Regulus ~ Birthdays August 21 to 23

Regal Regulus at 29º Leo has the honor of being the closest star to the ecliptic and therefore closest to the red carpet path of the glorious Sun. Regulus is a triple 1.3 magnitude star that flashes white and ultramarine. It is found, naturally, in the brave heart of the constellation Leo the Lion. Regulus officially entered tropical Virgo on November 28th 2011.* Could Regulus crossing this symbolic sphinx cusp, Leo to Virgo, herald the age of Aquarius? Many astrologers speculate that Virgo will teach Leo to put aside ego, dispense personal glory, become more humanitarian and have respect for mother Earth itself. Other ‘star seed’ type commentators describe a switch from service-to-self (Leo) towards service-to-others. (Virgo=Service, Aquarius=Others).

Now all this assumes that Leo’s ego is somehow a bad thing! Conversely however, those with a weak sense of self are also those that suffer from narcissistic personality disorders (And other related Dark triad traits. See Ceres post.) Without a strong sovereignty, service-to-others can become co-dependancy and doormat syndrome! Regulus is the archangel Raphael, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. On the fixed cross, Regulus is one of four cherubim, symbolised by the Bull, Lion, Eagle and Human. These are the signs Taurus (Aldebaran), Leo (Regulus), Scorpio (Antares) and Aquarius (Fomalhaut) respectively. You can see these Archangels on the corners of the Rider-Waite tarot deck on the Wheel of Fortune and The World.

Regulus Into Virgo

“Early English astrologers made it (Regulus) a portent of glory, riches, and power to all born under its influence” and this fixed star is generally considered fortunate, courageous, successful and all those great qualities associated with the sun sign Leo.

Regulus has its negative side. “It gives violence, destructiveness, military honor of short duration, with ultimate failure, imprisonment, violent death” Bernadette Brady associates Regulus with downfall. Regulus is pure divine-masculine energy, which these days is often portrayed in Hollywood at its lowest, crudest vibration.

Otherwise, Hollywood seems to delight in ridiculing and belittling Regulus energy. For example Disney has removed the Prince’s true love kiss in ‘Frozen’ and denigrates heroic, chivalrous men in ‘Enchanted’. This could also be seen as Regulus’s ‘downfall’, but it is a manipulated one. It suggests that all the testosterone-fuelled, courageous energy of Regulus’s past is somehow ‘wrong’ and so the solution is we must rip the balls off every feisty Lion.

But wait, does this mean Regulus into Virgo leaves us with a feminised, impotent neuter cat!?  A positive transition would hopefully give us a Hieros Gamos, the inner marriage within ourselves. Perhaps this is what is symbolised in the Egyptian Sphinx, which has the head of a goddess and body of a Lion. “When the nature of the world is revealed, then the mystery of the Sphinx will no longer exist.” ~ Alice Bailey [1] But what is that mystery?

Could the symbolism of Regulus into Virgo be reflected in the new trend towards fluid sexuality with the ‘A-Gender’ generation? Gay men and women have always been a part of western society and even had families, (See Conservative Gay Milo’s views on Homosexuality) But this new LGBTQ branding is very worrying. The rest of the world has very clearly defined gender roles and they are flourishing, while Western Regulus culture is dying, and its people with it*. Something to ponder.

Sphinx Power

Regulus VirgoMichael Lutin says “We stand at this very moment on the threshold of a new age: the age of Regulus In Virgo. The Age Of The Common Woman. Looking back about two thousand years ago, we see that sometime around the time when Regulus entered Leo, the sign from which it is now departing, Julius Caesar was being born. As were the grandparents of Jesus Christ.”

He goes on to make the point that not long after Regulus’s entry into Leo, Christianity was adopted as the religion of the Holy Roman Empire and therefore the whole of Europe.

Too many people condemn Christianity because it is easier (And safer!) to bash, while ignoring the other two branches of the Abrahamic monotheistic tree. Islam and Judaism are just as unsympathetic to the “Age of the common woman” as old testament Christianity is. (New testament is another matter entirely.) I first thought Michael’s post really positive, but now I find it quite offensive. He goes on to say;

“Are women taking over? Doesn’t look that way when you see how hard the good ole’ boys are trying to hang on to power. In fact, the way they’re acting, they might just as well be riding around on the back of a pick up truck, yahooing and shooting off guns as they zoom through town. They are still in power. They are still in control….Oh, yeah?” 

The above article was probably written in more naive times. Back in 2011, who could imagine that in 2016 we might need to replace the imagery? I’m guessing Michael was talking about white working-class American rednecks. But instead I’m thinking of a more lethal truck; Try the Bastille day terror attack, with a driver ‘yahoo-ing’…, to his monotheistic, negative-Regulus war god!

Are Women Taking over?

Michael’s other point; “Are women taking over?” Actually women are taking over, and pretty fast. In leadership now we have Germany’s Angela Merkel, UK’s Teresa May and maybe, next up the US’s Hillary Clinton. You think these women are going bring peace on earth? I don’t think the women of Cologne have much to thank Angela Merkel for..

Can we shift from service-to-self to a service-to-others mentality? It’s hard to feel like you want to be “of service” if you are essentially already living as a slave. The working classes suffer most from cheaper, imported labour. These working classes, (often vilified as ‘Chavs’ or ‘Rednecks’) are craving Regulus empowerment and fame through ‘selfies’ and reality TV shows. Why? Because the despised ‘populist’ working class are subconsciously grasping for their lost sovereignty and culture with this apparently narcissistic, negative-Regulus behaviour.

 Leo Decan 3 to Virgo Decan 1

For approximately the last 600 years Regulus has been in Leo decan 3, which is ruled by aggressive Mars in both systems and Leo decan 3 includes the influence of Regulus so; “They are always right, their rule is absolute, any challenge to their authority is seen as betrayal. Loyality, loyality and more loyality, this is the number one demand of their loved ones.” 

The last 600 years has seen more bloodshed in wars than any other period. Two world wars, the rise of dictatorships, and the very bloody Bolshevik Revolution. However, according to this graph, violence in Europe has slid down to almost zero per 100k people in 2010. That was just before Regulus shifted into Virgo, but it will be interesting to see the graph in another 10 years time. This recent map for violent crimes and rape in Germany is extremely alarming if Virgo means ‘the common woman’.

Regulus has now entered Virgo decan 1 which is a totally different creature, but also ruled by the Sun and Mercury (Virgo triplicity). “These seers usually develop their sensitivity after a period of suffering, dutiful caring and even a broken heart. They are good at medicating those who are grieving., therefore Virgo decan 1 becomes the opiate for their patients, friends, lovers, children, parents and any neighbour hood strays…”  The ‘common woman’ has to be careful her empathy does not work against her. She must also allow positive-Regulus to defend her when he has to, or the ‘Rape In Germany’ will become acceptable and spread across the rest of Europe.

Broken Bravehearts

Regulus StarAs a result of 2000 years of bloodshed and suffering caused from Abrahamic religious wars, we now nurse a broken and traumatised heart. (Leo rules the heart.) But through the struggle we have also individuated and developed an ego. We are all one yes, but we are all unique individuals also. This individualism is one of the major strengths of our western culture, the celebration and tolerance of difference. But it could also be our downfall. This tolerance is only fair, if it is reciprocated.

The Sun’s symbol is both a halo and an eye. Virgo decan 1’s main ruler Mercury also brings a healing influence. Currently then, some of us are probably going through a stage of self-medicating to get over the trauma we suffer from ongoing media manipulation, fear-mongering and lies. It can be quite a shock when the hidden and buried becomes apparent, and we realise just how badly we have been abused.

Medieval astrologers said Regulus would bring glory, riches and fame to all those born under it, and that it was the ‘Royall Starre’. Robson says Regulus gives “success, high and lofty ideals and strength of spirit, and makes its natives magnanimous, grandly liberal, generous, ambitious, fond of power, desirous of command, high-spirited and independent.” It is important to bear in mind, even with Regulus in Virgo, the ‘Royall Starre’. will still carry its original meaning for natal charts. Many other stars have changed signs due to precession, but I think Regulus is one of the most important since it is so close to the ecliptic and is an archangel star.

The Mars and Jupiter nature of Regulus never leave this star, so Regulus will take one far and many of its natives are indeed very successful. But from now on, with the Virgo correction in effect, it is even more likely that this runaway success will be taken away from pretty swiftly, if you fall prey to Regulus’s service-to-self form of expression. So thinking in a civic sense and working to build working, harmonious communities is essential. Self-segregation seems to be happening as Leo tribes quietly keep to their own. Elitist gated communities far from crime-ridden ghettos, would not happen if a little thought was put into what makes a community thrive.

The Pride Of Clans

Regulus VirgoWith 21st century Regulus, the risk of downfall is only great if one resorts to displaying excess pride, ego-mania, arrogance, and most of all the famous Regulus revenge. It is said that the higher these Lions climb, the bigger the risk of falling from grace.

However I think this ‘pride comes before a fall’ attitude might be another way to keep the average person down. There is nothing wrong with genuine self-love and confidence! Being the best and aiming for excellence is almost frowned upon those days.

Regulus passionately conserves culture, and is ultra-protective towards their creations, descendants and artistic ones. So these lions will naturally empower others to recognise their own creativity and sovereignty. In this case then, the red carpet will not be pulled abruptly from under their feet and Regulus in its high vibration can be a great mentor.

Evolved Regulus is about dissolving away all the false masks imposed on us by society and and getting to the essence of our true sovereign-self. In order to do that, Regulus also has to wrestle with its bestial, knee-jerk reactions. These qualities can distance it from people, but lions are pack animals, so a lonely lion is a sad lion indeed.

Regulus must not fall for the elites divisive race tactics while forcing diversity. Observe how conversely, those same elites run a tight ship in conserving their own religious exclusivity and bloodlines. One of the ways Regulus can keep strong is to remember how the lion works. He is strongest within his family pack, so connection and pride of ones ancestors is vital.

Proud Ancestry

Regulus into Virgo means that women are the gate-keepers to the next generation, with birth control they have more say now wether we even have a next generation! Virgo is said to be a barren sign and the results of birth-control have had a huge effect on western civilisation. We were also told that population growth was not environmentally friendly! (Another Virgo/humanitarian theme.) Good Europeans seem to have dutifully taken that advice to heart, (see Panda Sickness.) while the rest of the world has runaway population growth.

It is interesting that there are two meanings to the word ‘pride’. With Regulus that means a less individualistic ego-ic pride. At the same time Regulus is moving towards a deeper connection to ones ‘pride’ in the sense of an inherited genetic linage. Why do you think ‘Blue bloods’ were so successful? Support and inspiration from their ancestors was essential for that Regulus success. In the past, working for one’s descendants was also a great motivator, which was why inheritance and conservation of the land was so important. It will be interesting to see how birthrates (Virgo) between the world’s ‘clans’ (Regulus) in the next 600 years will affect the ecology (Virgo) of our precious planet.

Regulus Keywords

Brave, bloodthirsty, gutsy, ambitious, driven, unstoppable, proud, pompous, majestic, magical, vain, arrogant, egotistical, regal, owning one’s sovereignty, loyal, poised, famous, flamboyant, fabulous, dashing, flash, outrageous, chivalrous, courteous, conquering, entrepreneurial, outré, controversial, glorious, bold, hot, brutish, sexy, passionate, diva-esque, haughty, naughty, playful, flirty, childlike, extremist, romantic, generous, fanatical, bossy, unhinged, stalker, predatory, man-eater, mentorship, ability to prophecy, seer, benevolent leader, assuming responsibility, parental, protector of the people, in service for the greater good, connection to ones pride, a statesman/woman, alchemical transition to the Red King (Rubedo), the path to individuation.

Regulus & The Planets

Regulus Ascendant

“Great honor and wealth, but violence and trouble, sickness, fevers, acute disease, benefits seldom last, favor of the great, victory over enemies and scandal.” [4]

Elton John; By royal appointment. Elton had the honor of performing at Princess Diana’s funeral, he also wrote the music score to ‘The Lion King’. Elton has sold over 250 million records which ranks him as one of the most successful singer-songwriters of all time and received an knighthood for services to music and charity. Elton has had his fair share of Regulus dramas though and battling addictions to alcohol and cocaine. Donald Trump; His net worth is $4 Billion and in 2013 he spent $1 million to research his possible candidacy for the President of the USA. 2016 Update: Well well, here may be the next president! Now we know him better, all the Regulus traits are there, good and bad. Cynthia Payne; (57’). This high-class Madame made a mint by hosting sex parties in suburban south-west London. She inspired two films about her life, one of which alluded to the fact that she got away with a mere 4 month prison sentence because a few of the judiciary had been ‘entertained’ by her ladies at some point. She stood for parliament as a candidate for the ‘Payne & Pleasure’ party. Woody Allen; A good example of the downfall aspect of Regulus. Woody was brought down by allegations of sexual misconduct with his adoptive children made by his ex-wife Mia Farrow. Helena Bonham Carter; British actress famous for her many roles in costume dramas, usually as a member of the aristocracy wearing posh frocks and huge elaborate hairdos. Charles/Camila Davison; Royals… Also Justin Timberlake, Uma Thurman, Robbie Williams, Avril Lavigne, Morrissey, Siouxie Sioux, Natalie Cole, Mystic Meg, Stephen Fry, Agatha Christie, Henry Ford (See Mars).

