Antares is the alpha star in constellation Scorpio. It is literally found in the heart of the scorpion at 9º 47′ Sagittarius. Fixed star Antares is said to represent one of the important four Archangels Oriel, the watcher of the west. Befitting its lofty angelic status, Antares also looks awesome, a flaming red binary star that occasionally glimmers emerald from its tiny green sibling. At 883 times the size of our sun, Antares is the 15th brightest star in the sky and second only to fellow super red giant Betelgeuse in size. All red stars have a passionate nature, and like the sign of Scorpio generally, this powerful star has a dangerous and fearsome reputation.

Robson says: “It causes malevolence, destructiveness, liberality, broad-mindedness, evil presages and danger of fatality and makes its natives rash, ravenous, headstrong and destructive to themselves by their own obstinacy.”

Antares or anti-Ares, means the rival or equivalent of Mars. This could be because, like Mars, it shimmers a blazing red colour in the sky and by all accounts its nature is similar to Mars too. Ofcourse Mars is also the traditional ruler of Scorpio too.

The Ebertins say “Antares makes people tough, belligerent and pugnacious. This is an important star for military personnel, it is said to convey mental alertness, strategic ability and courage to make daredevils” [3.]

Sagittarius decan 1The reason for Scorpios fearsome reputation could originate from the fact that the Scorpio is positioned in the most southern area of the zodiac, so thousands of years BC this was where the sun was seen to set and was associated with the gateway of the Underworld.

Of course in the tropical zodiac we have the same deathly associations for the Scorpio Sun sign period anyway (October 22-November 22) with the pagan festival of Samhain or Halloween. All hallows (All saints) takes place the day after October 31st. The Mexican day of the dead falls between November 1-2. The Catholic “All Souls”, (in Italian it’s simply I Morti. “The Dead” ) is celebrated on November 2.

It must also be remember that the constellation of Scorpio was originally much bigger than it is in modern times and spanned both Scorpio and Libra. The two Librian scales used to be the Scorpion’s claws. It seems the gods thought this primal, lustful beast of a constellation needed less emphasis in our skies and brought in Libran justice. Remember for the Egyptians the scales are also used to weigh the souls of the dead before they pass into the underworld too. Generally in mythology then, Antares represents that difficult transition from life to death, and then death to life again and the burning off of karma.

Antares & Scorpio Mythology

It’s interesting how the Scorpions is continually feared and revered throughout mythology. There is a recurrent theme of a fear of natural law and humanity from the heavenly gods. The Egyptian Solar god Horus was stung by a Scorpion and sent to the Underworld to reign as the green skinned King Osirus.

In Greek myth Orion was stung in the foot (Rigel) by a scorpion sent by Gaia after Orion boasted that he had dominion over all creatures on earth. In Christianity the solar god Jesus is tempted by the devil and betrayed by Judas who are often symbolised in painting accompanied by poisonous snakes or our venomous Scorpion.

Back to Antares then, we can see why it has such a difficult time of it. I do think Antares is very much working at the root chakra, survival level. If a lioness kills a poor sweet innocent bambi of a deer to feed her cubs, we don’t say she is cruel, callous or a psychopath. She is just operating in survival mode in order to protect her family.

Antares has the beastly side to it, but it also has the wisdom to know that when these primal urges rage inside that he also has self control. Antares has to evolve away from acting purely by instincts and needs to engage his logical, solar mind also. This is the battle that lies at the heart of the Scorpion.

OsirisAll four archangel stars are also royal stars of Persia too. Antares is always located directly opposite royal star Aldebaran, Archangel Michael, which interestingly is God’s soldier. Again we see there is more “Good versus evil” theme with this star. If Antares has been honored with the title of a royal star then it must have some redeeming qualities. Aldebaran could just be a little too good to be true, and maybe just a tad too worthy.

Aldebaran is “the enlightened”, but I think Antares purpose is to remind Aldebaran that he isn’t quite a god yet, and to keep in touch with humanity and his life as a human being. This might burst Aldebaran’s balloon somewhat, but that’s Antares job, smashing sugary and sickly meringues!

So Antares will always play the baddie, will always take the rap, will tend to play out the collectives demons for them. It is the man or woman you love to hate. Antares will gladly play the red-eyed monster in the corner with a long black cape going “mmmwwaaahhaaahhhaaahaaaa.” Ok, maybe thats way too obvious a stereotype, but if you look an Antares rising, they probably really do have a wicked grin or a devilish twinkle in their eye.

