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Media mogul Rupert Murdoch is under the spotlight because of the phone hacking which forced him to shut down his popular “News Of The World” paper. This guy is ranked 13th most powerful man in the world and the 117th richest. Now there are calls for him to scrap his takeover bid for BskyB. As head of News International Murdoch is also responsible for “The Sun” and “The Sunday Times” newspapers, which are also now implicated in yet more hacking, this time with ex Premier Gordon Brown.

It seems more and more revelations are coming out of the woodwork. Looks like Murdoch is fast becoming the mighty Orion I mentioned in an earlier post, the large corporation brought down by the little man. The mere Scorpion. Interestingly Murdoch has his Moon on LESATH, the very stinger in the Scorpion, right where the Lunar eclipse was on June the 15th just a month ago! So the next 5 months for him will be crucial.

His Moon is in the 12th house of self-undoing so has he stung himself in the foot? Transiting Saturn is semi-sextiling his MC on ZOSMA, victim or Savior? I doubt a man this powerful will let himself become the victim of this scandal. What does his chart say, can he survive this? I think he is smart enough to duck and dive this one when you look at his stars.

Moon on LESATH “With Moon here at birth native will be conceited, wealthy, luxurious, kind-hearted, happy and resolute.” [1]. But also “Its qualities in the horoscope are very much those of a probing, sharp intellect and incisive wit, every bit as damaging as a knife to its opponent”.[2] This describes very much the effect of the media he owns, they can bring down a government with a few choice headlines. Rapier wit indeed.

His immense power is obviously shown in this Sun trine/sextile the Saturn/Pluto opposition. His Sun is part of a secretive stellium all hiding in the 4th. Mercury is in there too, the media planet is near enough trine his Pluto which is great for an investigative journalist and it is on ANKAA in the Phoenix “It is said to give a pioneering disposition, ambition and power, together with a long life and lasting fame.” [3]  Looks like he could literally rise like a Phoenix from the flames. His Lilith is also on ANKAA too, much closer and on the IC making it powerful and giving him the ability to spellbind and spin his way out of this hole.

What is interesting is his Ceres opposition Uranus, which seems to describe fluctuating fortunes. Ceres up in the 10th could show his wealth and it is square Jupiter, so it might be describing his need to acquire more and more commodities. This Ceres is on our friend ALGORAB the crow. The tricky crow a perfect description for the shifty journalist and hack . Saturn is fast approaching this scavenging Ceres which is also conjunct the South Node. Some old karma needs paying back there I think.

But the big one for Rupert Murdoch is Pluto transiting his ascendant. He had this exact back in November last year. Now his chart is rated B in Astrodatabank, so it may well be the case that his AC is actually more like 4º instead of 2º degs Capricorn in which case it would be in effect now.

Jamie wrote “Pluto can be extreme in transit, especially to such a personal point as the Ascendant. Therefore changes which occur in life now can reflect this through an obsessive drive to succeed or to retreat into a hermit phase of reflection.” Today ironically as he arrives in the Uk to try and sort out this mess, “The Sun” is transiting his natal Pluto, which happens to be on CASTOR in Gemini, the journalists star.

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2.The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, p.85-86.

30 thoughts on “Rupert Murdoch

  1. I think you could ascribe the social stuff to the Gemini in her chart. She would not miss the opening of an envelope but she’d be quite low key about it, ubiquitous but not in your face. I’ll have another look at her. I also think Neptune is strong with her.

  2. Yes, they do and look what they went through! For some of them it was two world wars. Pluto in Cancer was about family and dying for your family and in this case, the world family. It’s also highly controlling of the family and the bigger family. I think his paper NotW was called a family newspaper… Pluto in Cancer is the dark side of the moon, control of the herd and so on.
    As the last of this waves dies out, I think the archetype is given one dying shot, as it were before it disappears into the past.
    I have a feeling that although outer planets affect everyone in a generation defined by them, some people are flag bearers of the archetype. Perhaps it is less consciously evolved in them and thus it plays out more potently.
    Jupiter would expand the principle and take it to bigger proportions. Jupiter in proximity to Pluto would take the power trip into a mega league. Also great for huge sums of money… Which he has garnered by dipping into the sensitive emotional stuff of others. The style of his tabloid news is that it creates primal emotional
    polarities. Which is what we would expect to find in Pluto/cancer, which was reflected at large in world wars 1 and 2.
    As you rightly say, the positions on the asc and Saturn are a worry! Add it all up and you get a man of fierce control who is adept at taking people into his “family” and getting them to do his work!! Like a Mafia godfather, a perfect Pluto in Cancer Stereotype. Don’t forget the Pisces in his chart either. So manipulative all of this.
    As I waffle on, I am now thinking to have a look at Richard Bransons chart for a Cancerian link of style.

  3. Hmm.. But let’s cut Murdoch some slack and look at the other side of what he did. I focus on News of the World because I grew up with it in my cultural background. Without too much detail, it was a trail blazer back in the 60s and so forth, reporting in a brazen and blatant pictorial fashion the Plutonic side of life. When I recall, hazily, features about murderers, spying, sex scandals etc I see over time we take a more humane view of things which were unthinkable back then. In a weird way it showed that the underworld of life was in your own street. The long term of this and the bigger picture may in the end, have been helpful.

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