Alkes ~ Birthdays September 14/16

The constellation Crater represents the cup given to Corvus the crow by Apollo to fetch water. In the heavens you can see it on the back of Hydra the water-snake opposite the crow.

It gives “a kind, generous, cheerful, receptive, passionate and hospitable nature, with good mental abilities, but subject to apprehension and indecision. There is a disordered life full of sudden and unexpected events, and great danger of unhappiness, but usually some eminence.“[1]

Lush Vineyards & Ancestral Talents

Constellation CraterFixed star Alkes is located at 23º Virgo in the constellation Crater. This star is a bright orange and of 4th magnitude. It gives a love of springs, rivers and streams.

Subjects with this star prominent may be very protective of water sources and are happiest living by the sea or on the river. They also may work in any business connected with water in a therapeutic sense; hydrotherapy, saunas, garden-ponds and fountains, canal builder or even colonic irrigation.

The other named star in Crater, [1]

Alkes is connected to fine wines, vineyards and lush, well-watered gardens. This sacred cup is also associated with prophetic ability as various vessels cross-culturally have versions of it. ie: the Holy Grail or the Cauldron of Bran.

Therefore Alkes can be a gift, something precious carried by an individual to pass down the generations of the family through the genes, like artistic, musical or psychic ability. Alkes’ talent is usually of a Neptunian nature.

Alkes Natives

Alkes Rising: Olivia Newton-John (04’), Annie Lennox (00’), Brook Shields (08’), Francesco Franco (41’), Julian Emery (24’), Steve Jobs (47′)

Sun Alkes: Agatha Christie (04’), David Copperfield (27’), Oliver Stone (49’), Lauren Bacall (26’), Henrich Stilling (07’), Prince Harry (31’).

Moon Alkes: Deborah Houlding (08′), William Wordsworth (28′), Sarah Aldrete  (35′), Howard ‘Hopalong’ Cassidy (26′), Dame Nellie Melba (67′)

Mercury Alkes: Amy Winehouse (25′).

1.Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923 p.41, 173.


20 thoughts on “Alkes ~ Birthdays September 14/16

  1. Marina !!! Do you really think Fixed stars bring more beneficial and fortunate effects than 7 planets ??? As you write in Gemini Decan 1,2 especially Decan 3, I wonder this is a reasonable explanation to Gemini’s talents and fortune. They have far much more Fixed Stars than entire zodiac signs frankly, I have known some Geminians Decan 3 who were born on rich families and very fortunate in money also exams and talented. Some signs have lots of Fixed stars such as Leo, Cancer,Aquarius, Taurus, among them Aqua highlights with their inventive mind and Leo with leadership but it feel like the God bias Gemini. Scorpios are totally opposite with no talent and tons of sufferance.

    1. It depends how you read the chart. If you typecast people as just their Sun sign then some signs get quite a raw deal.
      The most important decan I think is the rising one, then it’s rulers decan to describe you personally. Otherwise the Sun is your mission. The Sun in your chart will represent other things, like if it rules the 10th house, your career.
      Modern astrology has been too infected by psychology which is so ego focused and I think quite narcisstic. Traditional astrologers saw the life of a human in the chart, the environment surrounding the person. Maybe this explains more: Traditional Astrology

    2. Thank you so much Marina !!! Astrology is maybe a little so much to me. Donald Trump’s natal chart is absolutely impressive with a lot of fortunate fixed stars especially Leo 29′ in Asc but Bill Clinton’s natal chart is actually PERFECT (even much more fixed stars, a lot of Gemini in his natal chart). so obviously God had chosen them then I’ll choose “Free Will”
      After all I always adore your wisdom and passion ! Best to you !

    3. Marina ! I know you’re a Scorpio-Dark Goddess all the time: Lilith, Persephone,Kali……and I found that: 13 November or maybe 18 November are TRUE Scorpios Do you thinks that ???And can you analyse a bit about birthday: 14 June ? It’s exactly 22′ Gemini now 22′ Gemini has the most fortunate fixed stars: 4 or 5 which is accompanied by fortunate fixed stars in 21′ and 23′ Gemini and Bill Clinton and Donald Trump both have 22′ Gemini in natal chart, Yet number 14/5 in numerology or Bible………..also have a lot of common with Gemini so I think Donald Trump is a TRUE Gemini
      But across all cultures and imaginative forms (Bible,astrology =)),numerology,chakras,tarot,mythology…), Leo and number 19 are still the most special(symbol) and correspondent very well (i will send you an email about it ) can you also pay extra attention to birthday 19 August !!!

  2. 12th house Sun cj Alkes – first word, upon crossing the Channel as infant, ‘water’.

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