Mercury Retrograde Jan 2015

Mercury Retrograde ~ Meaning

Mercury RetrogradeMercury goes retrograde January 21 2015 and the traditional advice is “Don’t travel, Don’t sign contracts. Don’t marry. Don’t touch electrics!” But the whole Mercury retrograde cycle actually lasts eight weeks and happens three times, sometimes even four times in a year! That’s a long time to hide under the duvet and a real waste of a truly magical time. Mercury generally zips between two worlds, or rather, the two hemispheres of our brain.

So during the retrograde period it feels like Mercury has gone down into the Underworld. In this realm closer to spirit we become more right-brain orientated. It is dark, so other senses are heightened. We will feel extra sensitive here, psychic even. Everything will seem hyper-real… you will notice things you had overlooked before. This will prompt you to re-evaluate, renovate, re-form, and re-invent. It’s true you might have to redo things, because Mercury will hit the same degree three times, but what this transit won’t let you do is to go into autopilot.

There are danger spots though. When Mercury is stationing retrograde we are at its wobbly stage where we are likely to slip-up, make mistakes, and misread anothers communications. But once we are over the threshold and into the Underworld, we can safely go about our business knowing we are in another realm. The same goes for when Mercury is stationing direct, just make sure you give your brain a few days to adjust back to solar thinking.

The house in your natal chart that Mercury retrogrades in, will be your Underworld zone. There you will question everything. It will make you jittery about signing contracts, because you will be constantly thinking, “Is this what I really want?”. Before the retrograde, is a good time to finish off those Solar left-brain projects and gather information to bring down into your cave at its retrograde point. Then you can slow things down, let yourself be taken into other dimensions, try on different filters, experiment, shine a light on your demons, then recharge and reboot.


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Author: Marina Macario

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  1. I got married on October 11th, 2014 during mercury retrograde. I really need to know what this means.

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    • Do nothing. It will sort itself out in time.

      There will be a change, but perhaps a very favorable change. It depends upon Mercury’s aspects to the Ascendant and other aspects, as well.

      E.g., in one case, a woman sold a house AND IT CLOSED on Mercury retrograde. But the buyers had to go East to pick up their belongings and bring them back. The seller stayed there rent-free, at their request, to keep an eye on things till they got back. When they got back, the seller’s move-out/buyers’move-in occurred. Four weeks of rent-free living sounds good to me!

  2. You have noting to worry about. It went into effect this year.

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    • Actually, it was retrograde 3 times in 2014 too.

    • I read that getting married during mercury retrograde is bad, and it was retrograde on my wedding day. What can I do?

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