Regulus Midheaven

“Honor, preferment, good fortune, high office under Government, military success. If with Sun, Moon or Jupiter, great honor and ample fortune.” [4]

Jackie Kennedy Onassis;(03′) Regulus’s near neighbour is the rather bloodthirsty star Phecda, this I believe is what gives the Regulus its raw martial side. The beastly nature of the Lion isn’t afraid to throw itself into battle and get blood on its hands. This is graphically demonstrated with Jackie, for after John Kennedy was shot, she refused to remove her bloodstain pink Chanel suit. Regretting having washed her bloodstained face and hands, she stated “ I want them to see what they have done to Jack” [2] Of course the woman was an icon, more poised and regal then most real life royals and exuded bravery and loyalty. The Vatican; Much bloodshed in the name of Jesus Christ… Barbara Windsor; Soap matriarch and ex landlady of the Queen Victoria, with a regal sounding surname. Patricia Routledge; Famous for her portrayal of snob Francis Bucket (“pronounced Bouquet…”) in British comedy ‘Keeping Up Appearances.’ Mark David Chapman; Famous for bringing down king of rock John Lennon. Jimmy Page; Rock singer with wild blond mane. Prince; Well he’s Prince… Bernadette Brady; Astrologer. Also Michael Douglas, Clint Eastwood, Mata Hari, Patrick McNee, Henri Toulous Lautrec, Jim Carrey, Shania Twain, Claudia Shiffer, Peter Stringfellow.

Regulus Sun

“Power, authority, great influence over friends, honor and riches, but violence, trouble and ultimate disgrace and ruin, sickness, fevers, benefits seldom last.” [4]

River Phoenix; (48’) was an American actor who suffered the extreme side of this star, his Regulus Sun burnt too brightly, too quickly and he died aged just 23 of a drug overdose. Bill Clinton; ‘disgrace’d by the notorious Monica Lewinsky affair. Monica has Venus on Regulus! Princess Margaret; Was often a ‘disgrace’ to the rest of the royal family with her smokin’, drinking and unwise choice of playboy partners. Dorothy Parker; Writer who was a notorious drinker and known for her wild behaviour. Mae West; Relished being ‘disgrace’ful. Mother Theresa; Too holy to be disgraced.. A pre Regulus/Virgo figure. Kim Cattrall; Sex In the City’s man-eater. H.P Lovecraft; 19th century fantasy writer whose created a genre all of it’s own, mixing Sci-Fi and horror into something called ‘cosmic horror’. A writer before his time who is now quite a cult figure. Sean Connery; The ultimate alpha-male in his portrayal of 1960’s James Bond. Keith Moon; The greatest rock and roll drummer burnt out with a drugs overdose at 33. Also Usain Bolt, Robert Redford, Gene Roddenberry, Claudia Shiffer, Coco Chanel, Stephen Fry.

Regulus Moon

“Occult interests, powerful friends, danger from enemies and false friends, gain by speculation, public prominence, great power, honor, wealth, benefits seldom last, violence, trouble and sickness. Make women high spirited and independent.” [4]

Margaret Thatcher; (09′) A superb example, and she of course suffered her famous Regulus downfall in 1990 when was hounded out of her office by the men in suits. The ‘Iron Lady’ certainly ranks as a woman who is ‘high spirited and independent’ Winston Churchill; Another notorious Tory Prime minister of ‘high prominence’…. Cheiro; Shows the ability of Regulus to prophecy and the occult interests of this placement. Richard Branson; Founder of the multi-platform business Virgin which is appropriately named now that Regulus has moved into Virgo. Dolly Parton; Queen of country with a huge mane of gold hair and flamboyant clothes. Ron L Hubbard; Founder of the cult religion Scientology which one could say has an ‘occult’ hold on many Hollywood celebrities. Terence McKenna; Again ‘occult interests’ in his mushroom inspired metaphysical lectures. Also K D Laing, Venus Williams, Tony Hancock, Ian McKellen, Paul Weller, Robert Graves, Mike Leigh, Mickie Rourke, Noel Tyl.

Regulus Mercury

Regulus Virgo“Honorable, just, popular, generosity, abused by opponents, fame, gain through high position” [4]

Freddy Mercury; How Regulus can you get!? Lead singer of Queen (Mercury rules voice). Michael Jackson; King of Pop but also brought down by accusations of pedophilia. Mercury rules children. Barry Gibb; Big lions mane hair… majestic over-the-top falsetto voice with brothers (Mercury rules siblings), Steve Martin; Always been extremely popular. J.K Rowling; Probably the most famous children’s author of all time from writing the Harry Potter books which led to even more fame via the series of block buster film adaptations. Mercury is Rowling’s chart ruler and of course also rules children and writing. Tim Burton; Famed for his kooky/gothic fantasy films and animations which appeal to children and the young at heart. Helen Mirren; British Actress usually plays strong, regal female leads. Goethe; German writer, artist, botanist and statesman who wrote epic poetry. He was a multi-talented genius with a scientific mind like Leonardo di Vinci. He wrote treatises on botany, anatomy, and colour. In addition Goethe wrote 4 novels and became a literary celebrity at the age of 25. Also Sandra Bullock, Peter Sellers, Chrissy Hynde, Patsy Cline, Ernest Hemingway.

Regulus Venus

“Many disappointments, unexpected happenings, violent attachments, trouble through love affairs.” [4]

Bob Geldof; Famous fundraiser. It seems the Regulus downfall is experienced through the women in his life. He lost his wife Paula Yates through separation and then drug overdose and his daughter died under mysterious circumstances. Heinrich Himmler (29’) allegedly “rose to become one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany as well as one of the persons most directly responsible for the Holocaust” [3] he ended up committing suicide before his arrest for war crimes. Sean Lennon; Lost his father through assassination. His Venus connects to the MC of his fathers killer Mark Chapman who also has Regulus there. Rufus Wainwright; Singer-songwriter who overcame crystal-meth addiction. 14th Dalai Lama; As a buddhist monk he doesn’t have to worry about ‘trouble through love affairs’ and he is quoted as suggesting “that the woes of the world, and ‘the need to promote a more altruistic society’ mean that “we might be entering the ‘age of the woman'”. ~ Daily Telegraph. Of course Venus rules women, but this is also expressive of Regulus into Virgo is it not? Daniel Radcliffe; Actor famous for playing Harry Potter. Daniel connects to J. K. Rowlings Mercury on Regulus. I wonder if her powerful Mercury/Regulus position ameliorates some of the difficulties of Venus here and instead doubles the Regulus effect. Monica Lewinksy; Certainly fell from grace and also brought ‘trouble through love affairs’ to Bill Clinton who has his Sun here. You can see how Regulus amplifies the Sun/Venus synastry connection. Prince George Of Cambridge; The first royal to be born with Regulus in Virgo, will he reflect the paradigm shift? ‘Trouble through love affairs’ may mean he makes a controversial choice of wife in the future. His Regulus Venus also connects to his late Grandmother Diana with her Mars on Regulus. Also Antonio Banderas, Kate Winslet, Heather Locklear, Catherine Zeta Jones, Bryan Ferry, Eddie Fisher, Sonny/Cher Davison.

Regulus Mars

 “Honor, fame, strong character public prominence, high military command.” [4]

Diana Princess of Wales; Certainly had world prominence, but was sadly brought down by a car accident. There is speculation as to wether she was literally brought down by some other power..(Mars rules accidents, murder and carnage.) Henry Ford; Founder of the Ford Motor company was literally driven by Mars on Regulus with it at exactly 00’! He had it rising also. Ford became one of the richest men on the planet probably because he created the “Fordism” system which guaranteed high wages for his workers, which was double that of his competitors. This honorable act must’ve fueled his huge wealth and success. Ford reigned supreme until he reversed his original anti-war stance. In 1915, during WWI, he funded a peace ship to Europe, but by WWII he went back on his principles and his company was used to arm the war. After that he suffered a series of strokes and grew increasingly senile, lost all his real power and became just a figurehead. Bob Geldof; Ex-Punk turned activist. Famous for rallying support (Military style) for giving aid to Africa in the 1980’s. Mars here great in emergency situations. However Bob has been recently criticised for using politically incorrect terms such as “hookers” and “junkies” and living a lifestyle at odds with his philanthropy. He is worth £32 million. (Also Venus.) Sting; Another famous rock star turned eco-activist. Mary Shelley; Creator of Frankenstein which reflects the beastly side of Regulus. Grace Jones; Famous for her Diva behaviour and her legendary slapping of interviewer Russell Harty for ignoring her. Watch this cat pouncing on the poor man, for a great example of militant Mars on Regulus in action. Generally Grace has a statuesque and very regal feline image. Ricky Gervais; Played the proud and ever-so-slightly arrogant boss in ‘The Office’ to Regulus perfection. Also David Cameron, Eckhart Tolle, Benjamin Netanyahu, Emperor Hirohoto, Edith Piaf, Frank Sinatra, Lyndon B Johnson, Ben Affleck, Claudia Shiffer, Jayne Mansfield.

1. Christian Astrology, book 3: Nativities by William Lilly, chapter 145 p616 Astrology Center of America.
2. “Selections from Lady Bird’s Diary on the assassination: November 22, 1963”. Lady Bird Johnson: Portrait of a First Lady. PBS. Retrieved March 1, 2008.
3. Zentner, Christian Ed; Bedürftig, Friedemann Ed (1991) (in English). The Encyclopedia of the Third Reich. New York: Macmillan. pp. 1150.
4. The fixed stars and Constellations in Astrology – Vivian Robson pgs 195, 196 & 197
* I used Solar Fire for the minute Regulus crossed over from 29º 59′ Leo to 0º Virgo. Fixed stars move very slowly, approximately 1 degree every 72 years.
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  1. I just got Bardenette Brady’s book of fixed stars. I checked and I have Regulus in paran with venus. So when venus is rising in my chart regulus is on the midheaven. Its supposed to be good, hopefully better than that description you have. lol

    1. I don’t use Parans but Marina is more familiar with them, apparently they relate to only certain periods in life.

    2. Yes, this Venus then will only be in effect in your “prime”, which I’m not sure when that is defined as, but I’d imagine from 18-36. Which with the Hubers is the section of life governed by the 2nd quadrant on the chart. IC to DC.

    3. Yes I should put a warning about Robsons interps, they are just there for a guide. I think because Regulus is such a macho/male star is doesn’t do well with the more female planets fro some reason.
      But you shouldn’t take Robson too literally. I would say that the passion of Regulus on Venus can get you into trouble in love through just being too impulsive and being driven by your… er… loins. lol! Otherwise I think it would mean a big heart, generous and romantic, like most regular Leos.

    4. Yeah, Brady said stars on the Mc are activated in the middle part of life.

      Its funny because venus is part of a stellium in the 5th house. And I can definitely relate to the big heart, generosity, romance, and impulsiveness… lol.

    5. Yay, in the sunny and romantic 5th house. That’s going to make your Venus even more Leo-flavored.

  2. I have Regulus conjunct my Pluto in the 10th house with Scorpio rising. Could you tell me the significance of my Pluto on Regulus?

    1. This is a generational conjunction Chris, 1955-58. Issues with power, domination and authority because Pluto and Regulus both are about those things. Attitude toward rulers, the monarchy for the Poms. I believe we have a few readers in your age group so it will be good to get some more feedback.

    2. If born in 55 (ahem…) Neptune makes a nice dreamy sextile at around 28 degrees and perhaps we both see monarchy as illusionary but also find the mystical monarchy within, if you go alchemical…
      just call me Alchemical Sally… the other side of Regulus conj PLuto Mars Sun… Uberqueenof wands!!!

    3. Pluto and Neptune were in sextile through the whole of the 50’s and only began to loosen when Neptune pulled slightly ahead at the beginning of the 60’s by which time both had entered new signs and we all know what that led to… was in the last quarter of the 50’s that Pluto made the conj with Reg (1 degree in my chart in ’57) – I go with the alchemy though…and Jupiter swept past the lot during this time too…with Pluto – a party you can’t refuse; with Neptune – a big boys blouse cleaning a crystal ball…..

  3. Hi..As always I love receiving your emails..then I get nervous, you have so dead on..Have a question about Regulus. I see you have personal planets but what about the outer planets. I have Uranus 27 Leo, North node 26 Leo, POF 0 Degree Virgo and Vertex 3 Virgo. Can you recommend where I can look this up to see if any of these mentioned will play a role or what role will they play also with the POF being at 0 Virgo. Is that pertinent..I can look it up if I can find a reference. I know you are busy…Love your work

    1. Reading Robson’s interpretations can make you nervous 🙂 One reason we are working on these stars to update the more negative views. This is a link to Anne Wrights website where she has all of Robsons interpretations:

      I know Marina has written 5 degree orb for Regulus by I still keep it to one degree. I also believe Regulus has an association with healing and astrology.

    2. Well It certainly has for me. I’ve got Mercury/Uranus there and have been in the Astrology game since 1978! It just kinda snuck up and pounced on me. Morover, the gods have seen fit to allow me to study with all the big guns (Axel Harvey, Rob Hand, Donna, Marion and Joan an so many more…) – so I’ve been amazingly lucky really.

    3. That’s good confirmation Mj, thanks. The traditional and the modern ruler of astrology on the royal astrologers star, wow!

    1. It was so obvious that I left it out! It has been put in now. Regulus has a certain type of sexuality I’ve noticed. Very predatory, brutish. Look at Sean Connery!

  4. You are a sweetie, thank you..this is 7th house I
    have a 4 degree Aqu asc..

    Does Regulus conjunct the POF have any significance?

