Grand Trine

Pure grand trine energy is about harmony and ease, the line of least resistance. Trine people have a real charm about them, seductive and languid, like falling back onto a giant, pluffy, triangular marshmallow. However the grand trine could easily also be the most over-rated aspect pattern of all. It all depends very much on the state of the rest of the chart and also the planets involved in a grand trine. If the trine should contain some powerful stars this will make it less likely to disappoint and give it some real power. Sugar-coated describes the trine quite well, transits can pass us by quite easily because we didn’t notice the medicine going down.

To make the best use of grand trines is to probably to break some bad news to someone while experiencing them. It will go down better. Grand trines don’t cause any good luck by itself, we still have to make it happen. So what do we make of someone with a grand trine in their chart.

First of all trines do not spell out instant fame and success or even necessarily great talent. They show three planets who are passing energy around each other in an easy,  unquestioning way. The energy goes round and round without interruption, ad nauseam….Hence the reputation of tines being lazy. For this uninterrupted current can get quite trance-like, comforting and euphoric.

Grand TrineThe trine is rather like a massage, soothing out all those knots in your back. Sooooothing, very soothing, until your whole body becomes like jelly. It can get hypnotic. So the danger with grand trines is that they can become complacent, they don’t really have much will or drive inside them. What makes a grand trine really fly is when it contains an opposition inside it, giving it some back bone.

This is known as a Kite which I will talk about in another post. A person with a grand trine may actually have chosen to incarnate and just be. This is the person to exude calm and harmony over fraught situations. They don’t want to shake things up, trines like to make you a cup of tea and say “There, there” They are happy being the sofa everyone snuggles on at the end of a hard day and there is nothing wrong with that.

Healing Trines

Grand trines used at a high vibration can be incredible healers. On the negative side, a grand trine in the chart might indicate a person who takes the easy path and gets away with things. That could by why the trine has a lucky reputation. The native may just attract good luck, things fall into their hands without them even trying. The problem I think is that of not appreciating either the gifts they have or the good luck because they have not actually worked for it. Again this is why they are sometimes ignored; it’s just too easy.

Trine people may trigger anger from others because they appear to not even recognise or enjoy their good fortune. This can infuriate a square person who would give anything for the good looks, inheritance or freebies the trine person has had thrown at them. They can also attract jealousy also for the same reason.

There is no question that a grand trine can be a wonderful talent that can be used beneficially once it is recognized. The key is making the most of the three planets contained therein and remember to snap them out of their trance once in a while. The fire/assertive planets are less likely to zone out however, so a Jupiter/Mars/Sun trine is more likely to be a high achiever than a Moon/Neptune/Venus.

Grand Trine Natives

The Grand TrineKylie Minogue
 has a sexy electric DC/Lilith/Uranus trine, which is quite obviously effortlessly magnetic. Joan Baez made great use of her gift of a Mars/Pluto/Eris trine being a folk singer and activist. Her strong vibrato uses the trine to harmonising difficult subject matter into something more palatable. Cilla Black has a long and successful career as a TV personality with Mercury/Juno/Neptune she was most famous for her for her matching-making program “Blind date”.

Bob Geldof Vertex/Moon/Eris A popular activist. Evel Kenevel Venus/Pluto/Eris Daring and dashing. Reginald Kray AC/Sun/Lilith Trines used in the negative manner, to entrance and hold mesmerised.  Jane Mansfield Vertex/Ceres/Pluto. Sexy and voluptuous with pulling power. Donald Trump  DC/Jupiter/Uranus. Lucky and unexpected cash good fortune through others. Tina Turner Sun/Pluto/Eris. Isn’t it just!

Oscar Wilde AC/Chiron/Uranus.The charming eccentric. Robin Williams AC/Moon/Uranus. Professional Loon. Sean Lennon Sun/Ceres/DC. Famous Dad passes on his gifts. Russell Crowe Mercury/Ceres/Uranus. Gifted Actor. David Tennant (Dr Who) Moon/Ceres/Pluto. Regeneration and time-cycles! Rose West DC/Sun/Eris.

Alison Goldfrap Vertex/Ceres/Pluto. Courtney Love Sun/Juno/Chiron. Dark seductive trines. George W Bush AC/Lilith/Eris. Warrior Queen… Fidel Castro Mercury/Saturn/Jupiter with Eris/Uranus in a stellium. Certainly not an inert trine there. Nick Clegg Proud owner of 3 grand trines. Moon/Lilith/JupiterAC/Juno/Eris Vertex/Saturn/Neptune. Mr lucky pants. *All aprox 1 deg 30′ orb.

I note the high frequency of Eris and Uranus, it seems there has to be one activating/aggressive type planet in there to make the trines more famous and successful. Of my friends I noticed more in the way of Chiron/ Neptune/Venus and these where not particularly ambitious and quite happy with their lot.

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  1. I never knew that W stood for Warriorqueen – George, is that you George…Ge – hey, nice leotard man!

    …interesting to see how GTs develop in time, especially with fast moving planets involved…..and transits, on all three points at the same time? Anyone?

    1. Ha ha! I just didn’t have a clue what a Lilith/Eris trine could mean for a male world leader. He does have a clueless triney kinda luck to him, a bit comic, like a “Himbo”.

    2. Trines are very important in horary work and a grand trine can denote a very fortuitous ‘perfection’ of the matter.
      Therefore, their periodic occurances in the faster planets can be seen as opportunities, strokes of luck or welcome respites from whatever else is indicated.
      In this way they can be very useful for electional work as well.

    3. I have a great respect for Horary astrology, I have dabbled in it in the past. It’s the one time where I do believe those medieval rules actually work!

    4. re: G.W….there’s a man who’s known a life of ease…utterly oblivious to the direst of circumstances.

