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Cardinal Grand Cross

An incredible Cardinal Grand Cross
occurs in April 2014. Astrologer Susan Miller says of it; April’s so scary that I’m giving classes on it. But does this cosmic pattern really warrant such hype? I have done some research of past cardinal squares and T-squares from 1 AD.  In the previous weeks I have covered each the planetary alignments individually. But on April 23 it all comes together! After looking at the history, the theme seems to be one of powerful dynasties taking power, starvation, fear of the end of the world and currency losing value. I think the Cardinal T Square of 1344 is particularly significant since it shows the beginning of the fake money ruling the world and the elites holding power over the masses by creating debt. The cross also fell around 13º of the Cardinal signs as it does this year.

I thought it was important only to research Cardinal Crosses (Not fixed or mutable with the same planets) to get a clear idea of its specific energy. Cardinal signs are natural leaders and initiators. The mode is pioneering, conquering and carries great force. If that Cardinal power battery also contains catalysts of change (Uranus and Pluto) combined with military might (Mars and Jupiter.) then we really are in for a life-changing event of epic proportions. In the natural zodiac the cardinal cross covers the four fundamentals. Ourself (Aries) V Partner (Libra), Career (Capricorn) V Home life (Cancer.) Important transits that occur within this cross will change the very foundations of our lives. Those who get this falling in their angular houses will feel the force of it the strongest.

Cardinal Cross Aspects

Grand crossMars opposite Uranus ~ Risk-takers, adrenaline junkies, fireworks, emergency workers, electrically-charged, explosive, flash.
Mars square Pluto ~ Survivors, dominators, steel guts, stalkers, rapists, unrivalled stamina, phoenix from the flames, thriving on danger, sexually voracious.
Mars square Jupiter ~ Bawdy, go-getters, pushy, competitive, conquistadors, adventurers, heroic, dashing knights, irrepressible, winners, persistent, rollicking rollers, hot-blooded, enthusiastic, dare-devils, reckless.
Jupiter square UranusSudden departures, religious rebels, kundalini awakening, enlightenment crisis, freedom fighters, eccentric gurus, leaps of faith, devil-may-care attitude, the tarots “fool”, caged birds who need to fly, nymph chasers.
Jupiter opposite Pluto ~ Super success, religious fanatics, law breakers, renegades, worshipping gurus, pedophile priests, overcoming addiction, projecting shadows onto leaders, forceful gods, laying down the law, the power of truth, justice, hidden truth uncovered, self righteousness, judgemental.
Uranus square Pluto ~ Encounters with tyranny, breaking with the past, crisis of action, dictators and depression, dominators V resistance, thunderstruck towers, craving authority v rebellion, radical changes, rebuilding Utopia from the ground up, cathartic diarrhoea, non-violent disobedience, sexual revolution, hidden violence, cyber wars, drug control.

It is an interesting exercise to see them side by side. My feeling is that this cardinal cross is a volcano ready to explode. There is a huge amount of energy being compressed and baked inside that square. The main problem is this circuit going into overdrive. The energy becomes frenzied as it whizzes around and around, slamming into each corner, desperate to break out. Cardinal signs are important because they represents the four points of the seasonal wheel. At Aries, ideas and things are birthed. All cardinal signs are turning points. Cancer is the summer solstice, peak solar strength. In Libra we have Fall, (And the Sun is in Fall) at the start of the descent into winter, Capricorn the Winter Solstice marks the shortest day and then resurrection. So you can see how important the cardinal signs are?

Grand Cross Fixed Stars

Grand-Cross-april-2014So now let’s look at the fixed stars and their importance in the cross. Out of all the players, Jupiter on Sirius (21’) is the most powerful, he is exalted in Cancer and you cannot argue with such a bright and powerful star like Sirius. Jupiter on Sirius specifically brings “Business success, journeys, help from relatives, ecclesiastical preferment.” My own keywords for Cancer decan 2 would be “ devoted, moody, searing-white-heat, bolt -from-the-blue, dog days, resurrection, hysteria, eternal childhood, lunatic innovation, fame and eminence.” I think the expression “ecclesiastical preferment” is interesting because I wonder which “ecclesiasticals” are preferred here? It will take honorable priests (And they don’t need to be actual members of an organised religion by the way) to expose the real “false prophets” and pedophiles within their ranks.

Speaking of ‘witch’…Uranus on Alpheratz fairs quite well too. (If you are male and not a female sorcerer!) “Just, honorable, good speaker, domestic harmony if male, but not so fortunate for female, benefit from practical application of ideas, interest in occultism, considerable psychic power if female, favorable for gain.” Key words for Aries decan 2;Jail breakers, simmering queens, efficient bosses, activists, fund raisers, brusque, vulgar, commanding, steamy”. Pluto on Nunki is generally a fortunate star, with a piercing intellect like Facies, but without the ruthless edge. I would hope that Pluto uncovers the truth here since Nunki “gives truthfulness, optimism and a religious mind.”  Capricorn decan 2 “Aiming high, status-hungry, hard on themselves, sometimes bigoted, authorative, all-or-nothing, dependable rock v self-loathing, barristers, baritones and artistic domination.” So getting a bit more edgy in this decan.

