Moon Square/Opposition Neptune ~ Blurred Girl


Moon square Neptune or Moon opposition Neptune is one of the most sensitive and compassionate aspects one can have, but sometimes its idealism can be misplaced, unrealistic and impractical. The subject’s day-to-day existence can be a struggle coping with the nebulous and surreal energy of Neptune. They may feel like they are forever walking through a Dali painting, checkerboard staircases tapering off in spirals, melting clocks…

However this fantastical imagination works very well in show business since the square turns the fantasizing into something concrete, the movie business with all its glamour and melodrama are just perfect for these individuals. The opposition will make the natives someone that the audience will love to hang their projections on. The problem with Moon opposition Neptune though is finding the individual beneath the face paint and dry ice.

The Blurred Edge Of Sanity

In positions of power too, these subjects can easily use the Moons popularity and Neptune’s mystique as a smokescreen to cover up corruption. Those who work in the very Neptunian spiritual arena can also be tempted to abuse their care-taking guru position too. Neptune can rule deception, lies, and delusion, the risk is more so with the square or opposition. Therefore Moon square or opposition Neptune can have criminal tendencies in its very lowest vibration.

Addictions, especially alcoholism are a very obvious danger with this aspect. The subjects are so very sensitive to the environment that self-medication can be the only way to numb the pain. Moon opposition Neptune, in particular, can end up being demonized as someone who is poisonous to the environment.

The Moon can fall victim to negative Neptune because of its tendency to do things unconsciously. The Moon (Public) can be very easily hypnotized by Neptune’s promise of salvation. Moon opposition Neptune is not out to deliberately deceive, though it can seem that way. The native can turn 180 degrees rapidly because they absorb opposing thoughts around them.

Moon square neptune

This makes it very difficult for them to get a handle on what they themselves really think. Moon square Neptune feels deeply and expresses their emotions without a problem, but they have difficulty in getting a hold of those feelings and emotions. Definition is the problem, everything blurs into the next object.

Moon opposition Neptune’s partners could easily be seduced into feeling something that they don’t actually feel. At the same time, these folk can unconsciously mold themselves into their lover’s ideal partner. Moon square Neptune more than most become devastated when their wonderful Neptune fantasy fails to live up to the hype.

If the rest of the chart can ground this aspect sufficiently, then the square energy (which has a very Mars effect) can make the subject an excellent spiritual warrior. This can be a Joan of Arc or a Florence Nightingale. So the square (and to some extent the opposition too) can actually save this aspect from dissolving into the mists altogether and give it some practical application.

Moon Neptune Hard Aspects

Moon Square Neptune

Brigitte Bardot started off her career as the typical Neptunian screen siren. Her long flowing mermaid hair and lunar curves were a great example of this archetype in the flesh. Brigitte had a square edge to her however!

Unusual for a French actress she gained fame in Hollywood, but in true Neptune style she refused to be pinned down. She steadfastly refused to play the publicity game and court favour across the pond. Brigitte married four times and had numerous affairs.

Brigitte as a mother was also elusive, she only had one son who lived with his father after her second divorce, though they did reconnect eventually (Neptune redemption). Brigitte retired from acting aged 39 and seems she put all her unused maternal energies into fighting for animal rights. Interesting Neptune themes here in that Brigitte castrated a neighbour’s donkey due to harassment of her own mare and has donated vast amounts of money to sterilize Bucharest stray dogs…Neptune rules celibacy.

Devotion and caring for animals is an expression of this aspect, but the square also brings those political faux pas’s to her activism. Neptune could also explain the confusion over Brigitte’s politically incorrect statements about French Muslims. She has been fined four times now for “inciting racial hatred”.

In 2006, referring to the Muslim practice of ritually slaughtering sheep by slitting their throats, Brigitte said she is “fed up with being under the thumb of this population which is destroying us, destroying our country and imposing its habits” ~ The Brussels Journal.

Other Moon square Neptune natives: Helmut Khol (06’), Arnold Bax (08’), Michael Douglas (20’), Chaka Khan (21’), Mia Zapata (27’), Salvador Dali, Al Pacino, Henrich Himmler, Helena Bonham Carter, Jimmy Page, Justin Beiber, Mary Wollstonecraft, Liz Renay, Moses Annenberg, Peter Sellers, Rutger Hauer, Shirley Conran, Camila Parker-Bowles, Benjamin Disraeli.

Moon Opposition Neptune

Wilhelm Reich was a perfect example of the projection aspect of Moon opposite Neptune. The controversial psychologist was most famous for his book Sexual Revolution.(1936.) Where; 

“he tried to reconcile psychoanalysis with Marxism, arguing that neurosis originates with sexual and socio-economic conditions, and in particular in a lack of what he called “orgastic potency.” ~ Wikipedia

Reich also wrote another book called ‘The Function Of The Orgasm’. (1927). which pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable in that era. Reich became even more controversial after he left Germany to escape the Nazi’s (He was Jewish.)

Reich’s liberal approach to sex, once he had relocated to the US, disturbed many of his colleagues. Reich actively promoted adolescent sexuality, abortion, and divorce.

One of Reich’s most taboo techniques was a very Neptunian way of dissolving ‘muscular armour’ which was achieved by the massaging of his disrobed patients… Still, this approach has influenced many modern therapies like body psychotherapy and Gestalt therapy Reich has become quite a hero of the counter-cultural movement since he was arrested by the FBI and interested in ‘out-there’ topics. Later in his life, Reich believed the planet was being attacked by UFO’s.

Mainly Reich became famous for harvesting ‘orgone’ energy in boxes which he said could cure cancer and other illness. “Orgone, named after the sexual orgasm, is, according to Reich, a cosmic energy. It is, in fact, the cosmic energy.” ~ Wikipedia. Reich’s ‘cloud-busting’ machines were his orgone machine turned inside-out and used to make rain as featured in Kate Bush’s Cloudbusting video. Again these are all suitably mysterious Neptunian topics for someone with Moon opposition Neptune.

Wilhelm Reich’s treatment of the women (Moon) in his life was also not so enlightened as you might expect. Reich made his long-term partner Elsa Lindenberg have an abortion against her will, even though it was illegal then. Despite his many affairs, one long-term one with a patient, Reich was extremely jealous of Elsa and demanded she not have a separate life from him.

Non-separation is a Neptunian theme. Reich even assaulted a male colleague of Elsa’s out of jealousy. Elsa, in the end, refused to stay in the US with Reich and his second marriage continued the themes of jealousy and manipulation even after it’s divorce.

Reich had quite a strange childhood which might explain his sexual obsessions. According to his own diary he: Tried to have sex with his maid at aged 4, masturbated horses, had daily sex with servants from the age of 11, visited brothels daily from the age of 17. He also witnessed the affair of his mother with his home tutor.

After Reich told his father of the affair, (Neptunian deception) his mother (Moon) killed herself. Wilhelm Reich’s psychologist daughter, Lore Reich Rubin, says in hindsight that she believed her father was bi-polar and most probably sexually abused as a child.

Other Moon opposition Neptune natives: Milla Jovovich, Robert Downey Jr, River Phoenix, Anais Nin, John Wayne Gacy, Marc Bolan, Gary Cooper, Rosa Parks, Paul Gauguin, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Patrick McGoogan, Los Angeles, Duke Ellington, Lillian Gish, R. D Laing, Wilhelm Reich, Jerry Hall, Kenneth Anger.

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