    5. Eris makes perfect sense, since she is the Goddess who delights in war and strife, and also is unpopular – an outsider from the group, as with his disputes with the UN. Lilith is interesting, especially for the Middle East women’s rights connection. Although the main reason for the wars he began in truth probably had little to do with genuine concerns over women’s rights, it was one of the arguments for intervention, and Lilith represents the feminine spirit (or perhaps originally an ancient Goddess) who wouldn’t lie down for the oppressive patriarchal religions that emerged particularly from the Middle East. Interesting that he should have that connection…

    6. Yes that all does make sense doesn’t it? Of course Eris is a war-monger most obviously. I think she is also quite naive. George Bush does seem like that also. It is interesting about the Lilith connection, as all western women must be kind of viewed as Liliths by the East. Funny to think of George as a feminist, but by Arab standards I guess he would be.

  2. Aha! I’ve an Earth trine.

    Asc, Pluto/NN, and Jupiter/Juno/Saturn.

    I never panic. Ever.

  3. Oooh which is the earth trine? Jupiter/Juno/Saturn? That’s an interesting one. A huge mountain of a trine. That’s too stable for words. Can I use you as a tripod?

    1. They’re all Earth: Taurus Asc, Virgo Pluto/NN, and Capricorn Jupiter/Juno/Saturn.

      Me for a tripod? Sure! Sorry the queue is so long… 🙂

    2. What I mean is: one point is my Asc; the next is my 1o Pluto/NN conj; third is my loose 7o Jupiter/Juno/Saturn conj.

    3. Oh wow yes that sure is a mountainious tripod then. Pluto seems to work very well in these grand trines judging from the celebs.

  4. I have a Grand Trine involving my 2nd house Libra Ceres, 5th house Moon/Kaali (and I guess my Vertex?) and MC/Aldebaran, which is widely conjunct my 9th house Mars. Ceres is exactly opposite my 8th house Eris and MC/Aldebaran are opposite IC/Anteres.

    Depending on how wide of an orb you use, I may have a second Grand Trine, but I’m not sure.

    I like what you said Marina, about oppositions giving Grand Trines “back bone”. I think they keep me from becoming complacent by motivating me to get involved.

  5. I believe I have one from 12 Aqu. moon 10th to 8 Uranus rising gemini to 1 libra Neptune 5th house. Air head.
    “All I want is just to BE with you” were my feelings to an old romance. Another says I have horseshoes up my ******.
    Couldn’t tell it by me. I do give thanks though. I thank god all the time my kids aren’t out on the street lost in drugs and I’m not climbing over some garbage dump in some third world country.

  6. Ah LB and Margaret. Kites may contain a grand trine within them but they really don’t function in the same way as the minor grand trine at all. That opposition in there makes all the difference. Kites are a totally different kettle of fish all together.They are high flyers! I will write about them soon.I do actually have a kite if I include asteroid lilith! Jamies DC falls there. Synastric aspect patterns are cool. I don’t feel so left out of the happy clappy trine club now 😉

  7. And how about Sun/Uranus/Vesta? Does it even mean something? Quiet or assertive? I would say “assertively quiet” 🙂

    1. They are all pretty individualist and independent types of planets, “quietly eccentric in their own world?”

    2. Sure. And of course my Mercury is conjunct my Sun and is also Grand Trining with the others. Sometimes people take me for a total loony if I dare to express my views. The good thing is that I often choose to keep them for myself.
      I don’t know much about asteroids but I was so desperate to find a grand trine in my natal chart.
      The other shocking thing is that Pallas is exactly conjunct Saturn (the same degree)which compensates for my loony trine I guess. Or further serves to the confusion.

  8. have just unearthed Neptune / Moon / BM Lilith in my progressed chart – I live an intoxicant free lifestyle, and thankful for it, as the the lowside of this would be dangerous – the fairly constant ‘out-there in-here’ effect is quite enough thankyou!

    at the mo Chiron is transiting Lilith (1st/2nd ho cusp) and trans Lilith Jupiter Uranus are squaring prog Moon and qincunx prog Neptune – a very wired but compelling state, good for researching and initiating new areas and applications of the esoteric

    1. Ye you are quite right to suppose any connection With Lilith and Neptune could be dangerous. I have BML/Mars square Neptune and I do feel that sometimes Lilith makes anything druggy forbidden fruit and gives it a dangerous allure. Moon/Neptune does the same. Look at Amy Winehouse!

      For you it could be a passing attraction for that kind of decadent, bohemian opium-smoking bad girl, because the Moon is involved. For me with Mars yes there was an attraction to the tragic byronesque alcoholic poet. But I appear to have grown out of that thank god!

    2. As this aspect is in my progressed chart I would have expected it to be more current….have no romantic relationships, not looking for one and even if cupids arrow strikes, well….
      actually I’m turned off by decadence…bohemian I can definitely relate to…..opium? that was another life-time, a real turn off, unless its naturally produced by the pineal.
      This is a 1st (Lilith), 6th (Moon), 9th (Neptune) GT by Placidus. This, for me is one of those occasions where it feels like Lilith is very strong (1st ho), is ‘grounding’ or laying the ground for the Neptune trine Moon energy, making it radically real and ‘fired-up’ into incarnation, and the Moon is waxing into exact in the GT aspects which would help put it to work – got to watch my health with this tho and not piss too many people off.

    3. Forgive me if i am repeating myself but its funny how Lilith/Neptune has the ability to be very saintly, celibate and teetotal or a complete drunken whore.
      I think psychic sex would probably a good way to play out this one, or fantasies via lucid dreaming? That trine is so “Dream Lover” isn’t it?

    4. oh all right then! Actually Marina, if its ‘dream lovers’ were talking about, think I prefer the real thing…..damn!

      AH! Found another one Uranus Saturn Eris – 7th, 11th, 3rd in Fire – I should get out more…..

    5. Hey, you know I know a lady with the very same trine. She wrote the crystal article Earths Core Crystal That would be a generational aspect I suppose. I wonder of you are a particularly radical age group. You write great forward-thinking yet founded in ancient wisdom stuff that’s for sure.

