An electional search on Solar fire from 1 AD  to present day came up with 2 Cardinal crosses and 4 Cardinal T-squares using Mars, Jupiter, Uranus & Pluto as near as I could get to the one in April. History shows us some interesting themes. However it doesn’t really help us predict what might actually happen on April 23rd itself because the further back you go, the less history will specify events to the exact month (never mind the day.) Both Mars and Jupiter would’ve helped bring the potentials of an already active Uranus/Pluto cycle to boiling point.

Cardinal T square 550Cardinal T Square ~ March 7 550
Gothic War: Ostrogoths under recapture Rome through bribing the Isaurian garrison. Totila then goes on to ravage Sicily, after conquering Corsica and Sardinia, then on to raid the coasts of Greece.

cardina T square 1026Cardinal T Square ~ Sept 30 1026  Mars on Algorab (3º)
Conrad II is crowned King of Italy and Holy Roman Emperor. Conrad II makes his son Henry VI Duke Of Bavaria. Conrad founded the Salian dynasty (Descended from German kings), which ruled the Holy Roman Empire for over a century.

cardinal cross 1033Cardinal Grand Cross ~ April 20 1033
Conrad II, Holy Roman Emperor, crowned King of Burgundy. Because of some unusually harsh spring weather, Europe panics about the end of the world being close. They figured this out due to the date being 1000 years since Christ’s death!

cardina T 1202Cardinal T Square ~ June 22 1202
A massive earthquake in Syria occurred on May 20th and was felt as far as Sicily, Cyprus and also Egypt. 30,000 died when the earthquake struck, but the death toll that followed was said to be in the region of 1 million due to famine and disease as a result of the Nile not flooding that year.

cardinal t square 1344Cardinal T Square ~ September 18 1344   Sun (40’) and Mercury (1º 40’) on Algorab
King Edward III of England brings out some gold coins, which had to be withdrawn because their gold content did not match its currency value. They were melted down by August of that year. Three major Florentine banks go bankrupt. The Peruzzi, Acciauolli and Compagnia Dei Bardi. All very powerful dynastic families. Peruzzi had connections to the Knights Hospitaller ( A Western Christian military order also known as the Knights of Malta.)

Cardinal Cross 1933Cardinal Grand Cross ~ December 18 1933
December: Specifically this month: Prohibition ends in the USA. Alcohol legalised. Newfoundland returns to Crown Colony after financial collapse. British Plastics Federation founded. Generally that year:  Hitler comes to power, height of great depression.

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