Lunar eclipse eye

Lunar Eclipse November 2021 ~ Evil eye?

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse November 2021 falls at 27º Taurus Decan 3. Aspect: Trine Pluto. Fixed Star: Algol. Tarot Card: 7 Of Pentacles. Healing Crystal: Black Tourmaline. This Taurus Lunar eclipse will align with the notorious fixed … READ MORE

The Pluto Files

You may have noticed that all the mundane astrology has disappeared from this site. I have talked about why on recent ‘members-only’ podcasts. In a nutshell I have switched gears … READ MORE

Cuties horoscope

Cutie’s Netflix Horoscope

An audio analysis of the horoscope of the release of the controversial Netflix film Cuties. Full audio available for subscribers. Cuties Horoscope Audio Report (19 mins) Mobile users! ~ Please … READ MORE