  9. I also enjoyed Illustration.. ‘Toblerone or pymadid’ to match the grand Trine _smile.
    With taking account of the various new objects, special patterns enter the show more often, and by the way, they often point at something (axix, planet..) to consider. And again, a nice way to put in use those terribly slow factors (like Eris).

    1. I love Toblerone!!! I’m sure I bought just one huge triangle once or was it a dream…?
      I didn’t realize how old it was though. I was so glad I found that old poster on wikimedia. Its now 75 years old and in the public domain.

  10. Along the same lines of what Tsilikat said, I’ve found some of the Grand Trines formed using asteroids are pretty amazing. I have a close one (less than 1 degree orb) made up of 12th house “Karma” (#3811), 4th house Saturn and 8th house South Node – and that particular asteroid – through transits and progressions – has played a BIG role in my life. It’s one I pay serious attention to.

    Karma is 6 degrees away from natal 12th house Uranus (which opposes Chiron), so Uranus/Saturn/South Node is the second Grand Trine (or Kite) I suspect operates within my astrology.

    I’m looking forward to the future posts you mentioned, Marina. Your insights are always enlightening. 🙂

    1. Thanks LB, you are a fellow Astro-naut then with the Uranus opposition to Chiron. I always felt I was cheating saying I had a grand trine because Asteroid Lilith (2nd) made one to Chiron (10th) and Neptune (6th). But my first reading from Karmic astrologer Zsusanna Griga pointed this out to me.
      It is actually a Kite like yours because of the Chiron opp Uranus/Pluto as the rod in the middle. I do love that even if you don’t want to count asteroid Chiron, Jamies DC completes that trine for me.

      I love that Asteroid Karma is in your 12th house!

    2. What do I know, but I’d count Chiron (and in the 10th, makes such sense for you!) as well as Asteroid Lilith . . . and of course, Jamie. Reminds me of that line from the movie “Jerry Maguire” – “You complete me.” 🙂

  11. great article , and good research. greetings.

    Here’s mine great trines
    DC ( 29 Aquarius ) / Venus( 28 gemini ) / Uranus rx( 29 Libra) / , almost like Kylie
    another one is Sun,MC ( 20 Taurus ) / Eros ( 18 Virgo ) / Vertex ( 21 capp ) ,
    and it all means ” love and sex ” , right ?

    1. Hey that first one is very groovy with Venus probably on Betelgeuse, with Uranus it will ramp its energy right up. Yep that’s pretty sexy. The second one is more seductive I think. Erotic pulling power with the Vertex.
      Ha ha! Your Eros on my Pluto and Vertex on my Mercury.

    2. So that is the connection .
      Thanks Marina , it is an honor to read your comments.

      That means also you have Trine Pluto / Mercury , same here.
      Pluto ( 6 Libra ) / Mercury ( 6 Gemini ) , the Chameleon aspect.

      You are correct , my ruler Venus is on Betelgause ( 28 45′ Gemini ), and all my love relationships ended like the nature of Betelgause. ” Red eyes , it’s sad story of my life”, but just reading on your site it more orange right now.

      Just saved the my the most powerfull Grand Trine for the end.
      Moon, Jupiter, Eris ( 14 Aries ) / Neptune ( 12 Sagg ) / Fortune (11 Leo )

      So the question is , why Im not still famous , since all of this and AC is on Regulus ? Maybe I am , but according to astrology I should be a Porn Star ( 8th house – Mars , Moon , Jupiter , Eris ) 🙂

    3. “all my love relationships ended like the nature of Betelgause. Red eyes” Blimey! But very well put though, like it.

      Yes I’m still waiting for a big fat red sack of golden coins to fall on my head with Betelgeuse on my Part Of Fortune.But since the eclipse i admit something IS happening :)). So maybe soon Ill have the red eye of champagne hangover joy when I really hit the bigtime

      Maybe you would be famous if you DID become a porn star! We won’t tell anyone…

  12. The only way I get any kind of “grand trine” is if there is something I’m not seeing in the end of Aquarius in my natal chart.. trining Natal Mercury/BML/ASC in Gemini and then the Ceres/Eros/Juno in Libra.. (3 degrees Pisces MC does not count, as it is too far from 28 degrees, with such a small orb)

    On the other end.. there is a Natal Psyche in Scorpio at 9 degrees trine Sun in Cancer at 9 degrees so if there IS anything at 6 to 11 degrees in my Natal Pisces 10th house.

    I guess transits have been friendly with Neptune recently.


  13. Hi, Marina. Great article. I have the kite that you are talking about. I also have lots of trines. As I have 6 planets in earth signs. Of course three of those planets in earth signs square my sun as well as pisces in chiron. My kite has the tip of the kite conjunct to my jupiter in taurus (retro), with the bottom of the kite opposing my venus in scorpio conjunct the ic and my neptune in scorpio. I have a stellium of mars/uranus/pluto in virgo in the 2nd house and the other side is in my fifth conjunct my moon in cap which also conjuncts my vertex in cap.
    Its been a long road. I work hard even with the lucky stuff. Thank the heavens I have had the lucky stuff. I have had some pretty tough times.
    I am still working towards my own personal success.
    Well, I will never give up. I can not. I think that it is good that I have the earth stuff. Since I am a sag and well sag is never get things finished. At least this sag used to have a really hard time. Now, I am getting good at completing things. I am getting good at making the complete package. Hmmm. It took so long to get here.

    1. Thats a really active and action packed trine, but it’s not really a true pluffy toblerone trine. Thats such a Kite!
      I don’t think you can extract the trine from the Kite. The opposition is there and the tension it fuels in the middle cannot be avoided. I guess that would account for your tough times.
      So its the benefic Venus/Jupiter opposition that drives the trine which is even better. Not too harsh.

