Fridge Stunned by Yod


Today was yet another sweltering one in London’s freak heatwave and not the day for a fridge to die. I had just loaded my beloved pistachio Smeg fridge/freezer with a ton of goodies,(more than usual due to the imminent arrival of Jamie.) when I realized the temperature needed turning up.

It seemed a bit quiet, so for some insane reason I turned the dial down to off to restart it…but nothing, no reassuring rattle into action, just deathly silence. I kept trying while the kitchen seemed to go up another 5 degs. I could sense my groceries groan.

Jamie skyped me in the midst of my panic and as usual his answer was “Lets look at your transits” Frazzled I thought ok lets leave it for half an hour and it might wake up like hair dryers do. But my expensive hulk of a fridge is no hairdryer, I was imagining £100 worth of shopping melt into oblivion and expensive surgery for my comatose fridge.


My worst fears seemed justified when I saw an extremely tight finger of god  pointing at my natal Moon. (Domesticity) It comprised of transiting Mars (overheating) sextile transiting South Node (Not good..) pointing at the transiting Moon on my natal Moon (27′)

Transiting Pluto (which had just experienced the nasty Lunar eclipse) was opposing my Vesta. (with precession 38′) Vesta rules the home fires, the heart of the home, which in the old days would be the oven. These days this would include the fridge. Death to fridge!

I took this seriously and called the repair people. As it turns out, the lovely receptionist knew something about fridges and suggested changing the fuse. It worked!! She saved me at least a call out charge of £40 and no doubt a hell of a lot more had some cowboy come over and convinced me I needed some expensive part.

Death and resurrection within half an hour of a Yod pointing at my Moon. Yods certainly work in mysterious ways…