New Moon September 2016 ~ Equalibrium


New Moon September 30* 2016 is at  8º Libra Decan 1. Aspects: Quincunx Neptune. Fixed Star: Diadem In Coma Berenices.

New Moon In Libra Decan 1. Trouble is stirred up by controversial topics being broadcasted. Those touched by this New Moon will feel far ahead of their time or just too mystical for average humans to grasp. This New Moon serves diplomats and peacemakers rather than war-mongers. This decan is connected with consulting omens in the night sky and an ability to prophecy. The Moon itself actually rules (In the Chaldean system) this decan also, so this is a very potent New Moon. It gives this decan benefic qualities then, despite the worries of some of the harsher fixed stars that inhabit this zone. (*The Moon takes place on Oct 1 in the UK and Australia.)

This New Moon will carry an aura of peace and tranquility then, even if its outer appearance may look quite spiky or dishevelled at first. Surprisingly this New Moon is able to neutralise a fiery environment and carries a very potent balancing energy. On the other hand if the current situation is one of too much acquiescence, then this New Moon will actually shift the scales towards a more defensive stance.

We can, surprisingly, even flip over to being more of a shadow goddess like Eris. Generally speaking though, this New Noon in Libra 1 should be about returning to an equilibrium. We might have to be aware of not being too naive and ignorant of malice. The Libra 1 new moon needs to remember not everyone is as fair minded as they are.

Fixed Star Diadem

“ Moon on Diadem: To show devotion to a cause, or group. A willingness to give oneself to the needs of another. A time for humanitarian acts.” [1]

Diadem is the alpha star found in the wreath of jewels in Berenice’s hair. Bernadette Brady see’s this star as one of a woman’s sacrifice as Berenice gave up her hair to Venus to ensure her husband’s safe return from war. This was a huge sacrifice in ancient times as long, luxuriant hair was a status symbol and short hair a form of disgrace. Brady says this star does not chase fame or seek recognition for what they do, they work purely out of devotion and dedication to their craft.

Those influenced by this star has to be careful of is completely cutting off their intuitive and creative powers for the sake of another human being. “The star takes its name from the word diadem, a symbol of royalty worn on the head or a small crown. Diadem is linked to feminine strength…..[it] belongs to quiet workers, the people who slave for years helping or working for the benefit of a group but who never seek personal recognition or fame. At times the sacrifice that it asks may seem beyond the persons ability to give.” [2]

New Moon September/October 2016 Aspects

Moon Quincunx Neptune

New Moon October 2016This aspect is so good at challenging the perception of reality of course there is the great danger of lying and creating very convincing illusions. Those touched by this New Moon will probably do very well in the fields of advertising and propaganda. Photoshop was invented for Moon/Neptune and media magicians will make great use of it. It is interesting that George Orwell has the conjunction. His prophetic novel 1984 gives a great insight into mind control and those all-powerful monitor screens. Like in 1984, the TV now watches us! (Google has records of our Youtube history.) They are not called monitors for nothing.

Sun quincunx Neptune

The creative essence of the Sun combined with Neptune’s abundant imagination can make us strive for idol status. Those touched by this moon will have huge dreams of being up-there with the stars for all eternity, a way to merge with the source. The karmic quincunx can add a surprising spark of temper and electricity. But like a slippery eel those touched by this New Moon are able to slither out of their misdemeanours unscathed. This exotic mix makes them glamorous and rather flash, therefore their failings are often overlooked.

New Moon September/October 2016 ~ Summary

New Moon October 2016This New Moon energy seems to be one of equanimity, after the severity of the eclipse season that has just passed. In the background there is still Saturn square Neptune to which the Moon’s nodes are applying. I have a feeling this just means that the mass media are making the world look a lot more apocalyptic than it actually is. This Libra New Moon brings with it though, a feeling of divine providence, that somebody does have our back and that there is a ‘god*’. (Sometimes though, it does feel like there is more than one ‘god’ at work and some are definitely speaking an alien language!)

Wether you have some sort of faith or not, I believe that soul groups do conjure up entities that serve to further the agenda of that group. This is how magic works. If you feel your soul group is under attack, the best thing to do is strengthen your psychic bonds. Meet up in real life as much as you can to build resistance to nefarious and destabilising propaganda. It is important to sacrifice some of your time to feed and nurture your common interest groups. Meet ups with artists and mystics should go well and you can celebrate the Autumn (Or Spring) equinox together in true pagan style.

1. Star & Planet Combinations. Bernadette Brady. p.157 & 158.
* After attempting to use the clumsy looking God/dess, I decided to stick with just plain God in the end and will do so from now on. I don’t think God has a gender, and comprises a triple entity rather than being dual. In Christianity there is Father, Son and Holy Spirit = God. Basically taken from Egyptian Osirus, Isis, Horus or father (I), mother (II) and child (III). In astrology; Sun, Moon & Mercury where Mercury is neutral.

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