    2. I guess you are right. I have tough times but at the same time I have this lucky stuff with the venus and the jupiter being there in opposition. Not as tough as let us say an opposition between saturn and mars or something like that. I am looking forward to your future article on kites….

      Thanks for replying and this great post!!!

  14. i am looking foward to that article sorry i forgot to mention that… i have so much to learn still….ahhhh
    again thanks very much

    1. You kind of have to play it by ear. For example of you have a REALLY tight trine between the major planets, both at 22 deg, then if you have the Sun or Moon trining at 27 degs then I would include it because they are luminaries. If that planets was Chiron, Lilith or an Asteroid, probably not.

      I like to give around 3 deg orb at the most for an aspect pattern with the major planets. I think you can use points like POF, but I think the effect with planets is far more pronounced.

    1. You’re one of those crazy Eris trines! But its a great one because its Eris/AC trine Sun trine Moon. Wowzer. I think when I did your chart way back, Eris was still quite new to me. And it got totally overshadowed by your Lilith Yod!

  15. Marina – you mean Ellie Crystal? Have read her article and have big respect, recommend to all…don’t know which trine you mean tho, that we share, but I’m a late Leo Pluto with Neptune in early Scorpio and Uranus in early Leo – never did identify with the old Pluto in Leo paradigm, feel more like shaking it up…let me know

  16. Love this site tho only understand the absolute basics! Reading this reminded me that an astrologer mentioned grand trines in my chart many, many moons ago.

    On checking it out – It’s Moon in Cancer 26, Saturn in Pisces 26, Neptune in Scorpio 18. Also Jupiter in Cancer 27, Saturn and Neptune. I can’t remember what was said as it was so long ago. It would be great if someone could shed some light on this for me

    1. Most interesting is the Moon/Saturn/Neptune as the Moon makes it personal. Thats could be quite a productive trine thanks to Saturn, otherwise Moon/Neptune in trine could be just a dreamer.

      This is fantastic creative imagination and poetic, but could come to noting without Saturn’s discipline and focus to make it into something concrete. Saturn/Neptune strong in classical composers. Saturn pins a structure under the poetry and freeform of the music.

    2. Hi Marina. Thank you so much. I spent the weekend reading up and your reply ties it all together beautifully and explains so much! love your work

  17. Marina, your mentioning of Pholus triggered me to look it up, recalling that it moved slowly through Aquarius, about the time I was born.. well finally, I DO have a grand trine AFTER ALL!

    Apollo and Hephaistos at 26 degrees Gemini/conjunct ASC 27.55, Pholus at 26.27 Aquarius, and finally Juno at 27.50 Libra (with Karma at 28.) perhaps I have had the opportunity in my life time to stop and say “the buck stops here” and have had the manifestation of doing something different in my own life as well.. compared to my mother, and my grandmother and her grandmother.

    I don’t suppose these combined makes a very fluffy mushy gooey kind of Trine though full of marshmallow sweetness? Pholus is an interesting one to be on top of things! Kind of the realization of the horrors…(from the mythology)

    Best wishes to you and your breaking generations of bad habits you had no choice in the matter of…. I get the impression Pholus doesn’t sugar coat anything!

    1. Hi AlterEgoTrip – Pholus and Karma both play big roles in my chart as well. Pholus is conjunct my Moon/Kaali (-1) and is part of that Kite I mentioned earlier. Zane Stein has a lot of great insights on Pholus, and there was a great article titled “The New Planet Pholus” written by Dieter Koch and Robert Von Heeren that appeared in the Mountain Astrologer way back in 1996. If you do a google search, you may come up with more info. It’s worth checking out.

      Pholus has been compared to Chiron, in that he acts as a sort of bridge – in Pholus’ case it’s between our limited view of reality (Saturn) and broader Universal truths (Neptune); I also recall reading that Pholus in close contact with natal angles/planets has been associated with spiritual gifts, or the ability to grasp complex (possibly contradictory?) concepts. I don’t think the energy is easy to handle though and can create many challenges leading to sudden epiphanies.

      I think this particular asteroid has helped to increase my sensitivities, particularly as they relate to picking up on underlying emotional/spiritual issues, which is proving to be very helpful in my healing practice. I also relate to the role Pholus plays in the shedding of old skin, leading to a startling new life – boy, does that fit me! As usual, I’d love to read Jamie or Marina’s interpretation.

    2. Oh gosh! There so much I want to do a special on!! The rest of the aspects, Eris and now Pholus..

      I had a reading years ago with the centaur queen Melanie Rheinhart. She based it mainly on the transits and natal positions of Nessus and Pholus because she said they seemed relevant to a relationship I was having at the time. It was to a recovering alcoholic! (She didnt know he was, it was just what she saw stand out in the transits) So the healing of addictions part of Pholus was very relevant then. I might have to listen to it again.

  18. Please tell me how one could interpret a Venus-Saturn-Chiron grand trine.

    1. It’s very hard to read in isolation. I would look at what stars they were on if any and of course the houses also if anything is plugging into it. Healing through love and commitment is one interpretation of this, but it could also keep you stuck in relationships that are wounding.

  19. Hi Marina 🙂 I found your website when I was researching Grand Trines.

    I have quite the interesting natal chart… I already knew that I had two Earth Grand Trine between Jupiter-Moon-Mercury and Ascendant-Moon-Mercury. However, after plugging in some of the asteroids you mentioned above, I’ve found that I have more Grand Trines and a Kite too!

    I also have Grand Trines with Jupiter-Moon-Midheaven, Ascendant-Moon-Midheaven, Jupiter-Lilith-Mercury, and Jupiter-Lilith-Midheaven. The Kite forms when Jupiter and Midheaven sextile at Ceres.

    Is this highly unusual? I am a complete beginner with astrology and have no idea where I should even begin interpreting all of this (or even the first two that I mentioned). Do you have any ideas about where I should start looking in my chart to interpret it? Do you have any idea what all of this activity or any of the individual trines or kite might mean? I am completely lost and appreciate any help you can give. (If it helps, Ceres is under a water sign and in the 12th house).

