Full Moon July 19 2016


Full Moon July 19 2016 is at 27º Capricorn decan 3. Aspects: Sextile Mars & Square Ceres. Fixed Star: Beta Indus

Full Moon & Constellation Indus

Full Moon on Beta Indu found in the small constellation of Indus  the Indian. Indus shares its root with Indigo, which represents the third eye in the 6th chakra. Indigo the blue dye, originates from India, as does the Chakra system itself.  The 6th chakra is believed to be related to intuition and gnosis (spiritual knowledge).

Some American Indian leaders now believe that Columbus did not use the name ‘Indian’ because he thought he had reached India. Instead Columbus was said to have called the native people ‘en dios,’ rather than indios. ‘En Dios,’ means ‘In God.’ The 6th chakra could also be the ‘All seeing eye’ that we get in Masonic symbolism and mystery religion traditions. The ‘All Seeing Eye’ appears on the American dollar Bill, while Indus is represented as a native American Indian in the sky.

Full Moon July ~ Aspects

Sextile/Trine Mars

Moon sextile Mars this Full moon will express itself vigorously and ardently. Moon/Mars subjects can be a very hot blooded and excitable, so they may gain the reputation of being somewhat temperamental and volatile to work with.

Sun Trine Mars makes for daring, courageous and impulsive creatures. All Sun/Mars aspects will have this bravado, but at least with these softer aspects there is less of the tendency to really get burnt when playing with fire. The soft aspects and especially the trine do offer some protection when they take part in high risk activities. Those touched by this Moon will feel great passion and have go-getting approach to life. They don’t need or enjoy taking someone else’s instructions, nor do they have to rely on the approval of others. Therefore self motivation is very high and they are first off the mark.

Square Ceres

Full Moon July 2016Moon square Ceres
can be supremely seductive, tough, charming and ruthless, all wrapped up a fluffy teddy bear. At this Full Moon do not underestimate what appears to be a harmless cuddly toy, for it has very sharp teeth! At this time a person may promise to take care of you and certainly do so, but be careful what you agree to because they may never, ever, let you go. Moon square Ceres is the aspect equivalent to the Salvation Army, seeking to rescue those in the most need. At this Full Moon we must be careful however, that our saving doesn’t turn into a saviour complex.

Sun square Ceres seems generate triumph over adversity. At this Full Moon we may see many who make a career out of it. They may use past victimisation as fuel for pity or admiration from others. Championing the underdog may be a way of coping with a very low sense of self-worth. If at this Full Moon we loose our spiritual connection with the earth then there is a danger that we can become overly obsessed with money and power. Greed can be over-compensation due to childhood abandonment and/or being raised by a narcissistic parent.

Full Moon July 2016 ~ Keywords

Big Brother is watching you. The all seeing eye. Power behind the throne. Playing follow the leader. Triumph over Adversity. Trump over Hilarious. Greed. High Risk activities. Saviour complex. Championing the underdog. Cuddly bears with razor teeth. Hot blooded and passionate.

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