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Fixed Stars

ALGOL 26º Taurus
ANTARES 9º Sagittarius
VEGA 14º Capricorn
ALTAIR 1º Aquarius

My readings consider the fixed stars influence through the zodiac decans. The fixed stars only influence the horoscope through conjunctions, orbs vary according to magnitude of star. You can also use fixed stars in progressions.

“…the only difference being that they do not persist throughout the life. Therefore in studying the effects of directions the same delineations may be used if it is borne in mind that they are of a transitory nature and not lasting. Either primary or secondary directions may be used and both are calculated in the usual way….” ~ Vivian Robson. [1]

Due to the precession of the equinoxes, the fixed stars move forwards through the zodiac at one degree every 72 years. Read my ‘Use Of Fixed Stars’ article for more information.

“the Fixed stars give great gifts, and elevate even from poverty to an extreme height of fortune, the seven planets do not do so” ~ William Lily.

1. The Fixed Stars & Constellations In Astrology. Vivian Robson.Pg 92 -105