    1. Hayley, FYI everybody has highly unusual, interesting charts, we are all unique, exceptional individuals that are embidiments of divinely perfect souls. Your chart I’m sure is VERY inetresting, so is anyone else’s If you think your cart is more “interesting” than someone else’s it may mean youare looking to validate yourself and assert your uniqueness and originality. That’s a wonderful aim, just don’t forget that in the ultimate perspective we are all up there in beauty and importance:-)

    2. Wow, what an un-called for response. I heard nothing from Hayley in the way you heard it, Judith. You thought she was saying her chart was better than others, but in reality she just said it was pretty interesting. If you re-read her question without the serious mental problems you apparently have, you will find she was friendly, sincere, and quite nice. Seriously, your reply, Judith, was embarrassing. I think YOU’RE the one with the ego problems…

    3. you can start with apex of each trine.
      there is an article for Grand Trine on this website it will help

  20. Aspect formations
    • grand trine: Ascendant, Uranus and Venus
    • grand trine: Uranus, Midheaven and Mars
    • kite: Uranus, Midheaven, Mars and North Node
    • kite: Uranus, Midheaven, Mars and Sun
    • grand trine: Uranus, Midheaven and South Node
    • kite: Uranus, Midheaven, South Node and North Node
    • grand trine: Uranus, Midheaven and Saturn
    • kite: Uranus, Midheaven, Saturn and North Node
    • grand trine: Uranus, Venus and Mars
    • grand trine: Uranus, Venus and South Node
    • grand trine: Uranus, Venus and Saturn
    • T-square: Ascendant, North Node and Moon
    • grand cross: Moon, Mercury, North Node and Mars
    • grand cross: Moon, Mercury, North Node and South Node
    • T-square: North Node, Saturn and Moon

  21. Grand Water (Pluto, moon, Venus) in water houses with Virgo Ceres opposite Pisces Venus. I’m a sexual, jealous lover with a propensity to help others? o.0? Neptune is almost opposite my Cancer moon by 4º.

  22. Hello:

    I have a grand trine, air. I’ve always learned and been told that a grand trine (or any other configuration aspect) only ‘counts’ when you have planets involved. Yet, you count the non planetary (like Chiron) as a part of a trine…

    Does Chiron or non planetary aspects count depending on weight or do they ‘always’ count?

  23. I have 2 grand trines in water, neptune/merc/chiron and neptun/sun/chiron, not found any of it easy, but thats possible due to my neptune/vesta opp and my chiron/pluto opp, its like its saying yep this will all flow well from the trines, you just gotta do the hard work on them thar oppositions first, hoping as i am in chiron return phase that im about to see if its time to retire to enjoying those trines lol!

  24. Hayley, everybody has highly unusual, interesting charts, we are all unique, exceptional individuals that are embodiments of divinely perfect souls. Your chart I’m sure is VERY interesting, so is anyone else’s! If you think your cart is more “interesting” than someone else’s it may mean you are looking to validate yourself and assert your uniqueness and originality. That’s a wonderful aim, just don’t forget that in the ultimate perspective we are all up there in beauty and importance:-)

  25. I have Jupiter in 12th/Moon in 4th/and Neptune in 7th all in Grand trine (yes I know that Neptune is supposed to be in the 8th house but it is in the 7th house). I have Saturn in 11th square Neptune in the 7th. Anyone want to lend some thoughts on my configuration? Thanks.

  26. I have two grand trines:

    sun (chart ruler, taurus, 9th) – AC (leo) – uranus (sagi, 4th)
    sun – AC – Neptune (capricorn, 5th)

    My sun is conjunct my north node..
    And Neptune is conjunct Mars and is focal point of a T square and a small talent triangle.
    Does this give me sudden fame by moving to another country and having a creative job (because Neptune/Mars is also trine MC)?

  27. hoping for some advice, My son has been through a very tough few years and i see in this years solar return he had a grand trine in earth between pluto mars and jupiter, which also forms a kite with chiron opposing mars, he’s an aries so mars is strong, and natally has taurus asc so the jup in taurus is strong too. So trying to figure how a kite may work, would it indicate that this ease between the trines may help him with the very deep wounding that is his chiron so a good year to be working on the deep stuff? He is only 19 and hopefully comimg out of deep depression, so obviously hopeful for him.

  28. I have two grand trines Mercury/Moon/MC & Lillith (Lillith on my MC) and Juno/DC/Uranus. These appear to be somewhat opposite energies and in my experience I feel they sometimes cancel each other out, as much as provide luck and ease. Is this common?

  29. I have one for sure grand trine in Jupiter Sag/Mars Leo/Sun Aries. I also have pluto in Sag.

    Jupiter conflicted by Saturn Pisces, and by Mercury Pisces and by Venus Pisces, and moon Pisces! Jupiter is also my dominant planet and exalted in 4th house!

    Ascendant opposition all my pisces placements… and square my pluto.

    Any idea if this trine is effective or not? I do admittedly get bursts of energy when I’m dead tired and nearly done in.

  30. I have a Ceres/Moon/Psyche Grand Trine (1H Pisces, 5H Cancer and 8H Scorpio respectively). Can someone analyse it for me, even briefly, or direct me to a website that has an analysis? Thank you very much in advance 🙂

  31. Hello Marina,

    How are you?

    I happen to have a Grand Trine w/ Midheaven in Virgo /Neptune in Capricorn/Jupiter in Aries. These guys aren’t exactly in the same element. Does this still make it a Grand Trine or is the energy lesser; since it’s mixed and not of one element?

    This also forms a kite w/ Pluto in Scorpio. Is it just purely a Kite aspect or should the Grand Trine be counted?

