New Moon April 15 2018 ~ Bloody Pens


The new moon April 15 falls at 26º Aries decan 3. The new moon April 2018 astrology is sandwiched between Uranus and Eris, falling more or less on their midpoint. This Moon then acts as a bridge between the two planets and could re-activate the themes brought up when Uranus made a conjunction with Eris back in 2016/2017. The new moon falls on fixed star Kurdah in the neck of Cepheus the King. Venus and Jupiter rule Aries decan 3 and in this star, they come out dramatically.

This new moon also occurs just as Mercury is stationing direct so it is ready to burst with the truth. At the time of writing (Mar 21), during the shadow period of the coming Mercury retrograde many YouTubers and tweeters have been gagged. There have been detainments of free speech advocates and also a jailing of a YouTube prankster for hate speech!

New Moon April 2018 ~ Aries Decan 3

Back to fixed star Kurdah. Manilus gives an interesting interpretation of Cepheus. He regards the King as a tragic actor saying “It gives authority and a sober mind, sometimes making its natives judges or arbitrators, but exposes to cruel and severe trials, whose pen is drenched in blood and the paper (His audience) no less will revel in the spectacle of crime and catastrophe in human affairs.” [1] Sounds a little like YouTubers (Actors) being accused of having blood-drenched pens. These “thought criminals’ are being arrested for WORDS as if they were actual violent crimes! At this point, Britain has gone full on ‘1984’.

The new moon in Aries Decan 3 does not have any dignity, and usually, the watery, emotional moon is quite uncomfortable and even quite vulnerable in Aries. However this Venus/Jupiter ruled decan has a certain watery vibe due to the seafaring stars here.

New Moon April 2018 ~ Aspects

Emotions channelled in the right way can make this Moon’s energy successful, despite the problems of some of the more difficult fixed stars found here. The new moon can ebb and flow through this decan’s rough seas. It will also feel quite at home here since the dark lunacy of this decan is something that the imagination can really thrive in. So it is really important that we have some creative outlet with which to unleash our passions.

Those touched by this new moon will need to perform their ever-changing moods to an audience. The dancing emotions are often very entertaining, even if it’s just a rant about something quite small. The spin added to the event makes the experience an adventurous quest rather than a mundane moan.

I have not yet had time to update my Eris post fully, but personally, have had quite a massive awakening in regard to Eris’s meaning. The beginnings of this epiphany were stirred when I wrote the Uranus conjunct Eris post. “Women these days are just as much worker drones as their husbands. Now, in order to pay the mortgage, it is often a necessity for both partners to work full time. With children spending more time in childminders and state education, the end result is parents have less control over what programs (TV or otherwise) go into their children minds.”

Re-Divining The Feminine

Western birth rates are now down to 1.6 in most European countries. If Eris is the outer-planet version of Lilith, then she really has literally become the Lilith ‘baby killer’ for western civilization. This new moon ignites how important it is for women to awaken (Uranus) as to how they have been manipulated by neo-feminism. Unfortunately, the demonization of the sacred masculine has crept into the New-Age goddess movement too.

New Moon April 2018I’m not against ‘Goddess worship’ as such, but elements of it have been hijacked and used in the agenda to destroy the family, fertility and healthy sexuality. In its most negative form, Lilith worship has turned the sacred feminine and priestess energy into being nothing more than a sex slave. (Just like what happened with Mary Magdalene within Christianity.)

Paradoxically the more pornography infects both men and woman’s sex lives the more frigid women can become and more impotent men become. There is so much ‘slut-walking’ around us now that it is a turn-off. Like being force-fed candy constantly, it becomes sickening. Maybe this is why the New York fashion week featured the Hijab for the first time as part of the new ‘modesty movement’ in fashion.

Victorian Values

Could Islam force us back towards Victorian dress codes? This reversal has happened in history before. The pre-Victorian Georgian age had gender-bending dandy male attire, while women sported bulging busts and towering hairdos. But both sexes looked extremely feminine. However, it was followed by the Victorians where women were women and men were men again. Power moustaches were back for the 1910 gentleman!

We now have Hipster men with their crazy beards, again, not unlike their Middle Eastern counterparts. Now I’m not calling for Burquas for westerners, but I think it is interesting how much mirroring is going on here. It’s always about balance and Eris is about the “other”. Of course, this heavily-weighted Aries new Moon is opposite Libra which is also all about balance.

New Moon April 2018 Astrology

Moon conjunct Uranus makes this moon veer between the kooky, crazed lunatic and the unconventional rebel. It has a pathological need to shock and outrage, but can be surprisingly shy and uncomfortable with the notoriety this outrageous behavior brings.
Those touched by this new moon may be branded attention-seekers when all they are doing is simply being themselves. This new moon aspect is exciting, electric and quite chaotic. Both the Moon and Uranus are fluctuating and changeable, and emotions often change in a flash.

New Moon April 2018



Garnet CrystalTo help prepare the earth for your new moon seeds, make the gods work for you by immersing yourself in Aries decan 3 energy. If your ascendant, Sun or Moon are in the cardinal signs decan 3 you might find that you attract annoying drama kings and queens at this new moon. To enhance bravery and courageous speech (And to tell them where to get off!), try focused meditation or yoga with an Aries decan 3 theme.

Useful healing materials and props are: The 2 of wands to gaze at, red peppers to eat, poppies to adorn your table, Garnet crystal to hold, music in the key of D to listen, dragons blood, cinnamon and black pepper essentail oils in a bath. *

New Moon April 2018 ~ Summary

This is certainly a very dramatic new moon! In relationships, it could be make-or-break time. Uranus will force change if one does not make that change willingly. It is time to be brave and even provocative if you want to take control of the new moon’s revolutionary energy.

The worst thing to do at this new moon would be to suppress anger as it could cause a right old tempest later on. Cards need to be put on the table and truth exposed. It might be the time when affairs are confessed to or hidden love is declared after a battle of the sexes. With this new Moon triggering Uranus/Eris women could wake up to their own divine masculine shadow. How well do they treat men as a consequence of having experienced paternal abandonment as a child?

New Moon Aries April 2018

In the extended YouTube video I talk about the return of blasphemy, criminal pugs, power beards, return to modest attire for women, cowardly artists and chocolate Jesus’s. Enjoy your Easter messiah!

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1. Manilius, Astronomica, 1st century AD, book 5, p.336-341
* Reference for healing materials: Recipes Astrology  ~ Shaman Crystal

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