New Moon August 2011- Brooding


The 29 August new moon is at 5 degrees Virgo. The tightest aspect is Moon trine Pluto.  The new moon pulls together each end of the Uranus Pluto square by trine and quincunx, which gives it the quality of a body guard. This is emphasized further because the new moon is in the constellation of the great bear. The new moon is also conjunct Asteroid Isis 42 the goddess of motherhood and fertility. This moon then is standing between two naughty kids, grabbing them both by the ears like a nanny. Moon trine Pluto can have a brooding sexuality, but with the she-bear this makes it broody too, maybe obsessionally so. Being very guarded and guarding others is a theme also. Of course there is the dark side of Pluto, it’s trines can inflate the subject’s sense of power and this is when nanny becomes fearsome headmistress and dominatrix.

New Moon in Ursa Major

The new moon is nearest fixed star Alula Boreale in the hind leg of Ursa Major the great bear. But it is also not far from Thuban in Draco. These constellations are up near north pole and therefore have always been held sacred by ancient cultures who observed how all the other constellations revolved around this central point. The pole stars were always regarded as a divine spot. A great deal of the world’s mythology revolves around the constellations in this area. Both the great bear and the Dragon have similar qualities of being the protectors of all life. They are also guardians. Ursa Major is regarded as the great she-bear goddess, and she represents quiet female strength. Her rage will come out however in defence of her cubs.

Ursa Major is like Mars. It is said to give a quiet, prudent, suspicious, mistrustful, self-controlled, patient nature, but an uneasy spirit and great anger and revengefulness when roused.” It is interesting that within her brood of stellar babies she has the bloodbath star Phecda, which has been very active in my weekly forecasts lately.  The Sun, Mercury Rx and Venus have all been lurking around this area. How is it that the great mother can also be so destructive? Where she can give life she also can take it. The alpha star of Ursa Major is Dubhe, which is near the head and is the more stable. Apart from Phecda, all the bear’s stars have an awesome presence that commands respect and slight fear, because of the still grace and weight that the she-bear exudes. Ursa major is rather like the Sicilian grandmother who can silence a room full of stroppy teenagers and screaming kids with a glare.

New Moon August 29 ChartThe card I picked for this New Moon was SerpensFour Of Cups. The heavenly serpent speaks of healing and confronting unattended feeling from the past which are feeding suspicion and insecurity, without facing them they fester and become toxic. The snake is the souls surrogate offering us the homeopathic remedy. This card brings together the healing of Isis and the seething sexuality of moon trine Pluto which if not released could become poison. Underlying it all is the terrible mother, the rage and the vengefulness of the great-bear when provoked. If this new moon is aspecting your chart in anyway then the following themes could play out in the areas connected with the house it falls in and the planet it aspects:

Remembering, re-assembling, renovation, re-birthing, respecting, guarding, protecting, devotion, patience, quiet-strength, coping, unifying, bonding, stoicism, acceptance, tolerance, endurance, simmering, withholding, waiting, supporting, reserving, sacrificing, nanny-state.


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