Lastly we have the most worrying contender in this cross, Mars on Algorab. Jamie Partridge at Astrology King found that Algorab was associated with terrorism and points out the crafty crow was rising when the first plane hit the twin towers on 9/11. He found that Croatian astrologers call Algorab “Kill Of Be Killed”. Robson says Algorab “gives destructiveness, malevolence, fiendishness, repulsiveness and lying, and is connected with scavenging.”  I always try and find the good side of the dark stars (as well as the dark side of the good!) so my words for Libra decan 2 are “ Crafty, magical, iron fist in silken glove, tricksters, opportunists, lovely liars, sharp wits, impeccable taste, natural stylists, sweet hustlers and seers.” I found that Algorab in magic is used to drive away evil spirits. The wings have a dual role. One the shadow of the other, the trouble is that one can never tell which is the “good” and which is the “bad.” Algorab could be a terrorist, but the black vestments and the crows reputation for “fiendishness” also make me think Algorab could also be a pedophile priest.

Cardinal Cross 2014 Meaning

JudgementWe will have powerful planets, in imperial cardinal signs, very strongly placed in the very heart of each one, which makes the whole square very compelling. The fixed stars do not really tone this fierce energy down at all, but I am grateful that most of the stars are quite in-your-face and honest. All except Mars on Algorab that is. But here’s the blessing, it will still be Mars retrograde, so he will be on the back foot and operating undercover. Mars is already cloaked in the crows black feathers, so he is sneaky and hard to see. Malefic Mars here operates as the collective’s blackest shadow on the run. The fugitive has nowhere to hide, because every time he tries to skulk into a corner, Jupiter will flash the bright torch of Sirius right into his face. It’s a panic. Mars wants to hide behind big-brother Pluto’s dark cloak, but he cant find him either because Pluto is even deeper undercover… Secret societies within secret societies, within secret societies like a never-ending labyrinth. It does look quite intense… but it could be worse! Algorab is tricky, but it hasn’t the clout of say Betelgeuse or Antares, if Jupiter was on Algorab (Like on 9/11) it would be more serious. But a retro Mars?

Maybe the “cross cardinal” will be literal, with yet more corrupt pedophile priests being flushed out of the Catholic church. In my opinion this vile regime needs to be taken out of the heart of Europe once and for all because its energy is polluting the whole world. In our personal lives I think it’s really up to us to turn what could be a the cross of crucifixion into a supportive Grand Square. I don’t know if it was in the Darkstar comments or on Facebook, but someone brought up the subject of town squares and how important they are for unifying the people. It is the perfect place for a protest certainly, but squares are also the heart of a town. What always amuses me is the fact that Sicilians from the same village who immigrate to London replicate their beloved Piazza where ever they can. Apparently for my lot it’s Waltham Cross shopping mall! The thought of Piasani in their caps walking up and down an indoor mall makes me smile and reassuringly shows human nature can not be defeated by plastic and florescent lights! So folks, grab this square by its knackers and do not fear it. This cross of maat-ter has the power to break through barriers, for squares (with effort) transform into diamonds. It might feel like the end of the world, but it’s just the end of A world. Don’t let the fear of a “fire and brimstone” patriarch prevent your unique individuation. Humanity is resilient and, at last, this square should show us a glimpse of what’s needed to bring humanity out of the dark ages.

Steve Judd’s interesting youtube video shows the long term build up to this grand gross with the four planets involved on solar fire. Starting from 2012, it’s useful to look back and see what was happening back then and how it relates to now.


  1. Looking back at this article, I find that April 12, 2014 must have been the birthday of ISIS. Instead of black cloaked crows/pedophile priest s of the Catholic Church, we have black uniformed terrorists crusifying Christians in the middle east. You have your “ecclesiasticals”right there!!! I fear for March 2015….

  2. Around 2012, I was awaken from The Kundalini Energies contains inner Masculine and Feminine, it took awhile before it all balanced within me, I couldn’t breath at times, it was so intense, one day I stepped outside that my vision went Grey, and when I stepped outside, It felt like i was floating within my Body. I always knew that I was different from other People as in a Soul Level. I had a vivid Dream when I was younger teen that I was in a Ship with a Liquid looking holographic Window where you can see Space underneath your Feet and I seen Earth right before my eyes, then something happen and I crashed into one of the Lakes in Middle east,I also seen Flat long Boats with Fishermen with Big Round Hats. I also have the Pentagram of the Elements on my right palm that represent Earth,Water,Air,Spirit,Fire with symbols M, Heart and other odd shapes. It changes every now and then. Right before Grand cardinal Cross. I could feel People pain and Emotions and I could feel my 3rd eye pulses connects with theirs.At times I could connect with Animals. Later on I learned on how to use my Light Body. I didn’t know what that was at first, but I could use that to Heal People. Going back to the Grand Cardinal Cross. April 1-3 2014.I felt a huge amount of energy surrounded me after that and people around me was drawed towards me like magnets or their Unawakened Soul.I noticed that it was using my own reflection Mirroring them through Sexual healing energies and they act through patterns that i can add or it creates from the subtle energy. It can be a pain in the ass and you have to restrain yourself from anger and negative thoughts from your EGO. They don’t know what they are doing since they are not aware. Around June of 19,2014. I have seen a Alien Ship was Neon RED then flew cross the sky like a Fish swimming through a pond, then it changed Mode to Neon Purple going up and down through the Sky, then changed to Mode Green landing on the ground and disappeared into the Sky.
    I think very soon our answers will be answered.


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