New Moon July 2011 – Antivenom


New Moon July 2011The new moon on July 30 is at 7º Leo. It is on fixed star Praesaepe in the Beehive which buzzes from within the shell of constellation Cancer. A star cluster of at least 40 stars it is also known as the manger or the crib. The Chinese call it “The spirit of the ancestors”. The hive can be family in the sense of an organization working toward a common cause for good or for ill. I say ill because this star, as with all clusters, has its bad side: With Sun: Evil disposition, murderer or murdered, blows, stabs (operations nowadays for blows, stabs, wounds), serious accidents, shooting, shipwreck, execution, banishment, imprisonment, sharp diseases, fevers, hemorrhage, lawsuits….” It goes on, but straight away I am thinking of the hive mentality of News International.

The new moon is in a quincunx to Pluto, this makes it a Hades moon. We can be the devouring mother, possessed by the mother or break away for complete and utter transformation. In Sun quincunx Pluto wrote they “may play the fool at times and act rebelliously because it makes them feel powerful. They like to confuse people with their zaniness and this becomes a convenient mask for hiding their darker thoughts. They are a little like a spooky clown.” This could be people abdicating responsibility by playing the “I was nuts” card. It could also be some crazy distraction to throw us off the scent of the truth.

The chart is loaded with triangles, it’s all about relationships, the big one being the learning triangle that links the Hades moon with Jupiter. Pluto Jupiter is the millionaires aspect, so this is certainly about big business partnerships and connections. Put this with a Hades moon and it’s a huge crisis of toxic parenting. We have a nanny state gone septic in the UK with our police, media and politicians all under the spotlight right now. This corruption investigation is no longer just about Rupert Murdoch and a News rag, it’s spreading.

Pluto trine Jupiter may seem like a positive aspect, but not with this Praesaepe new moon plugging into it by stressful aspects. The rest of the chart is none too comfortable either. The effects of the big generational transit, Uranus square Pluto should now be kicking in as they are now within 1 degree of each other. This serious revolutionary energy has not been felt since the 1960’s. Those of us born with the conjunction should be feeling our charts just about tingling right now!

New Moon July 2011 HoroscopeThere is also a shard of a irritation triangle cutting across the body of Pluto/moon/Jupiter. It does look like the stabs mentioned in Robson’s quote. Employees stabbing others in the back to save their own skins, panic and fear. The tip of the knife is Mercury on the bloodbath star Phecda, fatal wounds from the words. Mercury opposite Neptune. Lies, lies, lies…Obvious now in the context of this Murdoch scandal, but in our private lives this is tied in with Ceres too. Ceres has taken Uranus’s place on the back of daring Pegasus. I already talked about unusual domestic arrangements in the previous moon phase. These arrangements are going to be painful to administer with nurse Ceres connected to the Neptune/Mercury opposition. Saturn is hovering right between the two wings of the Crow meaning the authorities and old dinosaurs may not be trustworthy. These black wings (Algorab) are said to give craftiness, greediness, ingenuity, patience, revengefulness, passion, selfishness, lying, aggressiveness, and material instincts” [2] The public inquiry into the phone tapping again. Cornered rats springs to mind.


The Moon is conjunct Asteroids Sirona and Medea. Sirona 116 is a Celtic goddess of the healing springs, who is depicted holding a snake. She is holding the antivenom for the toxic companies I talked about earlier. Perfect ! The Medea 212 is a priestess of the Goddess Hecate. She is known for killing both her husband Jason and children out of revenge. Jason betrayed Medea by leaving her to marry another, Medea killed the young lady too by sending her a coronet cover in poison. Nice symbolism.. The main theme of Medea seems to be dishing out poisonous revenge. As I have said before Medusa and Medea share the same root, the blood from Medusa’s head could kill or cure. So its interesting that both these Asteroids have the venom in common, one healing, one killing.

Back to our Moon narrative now, Pegasus was also born out of the blood of Medusa and Ceres is on Scheat in Pegasus right now. We come full circle and I have only just written about Ceres in connection with Medusa (Algol) also. So this theme continues. Extraction of poisons, detoxification, both in our bodies and within organisations, which as we can see with the hive, each person within that company works like a cell, a few toxic ones can spread like a cancer.

The lesson from this, you do not have to kill off a company or a person just because it seems rotten. You need to go inside and extract the poison. In our own lives we cannot hope to cure a sick society if we are not honestly dealing with our own toxicity. Each person that cleans up their act is adding one more healthy cell to the world body, which in turn helps the world body immune system to fend off disease. That is why in these times of change when we are being bombarded with environmental toxins and junk media (or should I say Medea?), its more important than ever to be healthy so we can fight the assault.

The spirit of our ancestors from the star cluster Praesaepe may just be helping us here, because they are coming from a purer time when we were still in contact with an unpolluted earth. These old spirit guides remember a time when we were not so dumbed down by our culture and overrun by metaphorical vermin (Though there were always literal!) .. The rats (and crows) of the world right now cornered, they know we are onto them and this is when things can get nasty. We will need all our strength. Arm yourself with good herbs!


1 & 2. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923. p.188. &  p.41.