Mars Retrograde 2016 ~ Dragon Slaying

Mars Retrograde 2016 ~ Dragon Slaying

Mars Retrograde

Mars will be retrograde from April 18 until June 29 2016. The red planet turns retrograde about every 2 years. I tend to view retrogrades as working in a right brained/cyclical/intuitive way rather than the direct linear mode we tend to operate in just to get through our daily lives. The planets energy is turning itself upside down in a sense, so we get the opportunity to view things from another angle. Mars is traditionally a malefic, but it does not follow that in retrograde it becomes even more malefic. Nor does Mars become it’s opposite, a benefic! It just becomes well… weird.

With Mars retrograde, instead of the usual flame-grilled Mars direct affair, it becomes more of a slow, rich bake. Much depends on in which sign Mars finds itself during the retrograde period. Generally the Martian impulse will be slowed down, deepened and feel more Plutonic. Mars retrograde could also be similar in effect to the energy of Pallas Athena, where every move is planned carefully and strategically. I have read that Mars retrograde is akin to it travelling in the 12th house, which would make it more of a spiritual-warrior. So if one is going to wage war at all, it will probably be a psychic one.

Mars Retrograde Meaning

Since Mars is about sex as well as war, Mars retrograde prompts us to re-evaluate our sexual relationships. A new sexual attraction may burn out quickly, while a fling with an old flame could turn into something unexpectedly long term. Our ambitions and goals are bound to come under scrutiny also. It is said that those who start a war during Mars retrograde are likely to loose. In personal terms, “starting a war” could mean summoning someone to court or initiating a new business campaign against a rival. In competitive cases like those, it is usually advised to wait till Mars is direct again. However if someone should wage war on you, then it would be foolish not to defend yourself.

Mars Retrograde April 18 to June 29

Mars Retrograde 2016Mars starts it’s apparent grind to a halt on April 16, but officially turns retrograde on April 18 at 4.14am PDT, 7.15am EDT, 12.14pm BST and 9.14pm AEST.) The effect of Mars retrograde depends very much on what it encounters on its journey and how well it adapts to the cosmic territory. It will start off at 8º Sagittarius, a fire sign no less, and then travel back to 23º Scorpio, a sign it rules. Now I anticipate a much more intense Mars retrograde than the passive-aggressive affair we had back in March/May 2014. That time it occurred in it’s detriment sign Libra, but hit lucky Spica. The sneaky crow star Algorab also figured too and as a whole the energy was quite secretive and suppressed.

This Mars retrograde has a far more festering, volcanic energy bubbling below the surface. I don’t think then, that it will be possible to carry out any secret Mars Rx missions for very long. This is because Mars will station within a degree from fierce red giant star Antares, which is found in the heart of Scorpio. Robson says Antares “causes malevolence, destructiveness, liberality, broad-mindedness, evil presages and danger of fatality and makes its natives rash, ravenous, headstrong and destructive to themselves by their own obstinacy.” [1a] So right from the start of the retrograde, we will get a taste of what is to come. First lets look at how Mars is flavoured by the two decans it will travel through.

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  1. The way I primarily experience Mars retrograde is a huge lack of energy. I am sleepy, tired all the time, my whole body feels terribly heavy and I think it sucks. By now I am literally counting days till this is over… 16 more to go… Anybody with similar symptoms?

    • Yes; I too have overall lack of energy and initiative during this retrograde. I look forward to returning to full creative power, ambition, physical energy and not feeling stuck in mud.

    • I was really like that on holiday, but I thought that was the sea hypnotising me. This Mars Rx is square my own Mars too though. It was weird because I just wanted to be horizontal all the time. Still do really…

    • Stardust you nailed it! I literally started fizzling out right when Mars went retrograde. I’m Sag Rising, Virgo Sun, Gemini Moon however my Mars and Venus are in Scorpio, so I guess that is why this is happening. I just feel like a blob that wants to do nothing. 10 more days until we celebrate! Do you have a strong Aries or Scorpio placement? I’m just curious how this affects different people.