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Full Moon September 2011 – Fearless Fools

The 12 September 2011 Full Moon is at 19º Pisces and semi-sextile Black Moon Lilith (a twelfth harmonic aspect which works much like Moon quincunx Lilith). The full moon is on a star (Homam) in the neck of the winged horse Pegasus. The whole feel is Uranian since Pegasus is about far-out and visionary thinking and the quincunx is an ingenious aspect made even more avant-garde by Liliths eccentric influence. Remember the Sun quincunx Lilith in this also, so we are talking a mad and crazy public, howling at the moon and in the mood to think outside the box and go for something unconventional. I was just thinking the Tarot card that would describe this energy superbly would be the Fool. The amount of loons the Moon quincunx Lilith yielded made me also think of the crazy Pegasus energy. Woody Allen, Kenny Everett, Eddie Izzard exemplify this for me. So then I did the Tarot, and I’m not joking, I did put out…the Fool!

Full Moon in Constellation Pegasus

Pegasus is a large constellation stretching across Pisces and Aquarius, so it could feasibly represent the evolution between one mode of thinking to another. The meaning of Pegasus seems to mirror that leap of consciousness needed to get into the supposed “Age Of Aquarius”, Pegasus representing the shift in mindset from worshiping a God to becoming your own God. But when one looks at the stars in Pegasus, it is evident the transition is not going to be easy.  Pegasus’s was born from the blood of Medusa (Algol) – his mother, and his father Poseidon who had raped Medusa before she was turned into a Gorgon. “The constellation gives ambition, vanity, intuition, enthusiasm, caprice and bad judgment”  [1].

Pegasus gives ingenuity, a brilliant mind, but also being so far ahead in ones thoughts that others think you are mad. It gives you blind faith and does not make one inclined to look before one leaps. A certain naivety can prove advantageous however, because I think if one did see just how dangerous the path was, one would never take it. Yes it’s a risk, but those who make it to their destination on one piece stand to get all the honor and riches that Markab evidently promises. “Who dares wins” is his motto.

Full Moon opposite Asteroid Osiris

There are no asteroids of note conjunct this full moon, so I had to look at those opposing which I feel is relevant at a full moon since it will be conjunct the Sun and casts it’s light onto the moon. How very interesting that at the last new moon we had the moon conjunct Asteroid Isis, and two weeks later here the full moon opposes her husband Osiris. Osiris is the Egyptian god of the underworld and he is a resurrection god. The myth starts with Osiris ruling the earth splendidly until his jealous brother Set tricked him into climbing into a chest so the ambitious Seth could rule the earth in his place. After Osiris leaped in, the chest was nailed shut and thrown into the sea. His loyal wife Isis found the chest after years of searching, but Set was so angry he chopped Osiris into 14 pieces so he could never make it to the underworld. Isis brought his pieces together, brought him back to life with her magic and Osiris ended up ruling the underworld.

Full Moon Tarot – The Fool

Uranus rules this card in the Celestial tarot which compliments Pegasus well.  The theme of this moon then is naivety bringing about ultimate victory. Osiris trusted his brother and ended up dying through blind faith. However with the help of his loyal wife he was reborn. The Fool trusts that there will always be someone their to pick up the pieces. One could say Osiris was a fool for being seduced by the promise of a fancy chest, (and indeed some men have been known to for a DD bust…) but if he hadn’t acted so impulsively, Isis may not have discovered just how potent her magic was. Though the story was tragic for a while, it was ultimately empowering once they got their happy ending and Isis and Osiris realised they were immortal. In loosing the fear of death, one looses the fear of life.

Full Moon Keywords

Ambition, love-fools, fearlessness, daring, seduction, vanity, willpower, girl-power, naivety, leaps of faith, eccentrics, ingenuity, far-out thinking, visionaries, determination, inventiveness, feeling divine, untouchable, unique solutions, craziness, frenzy, re-invention, re-branding, brilliance, impulsiveness, recklessness, letting go, surrendering to the universe, scandals, lucky breaks, out-of-the-blue, shocks, surprises.


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