    Found you on FB btw…good job, just “like” the page.

    OK, one more what programs do you use or recommend, it would be a great study tool.. Thanks Jamie..Diana

    1. Yes, well Regulus also responds well to flattery 🙂
      I think POF conjunct any star does have some influence, Robson does have some specific description for this with other stars. You could read the interpretations for AC, Sun and Moon to get an idea of the influence, because POF is calculated using these points.

      Marina and I use the SolarFire software. Before we bought that I found really useful.

  5. Hello
    Thank you for stressing this sideral event, it’s not every day we can experience such a transit.
    Along the idea of what could be shared by Virgo & Aquarius (in relation with Leo), both very mental but otherwise quite different in many ways, I made a post (about Brazil & Samba: ) with those 2 signs, the one succeding to Leo (Virgo), and the other in opposition (Aquarius)… Around this, the ingres of Regulus in Virgo could also be related to the beginning of a less autocratic era, where people could shift from Virgo’specialization to Aquarius’fraternal self-expression.
    This difficult evolution, on economical, social and political levels could combine with what you write about ecology and the urge for more respect towards Earth.
    This considerable stellar change could also help the handover from the Leo generations to the Virgo’ (?)

  6. August 22 for me 8th house moon, a bundle of planets in the 8th house has made for an interesting life…anyhoo I know the answer to life the Universe and everything is 42..or at least it will be in August lol…without Hitch hikers!

  7. If Regulus has been at 28-29 degrees Leo for the last many years, means it is sitting between my natal Chiron and Virgo No. Node…and have to say Raphael is around. And no real money. Just enough. And; what else is there to know about this configuration?

  8. My (mean) Nodal axis is 0:42 Taurus, 9th./Scorpio, 3rd . but ‘True’ nodes are 29:29 Aries, 9th ho./Libra 3rd ho – would it have significant influence?

  9. Aagghhh! Just seen my Freudian slip – both.. when I meant the royal WE!!!

  10. I have a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Leo/Virgo, with Regulus conjunct Jupiter…you don’t mention the effect of Jupiter in aspect with Regulus anywhere..

    1. I wanted to get a feel for it on the personal planets. I don’t think you can tell much from a generational effect. But for those of you who are interested in the outers. Jamie left a link further up to this information.
      Here you go Vajranagini. You could be Pope!
      With Jupiter: Fame, high preferment, especially of a military nature, success in the Church. [Robson*, p.197.]

  11. Don’t know what the natal placement of Regulus is but transiting Regulus is conjunct my natal Ascendant at 29 Leo AND my natal Uranus at 29 Leo. My Sun is at 3 Aqu.

  12. Since Raphael is the Angel of healing and the North..seems fitting that I’m healing in the North (myself and others) I looked at my chart and it’s quite similar to Princess Di’s..definitely staying clear of the Royal
    Interesting in July Di would be 50 when there is a Solar Eclipse..thoughts?

  13. Hi Jamie and Marina, Great article on Regulus! May I ask what it would mean if it is on the Nadar/I.C.? My daughter has this, she is 14 now, born in 1996. She has Lilith 10, Mars 11 and Venus 22 in Leo but Regulus exact on her Nadar at 29.Leo9. She is Libra with her Sun, North Node and Chiron in the 5th house. I have it on my cusp of my 7th to 8th, my Pluto is 26 degrees, conjuncting my Jupiter at 21 in Leo in my 7th. I have written on the forum before so you might remember but Marina might remember the Neptune rising I was asking about in a previous post where she told me to run away as she had a similar ex!! Well, that ex had Regulus exact on his Midheaven with his part of fortune at 2 Virgo! Just sharing the Lion’s share in my life 😉 I am also one of those born in the 1950’s, (ahem!) 1956. Roaring in London, Shawn aka Maggie. 🙂

  14. I actually was pondering over any possibility of the connection btw the last full moon on Regulas(Feb182011) as its downfall and regulas’ entering into Virgo.

    Regulas rising + Algol MC I have. Plus, Pholus on the opposite side of my rising. Guaranteed adventure. I’ve always invested everything I have whatever I do.
    Currently, my progressed AS is stuck btw Pluto and Juno.
    Since Feb182011, I’ve felt like being born as the very first girl on Eden. Lion to be an Eve.

    Indeed i’ve been quite a funny and awkward lion so far.

    1. Are you my grandmother!? She had the very same set up with Regulus/Algol. Interesting about the investing. She took a huge loan from the bank and bought 37 flats (just after the war) while my grandad was abroad, he went mad at her.(they already had the leasehold).
      They would be worth millions now, it was practically a whole street in west kensington. But in the 1970’s she sold them to buy racehorses (Why??!!) The trainer went bust, all her money went in bad investments. We were left with just one flat….DOWNFALL!

    2. She was a sag wasn’t she?. Thinking about the racehorse thing…

    3. No Jamie’s mum is the sag. My grandmother was a Taurus. And yes she was a typical Taurus too. Green figured, collected antiques, loved luxury and very materialistic

  15. I think any myths pertaining to the Holy Grail – Parsifal, Lancelot, Galahad – that kind of thing relevant to Regulus and Leo. As 29 degrees is the degree of ending it might be that the actual qualities ascribed to Regulus are going to change? The end of royalty as a concept? The search for the grail enters different territory?

    Since Regulus’ influence in Leo is now almost waned – or is it the other way around? Leo’s influence on Regulus??
    – lets look at Virgo and where Neptune is – its at opposition in Pisces. What is the interaction of Neptune going to be with Regulus and Virgo?

    I was struck by the media’s passing over of the japanese earthquake victims – then noticed a small article yesterday about the increase of suicide and depression in survivors. This is one aspect to consider. Japan, I think? has a Virgo chart? Or a Virgo national characteristic??

    What grail has to be unearthed in Virgo? The influence of Virgo appears in many religions, spiritual and mental organisations which indicate the awakening of Christ consciousness in humanity.
    A return of The Annointed Christ/Christ energy/ Christ the King as Regulus comes into Virgo and Neptune opposes? Or the total lack of Christ consciousness? Or a division of both?? its a mutable cross issue… and on a purely practicallevel will have much to do with how people hold body and soul together.
    A final gathering and incubation of the age of Pisces? Many illusions laid bare? Regulus is at the crossover between ending and initiation points.
    Where do we look for the grail now?
    Thinking of the methods of self search or INDIVIDUATION which profligated under the pLuto in Leo period – Child psychology, psychoanalysis, Jungian influence etc – through these methods we found the King or Queen within…
    So by what method might it manifest through Virgo?
    All so fascinating! The start of a new age in grail search.

    The Knights Templar were ordered away from the Saracen fraternity of Hashish takers by the Church and made to fight for the Church rather than “The Lady”…i.e The Goddess and their particular form of Tantra.
    Laurence Gardner (alternative historian) has compared the Constellation of stars in the zodiacal sign of Virgo with the Notre Dame cathedrals of northern France. He says –

    “The cathedrals were all built at much the same time, even though some took more than a century to complete in their various stages. Notre Dame in Paris was begun in 1163, Chartres in 1194, Reims in 1211, and Amiens in 1221. Others of the same era were at Bayeux, Abbeville, Rouen, Laon, Evreux, and Etampes. In accordance with the Hermetic principle ‘As above, so below’, the combined ground-plan of the Notre Dame cathedrals replicates the Virgo constellation.”

    These great Cathedrals were where much of European history was consecrated since the great Kings and Queens of France were crowned there.

    “During this… era, beautiful and important epithets that once belonged to the Magdalene were shifted to the Blessed Virgin Mary and churches built to ‘Our Lady’ ostensibly honored the mother of Jesus as the preeminent bearer of the archetypal feminine — ‘alone of all her sex.’

    “After the mid-thirteenth century, the ‘voice of the bride’ was effectively silenced, although it is whispered that the masons of Europe kept the true faith and built its symbols into the very stones of Gothic cathedrals…”

    Many of these great Cathedrals contained Labyrinths, now destroyed except the labyrinth at Chartres. This may have been based on the fact that the Notre Dame at Chartres is said to stand on the most sacred ground. THe Labyrinth was a pathway in which the individual found deep inner peace/transcendence.

    “So venerated is the location of Chartres that it is the only cathedral not to have a single king, bishop, cardinal, canon, or anyone interred in the soil of its mound. It was a pagan site, dedicated to the traditional Mother Goddess – a site to which pilgrims traveled long before the time of Jesus. The original altar was built above the Grotte des Druides, which housed a sacred dolmen, and was identified with the ‘Womb of the Earth.”

    So back to Regulus and Virgo – a new kind of Labyrinth and a return to the Goddess… but not the ascetic famine side of Virgo – With regulus it must be the feast not the famine! And the Goddess in these terms is the original Goddess of the Knights Templar and their teachers which trace back to eastern Tantra.
    The troubadour stories of the same age – about TRISTAN (anag. of Tantris) etc – the KNight’s code of Chivalry were all about Tantra originally.
    Included here are images of the Virgin Labyrinth as per Chartres and the Cathedral cities of FRance laid out according to the constellation of Virgo.
    For further info and extraordinary reading of corresponding fixed stars go to

    1. fascinating UQW! A mentor used to refer to Notre Dame as the ‘Night Woman’, meaning the Dark Goddess, so I also wonder if while Regulus in Virgo brings the full sovreignty of the Virgin out, through Her we also find the balance in her Piscean shadow…a new grail quest might lead us to the dark one as the inner light, diamond black luminessence, held within the fertile womb of the virgin….this is paradigmatic, a flavour of the zeitgeist….the re-emergence of consciousness of/as/within matter, the electric/animate universe….

      the Sun/Jupiter flavours of Leo indicate an dedication to the ego that finds its higher expression spreading its light around, seeking its own confirmation, and finding its grounding in asserting Uranian uniqueness and encountering its shadow through this, the soul challenge being to integrate the ego and its shadow within the community by taking it to the higher level by realising Uranus higher vibration, sublimation of the ego to the higher mind…does lightning carry its own shadow within its potential power, its charge – individuation leading to greater integration with the cosmos, within Life. Regulus has been the guardian of the culminative part of this process, being in late Leo, for an epoch…

      Regulus moving into Virgo has the import of a new epoch…..Mercury, Ceres and Virgo as possible rulers of Virgo, we may need to re-assess this in their terms, whether they are indeed appropriate…can we come to agreement…..since Pisces opposes Virgo Neptune may help, and, on this I have always favoured the Venusian connection with Virgo, with Neptune as the higher octave – the Neptunian shadow (to Virgo) may signal an imperative to ground the Virgoan energy in a deeper and more ‘transpersonal’ soul vehicle – Neptune also says integration within the archetypal realms to me…what then of Regulus in Virgo, can the Raphaelesque energies bring healing to the Virgoan archetype and restore the Dark Goddess as shadow side of Her archetype….Neptune has also 12th hs associations with the wilderness, the unbounded visceral field of raw nature as spirit – entry onto the wilderness may be the pathway to the recovery of the visceral divinity within, the virgin birth, the virgin birthing herself, as the soul births itself through individuation….with Chiron as midwife or mentor in the process, being in Pisces right now, I wonder…..that is one deep wound, in our culture and times, but, we are not here to get stuck in the wound, surely ‘the gift’ is what it is about…and perhaps it is Regulus role to raise the energies so that it may be delivered…..Virgo brings out the health, process and task orientation, Pisces the ancestral, spiritual and liminal…the labyrinth unites them in a disciplined sacred path, of meditation and prayer, a rite of passage with a structure that, once embarked upon, allows one to ‘let go’ to the journey, takes one to the heart and womb of the self, and unites the cosmos and the human from within…..labyrinth/galaxy/womb of creation, matrix/creatrix…..’whom doth the Grail serve?’

    2. Excellent work Rob!
      Brings to mind The Black Madonna os so many European chuches… and The Dark Lover – the Sufi notion of the lover… Neptune in Pisces and Rumi. The paradoxical essence of human love and love of the divine.
      I was taught by the order of Notre Dame in a convent way back… you can imagine a 12th house denizen happy to be immersed in the rituals and mysteries of the church while secretly carrying a small comestible (actually combustible!!) of a certain substance known to the Templars!!! drifting in and out of mysteries! (and aslo getting expelled… after plastering the art room with drawings of nudes and writing revolutionary tracts for the local paper… aged 16!!) Ah halcyon days!!
      I had some weird stuff with Notre Dame in Paris – premonitions/dreams etc and am convinced I have had a past life experience there.
      The great cathedrals of course incorporated the rose windows, designed as mandalas through which light, when filtered, became of a rose hue and suffused the interior of the building (more Sufi) and music which included the solfeggio scales… add to this the labyrinth… The aggregate of all created the base for the mystical experience. The Church allegedly altered the solfeggio scales – i.e eradicated the notes which struck the mystery chords.
      Maybe Neptune in Pisces is going to reveal and rebirth much the Church spoiled. God the Father will have to make way for God the Daughter..
      Thinking of the Cardinal Cross – the Chi Rho of the Fixed and decussated cross and how it models the galactic centre etc … THe Tarot card of Judgement and the Cardinal Cross on the flag of the angel’s trumpet

      Chartres beckons!

    3. Chi Rho (Cairo..)
      Does the loop on the P refer to the axis wobble, or as now believe not a wobble but a deliberate spiral movement?
      THe Sufi path – quickenng of the heart…

    4. What fascinating posts here. Wonderful stuff. Being that I ‘m not too fussed about the tropical zodiac in terms of the signs I really wasn’t sure that Regulus moving into Virgo made any odds at all. But then there is too much interesting symbolism here for it NOT to mean something. Its funny that france should be where all these amazing churches have been built. Wasn’t that where Mary Magdalene was said to flee to?

