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Media mogul Rupert Murdoch is under the spotlight because of the phone hacking which forced him to shut down his popular “News Of The World” paper. This guy is ranked 13th most powerful man in the world and the 117th richest. Now there are calls for him to scrap his takeover bid for BskyB. As head of News International Murdoch is also responsible for “The Sun” and “The Sunday Times” newspapers, which are also now implicated in yet more hacking, this time with ex Premier Gordon Brown.

It seems more and more revelations are coming out of the woodwork. Looks like Murdoch is fast becoming the mighty Orion I mentioned in an earlier post, the large corporation brought down by the little man. The mere Scorpion. Interestingly Murdoch has his Moon on LESATH, the very stinger in the Scorpion, right where the Lunar eclipse was on June the 15th just a month ago! So the next 5 months for him will be crucial.

His Moon is in the 12th house of self-undoing so has he stung himself in the foot? Transiting Saturn is semi-sextiling his MC on ZOSMA, victim or Savior? I doubt a man this powerful will let himself become the victim of this scandal. What does his chart say, can he survive this? I think he is smart enough to duck and dive this one when you look at his stars.

Moon on LESATH “With Moon here at birth native will be conceited, wealthy, luxurious, kind-hearted, happy and resolute.” [1]. But also “Its qualities in the horoscope are very much those of a probing, sharp intellect and incisive wit, every bit as damaging as a knife to its opponent”.[2] This describes very much the effect of the media he owns, they can bring down a government with a few choice headlines. Rapier wit indeed.

His immense power is obviously shown in this Sun trine/sextile the Saturn/Pluto opposition. His Sun is part of a secretive stellium all hiding in the 4th. Mercury is in there too, the media planet is near enough trine his Pluto which is great for an investigative journalist and it is on ANKAA in the Phoenix “It is said to give a pioneering disposition, ambition and power, together with a long life and lasting fame.” [3]  Looks like he could literally rise like a Phoenix from the flames. His Lilith is also on ANKAA too, much closer and on the IC making it powerful and giving him the ability to spellbind and spin his way out of this hole.

What is interesting is his Ceres opposition Uranus, which seems to describe fluctuating fortunes. Ceres up in the 10th could show his wealth and it is square Jupiter, so it might be describing his need to acquire more and more commodities. This Ceres is on our friend ALGORAB the crow. The tricky crow a perfect description for the shifty journalist and hack . Saturn is fast approaching this scavenging Ceres which is also conjunct the South Node. Some old karma needs paying back there I think.

But the big one for Rupert Murdoch is Pluto transiting his ascendant. He had this exact back in November last year. Now his chart is rated B in Astrodatabank, so it may well be the case that his AC is actually more like 4º instead of 2º degs Capricorn in which case it would be in effect now.

Jamie wrote “Pluto can be extreme in transit, especially to such a personal point as the Ascendant. Therefore changes which occur in life now can reflect this through an obsessive drive to succeed or to retreat into a hermit phase of reflection.” Today ironically as he arrives in the Uk to try and sort out this mess, “The Sun” is transiting his natal Pluto, which happens to be on CASTOR in Gemini, the journalists star.

1 & 3. The fixed stars & Constellations. Robson. p. 83 and p.57.
2.The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, p.85-86.

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  1. Here is the Sag chart showing transits for the last day in May 2000. During this time a number of planets transited through his 6th house while t.Pluto and Chiron were sandwiching his correct Asc at 13SAG28. This situation in his life and the transits both speak clearly of health matters that go straight to the power center within his body. As stated clearly in a common reference, The Rulership Book by Rex Bills, the body is ruled by the 1st house and regeneration of it is ruled by Pluto. Pluto also rules the prostate.

    1. Yup… I bet you spent all night twiddling your little red beard over this one!
      Your soul may have entered your body by some algorithmic programme which suits droids. Further up the food chain it works differently!
      Better luck on the next round.
      Was Incarn nicked from Tad Mann’s system? Its a lot older than Incarn?

    2. Incarn astrology was defined in publication in the 1990s and early 2000s by John Willner who died in Dec 2004, and by his benefactor/mentor, Cedric Lamont no later than the 1940s (American Astrology magazine). So, no, Tadd Mann or his work are not the basis of Incarn astrology. However, you have gotten my curiosity up.

    3. Tadd Mann’s life time cycle astrology and software is a synthesis of many different factors and has nothing to do with Incarn astrology or its formulas.

    4. From the Divine plot – Astrology, Reincarnation Cosmology and History by A. T. (Tad) Mann.

      (Mann uses logarithms, a totally different function and more subtle than algorithms but computes conception.)

