Elon Musk Owns Twitter


Elon Musk bought Twitter out on April 25th at around 12.43pm (Californian time). I got the time from his tweet. I don’t know if he officially became the owner at that time. But essentially we have a new chart for twitter now that it’s a private company. Unfortunately we don’t have a birth time for Elon Musk but I discuss his chart as far as I can on the YouTube video below. I also look at his transits for the day he took over.

Now where do I put this rocket?

‘MusK Owns Twitter‘ Tweet Horoscope

The Sun is the chart ruler, so the Apollonian energy triumphs over the Dionysian. Interesting that disrupter Eris is widely conjunct the midheaven. Satan/Saturn is in strong in the house of open enemies and square Mercury the communication god on Algol.

Musk says he will not censor, and censorship on Twitter basically means cutting off the head (Where the mouth piece is.) Interesting that the 8th house of the underworld and psychology is filled with so many Piscean planets. Praesaepe “spirit of the ancestors” is rising and Ceres trine Saturn also speaks of ancient wisdom. North Node or Rahu is conjunct Mercury in the powerful 10th house of status which is also noteworthy.

I think having both Mercury and Uranus, (digital communications) in the 10th house should be good for Twitter as a company, but not sure about that 8th house stellium. Maybe its meaning will unfold later. The Mars Moon conjunction in the 8th strikes me as being quite bloody and war-mongering, but it’s in the Swan which is quite a tranquil and artistic constellation.

” Swans are known for their swan-song, it was believed that swans sing only once in their lifetimes, just before they die. A swan-song has the meaning of a person’s last piece of creative work, or performance, especially in literature, music, or art.”

The Sun sextile Mars/Moon can help ground and stabilise the passion. Maybe buying Twitter is Musk’s ‘good deed’, his swansong? Just some thoughts.

Elon Musk The Anti-Christ? & Trans-humanism

April 26 2022

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