      And then the whole Black Madonna thing. Remember that the royals up in the constellations are supposed to be Ethiopian. Cepheus, Cassiopea and Andromeda. I don’t know if the blackness of the Madonna is supposed to be conveying race or if it is purely symbolic of the dark as in “Dark” goddess or what. I dunno I’m just thinking out loud.

      The church seems hell bent on taking out an real potency and magic out of its religious practice, and that is also like taking the sex out of Virgo. Putting Regulus in there now should be interesting. Giving spirituality back it’s balls. No more self-sacrificial, dutiful Virgo crap. And yes, no more bleeding Gwyneth Palthrow!!

    5. Forgot to add. Italy has the highest concentration of Black Madonnas for some reason. This is one that Sicilian immigrants they brought to the USA

    6. could this be the “Black Sarah”, Mary Magdalene’s and Jesus’ daughter..who is the Patron Saint of the Roma in the SO of France?? Very similar features…

    7. Here is Waite (of the Tarot) on the role of the loss of a Hidden Church within the Secret Tradition of the Grail. Christ here represents the Divine Child or perfect Love in every person:

      Hence is the Hidden Church from age to age in travail, working towards that perfect day when Christ shall have been born of every soul, or when the soul shall know the Christ within, and the most blessed offices of Bread and Wine shall reach fulfillment. Then the soul—God-tinctured, God-transmuted, God-possess’d—shall need these signs no more. Till that great day the Hidden Church has sent out messengers with rumors of a noumenal Eucharist. . . . But once through legend and through high romance the Secret Church sent out the Holy Graal. Waite, The Book of the Holy Graal

      Rumours of a noumenal eucharist?? Regulus in noumenal! Eucharits, bread of heaven… hidden church revealed,Neptune i Pisces!

    8. nice vibing on Sufism…I have been a devotee of Sufi for many years, not by name or by given faith, but, by the recognised path…, I resonate with your links very much – it is the mystic element, the paradoxy and its heart resonance that really brings it home, but, the hidden church is also a good metaphor….and, as a labyrinth walker, the lack of need for the supporting structure of the outer church as a part of this, paradoxically….all the answers come from within

      labyrinth and waggle dance – geomagnetic orientation of the bees, soul beings, shamanic totems of the goddess….the axis of pax as the whirling center, dervish, everchanging stillpoint of maximal potential, axis of galactic center, nexus of the dreaming – the loop at the top, the winding, the petal of the flower of life, the birkland current as sine wave, DNA strands, halo, uroboric integration….the bee dance is a dreaming, a song line, so, labyrinth as songline of the soul….Raphael, ‘it is God who heals’, Regulus…..Raphael means ‘doctor of medicine’, doctor is also tochter, daughter…originally the daughters of the goddess (earth – virgo) path of healing, the medicine women….the angel is oft represented standing on the fish, Pisces, and itself, as a vector diagram, echoes the ‘squatting man’ petroglyph….lets begin joining the dots eh?!

      seems solfeggio is on the rise, making a comeback, the resonances are emerging…..interestingly I had similar experiences at Paris Notre Dame, recognition, touching in and downloading innate knowledge, waking up old circuits – as has happened many times in other places (especially where the edifices of organised religion have been put up), I saw the place before the cathedral, before Paris (perhaps a story that goes well with a bottle of wine!)….was also the beginning point of my perambulations outside UK, and I also recognise those halcyon days…! interesting, the Quasimodo link….not so quasi perhaps….

  16. Virgo – Virgin – original meaning of the word was the woman attached to no man. So perhaps a redifinition of the sign, removing the prissy pure Paltrowish image!!!

  17. Regulus into Virgo
    Heavenly Father into Jesus
    but then.. Uranus pairs with Lilith
    therefore..the red hair girl in the film “the fifth element” struck me.
    She is hatching now until 2012.

    1. and beyond….nice take, especially the Lilith link…
      ahhh Milla Jovovich, Neptune opp Moon, Jupiter opp Pluto, Jupiter sext Moon yod to Venus…her NN conj mine (I wish)….this Lunar eclipse on her Sun…..

    2. Through Saturn on Spica then, on 29Libra, I picture her beautifully formed. perhaps, having a scar on the face?

    1. King of sex, death, regeneration, income tax, inheritance, windfall from public purse, a brilliant doctor, overindulgence in sex, a successful undertaker, a brilliant rebirther, being in touch with dead royalty… And so on….

  18. stars in our own galaxy are 250,000 light years away, so it’s the light energy, and not gravity, (as w/ planets) we experence. (It takes about 9min for sun light to reach earth) Regulus’ light moved into virgo, in bended path as light has weight and the earth and our solar system has moved a lot in 250,000 So the bended light from regulus is in virgo. I think it has to w/ mercury, the power of thought and fixing things. Virgo the cat that saw the queen now is the gueen, and virgo carefully licks the plate. Another thought is that regulus occupies a certian piece of heavenly real estate and that spot holds the energy we feel. that’s a rather terrible thought, to have no star.

    1. yep, thats it……first saw this a few weeks ago – blows me away – wonder where regulus is in Eric’s chart! Those eyes…..

  19. uberqueenofwands:

    Since Regulus’ influence in Leo is now almost waned – or is it the other way around? Leo’s influence on Regulus??
    – lets look at Virgo and where Neptune is – its at opposition in Pisces. What is the interaction of Neptune going to bewith Regulus and Virgo?

    Good question. I’ve been mulling this over. The fixed stars are not moving, its us! Precession is to do with earths wobble. Therefore its our viewpoint that is changing. How we perceive the Virgo Archetype. So this is good news. In my post I said “What can Leo learn from the Virgin? Perhaps how to submit, put aside ego, dispense personal glory and become more respectful of the earth. They do seem like a very Aquarian ideals”
    But now I do think it’s, what can the Virgin learn from Leo?

    What we have at the moment is Neptune castrating the poor Lion as it steps into the Virgins convent. In a way this is probably a good thing since the nun ain’t seen any action in a while and as we have seen Regulus can be quite brutish in the bedroom. Don’t want to scare the poor love. So Regulus is going to have to soften his approach, he is going to have to defer his pleasure and try some Neptunian seduction.

    The end result is, like I said above, no more prissy Palthrow. Its a real transformation of the church and maybe rediscovering the magic and sexiness of western religion. This ties in with the Kundalini, where is the christian version of this? Is it hiding down in those labyrinths? Someone asked is there was a connection between the stigmata and the kundalini, I wonder, is there? All christian Ecstasy seems to be about pain. All very S & M isnt it? Careful where you stick that arrow…

    1. …and there’s the Great Mother Cybele,goddess mother/wife of castrated grain god Attis whose followers did the same to themselves (with sickles?) in ecstatic trance during the three day festival in Rome that roughly corresponds to Easter 24/25/26 March. The Romans went to great lengths to import Cybele from what is now N.Turkey, on oracular instruction, to save them from Hannibal. Cybele was worshipped in the form of a black meteoritic stone, similar to the black stone in the Ka’bah in Mecca. Gods were portable. I think the black virgin/Madonna may have derived from black stone goddesses, which were fairly common in the Eastern Med. Hence their frequency in Italy? The cult of the virgin/Madonna may have overlaid the cult of the Great Mother, as Christian churches were wont to overlay sacred places. Did meteorites bring the beginnings of life on earth? that would make them great mothers wouldn’t it?

    2. She often appreas with a Lion head – BAstet, Sekhmet…

    3. But look at her face! This statue is The Ecstasy of St Theresa! This is what it looks like when people raise kundalini! This is Samahdi! She is St Theresa of Avila and she was a mystic!
      CAroline Myss has written books about her and her method of transcendence- The Castle??
      I know some analysts have this as a sexual thing – but its defo kundalini without the sex!

    4. oy, I’m a virgo with venus in leo and apparently Regy in Venus. I have come to the conclusion that Virgo isn’t a prude at all, or especially chaste, however, she is COMPELLED to shut up shop so to speak if the mate does not meet her lofty ideals. It’s so hard to ignore those little tiddly off putting things, even of they butter you up, worship the pants off you, spoil you rotten and drive flashy cars -( all Leonine velcro) it’s just not worth it.
      It is much more satisfying covering books neatly in plastic and alphabetising your kickers in the nunnery than mediocre sex, which feels more like being mauled and harassed than woooo hoooo.

    5. OMG you speak my language! I have just ordered samples to cover my entire library with! This has got to be more gratifying than being groped by an inept suitor with everything going for him but he doesn’t pronounce that g on the end of ing words…. I too Venus in Leo, mars and Pluto on regulus but Borg asc and mercury conj asc also Virgo.

      As an ex librarian I took my filing skills to my knicker drawer! What a time saver! How to pick the right ones in a hurry for taking off in a hurry or pulling up to my chin!, it’s am ART!

    6. important point that, we’re the ones whose POV is shifting – wondering about how things changed when tropical Pisces swallowed up Formalhaut, that would be when? 18th century, time of revolutions and rise of materialism? doesn’t sound very Piscean…but, then it is in constellation Pisces Austrinus, below Aquarius…within all that tumult was the rising of secret societies, blending of behind the scenes workings and power, covert communications (revolutions were ever the perfect political opportunity) – if Regulus is Raphael then Formalhaut must be Gabriel, voice of God, saint of diplomats! Some hubris in there then when that power goes underground, tries to maintain its purity behind the scenes….the Aquarian ideal swallowed by the mouth of the beast

      ….so, Regulus influence on how we see the Virgin? The negatives could be militant puritanism, territorial divisiveness, intellectual obfuscation, information as weapon, overload (chaos, scapegoating the negative mother)….everything seems set up for that to happen….so, the positives?

      Lets remember the Virgin only became the symbol of untouched purity after the church de-physicalised the image of the divine feminine, banned the statues of Ceres and Cybele (6th century?) that preceded the Madonna (no official christian statues for hundreds of years), which never went away entirely, becoming the last ‘sanctioned’ western vestage of the divine feminine, christianised connection to the Goddess, in the Madonna, most active in catholicism, (otherwise, ‘Mother Church’) – ironic, that put God out of reach – and Herself going underground as the black goddess, (Proserpina/Persephone?) – did this coincide with Antares/Aldebaran absorbtion into Sagittarius/Gemini? When was that? Before the establishment of the orthodoxy masculinised the Kaaba? – it was originally kept by women, but, the divine feminine is still the esoteric heart of Islam….many would still protest otherwise now

      Regulus could also galvanise self leadership, ground spiritual sovereignty (wasn’t that the last solar eclipse), especially women (in ‘Virgo’) – spiritualy that could signal individual reclamation of the virgin archetype, not as the mother of god, but, as the spirit in matter (as virgin become crone, through the ‘mother’) – the unifying, metaphoric, soul maker and embodier – flux, acausal, belonging more to the quantum than the Newtonian – shapeshifting rather than shapefixing

      Regulus is also astrology….time to debunk the tropical, reality check.. not to kill off the symbolism, you can’t kill archetypal energy (church fathers, bloody fools) – the longer the tropical persists the less it reflects anything except old psychology – just needs grounding, a new home, change of shape….that means a strong container – Regulus will provide the strength?

    7. Rob, your insights offered here release humanity’s tears. Your comprehension of symbolic life can be galvanising. So needed, thank you. Again, such a valuable forum for astro, philosphical points of view.

  20. not really sure labyrinths have good karma, christians, lions under the coliseum, cathedrials tossed heritics in did they ever find jerusalem? or fall into a cistern, Nazi torture etc, stephen Kings The shining, the John List murders, the house had a maze behind it. everyone will die someday, however labyrinths are macabre and why the energy shift from 1 star.

    1. Going back to Regulus and it being the royal star – Royalty takes on different meanings – often achieved by revolution.
      Have noticed a star called Phachd at 29.41 Leo – so close indeed with Regulus. Third largest star of The Great Bear corresponds to Mars with the added touch of Uranus and Neptune – so far from the ecliptic perhaps not felt – however… in conj with a planetary malefic can possibly be the cause of a bloodbath…
      WHat about opps of Neptune on this degree and star?? And if relevant, perhaps revolution to overthrow “royalty” i.e leaders and institute new ones? A different kind of royalty based on higher moral ground – moral ground being a province of Virgo??
      Ebertin says it is distinct in mundane astrology. Noting one assassination and many riots…

  21. Rachel: Did meteorites bring the beginnings of life on earth? that would make them great mothers wouldn’t it?

    Great point indeed! yes it would!

  22. lucy: not really sure labyrinths have good karma, christians, lions under the coliseum, cathedrials tossed heritics in did they ever find jerusalem? or fall into a cistern, Nazi torture etc, stephen Kings The shining, the John List murders, the house had a maze behind it. everyone will die someday, however labyrinths are macabre and why the energy shift from 1 star.

    Not sure how you can apply “karma” per se to a labyrinth.
    A network of passages maybe labyrinthine but not a designated labyrinth.
    There’s a huge historical leap from thr tie of cathedral building and the Church which much later came and desecrated them.
    e.g Chartres was built in the late 12thC but the Reformation in Europe was 16th C.
    What the Romans built was a hypogeum – undergrpound tunnels – under the Colosseum to house animals and slaves. It has no connection to this –

    The Labyrinth at Chartres – which presumabky a person walked to “undo” a superficial level of consciousness and open into an altered state? What it was meant for??