      “a lifetime can be subdivided using a logarithmic scale to the base ten with the lunar month unit… the intermediate divisions occur at ten lunar months after conception…
      when the logarithmically graded time scale is wrapped around a circle, conception coincides with death. … at conception the soul enters the space time continuum and the spiraling solar system… resonates with the genetic code as derived from its morphogenic fields …. the pattern activated at conception … determines the form of life in time…
      … the patterns and sub patterns of life may be reconstructed using the log time scale…

      Life Time Astrology cycles from conception at the 9th house cusp around to death, also at the same point and an overlap octave where the prototype of the transpersonal realm is gestation … and so on.

      I don’t use his system but it does interest me in some aspects. It deserves scrutiny.

      Without quoting the whole book – its probably out of print now, it is very interesting and his knowledge extensive. He was an architect an mathematician, also an artist. You should contact him, maybe there is an over lap between his system and Incarn? A complimentary area? He is very personable, has vast experience and some unique methods. I knew him very well in London through the 80s and nineties. He now lives in NY I think and has a website. He loves to discuss his work. Get in touch with him.

      To my way of seeing things, an algorithm is purely a device of maths and computer science. Algorithms are used for computer data processing and automated reasoning.
      They are often used very poorly. The story of The Hockey Stick and Global warming models is an example. This Al Gore-ithm was supposed to prove global warming. However, it could equally be applied to a phone book and get the same results. So I remain unconvinced about the value in astrology.
      How do you apply an algorithm to the bardo state between incarnations? Or indeed the outer force which dictates when the baby is born as it is now known it is not the mother’s body which dictates this. And what is this force anyway that it can be algorithmically processed?

      Since the soul is “eternal” (until perhaps returning into the monad before the unified field of only possibility), at what “point” would you apply an algorithm to this process of continual incarnation? Each soul is subject to a whole raft of difference experiences at differing times and pace with apparently differing times between incarnations, I don’t see how an algorithm can be applied… but if the application comes as a by product of computing then I am not surprised its being touted since a whole generation of the herd was put here just to get us all using computers. As a result, many disciplines have been modified to be mere data processing studies. Psychology is now such an example. But that is another story… of the industrialised masucline mindset turning a feminine art into a system.
      Finally on this, if you must apply an algorithm would it accommodate the idea of three permanent atoms (as per Bailey/DK/Theosophy) which are the three which are consistent from the first differentiation of the monad (spark, if you like) which then becomes the soul?
      There are probably too many variants for one algorithm to work.

      Aren’t you noticing how the computerisation of humanity is selling us short? Or are you content to be a number in a soul crunching system?

      Rgds Murdoch and cancer and rectification etc – in the lives of some, their biggest test is illness and maybe cancer/treatment can be used in rectification. However, not all souls incarnate at anyone time are on the same level of the game. Running a global news empire and influencing so many people’s minds has got to be a more intrinsic factor to a soul purpose than a slow growing illness which is common to men?
      Can you fix a date for the incarnation of the first cancerous cell in a body? Surely that would have to be the only way to use cancer as a point for rectification?

      You might consider the influence of Pisces in Murdoch’s chart and Bin Laden’s. Murdoch shows Sun, Mercury and Part of Fortune in Pisces, BIn Laden had Sun Lilith Venus Mercury in Pisces. Marina could doubtless furnish many fixed stars at play too – my point is that both men were able to influence millions through insidious ways, very Piscean, (whatever your view on 9/11) at a collective unconscious level. One had Cancer, the other was ill all his life with low blood pressure. Neither illness is really relevant to their achievements.

  2. urbanqueen,

    I’ll go easy on you and skip a response to the specifics and speculations in your last post. Attached are two charts that show the transits for the entire month of May 2000 when Murdoch had radiation treatments for prostate cancer. If after studying these you still feel the need to argue for another chart, then you will have to do it with someone else.

    1. WHy are you so rude?
      And so desperate to be right?
      In the great scheme of things – what has more influence on the world – Murdoch’s journalism empire or his prostate?
      His prostate doesn’t have a readership of 8 million a week on a Sunday… no, not a look in. His protate wasn’t using hacked info off murder victim’s phones.
      Fact is, Murdoch’s in the limelight NOW and the limelight in this case is PLuto. Its a very dark light.
      So scamper along Nanny McAfee or Canon copier, Kanonkop…whatever your name is, scream blue in the face and try and get a convert but count me out!

    2. “His prostate doesn’t have a readership of 8 million a week on a Sunday…”

      This is when I miss our old quote button! That just made my day.

  3. The Capricorn asc fits the mogul very well and the 12/6 axis of this chart is in Sag and Gemini respectively. So the career is on communication. Also the moon in the 12th is often a significator of great success since it is a public life Moon) drawing from the collective. His media style is direct and his arrows fired directly both from and into public imagination. – Sagittarius. Gemini on the sixth is gossip, journalism, communication, wit etc and the 6th house is traditionally Virgo’s house – Virgo is ruled by Mercury so in this chart the 6th has a very Mercurial feel.
    In your alternative chart Gemini still covers a section of the 6th.
    There is a chart for Jesus Christ which shows Sagittarius as the 12th house…
    Queen ELizabeth 1 was a Cap asc, as is Francis Ford Coppola, Ted Kennedy, WB Yeats.
    As Marina says, PLuto conj the asc seems to confirm it a the present. if you rectify using marriage as a significator remember in a man of this standing, marriage is not the biggest thing, business acquisitions are probably more significant.

