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Post Mortem Mars Retrograde ~ Dragon Slayed?

Mars Retrograde

We are now in the post Mars retrograde shadow period. In the midst of an extremely volatile few months, we can now look back at where all the violence stemmed from. The shadow period of Mars in Scorpio was horribly bloody in terms of terrorist events both in the US and Europe. The intensified effect of Mars is far from over as it now revisits its retrograde path again. Not only that but Mars aligns exactly with Antares on August 23/24, joined by fellow malefic Saturn!

Mars In Scorpio & Sagittarius

Mars in Scorpio Decan 3 ~ Direct July 1 to August 2 (Rx May 28 to June 30)

Mars in Scorpio decan 3 brings up the archetype of the scapegoat and the theme of survival at all costs. I called this decan Forest Lurkers and Karma Chameleons. The force of nature runs strongly through this decans cosmic veins. Just as a stream courses through the landscape, Mars here feels connected and protective of it’s territory. A Mars/Scorpio wolf is incredibly brave when it comes to standing up and defending it’s pack and willingly puts itself on the front line of battle.

Instincts are sharp, with the great gift of invisible stalking when necessary. Mars here can sense danger well in advance, but is often labeled paranoid because if it. Sometimes Mars Scorpio 3 will even launch a pre-emptive strike but is then labeled aggressive or a trouble maker, even if it did mean the difference between life and death. Of course Mars is phenomenally strong in Scorpio, so it is important that it uses the great military and predatory power responsibility. Otherwise Mars in Scorpio 3 can be a horribly brutal and bloodthirsty when used negatively.

Mars in Sagittarius Decan 1 ~ Direct Aug 3 to Sept 16. (Rx April 18 to May 28)

I call this decan Shamans & ‘Privates’ investigators.
It should stand to reason that the planet of war activating Scorpionic stars in Sagittarius decan 1 would bring out the most malefic expression possible of Mars. Here be dragons! But I found that not everyone with natal Mars in Sagittarius decan 1 is a fire-breathing tyrant. All the same, there does seem to be a very adversary theme. The polarising action brings with it a great amount of restless energy that needs to be aimed somewhere. This of course is a very ambitious placement, as it is so competitive. The libido will be high also, with a tendency to sexually conquest. The thrill of the chase then, will be a great aphrodisiac at this time.

Mars here will bring high drama and always be on the edge of adrenal burnout. Yet at the same time we could thrive on the stress that combat brings. Battles could break out simply out of boredom. The symbol of the swift arrow plunging into the bulls eye is perfect for Mars’s position in this decan. This is a very impulsive position, where we really need to think carefully before we raise our aim. We could indeed hit the bulls eye, but at
what cost?

Mars on Antares ~ August 23/24

Mars Retrograde 2016But for Mars to meet Antares properly at 9º Sagittarius, we have to wait until August 23/24. Then Mars will be joined by fellow malefic Saturn on Antares also! So this is not a simple retrograde, the repercussions will play out over the summer. I have already written about Saturn in Sagittarius, so you can read that to get an idea of how Mars and Saturn will work together.

The problem is that traditionally, the two malefics don’t actually get on well at all in the same sign. Or… could they? During Mars retrograde, so is Saturn. Maybe it works like this; Two brothers, who have been conditioned to hate each other since childhood, suddenly realise that they have been blaming each other wrongfully. It dawns on them, the real source of the problem is the narcissistic, parasitical parent who is lurking in the Mars Rx shadow.. If the two malefics turn on the parent, then things could get very messy. It’s the hidden manipulators worse fear. Could this be one of the themes of this Mars retrograde? That brothers who were previously foes, ally together to defeat the ultimate enemy.

The analysis of Mars in retrograde is on the next page.

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  1. Guys – I always enjoy your take on significant transits. I have been very concerned about this Mars retro as I am a radical Virgo (9-20-64) with a very solid 12th house Mars. (A difficult position for Mars to begin with!) I have already been feeling the extreme tension of this Mars energy for some time – but with the onset of this retro cycle, it has been VERY difficult to find an outlet for all of it. I’m sure I will have to be very careful during this period as to not appear like a rabid dog to my loved ones! Not sure where all this is going to end up by the end of July but I am certain that there will be plenty passive aggressive energy that I will HAVE to learn how to work with and release for sure! Hmmmmm may be time for a new hobby of sorts – perhaps boxing????!! LOL.

    Love and Peace,


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