’s law of karma comes into play, where you have wisely invested will start to pay off. If not, more effort is needed. Saturn rewards hard work. Marriage break-ups are the traditional interpretation for Saturn in this sector, but only if your relationship had been left to rot anyhow. 

SEED MOMENT! Mars conjunct Saturn 22º Aquarius (April 5 2022)

Mars conjunct Saturn in your relationship house can reconstitute any stinking residue to fertilize the romantic soil for new growth. The 7th house is one of the foundational houses of the chart, so this is one of the most critical Saturn transits. As with all outer planet transits in the angular houses, there can sometimes be a domino effect on the other three sectors. So commitments made in partnerships and whether you should fix or finish them will impact all other areas of your life in 2022.

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