  4. I recall stating in a forum online 2-3 years ago that this chart for Murdoch is not correct, and I stand by that. It is because an interception of signs in the 6th-12th house pair does not fit the life of a mogul. That house pair can have interceptions in the birth charts of public servants, doctors, charity workers, artists, philosophers, even scientists – all of whom are essentially sublimating person ego and reputation (or at least putting it on the line) for a larger benefit. There are a number of possible interceptions that could fit his life from an outside view (1st-7th, 2nd-8th, 4th-10th, even 5th-11th seen in the validated chart for him), but the one that is distinctly not possible is the 6th-12th.

    The correct chart that is validated by Murdoch’s life events (two marriages and citizenship in US) has the Asc 13SAG28/22S26 declination. MC 21LEO08/14N28. This is pinpointed by the Incarn formulas for Ascendants. Here is the chart with transits for the date of obtaining US citizenship. Natally the chart has Saturn Parallel Asc; Mars, Jupiter, Pluto ContraParallel Asc.

    1. You think Moon in the 1st fit’s a mogul better than Saturn in the 1st opposite Pluto? Granted Moon can mean popularity but more so on the MC than in the 1st house which governs physical presence. He’s more a power behind the scene guy, you don’t normally see him plastered all over the papers. Until now! (AC activated)
      This guy is facing the biggest crisis of his life and Pluto on the AC is a once in a lifetime transit. No question. I’ll stick with Capricorn AC with it’s ruler Saturn in the first which IMO works stronger than a Saturn parallel AC.
      I wouldn’t pin too much on interceptions as they change depending on the house systems one uses.

    2. Moon rules appetite. Sagittarius – he’s an infamous globetrotter and internationalist who has at least dual citizenship. It was the cause of his 2nd divorce.

      Biggest crisis of his life? Wishful thinking based on personal distaste and other things not relevant to his Asc.

      It actually isn’t a matter of what I think to be honest. The Incarn formulas show there was no possible Asc in Capricorn for the location and date of his birth. At some point many astrologers are going to learn to take Incarn astrologers seriously and understand that when we say there was no Asc opening in a particular sign for a date and location that that’s exactly what it means.

      The Cap chart is close, because of the declination aspects that are the same with the correct chart, but not nearly close enough. Cap rising with Saturn in the 1st does not allow for multiple quick changes of partners. That personality would be just as cautious and conservative in love as he is supposed to be in business. And it takes more than angular Pluto making trines to Sun and Mercury to make the natal basis of a mogul. I’ve got 2 out of those 3 factors, and many have more than that and aren’t anywhere near being billionaires or moguls. You’ve got to look to the declinations and take the whole sky into account, not just the flat-earth longitude only charts.

      The statements I made about house interceptions refer to Placidus only, which applies to the 2 Cap chart. They are backed up with not only mathematics but documentation of many VALIDATED charts for all types of people.

    3. “At some point many astrologers are going to learn to take Incarn astrologers seriously” That will be the day that Fixed Stars Astrology is also taken seriously Kannon 😉

  5. BTW – worth a look at Brooks chart too. No asc but she’s not a million miles away form a certain Mr Campbell in her Gemini preponderances!!!

    27. 5. 1968 vicinity of warrington, Cheshire.

    1. I dowsed she has Virgo rising which makes sense with Chiron and Uranus in her 7th at present and Pluto rising natally and also Uranus I think??? Does not put much in her 11th house tho and she is meant to be a big social climber. I think with that she got Jupiter on the Asc as well. The next week or so will show if these 3 survive all this. She is said to go horse riding with the PM and went to PCharles 50th birthday when she would have been under 30.

    2. Ah ha! Wel that has a certain fit to it. Watch that space!

    3. I think you could ascribe the social stuff to the Gemini in her chart. She would not miss the opening of an envelope but she’d be quite low key about it, ubiquitous but not in your face. I’ll have another look at her. I also think Neptune is strong with her.

  6. SO – News Corp have withdrawn their bid for BSkyB – first blood – Pluto will be reeeelentless in trawling the murky depths….but where was the big P when the tapping was actually happening? Capr ingress on Brown’s invasion? on Murdo’s Moon for the 9/11 faily tappings? Dunno, could well be…..any answers?

