Mercury Retrograde August 2016 ~ Grimoire

Mercury Retrograde August 2016 ~ Grimoire

Mercury Retrograde 2016

Mercury retrograde 2016 lasts from August 30 to September 22 between 28º and 14º Virgo. Mercury rules Virgo, so right away Mercury is in a strong position. Those who have Mercury as their chart ruler or have personal planets touched by this Mercury retrograde will probably find this a surprisingly fortunate period. It is challenging yes, but in a way where we have really achieved something. Let’s us now look at how Mercury fairs in each of the Virgo decans:

Mercury Retrograde Journey

Mercury in Virgo Decan 3 ~ August 30 to 13

Quick wits are highlighted, formidable orators take to the stage and intriguing debates happen at this time. Mercury here can inspire sharpening of the mind. Communication skills are important, wether intellectual or artistic.

Academia welcomes this position of Mercury, since it is the archetypical studious librarian. Unexpectedly, there is also a whole lot of animal magnetism here and the paradox of someone who is prim and scholarly, but also secretly foxy.

We might see people in the media playing down their sexuality or attractiveness in order to be taken seriously. This is a great period for research and having great judgement. So after sober and careful study, those touched by this Mercury retrograde could produce an analysis of current affairs that is totally spot on.

Sometimes an ability to zone into the heart of the matter is envied by less competent individuals. Therefore ‘losses through writings’ can mean slander from rivals.

Mercury in Virgo Decan 2 ~ Sept 14 to 22/23

The prophetic ability of Mercury is the focus of this decan. Here Mercury is also a powerful healer and can be quite magical. Dedication to the priestess role and being of service is important. Having said that, Hermes’s mental agility can be used to manifest great wealth, which can be used in a positive philanthropic way.

Virgo decan 2 is a great position for doing business as those tuned into this zone will have a real knack for knowing the ups and downs of the market.

katebushhhThis Persephone-like decan can attract Pluto in a positive sense, in that it easily pulls in wealthy investors for business deals. It should be easy to conjure up funding for any projects.

The ability to prophecy gives Mercury here a real edge when it comes to gambling and playing the stock market. Even though the markets are jittery, some people could make their lucky fortune at this time. Those who have less materialist concerns will be attracted to helping others rise above their victimhood.

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  1. Thank you for an excellent and profoundly accurate explication of this mercury retrograde. Spot on as it explains work i was called to do in Montana on April 20: I gave stress management workshops to all the state’s social workers and first-responders dealing in the highest burnout niche in all of social work: child protective services. Your interpretation of the theme, “there is a sacrifice of a child in order to get ahead” is congruent with not just this work situation but with the miraculous lynchpin that will ignite a massive karmic firestorm that will blowback against not strong but rich evil a major media corporation corrupted an industry since 1994 and two levels of the judicial system. Karmic resolution and accelerated manifestation of fated destiny is well put for this particular merc. retro. I am a Virgo and seldom enjoy merc. retrogrades, but this so far, because I am working in synch with the reversion, has been glorious thus far. Following the advice of poet James Richardson: “Some things need to be fixed, others to be left broken.” Things meaning relationships, dreams and structures.

  2. The thing about story-telling – wow!

    I’m a regular participant in a music forum, and a couple of days ago, a post there prompted me to write a little recollection of my childhood (so there’s an appearance of the child theme, although not about abuse). It was just a half-dozen paragraphs or so, but that is much longer than most of my posts.

    I had the weirdest feeling while writing. It was as if I had suddenly turned into a “real” writer who knew from long habit how to shape and control the flow of the writing just the way I wanted for maximum effectiveness. And it was a pleasure to be writing, as well.

    So, I finished it and I posted it, not really expecting much of a response. Much to my surprise, it has elicited a very positive reaction, one of the biggest and strongest to anything I have ever posted there during all the years I’ve been a member.

    So now I come here – I was checking into when this retrograde would end – and read that what had happened to me was precisely in line with what you said about story-telling. Wow!!