Mars In Gemini 2023 ~ Going Viral


We have Mars in Gemini for a full seven months because it will be retrograde from October 30 2022 until January 12 2023. It will be in Gemini for the whole time so let’s look at what Mars in Gemini means. In my Gemini decan posts, members can see what Mars means in the individual decans.

We enter the shadow of Mars Retrograde on September 4 2022 and we leave the shadow on March 16 2023! 

Mars in Gemini in the collective when it is direct is incredibly gossipy. Rumours spread fast so be careful what you say. Communications can go viral very quickly too. Mars is speed and Gemini is also very fast and agile. Most other commentaries about Mars in Gemini 2022/23 emphasise this wildfire effect of Mars. They talk about the fast-talking Gemini and furious debates.

Mars in Gemini Meaning

Other astrologers say it is a wonderful time to put energy into studying. All these meanings are true, but there is a deeper and darker side. So I would add there is a high potential for sex abuse scandals and revelations of what has been long buried. Something on the scale of the Jimmy Savile scandal will make the news, possibly once Mars goes direct again in January 2023.

Vocal Protests

Remember that half of this Mars in Gemini transit is retrograde and even before that, Mars is slowing down. In my Mars retrograde post, you can see Mars behaves quite differently when it is slow. It feels like a slow bake rather than its usual impulsive burn. It acts more like a Scorpio Mars than an Aries Mars.

So Mars is more tactical and intriguing. But I don’t believe Mars retrograde lowers your libido or energy. I think that instead, it conceals one’s urges as Scorpio would. But yes, until Mars turns retrograde it will have more of the brave and feisty Aries energy. It will be great for giving you the courage to speak out about subjects your feel passionate about. There could be loud protests too.

Respiratory Illnesses

Cafe Astrology says that Mars retrograde in Gemini “there can be some stalling of intellectual and mental initiatives. Health issues may be a factor (especially in areas ruled by Gemini, including the lungs)” I hope this doesn’t mean any more lung inflammation scares… A lot of people will suffer in Europe this winter even more than usual with the cold temperatures and heating crisis. It will be tough with that on top of the flu season and any other new virus’s strains that might emerge.

The people will speak out (Mercury) about the energy (Mars) crisis, but an increase in censorship will attempt to shut them up when Mars goes retrograde. There could be a battle of the social media companies too with Tik Tok eating its way into both Facebook and Instagram’s reach. There is also the revival of an old Instagram-like app for photographers called Vero which is gaining traction. One to watch I think if you are an artist! 

Mars Transit The Fixed Stars

Mars travels back from 25º Gemini to 8º Gemini which covers some of the most important fixed stars including Aldebaran, Capella, the Hyades and Orion’s belt. The media gods are in for a fight! This list below covers the natal meanings of Mars on these fixed stars, but will also influence how Mars is experienced collectively. 

The first date is Mars direct, slowing down to change direction. You will see it spends longer time on some stars than others due to its speed. The date in red is when Mars is retrograde. I give the exact date there because Mars is a little faster. Its effects will probably last a day or two before and after however. See my Mars retrograde post for what the retrograde version of Mars means for your sign. 

  • October 15 to 20 /November 7/March 13: Mars on Al Hecka in Taurus’s bull horns (24º Gem) ~ “Evil companions, bad habits, sex troubles, and afflictions of a Mars-Venus type.”
  • October 11 to 14 /November 15/March 11: Mars on Alnilam in Orion’s belt (23º Gem) ~ “Quarrels, loss by lawsuits, domestic disharmony, bad health, violent death.” 
  • October 7 to 10/November 18/March 8: Mars On El Nath in Taurus’s bull horns (22º Gem) ~ “Good lawyer, speaker, and debater, quick-witted.”
  • October 4 to 6/November 21/March 6: Mars on Capella in Auriga the charioteer (21 Gem) ~ “Intellectual, learned, talents wasted on low subjects. “
  • September 28 to 30/November 24/March 1: Mars on Bellatrix in Orion the hunter (19 Gem) ~ “Strength, energy, success as soldier, surgeon or metal worker, liable to accidents.”
  • September 20 to 22/December 5/February 21: Mars on Rigel in Orion the hunter (16 Gem) ~ “Unruly, ingenious occupied with mechanical matters, great military preferment.”
  • September 8 to 9/December 26/January 31 to February 3: Mars on Aldebaran in Taurus’s head. (10º Gem) ~ ” Great military preferment but attended by much danger; liable to accidents, fevers and a violent death.”
  • August 29 to September 5 /January 2 to 12/January 13 to 25: Mars in the Hyades in Taurus. (8º to 5º Gem) ~ ” Abrupt, brave, aggressive, courageous, lacks concentration.”

Mars Retrograde in Gemini ~ World War 2

The last time Mars was retrograde in Gemini over similar degrees and even time period was October 28, 1943, Mars began its retrograde phase at 22º Gemini and ended its retrograde still in Gemini on January 10, 1944, at 4º Gemini. The main events of this period were all WWII-related, but the following stood out.

  • November 3/4 1943 – The Holocaust: Aktion Erntefest (“Operation Harvest Festival”) – The largest single-day massacre of Jews. 43,000 Jews shot-gunned to death by the SS in concentration camps of occupied Poland.
  • November 5 1943 – WWII: First Bombing of the Vatican on the neutral Vatican City; the aircraft responsible was never identified.
  • November 28 1943 – WWII: Tehran Conference: U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Soviet leader Joseph Stalin meet to discuss war strategy. On November 30, they agree to a planned June 1944 invasion of Europe, codenamed Operation Overlord. (Name!)