Mercury Retrograde August 2016 ~ Grimoire

Mercury Retrograde August 2016 ~ Grimoire

Mercury Retrograde 2016

Mercury retrograde 2016 lasts from August 30 to September 22 between 28º and 14º Virgo. Mercury rules Virgo, so right away Mercury is in a strong position. Those who have Mercury as their chart ruler or have personal planets touched by this Mercury retrograde will probably find this a surprisingly fortunate period. It is challenging yes, but in a way where we have really achieved something. Let’s us now look at how Mercury fairs in each of the Virgo decans:

Mercury Retrograde Journey

Mercury in Virgo Decan 3 ~ August 30 to 13

Quick wits are highlighted, formidable orators take to the stage and intriguing debates happen at this time. Mercury here can inspire sharpening of the mind. Communication skills are important, wether intellectual or artistic.

Academia welcomes this position of Mercury, since it is the archetypical studious librarian. Unexpectedly, there is also a whole lot of animal magnetism here and the paradox of someone who is prim and scholarly, but also secretly foxy.

We might see people in the media playing down their sexuality or attractiveness in order to be taken seriously. This is a great period for research and having great judgement. So after sober and careful study, those touched by this Mercury retrograde could produce an analysis of current affairs that is totally spot on.

Sometimes an ability to zone into the heart of the matter is envied by less competent individuals. Therefore ‘losses through writings’ can mean slander from rivals.

Mercury in Virgo Decan 2 ~ Sept 14 to 22/23

The prophetic ability of Mercury is the focus of this decan. Here Mercury is also a powerful healer and can be quite magical. Dedication to the priestess role and being of service is important. Having said that, Hermes’s mental agility can be used to manifest great wealth, which can be used in a positive philanthropic way.

Virgo decan 2 is a great position for doing business as those tuned into this zone will have a real knack for knowing the ups and downs of the market.

katebushhhThis Persephone-like decan can attract Pluto in a positive sense, in that it easily pulls in wealthy investors for business deals. It should be easy to conjure up funding for any projects.

The ability to prophecy gives Mercury here a real edge when it comes to gambling and playing the stock market. Even though the markets are jittery, some people could make their lucky fortune at this time. Those who have less materialist concerns will be attracted to helping others rise above their victimhood.

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    • I really don’t know about Alex Jones. I wasn’t sure about him for along time, but there is some good info on his show. As always it’s truth mixed with lies everywhere, so I don’t dismiss Info Wars entirely just because Alex has a Jewish wife! I think you have to play the game, be clever and cryptic. Give the right amount of info and let people fill in the dots in terms of the Israel question. It helps to be an insider! Putin apparently turned on his ‘handlers’.

      I think we are all figuring out how to transmit our thoughts about the NWO without the thought police shutting us down. It’s very hard for people like me who rely 100% on internet income and depend on social media and google ranking. Funny that Hillary mentioned Alex Jones and Breitbart as examples of the ‘Alt Right’ in her conspiracy/nationalist/nutters speech, so they could be controlled opposition, or they could be just very clever at tip-toeing through the Julips… It takes one to know one. I like this guy.
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  2. Alex Jones has very interesting stuff, especially about black magic rituals but his site goes too far to my taste and there’s probably things untrue like you say.

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