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Fixed Stars Astrology As a fixed star astrologer, my readings are based on their influence through the zodiac decans. It is generally accepted that the fixed stars only influence the horoscope through conjunctions to the planets and also other points, like the Ascendant, Midheaven, and even the Part of Fortune. You can also use fixed stars in progressions. Robson says this “…the only difference being that they do not persist throughout the life. Therefore in studying the effects of directions the same delineations may be used if it is borne in mind that they are of a transitory nature and not lasting. Either primary or secondary directions may be used and both are calculated in the usual way….” ~ Vivian Robson [1]

Due to the precession of the equinoxes, the fixed stars move forwards through the zodiac at one degree every 72 years. “the Fixed stars give great gifts, and elevate even from poverty to an extreme height of fortune, the seven planets do not do so” ~ William Lily.

There are two methods of using the fixed stars and their constellations for astrological purposes nowadays. 1) The fixed stars longitude method on the ecliptic or 2) The visual astrology of parans….

More about my method of using fixed stars


Fixed Star Algol 26 Taurus
Fixed Star Aldebaran 9 Gemini
Fixed Star Betelgeuse 29 Gemini
Fixed Star Wasat 18 Cancer
Fixed Star Regulus 29 Leo
Fixed Star Algorab 13 Libra
Fixed Star Acrux 11 Scorpio
Fixed Star Antares 9 Sagittarius
Fixed Star Facies 8 Capricorn
Fixed Star Vega 14 Capricorn
Fixed Star Altair 1 Aquarius
Fixed Star Fomalhaut 3 Pisces
Fixed Star Scheat 29 Pisces


Constellation Aries 2-23 Taurus.
Pleiades Stars Cluster 29 Taurus – 1 Gemini
Hyades Star Cluster 5 – 8 Gemini
Constellation Crater 22 Virgo – 7 Libra
Constellation Lyra 15 -21 Capricorn
Constellation Noctua 16 – 20 Scorpio
Constellation Serpens 16 Scorpio – 16 Capricorn
Constellation Ophiuchus 1 – 29 Sagittarius

1. The Fixed Stars & Constellations In Astrology. Vivian Robson.Pg 92 -105

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  1. Zenvesta

    Hi ,
    just this question – because of precession arent fixed stars suppose to move backward rather than forward?

    1. Marina Macario Post author

      Good question! I note that the fixed stars move forward through the zodiac because Regulus has now moved into Virgo when before it was in Leo. Virgo is ahead of Leo. But the precession of the equinox is about the earths wobble and slippage, ie moving backwards…. Some say precession is caused by us moving in space rather than the earths wobble, but that’s a whole other debate. The equinox point of 0º Aries is moving backwards into Pisces and is now in constellation Pegasus. Hmmmm….The stars are moving forward while it is the zodiac that is moving backwards? Does that make sense?

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