  32. I have a grand trine in water with the kite formation during Aquarius moon at a peak of a full moon. which i also have my south node, neptune, saturn all thrown in there. I suspect i may go completely Bonkers during this. I don’t have a good understanding of astrological aspects, just what someone told me, but have a feeling that this is a very fated time for me on many levels. I don ‘t know where I’m going, or why, but I know a complete submersion is just about here.

  33. Mine is sun/mars/conq trine sat with nodes, once off the path am rudely jerked back ALSO life gets better, I am very lucky, and meet famous people before they are! I’m grateful for everyone and find it humorous getting dissed…nothing bothers me except not being able to work…so I’ve set my life up to go from task to task….. say ‘no’ to invites eventually they stop asking!

  34. Mine is : sun conjunct my Asc both trine Jupiter , trine MC… Does this sound right ?

  35. I guess we can all have quite a few with the asteroid inclusion which I do know make a lot of impact on my natal “blueprint” I have a few which I have always been drawn to include in my chart, aurora, hekate, karma, iris, sedna, and transneptune point h48 Isis as well as the more common juno, pallas, vesta and eris and I have several grand trines including them, Lillith/Aurora/Eris, Transpluto/Aurora/Eris, Pluto/Iris/ Vesta, Pluto/Iris/Ceres plus the previously mentioned grand water trines Neptune/Sun/Chiron and Neptune/Merc/Chiron, one would imagine I would have quite an easy flowing life really, yet no I have a couple of quincunx that involve Saturn or Pluto plus a quincunx between Moon and Venus, not easy for a Cancer with Libra rising….endeavouring to actually use where these are able to provide a more easy route with some things thought, hopefully will pay off 🙂

    1. oops forgot one that does pull me around a little and thats a grand fire trine between Aurora/Hekate/Transpluto…. need I say more?

    2. PPS lol! I actually feel that this isnt the first time these trines and the power they offer have been in my blueprint and have a past life repeat happening (Jupiter rx conj IC) thus the presence of those quincunx to keep me ethical and of course to earn the success they offer and not take for granted as you wrote above Marina 🙂

  36. I’ve got a grand water trine in my natal chart involving Pallas in Cancer/1st, Neptune in Scorpio/5th, and Chiron in Pisces/9th. In its highest expression, what I’m coming up with is nurturing feminine patterns (Cancer, Pallas) of intensely visionary (Scorpio, Neptune) awareness and healing (Chiron/Pisces). How to manifest this in a practical way, though… ???

  37. I think this time with 4 planets retrograde will have a much bigger impact than the grand trine. As one with a water kite that hits several of the planets in retrograde, it helps me to easily to into myself emotionally as a “cleansing and uplifting” go on around me. No one gets through this time unscathed, it will be a matter of how your ride the waves.

  38. How does one know whether they have The Grand Trine by looking at their natal chart?

  39. My birthdate is July 29, 1952 1:30pm Detroit, MI.
    Can you tell if I have one?

    1. Look for a blue triangle! The planets should all be 120º apart. Doesn’t need to be exact, best if one of the planets is a personal one. Give it about a 5º orb depending on the planets 8º if its Sun or Moon. Some give it more, I like tight orbs.

  40. Great post Marina. One of the saddest things I saw was. A chart I did last year for a guy who had just slashed his own throat and bed to death in his bathroom. He had a GT in earth signs and had lacked nothing material all his life. The rest of life’s challenges passed him by because he was inured to them until the burden got too great.

  41. Über queen, that is very sad to hear indeed. Everyone has a reason to live. He obviously didn’t pay attention to his clues. I do feel that with 4 planets retro we will see a great deal of death between now and when we get out of all this.

  42. what’s in it for me? sat/scorpio’s cry is dissolved by Neptune/pisces so the selfishness of the cancer sun isn’t felt. but the desire to be entertained, especially w/ Jupiter/can is in play. spectator city!
    climate/wise; HHH Hazy hot Humid, here it’s HCH, Hazy Cold Humid.
    Jupiter/cancer loves life, sees it in all living things, they’re repulsed by decay, and love watching things grow. My dad had this placement and wasn’t so fond of us after age 12.
    I’m sorry @ your client UQW

  43. My friend and I have a nice Grand Trine in our composite chart involving Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. In fact it is a grand sextile if the Moon, Ceres, and Venus-Mars-Chiron are added in. Do grand trines in relationship charts have similar importance as in a natal chart?

  44. Many times I read about grand trine but only realize it today that I have some. That really explains some things that come to me effortlessly. thanks for this !

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  46. You may wish to check out the chart of Shri Ramakrishna the great saint and Goddess devotee. I would be interested to hear Darkstar commentary on the chart of this remarkable man, whom thousands worshiped as an incarnation of God. (February 18, 1836, a couple of minutes before sunrise, about 70 miles NW of Calcutta).

    Ramakrishna’s best-known disciple was Swami Vivekananda, who was not only the representative of the Hindu religion to the Conference of World Religions in 1888, but the main spiritual inspiration that impelled Gandhi to turn away from his law career and his associations with the British, adopt the dhoti and loincloth, and take up the cudgel for “Mother India” .

    Going to America was a much more tremendously revolutionary act at the time than it sounds; a Hindu was declared to have instantly ‘lost caste” if he “crossed the Black Water” i.e traveled overseas. But religion in India had hit an all-time low, and so it was possible for Vivekananda to not only defy religious convention without being denounced for it, but to bring new ideas and inspiration to its moribund society as well as to that if America. It was Vivekananda who issued the challenge that inspired Gandhi’s career and led to India’s independence.

  47. The only thing I am finding easy about this trine is the ease at being miserable! Water water everywhere…

    1. Thank god I go swimming! I think this water trine is a bit of a dud due to both Mercury and the Saturn part of it being retrograde. I am writing a post on Saturn turning direct (Next week). I’m hoping it will sort out my back problems. I have also been feeling very lazy with this trine too. But I just had a nice massage this evening 🙂 Trine chillin’…

    2. the sun is very good for back health, bone, body aches, Aquarius isn’t traditionally big on summer sport, or see sun as curative …..walking stretching under a big hat, flower viewing, intense colors have healing vibe

    3. Oh I think Zosma Virgos are feeling the miserable part today. Not sure why though…Ah, nothing to do with trine. Maybe Chiron opposite?

