Your Capricorn Horoscope for September 2017 has a very happy Sun jumping for joy and raring to voyage into new territory. This is the month to get metaphysical as the Sun in this sector of the chart questions dogma and shines its light on dimensions you might have been previously blind to. You may literally make friends with a foreigner or connect with a spiritual guru type mentor at this time. This wanderlust lasts until September 23 when it’s back to work with a vengeance. You should be revitalized and fully charged up to get the benefits from the spotlight now being on your status in the world and career. It’s time to remind people who you are.

September Monthly Horoscope 2017

The September 7 full Moon ignites habits from the past and unconscious childhood conditioning that bleed into your daily life. You might react with a strong gut feeling to usually insignificant occurrences, like to a song that wafts out from a passing car followed by a bus carrying a poster on the side that is highly symbolic. Connections from one thing to another seem loaded with emotional meaning and you will feel like you are living in a French film noir. On the positive side you will feel more intuitive when connecting with locals. You and are able to read and anticipate the minds of your neighbors and anyone you meet while buzzing around town.

Capricorn Career Horoscope

Mercury in house 8 until Sep 9. It would be easy to get quite paranoid at this time, because the atmosphere at work seems so intense. It could be that you are just projecting your own demons onto your colleagues, so try to hold back from any office politics. The same goes for the self-employed, where you might read emails the wrong way or project your own ‘stuff’ onto FaceBook comments about your work. Notice what is triggering you because it says more about you than them.. yes really!

Mercury in house 9. It’s only when one travels to a totally different environment that we realize how small our problems might be in the greater scheme of things. So after Sep 29 any recent work stresses seem much smaller now and ridiculously petty. Even if you haven’t had the chance to escape the rat race, you could just by chance pick up the right book or see the right film that helps you put everything back in perspective.

Capricorn Love Horoscope

Venus in house 8 until Sep 19. Be careful you you let under your skin while Venus is in your taboo zone. You might find yourself obsessing over a person for months afterwards if you become sexually bonded with them. Think carefully whether you really want to put yourself through those intense, gut-wrenching emotions before you enter the underworld.

Venus in house 9 until Sep 29. At this time you will find yourself going beyond your comfort zone thanks to the pioneering energy of your partner, which is great for personal growth. Romance and travel come together beautifully at this time, so wether you are single or in a couple, make sure you take time out to explore sacred sites or places of natural beauty.

Best Days By Decan

Capricorn 1

Dec 23 to 31 (0º-10º)

Best days for love:
Venus trine ~ Sep 20
Best days for career:
Sun trine ~ Sep 1
Mercury trine ~ Sep 10 to 18
Mars trine ~ Sep 5 to 20
Challenging days:
Sun square ~ Sep 23 to 30
Mercury square ~ Sep 28 to 30

Capricorn 2

Jan 1 to 10 (10º-20º)

Best days for love:
Venus trine ~ Sep 20 to 27
Neptune sextile ~ All month
Best days for career:
Sun trine ~ Sep 2 to 12
Mercury trine ~ Sep 19 to 24
Mars trine ~ Sep 21 to 30
Pluto conjunction ~ All month
Challenging days:
None 🙂

Capricorn 3

Jan 11 to 19 (29º-30º)

Best days for love:
None! 🙁
Best days for career:
Jupiter square ~ All month
Sun trine ~ Sep 13 to 22
Mercury trine ~ Sep 25 to 29
Challenging days:
Uranus square ~ All month

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