Elizabeth Taylor


Elizabeth Taylor has a huge Lilith corridor which houses the North Node, Eris, Part of Fortune, and Venus conjunct Uranus which is near exact (05′). Since her passing I wanted to look at her chart in more detail and also look at her fixed stars.

The most striking feature in her chart is that Neptune opposition to the Sun/Mercury conjunction. It rates as an even more powerful occultation (Being a conjunction and also parallel).

For Sun opposite Neptune I wrote “Elizabeth (41′) was the perfect Neptune beauty with her spellbinding and unique violet eyes. She has fallen hopelessly in love with 8 husbands, all dramatic and romantic in some fashion.

2 abusive alcoholics, one dying in a plane crash. Her most famous of course, being her star crossed marriage with fellow screen idol Richard Burton. She has had more than her fair share of medical problems, but continues to radiate star quality.”

For her important Sun conjunct Mercury I wrote (Without considering her in my list for some reason) “Their restless mind can be faddish and an over-active imagination often gives rise to odd quirks and phobias. A good few of the examples below had multiple marriages (3 and over!). Health seems to be an issue and this could come from their highly strung nerves.” This tight conjunction falls on fixed star Skat in Aquarius. With the Sun: “Sensitive, emotional, psychic, criticism and persecution through mediumship, but help from friends.” [1] With Mercury: “Peculiar events, occult interests, psychic, many friends. [2]

The main aspect pattern is the large learning triangle starting with Jupiter in the 9th to the Moon, overblown emotions and a tendency to exaggerate causes a crisis, her Moon takes to the Neptunian waters of the 12th house there is a period of adjustment and problem solving channeled into her electrifying screen presence and spellbinding performances as a actress (Uranus conjunct Venus), the resolution is the trine between Venus to Jupiter, a great vehicle for her talents.

Mars, her sexuality is on Fomalhaut. Very, very good or very, very bad! With Mars: “Malevolent, passionate, revengeful, many secret enemies, liable to disgrace and ruin”[3]

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