Elon musk horoscope

Elon Musk Owns Twitter

Elon Musk bought Twitter out on April 25th at around 12.43pm (Californian time). I got the time from his tweet. I don’t know if he officially became the owner at … READ MORE

Greek Crisis & Referendum

On July 5 Greece will vote wether to accept EU imposed austerity measures or not. I don’t usually write mundane astrology posts, but I feel moved to look into the current Greece debt crisis having only just returned from my … READ MORE

Silvio Berlusconi & Italy

What’s up with Italy’s astrology then? Doctor Europe has metaphorically ordered the Italians to have their stomachs stapled. For a country given to three hour long, four course lunches this … READ MORE

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor has a huge Lilith corridor which houses the North Node, Eris, Part of Fortune, and Venus conjunct Uranus which is near exact (05′). Since her passing I wanted to look … READ MORE

Rupert Murdoch

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch is under the spotlight because of the phone hacking which forced him to shut down his popular “News Of The World” paper. This guy is ranked … READ MORE

Queen Elizabeth I

  The horoscope of Queen Elizabeth I is an interesting one. The “Virgin Queen”s Sun is actually in constellation Virgo. It’s also in an interesting aspect pattern I’m researching I … READ MORE

Moon quincunx venus

Aleister Crowley

The astrology of Aleister Crowley has always fascinated me, as has the Western Hermetic tradition. “He was called the wickedest man in the world by some and one of the … READ MORE

Fridge Stunned by Yod

Today was yet another sweltering one in London’s freak heatwave and not the day for a fridge to die. I had just loaded my beloved pistachio Smeg fridge/freezer with a … READ MORE

Diana K Rosenberg

What kind of planetary combinations make someone a good astrologer? Leading fixed star astrologer Diana K Rosenberg has very sadly passed away. She had only just published her long awaited … READ MORE