  48. Oh boy, just looked at the composite chart for my ex husband and me. Big fat fire trine, Jupiter, Venus, Mars. Jupiter on my Sun, Mars on my Mars. Chiron opp Mars though, making a kite, and Saturn close enough to Venus to pour scorn.
    Nothing about that relationship was easy! I guess having children literally expanded me (Jupiter/sun) but the energy between us was, and still is, uncomfortable, frustrating and full of misunderstanding.
    I wonder whether trines may also be vulnerable to outside attack or inner lack of confidence, rather than just lazy? As you say, trine people who appear to have it all provoke jealousy – they also might not be strong enough to ride out attacks from jealous and more competitive people.

    1. …I should add the Davison just looks like a pile of sticks on the floor, which is more like it!

    2. …and during this water trine said ex husband has been fixing my drain and water supply while my tenant is in hospital having a kidney transplant. It’s all flow!

  49. Hi Marina – only just seen your article on Grand Trines and it rang so true. I have a Grand Trine in Water (Mercury in Pisces, Mars in Cancer and Neptune in Scorpio) and was told years ago I could make my living from something creative, but have never had the courage to try. Am now longing to do so but have to pay the mortgage after being made redundant, so unfortunately am supply teaching but would rather not! If I’d been born abut half a hour later I would also have a Pisces Sun. Am wondering what the Grand Trine will bring me… hopefully something new and exciting, or at the very least the kick up the creative bum to get me started…!

    1. Does a medical career appeal to you? You might use your Mercury and Neptune placement for that, or even counseling?

  50. Weirdly enough Greg, when I was a teenager I did think about becoming a doctor, but then didn’t think that a) I’d be able to cope with the suffering or b) the dissections at uni! Unfortunately I’m a bit too old to consider it now, but you he given me food fo toght – thank you!

    1. Rachel! where’s the whales tail? is it’s dissappearence a ‘fluke’? aries head underwater, 12/hs ocean, tail waves a friendly ‘hello’.. did merc/sat//retro get it too?

    2. Grand-grand mother of my children started studying medicine (after completing middle high & high school), at 65. She invented her own life (again) and lived happy as a doctor and teacher at uni. ´till 93…

      She began with a huge question: what did I really wanted, when I was 16 (and the war pulled me over to a different country, where I could only settle some bussiness in order to survive, where I married, had two children that I had to provide for…).

      (This is what Moverola is about…).



  51. Hi Lucy – maybe you could tell me as I’m a relative beginner in all this! I don’t know enough about chart interpretation and am really envious of you guys out there who seem to know so much!

    1. the whale was last spotted off Costa Rica ISO pod, seems merc/retro is messing w/ big things, trains, planes….whales

  52. Hi, I have Jupiter in cancer ascendant, Chiron in Pisces, Neptune in Scorpio, and Uranus in Virgo blue kite what does it mean please

  53. Will the grand trine help a sixth house Virgo Sun? Mine is around 6 degrees. Not enjoying my twelfth house transit of Neptune.

  54. I have a Mars/Jupiter/Pluto trine in my chart. I never realized the meaning until now so thank you for your insight.

  55. You have put in extra efforts to explain significance of grand water trine. I also observe that due to this grand trine, the markets are getting boost all over the world Indeed today is big day of the year. Thank you my appreciation again for you.

  56. What if the two planets in the trine are in water at the end of the signs and the third planet is at very beginning of fire? does that still count as a trine?

  57. how would you describe the energy of a grand trine between Nessus,lilith and uranus an exact trine,all at 22 degrees in fire signs and water houses

  58. Hi Marina–

    This is my Grand Trine: Ceres/Saturn/Uranus in fire.

    Uranus is directly opposite my Moon, which is sextile to Ceres and Saturn, forming a kite aspect.

    I used to have a motto: if it’s not going to kill you, do it. I’ve accomplished a lot, but have always worked hard for it. But for the past ten years, everything has been crazy hard! I always knew the shite would hit the fan someday!

  59. SS AC can be counted in grand trines? My natal chart is attached, I was curious. ..

  60. I have a grand trine made by Juno/Saturn/Midheaven. Does it have anything to do with my career? I’m new to astrology but I think it might mean that I’m going to work hard for my career/reputation involving money, relationships, etc and hopefully achieve it.

  61. Can anyone help me out please? Very new to trying to read any of this. My grand trine is Jupiter in Aries, Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius. The sun, moon, mars, Venus, and mercury formed a conjunction at this time with Neptune at 5 degree. There is a bit more to the birth but for now can someone please help me with the planets?? Thank you

    1. @ Erin Yours is not a grand trine. for your to have a grand trine you’re have to have something in leo to complete the fire sign circle.

  62. I have an earth grand trine with moon n venus in capricorn in 4th house chiron in taurus in 8th house and mars in virgo in the 12th house…..any thoughts on this energy within the trine??