    1. apologies for typos. I meant ” the time” of cathedral building.

    2. also, chartes was built, not on an east west axis like many other cathedrals, but on a north-east south-west axis that aligns with the solstice sunrise – happy solstice! + the black virgin of chartes was known as the ‘Black Mother of the Deep Earth’, and her statue was carved pre-christian times and was itself known as the ‘Virgin about to give Birth’, so the midsummer sun shone its light into the grotto, with its sacred well, of the Deep Earth Mother who is pregnant at chartes – there are intimations of leonine energies at their height entering virgoan energies (pre-christian version) in this…..sadly, the statue was destroyed on the winter solstice 1793 during the revolution

    3. Epic! I have been trying to get to Chartres for some time and think ow its a must!
      That bottle of wine is near Rob! Altar wine!

  23. a maze, like a quest is good life forfilling energy seeking clues relying on a mixture of exturnals, like hansel picking up stones or Curdy, (princess and the goblins) following the golden thread, faith and intuition. Anyway the spector of a pit that you can return from, the lie of the labyrinth upon entering a exit is somewhere and not a kind of death like financial ruin after working hard, or logical plans, choices that turn into a bait and switch and you only have yourself to blame ect.

    Anyway it seems the energy is early virgo, defends w/ lists, measureing tapes and notes, rather clean than party, remove lint from wool and diet. Things are not good and going to get a lot worse so don’t let worry, virgo/cancer stop the flow of protective energy, (pisces/taurus; neptune/jupiter) that is luck and tinker-bell telling you not to imagine bad but wonderful castles that float on a cloud, w/o labyrinth

  24. I have to tell you all this is just a wonderful thread.
    Cant tell you how much I am enjoying reading my emails.
    Thank you all very much! Leaves one a lot to think about.

  25. A Solstice for Mothering with deepest respect for Mother Aya.
    Her harvest is the richness of a fully endowed Virgo, moistened and enraptured with her entheogenic visions, connecting to her sacred rites within.
    She is for those who are weary and ache to experience her all encompassing love. These rites are offered to us, ordinary persons, if we choose to discard societal condemnatory baggage.
    There are Shamankas everywhere this day who celebrate her gifts with grateful thanks. Find them.

    This forum has developed beyond measure and is a beautiful treasure for anyone who visits here. Thank you from my heart.

    1. I found this today – I was sorting through a cupboard and found an old forgotten tarot pack. Its the Arista Grimaud pack. I’m doing research into the imagery of the Judgement card for another project, so I checked out the card.
      To my amazement, the figure coming out of the coffin doesn’t have a head as such, he has a spiralling image – his crown chakra operating! The man resurrected is resurrected in his crown chakra. I see Crown Chakra as being a symbol of the Inner Regulus.
      Look at the two other figures who are outside the coffin and look on with joy – The resurrected man is only making physical contact to the woman on the left. The bearded paternal/male figure looks on kindly. Saturn has done his work on the right. The resurrected man with his functioning crown joins with the female – she is unattached to the bearded man – The Virgin.
      And so Regulus to Virgo and the feminine principle – time for ascension through the opening of Sarashara.
      Or Sofia.
      The funny thing is – the astrological meaning ascribed to this card and written on the bottom, is Mercure Vierge. Mercury in Virgo. WHich I have!! Ad Regulus is touching it now!

    2. A Judgement or rather the preferred, AEON XX Card in Thoth Tarot.

      The child, or modern AEON of Horus, is brought to personhood through an all encompassing containment, essentially only offered by symbolic ISIS mothering. Required is, a certain vehicle for rites of purification or rebirthing which are often fiery, (inner or outer) and purgative. Not for the faint-hearted seeking to Know Thyself. The symbol Aeon relinquishes the older Christian concept of Judgement, Redemption & Resurrection as limiting and for the pious only where the rest may burn.

      The AEON symbolises the rise of the Phoenix at a much more * Democratic * level and this is the significant difference. A time of raised insight and perspective, facilitated for the many and available for the many as never before is now everywhere. Democratic compassion is possible.

      My original point was not clear as to the vital connection of Pisces opposite force, (shadow) needing full integration into Virgo for completion as a containment symbol which is what I was suggesting. There is no Harvest unless this occurs.

    3. According to Crowley all is contained in ths suit of Cups – the Grail then… was the pursuit of the KNights Templar. Which brings us back to the left handed path and the uniting of the two in the hemispheres of brain… walking the brain labyrinth.
      KNowing thyself is definitely not for the faint hearted. They settle for the purchase of furniture to seat the herd before the idiot lantern!! (TV…)

  26. Hi there,
    I have my Pluto on Regulus 29 point something Leo. There is also a grand quintile Sun 23 aquarius, Mars 9 Tarus, Moon 11 cancer, Jupiter 1 libra and Saturn 13 sagitarius. What does that mean anyone

    1. I got my chart from Solar fire and its rated A. The notes say “From him, confirmed by Ruth Dewey (A). NB. Two other times are available: 00.45 am and 2.00 am, but unconfirmed.” So the saggy rising at Astro databank is rated at DD. Not sure why they are keeping with this time.

      Here’s the Solar Fire chart:

    2. What’s interesting is…he as Regulus rising has detriment in hairs. I haven’t seen any Leo or Regulus having problem in them. They usually has lots /lots of them even the one with Saturn I saw had plenty of them..

  27. Hi Marina, I did a Tantric Goddess course in January last year, and loved it, but also quietly resalised I had been following these practices intuitively. It could be because I have Venus in Leo anyway, but the ‘sensual arts’ and pleasures of the senses, both sexual and non sexual have always been awake. My Regulas Venus looks like it could get me into some hot water though! Just out of interest, I have had two sucessfull buinesess ventures, one selling magical goodies “Dragons PArlour’ and the other making and selling prestige candles “Illuminate”, which did so well that Harrods sold the brand. Both companies went bust though, due to my mismanagement of money and my ‘childlike’ trust in finances, although my initial ambition, drive and 6th sense worked in my favour. Interestingly, both companies attracted lots of media attention and the financial failure in both cases felt like a huge fall from grace, and a dramatic dissapointment. I once had a boyfreind who was born on the same time, day, month and year, same city as me. He also had lots of highs and dramatic lows in his life ( a professional photographer) and was the invasive camera which compelled Kylie Minogue to say she would never visit Hong Kong again. That realtionship ended in a volcanic and bankrupted ending also – so double the trouble! I would tentively offer from my experience these cautionary tails of high flying and bankrupcy. As an older, and perhaps slightly wiser person, I’m steering clear of business ventures which are a little rich for me these days! Tiffany Manning

    1. Wow thank you for those amazingly Regulusy (!? if that’s a word) stories. Sounds a little like Regulus crossed with high flying Scheat in Pegasus. Have you got anything at 29 pisces/1 Aries? I havent got your chart at hand.

      This is another one that has recently changed signs. I just found this great article (scroll down abit), another person into the fixed stars!

  28. It’s worth a look at the chart for Rebekkah Brooks, phone hacking editor of defunct NoTW. She has natal Jupiter conj Regulus now. Her regal crown of hair and her position at head of court look prey to hubris. There’s no time of birth but her dob is out there.

  29. My birthday is November 28th – how will Regulus moving into Virgo impact me?
    Thank you.

  30. Question, you do not have an opinion of Regulus conj POF do you by chance..?

    Great site..very unique, cant stop reading it..

    1. Thanks Diana!
      Well since the Part Of Fortune combines the Sun, Moon & AC then I would read it as a little bit of each. Maybe Regulus gives a sort of regal backwash to your whole personality. Its like if you had a collection of furniture (Your chart), the part of fortune is what brings it altogether, so you would want to make your room very Regulus to set off the furniture. Does that make sense?

    2. Thank you for the response. Yes I understand and that is what is happening, everything is coming together from nothing to something..if that makes sense and it all is coming together very fast. Marina, you are a gem! I appreciate your style and zest!

    3. ps…N-jupiter on asc ops N-sun..pluto on moon and this mega mars hitting both pluto saturn moon and mars return. I think it will be busy do it or die!

  31. my son has regulus conjuction his sun (8/22)! at 12 yrs old, he is rather a character already. i have pluto at leo 28 conjunct this? and i suppose conjunct regulus? how does pluto this natal aspect play out? trines my MC too. thanks much,

  32. I love your website darkstar read it everyday. Could you help me . I was born August 19 1950 I see I was born under the Star of Regulus Angel Raphael My rising sign is taurus my sun sign is leo my moon sign is scorpio. Can you tell me if I will haave any luck in 2012. Please e-mail me back if you can.

  33. Your website is truly one of a kind … I found you this fall, look so forward to your daily email! More than thanks for the wealth of info you share.

    This is the best article I’ve found explaining Regulus!

    My question has to do with the Nodes..

    I have Ascendant, South Node and Moon conjunct ~ 27 Leo, 0 Virgo and 2 Virgo.

    I read your notes on Regulus Ascendant and Regulus Moon.. With my South Node in between the two (and North Node opposing my North Node), what does that add to the picture ? I have no planets in Sag or Gemini.

    Many thanks for your insight~

    1. Hiya Luci :), Well it’s kind of hard to say without looking at the full chart, but if I was doing your natal I would read Regulus, the AC and Moon as being what you learnt in your past life. You may have had a very bossy mother who ruled everything you did and was very controlling of your relationships (opp DC), maybe some scandal there too, or you may have been very a powerful rich person who experienced downfall.

      But it all depends, to me a chart is like reading a story, so this Node section has a few scenarios and what I would do is pick the one that fits best with the BIG story that is in your whole horoscope. The above are just a couple of ideas that spring to mind with that placement. In a horoscope you look for the repeated themes.

  34. I was born August 19th 1954, My rising is cancer. my moon is 29 Aris. Will I have good luck in 2012?
    Thank you for any help!

  35. I enjoyed reading this site 🙂

    I have Regulus in my North Node with some interesting aspects. Check out my chart Feb 19 1980 at 928am in Toronto Canada.

    I am an Enlightened warrior VORTEX spiritual leader

  36. Hi,
    Why isn’t there any mention of Regulus conjunct Pluto? I would love to know how others are coming along with that combo. Pluto is at 0 degrees 27′ Virgo. There must be others out there with this placement. Thanks for your help,

    1. Robson didn’t write any interps for Pluto. It had only just been discovered when he wrote his book. It would be interesting to know how this effected the generation born with it. It effected (on and off due to its retrograde motion) those born between Nov 1954 and June 1959. I just wanted to look at those who had it with personal planets because it would show up more strongly in them. Mundane astrology might show Regulus/Pluto’s effects better. Maybe also if we looked at trends in fashion or music. I know a lot of my favourite popstars in the 80’s were born with this.

      Ooh! I just looked them up. Kate Bush, Gary Numan, Paul Weller, Siouxsie Sioux, Marc Almond, Morrissey, Johnny Lydon. All Pluto Regulus. All, except dramatic Kate Bush, came out of the punk movement. All of them pretty intense!

  37. Question: at when adding fixed stars, it looks like it just shows the current position of regulus? (because when I look at someone 20 years older .. or younger, I get the same placement: end of leo almost in virgo).

    How do I find where regulus was when I was born?


    1. Hi Daureen, If you take the position for Regulus in the year 2000 take away aprox one min per year. So if you are 30 years old in 2000, take away 30′ from its 2000 position 29º 50′ which gives you aprox 29º 20′. That’s your Regulus position for the year you were born.

  38. Hi Marina,
    Do you have anything on Regulus Jupiter?
    My Jupiter is at 28.07 Leo

    Much appreciated,


    1. Hi Anne,

      With Jupiter: Fame, high preferment, especially of a military nature, success in the Church. [Robson*, p.197.]

      Bernadette Bradys says “To be involved with those in high office. To act with confidence, or at times have an air of nobility” P 210 Star & Planet Combinations.

  39. Hi Marina,

    Just found your website and am really enjoying it so far! One quick question, how would you interpret sun and Venus conjunct regulus? Because the conjunction with sun sounds like a blessing, but with Venus it sounds like a curse. Thanks for your insight!

  40. Hello,
    I have a similar question to the last one posted.
    my natal sun is conjunct venus and Regulus + the new moon conjunct lilith 6 degrees away from the sun
    How would you interpert Regulus here? Would you also look at the position of the touched personal planets in houses?

    thank you

  41. Hello Marina,

    I have Regulus making an “exact” conjunction to my natal Moon which is less than 2 degrees away from my 8th house cusp in Virgo. I would like to learn more about this placement in my natal chart and it’s signifigance.

    Are you still doing natal chart readings?



    1. I am, and taking orders now. There is still a backlog to get through. Jamie will be taking them over shortly. We are not sure how to play this yet. We might go back to the joint ones, or keep them separate.

      In reply to other questions about Regulus, as you can imagine, we are too busy to answer personal queries about Regulus in peoples charts as a rule. We appreciate you telling us how you experience it though:)

  42. Just realized I spelled “significance” wrong! The brain is getting old I guess.

  43. I have this conjunction too! I feel that if I may get my 12th-8th house healed, and this saturn/moon opp. mars in 12th house (horrible tension, anxiety)in order, maybe I will be able to act this conj. and with consciousness, maybe be aware of the falling alerts…




  44. Alonso, my son, has his chiron in a tight orb with Regulus. His chiron is in Virgo, 1st degree, in 7th house.

    My Pluto is 1 degree conjunct Regulus. Pluto is retrograde in the 2nd house, and I feel quite minimalist. Always have been this way.

