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Diana K RosenbergLeading fixed star astrologer Diana K Rosenberg has very sadly passed away. She had only just published her long awaited book on the fixed stars after 30 years of research. Thank you Diana, for your wonderful pioneering work on our beloved constellations. I was interested to see which stars she had guiding her and we are not disappointed. Sirius rising, Mars on Regulus and Chiron on Algol.

Diana’s chart has all the hallmarks of a great astrologer. A fabulous Yod to Rx Jupiter. This is her wonderful gift of ancient wisdom that is contained in the constellations. This is a karmic mission with her retrograde Jupiter, the eternal teacher. “Viewed in karmic terms, retrograde planets in your natal chart can indicate internal struggle regarding an unachieved goal or an unfinished life lesson or lessons.” Skyviewzone She has to be first 21st century astrologer to revive and promote the use of fixed stars on the ecliptic, like fixed star astrologers Robson, the Ebertins and Ptolemy before her. Diana was probably an astrologer/mystic in a previous life. Neptune on the South Node. Alkes, a great gift passed on through generations is on her IC.

Diana has Mars on the star Regulus, the heart of the Lion “Honor, fame, strong character, public prominence” Regulus on a planet in the 10th house is supposed to make one astrologer to kings and noble men. She has it in the 3rd which would be more local, her Yod is pointing here and it is the house of media and communication. Diana had a blog and was known throughout the internet. Chiron the astrologer is sextile Mercury the traditional ruler of astrology. Mercury shows her great dedication to the research she put into work. Chiron is on Algol. Diana wrote a very influential article on Algol, which you can find here. Rising she has the brightest star of them all. Sirius. Very fitting for someone so passionate about the fixed stars. “It gives honor, renown, wealth, ardor, faithfulness, devotion, passion and resentment, and makes its natives custodians, curators and guardians.”

Sun square Pluto “once this square is mastered, the power and magic of the aspect is phenomenal. At some point they may indeed have to face some sort of “death”. Having survived this they become indestructible and exude the awesome aura of a Phoenix that has been through the flames and come out 10 times stronger.” Though Diana has left the earth plane, she will continue to live on through the fixed stars so she is a kind of Phoenix. And I’m sure I’ll be referencing her book in future posts once I get it in my hands. Interesting Vivian Robson, another astrologer quoted here extensively on Darkstar has Sun conjunct Pluto. Of the Dark Goddesses Diana has Sun conjunct Sedna, an important life’s calling, Ceres on the MC, propagating knowledge and sewing seeds for future generations of astrologers. Finally Moon trine Lilith, the priestess of course “This is witchcraft of the highest calibre, … Lilith trines can manifest as a unique talent that always stands out from the mediocre.” Lilith also squares Neptune and both the Nodes. Lilith unites past and future of occult wisdom. Her Lilith very powerful on Aldebaran, Archangel Michael in Taurus and a royal star of Persia.“honor, intelligence, eloquence, steadfastness, integrity, popularity, courage, ferocity, a tendency to sedition, a responsible position, public honors”

We have been waiting a long time for a modern take on some of the more notorious stars. I’m sure Diana has done a sterling job with her book “Secrets of the Ancient Skies”. May her starlight shine down on us for many generations to come.

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  1. beat it to trans/uranius/cong afraid she’d burn up! thank=you for calling attention of all Marina The libra moon on the heady build up to full and a virgo cluster, I bet she was very unreasonable, or seemed that way

    1. Lucy, you have a peculiar perspective of Diana’s chart/persona. It’s rather caustic. Edith Hathaway’s lengthy interview with Diana during 2010 might give you a better sense of her Virgoan methodologies, her Cancerian humanism and her Aries’inspired optimism.


      It’s a long interview, but worth the read.

    2. I will try and upkold all standards and if I was sick I’d want Diana it’s only that I have the bladder infection from hell and I’d go to the doc. but am sure MERSA or necrotizing fascitis is waiting.

  2. I wish we had looked at her chart earlier. I feel honored to have such synastry with her. Mars on Mars, Lilith on Lilith, Fortuna on Fortuna, Saturn on Uranus. There is something in that about fixed stars astrologers.

    I’m also grateful that I’m relatively young. Transiting Neptune opposite our Mars was very debilitating health-wise. I got through my cancer but it was too much for Diana at her age. The solar eclipse two weeks ago square our Mars seems to have hastened her passing. Can’t wait to get the book, will be a treasured possession.

    1. except your mars is in leo Jamie TG! early virgo is difficult spinsterish plus the aries clusters. Virgo in third with an approaching FM, cancer rising, pluto occupying and squaring 10hs aries planets….she probably wanted to tell everyone, family what to do, then retreated, realizing a private place to write is safest as she undoubtedly made enimies, and burnt bridges all around her. fascinating person probably wanted an adoring crowd anyway

  3. Thanks for the sad news, Jamie. I knew she was not well. It’s a strange, yet cyber-loved embrace to receive this news so quickly now.

    I was researching Diana’s site for data today, and with a major Lilith return to my Lilith/Medusa-Algol conjunction had her in my mind. She’s a Cancer rising conjunct my Sun, so we shared the strains of pulling Cancer and Aries energy squared together into a cardinal mix. Her Libran moon and my NNode striving for balance between emotional understanding and inspirational activity.

    Yes, her research continues in this new vanguard of astrology. Thanks for you and Marina in this work going forward.


    1. Nice, thanks Moira. We will be sure to study her work and share her knowledge through our readings and posts in the future. One more note on her Uranus, it’s on my Saturn, on a star called Kurda. I haven’t ever found anything written on this star, only the constellation of Cepheus. As it is opposite Spica and Arcturus (future oriented, pathfinders), I believe that Kurda represent our ancient past. With Uranus I’m just about sure it gave her intuitive insights about ancient knowledge of the stars.

  4. And to add, this full moon culminates in square to her Jupiter in Virgo opposite Ceres in Pisces. I can’t help but think of Ceres supplicating Zeus for the release of her daughter, and the deal she had to make for that to occur. I suspect Diana was ready to desist with her earthly pain, and had settled matters on both physical and spiritual planes.


    1. And Pluto had already been squaring her Moon for a long while, as Uranus has been moving into opposition during the past year. I am a survivor of this transit, mercifully.

      One of its significant physical affects has been diminished stamina and rather alarming weight loss, not to mention an alarming inertia regarding largely life plans and goals.

      I’m sure she faced her condition with spiritual optimism, with all that Aries at the mid-heaven. An ironic sense of humour, I’d suspect.

  5. Oh my gosh, Marina! I just now found this article! I have Sun Square Pluto, too. And my Lilith (In Crux) is trine my Chiron! =O I added the Dark Goddesses so the chart wouldn’t be so unbearable! =P

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