Best Capricorn Love Matches


What is the best Capricorn love match? The following Capricorn compatibility couples are based on the aspect or mode relationship between Capricorn and the other zodiac signs. The couples are ranked in order of the most compatible for marriage or long-term relationship down to the most challenging connection.

Best Capricorn Compatibility Signs

Capricorn with Virgo & Taurus Compatibility

This is the classic, compatible trine aspect that you share with your fellow earth signs. You will understand each other’s grounded, sensual love language while also enjoying a no-nonsense, practical approach to life. You show affection to each other with actions, not words. Taurus and Capricorn are probably the better of the two trine connections. Not because they both have hoofs but because Taurus brings sensuality and some indulgence to the table. Venus-ruled Taurus can do the rare thing of enticing the workaholic goat to relax.

Capricorn love match

With Virgo and Capricorn though, there is a danger of being overly critical of each other. A lot of nagging can happen in this relationship. Not sexy! Virgo works very well as a business partner so they can become extremely wealthy together as a couple. However, the romance can become rather dull and passionless without more challenging, spicy aspects between them. Boredom can also happen with Taurus if the bull gets lazy and seems unambitious to the aspiring goat.

Capricorn with Pisces & Scorpio Compatibility

These signs form a sextile aspect with Capricorn and are also considered a harmonious connection. Water signs go well with earth and transform the dry earth into healing mud. It’s a very fertile combination and great for having children together. Sometimes Capricorn can get exasperated with Pisces and its ‘go-with-the-flow’ approach but it is also fascinated by their glamour and imagination.

Capricorn will support their struggling artist partner through thick and thin, despite a few head butts along the way. Capricorn and Scorpio is quite a reserved combination but a slow sizzler underneath the sheets. To outsiders, this combination can seem cold and brisk. People wonder what they see in each other, but there is deep respect and loyalty below the surface. This pairing surprises everyone when they are still together 50 years later.

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