    Regards and, as always, thankyou for the insights.


  45. My Saturn is conj. moon, not opp. (fortunatley)!

    And I sure may use my Sun transit over Regulus today, until friday. Things are tense and I feel fear, mainly.

    Thankyou very much, Jamie, again!


  46. I am having PF and Mercury conjunct Regulus and also the asteroid atira.
    All this is happening in the 8th house Virgo, there are more Planets there in the 8th but not under Regulus.

    Would that make me win the Lotto??

    1. I hope so but in Virgo perhaps only a small discreet part of it!!

  47. I’m having this moment now with progressed Venus at exact degree with Regulus and Mars within 2 deg of it. I do feel the extra assertiveness and certainty of my moves and decisions. I guess, this star is a confidence booster more than anything else. The challenge would be on how to tone it down a bit at the right moment.

    1. As a Mars on Regulus native I find it helps to listen to loved ones for help with toning it down it bit.

    2. My natal Mars is close to Regulus, too — at 24 degrees.

    3. I have Moon conj Mars on Regulus. I’m not sure I’m necessarily confident to any kind of bombastic degree but it probably is fair to say I have an innate confidence due to a strong sense of self and identity (though I can be beset by doubt at times, like anybody). I am quite easily angered, as my chart has received such a major dollop of Libra and Pisces/Neptune at birth I put this down to Regulus stirring up my already firey Moon. I’m especially prone to anger when I note dishonourable behaviour. I’m always banging on about this or that being “the honourable thing to do” – it sounds like this might be quite a Regulus theme.

  48. I have regulus in my north node in Leo in the 5th house with jupiter and mars conjuct in virgo. My chart is very unique which is why i am an ascended master from the 14th dimension. My birthdate is feb19 1980 @ 928am kn Toronto.

  49. My p. Pluto is conjunct Regulus (7th H), and is in a grand trine with Saturn (11th) at 25 Sag and Sun/Mercury conjunct (3rd H) at 26 Aries (conjunction about to be exact).

    I have not noticed any kind of social or professional elevation or preferment going on…..I must be doing something terribly wrong! (wouldn’t surprise me……)

    although I am about to submit something I have written to a competition, so keeping fingers crossed

    1. It pays to be aware how you can tap Pluto’s unique alliance with Regulus here. This is a leadership position. Unless you are prepared to lead, I don’t think this placement can help you much.

      A close friend of mine with this placement calls himself a king-maker. And rightly so. He fixes multi-million financing for huge projects globally. It can reach up to a billion even. This indicates the Midas touch – he makes it possible for others to lead an empire. And he’s very aware of that capability, astrology or not.

      Question is, are you ready to be a leader in your own right?

    2. I am a spiritual leader and have a huge influence in this world with my viral internet videos doing super human feats. Google up my name Joe Eigo or look up mu astrology chart feb 19/80 @9:28am in toronto.

  50. mine is on my 11th house cusp, conjunct saturn…. does that take away from my success?

    I have always said I am not lucky, only skilled…

  51. I’m wondering about the possible influence of Regulus on Saturn in the natal chart…?

  52. Marina, did you know that in 2014 there will be an occultation of Regulus by the asteroid Erigone (163)? It will be visible in Northesatern US & Canada. I’m curious of the astrological associations with this minor asteroid, as I’ve been thus far unable to turn up much of anything in my digging. Any thoughts on what this might portend with Regulus still newly in Virgo?

  53. hi, can anyone confirm that the Regulus star lines up June 30th for people who are Pisces? Which is supposed to be a day of good luck.

  54. The Regulus Zone is between 25` degrees of Leo and 5` degrees Virgo.
    But now, when this Royal Fixed Star is on the 0`01` of Virgo, the 6`Virgo is also included in this Zone, right?
    Great Article, Thank you.

    1. I have actually changed my mind about that and stick to no more than 3 degs now. You could use that orb though, but remember that you have to precess your own chart too in line with it. This position would only effect babies born now, not charts for 20 or 40 years ago.

    2. I find orbs really interesting – because the effects of a celestial body carry on long after the orb is exhausted. If the impact is great enough, then the magic continues. Especially with bodies such as Neptune!

  55. I was born in Philadelphia, PA 75W 40N on February 25, 1962 at 5:11pm. I have Regulus conjunct Uranus and rising on my ascendent. My fall from grace was one of the best things that could have happen to me. It has empowered me with the descovery of a marveless power. A mind expanded to new dimensions can never return to its original shape. Check out the “Holographic Universe” on Youtube. When you learn how to remove yourself from the wheel of the Zodiac you will find your liberation and true power. Sincerely, Manuel Morales “The Fool on the Hill”

  56. Marina,
    Have you any take on the effect upon Star Regulus and those under its
    influence by this morning’s (March 20 2014) occultation
    by the asteroid Erigone (constellation Virgo) ?

    A rise in suicides due to the despair and trauma
    resulting from betrayal by those empowered
    to protect you perhaps ?

  57. Marina,
    I have Regulus opposite my natal Sun with a (3* orb). What are the rules for sun/fixed stars aspects. I read in another website that fixed stars aspect only use a 1-2* orb, even with a conjunction.

    1. Marina,
      Sorry, I missed it. You wrote it on your blog. Oops. This aspect doesn’t look good. Regulus is opposite my natal Sun with a 3* orb. I understand that a conjunction is good for Regulus, but how about an opposition?

  58. What about the Fixed Stars in the Heliocentric Chart?
    And is the 1`degree in Virgo (in Geocentric) influenced by Regulus?


  59. Hi
    I have Regulus conjunct Uranus in 4th opposite Pisces Moon in 10th,both square ASc Gemini.What does that means?

  60. i have a 29 pluto, conjunct the uranian “planet” Zeus and then jupiter at almost 1 degree virgo all begining at the 8th house… any comments would be appreciated…thanks…and thanks for the info…D

  61. Hey Marina,

    Love your articles, thank you for all the time and effort you put in to giving us an awesome Astro resource.

    Not trying to over-extend this amazing resource, but because there is a lack of info out there — I was just wonderingaid it were possible If you would kindly share your thoughts regarding regulus conj. the sun (28), mars (29), Venus (27) and mercury (00, Virgo). These guys are all in the tenth house.


  62. My Vertex is 29 degree Leo conjuncts with Regulus in the 8th house. I couldn’t really find much info on this aspect. I guess people don’t seem to care about vertex but then I read somewhere that said vertex can be important if is on critical degree like 29 degree… Can anyone shed some light on this?

  63. apt to be w/ strings, dependent children, proletariat, ‘takin’ it to the streets’ up the walk, in the house….US thousands of unattended immigrant kids…case in point. ‘Freedom’ take a break, bare necessities reign, later a desire for simple tasks, elementary, back to school feeling.

  64. Of all the ‘keyword’ descriptions on this site this sounds the best. Regulus looks to have it all. The description of the cross of the royal stars hits this soul between the eyes due to the personal aspects conjuncting each. Thankyou magnificent Marina.

  65. Prince has Pluto at MC also,and antiscion to his nodes,a very interesting chart,with the sun with Rigel ,and Mars at 0degree Aries, I would love to read an astrology article about him.A virtuous musician and a strong personality.

  66. my bd is aug 23rd 1956. I wonder how this will affect me. it is on me like a bulls eye. I have been in transition for a year and a half. you understand..

  67. When I read your comment about the sphinx and the Alice Bailey quote, all my hairs stood on end, which I take as a sign of hearing truth. Personally, I find that higher vibration masculine energy very attractive and sexy – tend to be most attracted to men who can embody that at least part of the time.

    Interesting that you say downfalls due to misuse will come faster now – this makes sense with the connection to communication via Mercury. So many more downfalls now than in the pre-internet days due to more and faster communication – much more is uncovered and made public, and the speed of the revelations just seems to keep increasing.

  68. It is interesting to note that Virgo-represents womanhood. The letter TWO represents women or the female passive. The century of 2000 will be the return to female power?

  69. Any take on conjunction to the Ascendant? or Pluto? A whole generation has that placement – Pluto in late Leo and now also, Pluto in early Virgo also.

  70. Was Regulus still at 29 Leo in 1958? Know it moves slowly, but wondering its placement in my natal chart.

  71. There is an historical suggestion that Himmler’s suicide was in fact an assassination.
    Apparently, he was tortured and raped before being murdered by the British soldier in charge of interrogating him, who took to boasting about these deeds for King and country later on in his long life.

    Fits in with violence from enemies in a Regulus individual’s downfall.

  72. “… to rip the balls off our feisty Lion.”

    this almost hurt me lol

    The moving of Reg in tropical virgo is just a gift.

    Gift for those that are worthy, but still lack the drive, smarts & persistence to fulfill their human potential & get to the fun part of life.

    In previous generations many were able to do this on their own, but some still fall behind mired in so much miseries.

    They respond to tropical virgo: virgin – remain whole, wholesome, holy & virtuous.
    The good guys around here 😀

    Surfing on this major stellar empowerment all of them will be able to safely make it.


  73. Definitely not overnight. And thank goodness for that. Many surprises along the way.

  74. Looking forward to your take on the upcoming Venus Retrograde beginning at 0 Virgo/Regulus. 🙂

    1. Reading it now in fact! 🙂 haha – Merc Rx/getting ahead of myself.

  75. Very Interesting Read. The 4 horseman Symbols are also VERY Prominent on the Rosicrucian’s Rosey Cross. I assumed these Astrology Gestures were related to the Power of the Stability of the FIXED Signs…… i know Better. A Virgo Adjustment to POWER as we enter the Aquarian Age seems 100% appropriate. Aquarius is FANTASTIC leveler for Society. And Virgo’s focus on the “minor players” in Life Should be Very Helpful in Contributing to Modern Social Equality. But how the Blood Thirsty Qualities if the STAR work with Virgo will be hard to imagine. Bloodthirsty Small Detailing????….Flamboyant Dangerous Quilting???

  76. Thank you for this! The first I have seen of extensive information about Regulus. I was born with Pluto on Regulus, and not only will Venus conjunct my natal Pluto and Regulus, but Jupiter AND Mercury will, as well, and all together. And they are square to Saturn. I am trying to figure out what the Pluto on Regulus would mean for me, but this transit period has a lot happening. In one iteration of transiting Jupiter conjunct my pluto/regulus, I got married (and then Jupiter went into my second house and my income went up). Twelve years later, I began working again after having children, and income went up again. Twelve more years, and I was temporarily promoted to the executive director position and my salary went up for a year and then down (when Jupiter left my second house). Now, I am unemployed and practically homeless, but Jupiter,Venus and Mercury will transit in about a week or two over the Pluto on Regulus, and Jupiter will go back into my second house and Venus will follow. I am curious to see how this one plays out. Last year’s new moon on Regulus had me moving suddenly (also when I was unemployed) to accept an out-of-the-blue job offer. I imagine something’s heading my way next month.

  77. Great insight …. thank you! From an evolutionary standpoint the sign of Virgo is the last of the signs in the lower hemisphere and a natural next step from Leo. We ignite the solar magnificence of our own creative fire in LEO. The natural next step then in Virgo is to perfect and hone our native talent in service to others. This is the last phase in the six fold process of self realization. The rough diamond is honed and faceted revealing the light within in greater clarity through service to others.

    I’ve been watching this transition with fascination as our leaders have been making an effort to “step down from the throne” roll up their shirt sleeves (literally!) and appear as one of the little people (Virgo).

  78. “Per corem Leonis in signo virginis in sororitatem steallarum te salvamus”

    Actually means…

    “Through the heart of a lion in the sign of Virgo in the sisterhood stars you are safe.”

  79. Now as Venus turned retrograde conjunct Regulus BUT also conjunct my natal Sun/Venus on 30° Leo 10th house I wonder whether this is doing to have a positive or a negative impact on my business. Any thoughts? I also have Jupiter around 22 Leo and the retro Venus will be passing through it soon.

  80. I have my natal Pluto conjunct Mars spanning the cusp of Leo/Virgo. I feel I have experienced the negative side of Regulus towards me on some level or another during my life. The past three years have been difficult but also a time of learning and clearing a over this influence. I would like to hear more information about Regulus aspecting these natal planets.

  81. Its not often a lion makes international news but the baiting hunting and killing of Cecil the beautiful regal creature in Zimbabwe by a pathetic dentist is just that. I think of dentistry as a Virgoan job and Cecil was definitely Regulus. Perhaps Virgo’s psycho element is showing as Regulus goes into Virgo? The end of the regal?

    1. This is a really good connection you’ve made. Well noticed and pointed out.

  82. This is a phenomenal article, Maria. The fixed stars and their significance are new to me, but in reading these posts it becomes clear to me that they are indeed powerful astrological influences. I find it interesting that Regulus is now conjunct my Virgo MC at 0 degrees right as my astrology and healing arts work is beginning to take off. I’m so grateful for you sharing this awesome information!