  63. Grand triens are supposed to be a symbol of ease? Not in my chart they’re not:. All the vicious (and costly) obstacles to my career AND my personal life, have been females in the water signs. I am a libra with a grand trine in water, and venus, neptune as well as the sun and mercury in libra. With myown mars in cancer I have no defense and no clue about this world and I have survived by the grace of God. First I survived a sociopathic pedophile cancer father and a scorpio mother with an aries ascendant and a moon in capricorn.. Talk of witchcraft! then a succession of scorpio and pisces people joining forces so systematially against me I had a nervous breakdown and swallowed twnety sleeping pills with alcohol. I survived but they’re unrelenting about it too the imbeciles. Even after I win my cases. Even after one of them hurt herself so badly a couple of hours after insulting my “disability”. In each each new situation it’s the same thing: as soon as the scorpio, pisces and cancerian bitches find out my age they try to destroy me. You see I look very, very young for my age. So why is a grand trine an advantage? This story shoudl tell you It certainly never was for me in practice and on teh cosmic level I suppose last july was no worse than usual. cancer women have the habit of telling others they talk too much when they themselves do all the loudest talking. scorpio women were the most sly about their approach but basically I didn’t have any right to defend myself or as my own scorpio mother said once: ” you hav e the right to remain silent in this family”. Scorpio women have chosen nasty cancerians over me, although I’m a cleaner and more efficient worker, because cancerians don’t age well so they cast no shadows at scorpio. As for pisces: they’re the ones who smile and hug you while they stab you. I know how to avoid the males by just asking when they’re born. But at work you can’t go round asking your future boss what sign they are. Can you?

  64. I apologize for posting such a weirdly worded comment but it should have read: ” @Erin: yours is not a grand sign although it involves three planets. you’d have to have a planet in leo to achieve a fire grand trine.

  65. I have two gt s on top likr a star of david. Air: sun moon pluto, fire: saturn neptume eris/ac

    Do both trines have oppositions.
    Sun saturn, moon neptune and pluto eris/ac.
    What would you make of this?

  66. I have a grand air trine and agree with most of the above. If it were more pristinely aspected all would be well and good. I have learned to blend logic with intuition.

  67. I have a grand trine with lillith(9) moon (2) and mars (6). Wondering how that works?

  68. I have a water grand trine. Venus conjunction mars in cáncer in the 10th. Trine neptune in scorpio in the 2nd & venus & mars plus neptune trine chiron in piscis in the 6th. I Wonder who could tell me what it means?

  69. You must be a hyper-sensitive person, Jose. Lots of water and emotions to deal with. Stay away from emotional vampires. They can drain you. Best wishes.

  70. I have venus9th taurus/Jupiter4th capricorn/pluto-AC virgo grand trine and kite all of those three to neptune 3th scorpio. How it sounds to you? Lucky woman or not?

  71. Pretty good article.. I have always been a pretty inactive person. I wish my mom forced me to play a sport of some kind, but I’m very shy and I guess she didn’t have time for sports. I’m a little discouraged to hear that a Moon/Venus/Neptune grand trine has a harder time achieving things. My grand trine is made of earth placements and despite what my family thinks, I know I’m not lazy, just lacking in self-confidence. When things get tough, I prefer to just back out and get comfortable again. I don’t like to leave my comfort zone and I get very upset if I have to. But I know that living with my parents for the rest of my life isn’t the way I want my life to be, so I’m going to push myself to succeed no matter how hard it will be.

    1. You have the luck of your grand trine with you, it will always guide and help you, just trust it, and act accordingly, I know, because I have an earth grand go out into the world and make waves 🙂

    2. You probably prefer harmony over conflict with your configuration. You are probably very intuitive and creative in some way. Look to use that talent in your daily life. You’d be a great metaphysical student.

  72. I have a grand trine between my moon in libra in the 10th house. Mercury in gemini in the 6 th house. Uranus aquarius in the 2 nd house. I even have a trine in the houses 2nd Taurus 6th virgo and 10th Capricorn right?.

  73. tengo un trigono en los signos de fuego, venus en aries a 19°, luna y vertex en leo a 17° y marte en sagitario a 15°, que puedes decirme?

  74. That was a great read. I have a Pluto 5th, Venus/Jupiter (conjunction) 9th, and Ascendant grand trine; each one is squared, too. (Pluto-Sun, Venus/Jupiter-Moon, Asc-Mars) I, for the life of me, cannot seem to utilize this. Any advice, please?

  75. I have an air grand trine, sun mercury and mars in Gemini, moon in Libra trine Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius.. And I have a Leo ascendant which opposes my Uranus in Aquarius.. So it kinda makes a kite..dunno :p. Anyone wanna see my birth chart.. Just reply.

  76. I have a grand air trine that’s equilateral. I could live in the mind and be almost perfectly happy. College was a breeze, but I have had challenges finishing projects. Mars at 12 degrees Aquarius conjunct my north node. I hope that doesn’t make me some kind of a nut. I have been made fun of because I abhor physical labor, just comes harder for me.

  77. I am very curious about my grand fire trine.
    Its AC/uranus/lilith. But note that eris is at the same spot as lilith, so
    AC 18 leo/ uranus 16 sagittarius in house 4/ lilith and eris at 15 aries house 8.
    In spite of this fire trine, my chart seems to be all about the conjunctions:
    House 5: Moon 02 capricorn conjunct Neptune at 02 capricorn conjunct mercury at 09 capricorn
    House 6: sun 28 capricorn conjunct jupiter 26 capricorn
    House 7: vertex 11 pisces conjunct venus 15 pisces conjunct pallas 17 pisces conjunct mars 18 pisces
    House 8: lilith 15 aries conjunct eris 15 aries
    House 10: chiron (my only retrograde) 03 gemini conjunct MC 01 gemini.

  78. Can somebody tell me more about the air grand trine: jupiter (12th house) – saturn (4th house) – uranus (7th house)? I have a propension for writing, would love to write prose (not only poetry), but for some reason, prose-novel result to be very difficult for me – in the sense of stamina and inventing the story. I also have a stellium in 12th house: jupiter in Aquarius, Mercur & Sun in Pisces, Moon (just at the end of 12th house) in Aries. I have Mars in taurus (2nd house) and Venus in Capricorn (11th house) – and I seem to have troubles with relationships: the guy that I deeply love tends to fly away from me; but my mars and venus are connected through a trine: and I have the feeling of being undesirable and strongly rejected/unseen, unnoticed by (the) man with whom I feel a heart connection which is deep and uncomparable to others. (Yes, other men see me, but don’t stir in me anything …). I’m single already for 10 years and very difficultly fall in love.

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