Full Moon Sept 2014 ~ 16º Pisces


Full Moon September 2014The Full Moon on September 8/9 2014 is at 16º Pisces on fixed star Achernar in the river. It is also conjunct the wounded healer Chiron. This is the last of the three summer supermoons. The Full Moon falls in Pisces Decan 2, which is probably, the most liquid area of Pisces, which means it also risks being the most toxic. The decan makes us extremely absorbent of our environment, so this can work positively or negatively of course depending on where you place yourself at this full moon. Remember you will be feeling extra-emotional and water logged anyway as the full moon pulls the water up to your head, so finding the right ambiance is crucial to getting the best out of this full moon. The positive manifestation of this moon will be those who are sensitive to its powerful force will have the superb ability to redeem themselves and help others to do so. There is a great opportunity for salvation. The healing energy of this Chiron flavoured Moon will give hope to those in the most wretched of circumstances, but only of their water is sparkly clean and vibrant. It would be wise to avoid self-medication at this time and go to a healer who really knows what they are doing.


The Full Moon conjunct Chiron will certainly bring up some old childhood wounds up for healing as the moon is so darn sensitive and is associated with mothering and memory. Flashbacks to important milestones in our upbringing could affect us profoundly now. Long buried family traumas from our very early years could reveal themselves in dreams. This another reason one should be careful when taking any strong medicinals. You don’t want these dreams to turn into nightmares! However if you think you can handle it, well yes there is the shamanic potential of this Moon to take you far deeper than you might normally go with your shamanic voyages. It might take a few days, or even weeks to feel grounded again so be warned! It’s all about balance with Chiron. Our civilised centaur was able to harness his bestial nature and not go to extremes. But because we have the influence of Pisces decan 2 the balance could tip to being more like the other boozy centaurs who had no self-control, which is why they are sometimes associated with addiction. Chiron himself used drugs rather than abuse them. Another Chiron drug reference is the poison arrows, but it can equally mean ancient healing methods like acupuncture. So this is an idea time to get some of that kind of healing.

The very bright white star Achernar is associated with religion and considered very fortunate, giving success and high status. In serving the public, the beneficence will only manifest if one works with integrity and for the greater good. “Well-placed, it promises happiness and success by giving good morals, faithful adherence to one’s religious beliefs or philosophical inclinations.” This full moon falls on the same day as a UFO aspect pattern! This is comprised of Pluto, Jupiter, Ceres and Mercury. The Huber school of astrology say that “The UFO seems to be powered by a mysterious force and to possess energies that provide striking lighting effects…Deep in the heart of this figure there is a powerful store of energy (The squares) and the two intersecting red blades demonstrate its invincibility. This person wants to manage the most difficult things and looks for special tasks that no one else can handle. With this he can achieve anything. He looks for opportunities to develop and checks out all information, gets to the bottom of things and if possible tries things out.” [1] This Pisces Full Moon has all the typical watery, emotional, spiritual traits of tropical Pisces, but the spiritual healing side is further emphasised by the fact Chiron and Achernar are also close to the Lunar degree. The UFO might well dig out the root emotional causes of any physical ailment at this time. Spending time around natural springs and waterfalls or going to a health spa would also be a fantastic way to celebrate this full moon.


Full Moon September 2014


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1. Aspect Pattern Astrology Bruno & Louise Huber pg 248

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