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Vega is the principal star of Constellation Lyra. The harp is found between 10º – 29º Capricorn. It is from these stars that give the Zodiac sign of the goat its aspirations, the urge to rise above mediocrity and the need to be seen in the right places with the right people. This area of the sky craves high status and wants to influence. Constellation Lyra’s myth; Mercury made a little harp with three strings and gave it to Orpheus who used it to charm the beasts.

Jupiter placed Lyra in the heavens to honor Orpheus’s death. “It is said to give an harmonious, poetical and developed nature, fond of music and apt in science and art, but inclined to theft.” [1] Ptolemy said it is like Venus and Mercury. The theft will come from its associations with Mercury. The constellation obviously has a trickster element to it. As you can see below, crime and punishment and being a law unto yourself is also a feature of this stellar zone. It is said that when this constellation rises in a chart;

“There shall be born a man to investigate wrong-doing and punish the guilty…he will get to the bottom of crimes by sifting the evidence for them and bring to light all that lies hidden under the silence of deceit. Hence, too, are begotten the merciless torturer, the dispenser of penalties…..” ~ Manilus. 

Constellation LyraThe Latin word fidicula, sometimes associated this constellation, also signifies an instrument of torture. This explains the eclectic mix of artists, media “whores”, and politicians alongside some sadistic murderers. The Australian Lyrebird was mistakenly thought to have a tail shaped just like a Lyre and this “lie” was commemorated on a postage stamp.

This extremely shy bird IS infact a lair though, it is famed for its extraordinary ability to mimic any variety of bird and any sound. This is fitting since its principle star Vega is associated with pretentiousness.

Vega Keywords

Blood is thicker than water, family honor, loyalty, musical, theatrical, arty and crafty, waxes lyrical, charming the birds from the trees, pied piper, paying the piper, songbirds, lullaby, lair, aspiring, social climbers, class conscious, divas, wannabies, fans, stalkers, admirers, high status, flash cars, impressive, political clout, gangsters, grasping, publicity hungry, media whores, ancestral talents, dynasties, forging, faking, plastic surgery, perfection, idealism, the pinnacle of success, snobbery, rags to riches, riches to rags, thieving, criminal activity, torture, punishment, law unto themselves.

Stars of the Lyre

The alpha star of this small constellation is a beautiful pale Sapphire star called Vega found at 15º 19’ Capricorn.

“It gives beneficence, ideality, hopefulness, refinement and changeability, and makes its natives grave, sober, outwardly pretentious and usually lascivious.” [1]  “Vega is supposed to give artistic talents especially for music and acting, but also a liking for good living. With eccentric artists, this may lead to a debauched life. Tied up with Jupiter or Venus, Vega is said to pave the way to riches and fame. However, if other influences play a part, this wealth may be lost again” [2]

The star seems to be associated with wealth, snobbery and a certain pretentiousness. Vega has high aspirations and likes to associate with the rich, glamorous and famous. it is the ultimate wannabe, which can become either a groupie or in the worst cases a stalking fan. I would think this star also has a talent for mimicry (There are a surprising amount of female impersonators) and also the kind of voice that can lull a person to sleep.

The other two important stars of Lyra are Sheliak: 18º Capricorn 53’ and Sulaphat: 21º Capricorn 55’. I think these two stars may have less of the artistic Venusian talents of Vega and lean more towards the Mercurial energy. So here there will be vocalists, those who use their bodies as instruments, the torch-song singers but also tortured souls, or those who like to torture. Early depictions of Lyre have it nestled in the breast of a Vulture.

This bird, like Mercury, is an ambivalent symbol, it can be protective and maternal yet also destructive. In nature the scavenger can be cleansing and purifying, but it also deals with the dirty jobs that no one wants to do. It has that vigilante feel to it. These are people who take the law into their own hands, the way that gangsters do. They are doing it for the “family” and protecting their own blood. In their mind it is honourable, never mind who else’s guts gets bust in the process. You can see this mentality I think in Sulaphat and Sheliak, both these stars fall around the talons of the Vulture. These stars are more tenacious, practical and hands-on than the more idealistic, visionary energy of Vega.

Vega & The Planets

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25 thoughts on “Vega In Lyra

  • January 10, 2014 at 10:03 pm

    Donna, are you an artist? Is second house ruled by Saturn or Jupiter? I am a Vega Mercury and Mercury is my chart ruler.

    I think it is hard to talk about the north node without more information about the chart. I am pretty fascinated with the north node because I am so interested in reincarnation, and the nodes to me are very much about past life gifts and challenges. to me the North Node is about what we both fear and yet need to confront and integrate. I think you have to look at all the things related to the second house and the highest and best characteristics of Capricorn and follow your intuition about it. Or get a professional to read your chart to see your past life gifts/challenges to better understand the north node. For example, your south node would be in Cancer, so some negative expression of Cancer is to be overcome in this life with Capricorn gifts. My south node is in Virgo in my first house, and one of my challenges has been to overcome excessive analysis and crippling self-doubt to develop more compassion and faith in what is unknown so that I can be fulfilled through trusting a worthy partner.

    hope that helps!

  • January 22, 2014 at 2:12 pm

    Hello Marina, nice post! It is an interesting perspective, as many, although admire these bright stars (aldebaran, sirius, spica, etc..) talk about their huge possible negative effects (quick ascensions and quick falls).
    Although i believe there are thousands and thousands of people like me, i found out My ASC in Cappy(14 degrees and a few min) conjuncts Vega within one degree, and Mars and Mercury sit in the light of Sheliak at 18 degrees capricorn (although shows that they conjunct ASC and Vega too).
    This implies that my Descendant also conjuncts Sirius, which is true (Moon also parallels Sirius)
    Also, my North Node in Libra conjuncts Spica in the 9th House. (4 seconds difference)

    Does the axis Vega ASC – Sirius DSC have any meaning?

    • January 11, 2016 at 5:42 am

      We share the same AC degree, 14 degrees and 46 minutes. My AC is conjunct Vega too. Mars conjuncts my AC from the 12th house. It’s at 12 degrees. Unlike you though, my NN is in Aries (22 degrees), conjunct my IC (24 degrees). This makes my SN conjunct Spica. I wonder how much our lives vary and seem alike. :)

  • April 16, 2014 at 5:57 pm

    i have a question. i have vega and rukbat conjunct IC and pluto is now conjunct vega in transit. many thanks


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