    ….what caught my eye this week was Mars square Murdo’s Lilith/Mercury – just at the moment that, on the internet/FB, there is an ongoing capmpaign launched to invite people who work Magik to bring down Murdo’s Empire!! (not him mind, but, one thing cannot be seperated from the other, cannit?) – supported by Mercury quinx his Sun and Mars sext Mercury forming yod to his first house where, lo and behold, we currently find Pholus at the action point – the lids off alright, but, not completely – wait until the Moon crosses this point in a few days…..’Phew, what a Scorcher!’

    1. …why should Pholus matter when its not transiting a planet/angle? perhaps the exact square to Murdo’s nodes has something to do with it, especially with Mars and Merco in on the action…..when Pholus is in the house, ‘the lids off’ is his calling card (Melanie Reinhart coined the tag), but, Pholus is all about things getting out of control and taking their own course, regardless….

    2. Pholo this… A little birdo does for Murdo… The news is alover the worldo!
      Nice work Robbo!!

  7. Ah! A thought – All that Cancer and he made an institution of breasts. It was called page Three!

  8. The stellium in Cancer interests me – PLuto in Cancer – manipulating the herd/family. The saturn PLuto opp is verrry hard indeed. And Mars on PLuto… I should know!!! IN Caner it will want its claws in you from birth.
    NoTW – a family paper which actually poisons…
    I see there’s a call for an inquiry from the US into his organisations’ role into 9/11… I do wondeer what is going to hit the fan in great big plutonic swathes… Transiting Saturn is going to put a brick wall against his Jupiter, Uranus, Ceres, and isn’t Scheat involved natally??
    He has dictated too long. Another PLutocrat for the trash. He’ll be having Neptune opp natal Neptune and washing back over Lilith…
    Revenge of the page three girls??

    1. All his generation has Pluto in Cancer – not that I like much, but Jupiter there not too bad. It’s the Pluto on Asc, and Saturn opp natal Pluto that’s a worry!

    2. That is a heavy one. This is a good example because he is so famous. I get Pluto on my AC with Uranus on my Saturn down the track…

    3. Yes, they do and look what they went through! For some of them it was two world wars. Pluto in Cancer was about family and dying for your family and in this case, the world family. It’s also highly controlling of the family and the bigger family. I think his paper NotW was called a family newspaper… Pluto in Cancer is the dark side of the moon, control of the herd and so on.
      As the last of this waves dies out, I think the archetype is given one dying shot, as it were before it disappears into the past.
      I have a feeling that although outer planets affect everyone in a generation defined by them, some people are flag bearers of the archetype. Perhaps it is less consciously evolved in them and thus it plays out more potently.
      Jupiter would expand the principle and take it to bigger proportions. Jupiter in proximity to Pluto would take the power trip into a mega league. Also great for huge sums of money… Which he has garnered by dipping into the sensitive emotional stuff of others. The style of his tabloid news is that it creates primal emotional
      polarities. Which is what we would expect to find in Pluto/cancer, which was reflected at large in world wars 1 and 2.
      As you rightly say, the positions on the asc and Saturn are a worry! Add it all up and you get a man of fierce control who is adept at taking people into his “family” and getting them to do his work!! Like a Mafia godfather, a perfect Pluto in Cancer Stereotype. Don’t forget the Pisces in his chart either. So manipulative all of this.
      As I waffle on, I am now thinking to have a look at Richard Bransons chart for a Cancerian link of style.

    4. Hmm.. But let’s cut Murdoch some slack and look at the other side of what he did. I focus on News of the World because I grew up with it in my cultural background. Without too much detail, it was a trail blazer back in the 60s and so forth, reporting in a brazen and blatant pictorial fashion the Plutonic side of life. When I recall, hazily, features about murderers, spying, sex scandals etc I see over time we take a more humane view of things which were unthinkable back then. In a weird way it showed that the underworld of life was in your own street. The long term of this and the bigger picture may in the end, have been helpful.

  9. it may well be the case that his AC is actually more like 4º instead of 2º degs Capricorn…

    His AC may be *exactly* opposite mine. Maybe that’s why I’ve always harboured the most intense loathing for the man and all his works…?

    1. Yes, sounds good to me. A birth time of 0:09 am on March 12 gives the 4 Cap AC. Precessed transiting Pluto conjunct AC on July 15 2011. Now FBI investigating.

      The birth time on astro databank of 11:59 is rated B. It should be rated no better C.

      Gwen Stoney quotes a newspaper announcement given in “A Paper Prince,” for “midnight ending he day, as the Australians calculate it,” sent to LMR 4/1987.

      What the hell is that? I know Gwen Stoney was and still is highly esteemed among Australian astrologer, but a quote from a book quoting from some newspaper clipping with no refernece just ain’t much chop. Gotta remember birth times are not recorded on birth certificates in Australia. At best there would have been a bracelet or anklet with the birth time written on it. I believe back then that was rounded to the nearest 5 or 10 minutes.

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