Back to mythology again. Horus was stung by the scorpion and became Osirus God of the underworld, he is interestingly depicted as green from then on. This inhuman colour is of course associated with reptilians, demons, green eyed monsters, envy, rivalry, little green men. Whether we subscribe to the notion that the world is secretly run by reptilian psychopaths or not, we are still all in possession of a reptilian brain.

“The limbic system is part of the old mammalian brain, inherited by our ancestors as we evolved from reptilian creatures into warm-blooded, feeling, social, furry creatures. It is also the central relay center responsible for conveying neurotransmission messages from the old reptilian/hindbrain through the midbrain and into the higher cortical centers.”

 We could easily over-simplify Scorpio stars and brand anyone who has them strong in their chart as a budding psychopath. Now I do believe that in very rare instances this can be the case, but it will be dependant on the chart as a whole and which planet Antares is on. A badly afflicted Mars maybe a problem, as this will only inflame the more aggressive side to Antares. Otherwise, the psychopath tendencies I found more common in the other Scorpio stars in the stinger and the forehead eg: Lesath, Acrab and Dschubba.  These stars came up with great frequency in my Psychopath Astrology research, but I would say it simply means that this very potent sorcery must be used responsibly.

Antares Meaning

Because Antares is a royal star, it will give great worldly success, since their ambition is quite ruthless, but Antares finds it hard to modulate itself. On the same theme Brady suggests

“ it also indicates that one can be the cause of their own undoing. The natural theme of this star is to generate success by going through a cleansing life-and-death experience. It can suggest one seeks intensity even when not required. By its mythological symbolism it indicates extremes, whether by choice or not.” [2]

Antares’s problem maybe that it is so driven by high drama, sensation and extremes that it may find it hard to fine tune or be sensitive to life’s subtleties. If this brave, fearless spirit is channeled in the right way, then this energy can help move mountains. Antares works better in partnership with more laid back souls who can temper the “devil” inside it. All energies are important in our Universe, its all a question of balance. Antares is needed when we get too compliant and accept others modus operandi too readily, it shakes us out of our complacency.

For the Persians, who made it a royal star, there wasn’t much of the negativity attributed to it later on by the Greeks and Romans. For the Persians, Antares was very fortunate and gave eminence and achievements for humanity.

“It has been said that “Antares demands we ‘take a stand’ for our truth against the established conditions of our personal lives and against the established order or authority directing our lives when those conditions and that authority are no longer in our best interest nor supporting or evolutionary freedom.”

The main problem for spicy Antares is its quite a challenging star to live with at a day to day level, so people with it prominent should try to leave their battle armor outside the front door when they get home. Antares households have lots of spaghetti stuck to their kitchen ceiling, but on the plus side, well worn bedsprings…

Antares Keywords

Intense, dramatic, militant, fiery, passionate, obsessive, compulsive, fast and furious, spicy, awesome, eminent, primal, demanding, ruthless, ambitious, survivors, trailblazers, combative, driven, maniacal, pushy, tyrannical, villainous, human, bestial, ravenous, natural, impulsive, instinctive, challenging, raging, rampant, revolutionary, highly sexed, devilish, demonic, wicked, devils-advocate, teasing, taunting, provoking, phoenix from the flames, dare-devils, self-sabotaging, envious, valorous, competitive, temperamental, emotional, hot-headed, self-motivated, self-governed, mover & shaker.

Antares & Planets

ASCENDANT “Riches and honor, violence, sickness, benefits seldom last.“ [1] “To be driven by passion & obsession. A potential to be abrasive or even ruthless…” [2] Examples: Nick Clegg (00’), Jude Law (16’), John Dee, Tim Leary, Helen Keller, Brad Pitt, Elizabeth Taylor, George Braque, Ian McKellen, James Dean.

MIDHEAVEN “Honor, preferment and good fortune”.  [1] “To feel like one’s life is always full of archetypical struggles between black and white; prone to obsession and being driven to deal with and even work with issues of injustice” [2] Examples: Wallis Simpson (05’), Jay Leno (15’), Harvey Milk, Howard ‘Hopalong’ Cassady, Whoopi Goldberg, Heinrich Himmler, Janis Joplin, Andrea Dworkin, Fay Weldon, Edward Degas, Auguste Renoir, H G Wells, Christina Aguilera, Prince William/Kate Middleton.