  83. How can I find out where these are in mine and others charts, is there something for that?

  84. A terrific article, thank you! I’m a Leo married to a Virgo and I’m glad SHE is holding the jaws of my lion—I’m a much better person for it. I would LOVE for you, Marina Macario, to get a hold of Bernie Sanders chart, and take a poke at his chances of becoming president in 2016. As you might know, his sun-sign is Virgo and, it’s quite obvious that, among all the chumps running for the presidency, he alone embodies Virgo’s ideal of “serving humankind”. I would think, without a doubt, that he is the harbinger of Regulus teaming up with Virgo! I also hope you’ll take a look at my Amazon book-site, for I have recently published a book about the secret/sacred mystery of women’s long-lost ability to self-conceive. It is the result of 45 years of searching, researching and contemplation. It thoroughly examines this rare, controversial, ancient “subject of subjects” via biology, science, diet, mythology, archaeology, indigenous oral traditions and, yes, personal testimonies. The Mayan and Hopi Indians have been speaking about the Return of the Sacred Feminine for decades and, seeing how people are responding to my book, I can say with certainty that, indeed, HER TIME has come, and it is here to stay!

  85. Donald Trump, Regulus asc is looking good in the Presidetial challenge. But he’s a Gemini Sun conj node and Uranus plus Saturn and Venus in Cancer. So his love and appeal to the greater American family is clear and with Mars also conj his Regulus asc he’s going to persuade the “common man/woman” they can be Mini Mes of his style! Let’s hope not the hair though…

    1. P.s there is an alternative to Trump style which is the comedy Trotskyite cap of Jeremy Corbyn. This sour left wing agitator has Saturn conjunct Regulus. He takes an anti austerity stance yet his policies would reduce everyone to austerity if given a free hand! He and Donald are bipolar examples of how Regulus is playing out in its transition. But worth noting Regulus is in the constellation of Leo and only the zodiacal filter of Virgo so despite Corbyn’s lefties stance, he also wants to be king! Saturn on Regulus? Now that stupid little hat is surely his crown of the downtrodden? He may have revolted against the poll tax but he did nothing for child abuse victims in his constituency.
      Hes a Sun Mercury Venus in Gemini so like Donald Trump he’s going to be slippery with words.
      I see a battle of ideologies between the more Leonine Trump ( shame the mane is a combover!) and the common man who doesn’t want to get his hands dirty….

  86. I love the comparisons of the crown and the mane between the two guys. My Facebook news feed is saturated by the adulation of Corbyn by my bohemian arty socialist friends. I try and keep out of politics now because it’s draining. Criitcise any left wing politician and you are automatically a raving Tory bigot with no compassion.

    1. Same! I was listening to a Vedic commentary on the Venus retro conj with Regulus in June (sidereal) and it was mostly about a king/or someone rising to power suddenly. Donald and Jeremy two sides of same conjunction! Both are repellant!

  87. UBQW,

    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! Wish upon a darkstar, and may all of your dreams come true!

    1. Thankyou Roberto! That is SOOOO sweet of you! Big hug!

  88. Uberqueen!

    And how awesome is it to FINALLY be off of that Pluto page!!?? It is Great to be here! Teatime with Uberqueen on REGULUS!!!

    1. Wow UberQueen – that is some fancy Leo cake ! Happy Birthday. I love Leo (and Virgo and …) Big Smile here.

    2. Ha ha! Yes – the Pluto page was not a party to remain at!!
      Speaking of Regulus – I’m waiting to watch the World Champion Athletics 100m final where Mr Regulus himself, Usain Bolt (Sun conj Regulus) is up against double cheat who has Sun opposite Regulus. If you read this in time, the race is on at 2.30 GMT – morning where you are??
      Bolt almost fell in the semi but still won running fro the back! It should be quite a race!

  89. Yes Roberto – refreshing to be off the Pluto conj ASC page but really, we are not really so far away – at least all us older folks with a Leo Pluto! We get soooo beat up for that one) Regulus is even closer to my ASC ! And T Jupiter is in the works now too. Wow and inflated Pluto Regulus conj ASC. What will this bring? September is going to be very interesting…Mars and Venus soon to hit these points as well….So, just curious – what kind of cake do you give to Aries women? And gee, I can’t help but as tee hee “What’s your Sun Sign?”

    1. HEY JEN!

      I think we were all detoxing from the weeks of pummeling on the Pluto Asc post!.. That was intense! I am happy to move onto the business of kicking back, enjoying life and spreading the love… via cakes! HAHHAH!! Pluto has his place, but it is so easy to fall into the allure of his darkness! I am back on the Sun baby! Fun in the sun! Interesting side note, I was watching a scientific documentary on discovery channel yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised to learn that our own star, our sun, is actually brighter than 80% of the stars in the entire universe! WOW! Rock on earthlings! We have greatness to aspire to! Burn that Solar furnace as brightly as you can for the glory of The ALL!
      Well, I am so happy you love Virgo, and to answer your question, I am Sun in Virgo! Decan 2… Although to be quite honest, I connect with solar Virgo decan 3 the most! They are just lovely people.. I mean, Trisha Yearwood, Virgo decan 3! As sweet as it gets!
      Anyways, I am guessing that you are Solar Aries, that’s why you asked what cake I would give to an Aries?.. Well, I think I found one for you! I hope you like it!
      Your Asc is Virgo decan 1?.. So yes, you must be feeling that shift of Regulus into Virgo!.. How awesome for you! I guess your inner queen will be totally visible to the world now! And with Sun in aries, Regulus BANG! In your face! I wonder if this shift of Regulus into Virgo will impact the whole of Virgo, or just Decan 1?.. I hope we are all getting some pep from that! Virgo can do with some perking up for sure!

    2. HI Jen – have some cake! Regulus and Pluto hmm… indeed there are millions of people with this and surely they’re not all power hungry nutcase? Just one or two of us??!! What I like about it too is that the big constellation behind, Hydra, the water snake (Aslesha in Vedic) is hypnotic and dreamy but cross it and you’ll get a damned good constriction and a mouthful of poison!!!
      There’s more to Pluto Regulus in Leo than meets the eye!
      Jupiter is surging towards my asc and I can see my waist expanding… I’m going to have to use my Regulus Pluto powers of self regulation and my Virgo propensity for asceticism (yes, that too!) and transform the expansion to a less physical level!!
      Actually – I think that’s what Pluto Regulus in Leo is good at – self regulation.

  90. Geeze Louise – sorry for all the typos. My alter ego sometimes thinks it is the Comma Queen of The New York Times, so there you go. I actually listen to her podcasts !

  91. There is another Jen so I think I will have to revamp my name to JEM. UBQW – you do not want to get going on The Donald because this astro posting could go cattywampus very fast and become very uh, feminist, politico, etc. Your choice of course. Thanks for the astro input – the common person who is frustrated with US politics finds his “outsider/businessman” personality appealing. “I know nothing about US or world politics and how Washington DC really works, but I know I can step in and do it all better than any one who has been there for years.” He makes things frighteningly simple and so did George W. Embarrassingly enough, that has an appeal for a large group of uninformed voters. Such a two faced Gemini – he was a Dem and now a Repub just because it works better for him that way. I find it interesting that he is a family man but really, has so little respect for women – especially if they are over 40. Cancers are often very shrewd business people. And Geminis are to me the archetype of the Politician. He is entertaining to be sure, but how long will that fly?

    1. Jem! (there used to be Jem of the night I think!??)
      re The Donald – he has his progressed Sun at 29 Leo. I know Pr planets aren’t supposed to be affected by fixed stars but I see lots of evidence where they are! So his pr Sun is close enough to Regulus to further compound his “kingliness”.
      I think most elections now are just popularity polls. By contrast to the flamboyant and gold plated Trump, in the UK our Labour party (democrats more or less) are in high anxiety over electing a new leader. Their man has Saturn on Regulus and is a die hard socialist. I’m sure he’s killjoy Oliver Cromwell reincarnated. Trump by comparison would be Louis X1V!
      Corbin has Sun Venus Mercury Uranus in Gemini – so he’s going to have a little visit from the Saturn Neptune square end of November. Hopefully he’ll be swept off with the tide!

  92. Roberto! Can you see me smiling? You are so sweet. What an awesome cake – and Perfect for Aries – yes! Didn’t mean to steal the thunder from Uberqueen’s day there but have to say – I am tickled and delighted so thank you 🙂 Yes – 10 deg Aries Sun, but like to think of myself as Decan 2. And the idea of the inner queen “coming out” with Regulus moving on just delights me. Virgo needs to have fun too – put on the Leo hat – show the world how subtly regal we really are. Marina has posted the Strength card from the Rider Waite tarot deck as a depiction of Virgo and I think this is perfect – she really does have a crown.

    UQW – interesting about Hydra – I think you are spot on with this. Sometimes it is hard to know what in the chart is kicking in when we get our back up – but I can relate to this Hydra. She is kind of a bridge between the imperious side of Leo and the mutability/timidity of Virgo and her Piscean polarity. Dreamy, but watch out! Also – the conjunction coming from the 12th might lend to the hidden qualities that come out only when provoked. PS If you know of any good book about the dark stars could you recommend? I think DarkStar should have a library page. I guess I will have to revisit my Galey’s Classic Myths and Marina’s most thorough articles on the respective decans. That would be good start.

  93. Hi Jen!

    I am SO happy you loved your cake! And although it is not your Solar Birthday, the Sun is about to conjunct your ascendant, so do have some of that Birthday Cake and enjoy!!!

    Anyway, I think we better be careful! Anymore talk about cake and I think Megas Hydra(UBQW), may constrict both of our necks for encouraging overindulgence! UBQW did say that she was exercising virgoan restraint in the food department! Me on the other hand, I look like a need a hamburger or two! My poor ascendant in Cancer decan 2 has been beaten and pummeled by the Pluto-Uranus square over the past couple of years!. I mean, get me correct, the transformations have been incredible, BUT my poor body is burnt out and beaten to a frazzle! So much so that I had to start back eating fish after being Vegan for 12 years, so I can actually survive the planetary battle! My poor body was starting to float into the ethers! Anyways, that was my rant for the day. My birthday is 09/09, so feel free to send me a cake anytime! I need the calories!! HHAHHHHAAA!!
    It is interesting that you identify with your ascendant so much Jen.. You say “let people see how subtly regal we really are[virgos]”… I personally identify with my sun sign most.. Of course I recognize the influence of the other planets and angles, but I truly feel like Virgo is my core identity! However, after having Marina read my chart recently, I see how many of those Cancer decan 2 traits are there too, and I am a “devoted wolf & Hermit crab” for sure! It is awesome that you are a solar Aries, and decan 2 more so! You guys are awesome! I have total respect and admiration for Aries decan 2.. I do have my MC at 12 degrees aries, so that can also be why the admiration is so strong! I guess that is also why you and UBQW get along so famously, as you are the “Leo” decan of Aries, and UBQW is the “Aries” decan of leo! Anyways, here is to an all new breed of Virgo with Regulus shining upon us jen! Cheers!

    1. Hi Roberto
      Your poor bodkin under the cosh of the square. Don’t feel bad about eating a bit of animal protein. Sometimes nothing else will do and don’t forget the soul of the animal gets to go up a notch when it departs. Apparently!
      That’s an interesting point you made re identifying with the sun or the asc. It made me think – I can only be a real six headed Leo when I’m with other Leos because we understand each other and laugh at it! Mostly I’m more operating out of Virgo… for the benefit of people around me who don’t want to be ripped up like a stray wildebeest! But seriously, I think we all act out more from one section of our charts than others depending on who we are with and identify with certain planetary aspects etc more than others. Transits of course challenge us to exercise and exorcise. I think when I had an interminable Saturn Pluto sqto my stellium yers ago I identified mostly with a floor cloth… My biggest transit now is Neptune opposite my sac and Mercury. I identify with water, I have been painting water for about 6 months. Time to work with the Hydra too!

    2. Hey Ubers!

      Great points on the above! You seem to have been Uber exuberant over the past few days. It is obvious that Regulus has a huge influence on your Stellium..

      And yes my body has taken a beating over the past couple of years by urnaus and pluto.. I do have Pluto square ascendant(30′) and Eris square ascendant (20′)natally so I am used to the energy, but now Pluto is opposite my ascendant and Neptune is opposing my Saturn and Saturn is squaring my mercury, so I am being pulverized to the core! The enlightenment and illuminations have been incredible, but my body has spoken up to pay heed to the integrity of my structure, so I am slowly rebuilding myself..

      I agree with you wholeheartedly on the consumption of animal protein! It is something I struggled with for many years, and that is why I became vegan in the first place, because I felt like it was an act of compassion towards animals.. However, ultimately I was not being very compassionate to myself in the process! How stereotypical Virgo! Serving others and not the self! This has been a common theme throughout my life, a type of martyrdom and self sacrifice for another… WELL! Regulus has something to say about that now! I am taking some of your Leo vibrations and going to be doing a lot more of “putting me first!” And now I will give you some advice as well.. Be ALL of your six heads of Leo, all at the same time, ALL you want! You have been blessed by the Gods with an Awesome Stellium in Leo, which is just Magnificent, so I say Shine bright and forget about who gets burnt by your Gamma rays, the only thing that is being destroyed in them by your luminosity is their own insecurities! I actually quite like Hydra, the sea serpent as a personification of you UBQW.. Megas Hydra! The greatest Hydra that ever lived! Have a Glorious day basking under your stellar beams!!

