The Tenth House ~ Winter


The tenth house is associated with one’s status in the world and life-calling. The traditional astrologers simply call this house ‘what one does’ and is the house of the mother. This is another important angular house and the natural home of the Midheaven.

William Lilly says of the tenth house;

“Commonly it personifies kings, princes, dukes, earls, judges, prime officers, commanders in chief, whether in armies or towns; all sorts of magistracy and officers in authority; mothers, honour, preferment, dignity, office, lawyers; the profession or trade anyone useth; it signifies kingdoms, empires, dukedoms, counties.
It hath of colours red and white, and ruleth the knees and hams ..

Its called the Medium coeli or Midheaven, and is feminine. Its cosignificators are Capricorn and Mars; either Jupiter or the Sun do much fortunate this house when they are posited therein, Saturn or South Node usually deny honour, as to persons of quality, or but little esteem in the world to a vulgar person, not much joy in his profession, trade or mystery, if a mechanic.”

Planets In 10th House Meaning ~ Transits

Sun Transit 10th House

Sun transit tenth house is quite  a serious time where you will see clearly what has worked and what hasn’t in terms of your life calling. The chickens come home to roost as it were. Talking of home, this is also the sector that deals with your mother. Whether she has been encouraging or critical is reflected in how you feel the universe treats you. If you are not being rewarded or recognised at this time, it could be then that your primary judging “goddess” was more of the punishing fire-and-brimstone type than ‘Namaste’ (Translated as ‘I bow to the divine within you’). To be confident and abundant in the wider world you might have to work on how to see the universal mother.

it’s time to socialise and connect with those folk with whom you share the same dreams. It is though conversing with our peers that we come to see our place in the world. Are we out of touch? Are we alienated, or are we simply a square peg in a round hole. If we don’t feel we resonate with our old mates any longer, it could be a sign that we have grown out of that scene. This might be a very good thing if it was actually quite a negative scene that supported bad habits or addictions.

Moon Transit & Full Moon in 10th House

The Full Moon falling in your tenth house can make you really popular as you are hyper-sensitive to the mood of the world around you. You know just want the people to need so that they will lap up everything you put on their table. Business should go exceedingly well then during the whole of this month, peaking at the full moon itself. The only negative thing could be that your private thoughts and emotions have a tendency to spill out involuntarily into the public arena also. That includes social media too, so watch those tweets! Your reputation might be at stake if you have been harbouring any raw, politically-incorrect opinions that might offend the sensitive public ear.

The moon transit in your house of reputation means you have the finger on the pulse of what’s brewing in the collective, way before anyone else does. This can work in your favour if you are surrounded by peers that are on your level. It could be however that you are branded a lunatic just for having genius, independent-minded ideas that are too advanced for the average ‘Joe Bloggs’ to take in. It could go either way really, depending on what other factors plug into your chart. But generally, this should be a positive time for your career as it puts you very squarely under the spotlight. As the saying goes, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Mercury Transit 10th House

During this time your desire to make a mark on the work is high and you are feeling extremely ambitious. Your status, in terms of how you rank against your peers, is very important at this time. Business for you is all about making the right impression, right now! Applying for a promotion would be great at this time.

This is a period where you can feel like you can express yourself clearly and confidently to your boss if you have one. For the self-employed, you might find you are communicating with more prestigious clients than usual, which can only add to your reputation. Use this time to connect with people you would usually think are out of your league. You will be presently surprised.

The pace picks up as your services and labour are in demand again and you can really excel. Your reputation precedes you and your superiors have high expectations. At this time, pull out all the stops to make sure you do not disappoint. You have a window of opportunity here to make a fantastic impression on the people who matter and also to boost your status for the long term. Gains here are likely to last only if you put effort into it though, so don’t assume this is a given. Keep your wits about you and sell yourself hard and fast. Little steps made at this time are important in terms of your life purpose.

Venus Transit 10th House

Your heart beats faster this month to the tune of an older, richer and more successful partner. You will be impressed by status, but it doesn’t mean you are mercenary necessarily. What you are probably subconsciously searching for, is a guide and/or parental figure that has been lacking in your life. This way you can learn how to advance yourself in life and get quite a growth spurt in maturity. There is also the chance that a relationship that wasn’t very committed becomes so at this time. Your status in the world changes as people now regard you as a couple. If you are single, your FB status could go to ‘In a relationship’ also.

This may not be the ‘hottest’ love placement, but this is a good opportunity to realise that you can attract mature and responsible partners. Ok, they might be a little battered around the edges and be thinning on top, but the heart underneath is solid gold. This partner also has the added bonus that they won’t drain you, will commit to you and be the rock that you really need. This might be quite a change for those who go for Toyboys or Barbie dolls, but the experience will help you move away from impossible fantasy, to consider more realistic and therefore attainable partner options in the future.

Artwork used from Unsplash by Iogan Isbell (graduate),  Fausan Saari (world cup),  Annie Spratt (snow drops),  and Marc Newberry (snowflakes). From wikimedia; Dainis Matison (wailing wall).

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