NORTH NODE “Too see the struggle of the masses; to understand or work with large groups. To focus on the small and in doing so reveal the larger issues”. [2.] To battle with one’s demons, addictions and obsessions and having succeeded finding spiritual reward through helping others do the same. Creative products reflects societies traumas and dark underbelly. Examples: Mary Pierce (06’), William Wordsworth (14’), Pablo Picasso, Nietzsche, Louis Lord Mountbatten, Bjorn Borg, Tom Hanks, Sarah Gilbert, Jerry Hall, James Joyce, Cornelia Stuyvesant Vanderbilt, Franklin D Roosevelt, Beckhams Davison.

SUN “Pretended religion, insincere, honor and riches ending in disgrace and ruin, military preferment, danger of treachery, violence committed or suffered.” [1] Focused on passionate self projection of the ego. Attraction of combative situations and the challenges to their authority. Examples: Woody Allen (10’), Bette Midler, Britney Spears, Charles Patrick Graves, Gianni Versace, Nancy Mitford, Rose West, William Blake, Winston Churchill.

MOON“Popular, broad-minded, interested in philosophy, science and metaphysics, liable to change religious opinions, influential friends, favorable for business and domestic matters, active in local affairs, great power, honor and wealth but benefits may not prove lasting, danger of violence, sickness, drowning or assassination.” [1.] Domestic dramas and unashamedly temperamental. Prone to emotional outbursts. Devoted, but verging on obsessive with family affairs. Examples: Bob Geldof (05’), Pablo Picasso (06’), Copernicus, Nietzche, Rock Hudson, Carl Wilson, Sean Lennon, Maurice Chevalier, Saddam Hussein, Ramsay McDonald.

MERCURY “Suspicious, wrongfully accuses friends, unpopular, uses ecclesiastic influence in business, money obtained slowly and with much difficulty.” [1] Anxious, obsessive-compulsive thoughts and potential for stalking behaviour and revenge. Examples: Mackenzie Phillips (06’), Wassily Kandinsky, Uri Geller, Tina Turner, Steven Spielberg, Richard Burton, Paul Klee, Noel Coward, Neil Young, Marie Curie, Joan Sutherland, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Danny DeVito, Cynthia Payne.

VENUS “ Insincere, dishonest, energetic and able but selfish”. [1] Destruction of class division. Breaking down of emotional armour. Penetrating the heart through intense emotional turmoil. Guarded in social situations. Examples: Salvatore Giuliano, Kevin Costner, Connie Francis, Whoopi Goldberg, Lyle Menendez, Jimmy Page, Christina Rossetti, Dylan Thomas, Cecil Beaton, Helmut Newton, Kelly Osbourne, Katy Perry.

MARS “Detrimental habits powerfully affecting the life, quarrels with friends and relatives, fairly favorable for gain”. [1]. Obsessive ambition. Rash, impulsive acts. Seeing the world as a battle between good v evil. Swinging from sinner to saint. Extremist views. Examples: John Basilone, Ronald & Reginald Kray, Arthur Koestler, Julie Andrews, Tatum O’Neal, Dennis Wilson, Lena Zavaroni, Charlotte Church, Jack Kerouac, H. P Lovecraft, T S Eliot, Terence McKenna, Captain Beefheart, Johnny Lydon.

1. Antares: Robson

2. Star and Planet Combinations, Bernadette Brady, pg 124 -125
3. Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.70-71.



Author: Marina Macario


  1. It’s my understanding that Antares is nearing it’s end of life. No one can say how long that end of life will take. Does that mean no more evil, hot heads,tempermental, etc. keys words associated with this star will be gone forever? I wonder will another simular star take it’s place or once it’s energy collapse into a super nova will it’s energy scatter? Although I like some aspects of this star.

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  2. @Savannah That’s a good question, but there are plenty of other planets and stars that denote pugnacity, hot headedness and even evil … Mars, Saturn and Pluto to name a few. So whenever Antares does finally die, those characteristics will undoubtedly live on in the human race, unless we manage to evolve beyond them.

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  3. I thought this thread worth a revival since the Square of Saturn and Neptune will be on Antares end of November 2015. This square will be on the natal Mars and Uranus of Syria. I think we’ll see increased violence there – and an uptick in international intervention by way of more drone attacks on targeted IS members, Keep watching – as the Sept solar eclipse is also conj Assad’s Sun/Chiron opposition.

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