  94. The goddess Ishtar(virgo) taming the Lion king(leo)… long live Regulus in Virgo!!

    1. Could this be an Ancient Alien pictorial illustration of Regulus moving from Leo into Virgo?

    1. UBQW, HHAHHAA!! LMAO!! You are too funny!
      Seems like our Ancient Alien guy is never going to live down that hairdo! Or for that matter, neither will Donald Trump! It is challenging to live up to those Leo hair standards! 😉

    2. From an evolutionary standpoint the sign of Virgo is the last of the signs in the lower hemisphere and a natural next step from Leo. We ignite the solar magnificence of our own creative fire in LEO. The natural next step then in Virgo is to perfect and hone our native talent in service to others. This is the last phase in the six fold process of self realization. The rough diamond is honed and faceted revealing the light within in greater clarity through service to others. Watch who shows up now to present you with an opportunity to put your talents to work now through the 1st week of September. You may be called to take the stage boldly and shine your brightly reclaiming a deeper sense of your own creative power. How confident are you in value and beauty of the unique contribution of your own essential self? The more you share the more you may find the importance of what you uniquely have to contribute deeply confirmed in the heart of you.

      I’ve been watching this transition of the royal star to it’s “Age of Virgo” (for the next 2160 years! ) with fascination as our leaders have been making an effort to “step down from the throne” roll up their shirt sleeves (literally!) and appear as one of the little people (Virgo).

  95. “0 -1 Degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces are beginnings subject to change. Mutable signs always signify adaptability, restlessness, and change. They can be vacillating and weak. In predictive astrology, what has begun is subject to change.”

    Apparently – according to So perhaps some noisy but weak leadership on the horizon?

    1. And the world stock markets in meltdown as FTSE loses 56bn off its shares! US markets are currently stopped from trading! Sun Regulus conj in Virgo but square Jupiter and Saturn – a sign of contraction and recession usually. Virgo reduces the price of everything… Virgo loves the bargain basement! For anyone who deals in shares, a great time to buy cheap and hoard!!!

  96. Hi Roberto

    What a fabulous photo! Thank you!
    The animal thing is a tough one! I am either a Virgo vegan or a Leo carnivore.. ridiculous I know but I’ve learned to listen to my body. I can go weeks without meat and all I want is rice and veg. I was in such a phase recently when Marina and I had a day out and while waiting for her to come back fro the loo, I was overcome by HUUUUGE love for the cows on the farm we were visiting! I mean I actually teared up and I wanted to HUG all of them and I thanked them for what they are. Then a few days ago I realised I was feeling cold in my inner body. SO it was time to eat flesh because biscuits (cookies) just won’t do! I have to vacillate between feeling compassion for the animals and accepting everything is made of the same illusionary stuff so its no matter.
    You’re right about the Regulus exuberance! I think I prefer it when the Sun goes into Virgo too. In Leo its still 12th house.
    Re your Saturn and Neptune… eeuugh… been there! Felt soggy and did pictures of drowning. But don’t forget, Saturn and Neptune either make dams or reservoirs – or open floodgates. Both useful in their way!
    I like to put me first by ignoring the housework and painting instead! Then there’s no me! Just lovely dreamy oily colour. Very Hydra!

  97. I was born Feb 19th 1980 at 928am in Toronto with Regulus and FormalHaut royal stars in my natal chart. I am a rainbow warrior shaman / magician and using ancient Atlantean super crystal wands to amplify thoughts into lasers to alter matter. I clear away chemtrails, demons and bring rain to areas of drought. Summoning archangel Michael and ETS to assist in battle is my passion against lucifer, CERN, HAARP and the illuminati.

  98. What about someone who has regulus conjuct his ascendent at 29 degrees of Leo (descendent also at 29 degree Leo). What would that say about the person?

  99. Patriarchy or Matriarchy? nonsense, we need Lovarchy. Man and woman in heavenly bliss, nothing less caring and giving and both equally receiving divine love, any and everything for each other. Search for love only and expect nothing but bliss, free of expectation and archetype, seek that which you most desire beyond false image and conditioning. Let heart and lifeforce overthrow the ordinary and mundane no matter its guise. Lovarchy!!!!

  100. Oh yes Regulus, Saturn 27 degrees, 7th house here. Love and the new world order, I live and die for consumption of my heart. Virgo transference from leo = purified love, the heart of the innocent beast tamed by the purified maiden. The return of the goddess of purity taming the loving beast of abundant life energy. Surely a blissful romance, born from divine innocent love combined with perfected sexuality, a unity of refined love and commanding bliss. Transcendent journeying in soulful coupling.
    Expend energy wisely and with those in harmonic balance. Ye shall seek’th ye will find’th.
    Love is the only thing worth falling for.

    1. love IS the only thing worth falling for and living for… thank you for your words; they really resonate.

  101. Hi! Thats a really interesting information. We are opening a business trying to help other people in our country Colombia. We are fundraising money to abandoned kids, handicaps and our indians. We would like to create the company on a ver very very auspicius day so we can get to the more people and help a lot, so our project can succed. Would you tell us an auspicious date for that? Thanks a lot!!

  102. so what this is means for people born on regulus on leo??
    how the change its affecting on us?.. its like Resistance

  103. Just discovered my natal regulus is at 29 Leo wide conjunct to moon pluto in the 7th ( 8 degrees away)

    29 degrees is a very loaded degree. Lets talk!

  104. Fantastic post. Thanks for slotting together the puzzle pieces and for making the new connection regarding pride. A lot of my harshest lessons over the last few years have been about losing my entitlement complex and about losing (the hard way) my service to self attention whore personality aspect. The public self of this lion would indeed seem to be transitioning to more of a background and hence self-contained lioness.

    1. Thanks! Regulus was due for a re-write since my oak tree ‘awakening’. I thought about your Regulus Mars actually while I wrote this, as I wanted to link to your video about the panda effect on birth rates. Could you send me the link? I couldn’t remember which video it was. I think it’s a very good example of Regulus into Virgo.

      Virgo is also related to small, domesticated animals, which obviously a Lion is not. Wild animals may need to be in captivity if they are an endangered species I guess. If the Western birth rates continue to fall, maybe Europeans of the future will end up living (captive) in reservations. Maybe some already are.. (gated developments)

    2. After listening to a few of your videos I understand where you are coming from Joddle. I’m a 1/4 Cherokee & the rest of me from various countries in the northern half of Europe – one being England. I wish I were full blood Cherokee & the Europeans had never found the Americas – but that’s water over the dam. Maybe Great Britain is starting to feel the effects of it’s imperialistic ways coming to a full circle?
      Also I’m vegan because I don’t want to contribute to the suffering of animals. We are in a dark age w/the modern way animals are being treated for food. It is NOT propaganda. It is profit at any cost.
      BTW I think the Panda Effect connection is very astute of you.

    3. The problem is April, is that the so called “Imperialists” are not getting any full-circle come back are they? It’s the ordinary working folk who lose out on jobs, school places and have to wait in long hospital waiting lists.

      The “Imperialists” however can afford to live in Imperial, high price, low crime, middle class, non-immigrant areas. They can afford private health care and send their kids to private school. They life in another world from most of us.. So are you saying the immigration influx is some kind of karmic punishment?

  105. Didn’t have him in my database, Solar Fire and myself are not very up to date on sports people. He is added now. Thanks.
    NB. His birthname according to Astrodatabank is; U, St Leo Bolt. What a great Regulus name!

  106. I’ve been doing charts for years & even though I love the fixed stars I don’t tend to use them much in readings unless it seems very important. That said I appreciate your expanding on the royal stars a bit because my own chart has something that seems like a pattern crying out to be noticed but I’ve never known what to make of it… The axis of my chart falls on 3 of the four royal stars: Aldebaran is on my Asc, Regulus falls on my IC (along with a N. Node/Jupiter/Mars conjunction) & Antares is on my 7th house cusp. Also a direct Pluto/Spica conjunction. So I can’t help but notice the stars but am kinda lost for interpretation.
    I wonder if you have any specific resources that you’d consider exceptional for understanding star placements? I’ve read much of the older texts and, while helpful, they don’t lend themselves well to my own understanding. I feel lost having something massive like Aldebaran sitting right on my Asc. but not having any real idea of what it might mean.
    Any suggestion(s) would be very welcome. Thanks. Love your website.

    1. Have you read the Aldebaran post?The polarity of good V evil will play out very strongly in relationship with Antares on your DC. You have to be careful about rescuing bad-boy partners!

  107. addressing pixiequix’s comments above…hi, i have some of the same placements as you, as well as the stellium in regulus, here are some links, although if you have read the older material you have probably seen this…

    these are like an encyclopedia of all the stars with the typical older interpretations. marina’s site and these links are really the best things i have found on the web concerning stars…

  108. Marina, The immigrant influx Is a “karmic/actions set in motion” reaction. I do very much enjoy variety so it’s not a problem for me if it weren’t for the disconnect from Nature. But I scratch my head when I hear “White” people complain about “Others” coming to live with them. The Powers That Be regardless of what they are….WE let them get away with it!! The earlier pioneers & immigrants to the Americas & US (mostly common people) thought nothing of taking the land of the “savages”. The same way “progress” is continuing to do to the world’s living souls.

  109. Brotherhood of the Sphinx, is actually the earliest known Pharaoh with a lions body which makes Bailey’s quote: “When the nature of the world is revealed, then the mystery of the Sphinx will no longer exist.” But what is that mystery? The mystery is that it is the final end of the Patriarch, which started with the first Pharaoh of earth, the Sphinx and its 3000 years of Pyramid Cults around the world.

    Also Taurus the Bull, Leo the Lion, Scorpio the Eagle and Aquarius the Light Bearer. Leo retires the masculine (Sun God) and returns the leadership of the feminine, the feminist of Virgo (Sun Goddess) in its cyclical return. Me personally as an Aquarian stop using Mercury as ruler of Virgo because Chiron is much more appropriate, both where you have cause your karma for lifetimes and the wounded healer.

    I have Regulus conj my MC (28 Leo) and Pluto (1 Virgo) and since its a fixed star its not personal but collective, therefor it only bears its power on collective things, not “personal human things”

  110. Regulus is at a zero point. My opinion is it’s most interesting aspect is its trine to the Winter Solstice point and sextile to the Summer Solstice point. It will affect the planet, as did Sirius conjunction the Summer Solstice point brought in the Medieval Climate Optimum.

    1. I love sidereal Astrology, it resonates most for me. I have noticed that with this facinating talk of fixed stars and asteroids and constellations within tropical astrology, its overall analysis mimics the Vedic (including nakshatras and LOH etc) interpretation. Fundamentally, arriving at the same conclusion by two different modes. Thereby, i now only utilize these topics concerning Tropical with respect to my astro.Com Tropic chart, the interpretation to Vedic is precise, unfortunately not as much current information available for sidereal /vedic. Hope this is helpful if it even made sense. Really love this site Dark star Astrology ! Excellent article, my tropic Ascendant is at 0° Virgo, and Pluto is having an immense effect on my 5the house. Thank you! ??

  111. Can you tell me what does the symbol of Regulus look like in a Natal Chart?
    Thank you for your reply.

    1. There is no symbol. It’s a fixed star, so basically you have to see if you have anything conjunct the degree of 29º Leo. I’d give 2º each side for Regulus as its a major star.

  112. This comment has gotten obnoxious without me realizing it. I was thinking about how I was going to articulate without stepping on toes, at least not directly. Then this came out.

    Do we all as Source truely feel it in are hearts that Regulus energy may be at all opposed to the expressions within the LGBT label? Are the hearts of these members so misguided by some diluted desire to stand out? Aren’t gays more often capable of seeing themselves as they are without the thick man-made concept that is man and woman, which has been built through ancestors, whom we are designed to learn from and surpass. I personally felt like I have transcended labels like straight and male by no longer calling myself anything like either one of them. Now I just emit masculine energy and go after women while people burn out in constant suspicion. Competition is not so happy about the mystery that comes from this lighten position.

  113. Milo is not Alt-right. Milo is a CONSERVATIVE. like everybody who voted for the President of the United States. who WON. nothing Alternative about that.

    1. Yes you are quite right about that!! Will change it. Back when I rewrote this post, Milo did sort of relish in being labeled as being “Alt-Right”, like it was the new trendy counter-culture. The ridiculous thing is anyone who is young, good-looking and conservative is branded “Alt-Right” these days, because they don’t fit the stereotype of the pearl-clutching, blue rinse brigade (As they are known in the UK). Same goes for Lauren Southern and Brittany Pettibone.

  114. hello there! enjoyed reading your article! I thought a good presentation on assuming symbolic synchronicity with ‘evolution’ of character traits (eco-psychology). of course, we are discussing fixed positions that move really gradually, but also very predictably… so i would only add that this very slow transit of Regulus has been and is observable – position forms 4 sq in relationship structure with current positions of Fomalhaut, Antares and Aldebaran… if we wanted to de-emphasize both the psychology and the supernatural interpretations, we can use the 4 for baseline mathematics and geometry time/space… any ‘progressive development’ or evolution of traits can be seen as either inside or outside of the accidental structures of culture

  115. hi great post, thanks! especially for me as my sun and Venus are both conjunct regulus at the last degree of Leo. I’m quite successful in business / worldly matters and struggle in love, makes complete sense now 🙂

  116. What about Regulus exact on my IC conjunction Saturn and both opposite MC but trine my Jupiter Betelgeuse ASC conjunction- how would that effect me?

    Or in short just Regulus exact on IC

  117. Very well written article ! As I have pluto (generational ) at 25 degrees Leo in the 5th with Sun and mercury in virgo also. , Regalus now at early degrees virgo sextiles my natal moon in Scorpio , and trines my mars in Capricorn. , my generation knew how to party yeh ! ( Leo ruler of 5th , the fun house.) We were the appreciative audience of the ‘rock’ icons of that generation. We were so spoiled ! Knowing about the astrological symbolism made it very easy to pick up on , and recognise what a good article this is , love it when its done right! Thanks !

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